eli-wongState assembly woman for Bukit Lanjan is one strong woman.  Although in my opinion, what was dealt to her was in someway akin to sexual assault of the highest order. Truth is, Elizabeth Wong had been RAPED!

That was in essence, what she said here in her statement regarding the issue. (Malaysiakini)

To me it seems her enemies (and who else could it be? She’s a politician from Anwar Ibrahim’s party!) have run out of ideas to destory her.

You see, I don’t think Eli Wong can be bought with 3-4million RM, or that she can be ‘threatened’ to cross over to BN. What better way to destroy her?

Probably, this is just a first of a series of assault that would take happen to Pakatan Rakyat’s MPs, State assemblypersons, supporters, etc.

But on the other hand, as Jed Yoong pointed out in the comment section (and which I actually mentioned to Elizabeth in the morning), it could also be “an enemy within” – power struggle within the party,etc. It is possible, given the current situation in Pakatan politics.

I spoke to her at 7am on Sunday morning and she was still in high spirits! She was already in the office!  I told her not to give in to such gutter politics. That I would stand with her.

It was really very early but Eli Wong already knew that there would be calls for her resignation. Hmm…Khir Toyo?

It’s just too bad I was away from my laptop and internet, and missed all the fury in online news and blogs. I am glad to see lots of support for her.

I’ve never been a fan of sleazy politics. In fact it annoys me terribly when newspapers carry sloppy and sleazy news, as if there is nothing better to do!(read this).

I don’t remember judging former Health Minister Chua Soi Lek when he was caught in a video tape with his pant down. I’ve not asked him to resign. I was glad he took responsibility for his action.

Tourim Minister Azalina Othman, too, have been the target of these low lives. Don’t even start me on Anwar Ibrahim and his ‘mattress’ scandal.

As in Altantuya Shariibuu case and Abdul Razak Baginda, I am really more interested in who allegedly ordered her to be C4-ed and the purported corruption deal that led to her gruesome murder.

Newspapers really plunge to an ultimate low when they cover stories like these, especially when it s merely done to scandalised or cause ill repute to a people’s life by carrying stories like these.

It tells a lot about Malaysian politics, and the dumps we have descended to. It seems the nearer it is to Najib Tun Razak becoming the 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia – on April Fool’s Day this year, the more SHIT we see on the political horizons!

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  1. Jed Yoong says:

    wat utter nonsense…give me a break….these pkr fellas can come up with anything….pkr victim politics…..

  2. lembuadasuara says:

    Who’s rape her? That bitch? Yearghhhh///huarhggg tuihhh! No stim at all!

  3. wits0 says:

    Aiyoooooooo….Jed! You really dun like her, do you? Hahaha!

    The predisposing sexus-nexus derangement in this country always help sell toilet (noose) papers and it’s about time to trace this phenomenon back to the repression via the quasi religiosity conditioning by the exploitative governance of the land. It’s really a blind obsession presuming to be a mark of high morality. Morality which give scant regards to the actual ethical content of things moral.

  4. Nur Ain says:

    Jed Yoong,

    You are a desperate, unmarried, foggy minded, smoke filled and cigarette addicted bitch. Look here: what part of Wong is wrong? I’m a Muslim and I sleep naked and I have intimate photos of me and my husband and we show it no body. Every couple does that. Now if my husband for whatever reasons gives out our intimate photos, do you blame me or the person who betrayed me and broke my innocence?

    Did Elizabeth give out her photos? We have our own private photos, if your husband, wife, boyfriend or co-habitant does that, you blame who? And anyway, I don’t care someone seeing my stolen photos bcoz I had no choice in it. It is simple being moribund and beyond salvation. Your love for Khir Toyol is disgusting. You think he has a time for a babi addicted marauder of your ilk. I’m angry not bcoz of politics bcoz I’m a woman and I feel my body and privacy shouldn’t be violated. And I will support every woman irrespective of religion if she is subjected to such cruelty. You aren’t different from the despicable, low class creature who has betrayed Wong. Address that if you have any sense of human dignity. Stupid!


    If she were to resign from Bukit Lanjut (for those who are interested in politics), what chance does BN (Gerekan) has in getting back the seat? Bukit Lanjut is in Subang represented by Sivarasah, surrounded by Shah Alam and Kapar (PAS and PKR respectively) and PJ Utara and PJ Selatan (DAP and PKR respectively) with all the DUNS represented by Pakatan parties. All I can say that if there is an election, Pakatan will increase its majority in Bukit Lanjut (this is for scary creatures who rather than lashing out at the immoral betrayer who has violated Wong, call on her to resign). Pathetic!

  5. bokjae says:

    It is utterly immoral to circulate photos of victims of rape as political means to tarnish a person! I admire elizabeth wong for her courage to face such low class tactics! The ex-MB of Selangor’s call for her resignation before any detail investigation into the matter shows a desperate UMNO using whatever means to attack the Opposition! Such actions reflect the mentality unbecoming of a person who once hold such high position!!! How low can one stoop?

  6. CL Lim@work says:

    Truth do review personality in such circumstances. Whilst Elizabeth Wong shows her true calibre of morality and simply as ‘just’ the other opposite will also reflect its inmorality and Unjust. Such are scumbags we have in the Government, Shame to the core, singulary on this same trouble maker person! Wonder why he is still around?

  7. Katharina Sri (former Noor Aza Othman) says:

    The unfortunate Altantuya was forced to go naked before murdered so brutally by the Special Branch Malay gangsters! The chances are she was probably brutally raped by these monsters! No one is bringing this up during the trials or investigation! And yet, Elizabeth Wong private picture is being used to criminalize her! Such hypocrisy and sadism of the these Umno politicians is unbelievable, and yet they keep claiming
    how pious they are to the kampung pakciks and makciks!!

    Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza Othman)

  8. Shadow Boxer says:

    JED is a mahathirist and everyone knows she adores Khir Toyol as a po;litical animal. she has said it in a blog a fair few times about the green toyol.

  9. Don says:

    Who the fuck is this ugly bitch Jed Yoong ?

    The bitch is in the same category as that low-life Killed Toyol. I bet they will make a perfect couple.

  10. ivanyeo says:

    Eli should also ignore people like Jed besides the broom man. I stop reading Jed about a year ago when i find it rather stressful reading her rantings, as if the entire world is wrong except her.

  11. lanwm says:

    i never can believe ppl like Toyo’s son. for what ever reason!

  12. Luke Siaw Lu Tiong says:

    That Javanese Immigration should be castrated and balls hang on UMNO Building.

    Better still get in replicated and let Jedd Yoong wear around her near or on her ears as ear rings.

  13. Luke Siaw Lu Tiong says:

    I meam immigrant.

