That’s what I’ve been hearing. Rumours abound, what with BN looking for more ‘victims’ and willing cross overs.

Kedah is vulnerable, too. They say, Kedah is  next to come crumbling down, just like Perak. And so is every Pakatan Rakyat state.

The PR lot better look closer at their people. But serve them right, too, for always being so boisterous whenever there is a cross over from BN – whether UMNO, Gerakan, or MCA.

People say ‘padan muka’. Because what do you expect? Once a frog, always a frog.

And money is KING. Not the royalties we have. Not even God. Ask those who dabble in money politics.


I know everyone’s still seething from the anguish of the ‘tainted’ silver state. But it’s a weekend, so cheer up.

Let me share with you some work I’ve been doing, to de-stress myself from what is happening around me.

Click here.

And thank you, if you do take the time to view those images.


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  1. The Penquin says:

    Great collection of artwork…good imagination, creativity and definitely a passionate artist. Thanks for sharing.

  2. imwatchinu says:

    I have to disagree. After the reaction from Malaysians, not just Perakians, Najib will be a bigger fool than we think if he goes ahead with the plan to take other states this way. He may win a state now but he’s going to lose the whole country come the next general election even if he cheats with the help of EC and all his money. People are that angry.

  3. anonymous says:

    Rakyat should go after Hee Yit Foong until her panties drop so the those would be frog knows what they will eventually end up.

  4. eagle says:

    Hope to see Hee Yit Foong soon.

  5. wandererAUS says:

    This is the first ‘Stimulus package’ instead of propping up the economy, UMNO used it to buy frogs to take over PR govts, against to the wishes of the electorates.
    10% of 7 billion, that is a lot of money to buy many jumping frogs…Happy shopping UMNO…what is the difference to you scumbags. You have already reached the bottom of the ladder of your immorality and integrity!

  6. lallang exile says:


    why is it ok to jump into Pakatan, but not out?

    why is hee or the other two more unethical than than Anwar and others who has been practising this very jumping?

    ask thyself first…………………

    I say daulat Tuanku to my wise Sultan for upholding the Law and the wellbeing of Perakians!!!

    And, that guy who obstructed Nazrin’s car would have long been hauled into jail iif he was in Thailand.

    Which brings us to : if Sue had made the insinuations against teh Thai king, she would have ended up in the same place too.

    Fact is, we are a pretty tolerant country under AB, aren’t we, MM would have put all and sundry behind bars on Friday night……………………

  7. wandererAUS says:

    A tyrant-to-be is the PM-to-be. Come March be prepared for dodgy events to unfold. We have a new PM known as “FATHER of DUBIOUS Ba#tards”

  8. 求真 says:

    look that arr man : i Just copy what anwar do…

    no shame at all ! but I think this rompak kuasa is good for PR.

    from this betrayed event they must learn more lessons ,and make a better n solid idea to fix the error in the PR.

  9. caravanserai says:

    Nobody is above the law
    Rulers, law makers and ordinary people
    All are subjected to its principle
    You can be sued and counter sued

    All aggrieved parties
    Law is the arbiter of a grievance
    The Courts shall be the avenue
    Put up a case let it be judge

    In the Constitutional monarchy
    The ruler must follow the wishes of the people
    It is the people mandate deciding the course of the country
    The monarchy is a symbol to allay the fear and frustrations
    Of his people, a judge to bring harmony to parties
    He must decide the best course of action
    For the needs of the people and country

    When the monarchy fails his duty
    Siding one party over the other
    On the believe it is the best
    He has lost the plot
    When his people say otherwise

    Hasty decision by a ruler
    Never listen to his people
    He has created own tension
    In the country he symbolically rules

    When the majority of his people
    Airing views differently
    He should take cognizance of the fact
    Before he accedes to a request

    Now he has made Constitutional crisis
    Of his own doing never studying it legally
    As a result we have seen the tussle of power
    Of parties wanting to administer the state

  10. huhu says:

    It was Tun Dr. M who started the frog culture first(1994) not DSAI.
    916 Soft hearted DSAI was tempted to comform to the frog culture but did not commit to it becos he kesian AAB. Now, see the heartless power crazy PM inwaiting comformed to the frog culture and appointed a new MB which is illegal in the eyes of all Malaysians, the world and God.

