Could he? I am not sure. But lots of money are being thrown at the Indians and Chinese in Perak. Daylight corruption. And all these are acceptable?

From Malaysian Insider:

So far,  (Perak BN menteri besar) Zambry has been promising money wherever he goes and sticking to a scripted line which bears similarities to Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi oft-quoted “I am the prime minister for all Malaysians.”

This morning (Sunday), Zambry also went to the same temple as (Perak PAS menteri besar) Nizar, in an attempt to pull the rug from under Nizar, and became, according to locals, the first MB from Barisan to ever step foot in the temple.

He announced an immediate allocation of RM100,000 for the Thaipusam celebrations.

Zambry arrived at the temple at 8.30am, accompanied by Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister Department, T.Murugiah, and temple officials.

After being garlanded, Zambry made it a point to stop at stalls which lined the road leading to the entrance of the temple, before finally addressing a small crowd from a small stage.

Besides announcing the allocation, Zambry who greeted the crowd in Tamil, reiterated that he was MB for everyone, a message he has been repeating at all official functions.

“I want to tell all Indians, here, that I am the MB of all races and I am here for you.”

A day before, Zambry attended a Chinese New Year party organised by BN and said the same thing.

But his message yesterday at a Chinese school was partly drowned out by hundreds of protesters outside the compound.

At the MCA-organised party, he also pledged cash for a Chinese musical orchestra from one of the richest government Chinese schools in the city.


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  1. wits0 says:

    The two words, “of all” when used by umno is a blatant standing lie that raises goose pimples every time they’re used. Coming from it, it has long become the mother of all barf – something that any astute observer knows.

  2. Mohd. Yusuf says:

    BN (UMNO) lead government a truely corruptted government. Never belief in DEMOCRACY.

  3. ajajal says:

    truly the rayak should take back all their money that the UMNO stole from them The Sultan did a good job to bring back those evil money. Should this imitated Indian Coup MB can flash money here and there there is no doubt the his leader son of Razak the C4 would have rolled out million of ringgit to the 3 frogs including their own . People of Perak shold kick out this Coup leaders .

  4. ET Khoo says:

    UMNO is never clean….corrupted and play dirty are their party strong image….what else???

  5. Hjh Musalmah says:

    To the people of Perak,

    Accept the gifts. it is not corruptions as long as you do not exchange your vote for it. Know in your heart which party has robbed the country and is rich as to be able to bring you gifts and which political party is berseh jujur dan amanah and have noy taken anything and is unable to bring you gift. However, they will do their best to look after you as well as the future generations

    By the way the gift that they brought to you is what they have robbed from you in the first place.

    Please make the the rakyat in the kampong baru dan lama and those in town and rural areas and estate understand this. Tell it a thousand times so that they beleive you.

  6. imwatchinu says:

    Buying people with our own money is BN’s forte.

  7. SameSame says:

    Yesterday evening when hearing the news i was so jijik when one Indian MIC goon told viewers that all indians in Perak are happy with the newly appt MB. AHHHH?? Sorry anney, you got that wrong! Felt like doing a ‘Shoe’ on him! He for surely just shot off his mouth without even looking around him! He did on temple grounds, for sure he will be dealt with by the divine muruga for such blashemy! NO we perakian (the true one not some who only have $$ ringing in their eyes) dont want this bogus MAMAK for a MB.We want Nizar Back…

    Tell me which admin is without any faults and vises/viruses???? TELL ME…BN and PR alike they all have it.

    Some have BIG TIME (BN) and some in little doses (PR/DAP…) well with little doses you can cure with some antibiotics…(LKS..pls make sure you start giving your party the med) and as for the Big ones…you need to totally kill/burn them before they breed like virus and infect/kill others…..thats modus operandi for CURE

    Its the same with politics….the viruses are killing the real Democracy….and the next GE we will cure our politics by just banishing them from the political world….

    As for Perak and its current dilema…..we will wait and see. As of now, I know many perak indians are not in favor of the new MB so what the fella said is such a LIE.. The frogs will always be frogs and maybe we should skin them and make DIMSUM soon starting with HEE. As for Karpal and Anwar….like Najib/DR M and AAB in the other camp. Life goes on. One day they are friends another day enemy. Keep your friends close, keep your enemies CLOSER….