  14. bamboo river© says:

    Eli, is a strong lady. I will stand with her with all her supporters and condemn the person/ s responsible for such despicable gutter politics.

    To that MM paper, Anilnetto already spoke his mind.

    Toyo asking Eli to resign? Get some tempe and stuff yourself!

    On Jed …..aiya….confused leh.

  15. Luke Siaw Lu Tiong says:


    Jed Yoong can kiss and lick Khir Toyo’s ball and john now a police report have been lodged against her.

  16. wits0 says:

    BR : “On Jed …..aiya….confused leh.”

    Like Charles Darwin, who, after the trip to the Galapagos, sorta threw the baby out with the bath water, with his ‘Evolution’ thing – with its accompanying Nihilism!

  17. mighty Rakyat says:

    Najib brings along a huge war chest that runs into billions, anything money can buy is within his reach. The only thing he can’t buy are the hearth of truely Malaysian like me.

  18. k c low says:

    She has done nothing wrong.
    Whoever who possess her photos should be prosecuted, as in the case of D.P. Vijendran’s. If it is published in MSM, then Eli have every right to sue them. For the guy/monkey who circulated the pictures, this monkey should be brought to justice. A minimum of 50 strokes of rottan should be given, not at the back but in the front. What a cheap sake bastard.

  19. bukit lanjan voter says:

    Well! If our princess Elizabeth can’t manage her private life, how can she manage hundreds and thousands of public family lives.

    Princess Eli just not suitable to be a councilor, let alone holding an important state post.

    Just quit ala CSL and stop immersing in powering water.

  20. Wiseman says:

    Hey! why dont we really do a “SeaRCH on that Toyol.Thats something we can dig from his past.Well if a man can “BOTOX” HIS WHOLE F#$@ING body there is something or skeletons from his cupboard.
    Am sure someone can recall this sick pervert sins somehow.Give him a dose of his own medicine!.

  21. bukit lanjan voter says:

    If Elizabeth has got some conscience and dignity left in her, send in the resignation letter now and let the bukit lanjan voters decide a new state representative.

    Bukit lanjan voters just can’t tolerate a screwing-around state woman representing them- whether this incident is an intrusion to her private life or not!!!

  22. teohjitkhiam says:

    I think it would be more productive for all of us, instead of cussing at political parties or politicians, to find out and reveal the former boyfriend’s name to the public via the blogosphere so as to enable him to enjoy the Jelapang treatment.

  23. wits0 says:

    “bukit lanjan voter” voter is merrily exhibiting that classic symptom of Sexus-Nexus Derangement syndrome like it’s the highest attainment of ‘morality’ possible under the sun.

    JAG should, btw, also understand that this is the greatest threat among them all that are listed in another topic above this one.

  24. lolipee says:

    who is the victim here, khir toyo or eli wong,

    this nonsenses should stop, not her private life, not anyone private life.

  25. wira says:

    What has her behaviour anything to do with Khalwat ?
    It’s her private life, and accordingly, long before she was elected to office and became an exco member.

    She’s not a Muslim and PAS had specifically mentioned, unlike the ambiguous racist UMNO, that Muslim laws do not apply to non-Muslims.

    If this is an issue, the cross dressing son in law will have a lot to answer for his college days photos which are all over the internet.

  26. First of all, I haven’t seen the pix yet. And everyone is jumping like a ‘katak’…!
    Is it really Elizabeth Wong in the nude/semi nude pix…..??

    The Toyol fella is so quick to make his comments. When he was Selangor MB, he moved at ‘snail’ pace…! What about all his corruption & WRONG doing then…?
    He’ll deny it BIG time to all charges…!

    Ya’ll don’t forget what he HAS done when he was still S’gor MB was WORST that what is happening to Eli Wong now…………………………!!!
    This sort of person is not required in this country rather than saying to kick Karpal out of the country…..!

    Ha! Ha! Ha!…….
    They ought to wash away their own ‘shit’ first before doing it for others…!

    Who took the photos..?
    Go catch that fella….!

    Susan, what’s happening regarding our economy while these goons are busy “playing” politics….?
    Do you know…?

  27. stenson says:

    Anyone without sin ,please cast the first stone.What Eli did in her private life is none of anybody’s business.That hypocrite toyol should be sent to hell for being the greatest hypocrite walking on this earth.

  28. bukit lanjan voter says:

    Our princess Eliz now is a history. Bye bye our little sweet slut from Australia!!!

  29. wandererAUS says:

    bukit lanjang voter;

    What has her private life to do with the efficiency of her performance as a VP. You thinking is like an immatured kid with a disabled mind….perhaps still sucking your mother’s two t#ts!
    I find nothing so wrong what she did. Those who question of her morality, which has nothing to do with her case, should also ask themselves how upright they are. No YB Eli Wong, you don’t anyone an explanation or an apology. It is your private life and you do whatever you feel fit…and, damn with all the so called ‘Malaysian Moralist’ topping the list are two Indo migrants…the blur HM,Botak Hamid and the lying muslim pretender, Toyo the notorious belakan player!

  30. Jed Ho says:

    Jed Yoong is a political whore sleuthing for opportunity here and there. You can see her and Whispering9 cloying exchanges in her blog. That was sometime 2 years back and my last visit.

  31. bukit lanjan voter says:

    The bukit lanjan voters propose sloone to be our next state assembly candidate for bukit lanjan.

    We think sloone will be more productive and effective representative than our ex-princess Eliz who is good in a palace life only.

    This is not a joke but a serious life’s matter proposal!

    Come-lah and contest here our dearest sloone! We will go all out fully campaigning for you!

    No kiddding.

  32. wandererAUS says:

    Many posters have poured their anger in this blog, which is understandable. I am no moralist, I respect human decency and thrive to be a gentleman…not hitting someone below the belt, respecting one’s privacy.
    Can these so called educated scums, baldie syed Albar and Toyo say the same?

  33. ahdichan says:

    so what is next?who will come and say she did more then this? or will there be and new impose rules, saying all policital person, standing for post and in offices, have to declare all their under bed stories, who keep who, who sleep with who, what kind of naked pic he or she pose, this will never end, the public, will no longer bother any more, its all not worth, the time, its like f1 rally, from, start to finish, each race driver want to finish ifrst along the way who die, or injured, they wont bother as long the cross the line and win the race, in this case Elizabeth Wong should ask her self, when she start, and how she could like to finsh the race, when, she her self, not sure why she took that pic, in the first place god bless her

  34. kittykat46 says:

    Eli Wong has my unreserved support.

    Khir Toyol is doing what he does best – swimming in the septic tank. What a yucky person.

    Jed Yoong’s blog ? – what a waste of Internet bandwidth.

  35. skwong says:

    This is to remind those in public office to hold the highest moral ground either in their past or the future. It’s in such system where politician challenges each other in whatever way to expose their political opponent can only bring about and exposes those who hold public offices.