  11. lallang exile says:


    but the two clowns in perak did a u turn, didn’t they?

    no excusing pakatan’s antics.

    and it’s not just a “lesson” per se.

    good day.

  12. annonymous says:

    hahaha yeah Mamakthir started the hopping frog currupted culture and
    Naji* continue to inherit the bad habits from M.

  13. kwai lan says:

    as RPK said..PR has to put its acts united, be morally strong etc..if not, sure kena rompak dun blame the money baggers..

    never mind la..just accept this as a good lesson n hv to move on…

    to u FROGGIES, be reminded, the last GE..we DIDN’t vote for U…but we voted for the PARTY that u if u jump..u jump into longkang oni ..commit harakiri oni…dun think tat u r that great PERSONALLY..ok..???

  14. telur dua says:

    Kedah must learn from Perak and not be caught with their pants down.

    If they get even a sniff of any defections, they must ‘advise’ HRH Sultan Kedah to dissolve the State Assembly for a fresh state election. Their majority is too slim not to do this. RPK is right.

  15. daisy says:

    From my humble view anwar does not buy over people. perhaps thats why they left. Its sad, but he was set up. People gave him the impression they wanted to leave and he believed. Not because he was naive but more perhaps they were of bollywood or hollywood stature in acting ability.
    For evil to win, all it needs is for good people to do nothing.
    So, one must pick up from here and start all over again, and again and again if necessary. One must never give up.

  16. hola says:

    My advice is that pakatan be extra watchful and keep serving the nation.

  17. annonymous says:

    hahaha yeah mamakthir started the hopping frog currupted system and Naji* continue to inherit the bad habit from M.

  18. annonymous says:

    how would you like the frogs to be served on chap goh meh?


    Susan, you get the point and RPK has also mentioned the same thing in his latest post.

    But, this time I doubt the Kedah Sultan will oblige to the request and endorse the dirty tactics of BN and the POLITICAL KATAKs.

    If that were the case, then HRS would face another onslaught from the rage of the RAKYAT and the Royal family would be humiliated for endorsing the acts by the evil NAJIS and goons. Don’t forget that the Great Tunku Abdul Rahman comes from this state.

    But still, MONEY can buy anything in BOLEHLAND, therefore, PR must have a proper strategy this time. What if all the 5 PR Aduns were bought and hence they leap and join the evil party of NAJIS?

    However, one COUP by NAJIS (with the help …) in the Silver State has already sparked such a crisis, I doubt NAJIS can succeed this time. The incident in the Silver State has served a good lesson to all the ROYAL FAMILIES and also to all the ADUNS, MPs from both PR and Bee-End.

    Sadly, the sleepy PeeAme, who is termed “MR CLEAN”, who condemned Bota’s Frog days before, has suddenly sung the same tune with Najis. He should have stopped Najis from doing it and he should support Tengku Razaleigh instead.

    But too bad, he didn’t listen and this time he He has tainted his name as “The Reform Aemnoo President” and his family name. It is back to the same old days, same old tactics, deployed by a power crazy, evil party who raped the RIGHTS of the people.

    The SLEEPY Pee-AME who supported this COUP has also tainted the name of the good religion “Islam”. Is this the TRUE SPIRIT of what he called “ISLAM HADHARI”?

    For the PR MPs and ADUNs, you people have never expected to win the GE held on the 8th Mac 08, you only expect and hope to deny the two third majority in the Parliament and the State Assembly hold by Bee-End all this while. But suddenly you people have been given a chance to rule. It is considered a BONUS.

    The past one year has given you people a GOLDEN chance to prove that PR is a BETTER CHOICE for the RAKYAT and I think this is the most VALUABLE Asset to you. The dirty acts of Najis has actually convinced the majority of the RAKYAT that BeeEnd will never change and hence it will be discarded soon.

    The dirty act by NAJIS has concluded a few things:

    1. He and his goons will use the RAKYAT’s blood and sweat money to cling on to power, by CROOK.

    2. He is evil and corrupt, this kind of trait can never change, his recent act has proved this point. So it will be a DOWNFALL journey for BOLEHLAND if he become the head of the Federal Guomen as planned. Hence, the RAKYAT must be fully prepared for the bumpy road in front, LIFE is TOUGH.

