Or would you rather this:  Mr. C4 becomes PM with a big blassssssssttt on April fool’s day!

Now, that should have been the title on Malaysian Insider instead of a boring one like:

Pak Lah era ends on March 31 as Najib steps in as sixth PM

What a drag.  Hey, if you need an editor, I am for hire! What about this:

“Pak Lah never entertained the idea of going back on his word once he accepted it was the wish of Umno members for leadership change,” the source said (according to the paper, often dubbed as Pak Lah’s insider).

Who is this bloody source? Pak Lah is a FLIP FLOP.  How many times has he gone back on his words?

Umno leaders are now hoping for Najib to provide stronger leadership to unite the party in the face of a stronger challenge from the Pakatan Rakyat.

Najib is suppose to be PM, for the whole of Malaysia. But it seems it’s only UMNO members/leaders who matter.


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  1. Rashid says:

    He he he! Fool! His foolishness will bring an end to a bizarre chapter in Malaysian history.

    He will be the most hated PM in the nation’s history.
    He will be the most scandal ridden politician in the nation’s history
    He will be married to the least popular wife in the nation’s history
    He will be surrounded by moribund elements due to his nature
    He will be the least admired leader in the nation’s history
    He will be the PM of Umno and not Malaysia, a first too
    He will have no credibility to build on or destroy. He has none today
    He will be carrying the largest baggage in history (See Zorro’s blog)
    He will be defeated by Pakatan in the General Elections and thus will end a bizarre chapter of ugly Umno rule and ugly Institutional leaders (IGP, AG, CJ, EC) etc! It will be a verdict on their moribund and dishonest leadership. Their defeat will be total and humiliating

  2. Richard says:

    Thats a good one.What a way to start the day.But in all honesty we really don’t need to be hoodwinked & fooled by Najib & his thugs.Had enough of them.All we want is a government that truly serves the rakyat & not their own pockets.I proposed that on April Fools day, when that bafoon gets into office & when he chairs his 1st cabinet meeting.1st on his ‘to do list’ is that all politician & high ranking goverment like the PDRM, etc should disclose their assets.Any additional income thats wasn’t declared should be construed as ill gotten otherwise it should be verified by an independent body (Not a government accountant.please!)Come clean & we’ll can track the money trail when one hops over.Then we’ll know wether one was bought over like those 3 in Perak.

  3. Lochos Vestu says:


    Don’t be too sure that Najib as PM will lose GE13. As PM, he has all the levers of power. He may implement a far more vicious and autocratic rule than that of Dr M.

    > He will be married to the least popular wife in the nation’s history

    I wonder whether it’s fair to hit at Najib’s wife, Rosmah. Sure, hit Najib since he is a politician and has done many wrongs on our country, but why hit his wife? What has she done to you?

    I think it’s grossly unfair to hit the spouse of an unpopular politician unless you have real solid proof (RPK’s statutory declaration doesn’t count) that Rosmah committed some misdeeds that have affected Malaysia.

  4. wandererAUS says:

    Pity Pak Lah with all the resources available to him did’nt take advantage
    to strengthen his position but, prefer sleeeeeeeeeping and dreaming…even C4 from behind still don’t know. Give credit to the PM-in waiting. The master of ‘explosives’
    Coming into office with a truck load of banana and throwing them to the ground, monkeys very quickly understand where their next meal is coming from. I predict when he consolidate his position, UMNO cleansing will be in action…does it sound familiar when mamak came in to power?

  5. Devan says:

    Lochhos.. Have u forgotten Roastmah met Saiful ??? Or His stepmother..that ex runner ??
    Or She went on expensive shopping spree in paris and London and then appeared on TV asking the Public to donate !!!

  6. Orang Biasa says:

    He is still not the PM, not yet. The same goes to Mahathir prior to Tun Hussein Onn. In fact noboday can predict what will happened. One thing for sure, he is a better administrator than Abdullah.

    What will he do next or will he be popular? Nobody can tell.

    I can bet that once he is in power, everybody should watch out because he is not intended to let go the PM post easily, so does his supporters.