  36. Kim says:

    Leave her alone. Nobody has the right to label or judge another. As someone has said ‘as if they are holier than thou’. Am sure she has worked hard and earned the respect, not only from her constituents but rakyat. Better than some MCP who only bad mouthed women in the Parliament or show off some lasered/botoxed face. We want politicians who can help the rakyat and really work hard and stand up for human rights, not those who empty talk and corrupted.

  37. hari says:

    Hi susan,

    I think it’s time the goverment views such incidents seriously. The person whom took the photographs and distributed it (without her consent) should be punished for committing an offence as serious as rape (minimum of 5 years imprisonment and maximuim of 20 years with a maximum of 20 lashes). This is actually worse than rape as it could have elements of criminal intimidation and black mail. The current punishment (maximum of 3 years ) is not sufficient and is clearly biased. With the advance in technology, a woman would not be safe as a disgruntled husband or boyfriend could easily take such pictures and keep it for posterity. The goverment must seriously look into this and I.

    Maybe you could initiate such a move. This is not acceptable at all.

  38. jonathan says:

    The issue is not the pix being circulated. The Toyo call for her to resign is that as an ummarried woman, in FatwaLand, you can’t have men running around in your room, what more trying to tell us that you can wear what you like in the privacy of your room or home. But to Toyo, it’s ok for men frogs to do it like the Perak friendly independent, sex and money combo is permissible. The hypocrites are all out again this time on the morality issue. The Star fronpaged her and to tell us that it is personal and should not be blown up. So Star ala MCA is slowly character assasination her. see Rude Nude Pix Compromises Wong’s Position http://www.jonathan66-my.blogspot.com

  39. jonathan says:

    The issue is not the pix being circulated. The Toyo call for her to resign is that as an ummarried woman, in FatwaLand, you can’t have men running around in your room, what more trying to tell us that you can wear what you like in the privacy of your room or home. But to Toyo, it’s ok for men frogs to do it like the Perak friendly independent, sex and money combo is permissible. The hypocrites are all out again this time on the morality issue. The Star frontpaged her and to tell us that it is personal and should not be blown up. So Star ala MCA is slowly character assasination her. see Rude Nude Pix Compromises Wong’s Position http://www.jonathan66-my.blogspot.com

  40. machitam says:

    hola susan,
    i am not too sure if it has to do with gutter politics. i think eli is a victim of his boyfriend mischief( what a boyfriend mind you!)

    and to Jed yoong, why are stirring sh*t on this issue. it seem that she is targeting PAS on this

  41. Anonymous says:


  42. Non Moral High Ground says:

    Let those who have not sin, cast the first stone.

  43. whispering9 says:

    Hey Jed Ho….You like me innit? Hahahaha….2 years ago, your last visit? Many have past under the bridge since your missing from her blog. Come on…Multicon be a sport and stop stalking me. If you want legitimacy in your comment, stick to one nick lah. I counted at least 20 nicks under your ID. 😉

  44. jonathan says:

    The issue that the UMNO in the person of Toyo is not the pix but as a single unmmarried women, it’s wrong for wong to have a man in her room! Never mind about men frogs in Perak with sex and money involvment it seems ok to UMNO. But not in FatwaLand. Suddenly what a woman wears seemed more important to corruption, money politics! The Star frontpaged her over the King’s address and that speaks so much of the government controlled MSMedia sayiing she has been unfairly being singled out. So with the help of their media, Wong is slowly being persecuted to destroy her political career. Yes resign and recontest and save your dignity compared to the Hee. In BolehLand, those who committed even worse indiscretions have returned. Shall we see return of the immorals this year? See Rude Nude Pix Compromises Wong’s Position http://www.jonathan66-my.blogspot.com

  45. jonathan says:

    So the issue is not about her nude pix or timing actually as BolehLanders are smart to conclude there is an ulterior motive behind this perfect nude shots timely appearance.

    But the most damaging issue Wong is reminded is her being single is wrong to have a man (whoever he may be) into your room or house and you should never allow a man or whoever it is in your room when you are not fully clothed or even wearing sexy attire and worse to take nude pix of you whether consciously and unconsciously.. see more at http://www.jonathan66-my.blogspot.com

  46. Albert says:

    Dear Elizabeth Wong, yang terpenting Eli W, jangan letak jawatan sebagai Exco dan ADUN …teruskan khidmatmu kepada rakyat. Rakyat tahu ‘siapa salah siapa tidak salah’. Saya sebagai rakyat Malaysia tidak setuju bahawa Eli W..letak jawatan. Bagi pendapat saya siapa yang bergesa-gesa menyalahkan Eli W.. dan kemudian mereka MENUNTUT Eli W..meletakkan jawatan … maka …ada kemungkinan mereka juga …terlibat atau dalang dalam kes ini. Rakyat tahu bahawa semuanya ini adalah permainan politik. Saya bersetuju dengan pandangan jujur daripada beberapa pemimpin BN mahu pun PR yang mengutuk orang-orang yang menjadi dalang dalam menyebarkan gambar-gambar tersebut. Kalau inilah budaya hari ini maka sesiapa pun tidak akan terlepas daripada kekejaman pemfitnah-pemfitnah seperti ini.
    Eli W..harus tahu bahawa kemajuan IT sekarang boleh mengubah rakaman gambar seseorang dalam vedio atau mengubah keadaan tubuh seseorang dalam gambar menurut apa yang mereka mahu. Mereka boleh copy muka kita sahaja lalu di paste kepada tubuh bogel milik orang lain. Lalu mereka sesuaikan warna dan saiznya lalu..dirakamkan melalui kamera beberapa kali untuk menjadikan seperti asli. Itulah sebabnya Eli W, perlu serahkan sahaja kes kepada pihak polis untuk menyiasatnya…dan saya percaya dengan kepakaran yang ada, akhirnya mereka akan tahu siapakah dalang utama yang bertanggung jawab.
    Adalah tidak adil, kalau gara-gara gambar atau rakaman vedio seperti itu menyebabkan para ADUN yang dipilih rakyat menjadi mangsa llalu diwajibkan untuk meletakkan jawatan. Kalau beginilah jadinya maka kecohlah politik negara kita. Ada kemungkinan dengan perletakkan jawatan Eli W akan merangsangkan kumpulan yang sama untuk lakukan perkara yang sama kepada ADUN-ADUN yang lain samada dalam BN atau PR. Jadi tindakan untuk tidak tunduk kepada bentuk ugutan ini serta tidak ‘MELETAKKAN JAWATAN’ adalah satu tindakan yang mulia dalam memerangi segala ugutan daripada pihak-pihak yang bersangkutan. “BERKHIDMATLAH UNTUK NEGARA”.