    3. He knew that Bee-End will not gain the RAKYAT’s mandate most probably in the next GE and therefore he would use all kind of dirty tactics to cling on to the power, hence the chance of VOTES RIGGING and increased PHANTOM VOTERS in the next GE cannot be ruled out. Just look at what they have done to the Land Beneath the Wind. So, PR, be very alert.

    For the PR Aduns and MPs, focus more on your job, work hand in hand and strive for the PEOPLE. For the DAP, PAS and PKR top brass, quarrel less, work harder, form a special THINK TANK (listen to RPK, he knows very well the traits of Najis and his goons), recruit more good quality candidates, and get ready for the next GE. It may come anytime from now. (When the prices of OIL PALM and PETROLEUM suddenly shoot up, there may be a SNAP POLL). Dont’ get caught PANTs down.

    When you are sincere, people will back you.

    AemNoo and Najis will continue to use their respective running dogs to try to buy the PR Aduns and MPs, but the JUDGEMENT day will come and think of the consequence and KARMA first before you leap.


    It’s not so easy to play both judge and jury
    Any wrong decision will bring forth people’s fury
    With so many wrongs still waiting to be properly buried
    It’s not so simple to see real justice being openly carried

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 080209
    Sun. 8th Feb. 2009.

  21. ktteokt says:

    Suggest DAP and PKR engage feng shui masters to take a look at the feng shui of their headquarters to see why and where these “malefactors” come from. And perhaps it would be a great idea for these leaders to attend the “annual whacking of malefactors” during Jing-zhe, the day the White Tiger opens it mouth to drive away malefactors like Hee!

  22. huhu says:

    well said telur dua and daisy 🙂

  23. lallang exile says:

    “If I were in Umno I would do exactly the same. I would use the immense wealth that Umno posses to buy over the prostitutes in Pakatan Rakyat. Anyway, is that not what we want Anwar Ibrahim to do? We want Anwar to form a new federal government by enticing at least 30 Parliamentarians from Barisan Nasional to cross over to the opposition.”


    Raja Petra Kamarudin

  24. wandererAUS says:

    llalang in exile:

    The difference is Anwar has unashamedly declared if successful, he will seek a no confidence vote on the PM and then, return to the electorates for a fresh election and a new mandate. Of course you have half a brain functioning and does not see the rest of his intentions. Is’nt this how Parliamentary democracy works.
    The leeches of this country have overstayed their welcome and I hope this is the beginning of the end of monarchy rule. The country cannot and should not continue to fed these parasites. Be a Republic that is the way to go. Have one head of the nation and do away with expensive items used just for window dressing.

  25. Tok Ayam says:

    This morning Hee Yit Foong’s mum came to my store to buy ayam for tomorrows Chap Go May but I refuse to sale to her and instead I took off my slipper and slap her twice on her face. It was her who plead with me to vote her daugther many years ago.

  26. GG says:

    llalang in exile,

    BN paid millions of riggit to the already corrupted frogs to hop in for power & money at the expense of Rakyat.
    PR invited the frogs who believe in “Change” for a better Malaysia.

  27. eeyaw says:

    As an after thought the way to get back at umno, it may be a good idea to dissolve and call for a re-election in Kedah. Let’s teach the scumbags particularly C4, umno & lallang a lesson from pissed off Malaysian through Kedahan Voters.

  28. Justone says:

    The saddest day in Malaysian politics are all started by Alliance / BN govt.
    The Stephen Kalong Ningkan govt fall ; Dato Pairin Kitingan PBS downfall ;
    UMNO betrayal of PAS in Kelantan ; Selangor’s deadlock whereby a Selayang DAP ADUN was bought over in 1969 and now Perak.

    All above due to money politics. When you cant win in the polls then rampas power by using threats , enticement / inducement and assemblymen kidnapping. This shameful acts are all commiteed in public view by the BN .

    All rakyat should condemn this sinful and despicable actions of money politics and public outcry to mould our politicians into ethical and moral standing. All voters should vote out dubious politicians out for personal gain and interest.

    Hee Yit Foong was approached in May 2008 and was asked to name a price for her cross-over. She deftly manouvred this as a bargaining power for an Exco post in Perak’s PR govt. Not happy with the Deputy speaker’s post and her negotiation for a state car , she settled for a sum named by her goodself and an important position in the new Exco line-up.

