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  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    Lets see what happens to the Gamuda shareprice over the coming weeks.
    It will be interesting to see if the Sultan’s family fortunes make a surprise turnaround.

  2. My2cen says:

    Sultan’s jubilee celebration on Tuesday already postponed!

    SUK is afraid for his safety after the riot in Kuala Kangsar! Takut ada insiden lagi The state police chief has been updating Him on the situation. Kesian Dia, nak keluar rumah pun takut sekarang selapas website diserang teruk!

  3. My2cen says:

    Sultan’s jubilee celebration on Tuesday is also postponed. The SUK says he’s worried about the public safety, more like his safety!!!

    The state chief of police has to give Him regular updates… He’s now worried about coming out of his palace… hehehe

  4. kwmark says:

    I will tell my childrens and my children’s next generation what type of monarchy democratic the Perak royalties has done to its rakyat in the year 2009.

    How the royalty abuses their so call power that force the rakyat of Perak to bow and forgo the state government they elected during the last general election.

    There’s no need to have election in Perak near future. The royalty in Perak can just appoint a Menteri Besar at their whim…

    The Perak royalties owed the rakyat of Perak inregardless of races and religions by denying the rakyat to choose their own exercise their rights in a democracy way….


    Ashamed but Truly a Malaysian..

  5. storm62 says:

    after the PRU12 when the Sultan of Terenganu appointed a MB of his choice and UMNO with Pak lah make so much noise, how come no action was taken or any police reports lodged for disputing against the DYMM SPBYDA?

    why make so much noise now when Karpal singh wants to take the Sultan to court? nobody is above the law, that’s what both the Sultan & Prince of Perak says last month.

  6. kplee says:

    I am not surprised at all for these royalties websites.
    To most rakyat they are meaningless now.
    I have great respect for the Perak royalties for years…………… Sad to say it is ZERO now.
    On the current country political scenario, we have politicians busy using all evil and immoral ways to cling on to power instead of resolving the country economic issues affecting the rakyat. Worst is we also have a bunch of greedy, unethical and selfish froggies working along with them.

  7. caravanserai says:

    As long as you are not God
    You will make mistakes in life
    There is no question about it
    The only way out is to accept
    Correct it makes amends

    Society tends to differentiate
    The caste system in the chart
    The rich and the poor
    The powerful and the weak
    It is here all kinds of social adversaries strike
    Leaving each party puffing hard for life

    It is said the higher you are
    You will find it hard to apologize
    You will find it difficult to amend
    You will always use status and power
    To hit home the messages you are right
    Though you know you are wrong

    It is easy for the lower strata of society
    Saying sorry and thank you………….
    Why can’t we all be good and kind?
    The world is shrinking yet we would fight
    Back stabbing, robbing, telling lies
    Taking lives as if it is alright
    Putting fear and bullying the weak
    As long as we are not God
    We will be judged on what we do and say

    Why not stop this nonsense?
    Make the world a happy and united place to live
    Respect each other learn to live peacefully
    Else we are doomed as the days spinning by

  8. bamboo river says:

    I believe many Perakians are not in the mood to celebrate.
    I also believe the Sultan Of Perak and Raja Nazrin too may be not in the mood for celebration .
    In fact the whole of Malaysia are not in the mood to celebrate .
    Najib is celebrating until Alt…………………………good night everyone!

  9. LLHENG says:

    Our royalties have real short memories. They forgot how they have the power taken away by the people they sided with.
    Below is an extract for all to see:-



    How can a ex-Lord President can let his very own state government collapsed by TWO potential criminals and ONE unethical, greedy and selfish politician.
    It is “UNBELEIVEABLE” indeed.

  10. Just days before, both the Sultan and his son Raja Nazrin were reported to have said in the Sultan’s Silver Jubilee function, “the palace must be impartial….” Looks like what happened didn’t reflect much of this expressed wisdom?

  11. Monk says:


    It’s been a long time since I spoke to you. Firstly wishing you good health and best wishes for the new year.

    Our political culture has degenerated, God knows, for how long. It has come to a situational level whereby the people themselves are the best hope in playing the role as custodian to democratic principles and whatever values close to their hearts defining a good government. Not the rulers and definitely not the political warlords who are the chief culprits for the current state of our national affairs.

    I hope the Perak coup d’etat will be a tipping point in the next general election as I am sure this shameful episode will be mourned as a anniversary event to be held annually : as a constant reminder on the rape of democracy in Perak.

  12. monsterball says:

    The Sultan advised others to have morals and be ethical.
    The Sultan’s decision was lawfully right….morally and ethically wrong…..and obviously leaning in favour… to UMNO.
    I will not read or listen to his morals and ethics advises anymore.
    He is a clear…racialist.

  13. vasu says:

    l so dissepointed of

  14. stcin says:

    R-A-H-M-A-N( Nizar !??) …why NOT !!

  15. wits0 says:

    At a stage where things become “lawfully right….morally and ethically wrong”, it becomes a wonder if the signing petitions is worth anything substantial at all. Since the moral sense is gone, it’s almost certain that the power-that-be no longer understand or care for the moral angle. Why would they? Their self -interests are secured with the dictates of legality, not elsewhere. Common sense only, lah.

  16. Devan says:

    Now all the blame is being shifted to DS Anwar !!!!!!
    NTV 7 Poll was 82 % wanted him to continue as PR Leader!!!
    Why dont NTV 7 conduct a poll whether Najib is involved in the murder of Altantuya????

  17. Joenathan says:


    Ask yourself,why do PR govt in Perak has to come to this stage?I am all for PR,but I never believed in defections.The rakyat gave PR 5 states ,which I believe even PR did not expect,no?Instead of governing those states efficiently and win over the confidence and love of the rakyat,what was Anwar doing?Who cares,if he was calling for a vote of no confidence in Parliament,thats irrelevant.What was relevant was,PR should have shown the rakyat who voted them in that they are serious in governing those states, they won with the mandate of the rakyat.I say,please dont belittle the intelligence of the rakyat.You reap what you sow.So if the sultan’s decision was morally and ethically wrong,then Anwar’s action of going after 31 BN reps to defect is called what?Why didnt you protest then?In 2004,the rakyat gave an overwhelming mandate to the sleepy head Pak Lah,but he failed them,in 2008 the rakyat gave an astounding victory to the opposition,which is actually a history in Malaysian politics.That too PR had never ever helmed the government before.Doesnt this ring a bell?Just imagine if PR,had focused in governing those states efficiently,dont you think in the 13th GE,the federal govt would fall automatically to PR,despite all those phantom voters around?The rakyat are looking for a radical and a fundamental change,not mere window dressing.Sorry,we the PR supporters have to be tough otherwise we are paving the way for them to emulate BN.We the rakyat are also responsible for what BN is today,because we did supported them for 50 years,so its time now to learn from our past mistakes.God bless.