  47. Anonymous says:


  48. eli eli says:

    Not many have seen the pics (me included) but if the pics were taken without consent, it’s gross violation of her privacy. All Malaysians will support Elizabeth Wong.

    If Elizabeth Wong posed for the pics (i.e. she knowingly allowed such pics to be taken), it would not be an issue too if she is not an elected person. However since she is an elected person and in a way is role model to the society and public, it becomes an issue of national and state interest. Lewd pics of a elected leader is of national and state interest because of potential risk in compromising national and state interest should the elected person succumb to political blackmail. Isn’t that why we are fussy about Najib and Chua Soi Lek and other tainted so called leaders?

    Let’s not conclude Elizabeth’s fate now and we should find out more before concluding if she is fit to continue office and deserve public support. If Elizabeth is a victim

  49. caravanserai says:

    A good leader
    Stand the pebbles throwing
    The dirt and lime and all of it
    If a leader can’t take it
    Where is the fighting spirit?

    Telling others to stay and fight
    For the cause of justice and fairness
    When the chips are down
    A leader shouldn’t run

    Stay on and fight
    Character assassination
    Pouring rain unnaturally
    Prepared for the onslaught
    Fight it to the finish

    When values are broken
    When morality hijacked
    When honesty trampled on
    A leader should stay
    Fight the ground
    Let no other innocents
    Get caught up in the spiral
    Of rats hiding in the holes

  50. ylcw says:

    I do not understand what UMNO/Khir Toyo is trying to prove here. I fully agree with What Susan said about them being desperados and trying to sabotage the opposition (even RPK said they are going all out with RM200 million).

    When someone is doing a good job, why destroy the goodness? It is just not fair , especially with all the corrupted and lazy good-for-nothings hanging around the government.

    Bukit Lanjang is anti-establishment. So what even if Elizabeth resigns? Does UMNO think that the seat will go to them? They should count themselves lucky if they do not lose their deposit – what with the feverish sentiments against them presently.

  51. Hasinah says:

    Susan…Jed Yoong wants Eli to resign – more or less says, Padan Muka, to Eli….sheesh!

  52. harrison says:

    One need not be a lawyer/cops/private investigator/criminologist to understand the nature of the photo being taken of Elizabeth Wong (though I have not seen em).

    Read the extract of statements made by none other than Eli herself :-

    Link/source:- http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/98352
    “Saya dimaklumkan beberapa orang sedang cuba mengedarkan foto-foto atau rakaman video yang menunjukkan saya tidur dalam keadaan separuh bogel dan juga dalam posisi intim.”

    By any amateur’s dialectics – what does “intimate position” means? Some source in the internet said she was sleeping. If she was in any “intimate position” (by her own words), would it be be accurate to suggest that she was in a compromising (may have been in a sexual ) positions when she duly consented of the photos taken at the material time.

    I have further advance thought about her sex-saga and many other possibilities in my mind, but I leave it at that – for legal and professional reasons.

    What really happened to Elizabeth Wong – the exposure of her nude photos whether she had consented to partake or not is none other than the lowest standard of character assassination, concurrently blackmailing her of something.

    Conclusion : No Liz, don’t resign.

  53. harrison says:

    My 1st comments since many days ago at the FSZ3, moderated….however- I say it again – please don’t resign, Liz. Just don’t.

  54. stcin says:

    toyo : ” hahaha ! syoknya, got BUY-election in bkt.lanjan = i mau masuk !”

  55. funnyfella says:

    Jed, You are stirring the shit tank.
    Botox face is still swimming in the shit tank, so don’t stir too hard you might hit him between the legs and splash the shit on yourself.
    You love stirring shit don’t you?

  56. wits0 says:

    eli eli sez: “However since she is an elected person and in a way is role model to the society and public..”

    In that case, there are many others ways to demonstrate this role model part. Why get so fixated on sexual morality ALONE!? Is this not actually a conditioned paranoia acquired through quasi religiosity with all its attendant derangement?

    There have been a few nasty cases of the local vice police already. And for holding hands etc. These vice police, if they’re decent human beings, should take up another job ; just like dog shooters should.

    Once you get obsessed with and fixated on sexuality alone like in Bolehland, you inevitably end up serving the agenda of a repressive and corrupt governance and its complicit operatives.

  57. Beruk says:

    If Chinese too are under the scrutiny of JAIS, this incident could be saved, for which boyfriends and girlfriends activities are usually monitored. But then it will infringe privacy, the very important life factor for most of you as oppose to watching people’s private activity and prevent a bit on immorality.

    I don’t know, I always follow the hitch, whenever there is a ……

  58. Menyalak-er says:

    In all honesty, whatever has happened, at the end of the day Eli will have to vacate her seat. No matter what conclusions, objections and disgust we feel about this manifestedly evil event. Here position is untenable if the photos/video is real. It ‘s certainly reflective of our abysmal state of politics (More than gutter, its fetid).
    It will be extremely difficult for Eli to proceed, as if nothing had happened, even if she is guiltless for there are more ‘holier than thou’ and sneering lusty people (male and female) out there who are more than willing to cast the first stone! Botoxed Buttocks Toyol for one and his bumno cohorts.
    Welcome to reality!
    Whatever it is, we’ll whack the living daylights out of them should there be a re-election.

  59. Jong says:

    Why is Eli not naming her ‘ex-boyfriend’? We will skin him unless she can’t remember who?

  60. ex-boyfriend says:

    Ponder this fact. She was sleeping, yes. But not in he pyjamas, lingerie or those sexy undies ladies wear to sleep. She was wearing shirt and skirt without panties! How kinky is that!

    I am proud to have one horny wakil rakyat. Go Eli Go! You can be like the Italian MP.

  61. kplee says:

    This idiotic bum “bukit lanjan” is one of the idiotic “pendatang” Khir Zombies who participated in the Pennag protest.
    Dont pollute this blog by speaking thru your asshole like your similarly idiotic boss KT. Go fly kite a in “bukit layang” la dumb dumb. Real arsehole.
    Have heard that that greedy traitor Hee has resigned. Good riddance. Another by election. This time make sure PKR whacked that mamak MB “Z” from BN till kingdom comes.
    AS for Eliz Wong. Please dont resign. I repeat please DONT RESIGN. You are doing a great good in your area. We need you. We do not care what you have done before or for that matter on the recent issue. Its your private life. For thaT BUM who has betrayed you, please name him. We will make sure we will give him hell like that female traitor from Jelapang.
    DONT RESIGN madam. The rakyat wants you to carry on doing what you have been doing. That idiotic, racialistic “pendatang” bum KT is a big sore loser with ZERO integrity. He should be the bum that should resign. We do not need a scumbag like him.m whatever posts now Ignore this scumbag and move on.