    The ADUN is supposed to fight and look after the interest and welfare of her constituency and OKU group BUT alas is more interested in serving her own interest.

    Malaysia can do away with such self-seeking interest ADUNs and YBs.

  29. Tiger says:


  30. Balaam's Donkey says:

    PR leaders should learn from their loss, eat humble pie and get on the business of the people’s welfare. Some may want anarchy but most wants stability. Some thinks change can come only through revolution. I beg to differ because “those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Unless one is a crook, we all want good governance. Can PR coalition deliver this? If it can, show us so. If not, people will rather live with the “devil” they know than with the “angel” they don’t. Since BN can’t play fair and PR having to be seen as righteous, PR leaders should learn how to “be harmless as doves and wise as serpents.” It’s about time we see some true leadership and creativity.

  31. whispering9 says:

    “why is hee or the other two more unethical than than Anwar and others who has been practising this very jumping?”

    My perspectives.

    1. Only the likes of Judas and self-serving politicians will jump ship. The righteous who cannot stomach or slow down deceit further, will just quit politics altogether.

    2. Had Anwar secured the Parliment with his frogs, the reaction from the public would be the same despite what all the hind sights blogged to exonerate his ‘padan muka’.

    3. Many who voted the opposite will then return to a cleaner BN and UMNO when all the rats and cockroaches have left.

    4. If a clear foul was committed and the goal was allowed, any referee will definitely be lynched. In this case, HRH the Sultan is perceived by many to be the referee of the match.

    5. As test of morality, let me ask you a question “Why you trust Hee Haw if she is your subordinate or even colleague with a pivotal position?”

    6. If you have argued that the recent fiasco is a necessary evil, some could have accepted it. But if you or any politician think the 4 frogs are above moral condemnation, I pity Malaysia.

    7. Assuming money was involved, won’t the existing BN reps and MPs demand the same sort of fair treatment or reward; esp. many are self serving and of a jealous lot.

    8. Can the up and coming PM govern this country with a tainted perception that money and reward is the only way to go?

    9. In mid July 2009, the economical tsunami will arrive at our shore….and we still spending money and time on politicking.

    10. Sigh!

  32. justme says:

    I don’t think Kedah will fall anytime soon. Kedah is under Pas, and I believe Pas aduns are more disciplined, moreover they have experience having rule Kelantan a long time. Their spiritual leader, Toh Guru is influential and much respected,and held in high esteem ,if compared to Anwar.

    I think Selangor could be next in line, if Najib and his gang really set their hearts to it. Pakatan is new being in power, and newly elected aduns smells riches and opportunities, wanting contracts etc. If Pakatan fails to deliver , they will create many green eyed monsters. Also the loosely knit coalition is not cohesive nor do they have a strong comanding leader, like Pas. As it is, there may be different camps at work in Pakatan Selangor. If Selangor falls, it may,in my opinion , it may be the beginning of the end for Anwar.


    May I suggest, Tiger who also has a mother, set the ball rolling by having
    his/her mother’s DNA tested.

  33. My2cen says:

    Heard those frogs were paid Rm 30million each! That froggie Hee has not dared to surface, even son and daughter also missing. If every Chinese is Perak spit on her, she will drown in their spit. The offensive in on Selangor. PR should not deny there’s problems in the alliance. Admit it so that they can solve it. The rakyat will also put pressure on the suspects if they are thinking of crossing over. Don’t know about other races, but any Chinese PR who cross over will never be able to live here ever again. The Chinese will curse untill depression sets in or hee/she goes mental! Anyway, Hosp Bahagia is very near Chemor…

  34. One fine day, I will pop in at the Jelapang Independent Service Center and say HI! to Hee Yit Foong and see how a traitor looks like in person.

  35. telur dua says:

    It seems that the Hee woman (He?) merajuk and quit DAP because she didn’t get a Toyota Camry. LOL.

    I thought of donating to her a paper Mercedes S-500 after she dies, but with all that money she is getting now she can probably buy the whole of hell and everything there and have it all to herself. I might as well save my hard earned money.


  36. huhu says:

    just wanna ask, how much is a toyota camry? TQ

  37. telur dua says:

    huhu Says:

    February 8, 2009 at 1:11 pm
    just wanna ask, how much is a toyota camry? TQ

    A very cheap 170K for the 2.4L and even cheaper for the 2.0L.