  18. MuiChoy says:

    The UMNO goons and the Sultan underestimated the people’s power. They still believe the rakyat were the same as 51 years back. How wrong they were. Najis was beaming from ear to ear just the other day. Now he dare not even to step foot in Perak. Perakians are simmering and furious on the turn of event. Now the UMNO goons and Sultan are in hiding. As for that Hee whore, may you burn in Hell, and if you were to be elected as an EXCO member, we shall spit at you each time we see you!

  19. leekh says:

    His Majesty’s govt..that was the Pakatan Government had 3 frogs. They jumped. They have no morals. The Tuanku is ashamed. He sacked “His Majesty’s Government!” What righteous action! As a proud king with a lot of grand principles, he should now make sure that there are now no “frogs” in his new government! How your Majesty? Your new government is made up of frogs! Did they swear to you that they will now turn into princes? DId you cut off their legs? What new grand principles? What great tradition is being followed. Now we only have His majesty’s government that is made up of frogs! Without these “frogs” His Majesty’s government would be gone. Lets wait and see.

  20. ericind says:

    Boycot all the speech n forums chair by the sultan n son ,they seem talking justice n law all the while but made emself a bad example now,they really threat us rakyat like idiots,real hypocrite..

  21. RBS says:

    Let’s the Perak’s Rakyat decide and vote as we live in a democracy country. Being neutral, a ruler should not side any party nor should he vote in to be fair. The perak’s rakyat has the final call, not the ruler

  22. dr jackal says:

    Pakatan Rakyat yang kurang ajar sudah derhaka pada sultan. Sapa suruh maki hamun sultan? tak siuman ke? ikut lagi ckp anwar tu… PAS [un bodoh… ikut cakap DAP… ikut sama maki Raja beragama Islam.

    lepas ni kalau ada orang DAP nak kutuk raja lagi, PAS baik keluar Pakatan. ADa hadnya kalau nak tegur Raja Melayu… bukan dengan cara maki hamun raja.. macam lah korang tu semua bagus!

    Macam ni, baik le bagi Husam Musa jadik ketua Pakatan Rakyat!

  23. man says:

    sultan suda tak normal

  24. Ismandy Hamza says:

    I think to err is human.
    And so that’s what the Sultan of Perak just did. He erred so bad that even his own rakyat turned up in the masses against him.
    He turned his back against the will of his own obedient servants.
    Very sad story and a very sad day for Malaysian politics. What a shame.
    The best solution is to wait for the results of the High Court ruling whether the two disputed state seats should be contested or not. Hopefully the High Court does not repeat what the Sultan just did.
    Otherwise, the Malaysian court will see yet another big blunder and becomes a kangaroo court where fair-game in politics is concerned.
    Look, I may not be a lawyer, but as a concerned rakyat, I too feel worried about the political ramblings that is happening in the country of late.
    Malays pitting themselves against Malays, Chinese against Chinese and Indians against Indians.
    I wonder what is to become with our children of tomorrow.
    I know when a leader makes mistakes, seldom will they apologise. For them it would be seen as a sign of weakness.
    Like what happened to the former US President George W. Bush. He found it hard to apologise for his faults during his tenure in office when asked of his wrongdoings. But he managed to admit to some of his weaknesses only after he left the White House.
    Such is the actions and attitude of all leaders when faced with too much pressures in life.
    Well, like I said above. To err is human.
    But being an egoist is another matter altogether.
    So what now? Does anyone thinks that the Sultan will apologise to his subjects who are all restless now with the decision that His Highness had declared?
    Did His Highness did it out of His ego as the Sultan, knowing that His decision cannot be contested, or did He erred in not declaring a snap election in Perak not knowing that the people’s tsunami will go against Him?
    Did His Royal Highness not know that the two froggers are under scrutiny for corruptions?
    If He knew then, then why still stick to the decision of not declaring a by-elections in the two constituencies?
    We all knew that the Sultan came to such a decision after the Deputy Prime Minister had met Him earlier at the Istana.
    And also why did the ruling party had the nerve to embrace the two corrupt representatives despite being aware of their malpractices?
    And can the SPR explain why a by-election should not be held although they themselves are confused over the whole political situation? Why can’t they sit down and take time to decide over the matter after conducting careful study of the scenario thoroughly? Are they being pressured by some Evil hands and act just to serve the peupose of some more corrupt politicians who will cling on to power at all expense? Even if it means the destruction of the country and worse still, at the expense of the electorates?
    So who to believe now?
    I am a Moslem, and I know what integrity and pride means. In lay man’s term, once we hold on to the key tenets of life, nothing can buy one’s soul. Not even money and all the powers in this whole damn world.
    Personally, I fully agreed to the actions taken by YB Karpal Singh in confronting the matter. That no body is above the Law and every single Malaysian citizen is protected by the law as enshrined in the Federal Constitution. And that include the Royalties as well.
    He acted professionally and let no one dispute that!
    Not even the Malays themselves.!!! For if they disobey the law, it would mean that they are ones destroying the country’s legal system. They are to be blamed for destroying true democracy in this country.
    Let there be no fear if one is to uphold the sanctity of religion, race and democracy in this beloved of ours – Malaysia.
    At least Mr Karpal Singh is honest and defended the legal justice in this country. And he does not speak like a double-eye sword unlike some pathetic Malay politicians are doing.
    Confusing the rakyat and turning and twisting the facts with conflicting interests and ideas.
    How could they stoop so low and play with fire and pouring more oil into the blazing inferno?
    But for the YB Karpal to blame DSAI for the present happenings in Pakatan Rakyat fold is also too much – asking the latter to step down as PR leader.
    DSAI is merley testing the water so to speak. And a lot of people knew about his political strategy. Even a school boy or girl knows about that.
    Personally, I think DSAI is just too protective of the PR govt, not only in Perak, but also in other states controlled by PR.
    Why I said so? Is because he responded to the threats by UMNO after the last 12th general elections of wrestling back Perak by all means necessary. Well, to my guess, money will surely change hands, right?
    Okay, let’s begin with the Bota rep who crossed over to PR and then 10 days later decided to make a 360% turn.
    If indeed he was bought by PR to jump boat, why didn’t he said so after joining back UMNO?
    If indeed DSAI/PR is throwing money everywhere for some BN reps to cross-over where is the proof to show the malpractices?
    Why didn’t the Bota rep said to the press that he was coerced and bought handsomely by DSAI to join PR if indeed money changed hands?
    From what I read somewhere, even the Bota rep’s wife couldn’t contacted him when he suddenly gone missing after joining PR camp.
    Only to learn later that he had hopped back into BN’s bag.
    To make it simple: if PR offered him RM1mln, how much do you think the BN side counter offered the Bota rep with all the money in the country behind their backyard?
    I am not accusing nor insinuating, but rather musing for all smart blog readers lah!
    Why not! with the mainstream papers and media saying that DSAI is falling/playing into his own very trap. So what does that mean? Can you read between the lines?
    That’s why I say, DSAI cannot be blamed altogether for the recent fiasco that has befallen the PR camp.
    He is instrumental in clustering the PR together and all their supporters. He has the will of the people at heart.
    Not because of one mistake, we should punished him, outcast him and throw him out for good.
    Like I said, to err is human. To fall apart, after going through so much hardship in battling the BN govt, is such a waste.
    No doubt, a battle is lost. But not all is gone! The PR has a Big War to win. A long and nasty War.
    They should not feel down-hearted. Look at the PAS govt in Kelantan. Even Najib himself did pay some tribute to the PAs-led Kelantan govt when he said that PAS can still become so strong despite having one state seat extra than the opposition (which is UMNO lah) in Kelantan.
    How is that possible? The true answer lies not with the politicians, but the will of the people to see that justice is served when dealing with them.
    See to it that their welfare are taken into account, standard of living sustained, and most important of all, their integrity and pride is not easily sold out to any party.
    And to say that the PR MB Nizar has committed treason, is also way out of line. totally out of context in this incident.
    Still remember, what happened during Dr Mahathir’e era of governance? Is he a PR leader, a PAS Tok Guru or a Malay/UMNO leader?
    Was he not committing treason then when he slashed the powers of the Malay Sultans and Rajas? Why not a single Malays in UMNO speak up then when he hits out at the Royalties?
    Remember what happened in Terengganu after the last elections? The present MB was chosen by the present Agong. Which party went beserk
    over the announcement? Screaming and shouting at the Royal Highness to the extent of calling names?
    Who would dare to call a Sultan ‘Natang”?
    Can anyone answer, please? just because their chosen MB does not bode well with one chosen by the Sultan?
    Why wasn’t any action taken then on UMNO state leaders and supporters
    for going against the Sultan’s wish?
    And the same thing happened in Perlis but to a lesser extent.
    Why the double-standards?
    And I think the Sultan is not wrong altogether as well. His Highness made the decision after meeting with Najib. He must have decided so after thinking what is the best for His state then and that of His people.
    After all, His Highness was a former Lord President, right!
    It is in way good too! At least the right thinking people of Malaysia and those studying law in particular learn about – What parliamentary democracy is all about.
    Another history is in the making in Malaysia. Read between the lines – what lies outside and beneath the Sultan’s decree.
    Who knows there could be a blessing in disguise after the wholse episode. Wait until the dust is settled on the carpet.
    That the PR learn a good lesson from the incident. It is never easy to govern despite their shortcomings and political upheavals. They must tackle the hurdles one by one and embrace failure.
    Hopefully they will not crack under pressure as it only bodes down well for BN to see that their exponents admitted defeat even before fighting.
    Sometimes when we are defeated, its not that our enemy is strong. It is we who are feeling complacent and taking things for granted.
    And the worse enemy is greed where money is concerned and fear and ill-feeling towards one another when people are already in power.
    And we have to understand in politics, there is no sworn enemies and no lasting friends.
    If you fear for your safety, don’t build homes near the seaside. And if you don’t like to dirty your hands, might as well stay out of politics.
    So PR must leaders must be able to withstand the current situation which is not in their favour and learn justice in politics the hard way!
    As I said, one cannot blame DSAI for what happened in Perak to the PR govt.
    Basic rule in business. Copycat and duplicate. ‘101’.
    Its not wrong to apply it in politics where those who like money politics is concerned. But then again, it does matter to people like Tok Guru Nik Aziz and other PAS leadereships where pride and integrity are concerned.
    Adios to all peace loving Malaysians.