    And its about TIME that our indian people in malaysia disassociates temple and politics!! Dont put crooks and GOD in ONE PLatform!!! So d*m* disgusting!

  8. Maupoen says:

    Accept the gift is corruption. No compromise in this case.UMNO is a corrupted party.

  9. mAT tELUK iNTAN says:

    zOMBIE is around. Beware!

  10. ltwatau says:

    GOODIES will flood Perak..

    In no time Corruption will be forgotten and life goes on..

    Anyway OPPOSITION PARTY will not be forgotten, it’s because of them you got the Goodies…

    Without their presence.. ABUK PUN TAK ADA….

  11. True-Leaders says:

    Zambry, throw more money lah. UMNO threw millions in Permatang Pauh & K. Terengganu. See what happened. The people take the money but give their votes to PR.
    UMNO will never learn. For them it’s always about MONEY.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Without bribery involved, BN will be long gone!
    That’s why they’ve to bribe those 3 “kataks” to abscond with those “votes” belonging to PR.
    Same as switching ballot boxes during election.
    That’s ridiculous, and our country’s law are made to side them.

  13. Tanjong says:

    Perak folks,
    The sweethener is only a small piece of the total $ what BN can grab, be it RM1mm or 5mm, so no harm giving out to make peace with Perakian. Perak’s coffers certainly have more than that. Furthermore, thi is not BN $, but rakyat!

    Look at waat BN Federal govt can do, multi billions taxpayer $ no enough to spend, now even EPF also want to sapu. 1st stimulus plan of RM7 Billons oredi released. Do you rakyats see any effect? how the RM7 billions is spent? Do you know? Now, 2nd stimulus plan, another RM7 billions soon. This amount of money can really do wonders for those hardcore poor, infrastruture and etc.

  14. whispering9 says:

    For politicians (most anyway), promises are meant to be broken. From what I gathered, there is not enough money in the coffer to pay for all the promises and pledges made because of the current world economical crisis. It is one thing is to ‘donate’ from state coffer or corporate fund but it is another to ask politicians to pay from their own pockets.

    Giving $$$$$$$RM pledges and verbal funds here and there is just like leaflet propaganda used in psychological warfare. I even doubt the frogs will get the full amount promised.

    However, there is a sucker born every second who will believe in the leaflets or the $$$$$$$$$$$$ promised.

  15. Anonymous says:

    They bought the 3 “frogs” and now they’re thinking that they could buy the indian god with those dirty money.
    What the blardy hell!!!

  16. 123victor says:

    Kapal is calling Anwar to step down as the Pakatan head. Miserable Kapal: he wanted to sue the Sultan of Perak and Anwar was against it. I think Anwar is doing the right thing to focus the attack on Najib and the new Mentri Besar and to leave the Sultan out of the picture. But no, Kapal does not see the big picture. Like a raging bull he will charge into the china shop and smash everything into smithereens. I don’t know why this blind bull when he sees the “misbehaving royalty” or the “PAS hudud” red flags he will suddenly loose sight of all good judgements and charge out blindly to his death.
    Kapal, kapal wake up, this is the new reality: the people don’t care whether you succeed to bash the royalty or not, but they want all races to exist together. Before the 2008, nobody has ever dreamt that this reality would come true if not for the sheer determination of Anwar. Whatever his fault, nobody is perfect, everybody makes mistakes, I will still bet on him.
    Kapal, you have not grown up politically. You are still a childish brat who only likes to throw tantrums if you do not get your way. Yesteryear, the people tolerated and cheered your childish ways because they knew that your party have no avenues to dent the mighty BN colossus. But now, your party is part of the ruling coalition in 5-states. You have to ditch your gutter politics and adapt to to a more civilised and sophisticated mode. Your first salvo during the 1st Parlamentary session is no different from what Bung Moktar and other rude BN MPs are doing.
    Kapal, just to satisfy your disgust for the royalty, go ahead and sue the Sultan and give ammunitions to the BN to divide and rule. Do you want that to happen? If you still can’t see the big picture, spare your party and just drop dead.

  17. bbc says:

    he is real generous.
    damn it,its the taxpayers’ money.
    just like his boss who rewards his same namesake with hundreds of millions of commission, this fella uses the same strategy which is to use MONEY, MONEY, MONEY.
    Corrupt to the core.

