Nine people have been arrested today at the Ubudiah mosque about 1km from Iskandariah Palace in Kuala Kangsar. The protest march by the 3,000 Pakatan Rakyat supporters is to stop the Swearing-in ceremony for new Perak MB Zambry Abdul Kadir which took place at Palace Iskandariah today. The Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) fired several rounds of tear gas at more than 3,000 Pakatan Rakyat supporters. The nine who were arrested have been brought to Kuala Kangsar District Police head quarters.

Those arrested are:

1. Bad Latif
2. Isha Riduan Bin Ishak
3. Adi Hilmi Bin Mohd Nasir
4. Mohd Faiz Bin Mohd Arshad
5. Meor Safizal Nin Meor Mohd Amin
6. Zul Haizam Bin Zulkifli
7. Haji Mohd Ismail Bin SM Abdul Kadir
8. Yussuf Bin Jaafar
9. Idris Bin Mohd Taib

SUARAM strongly condemns the police for their ongoing attacks and intimidation on freedom of expression, a fundamental right which is guaranteed under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Federal Constitution of Malaysia.


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  1. muhammad khalifah says:

    allah hum maha baha divita avideta mathiwassala thillka imah
    yah di rasul wal fadilla wabaaku makam mahmud dan lathi wa atha
    god is my leader
    all is below god
    everyone is equal in the eyes of god
    sultan or beggar
    i dont bow to anyone other than god

  2. wanitamelayu says:

    only malays? where are the chinese and indian? i thought PR including DAP, PKR and PAS, Only from PAS…. Sad case, they used the malays….

  3. penang71 says:

    wanitamelayu, sorry hon – this was after friday prayers at the KK mosque.

  4. hasilox says:

    Bully also must divide and bully. In this case, malay kena bully. Indian and chinese different day different setup. That’s how bullies work. You better change your nick, else they will grab you when they need to bully malay again. lol

  5. Shameful dirty says:

    The game won through the back door as even seven year old kid also know how to play. See? How dirty this bunch of umnoo goons are? They got the useless and ballest EC and another whole bunch of bodek police force including fru. There’s nothing to shout about!! Go mati lah if they still cannot win!!! Same time, teach annuar a lesson as he started this nonsense in last september. Who’s to blame, annuar? You are eating your own medicine and because of your playful tactic, Perak citizen is paying for it. On the other hand, this back door tactic used by najis can finally be confirmed as evilly cunning. The rakyat knows who to choose in the next General Election.

  6. Eric says:

    Respect to these brave people who kept their Maruah high up in these days of rasuah. I look up to these proud Malaysians.
    I was in the MB’s residence house yesterday, I did not know about these protests before seeing Anil Netto’s blog.
    Please do not throw race into this. All Malaysians are behind Nizar irrespective of skin colour and what not.

  7. matt says:

    Hey wanitamelayu kamu ni banggang ke apa this happened after friday prayers,have some pity for this brave souls.

  8. whispering9 says:

    where are the chinese and indian? well the FRU must be a racist lot. earlier they only arrest the chinese. then the indian. now the malay. look like UMNO is losing a lot of racial support nowadays. do you think they will arrest the mamaks next?

  9. dr jackal says:

    sorry susan, to me the samsengs are the people who demonstrates after the friday prayers. no decency at all to respect the sanctity of Friday prayers…

    acting like goons and demonstrating like there is no tomorrow is very irrational. They could not see that there is a possibility to get the state government back. The new BN govt there is not that strong either. But this show of inpropriety and rudeness to the Sultan had sever any ties and goodwill between both parties (PR and the Palace) and will lessen their chance of being the good books of the Sultan.

    Bye bye Pakatan. How many times you guys wanna shoot yourself in the foot?

  10. Jejaka Cina says:

    You have a point Wanitamelayu,

    Last night at Perak, I was told that a large Chinese crowd assembled in the MB’s official residence to lend political support for YB Nizar as a legitimate MB.

    Hopefully, all race allied themselves to protest on this the coup orchestrated by and won by Najib Tun Razak working in complicity with the Election Commission, Police, and the Sultan.

  11. ojorono says:

    IssyaAllah..setiap kejadian itu ada hikmahnya.perjuangan tetap diteruskan..Yang HAk Adalah Hak dan Yang Bathil akan tetap hancur…berkat LaiilaHaillah..Teuskan perjuangan wahai Warga Perak

  12. Wanitamelayu, nak komen tu pun pakai lah otak sikit, nah sekarang lihat sbg bodoh. Kamu yg buat sendiri bodoh, kita tak panggil u bodoh.