  25. Richard teo says:

    The sultan was once the bastion of hope of the rakyat but in one act of betrayal he has lost all the people’s respect. He has put his vested interest ahead of the rakyat’s by opting to install a corrupt B.N govt as the illegitimate govt of Perak.

  26. storm62 says:

    dr jackal, hang pi mampus la, yg UMNO ketuk kat DYMM Sultan Terenganu lepas GE12 hang kat mana? nampaknya kuasa UMNO lebih kuat dari Sultan Terenganu dan Raja Perlis kut?

    baik hang tukar nama kpd dr jackass la, bodoh!

  27. rafisolleh says:

    PR telah lupa bahawa bn ni licik macam israel. mereka juga dibantu oleh iblis, jin dan syaitan-syaitan lain. mereka berusaha siang malam untuk menjatuhkan PR. Ramai yang berpendapat PR harus tunggu pilihanraya umum nanti. Tahukah PR bahawa bn akan cuba menjatuhkan mereka sebelum pilihanraya tersebut. Taktik licik mereka susah dan tidak dapat dijangka. sentiasalah berwaspada dan janganlah mengharapkan kebaikan dari golongan sebegini. Jangan juga mengharapkan belas ehsan dari kesultanan kerana mereka tidak memihak kepada sesiapa.Dapatkan pendapat dari pemikir seperti Prof. Aziz Bari.

  28. wits0 says:

    He was the best among the lot, the benchmark of hope but over time, this proves to be an illusion. Don’t blame the ppl now for thinking outside the box, the old paradigm stricture that always selectively serve the interest of BN/Umno.

  29. ericind says:

    dr jackal,kamu ni ameno cyberputra ye?masih dok atai pokok ke??bukan main punya maki org,mungkin kamu dah tua,dah nyanyok,mcm chet det kata,org melayu cepat lupa,sape pula yg panggil sultan NATANG dulu.Anwar ke????

  30. Budaklang.... says:

    dr jackal

    Boleh tunjuk bukti sultan perak dimaki hamun? Kalaulah sultan perak dimaki hamun dalam ceramah di kediaman nizar atau ada sepanduk yang menghina paduka sultan di pasang – semua surat khabar dah siar dimuka depan akhbar masing-masing. UTUSAN MALAYSIA pasti dah canang setiap hari dimuka depan. Anda tak pun berkesempatan nak heboh kat sini.

    U see, tuduhan liar yang tidak berasas macam ini mengambarkan tahap kecerdikan orang yang membuat tuduhan. Kesian saya kepada UMNO(Baru) mempunyai penyokong yang mempunyai tahap kecerdikan seperti ini….apatah lagi ader taitel dr depan nama.