  7. Anonymous says:

    If oppossition can’t rule, better give that sleepy head another chance to.
    Otherwise, we’re gonna get “bash” by the bloodiest PM ever.
    A very unhuman one indeed!

  8. Chong says:

    Well, everyone has flaws but if you can’t respect your leader it seems rather difficult for you to progress. Sad but true!

  9. wandererAUS says:

    The coming of the ‘Messiah’ to the chosen people. The land will flow with milk and honey!

  10. rawansakti says:

    cuba, try, test, tengok, confirm first! Are really april fool happen? Actually every body want a good and clean leader. It up to us to accept it.

  11. anjali* says:

    So the R-A-H-M-A-N prophesy will happen after all. Sigh.

  12. kittykat46 says:

    Naji…enough filthy baggage to drag down Hercules…

    Mongolian Beauty
    French submarine
    Russian fighter
    KLIA East
    Port Dickson
    TPCA Stadium 1987 “bathe Keris in Chinese bl…”

    Doesn’t Malaysia deserve a more trustworthy PM ?

  13. Suresh says:

    May god save oll of us……
    Najib is gonna ruins our fantastic Malaysia for sure…
    Lets pray for oppositions to take over then

  14. monsterball says:

    We know he is a fool.
    But this fool is big time crook too.
    First to insult modern Muslim..by applying out dated Islamic law..using Koran swearing idea…to fool us.
    Playing double game….is his unique character.
    April the 1st….PM??
    No Siree…he is UMNO’s foolish PM…not elected by Malaysians.
    Let all those fools try to keep fooling us…making big fools of themselves.to the whole world.

  15. Hamba says:

    A mediocre individual who by chance happens to be the son of a prime minister. Without his family connection and wealth, he would be a nobody in Malaysia. Then the only way people will know his name is when news of him caught in close proximity ( khalwat ) with someone’s else wife ( you know who that is…wink…wink) is splashed in Bacaria or some other gossip tabloid. Still can’t believe this guy is going to be our PM. If PM stand for Perasuah Mega then he is the only one most suited to that post….Yucks…

  16. ltwatau says:

    You wiLl see a lot of happenings and changes comes April Fool….

    It’s just another Big Contract (Biz) for him and the company..( polictic here = corporate biz).

    Free loan , Free interst..No record…(bapa punya harta) angkat saja lah….

    Lost of words to descripe…ahh last one from Hainanese dialect- NANG BO TIK NANG , KUI BO TIK KUI..

    Don’t be serious lah..April Fool ma….

  17. tuanguru says:

    Yes, a good one, guess it’ll be the greatest joke in malaysian politics..

    how can somebody with so many allegations hurled against him take up the post? this can only happen in malaysia APA PUN BOLEH country… stupid stupid silly burgers who back him up!!! and now they re going to cause the downfall of malaysia…. what only after over 50 years of rule? dont they have other candidates who are more ‘clean’ to put up.

    Dont he feel guilty conscious? at least let the relevant authorities do a proper investigation to clear his name first before taking up the post. not only thru his press conferences to state he is not guilty. that s it? wah, he must have a skin as thick as the great wall of china.

  18. wapototo says:

    Hi Anjali, We wouldn’t know it might be Nik Aziz not necessary Narjis.

  19. jsss says:

    Hope all votes aware and more careful during the next GE13. Never let or choose the disgusting Najis to take power.

  20. Lochos Vestu says:

    @ Devan : Have u forgotten Roastmah met Saiful ??? Or His stepmother..that ex runner ??

    Do you have proof? I’ve not heard of this rumor, but I highly doubt Rosmah met Saiful. What are your references?

    > Or She went on expensive shopping spree in paris and London and then appeared on TV asking the Public to donate

    Sure, criticize her spendthriftness, I agree. But wasn’t she asking the Public to donate funds to a good cause, not to her pocket? It’s two different things, I don’t get the outrage in your reasoning when her spendthriftness and her pleas to the public for donations to a good cause are different things.

    Maybe you are sexist in your hatred of Rosmah if you have no valid justification for such anger…

  21. LV says:


    @ Devan : Have u forgotten Roastmah met Saiful ??? Or His stepmother..that ex runner ??