  18. storm62 says:

    here comes Zombie, the mamak god of prosperity to Perak, throw more money back to the people cos’ its the people’s money, NOT yours zombie.

    hello UMNO idiots, you can buy the Rakyat with the Rakyat’s money, understand!!! you can buy some cheap skate ADUNs but NOT the Rakyat.

  19. Moonrider says:

    Confirm they are praying Properity God (Choy San). People dont see money so imporatant anymore instate goverment , instaed they shoud go to ground and help them.

    Remember he is illegal MB? so where he got the 100k fund and please respect us, dont always used money to buy our hearts .. damn

  20. sitcom says:

    D illegal MB like a spend thrif spending mine and yours money to save his face. malu! don’t need kow tow to him lah. very angry ahhhhhhhhhh!

  21. monsterball says:

    Besides bribing and play race and religion politics…what else do you expect UMNO do?
    They have succeeded in Perak.
    Money is the root of all evils…and UMNO is the devil’s party in Malaysia….converting Malaysians to pray to money…not God.

  22. wandererAUS says:

    This is UMNO grand economic stimulus package for the hurt Perakians. Money can buy love? Only the thre frogies. “If you have the money, I got the time!”
    BN is making another ‘Obama Mamak’ a billionaire. What the Perakians get are just crumbs that fall off the table.

  23. perakman says:’s all about money. No wonder BN and UMNO so corrupt. A nyway, we take the money given because it is our tax-paying money and then we punish them for misusing our money once Pakatan takes over the government. By the way, Mr. Karpal, can u just shut-up. U make Pakatan looks like in disunity and UMNO is laughing about it. Focus your attention…BN is our target, not Anwar-lah. If u r not happy about anything, just say it up in the close-door meeting instead of calling press conference that will gives a bad impression on Pakatan.

  24. perakman says:’s all about money. No wonder BN and UMNO so corrupt. A nyway, we take the money given because it is our tax-paying money and then we punish them for misusing our money once Pakatan takes over the government.

  25. perakman says:

    Mr. Karpal, can u just shut-up. U make Pakatan looks like in disunity and UMNO is laughing about it. Focus your attention…BN is our target, not Anwar-lah. If u r not happy about anything, just say it up in the close-door meeting instead of calling press conference that will gives a bad impression on Pakatan.

  26. perakman says:

    Zamry is the MB for the death of democracy but Nizar the MB of democracy and rakyat.

  27. Devan says:

    I am so happy at last we have an “INDIAN” as the MB !!!!!!!…………hooooooray to the Sultan for saying no to ketuanan melayu!! !Long live the sultan!!

    Valga Makkal Sakktiiii !!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. funnyfella says:

    Take the money and ask for more, after all it our tax payers money stolen by them. Furthermore this is not corruption because we are getting back what they stole from us. Don’t give them your votes comes GE13.

    Always remember with PR around they will be generous and behave . Without PR, BN will treat us like dirt and rob us blind. Take the money and vote for PR.

  29. pm_shum says:

    Agreed with Trueleader , accept all the Money that was come from our own Pocket ( tax payee ) , and vote the BN out from the Perak in Next GE , possible all the election !

  30. PeoplePower says:


    Zambry is an illegal MB Perak!
    The state govt run by him is an illegal state govt!
    It’s no different than Kerajaan Negeri Kongsi Gelap/ Gangster State govt!

    To those parents, pls keep away your children from the illegal MB and illegal state govt and all the illegal activities or events held by this Gangster state govt!

  31. SameSame says:

    Dai Devan….Its not makkal Sakti…its not atall… Poor fella, if you think this MB is recognising the Indian in him….LOL..what a laugh!!!

    Wake up la thamby

  32. Ganesan says:

    My foot MB for all races. This is what this UMNO fella’s mantra, just when they want our votes. After that it is business as usual everything for bumi’s. Any question on this status will be deemed seditious. So he thinks by giving money here and there to indians and chinese he can buy our favour. Perak will fight to retain the true concept of democracy.

  33. sitcom says:

    Nizar is True MB of Perak.
    zambry is a Hoax MB..what’s the diferrence between scam and hoax?

  34. My2cen says:

    Take, people give money, must take! But the amount is so, so small…. So, I suggest All Perak NGO/reps aske for more, lots more, until they cannot tahan!!