    Tak heranlah kita dengan nasib UMNO(Baru) hari ini. Bang….sekarang tahun 2009 dah!….bukan tahun 1900. Zaman dah moden, zaman orang pi kebulan…bukan zaman orang tengok bulan bawah pokok lagi!


  31. Jah love says:

    get your old stinky shoes out people, CNN on the way!!

  32. Perakian says:

    Shame on PKR, Anwar, Nizar and their supporters. They gambled and lost. Period. Now they want to blame the Sultan.

  33. ltwatau says:


    Symptoms—- Muka tak Malu..& Siok sendiri ..

    Prescription——- pil NAAAGIB cap tahikuching sebiji tiga kali and lap muka dengan sandpaper.

  34. Anak Malaysia says:

    Zambry. If you are truly the ‘MB’ of all races as you profess, please give the Speaker’s post to MIC, as they requested, and see if your tongue speaks the truth. At least you appease some indians by giving them some goodwill representation in Perak. Just hope MCA, PPP and UMNO fellas takes it like gentlemen. Show your strength oh Zambry.

  35. onok says:


    Nobody is blaming anybody.. We are just questioning why the full constitutional process was not let to run its course, ada paham ka? ka buat2 tak paham.. kenapa pihak istana tergesa-gesa sangat nak buat angkat sumpah tu? klu pi Dewan undi tak pecaya pada Nizar tak buleh ka? Awat tak mau buat suma tu.. tu yg kami musykil yg amat.. geram pun ada.. marah lagi ramai..

    Tuanku ,
    Cuba2la pahami hati nurani rakyat tuanku ni.. Kami bukan nak lawan tuanku.. kami nak tuanku ikut perlembagaan ya.. mcam Raja Nazrin duk cakap slalu nu..

  36. Hulubalang says:

    Sedih rasa hati. BN @ UMNO buat perangai macam ni. Hipokrit. Puji puja Sultan semata-mata nak kuasa. Dulu hang la yang sibuk-sibuk rancang nak tarik kuasa raja. Hang juga di Terengganu, gantung banner dengan perkataan Sultan Natang! Orang Terengganu, ingat semua perbuatan hang tu. Itu sebabnya Kuala Terengganu, UMNO lingkup. Insaflah….di dunia hang bolehlah buat kongkalikong. Sang NGO yang menjerit-jerit nak perjuang nasib Melayu, sedar tak? Yang hang tolong jeritkan itu, merekalah yang banyak gadai milik Melayu! Kawan dah tak yakin dengan UMNO. Kesultanan Perak pun kami dah tak yakin….cakap tak serupa bikin.

  37. saudarasaudari says:

    Akan ku amuk pezalim rakyat spt kamu…
    Kata mereka Jebat Derhaka!!!
    Derhaka terhadap sultan!!!
    Ingat saudara-saudara ku!Jebat derhaka kerana menuntut keadilan..
    Jebat mati dgn maruah…jebat mati bukan kerna sia2
    Jebat mati untuk saudara-saudaranya…..
    Jebat derhaka kerna menuntut pembelaan ke atas saudaranya..
    Jebat derhaka kerana maruah yng tercalar….
    Jebat bukan pembelot…..

  38. Fair To All says:

    Malaysia has found a brave and well informed and educated KING to alert the nation of the dangers of the country being run by an arse banger who is totally devoid of principles like starting the “frog culture”. Well done Sultan Azlan!!!. You dont know how many Malaysians admire you now.

  39. meowmeow... says:

    Hahaha….. I love to see all these political fighting to the death…

    The sultan of perak despite being the agong and lord president once, acted for self interests…

    Time to abolish the monarchy system, they are a waste of tax payers’ money and a poison to democracy.

    All the political buggers’ children have no backs**e…

  40. daryl says:

    Rakyat deliver themselves away from the evil regime during PRU-12. Look what happen next our great Perak Royal,, deliver them back to the evil regime. Is this how a King should treat his people? Not sure but that doesn’t sound impartial at all to me.

  41. monsterball says:

    Joenathan….Get the clear facts that Anwar was PREDICTING and REPORTING…to Malaysians.
    Anwars’s weakness.if any…is to part good news top Malaysians…as he received them.
    Look at that Perak UMNO man…hopping to keDAILan and bagk to UMNO within one week.
    Anwar reported the good news…was he bribing?
    Go read Lee Kuan Yew’s message to the Sultan….at blogger..Nathanial Tan petition letter. .plus more than 3000 commentators.
    Yes….I feel the Sultan of Perak is playing politics..and favoring UMNO.
    Yes…..he is morally and ethically wrong.
    If everything is based on law….then let him just advise all Malaysians be lawful….and cut out all the shit talks and advises on moral and ethics he gave us.
    Go read about his daughter…..winning tenders.
    Is that true? …i don’t know….but if that is true…that the Sultan of Perak….deserves to be suspected….he is a racialist too.

  42. monsterball says:

    Joenathan…I read 82% Malaysians want Anwar to be PR leader….inspite of the idiotic cry from Karpal Singh….asking Anwar.. to step down..
    Again Karpal is making a fool of himself.
    That is why LKS and LEG kept quiet.
    It is unfortunate…PAS and DAP have their clowns.
    Hadi Awang for PAS ans Karpal for DAP……but Karpal makes up his weaknesses with plenty of good stuffs he is doing for the country.
    It looks like Malaysians are determine to change the government.
    Only racialists with one track mind…will keep one for more than 52 years.
    Lets see….13th election….more racialists or more level headed Malaysians.

  43. michaes says:

    I kind of agree with what monsterball mentioned.

    It does ring a bell that Raja Eleena’s stakes in Gamuda, money interest, self interest…..Now, siapa Menteri Kewangan sekarang? What are the Gamuda’s business in hand now & future’s?…..

    As everyone knew, in Malaysia (at least under BN rules), economic interest always links closely with politics. No support me, tak ada kontrak!

    Just pondering why this royalties still greed for money? Afterall, this “special species” are living on all the tax payers’ money!

    I really disappointed HRH cannot be impartial to His rakyat.

  44. SameSame says:

    Yesterday evening when hearing the news i was so jijik when one Indian MIC goon told viewers that all indians in Perak are happy with the newly appt MB. AHHHH?? Sorry anney, you got that wrong! Felt like doing a ‘Shoe’ on him! He for surely just shot off his mouth without even looking around him! He did on temple grounds, for sure he will be dealt with by the divine muruga for such blashemy! NO we perakian (the true one not some who only have $$ ringing in their eyes) dont want this bogus MAMAK for a MB.We want Nizar Back…

    Tell me which admin is without any faults and vises/viruses???? TELL ME…BN and PR alike they all have it.