  62. penang 71 says:

    Please forward your support to

    We have to let Eli know we care for her and we stand by her.

  63. whispering9 says:

    What if she did or didn’t pose? Someone asked in a previous comment ‘why good man always lose.’ Well, the thot lingers with me even until now. One obvious reason being this is a wretch world where it is not whether we are evil or good. Just how less evil are we…so it not logical to wrap up everything into some self contained flawed righteous bubble to be some role model to the society and public. If the ‘good men’ want to win, especialy with the current Malaysia’s gutter politics, it is time to re-evaluate which is more evil; naked photos or the obvious perpetrators. Eli should not quit, especially if she can stem the current gutter politics.

    ‘I and the public know
    what all schoolchildren learn,
    Those to whom evil is done,
    Do evil in return.’ W.H.Auden.

  64. hasilox says:

    Tempe toyol talks about morality? Then why the hell is hiding behind the skewed gov machinery? He has yet to come clean with balkis, what more countless other possible embezzlement.

  65. sal says:

    OK. I have seen the pics. I don’t see any ‘immoral’ conduct in the pictures. In our own privacy, thousands of women in kain batik have slept in the same position. Thousands have even slept with less clothes on. For centuries, many malay women have slept in the state of ‘berkemban’ without their underwear. (which is by the way, only becomes a normality in my generation). I have seen my mother and grandmothers slept in their kain batik in ‘more exposed’ positions. I have slept in kain batik in worse position. Some days when the temp is very hot, I even pull up my kain batik to my butt level. If they call Eli immoral, they are calling thousands of kain batik wearing women immoral. I am DAMN angry. Not only with Khir Toyo, but also, with PKR men who insist that Eli should quit. The woman in the pic could as well be me, or my mother or my grandmother. This is sickening. (Not the pics, but some people’s mentality).

  66. LLHENG says:

    That idiotic “bukit lanjan voter” bum is polluting this blog. This bum is one of the zombies of that racialistic, evil, and “pendatang” bum KT who try to caused trouble in Penang.
    Hey, if u got no better things to do, go fly kite with your idiotic master.
    Have heard that that greedy traitor Hee has resigned. Good riddance. Another by election. This time make sure PKR whacked that mamak MB “Z” from BN till kingdom comes.
    AS for Eliz Wong. Please dont resign. I repeat please DONT RESIGN. You are doing a great good in your area. We need you. We do not care what you have done before or for that matter on the recent issue. Its your private life. For that BUM who has betrayed you, please name him. We will make sure we will give him hell like that female traitor from Jelapang.
    DONT RESIGN madam. The rakyat wants you to carry on doing what you have been doing. That idiotic, racialistic “pendatang” bum KT is a big sore loser with ZERO integrity. He should be the bum who should resign. We do not need a scumbag like him. He should go back to his Indonesian roots. Claimed to be a Malay bumi. My foot. Ignore this scumbag and move on.

  67. Menyalak-er says:

    Well Eli has quit as you are aware of by now. She has done the right thing, for the good of PR and Bangsa Malaysia. She is truly principled, and saw through the veil of tears. She matures and we also weep with her.
    W9, i understand your feelings and yes this world is truly wretched.
    Whether she ‘posed’ or not does not enter the equation now.
    What we must do now is to protect, counsel, give her peace of mind and respect her privacy. It has nothing to do with ‘morality’ for this ‘world’ perceives, is hypocritical but does not love.
    She has sacrificed herself for us. One day the ‘phoenix’ will arise and she will take her rightful place in the scheme of things.
    Compare her to that godless witch Hee Haw, and you will rest assured Eli will find her place in heaven.
    Susan and friends, pray for her as i will.

  68. angry says:


    beruk toyol muz b busy looking for a unit near by, arent u toyol

  69. chinlwu says:


    Each day millions of Malaysian in the confines of their home, whether sleeping, changing, undress to take bath or shower or in the bathroom are nude or semi-nude or scantily dressed. We are all entiltled to our privacy in our home.

    Take the support from millions of Malaysian, NGOs, friends and colleage as your strength to fight, the low life evil person most probably under some political master out to bring down PR State Government.


  70. storm62 says:

    bloody bus 3rd kerbau pendek khinzir toyol,

    i walk about naked in my room, do you want me to resign?

    i’m naked when i make love, do you want me to resign?

    i’m always naked while bathing, do you want me to resign?

    next time tell all the prostitute to be fully clothes when conducting their business or you can sacked them!
    you bloody piece of shit, such a low class brainless tukang gigi, you’re real stupid to core.

  71. chinlwu says:




  72. wits0 says:

    As I understand it, Eli has offered to quit and PKR’s Anwar will announce the party’s decision at 2pm. 15 minutes more to see if he has cold feet. Let’s hope he makes the right one.

  73. monsterball says:

    She is a wonderful decent lady.
    One can know her well ….by reading her messages in her blog.
    As long as her family and friends support her…she should be OK.
    Resigning is showing her respect for voters and supporters.
    UMNO guys go to jail come out….still appointed as a minister …decorated with higher false tittle.
    I am sure PR leaders will tell her not to resign.
    Why should she?
    It’s only nude photos. What is so terrible about that?
    Most important..culprit should be apprehended and sentenced to jail.

  74. harrison says:


    A bit of contention here –
    You opined “- “She (Elizabeth) has done the right thing, for the good of PR and Bangsa Malaysia.

    Strongly, I disagree. Note that the exposure of her “naked photos” was taken illegally without her consent (let me assume of that for the moment, as my 1st posting has not been approved by Susan of other possibilities).

    Her case is a sharp contrast to what happened to Chua Soi lek and Bill Clinton.

    Facts : Elizabeth is still single are are entitle to copulate within the vicinity of her house as the latter – Chua & Clinton commited adultery and Clinton even attempted to lie until empirical evidence – the investigation by (republican) Kenneth Starr has Monica’s dress with Bill’s semen on it.

    Right minded Malaysian must be brave to stand up against this foul-plays – and if one is to resigned and take personal blame for being framed up – than you can imagine – that “this” will never end.

    So, please Liz, don’t resign. You made yourself at guilt for doing so. And to justify such foul-plays reign over supreme and will flourish with the hirings of another 1000 sex-spies.

  75. harrison says:


    my comments….. mind you my dear? ;D

  76. abdul says:

    EW does not commit any crime. Why should she resign….Everybody is born nude. May be Toyol was born with cloth on. Jusr study Toyol’s skull and you can know his brain. never forget his statement on his own boss, Pak Lah. When they want to throw the Sultan off they stripped the royalty of their immunity. When they want to regain popularity they said ‘daulat Tuanku’. They spit, they lick. Just because of the lack of morality. EW must stay strong. Be strong. Never quit.