    Do you have proof? I’ve not heard of this rumor, but I highly doubt Rosmah met Saiful. What are your references?

    > Or She went on expensive shopping spree in paris and London and then appeared on TV asking the Public to donate

    Sure, criticize her spendthriftness, I agree. But wasn’t she asking the Public to donate funds to a good cause, not to her pocket? It’s two different things, I don’t get the outrage in your reasoning when her spendthriftness and her pleas to the public for donations to a good cause are different things.

    Maybe you are sexist in your hatred of Rosmah if you have no valid justification for such anger…

  22. vinnan says:

    Be Careful! Najib is no fool.

  23. jb says:

    He is living in a fools paradise. The world changes, but he does not. People are getting smarter and more knowledgeable, but he does not.
    He is trapped in the web of UMNO invincibility, but the rayaat changes in substance and thought.
    You cannot fool all of the people all of the time. Period.

  24. kwai lan says:

    hmmm 1st time he’ll do …operasi C4…
    get rid of all the vocal oppositions..bloggers n wat not…then do big PR [public relations la..not Pakatan Rakyat..kekeke ] to wipe awaybolster his heavily tainted image…by the time d next election mari…wah wah wah…Najis sudah bau macam bunga melor… 🙂

  25. prihatin says:

    Well, most probably Anwar is better PM. At leaset, he is a better politician. Since Hadi supported AAB to continue to be PM, Anwar who is as Flip Flop as AAB is a better person to continue the legacy.

    My personal view is that whoever becomes PM will still be the same. The past few weeks shows that PR or BN is one of the same. Both are power hungry, used the Rakyat to their whim and fancies and never thought that since we are now economically in trouble, to sit down and settle their differences for the good of the rakyat.

    Susan, you should not accused people without any evidence. If you have, show it to the world and let justice be done. If not, then dont talk nonsense. I am a fence sitter and at this moment, I think a lot of people are like me. So, if you want people like me to be on your side, better come out with a better evidence than just accused.

  26. PeoplePower says:

    Let’s start the count down for April fool’s day!
    Let’s see who will be the biggest foolish on that day!
    Will it be Najis? Will it be Bodohwi?
    Afterall, the conclusion will still be the same.
    The fool PM on the April fool’s day!

    Good Luck Malaysia!

  27. ipohMali says:

    a really good catch…
    who knows Bodowi want to give all Malaysian .. .”April Fool!!!” I am still the PM.. 😛

  28. citizen says:

    28 million people in malaysia.
    But PM will be chosen by 2000 odd tainted and corrupted UMNO delegates.
    MCA,MIC and other component parties should just go and die cause there is no consensus as what they are claiming so far.

    There is no consensus,UMNO just do wat it likes. First UMNO makes an idiot become PM for 4 years. Then now they choose Najis (shit) and MIC,MCA and all component should eat and kiss shit.

  29. My2cen says:


    How about this: Sick (sixth) PM reports for fool’s work on April’s Fool’s Day

    hahahaha…. laugh while we still can. When he becomes PM, abduction will be more frequent, disappearance will be a norn, and C4 will used as he pleases. Who will speak for us when all the Opposition MPs are hauled up at Hotel Kamunting? The police have already chosen to align with him, what else do we have? I used to believe that GOD exist, and Good will always prevail. But so many events have unfolded that shows evil rules. Maybe it’s the events in Revelations that are unfolding, I don’t know. Only time will tell.

  30. wits0 says:

    Many older Malaysians especially have this perception:

    “Najib’s father is known to stir up May 13 incident to oust Tunku Abdul Rahman..”
    Joe Fernandez. the ex-journalist, has commented correctly here and elsewhere like in “Letters” in M’siakini before that some of the co-conspirators are still around and that there should have been a full inquiry for responsibility to lay to rest the ghosts.

    Meantime we seem to be perpetually rewarding the worse umno rogues around no end and engender ‘entitlement rights’ for their dynasty as well.’
    How to have confidence in M’sia with such a perversion of history and Karma?