  35. storm62 says:

    Al-Fatihah YB Roslan Shaharum PAS Bukit Gantang.

    In the March 8 general election last year, Roslan polled 20,015 votes against Abdul Azim Mohd Zabidi’s (Barisan Nasional) 18,449 votes.

    The third candidate was an independent, M. Morgan, who got 872 votes.

    get ready to bury BN/UMNO in Bukit Gantang!

  36. straycat says:

    I cant help but reading most of the comments with a smile.

    Where were you all when 916 was coined? No complaint then. Now I heard someone was talking about the death of democracy when BN took over by defection? Oh wow… so righteous so suddenly.

    Now its BN “buying” the people you said? 999 years means anything to
    you? “….dont always use money to buy our hearts … ” so said Moonrider. Land is the new word, right?

    Ever saw your beloved Anwar standing at the gate of Istana Negara? Now the Sultan is the bad guy, I see.

    “People of Perak should kick out this Coup leaders …” so said ajajal. But I am just wondering if you would say the same thing if 916 was a success.

    Its fun though. It reminds me when I was a kid playing police and thieve. There was this one kid whom, whenever he lost, will kick-off a tantrum, blaming the rules, the sun and the moon. He forgot that its the game that he chose to play. He claimed to be a victim whenever he lost. We called him “lengit” or a cry baby. We refused to play with him anymore.

    I never thought of seeing so many of them later in life.

  37. KWMOON says:

    BN’s same old strategy…. money politics, and racial divide and rule. Unless they change, they can never win the hearts of the people.

  38. paloi says:

    umno will never change. money money money dulu kini dan selamanya

  39. sunwayopal says:

    They should now ask Mohd Nizar to fight for the Bukti Gantang parliament side.

    Imagine the peoples victory if Mohd Nizar wins.

    This will be a slap in teh face of the Sultan and Barisan Najis.

    Not uncommon to have MBs also as MPs.

    Khalid Ibrahim and Lim Guan Eng to name just 2.

    Mohd Nizar for Parliament.!!!

  40. Dave says:

    its our money they are playing with.

  41. perakman says:

    by election in Perak soon…. time has come to show our voices of democracy. Sultan please hear and pay attention to this by-election. By the way, more money will be poured out in this election by BN.

  42. perakman says:

    I have a suggestion…why not for this election, Zambry and Nizar to be the candidate. The winner will be the true and the only one MB. But wait, we already has a winner…Nizar. This election will affirm you as our MB and MP ! For Zambry…better go back to Pangkor.

  43. donplaypuks says:

    There’s an old Indian saying:
    “Even if a river of milk flows, a dog knows only how to lap at the milk!” (It cannot drink like people can)

    So, BN/UMNO knows no other way than to try and play money politics. But since March 2008 the Rakyat has seen through this dangerous ploy of encouraging bribery and corruption and will noy buy the same shit again. The end of BN/UMNO is nigh!!

  44. muhammad khalifah says:

    if you cherish the indians IN YOUR STATE then make a pledge to release HINDRAF 5

  45. Money is funny

    So take the money

    And kick the bunny (Ooh, sorry, it’s phoney)

    So let us PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. C-bOk says:


    Similarly, Perak government under Nizar tried to buy the Chinese community by grating land ownership of up to 999 years which was never done in the past by any government in this country.

  47. 123victor says:

    karpal singh,dont tell me you have principle,especially you are a damn good lawyer! – veddy


    I totally agree with your insight, veddy. Karpal is indeed a good lawyer and he has earned millions because a good lawyer is able to exploit the grey areas in the law and succeed in getting his client go off scot-free even if he knows that his client is a great liar. Every lawyer does it; if not he would be doing ambulance chasing instead. Does Karpal congratulate himself for being a highly principled lawyer every time he wins a case? What about if his client is a big crook and he is set free to create havoc to society again?

    But in law, sometimes side-issues cannot be relevant unlike in politics where side-issues can always make or break a political party. In this case I think Karpal is a bit hypocritical.