  77. Kim says:

    We fully support and stand behind Eli. Boycott MM and blacklist the botoxed face. The police should start the investigation with the person who made the most noise on her resigning with hidden motive as the prime suspect.

  78. Menyalak-er says:

    Wits, i think DSAI will accept her resignation with a heavy heart as it’s political reality (warped as it is). If so, she will be given an MP’s place next GE, to show these bastards that the evil empire must come to an end.
    Eli’s unselfish sacrifice shall elicit the best from us and fight on we shall.

  79. Peronito says:

    What do these pics show exactly?
    What I would personally condemn is irresponsibility (how come can she be taken in picture naked? What if her lover would be a spy, for example?

    But the whole rest, using the situation to discredit people, is incredible to me. The more I see gutter politics in Malaysia, the less I can believe what I see…

  80. spectator says:

    >>>Jed Yoong is a political whore sleuthing for opportunity here and there. You can see her and Whispering9 cloying exchanges in her blog. That was sometime 2 years back and my last visit.<<<<

    Yeah nothing has changed.
    still sleuthing for opportunities. wonder is UMNO puteri will take her.

    The biggest CON was after the cops were gunning for anwar last year — she pasted some advertisment banners for anwar. I am told she got paid $$$$ – after the advertising period ended — she’s was back to attacking PKR and anwaristas as she would term.

    NOw that’s a successful blogger — sleuthing for opportunities.

  81. harrison says:

    bukit lanjan voter Says:
    February 17, 2009 at 8:49 am

    I don’t mean to be a distrustful fan of my dear Susan, but if one is to assume the responsibility of resigning, being a prey of sex-spies per Elizabeth Wong’s case anew, I bet Susan might not even think about contesting as Wong’s successor. hahaha. 😀 …….hahahahahahahahaha. I put it you to you that you know what that means…… I have no doubt that Susan is a very nice and good person but also very good in bed. hahahahahahahaha.

  82. vandross says:

    Guess what the use by pointing finger to anyone,she old enough & know what right or wrong.

  83. BlackJack says:

    Kepada Albert & lain lain,

    Police investigation just came across my mind, where will the police stand ? will they really name out the real person, or drag the case until people get bored? come on…investigation is a waste of time…this Eli case should be labelled as “Satu lagi projek oleh Barisan Nasional”

  84. expletive deleted says:

    Hah. Jed Yoong ever the empty tin.

    Have you no shame you pathetic hack.

    Suz why do you even bother quoting that she beast??

    Like she has anything constructive or unbiased to say. Ever!

    Expletive deleted her.

    Hey she beast; Jed is a guys namelah. Or is there something we should know? Heh.

  85. eeyaw says:

    We should all complain to her employer, Asia Sentinels saying she is biase and playing politics. That will do her in…

  86. spectator says:

    Jed Yoong once said PDRM people are really quite nice once you get to know them -on her blog.

    Now that johor umno guy has a polis report on her for translating that dr.M saga v Royals. Let’s hope the PDRM don’t make her squat naked.

  87. angry says:

    look at all her blog titles, its so obvious tat she’s an attention/fame seeking queen, no1 in their rite mind should ever enter such rubbish blog coz there aint anything inside, elek, apa pun tarak

  88. rlau says:

    Expose the boyfriend name, stand up and fight.
    Strong people don’t cry. You have countless of

  89. Peronito says:

    Why is Malaysian politics always oriented towards gutter politics, and always avoid ideologic debate? As a foreigher, I am still seeking people/blogs developping a new vision for this sick country, like non-racist, nationalist projects… Many things to change here, but you are all quarelling about non-issues… Sorry to tell it in a straightforward way, but I would expect more – and better – from Keadilan!
    By the way, as I am trying to make a blog on Malaysian politics, I am still very interested in any links, references, readings that could learn me more than Elisabeth’s sexual life, if you see what I mean! :o)

  90. Cina Pek says:

    Hey Eli Wong,

    You’ve already mention so bloody clear that you did no wrong but why do you offer to resigned?

    Are you being treaten or you r being bribe ???? Hope you don’t put up a show to the rakyat..

  91. wits0 says:

    “Soi Lek to Wong: You have my sympathy
    Feb 17, 09 6:36pm
    The politician who was embroiled in a sex scandal last year has expressed sympathy to Elizabeth Wong in the wake of her nude photographs controversy. ”

    Drop dead. ler CSL! Mud skipper sez, “I’m a fish!”
    One who diddn’t offer to quit but blah, blah with his, “leaving it to the Party to decide, etc..” Slimey and devious pretensions seeking publicity.

  92. hostage88 says:

    Her ex boyfriend did it.

    Anyone up for doing an article on the scum bag, contact me.

    It is insider source.

  93. PurpleQueen says:

    Nothing offensive that I can think of. Nothing immoral about the picture too.
    It is the “intruder”, the person behind the lens taking the pic who has no morals!! Grave intrusion of someone’s privacy. no doubt about it. Seems it isn’t safe even in one’s own house these days.

  94. CT says:

    YB Eli – I’m your voter in Bkt Lanjan, DON’T resign!
    You are entiltled to live your life, look for love (yes, and it does sometimes disappoint) and as long as you are a good ADUN (and you are!), STAY!

    And Jed Yoong is a selfish unkind B#*ch – don’t so jealous la…people dun wan to see u naked or otherwise!

  95. Siti Aisha says:

    Hey! guys. I always sleep nude. Im a single living in a 2 room condo. At times I also walk around my house nude. Of course with all the window & door shut. Im very happy. Im totally free to do wat I like within my private home. Is that wrong? If someone sneek in & shot my photo n then post it on the net. So wat? The most is that im embarrase. So if Im so kind of politician is that mean that Im not allow to do that? come on man….. Thats supid in Malaysia!!!!!! Wake up man. Am I stealling ur husband or do I purposely take a picture nude with sexy pose ?? Bodoh punya Malaysian mentality. Mana boleh progress macam ini.

  96. monsterball says:

    I visited Jed Yoong blog…..and was shocked…she is instigating and putting out…more rumors against Elizabeth Wong.
    A decent photo…she is directing viewers to observe Liz’s hands…suggesting nothing good.
    Only a low class bitch will do that.
    Yes,.,.her photo showed..she is desperate to be loved too.
    This Jed Yoong is a sick itchify bitch……simply cannot stand seeing Liz’s …happy and successful.
    She is waiting to be raped…..but no takers…….hahahahahahaha
    One need to be drunk…to fall for her.
    Normal ones…..all run away.

  97. bukit lanjan voter says:

    Anwar is another stupid bum hiring all these green horns. This is all Anwar’s faults.

    No wonder roket’s Kepala Pusingh is asking for Anwar’s blood!