  38. Menyalak-er says:

    While the ‘unconstituitional anarchy’ is going on in Perak with amphibians, ‘prostitutes’ and marsupials (aka that Nasa bloke, double jumping) ruining our day, Susan’s right about being a worry wart!
    Kedah ain’t that strong and with ‘enticements’ to PKR flurs taking up a major chunk of the ‘stimulus’ package of C4’s spending – it bodes ill.
    Being an optimist and looking at how the Whore of Jelapang was/is being ‘tortured’ by damnation; it will serve as a warning to would be defectors.
    One thing though, a 1 week incarceration by BTN goons is enuff to turn anyones stomach and genitals – medieval racks and crucifixion. By the end of it, Balam’s donkey would have morhed into a Balaam’s kangaroo. Yes, it boils down to the Spirit.
    Cheers to you Balaam’s Donkey. Well said.

  39. My2cen says:

    Yes, telur dua. Perak was brought down by a mere Camry!

    With 30million, Hee can now buy as many cars that she wants. Question us where can she drive without worrying about accidents??

  40. sklee says:

    ” The Red-faced Woman” is Hee Yit Foong.She jumped not for money; if it was for money she would have jumped some time back!She jumped because she wanted to bring Ngeh and Nga down .If, she, a veteran DAP
    “leader” was not good enough to be an Ex-Co then none of her colleagues
    are qualified too.Her opportunity came when the other two “low-calibre”PKR representatives “disappeared” and then jumped.She just could’t resist the urge for revenge!”The Red-faced woman” epitomises the low -calibre,vengeful Hee Yit Foong!

  41. ex-rocky reader says:

    Susan why don’t you check out how much umno can offer you to be a frog “BN friendly” reporting just like Rocky Bru now?

    umno must have agree to let go the NST case and also plus the dollars for him to sing najib tune day in day out.

  42. Have you ever heard of this maxim?

    “everyone wants to use a clean toilet but no one wants to clean it after use”

    And from this, we can go on and on spinning more similarities like……..

    We want real democracy but not for it to survive well.
    We want freedom of choice but not for justice to prevail.
    We want respect but not earning it the right way.
    We want money but not hard work.

    Lastly, we want to go to Heaven after death but in one’s lifetime, we are associated with injustice and/or crime.

  43. wits0 says:

    Hi, ex-rocky reader, Susan can never be a Rocky sputum bru even after a thousand rebirths. I’m a bit amazed why ppl got addicted to the later while I never fancied him even way before he began to defrock himself over “All-Blogs” affair.

  44. […] So, Susan Loone is not wrong when she says that ” BN looking for more ‘victims’ and willing cross overs.” Click here […]

  45. telur dua says:

    Remember this line from ‘Julius Caesar’ said by the backstabber Brutus?

    ‘It is not that I love Caesar (DAP) less, it is because I love Rome ($$$ ) more.’ In Hee, we have a female Brutus.

  46. khairy says:

    that’s what money can do to people who worship money. don’t say PR, PKR, PAS or an ordinaire. for as long as there is people who worship money, gau;lible greed….
    look at the quiet oku Hee, she was upset for not given the Camry. thus she asked for an exco position which come with a camry….and lingering in her mind “ you want to play hard… want to sacrifice a govt with a camry?” there you go….
    what is in this kind of leaders? you want these gaulible leaders who only care for themselves to lead you? so don’t worry about Kedah.

    no wonders the truthful people is rare species …nowdays….

  47. storm62 says:

    OMG, a greedy crippled SPM clerk wants to be an exco and drives a camry? Hee should look into a mirror before she act. Pakatan officials with high rankings are selected based on their MERITS , you bloody greedy short piggie cripple Hee Yit Foong! you’re a DISGRACE to all polio patients, women and chinese in this country.

    you should just get a motorised wheel chair instead of the Perdana!

    just resign NOW as the people of Jelapang and Perak does NOT need wakil Rakyat like you, what makes you think we, the Rakyat will accept you as our YB?

    you’re the one and only OKU i’ve ever cursed on in this world!