  31. imwatchinu says:

    Dont’ laugh, Susan. Unfortunately the joke is on us.

  32. Wapot says:

    I stil accept Bodowi to hold the PM post and give all Malaysian “April fool” instead let go the post to the NAJIP FOOL!!!!!!!!

  33. Outsider says:

    The Most Demonized PM in Malaysia’s History – Titile Will Change Hands After March 30.

    Up to date, Mamakthir still holds the title of the most demonized Malaysian PM ever.
    Methinks Mamakthir pushed for Najis to be PM is because, finally, there will be someone to take away from him that title of the most demonized PM in Malaysia’s history – ever.

  34. ericind says:

    Aprilfool day will be the darkest day in Bolehland,a sad day to remember by all bolehkians. After April,life goes on as normal,but some changes will be….. 1)murder someone is legal,no kangaroo court,just swear on quran. 2)taking comission frm any purchase/govt contract is legal, 3)Polis can arrest anyone ikut suka aku,its legal. 4)Use rakyat money to buy frog mp,if they refuse,threaten em,is legal. 5)Racial discrimination,threaten minority races with keris,or call em ;pengdatang,is legal. 6)Anal sex…..mmmm is legal too.

  35. Tun says:

    Bring back Tun. He is the messiah that will save the country from ruin.

  36. Lepat says:

    bring back Tun??? U must be kidding….

    He’s the dude that started this mess in Malaysia in the first place.

    U think Dollah Badawi inherited a corrupt goverment from whom? P.Ramlee ka??? Or Parameswara???

    Tun MAHATHIR lah!!! Now the old man chattering like an idiot, battering Pak Lah for corruption and bad leadership, when he himself was The Tyrant who started it all.

  37. chong says:


  38. storm62 says:

    when pak lah was PM = 28 million Malaysians

    after Najis become PM = 8 million Malaysians.

    – some dissappears into thin air.
    – some C4ed
    – some migrated
    – some pendatang deported

  39. superstitious says:

    Unless God intervenes, Malaysia will have Myanmar economy in 2009 and beyond, and all of our boys and girls can go look for jobs in Laos. Vote Najib and be blessedly debased!

  40. stcin says:

    anjali dear, YES ! the prophecy will come true BUT it is R-A-H-M-A-N (Nizar).

    YB may take part in the coming (7/4) by-election at bkt gantang for a mp !

  41. Monk says:

    I think C4 will “flip” in the early months, acting like Santa Claus, generous and playing the goodie goodie role to win hearts but will “flop” with suppression and oppression towards the next general elections.

    I’m afraid the cyberspace maybe the next target especially all of us are so “generous” with our compliments on him.

    It’s ok to be a hypocrite or a liar in Malaysian politics, since it is a very fashionable vice in realpolitik. His blind loyal followers will clap and clap for a anaconda creeping up his throne.

    It’s still ok, a chip of the old block, who knows, cancer might take care of him too.


  42. Fair To All says:

    The prevailing destructive elements in the Malaysian society is not contributing to the economic welfare of the country. Anwar, a poor loser with a depraved track record, is an undercurrent to the nation. His learned Sultan Azlan has taken his stand to reject this divisive character. The Sultan of Selangor has given his affirmation. Surprisingly, no US politician has spoken out for Anwar this time cos their own economy is at the precipice of collapse.

  43. PhilipLIM says:

    it’s abdullah’s men telling of a possible aprril fool joke. what else with the erection of big billboard in federal highway last week of abdullah’s “viewpoints welcome, ideas appreciated” if he is indeed steppong down? khairy also go on street demo to put pressure on najib than on pakatan. interesting development for us watching froom the sideline.

  44. justme says:

    Fair to all says: “Surprisingly, no US politician has spoken out for Anwar this time cos their own economy is at the precipice of collapse.”

    That US president most probabaly would be a bane to the civilised world and an apologist to the Arab world. Maybe he may even set up a parallel court system same as Bolelehalnd?

    So why should he or his collegues speak up for Anwar.

  45. kittykat46 says:

    Fair To All on Anwar – “Sultan Azlan has taken his stand to reject this divisive character”.