    Well! Anwar deserves the bashing! How on earth a man like Anwar just acquiesced from suing Mahathieu s/o Kutty after what he did do Anwar?

    For the same token, how could Khalid Ibrahim acquiesced on all the machivelli committed by Kill Toyo in Selangoe state?

    Dey! The rakyat elected all these pr nincompoops not to further milking the rakyat but to put all these bn (ninatang nasional) political animals in jail ala Ah Bian of Taiwan you know?

    Now the snake is biting back! These PR ( Pariah Rakyat) deserves it!

  98. monsterball says:

    Where is my excellent comment on Jed Yoong?

  99. kkdee says:

    That Jed Yoong bum has either no balls on the up or down. As far I am concern this bum is sure a typical a hermaphrodite.
    Neither a she or a he.
    So, JY, please piss off this blog and throw yourself from the Twin Towers. It will be good riddance for all.

  100. bukit lanjan voter says:

    Traitor begets traitor!

    It’s ok to open your legs freely in Australia but not in Malaysia man.

    You can go nude on Australia beach but not in pd beach-la!

    Simple logic also can’t grasp how to deal with the bn animals?

    Sigh! Time to go back to school for further training and politics is just not your cup of tea!

  101. bukit lanjan voter says:

    The same applies to rocket’s dynastic eunuchs. After 50 years at the opposition helm, Malaysia is still at this sorry state.

    This bloody fuc*&*@ rocket’s dynastic eunuch is totally responsible for the loss of Perak government as well as the fiasco of 513.

    This bloody fuc*&*@ rocket’s dynastic eunuch deserves to be sent to the sugar cane field eating sugarcane sticks….

  102. zztop says:

    Hey you “buki lanjan voter”, dont pollute this blog.
    Trying to show how “smart” are you. Talking logic, my foot. Let me tell you scumbag, please go jigjig yourself if you got nothing better to do here.
    Real scumbag.

  103. JimKong says:

    I hope Eliz will reconsider her resignation. It isnt worth to let these despicable and greedy bums get you. We the rakyat who voted for you, need you to keep on representing us.
    You are efficient and honest in your work. You should carry on.
    We support you 100% irrespective.
    Just dont resign. Take a break. Come back and lead us again to better future.
    God bless you!!

  104. fslam says:

    This is how I would look at Eli’s

    Eli is a strong NGO person and took an active role as social activist looking into the welfare of the downtrodden and the disadvantage. Later she became a political figure.

    She had been doing an extraordinary job in the Exco as well as a hardworking politician.

    Therefore , she could be a target of the gestapo tactics by using a male to infiltrate into her inner circle. This supposedly good guy could have been planted to eavesdrop on her NGO activities as well as PKR politics and at the right time expose her.

    This ” good guy ” will then dump Eli and circulate the illegal photos taken when they were together. This is the right time to cause confusion and disarray among the opposition. The guy would have reaped pecinuiary benefits.

    This way this had been set up is no different from Saiful penetrating DSAI’s circle.

    He is apparently hiding in neighbouring country and the scenario is no different from PI Bala.

  105. KLLim says:

    I hope Eliz will reconsider her resignation. It isnt worth to let these despicable and greedy bums get you. We the rakyat who voted for you, need you to keep on representing us.
    You are efficient and honest in your work. You should carry on.
    We support you 100% irrespective.
    Just dont resign. Take a break. Come back and lead us again to better future.
    God bless you!!

  106. KLLim says:

    This “bukit lanjan voter” must have a real sick mind.
    You must be waiting for the sugarcane husk stuck up your big mouth and then your stinking asshole.
    What a idiotic pea brain bum!!

  107. storm62 says:

    insyaallah, Najis will pay dearly for all this.

  108. billauchris says:

    We should know some of the hooligans in UMNO. The party has never been known to be a good loser. When they get defeat in a poll. they will just swallow the humble pie, put on a crocodile smile and behind the scene they will be resorting to all sorts of schemes and intrigues to get back at the opposition.

    Just look at the Perak incident, how they make use of the royalty to their advantage.

    There is a saying, there is no justice without peace; no peace without forgiveness. Aand that sob Khir Toyo continues to become a menace at every turn of event. I just hope that the Police will just put him behind bar for good. He is just a bloody shit-stirrer.

    Well his sinking reputation might have mtoivated him to such base conduct. He need to show his stupidity to his comrades to recognise hiim to be championing for his kind.

    I just hope that he gets wiped out at the coming UMNO election. His past offences could not be erased. He needs distraction to get the oppostion off his back.

    Let me put this to him. Let those who have not sinned cast the first stone.

    Don’t call for someone to step down just because she has been “violated ”
    If at all this is the yardstick, then majority of your colleagues should also step down.

    So just keep your mouth shut as the more you utter the more germs will be emitted to contaminate the atmosphere.

  109. solomon says:

    Eli, I know that this is a tough period you are going thru now. Be strong and do not give up your struggle for a better Malaysia as these will make those scum of the earth, good for nothing shit worms, real idiots, bodoh orang and evil beings, whoever they are and prime candidates for HELL happy.

    They have pushed you down – pls gather your strength and rise up again to kick them in the teeth as you have nothing to lose.

  110. Shadow Boxer says:

    Bukit Lanjiau Voter: you ve been talking non stop. THRU your @rse.
    Why don’t you shut the fck up.

  111. FuckBN says:

    to: Jed Yoong, lembuadasuara, bukit lanjan voter and Hasinah

    Go suck at C4 and Khinzir Toyol’s cock rather than spewing bullshit on this blog, dumbasses bitches and son of bitches.

  112. Rainstorm says:

    YB Eli, I’m your voter in Bukit Lanjan. About resignation, I hope you’ll reconsider but if you’ve made up your mind, then i respect your decision. So, you voters out there, if there is a by-election, let’s show BN what the rakyat can do by giving PAKATAN RAKYAT a BIGGER majority than 8/3/08 !

    Perhaps Bukit Lanjan Voter is the same person = Jed Yoong ?

  113. Johnny says:

    If Wong doesn’t go, do you think she and her family can handle when more pictures and video which she had not seen before will be appearing. I believe it is wise move for her to just go. She must also assume full responsibility for taking such a scum bag as her boyfriend.

  114. wits0 says:

    Johnny. “She must also assume full responsibility for taking such a scum bag as her boyfriend.”

    Isn’t that a common mistake many people (quietly)makes in their life? Besides, that is a PRIVATE matter. The odiousness lay with the hunk, let not our focus be blurred from this fact.

  115. Patrick Siva says:

    Elect Chinese, you get Chua Soi Lek and Elizabeth Wong. This tells you how much morals Chinese holds!!

    Elect Malays, you get the father-of-all-corruption Mahathir, and cucuk-belakang Anwar!

    Next time elect Indians.