    Some have BIG TIME (BN) and some in little doses (PR/DAP…) well with little doses you can cure with some antibiotics…(LKS..pls make sure you start giving your party the med) and as for the Big ones…you need to totally kill/burn them before they breed like virus and infect/kill others…..thats modus operandi for CURE

    Its the same with politics….the viruses are killing the real Democracy….and the next GE we will cure our politics by just banishing them from the political world….

    As for Perak and its current dilema…..we will wait and see. As of now, I know many perak indians are not in favor of the new MB so what the fella said is such a LIE.. The frogs will always be frogs and maybe we should skin them and make DIMSUM soon starting with HEE. As for Karpal and Anwar….like Najib/DR M and AAB in the other camp. Life goes on. One day they are friends another day enemy. Keep your friends close, keep your enemies CLOSER….

  45. socratestes says:

    The People’s Fury

    Dedicated to would-be frogs everywhere:

    Remember this day, the 6th of February
    A day of shame that will go down in infamy
    Call it Black Thursday to friend and foe
    Perak is silver but has none of the glow

    This day tyrants and traitors overturned the boat
    Tear gas and batons were more important than votes
    The Sultan agreed and the deed was done
    The BN proclaimed a great victory was won

    Through ways that were ‘fair’ though what this means
    Is that money counts more than the people’s screams
    And that the mighty can take whatever they can
    And that the weak must surrender in silence to them

    So do not forget and never forgive
    Keep this with you for as long as you live
    And do more than just hope that justice prevails
    Prepare to achieve it with tooth and nail

  46. Yoogan Alagan says:

    The Sulatn of Perak is being regarded as the most respected of all . I have personally met him once in the palace , he is a gem of a man and now he has put his vested interest above all and lost all the people respect. In due respect , the people of perak got to make the final call not the Sultan.
    The voice of Karpal has made the right move to wake up the palace.
    We should be proud of Karpal.

  47. markky says:

    Zambry dared not answer when asked whether the BN govt would continue Pakatan policy of giving land to the poor chinese. Why? Because he is afraid of people like Ahmad Ismails of UMNO. How to become MB of all, Zamri? Cannot even answer simple question like that…Malulah, orang Phd pun tak dapat jawab.

  48. monsterball says:

    Yoogan…If you have an opportunity to meet and talk to Mahathir….I am sure you will find him..a gem of a man too.
    Can you read minds?
    I cannot……. but what one say or do… can judge him/her like a picture in your mind. If you do not have that ability…and an elephant memory…you need to becareful…..not to jump to wrong conclusion.
    Joehathan….I forgot to say…Najib offers bribe …and snatching. I repeat….Anwar reporting and predicting the outcome…no bribes.
    UMNO bribing is already established. Do you think Ms.Hee….just walk over and support UMNO? If she is not happy….just resign and stay neutral and be an independent parliamentarian…until need election.
    Have she any respects for voters? She is a scum of the earth….will swell her soul to the devil.

  49. monsterball says:

    Karpal outburst on PAS during the Terengannu by-election on Hudud law…..luckily…voters ignored him.
    That out burst….could cause embarrassments to PR.
    Now he made headlines again …shouting at Anwar….cannot differentiate predictions and snatching with bribes.
    He is either trying to show how powerful he is…as Chairman of DAP….or finding a reason to give up politics..unless…he feels respected and happy.
    Who knows…he may put out signals..he can be a frog too!!
    All his life…he is good at defying UMNO and BN…in Parliament. The more he does that and get suspended…he makan gaji buta more than anyone. He is the brave opposition clown…getting elected…because he is a lawyer and do defend the poor and helpless.
    But he also got rich…playing politics. He is no fool.
    Beneath all that…Karpal Singh have no substance as a politician at all.
    He is hot headed and speak what is in his mind…with no consultations…….as he feels he is such a learned seasonal politician for more than 45 years..which DAP should be proud of him.
    I think DAP elected him..out of respect…not out of being most qualified……and DAP have to get rid of that label…being a Chinese party out of the minds of Malaysians. This have been planted by UMNO….for donkey years. So it is not easy for LKS to win the trusts of Malaysians….unless he has proven..he is for Malaysians…..which he and his son….have done so…many many times.
    LKS…speaking out on corruptions…. for all Malaysians…went to jail for that few times…..not for Chinese only..but for Malaysians…won the respect and trust of Malaysians. UMNO cannot fool anymore on this matter.
    Check out…how Karpal got every election.
    Brave and champion for the people….with no fear…that’s his strength….that’s how he got elected. Work done…what work have he done for Malaysians…..besides a big mouth to fire everyone?
    I want to ask him….are the people against Anwar?
    82% supports Anwar as PR leader.
    What say him now?
    He should resign from DAP or apologise like a man to Anwar.
    I have a strange feeling….he yearns to be noticed…….like a baby….getting old… Mahathir….talking nonsense all the time.

  50. wits0 says:

    Royalties and biz connection in Bolehland:

  51. Anak Malaysia says:

    On the night supposedly PR Perak ‘collapsed’, TV1 had this live talk show guest, a traitor chinese old man with janggut ranting lies blah blah with posionous saliva spilling out so fast, a cobra snake will fled for its life. Who the hell is he to represent all malaysians? Added to this show, streamers at the bottom, was spewing more lies after lies. These are the evil doings of BN propaganda using MSM to trick the people. And the national news also had fake street interviews with a few MCA, MIC and UMNO goons to put down PR govt. We are not fools. Gerakan Koh Tsu Khoon also better keep his mouth shut if he still have any spines yet in him to live the remainder of his life. Each time he tries to take opportunity to say something to show that Gerakan is still a living dead, the people especially Penangites, are reminded of his stupidity in lapping up to UMNO during the last GE. Please don’t keep reminding me of that Mr Koh. In the next GE, Gerakan will be wiped out for sure. Long live the rakyat!!

  52. ericind says:

    In Bolehland,sultan n raja2 also corrupt like hell,just see wat perak sultan s daughters doing,Gamuda holding tells the truth,they should take care of welfare of ppl first b4 gaining respect frm rakyat..

  53. bendahara says:

    tuanku nk minum arak satu treler satu malam suka
    hatu tuanku la tapi perlembagaan perak jangan lah
    tuangku pijak. ada fahamka pak cik azlan tua kutuk nak
    mampus x sedar diri?

  54. Richard teo says:

    The days when rakyat believe that the Royalty will be the rakyat’s umbrella is over. looks more like the umbrella is only for UMNO goons and royalty family only.