  48. Katharina Sri (former Noor Aza Othman) says:

    The real enemy is the double face PAS and UMNO! Karpal is making one big mistake to topple Anwar, since Anwar is getting a lot of educated Malay support, and has contributed a lot and suffered a lot, and such Malay support includes from hidden ones, especially from the civil service. Yes, Anwar make a lot of mistakes but who doesn’t, including what used to be very ethnocentric DAP before. As long as we realized and correct our mistakes, then we move on towards progressive history-making that will ensure real secular constitutional democracy rules in Malaysia, that ensures justice, equality and peace for ALL Malaysians! But by Karpal pursuing this, will however ensure Islamists from PAS and UMNO will get their big day!

    Katharina Sri (former Noor Aza Othman)

  49. huhu says:

    Thanks! telur dua.

    telur dua says,
    A very cheap 170K for the 2.4L and even cheaper for the 2.0L.

  50. bamboo river says:

    huhu, why ah? you want to buy one for Jelapang Hee so that she can come back to PR ?
    No need to waste your RM 170K lahhhh.

    Jelapang Hee can afford to buy one herself with all the ‘money’ .
    There is a new model/type of Camry upgraded engine to ‘5000cc V24 DOHC Twin Turbo with Nitro Charge ‘and cheaper some more. Only a fraction of the 2.4 model.
    You go to Ah Beng Trading at Jalan Gopeng and he will sell it to you for only RM170 on the road with reg. number ‘HELL 8888’ inclusive of full time permanent driver.

    Just joking with you huhu, but I am serious about the ‘gift’ for Jelapang Hee you know what I mean?

  51. LLHENG says:

    Our royalties have real short memories. They forgot how they have the power taken away by the people they sided with.
    Below is an extract for all to see:-



    How can a ex-Lord President can let his very own state government collapsed by TWO potential criminals and ONE unethical, greedy and selfish politician.
    It is “UNBELEIVEABLE” indeed.

  52. telur dua says:

    ‘The only good politician is the one who stays bought.’ ~ H L Mencken

    Jelapang Hee learned well. LOLLL.

  53. monsterball says:

    Yes frogs will be leaping to the money tree..set up by Najib.
    Money is power……so said Mahathir.
    Najib is using money…to get power.
    Money is the root of all evils…as the saying goes.
    Malaysia is governed by evil people.
    Enjoy…who you know and not what you know to succeed in Malaysia…UMNO style.
    Enjoy money stolen by UMNO to bribe you…which means those who took the bribes in Perak…..are enjoying the money stolen from him/her and Malaysians. Enjoy it.
    Live forever rich…..and be prepared to be spit on the thrown at you…rotten eggs thrown to you….and spitting ….on going….even at your grave.
    Hope Ms.Hee..ex DAP….can sleep well every night.

  54. Das says:

    My dear friends! Please listen and listen good!!! Najib will definately face a much more embarrasing predicament than AAB! Believe me!!! In short, we don’t need such irresponsible, gangster like characters to run this country!!!

  55. GG says:

    HEE was only given 2 options – Money or C4

  56. unduk says:

    nice article, awesome story!
    Much food for thought…
    It really made my day.
    Thank you.

  57. Oh Shit! says:

    Anyone still remember the following comments from ktak’s on 1 Dec 2008 :-

    “I was struck by a statement by Umno Youth Leader and Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein when castigating MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek and MCA Wanita chief Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun for saying that the concept of “ketuanan Melayu” or Malay supremacy was no longer relevant. (New Sunday Times 30.11.0 8)

    Apart from accusing Chua and Chew for trying to be “heroes” in “jostling to position themselves politically”, and saying that “the people are tired of the religious, racial and political issues” after going through “the toughest general election eight months ago”, Hishammuddin warned that leaders “still unaware of the changes they have to make and to look at things in a new context … will be left behind when BN transforms itself in March!”

    I was just wondering whether this recent rampas kuasa in Perak is what Kerismuddin meant by “BN transformation in March” ?

  58. y8 says:

    hola Says:

    February 8, 2009 at 9:21 am
    My advice is that pakatan be extra watchful and keep serving the nation.

  59. ANg Kong says:

    remember the song…. lompat si-katak lompat..lompatlah tinggi tinggi……surely if someone re-releases the song, it’s almost guarantee to go No. 1! Simon Cowel, you hear me..!!!!

  60. ANg Kong says:

    this frog thing only shows one thing…. how many politicians out there lack integrity and principals.