    The Sultan has absolutely no right to make such an assessment, one way or another, otherwise he is wading into partisan politics, which would diminish his standing tremendously.

    I can respect the opinions of those who hold that the Sultan acted in accordance with the Constitution, though I disagree with them.

    But for him to take any decision based on a political view on Anwar Ibrahim would essentially make the Sultan a politician – and all politicians are fair game for criticism.

  46. Menyalak-er says:

    Fair To All: “destructive, poor loser, depraved, undercurrent, divisive, precipice of collapse”… Hmm, nice words from a ‘learned person’.
    Taking this into the context of the present Malaysian political-social-economic scenario, methinks it should more aptly apply to Susan’s ‘April Fool’ and his cohorts, don’t you think?
    Are you reading his Highness’s mind and prophesying in unknown ‘tongues’?
    I’m too stupid to presume to ‘know’ the means of HRH’s decision – all I know that I’ll abide by it outwardly, if not inwardly.

  47. wits0 says:

    “Fair to All”…such an assertive and contrived handle per se but belonging to a bygone era b4 the Net when the media could talk everyone down and made the power-that-be feel almighty and secure with their loathsome Pravda hype. “To all” indeed…ptui! Least of all like even knowing what’s fair and what’s not! Such words don’t send the tingle down anyone’s legs like that which Chris Matthews of MSNBC was said to have felt of that Obama effect.

  48. My2cen says:

    Just for laughs, b4 the cyberspace kena C4-ed::

    Five surgeons from big cities are discussing who makes the easiest patients to operate on.

    The first surgeon, from Singapore, says, ‘I like to see accountants on my operating table, because when you open them up, everything inside is numbered’

    The second, from Bangkok, responds, ‘Yeah, but you should try electricians! Everything inside them is colour coded..’

    The third surgeon, from Bejing says, ‘No, I really think librarians are the best, everything inside them is in alphabetical order.’

    The fourth surgeon, from Jarkarta , chimes in: ‘You know, I like construction workers… those guys always understand when you have a few parts leftover.’

    But the fifth surgeon, from KL , shut them all up when he observed: ‘You’re all wrong. Politicians from Malaysia UMNO are the easiest to operate on. There’s no guts, no heart, no balls, no brains and no spine, and the head and the arse are interchangeable.’

    Bee End… hahahahaha…

  49. The Dark Knight says:

    RPK has posted a Malay Mail article on his Corridors of Power. In that article, there is clear mention of ‘RPK’s support of Perak’s Sultan Azlan Shah’.


    I do not think RPK would have put that up on MT, if he did not agree with it himself.


    1) The Sultan really is innocent and did not accept bribes and was “not” forced into the decision?

    2) A decision he made with the best interest of the people of Perak in mind?

    Will RPK answer the 2 questions above specifically in time or avoid it forever? If he does not know, why post that article on MT?

  50. monsterball says:

    “Fair to all “commentator have been proven to be unfair by few commentators.
    Focusing on Anwar as the scapegoat…Malaysians will not buy that anymore.
    I am glad..Anwar have USA supporting him….if that is true.
    To fight UMNO devils….lots of money….powerful country..or countries..supporting Anwar…we are fortunate.
    To me…those kind souls are helping to free Malaysians from the chain of bondage by a dictatorial and corrupted government.
    Race and religion politics is as dirty as war time……..killing fields.
    In war…bodies are dead.
    In peace time..applying brain control by UMNO…to depend on them…is killing millions of brains..to become half past sixes..no progress..lazy and fanatical.
    Mahathir is the one who started it..yet he blamed others.
    These peacetime….evil doers…are as evil as those torturing the people and killing.
    UMNO kill brains!!

  51. Joker's joke says:

    A foolish joker will step in as PM on 1st April, wat a joke!!!

  52. oscar says:

    Go get stuffed monsterball! You are the biggest fool. Your comments not wanted. Go back to suck the balls of your Pak Lah who is about to exit as PM. Go demo with Khairy in Ipoh and with Khir Toyo in Georgetown.