    Just look at how the clown SUK behaved that day?

    Another typical PLP of Najis and his goons.

  56. […] Perak Sultan’s website deactivated & guestbook vandalised? Got this in the email, you can see it for yourself. There’s also some online petition you can sign. It’s up […] […]

  57. Rakyat says:

    Ampun tuanku, beribu-ribu tuanku. Apa sudah berjadi sekininya. Tuanku, tolongkan kami rakyat-rakyat ini. Kami sudah di rompak oleh BN. Tuanku, sila tunjuk cara cara bagaimana tuanku mau tolong kami. Kalau tuanku tidak tolong kami,siapa lagi yang boleh tolong? Mungkin Bai….itu. Namanya Kapal Sink. Kami takut nanti Kapal kami juga sekali sink dan mampusnya kami semua ini tengelam di air.

  58. Rakyat says:

    Hei….Bai. Jangan jiket keptan kami itu.Namanya Keptan Anuar Ibrahim. Nanti kapal kami tengelam dalam air…… Sabar..dulu

  59. palmall says:

    apa raa..perlembagaan negeri sendiri pun kena rogol sesuka hati..dengan org luar plak tu..aku sebagai anak jati perak tidak berpuas hati langsung apabila melihat sultan ku sendiri di perbodohkan oleh rakyat negeri lain seperti najib dari pahang tu..adalah lebih baik tuanku sultan lepas ni,ambil sahaja ler najib dari pahang tu sebagai penasihat istana perak pulak..buanglah semua rakyat anak jati negeri tuanku sendiri..ambil ler org luar tu..biar dia porak perandakan perak semahu mahunya..kami anak jati perak tak minat lagi nak duduk di bawah naungan tuanku..sbb tuanku lebih memuliakan org luar dari kami anak jati perak sendiri.

  60. Joenathan says:


    …Najib offers bribe…and snatching…I repeat…Anwar reporting and prediciting the outcome…no bribes -Monsterball.

    Well how sure are you?So are you trying to say that all the 31 frogs Anwar was courting ,are men with high integrity who have only the rakyat at heart and nothing else?That one UMNO frog which leaped over and re-leaped hardly after 10 days,speaks volume of their integrity.You may argue that,because Anwar didnt want to give him bribes so he decided to re-leap.If so why is it that , that UMNO frog,has to leap to find that out.Is it that he just leaped out of the blues without ever having a prior meeting with Anwar?We all know very well what was that UMNO frog’s grievances with UMNO when he decided to leap. PR welcomed him and boasted of more such frogs coming in just to get a slap on the face hardly 10 days later.So do you wanna tell me that Anwar is not aware of the expectations of that frog?Or is it that Anwar promised him certain things and changed his mind later?More questions than answers,mate.

    Lets look at this from a different perspective.We just saw,how those 4 defectors in Perak are being rewarded with cash,cars and positions as a gratitude by BN.Obviously these are the things those 4 traitors were expecting in return for their betrayal of PR,no?Now,if Anwar had succeded in getting 30 or 31 frogs from BN to form the PR federal govt,you think that those frogs are so civic concious and rakyat loving that,they will just serve the rakyat under PR without any expectation of power,positions,contracts etc,etc?Bribery doesnt always mean only money is involved,it can take various forms.If these 4 traitor frogs can be rewarded so lucratively to win only one state,imagine what would the other 30 frogs would expect for helping Anwar to topple the whole federal govt?Even all the cabinet ministers post would probably be decided by them,they will hold Anwar and PR at ransom at every turn of event.This is precisely what I was always worried of.

    PR must be different from BN,who the majority of the people have rejected.Anwar should know this.Instead of rhetoric and searching for frogs,govern all the states under PR efficiently,only by deeds can PR win over the hearts and minds of the rakyat.The rakyat themselves will vote in PR at the next GE to govern the country.And PR and Anwar can peacefully govern the country at the federal level without having to worry and have sleepless nights thinking,which frog will leap and cause the fall of his federal govt.

    And I think,one dont have to be so hard on Karpal,he is a man of integrity just like YB Arumugam who resigned recently, and dont forget his roar with regards to hudud made alot of chinese to become brave and voted for PAS in the recent KT by-election.He is a seasoned parliamentarian probably even before you were born and an authority in issues concerning the laws of the nation.He knows what he is doing.Learn how to call a spade a spade,dont import UMNO’s culture of oppressing the voices of its members into PR.We want transparency and open discussions.Thats what you call check and balances.Precisely this is what will make us PR different from UMNO and will earn the love and respect of the rakyat esp the ordinary rakyat.That will take PR to greater heights.God Bless.

  61. penang says:

    dr jackal

    Cuma kita ingin bertanya, jika keengganan Nizar untuk melepaskan jawatannya sebagai MB dianggap ‘menderhaka’ kepada sultan, bagaimana pula dengan keengganan pemimpin Umno Perlis dan Terengganu, Dato’ Seri Shahidan Kassim dan Dato’ Seri Idris Jusoh mentaati perintah Raja dan Sultan, 10 bulan lalu?

    Pastinya kita masih belum lupa bagaimana Shahidan dan Idris dengan sokongan Umno Pusat khususnya Presiden Umno, Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi membantah calon MB istana.

    Malah perhimpunan membantah keputusan istana diadakan di dua negeri terbabit selama beberapa hari. Di Terengganu, satu sepanduk yang dibawa penyokong Idris yang juga Ketua Perhubungan Umno negeri menyifatkan istana sebagai ‘natang’ (binatang).

    Selantang-lantang Karpal Singh tidak sampai ke peringkat menyamakan istana dengan haiwan.

    Mengapakah pada waktu itu tiada istilah ‘derhaka’ terkeluar daripada mulut pemuda Umno, apatah lagi yang menyokong tindakan derhaka itu tidak lain tidak bukan ialah Presiden Umno yang juga bapa mentua Khairy!

    Sejarah negara juga memperlihatkan bagaimana institusi istana pernah dipijak dan dihina Umno. Lihat sajalah krisis Perlembagaan yang berlaku pada 1983 apabila perhimpunan-perhimpunan besar dianjurkan Umno untuk berhadapan pihak istana.

    Bagaimana pula dengan episod pindaan Perlembagaan bagi menghapuskan imuniti Raja-raja Melayu pada awal dekad 90-an. Bukankah Utusan Malaysia, akhbar yang dimiliki Umno telah menerajui kempen menghina Raja-raja Melayu pada waktu itu?

    Setelah sepuluh bulan episod penderhakaan berlaku di Perlis dan Terengganu, tiada sebarang tindakan diambil oleh Umno untuk menghukum sipenderhaka. Shahidan terus kekal sebagai Ketua Perhubungan Umno negeri walaupun terlepas jawatan Menteri Besar.