  61. Lion of Jelutong says:

    Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim should step down as leader of Pakatan Rakyat for causing the opposition coalition to lose control of Perak, said DAP national chairman Karpal Singh.
    Karpal did not mince words in blaming Anwar and even party supremo Lim Kit Siang and secretary-general Lim Guan Eng for causing the fall of the Pakatan state government because of their inconsistent stand on party-hopping.

    In a fiery press conference, Karpal lambasted the DAP leaders for falling for Anwar’s theatrics on party-hopping.

    He said the inconsistent stand on party-hopping had caused disarray in Pakatan Rakyat.

    The veteran politician said it was time DAP seriously reconsidered its membership in Pakatan Rakyat to show the party did not condone dishonesty of any kind, in particular treachery to the people through crossovers.
    Calling on Anwar to repent, Karpal said the former deputy prime minister had created enough trouble for the country.

    “I wonder if he is fit to be the leader of Pakatan Rakyat. In fact, I think Pakatan Rakyat requires another leader, a good leader.

    “Not someone who believes in immorality, even accepting crossovers,” he said at the press conference at his law firm here yesterday.

    Karpal said he regretted that some members of Pakatan Rakyat and even from DAP had fallen to the temptation of supporting crossovers.

    “Some of them have not said a word all this while and I regret that I did not get support from my own party leaders (on the crossover issue).

    “Kit Siang and Guan Eng should support me instead of making statements supporting Anwar Ibrahim.

    “I am the chairman of DAP and let me make it clear to the party leaders that I have the support of the rank and file.”

    Karpal then went on to issue a warning to his party leaders not to push him too far.

    “I have been patient all this while. Don’t let matters come to a head in the interests of Pakatan Rakyat and also DAP.

    “In fact I had even proposed that DAP come out of Pakatan Rakyat on the issue of hudud but no one supported me, neither Kit Siang nor Guan Eng.

    “It is a shame and they should also bertaubat (repent).”

    Asked if he would call for an emergency party meeting to discuss DAP’s future in the alliance, Karpal said he was already contemplating that.

    “I have been silent for too long. I cannot fight the cause of DAP alone although I have been trying.

    “What I am saying and am defending is nothing but the truth.”

  62. huhu says:

    aiya bamboo river hahaha for 50years bn has been helping themselves with our money to buy what they wanted.

  63. sitcom says:

    beeN goons *$%#&@ use my money without my permission *^#&$&

  64. lalasong says:

    I don’t see why the king has to bow to bn wish.
    Hee is confirmed among the 7 to get a Camry soon.
    hey, i never say I wanna give you a Camrycar,
    even now I myself are not driving a Camry you know.
    I’m jealous, off course jealous.
    Just because of one car Hee leaped/jumped.
    I would not want Hee to come back to PR.
    Hee and the other 2 aduns(PKR) will have the
    same fate as Ezam in BN. don’t believe me, just wait and see.

  65. billauchris says:

    Kedah Next? This is a wake-up call to all the PR State Assemblymen.
    Know where you are headig and the aspirations of the rakyat who woted you into office.

    Try not to be too showy. If you have something good for the rakyat, do reveal it whenl you launch it. Don’t volunteer your information or idea publicly to the information of your enemies.

    Your downfall is caused by your big mouth leader who announced the prmature taking over of the Federal Govt on Sep 11 and 16 2008 by enticing BN MPS to cross over. I hope you learn this bitter lesson.

    Always be aware of the hawks around you. They are the sycophants who are the ears and eyes BN.

    On top of that you must be honest and true to your position. Don’t get involved in coruption and activities that bring shame to the coalition.

    Besides, be a good goal keeper at all times.

  66. Commonsense says:

    That Hee whore did not leap because of the car. The RM15m or so was the tipping point. If BN had not lured her with that money, would she have quit DAP? She would probably have carried on with DAP but with a grudge. So, it is actually good riddance to all these frogs and whore at a high price.

    But PR does need to be careful of Kedah and hope that there are no whores and frogs hiding within the party. Of course, when we are betrayed, we will feel angry. But let us send a strong message to BN that they can use all their undemocratic tricks to steal PR states now, but the price they are going to pay for the next GE will be an extremely expensive, shameful and humiliating experience of their life.

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