  53. Lid says:

    Pak Lah will hand over the umno leadership to najib. But it is not necessary or him to hand over the premiership. All this while Pak Lah has been going to the parliament as a prime minister. Would he now enter as an ordinary MP? I don’t think so. Let’s see what will happen when the time comes.
    To Pak Lah I would like to suggest this : You are now the prime minister. Use your power and don’t let those who have been planning a conspiracy within your party to topple you succeed. You must never ever hand over the premiership to najib.

  54. ahmeow... says:

    Malaysia is like a cartoon country. Just watch a cartoon movie and you know it’s for fun and laughter only.

  55. ahmeow... says:

    Fist we had Mahathieu s/o kutty robbing the bank vault during the 2 year interim fcu* off, now pak lah…..

    How on earth Najib could be the pm without the GE?

    Najib is a dictator and not an elected pm, hence Najib is an illegitimate c4 Mongolian pm.

    In Mongolia, c4 is legitimate then but not in Malaysia.

  56. ahmeow... says:

    If Malaysia is like Taiwan, all the dirty political buggers would be in jail jogging together with ah bian during the exercise allotment…

    The denizens in Malaysia are akin to still living on trees…. a bunch of uncivilized jungle people, allowing all these dirty political buggers to live like kings.

  57. SayaAnakMalaysia12 says:

    …. and C4ed all the way to Mongolia where A grand feast awaits his ascending the throne of UM … NO …. and no no was the cries ….pleasure or pain … you define …

  58. superstitious says:

    Consider this:
    Najib takes over as PM together with the Defence portfolio from AAB in April,
    with umno loss at Gantang and Selambau after his takeover, Najib will not be able to control a disunited umno,
    and the anti govt sentiments of the blogosphere amidst the clamor of a successful opposition,
    will he or will he not hesitate to declare martial government, a la Marcos or Suharto?
    If that is possible what is our future?
    How can we still expect a GE13?

  59. storm62 says:



  60. WJW says:

    1st April 2009 will be a darkest day in malaysia history.
    Marilah kita semua berkabung, semua pakai hitam, pasang bendera hitam kat rumah anda.

  61. Please looke at Malaysian reputation internationaly….latest Human Rights Report!


    Public Statement

    AI index: ASA 28/001/2009

    13 February 2009

    Malaysia falls short in fulfilling its promises to the
    UN Human Rights Council

    The Malaysian government should fully implement the recommendations issued by the UN’s Universal Period Review (UPR) Working Group in Geneva today, Amnesty International said. The Working Group will adopt recommendations on Malaysia made during the country’s review by the Human Rights Council on 11 February.

    Some of the key recommendations included calls for repealing or amending the Internal Security Act (ISA) and guaranteeing freedom of expression, information and religion. Many countries also identified Malaysia’s poor record in addressing human rights abuses against refugees and migrant workers.

    Amnesty International welcomed Malaysia’s engagement with the UPR process, but noted that Malaysia had fallen short of many of its commitments to the UN Human Rights Council when it applied to become a member in 2006.

    In 2006, Malaysia pledged itself to “the promotion of a free media, including in cyberspace, as well as the encouragement of vibrant and active civil society”.

    “Malaysia has failed to uphold these pledges to respect human rights, including its commitment to promote a free media, particularly the Internet. Bloggers have been charged under the vaguely worded provisions of the Sedition Act,” said Donna Guest, Amnesty International’s Asia-Pacific deputy director.

    At least 50 people are detained indefinitely without charge or trial under the Internal Security Act. These include five leaders of the Hindu Rights Action Force (HINDRAF) who as prisoners of conscience should be released immediately and unconditionally, Amnesty International said.

    Amnesty International also said that the government should speed up police reform and oversight. On 20 January, 22-year-old Kugan Ananthan died in police custody. His family and others who had seen his corpse alleged that he had been tortured to death. In December 2008 27-year-old B Prabarka claimed that police beat him, splashed boiling water on his body, and threatened to hang him.

    “For Malaysia the real test of the UPR process will be whether it implements changes that have a real impact on the protection of human rights in the country. As a member of the Human Rights Council, Malaysia should follow through on its promises and take the lead in respecting, protecting and promoting human rights in the Southeast Asian region,” Guest said.