    Idris Jusoh diberi habuan sebagai Pengerusi MARA manakala sebahagian Adun Umno Terengganu yang bersama Adun Ajil, Rosol Wahid membantah calon MB pilihan istana, kini menjawat Exco Kerajaan Negeri.

    Jelaslah bahawa Umno sebenarnya ‘parti munafik’ yang memperalatkan istana. Ketika kedudukan Umno dan BN kukuh, istana diinjak-injak golongan penderhaka ini. Apabila pengaruh Umno mula pudar dan orang Melayu mula meninggalkan parti yang dipenuhi kurap rasuah dan penyelewengan itu, Umno cuba berselindung di sebalik pagar istana dan berpura-pura menjadi pembela institusi Raja.

    Jika para pemimpin Umno menganggap hasrat Pengerusi DAP, Karpal Singh untuk menyaman Sultan Perak sebagai ‘menderhaka’, apakah gelaran paling layak diberi kepada Umno yang bertanggung jawab menghapuskan imuniti Raja-raja dan membolehkan mereka disaman di mahkamah terbuka?

  62. zack says:

    Nizar cabar sultan dulu apabila dia bubar parlimen tanpa bincang dgn sultan…

    lepas tu baru jumpa sultan…


  63. zack says:

    silap… bukan parlimen… dun… aish…

  64. The Sultan advised others to have morals and be ethical, but
    look “cakap tak serupa bikin” his decision is morally and ethically wrong.
    How can the Sultan and his son Raja Nazrin, an ex-Lord President can let his own state government collapsed by TWO potential criminals and ONE unethical, greedy and selfish politician.
    Hard to believe but its true.

  65. The Sultan advised others to have morals and be ethical, but look “cakap tak serupa bikin” his decision is morally and ethically wrong.
    How can the Sultan and his son Raja Nazrin, an ex-Lord President can let his very own state government collapsed by TWO potential criminals and ONE unethical, greedy and selfish politician.
    Hard to believe but its true.

    Daripada memberikan kekayaan kepada dua tiga kerat orang yang jelas tidak bermoral lebih baik gunakan duit juta juta tu bantu orang miskin yang masih ramai diPerak.

  66. stcin says:

    i read : sultan was blackmailed on gamuda affair lah !

  67. luqman says:

    simpati bila aku lihat sultan skrg di ketawakan oleh rakyat.Cam mana rakyat tak gelakkan sultan,bila sultan yg sepatutnya arif dan amat tahu mengenai perlembagaan undang tubuh kerajaan negeri dengan senang senang di perbodohkan oleh orang luar yg bukan dari negerinya sendiri..lain kali sultan pun agak agak ler kalau nak buat buat keputusan yg hanya memakan diri mereka sendiri.

  68. ericind says:

    Melayu veteran,Bang,dont u know in this Bolehland Umno goons r greater than Allah,the sultans still have to Kowtow to them.

  69. Sultan P.Pinang says:

    Hello all, Jangan main-main. Stop insulting the sultan. Even though wat he did was not right, you still should not insult him. He is the King you know? bodoh!!!. Gamuda so wat? All you guys better go back and work hard and then dont forget to pay your tax to the gomen bcos the King need a lot of income to spend.

  70. ericind says:

    So wat?he is the king n he can above the law?kalau sultan panggil u pi makan tahi u pun pi makan ke?bodoh mcm unta lah kau woi…banggang,p,pinang mana ada sultan??//

  71. Sultan P.Pinang says:

    Hello ericind, jangan main-main. Kalau sultan panggil u pi makan tahi, u juga mesti pergi makan kerana dia itu King!! Do u know wat is the meaning of King? He can do wat ever he like in this country (The Boleh Land). Semua boleh. ha…ha..ha…ha… I am very lucky bcos p.pinang has no king.

  72. ericind says:

    Then u go to hell,pi neraka ,ok,ha ha ha ha

  73. ericind says:

    kalau mcm ni,u pi makan tahi lah,bodoh sombong kau ni,mesti umno punya unta lah ,ha ha ha ..

  74. ericind says:

    King can do what ever he wants ,he can even fxxxx ur mother,isnt it???

  75. sultan P.Pinang says:

    hello ericind, yes he can unfortunately she is already 88 yrs old but be careful, He might ask for ur wife, I hope not. heee…heee.heee. Watch ur langauge !!!!! pls dont be too emotional. Hee…heee.

  76. monster says:

    ericind, forget about sultan p.pinang. He is just pulling ur leg. Dont be silly. Cant you see wat he wrote in the first place? *All you guys better go back and work hard and then dont forget to pay your tax to the gomen bcos the King need a lot of income to spend and also he said that luckily p.pinang has no king. That means he dont agree with the king indirectly!!! You brain are very slow. Be cool my friend……

  77. sultan P.Pinang says:

    Hello, dont la be so direct to said our friend brain are very slow. Kesian him la… Hey, not everybody like you so smart know. But you r smart anyway.

  78. Citizen1 says:

    It’s all obvious now. Gamuda’s share is up, being given a large share of the economic stimulus package. Now, it’s the time to start worrying. Corruption is being carried out so openly without much fear or shame. With monies, even royalties can be bought! BN only craze for power that will bring wealth to themselves. Judges do not give a damn about justice. Police protect and serve the corrupts. Royalties do not care for the rakyat. Damn ! are we doomed or are we doomed.

    We are left to defend our country and honour on our own. Or are we just go let it be ?

  79. devilkin says:

    tak nak berdebat …. nak tau je pemecatan nizar sah atau tidak ikut peruntukan perlembagaan negeri perak… itu aje….
    harap ada yang dapat jawab dgn ikhlas….

  80. Lelehman says:


    That the main problem dengan negara kita
    Tidak boleh pakai satu law
    Masing masing negeri ada perlembagaan sendiri
    Tak boleh lah pakai satu undang undang malaysia saja

    Dulu sewaktu aku kerja dengan firma German di Pulau Pinang, hanya ada satu syarikat luar (Kilang German) diKota Bahru

    Boss dia ini kawan rapat aku

    Dia kata susah negeri negeri yang be Raja nak maju. Mereka takut sebab Raja banya kerenah

  81. Cina Pek says:

    semua bodoh

  82. Unirway says:

    chicago based airline that was dirt cheap airline flights Purchase must be air force 1 .or someone .could cheap mexico travel packages .flight booking from agent that was jet blue airways starting from scratch cheap flights from mexico In the Usualy cheap flight fares .