    In the political arena the BN is a political colossus and nothing seems to work against them. Just after the 2008 electoral tsunami, the Pakatan was a very vulnerable fledging coalition. The BN in Selangor and Perak was trying to topple the Pakatan governments and they nearly succeeded. This was confirmed by none other than the Prime Minister, Abdullah Badawi. If not for the people’s support for Pakatan it would be a foregone conclusion. Just as in law there are very few grey areas where the chink in the BN armour can be exposed. Anwar found one in the hopping law and he decided to exploit it just to stave off the BN wolves. Remember, the people were supportive of Anwar’s plan even though it stinks. This is better than to tolerate the BN continued existence of arrogance and lawlessness. Wheareas Anwar promised that once the federal government is in Pakatan’s hands the mandate will be decided through snap election. And he shouted it on the rooftop for the whole world to hear. He even went through the constitutional route of no confidence in Parliament but it was buried by BN brute force. Contrast this with BN’s coup of the Perak state government: they stole the state government by stealth and corruption with the cooperation of the royal house, and without going back to the people to decide.

    If Karpal can so good in rationalisation in his law practice, he would be equally good in politics. But unfortunately Karpal is from a bygone era where gutter politics is the norm and sadly he is not able to wean himself off from this.

  48. zztop says:

    Everything they do is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Just look at the new self proclaimed “OBAMA” MB, dishing out $$$$$$$ wherever he goes. This is typical of UMNO culture. No surprise that corruptions are rampant in BN. It all Money, money money.

  49. sultan eat dog's poos says:

    Spending is easy earning is hard.

  50. cina sharp shooters says:

    If this Mamakputra who hijacked the mb post of perak is living in China, his ox-skin would be removed and sent to the firing squad.. the cost of bullets would be reimbursed from his next of kin..

  51. jonathan says:

    Tell them in the face, “Give the money but we will vote Pakatan and see if he is the MB for all people” That should be the strategy now to see if BN is really honest about helping the people. The rest is just a waste of time.

  52. rider says:

    Sayang Rosnah tak? Sayang kan?
    Rosnah akan beli segala galanya, Rosnah baik..
    Duit rakyat Perak yang MUSNAH!!!

  53. billauchris says:


    Do not be hoodwink by this guy Zamry. Most of them always splash around with money – it is your and my money. – in order to buy acquaintanceship from the rakyat.

    It is sad that PR lost the State to the rogue Coalition BN – which has been noted for it evil and untoward political intrigues. They are just a bunch of hooligans, corrupt and greedy who are out to make money for themselves and not for the welfare of the rakyat.

    When you are on top, emember try to be humble or else you be humbled by the people.

  54. Bukit Antarabangsa says:

    If your income is not enough to feed your famuly it is well within your right to look for more money to meet your obligations. Please comment.

  55. anak malaysia says:

    The smart will take and the stupid will believe!!

  56. lchxian says:

    916 Attempted back door entry, failed. Was that democratic?

  57. whispering9 says:

    916 Attempted back door entry, failed. Was that democratic?

    The Answer: Yes.

    Why: Because it failed lah.

    Don’t understand: Because the democratic process will require DSAI to go through a parliamentary sitting to table a vote of no confident before a new government can be installed. And because PR follows this rules of engagement, BN presumably has the time to ‘persuade’ their MPs to stay and go for a Taiwan field trip; hence PR failed to capitalize on the frogs. And that is the democratic process. (Not that I condone DSAI frog technique.)

    Democratic process is power of the citizen to decide. Not politicians who used enticement follow by blackmail and then reward.

  58. Ong Eu soon says:

    Take the money and say thank you. Then say makkal Sakthi. Lawan tetap lawan. Reformasi!

  59. hasilox says:

    straycat & lchxian,

    I don’t agree with defection, but is LEGAL & CONSTITUTIONAL in bodohland’s context. The constitution is so badly modified, over 200 modifications, yet defection is not addressed, why?

    916 has been talked for a long time. BN has every opportunity to amend the constitution to prevent defection. PR even agrees to support the amendment. Why bn refuses to do so?

    916 is about defection. Berak…opps…perak is about coup and unconstitutional power grab. In short, it’s illegal and it’s a crime.

    BN violates the constitution, yet talks about monarchy at the same time. Monarchy exists because the constitution says so. As far as bodohland’s is concern; no constitution, no monarchy. It’s simple as that.

  60. KenKen says:

    When UMNO throws money to you, please don’t reject the money. Take the money. Just remember to vote for Pakatan Rakyat at the polling booth! Be a smiling tiger. Smile at them when you take the money. Put the money in your pocket, then encourage all your friends fo vote for PR !