  62. anon says:

    What is a Life Worth? –
    Firestorms & Arson


  63. seetanggang says:

    Freedom of speech at its best. Just like Speaker Corner, Hyde Parks. Where Jews spoke of their wives having sex with horses and dogs.

    He he he, I like freedom of speech. Its simple, just talk and talk, and talk, and sit and eat, and talk, talk, talk,,,,,,, never stop talking.

    He he he he.

  64. Altantuya says:

    Prime Ministers and ex Prime Ministers all must get ready to evacuate from this country!

    The Justice Day is NEAR!

  65. mogolian eagle says:

    If all these political bast*@*s are still living freely and not in jail, Malaysia’s future is bleak indeed.

    All these political bast*@*s are like frogs in a well with narrow outlook.

    They deserve to be in jails, not parliament!!!

  66. mogolian eagle says:

    To solve Malaysia’s perpetual problems, the only solution is to round up all these political bast@#*s, whether BN or PR, ex or present and potong their kelapas, habis cerita!!!

  67. mogolian eagle says:

    The rakyat in Malaysia must, must, must see that all these political bast@#*S (BN & PR-ex & present) be put in jails, else get ready to be sodimi@*@ freely and freeholdly by all these political bast@*&s (BN & PR-ex & present)!!!

  68. billauchris says:

    UMNO have certainly lost its shine, dignity and integrity to the point of embarassment after unabashedly usurping the power of PR through various underhand and dishonorable intrigues.

    Pak Lah stood as a passer-by, did nothing and allowed his party hooligans to have a field day. The cause distractions, public unrests and racial disharmony through threats, demonstrations and racially provocative press statements. The Police are not arresting these UMNO hoodlums.

    April fool PM – You can be fooled. Pak Lah might just change his mind and stay on as the PM of the country and get rid of the irritants before him who cause him heart-aches, insomnia and reluctant decision to step down in March this year.

    Pak Lah, if you have any decency to retire off honorably, then for heaven sake do something for the nation who put you in office.

    The wind of change will defeat all your candidates at the coming by-elections. This will be an acid test that the people are just fed up with your BN rhetorics, empty promises, greed and graft and lob-sided social economic policies.

    That Khir Toyo has no business to be in politics anymore. He stinks anc causes problems wherever his goes. He is causing problems all over in an attempt by so doing the PR will have less time to dig into his evil and ignominious past.

    Friends, lets show the BN and UMNO what peoples’ power is if logics does not seem to convince those meat heads in power.

  69. chinlwu says:

    Fellow Malaysian,
    The Government( who that may be, ABB or NAR) talked so much about freeing the country of corruption and speak on ” high moral ground” about how far they are prepared to go setting up MAAC.

    Wow ! ” the cat is out of the bag”, as reported in MT about RM 100 or RM 200 million is being package for cross-overs in Kedah and Selangor. ” Pros of Jelapang is said to receive RM 15 million and more to come, later

    This should not come as a surprise that some major coporations bosses are ever willing to fund ” crossovers”, to ” buy” into the good books of you know who, as reported in MT, Berjaya funded the RM 15 million HE got for crossing over. If this is not corruption and bribery, whatelse are ?

    Is this case not good enough for MAAC to launch an investigation ? There is no way out for us Malaysians, the State Royalty, Agong and Court of Law and Police cannot help us. We can’t take to the streets.

    It is said, one of our leader’s ,who is often in the news these days, wife whenever she was in Paris and London shopping, no surprises many wives of major coporations’ Tan Sris’, were with her. Was it that they had nothing else better to do ? Who do you think will pay for all the shoppings ?

    Trully, only God can stop this despicable act. All ALLAH and GOD fearing Malaysians; Indians, Chinese and Malays should include in our daily prayers to get rid of the evil and corrupt leaders in our wonderful and blessed country, MALAYSIA, do not let such evil leaders spoilt MALAYSIA. This morning many churches all over the country, with congregations of over 50, 000 prayed to GOD, to rid of such leaders and urged each member to do likewise everyday.