  83. Hulubalang says:

    Ampun Tuanku,
    Selagi tidak dibuat pilihanraya DUN seluruh negeri Perak, selagi itulah krisis perlembagaan negeri tidak akan selesai.
    Ampun Tuanku,
    Bubar sahajalah DUN Perak ini, Tuanku. Ini satu penyelesaian terbaik. Sebagai pemerintah yang berkecuali dari politik, ini sahaja pilihan terbaik. Rakyat sudah jemu dengan kegawatan yang tidak berkesudahan. Nama Perak sudah tercemar ke seluruh dunia. Seluruh dunia membaca perkembagan ini melalui internet. Apa yang diluahkan oleh rakyat, itu adalah hak mereka mengikut lunas demokrasi. Jangan diragut ketelusan demokrasi hanya kerana terikat budi kerana kesannya rakyat Perak yang rugi.
    Kami rakyat yang selama ini menyanjung tinggi kemuliaan takhta Tuanku, mahu melihat satu keputusan yang adil daripada Tuanku untuk menamatkan kemelut yang merugikan ini.

  84. tubboxe says:


  85. Hitam Green says:

    Perak sultan has committed treason and should be put in prison. Or like in the past – cut his head off.

    Perak sultan is not serving the people’s interest but his own interest – how wifes he can get and how many new cars he can drive.

  86. AntiMonarchy says:

    Mornachy is not relevant, specialy when they are bias to specific race.

  87. AntiMonarchy says:

    Look at the history of these guys – originally what was their backgound. There are in current position just because the people wants them there.

    There should be no special treatment for them, they are not above the law, they are not the law.

    They would gain more support if they treat all races equally and not be being champions of one race.

  88. LEE KK KG CHEH says:




  89. slyss says:

    tipu lee luu mamat. klu die tak pandai, cam mane dapat IR. ko dapat apa, taik kucing jeee. ingat senang kee dapat status IR itu. bukan datuk yang boleh dibeli kat agent tau. sekolah ko takat mana? memandai plak ko cakap cam tuu. ko kuli die maknanye dia lebih bijak dari ko. ko makan gaji dari die. kang dia tak halalkan wang yng ko makan tuu baru tau, kembung perut tuuu kang. badigol punya worang. bukan berterima kasih kerana dapat pekerjaan ini ngumpat plak bekas bos die. orang tak sedar diri

  90. ariff says:

    yang ruginya orang melayu! bangsa lain x perlu politik tak perlu subsidi! boleh hidup dan pegang ekonomi. Kita bercakaran sesama sendiri. Politik = Fitnah. Melayu…. melayu…. selagi dok makan gaji…. ni le yg mampu kau org buat.

  91. slyss says:

    Tak semestinya tuan ariff. jika pemimpin kita telus dalam membantu sesama bangsa. saya nak bagitau sesuatu kepada kengkawan. mengapakah semakin banyak kedai makan mamak dan cina kat mana-mana? Mereka ada persatuan yang memang membantu bangsanya untuk berniaga. sesiapa yang nak buka kedai, mereka bantu melalui duit persatuan. apabila individu itu maju mereka harus membayar balik pinjaman tersebut kepada persatuan, dan mereka sangat amanah dalam hal ini. Mereka pula saling tolong menolong.Yang jual kain pi makan kat member yang buka kedai makan.sebab itulah mereka maju. Bukan macam Bumiputra ini. kalau senth skit pasal ketuanan, mula leee bising macam monyet kena blacan. tetapi bila kaumnya buka kedai makan, dia pun buka kedai makan. siap kutuk member yang buka kedai makan kat sebelah,tidak cukup dengan itu siap jumpa bomoh lagi. member sebelah sediakan makanan nasi lemak, die pn jual nasi lemak juga..Inilah kelemahan yang perlu kita terima. Hasad dengki sesama sendiri. Akhirnya sama-sama rugi. lepas tuuu tuduh sesama plak taknak bantu bangsa sendiri. Ada yang lebih teruk lagi sampai nak tikam belakang kawan. semata-mata nak supaya kawannya tuu tak maju. Ada sesapa yang berani menafikan hal ini?!

  92. LEE KK KG CHEH says:

    saudara nak tau yang niza tu pandai hang tu bodoh aku cakap yang aku ni lagi padai dari dia , dia baru ir ir pun entah -entah tipu je dapat taik kucing tak apa hang tu dapat taik babi kalau aku kuli dia lama dah aku sumbat dalam tangki najis kat daya bumi tu di pun makan gaji juga hari hari makan duit haram ponting kerja bukan rasuah je haram curi waktu kerja pun haram mungkin hang tergolong kumpulan anak haram kut kalau hari hari buat kerja haram tulah jadi nya walau pun ir makan tetap makan tak kira halal ke haram ke dah kenyang baru masuk pas konon alim lah tu lepas tu ego banyak kereta mewah terimalah hakikat tuhan tu maha kaya. jagan tipu diri sendiri. jangan tipu majikan. jangan inaya manusia orang yang defen niza kemunkinan besar…….. belum ada hidayah lagi kot yang ada banyak masaalah. by by

  93. hADI says:

    Assalamuallaikum…..kepada yang berkenaan kami sejak kebelakangan ini sering telah diganggu dengan habuk ,lecak bila hujan dan tanah merah yang mencemarkan kawasan perumahan sedangkan sebelum ini ..pernah seorang melayu mohon untuk keluarkan kayu getah kepada Dr Azalan tetapi beliau segera datang bersama orang-orang majlis membuat kawalan dan melarang aktiviti tersebut, tetapi kini aktiviti merosakan kawasan persekitaran ini makin menjadi-jadi dengan pengeluaran buah-buah yang melalui persekitaran Taman ini .. saya mohon pihak Majlis datang lah buat kawalan atau halangan tertentu supaya kedaan tidak bertambah teruk…gambar-gambar penceroboh saya sertakan.

    Pada 11 bulan yang lalu bawah PKR Taman Seri Pagi ini dah kembali bersih ..ada orang-orang Majlis tembak air dalam longkang dan membersihkan longkang-longkang dari sampah sarap dan pelbagai, kenapa sejak kebelakangan ini Susana kembali seperti asal macam dulu- dulu balik . Dulu satu minggu 2 x Dr Azalan bersama orang-orangnya turun membuat periksaan dan memantau Taman-Taman di Daerah kati ini ..tetapi kemana pergi sehingga hari ini dah tak muncul orang-orang yang sepatutnya membuat pemantauan , jangan Gaji,hasil dibayar tapi kerja-kerja tidak berjalan.

  94. betul la negara lain tak perlu subsidi malah lebih kaya dari negara kita

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