  61. mighty Rakyat says:

    V. Arumugam quit as assemblyman for Bukit Selambau is a hero. He can’t stand Najib come poaching for him and he doesn’t want Najib dirty money either.

    By clearing the way for yet another by-election he gave Bukit Selambau resident a huge Ang Pow as the folks will receive a lot of gooddies from BN.

    Well done Arumugam.

  62. bangsa Cina Malaysia says:






  63. chinlWu says:

    It is amazing the BN politician, ” undemocratically elected ” MB can go round giving money, RM 100,000 here, RM 100,000 there.

    Whose money is he giving away ? Is the Anti- Corruption not keen to know who is giving MB the money to give away ? There is no JUSTICE and TRUTH .

    It is a shameless act , like the chinese has a saying , literally translated goes like this ” Using other people’s backside to be the Face skin ”

    He is a dumb dumb, why give money to one of the richest chinese school in Malaysia. The school does not really need the money, he ” just wanted to show off ” to some well-heeded chinese present.

    Come people of Perak, petition for a fresh state election in Perak. It is your rights. 28 – 28 , plus 3 independents cannot be majotity government.
    The people wants to decide , cannot agree that Royal Household had decided for you. It your RIGHTS to decide, you want a fresh stste election.



    Whose money Najis and gang will use?

    The Rakyat’s blood and sweat money, of course. Money not from their own pocket.

  65. lee says:

    In early 1997 our RM vs USD is stand on RM2.5 to US$1.0 then 12 years
    later our RM vs USD is RM3.66 to US$1.0 ! Even U.S.A facing a big hole of the financial crisis in his country since Oct 2008.
    What I wish to asking is about :
    petrol, palm oil ,rubber, Industries,………………………………………etc.
    Do you agree 12 years later our RM vs USD will increase to
    RM 5.32 to US$1.00 ?? Please VOTE !
    How about SD,CNY,HKD,THB ????
    SHAME or PROUD and who’s the WINNER ??
    Please VOTE !

  66. Fair To All says:

    People soon realise that “recon” shoes offered by PKR (Pakar Kasut Recon) are no better than the orginal hehe

  67. bamboo river© says:

    I would say take the money . Whatever it is the rakyat deserves better.

  68. monsterball says:

    Be smart…take the money. It’s yours anyway.
    Then vote for change of government.
    Giving money out to buy votes…how many can they do?
    UMNO have created the have and have none from their own race.
    Now trying to separate Indians and Chinese…with money..stolen from us.
    Wake up!!

  69. Lepat says:

    Haiyaahh! U think the money comes from his own savings ka???

    U think he’s even going to spend 10 sen for the benefit of the rakyat????

    All money MUST come from rakyat taxpayers lah!!

    Bodoh punya Zambri.

  70. ultraman says:

    Why give breadcrumbs during religious festivals? The BE END & MIC scum bags greedily accept the taxpayers money and it eventually will disappear in thin air. The newly MINTED BE END MB should have donated the money to Old Folks home or an orphanage. You can’t buy the people’s sentiments with their own tax money. The damage has been done!

  71. I-Lah says:

    Let more corrupt people join/jump to BN (Be End) so that BN will be more corrupted then eventually, irreparable. There are more good people who should be elected to build our nation in our next General Election so that we can stand tall and be proud of Malaysia.

  72. Hjh Musalmah says:


    Now Zamberi has beri the Chinise and Indians in Perak something, Melayu Perak tak kan tak dapat apa apa. Mintalah. Oops!!! lupa, nanti dia berilah di Bukit Gantang. Janngan risau.

  73. wira says:

    There is one popular thing this UMNO MB can do. ie. to continue with the issuing of land to new villagers which started under the PR administration.

    This will at least erase some of the racist front that UMNO had cultivated over the years.

  74. Lucy K says:

    Money is not everything la. Money needs to be earned. Easy come money easy go money. How long is life in this world? 100 years? The money you received will eventually come round to pay medical bills, due to aged old diseases etc. Whereas a clean conscious will help you to sleep in peace and live happily after. Wishful thinking. May not be palatable by those who greed for more.

  75. fslam says:

    If sincerity does not come from the heart, what good is it ?

    Anyone can throw money around to win votes and be a hipocrite.

    At the back of all these, shouts of ” Hidup Melayu ” and fighting for bangsa dan negara.