  70. KPR says:

    Beware of RPK. He is cousin of Selangor ST. As he tries to get us all to blindly return power to STs, he pretends to fight against establishment, being vocal and all, even to extent of ending up in police lockups and Kamunting. Now he shows true color. Only fools can trust him.

  71. Jong says:

    I am still hopeful Mr Snoozy will ‘flip and flop’ come 31 March 2009. He is the grandmaster of Duplicity, remember?

  72. sgbertih says:

    Pak Lah, give us an April Fool….

  73. monsterball says:

    UMNO must fulfill the “RAHMAN” prophesy.
    Knowing Najib….no chance in 13th election….Dollah is forced to vacate…so that …by March..Najib is PM.
    But he will be the one and only UMNO’s PM….not voted in by Malaysians.
    He is UMNO’s PM….not elected by Malaysians.
    Now UMNO is in worst position…the day Najib started to do things …his ways.
    Will UMNO Supreme council ask Dollah to withdraw and stay as PM?

  74. ericind says:

    Susan,have u read RPK’S article in the Malaysia today,suppose to be last article b4 ISA???CAN WE DO SOMETHING??/

  75. wits0 says:

    “UMNO must fulfill the “RAHMAN” prophesy.”

    Much in the same manner MacBeth was encouraged and told by the 3 weird sisters(witches) that he would be King.

  76. ktteokt says:

    A perfect day for a FOOL to ascend the throne of PM, for only fools such as this can bring down the government of the day!

  77. stcin says:

    who has the HIGHEST value if crossed over ? guess ! yes= the speaker of perak ! he is worth at least one BILLION !!

  78. flyer168 says:

    Yes, in desperation, PM wannabe (or it fat mama !) is even willing to accept his appointment on April Fool’s day – a real desperate fool indeed!

    We are witnessing the Desperate PM wannabe “Gutter Politics & Law of the Jungle” vs the Perak Mentri Besar Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin’s courage, integrity and mental clarity in the face of grave adversity.

    This Desperate PM wannabe has “lost the Plot” completely & “blown” his last “Trump card” to be the incoming UMNO President.

    The son of our 2nd PM has now “Destroyed” his own party UMNO beyond “Redemption”

    So he might as well forget about being the 6th PM of Malaysia…maybe we should send him out as our Ambassador to Mongolia !!!

  79. george says:

    Dr, M’s plan is working fine now… first he attacked Bodowi and to create dissent among his beloved party members and force Bodowi to step down… Help Najis to become the PM-in-waiting come March 09, a PM. Then his son Muslihat will become Youth Head… He know Najis is not the material to be PM, and will not last long… Get Musyhidden the next PM in-waiting and know that he will not last long too… if all plans go smooth while UMNO killing all their enermies from PR this 4 years, come the next election time, his son Muslihat will become the head for UMNO and eventually PM…

  80. FuckBN says:

    Lochos Vestu..u must be an idiot to even listen to whatever that bitch is talking about.

    KPR…don spew nonsense ok. MT has dozens of articles spewing nonsense posted on a daily basis. It is done to allow readers to comment abt the articles and the stupidity that some idiots will spew without being intoxicated. just because he posted some article doesn’t mean that he will support whatever stand the article is preaching, dumbass. you must truly be an idiot to even think that RPK would be trying to get us all to blindly return power to STs. u must have been sucking Khinzir Toyol’s infected balls, and thus ur brain is infected.

  81. bbbbbbbbbb says:


  82. aru affandy abdullah says:

    Finally THE R.A.H.M.A.N prophecy would take its place Lets rejoice it also marks the end of BN.

  83. Zhang Jian Hao says:

    oh wow, seems nobody like this guy。

  84. WJW says:

    Yes, let him just complet the R.a.h.m.a.n. prophecy, even for only a day or two then after that, that the end and UMNO shall never exist anymore because it end with an N. If UMNO still want to exist, U UMNO knows what to do lah……….ha..ha..

  85. anonymous says:

    will die of leukemia if he doesn’t behave..

  86. Upset says:

    It was the people’s fault, what you did in the GE-12?

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