  116. Fair To All says:

    What’s she up to with pictures taken in the nude? To reminisce when she turned 80? Or to solicit before she turned politician? Questions questions questions only she can answer.

  117. Fair To All says:

    For that Chua guy to represent the Chinese community again reflects how low a person can stoop for greed of power!!! Absolutely disgusting!!! or No shame kah???

  118. nyonya khan says:

    Someone must take a nude pix of the toyol’s daughter, only then the stupid botox cow know the meaning of invasion of privacy.

  119. bkt. kunjan bloater says:

    Well said nyonya khan, and who is this bukit lanjan pooh brain talking like educated pile of shit?

  120. Payback Time says:

    Her ex loverboy is a muslim..thats where her trouble lies

  121. FuckBN says:

    Another 2 BN troopers.

    Patrick Siva, don’t be such a racist and an idiot. WTF do you want to lump CSL and Elizabeth Wong together? Somebody invaded her privacy in doing something that millions in the world, male and female, do; that is to sleep in the nude. There’s nothing wrong with that. The same can’t be said for CSL having extra marital affair with a female friend.

    and to Fair To All, does the phrase “TAKEN WITHOUT HER CONSENT” boggles your tiny puny mind way too much, that you have to resort to spewing BS? She did not take the pics herself, dumbass. Her SOB ex bf did it.

  122. onecuriousdude says:

    Castrate the bastard who leak these photos to the press. Malaysian politics is despicable.

  123. bamboo river© says:

    “Elect Chinese, you get Chua Soi Lek and Elizabeth Wong. This tells you how much morals Chinese holds!!

    Elect Malays, you get the father-of-all-corruption Mahathir, and cucuk-belakang Anwar!

    Next time elect Indians. ” – Patrick Siva ( presuming your are Indian!)

    Why want to be racist Thamby!?
    If I said elect Indian you get Samy no Value with toupee thrown in. So how?
    Dey, thamby, nee por persama werkarer . muttal!!!
    bumno arse lickers!

  124. Johnny says:

    wits0 Says:
    Isn’t that a common mistake many people (quietly)makes in their life? Besides, that is a PRIVATE matter. The odiousness lay with the hunk, let not our focus be blurred from this fact.

    Not that I do not pity EWong for her predicament , the problem is that there may be many more unbelievable photos taken with her knowingly or unknowingly. There are comments on some blogs that hints about “exercise”. The nightmare on EWong started the day she invited this monster into her bedroom. He had long started to engineer her downfall. Is this not an eye opener for young ladies the type of people they choose as their partners. As a father, I am very concern about my girls choosing their friends.

  125. Sabran Hindi says:

    Elizabeth Wong was “wong” to resign. She should uphold her dignity and respect voters who have voted her a place in Bukit Lanjan. Look at the number of people who would like her to stay on. As an intelligent woman with good credentials, Elizabeth should take this episode with a “pinch of salt”. Look at how courageous DSAI face his enemies. Its a tough act to follow but now Elizabeth has the backing of the Rakyat who trust her innocence and believe in her. For the sake and love for your voters Elizabeth, dont follow your heart ….. listen to the cries of your people who are with you in your time of need.

  126. sam says:

    aiyoh – as much as i hate to say it – maybe Eli do need to resign.

    That goon boyfren of hers may have more than kust couple of pix – maybe he is planning to release videos or DVDs. so i guess in order to pre-empt Eli Wong may have no choice but to resign.

  127. wits0 says:

    Johnny : “I am very concern about my girls choosing their friends.”

    Of course, besides that’s a very legit concern. But when your daughters are grown and independent it comes their own lookout. If they become somewhat Bohemian and err in choosing the right friends, what can you do about that? Do you love or support them less because of that?

    You’re most probably right to say that Eli Wong’s entrapment was a long planned and engineered effort, one that’s completely unsavory in intent, and designed to work on the exaggerated prudishness of a society gone awry by an umno/bn governance playing the role of moral guardian with duplicitous values.

  128. circus malaysia says:

    Judging a person by the people that the person surrounds him/herself with… is not absolute, but pretty good start. No?

    What if there are worse pictures of her coming out, ala CSL & not just “tidur”? I stared at what i’ve just written & looking at her potrait shots, i’m not going to rule that out & say “No chance-lah”.

  129. zildji says:

    resign Eli we dont want you anymore

  130. onecuriousdude says:

    My fellow Malaysians, please stop referring Elizabeth Wong as Eli Wong. That poor lady has suffered enough and now you want to butcher her name. Eli pronounce “Ee Lai” is a Jewish name. Does she look Jewish to you?

  131. Patrick Siva says:

    Elizabeth has herself to blame for giving herself for a Malay chap. Now the nude photos are everywhere in the internet, who’s to blame? Why let the Malay chap into her room in the first place?

    My advice for Eli is if interested in guys other than Chinese, then choose Indians. With Chinese, you get people like Chua Soi Lek type. With Malays, you get Hilmi.


  132. Pegasus says:

    After the 12th GE, its have been a pratically a roller coaster scenario on the Malaysian politic front…BN who lost their 2/3 majority and 5 states have stoop so low and have bended all laws to win back the states by hook or crook.. they keep on seeking dirty means and ways to topple the state government in the 5 states… its truly stinks and downright disgusting! The Perak government crisis, S’gor MB’s cows and cars story, Selangor water agreedment , the intrusion on Elizabeth’s private life…the list goes on….we are spending too much of our valuable time on the politics …while the whole world are focusing on the economic crisis…as of now ..we have not reach the bottom of the barrel yet and cannot predict whats in store in the coming months… The BN regime lives in state of denial …and worry more about their own livelihood instead of looking for ways to prepare for the onslaught thats going to hit us… The current BN regime are very weak…the PM is surrounded by people more stupid then him in the cabinet… Toyol is a waste..the most corrupted MB ,Selangor ever had…this toyol will gladly proclaimed himself Sultan of Selangor, if only Sultan Sharufiddin is not alert enough.!!!.such a idiot and useless clown. Elizabeth should carry on..she is such a capable person and its a pity if her resignation is accepted.. Well the internet and the sms does not lie as the BN regime’s MSM..the 13th GE will see a new government at Federal level…the people have seen enough and heared enough..this BN regime has to go…WE MUST BRING THE CHANGE WE WANT!!!!. So lets all Malaysians join hand ,be united and kick this regime out!!! Don’t let them break us up with race and religion crap stories!!! Vote for the Opposition- DAP,PKR and PAS or independent candidate but not the BN candidate!!!

  133. donkey says:

    Who would want to rape a stupid scum like this?

    Give to the bn & pr dogs and bulls… might be..

  134. Tun Perak says:

    my advice,Eli better choose ppl from PAS ecspecially…much better if none cant be trusted…

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