    How to be MB of all races when your cronies are shouting of Hidup Melayu ? Is this the way to create national unity ?

    Finally the true heart of the rakyat will be the decider.

  76. observer says:

    Kalau bagi , ambil lah. Apa susah ?

    Duit ini duit rakyat.

    BN is famed for goodies handout not RM 100 but RM 1,000,000 to RM RM20,000,000 depending on circumstances . If for crossovers, RM 20,000,000 is nothing. BN is better than father Krismas.

    Tetapi yang penting pangkah-lah PAS

  77. fs says:

    Stop Press :

    BN /UMNO Perak govt now is generous to offer grants / allocations to any cultural / religious organisations. One catch is you must convince opposition ADUNs to be traded on the new Perak Exchange.

    Commission can vary from RM 100,000 to RM 100,000,000 depending on whether you can bring these opposition ADUNs to the exchange so that after the bidding they can cross-over to BN.

    No need to go for popular vote. We can use the ADUNs to be put for sale in an exchange market. Highest bidder wins.

    Can all Chinese and Indian cultural and religious societies please put in your requests for bids in order to be eligible foor money grants / allocation via the respective MCA and MIC leaders .

    Attractive commission is guaranteed.

  78. h.k.lee says:

    For the fence sitters if you think that most of the umno leaders are not corrupted, just read the local newspapers and the internet news that there are so many corruption cases reported to MACC, Police and the UMNO disciplinary board. Worst the PM in waiting is having so many unresolved allegations.
    Rakyat of Malaysia we should stand up and be counted to vote for the Pakatan Rakyat comprising of PKR, PAS DAP if not where we go especially overseas we will be dammed. Leaders and ordinary members of the component parties of BN think seriously if you are clean in you fight for the people and country, distant yourselves from UMNO.
    May God Bless You and Malaysia.

  79. jaime says:

    got money got friend. no money no friend. no money no talk..hehe

  80. stcin says:

    the ‘new’ xxxx has 4 exco vacancies = waiting for ‘indian & babicina’ toads to get trapped !

    the loaded handicapped takut to go home ( got $$$$$$$ but no peace); the 2
    corrupters terjatuh SICK !! the universal WORST toad bn>PR>bn terhilang ?
    TUHAN watches !

    btw, YB was barred to enter his workplace : ” datuk, please leave, PLEASE !
    we got the orders ( from who?), sorry…sori…!!”

    OK ! polis & FRU , not your fault ( cari makan juga), but PLEASE unite & DO SOMETHING 4 justice justice justice untuk futures & your children !

    u semua tahu siapa bersalah kan !?

    by/buy/bye -e soon in bkt gantang : Nizar vs jumpri(if berbiji), syoknya !

  81. freeware says:

    fucking piece of shit!

  82. chikuteh says:

    pls don’t call chinese cina babi ok
    don’t be like karpal singh calling monkey…etc

  83. Putera says:

    Hj Musalmah, ada bukti ke? Tak takut memfitnah ke? Macam dah tengok dengan mata sendiri? Berani berhujah di akhirat kelak ke? Fikirkanlah!

  84. Hjh Musalmah says:


    Boleh saudara terangkan dari mana BN/UMNO dapat wang? Kalau dari tax yang dibelanjakan oleh kerajaan itu bukankah datang nya dari rakyat. Adakah boleh di gunakan dengan sewenang wenagnya untuk mengekalkan kedudukan mereka?

  85. bbbbbbbbbb says:


  86. billauchris says:

    You guys in UMNO need a baptism of fire to cleanse you of your transgressions that you have committed against the people of Malayisa for the pst 50 years.

    No amount of money can buy you love and loyalty. So stop your antiquated modus operandi of buying the hearts of the people in Perak. I for one will never get near to any of you guys. You know why?
    Because you scums stinks from afar.

    The time has come for you guys in UMNO to change your attitude towards the other races, your disgraceful misconduct of buying the opposition members to cross over and throw the public’s money around to buy favours from the rakyat.

    Watch out, the more you resort to such underhand tactics to gain power, the greater will be the peoples’ resistance.

    This is the time for peoples’ power to take centre stage. Please spend the money on the poor, the handicapped, and on charity rahter than squandering the country’s resources as if they belong to you alone!

    The rakyat has a rightful share of the resources of the country.

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