  13. amoker says:

    Wanita melayu again… tak payah le answer..

    Well, i salute the Perakians who wants to be heard .. that this setup is illegal. While the VIP and royalty bask in each other, the rakyat got beaten. They drove in in their BMW and Merc and tak kisah as they lalu. Itulah .. ketuanan melayu.

  14. My2cen says:

    Yes, sounds like BN is back. With their Ketuanan, Tuan driven in BMW/Merc and rakyat mengemis tepi jalan. Tuan bagi perintah, rakyat kena tear gas and tahan kat lokup. Yes, Ketuanan is back. Najib will make sure he carries his father legacy. Make a few rich so that they pray to him as GOD, not the same God the Rakyat prays in the mosque. Or temples. Yes, the Chinese will pay too. U see, there’s only 1 Chinese man in the new BN exco. The good dr is a very nice man when he was practising, a kind and caring dr. But I don’t know how he is now, and we know there is no honour among thieves. The Chinese will pay, license will not be re-newed, or renewal base on huge bribes. No funds for Chinese schools, land title conversion will be stopped. The Indians already paying all over the country. Yes. Tuan is back, you rakyat will pay big time for making me spend my millions unneccesarily to buy those ugly frogs, Tuan will make sure….

    Hmmm…. Master will make sure… sounds like Harry Porter movie…

  15. Ipohite says:

    wanitamelayu: Now you know UMNO’s true colour. They claim to represent and protect the malays. Look what they are doing to the malays…

  16. Ex says:

    The precedence of demostrating after friday prayers were started by umno youth many times before this, but I don’t see or hear dr jackal calling them samseng.
    Come the next election, the only choice will be the rakyat and I think it will be an overwhelming verdict, no doubt about that. For I’m sure the’ll all remember.
    Then we see who not shot himself in the foot but shot himself in the head.

  17. tamil sakti says:

    tak apa…..juz wait.stay 13 is not far la bro n sis.tat time we can teach them…………
    sultan perak may be wrong but pakatan cannot against sultan. but dun ever vote that dap frog in future………only $$$$$ she want.dah la kena polio tak dapat nak jalan ……..but sory not to hurt others out there. god knows well………

  18. Katharina Sri (former Noor Aza Othman) says:

    This is the reason why Monarchy must be abolished, in a progressive century of achieving true and secular democracy. The monarchy in Malaysia, with 9 Kings who are mainly millionaires, are a travesty of justice and equality in a progressive modern world, and to the poor in Malaysia! And to fair and just-minded Islam.

    Katharina Sri (former Noor Aza Othman)

  19. frankiepizza says:

    woi dr jackal, you sound like one of those umno good for nothing idiotic bigot. f**k you !!! dr jack ass

  20. haji ramli says:

    akum. tak apa saudara saudari.kita bersabar dan sembahyang pada tuhan masing2. maha esa lagi maha penyabar melihat kamu c4 dan zahid hamidi. mb baru mamak tu bukan lama la.pecayalaa saya.

  21. kluangman says:

    Tak ape..itu rakyat melayu yang bodoh..biarkan. Masih ramai Melayu yang pandai dan jadi tuan.

  22. Rakyat Malaysia Cina says:


    Rakyat Perak dan seluruh Malaysia marilah berkabung atas kematian demokrasi
    dan berdoalah kuasa kepada rakyat untuk memilih di kembalikan serta merta.

    InsyaAllah MB Nizar akan kembali berkuasa.


  23. Shameful dirty says:

    There’s no point crying over spilled milk. All royalties’ tail is caught and trapped by the bn goons. Very clear cut….royalties kow-tow to cunning botak and he is traineed by the old mamak for so many donkey years.
    Make damn sure you vote for PKR or anything else besides bn. I for one will vote for PAS as a last resort if PKR is no longer around!!! We have made up our mind, have you???

  24. AJ says:

    For what is being said and done, I do hope my fellow Malaysians will remember today that the events that happened in the last few days further reinforce all our views that Democracy has died in Malaysia. The last straw definitely came from Tuanku Sultan Perak himself when rakyat have entrust so much last hope on him to exercise his every wisdom to put right all the flaws of the BN Government. wrong were we!

    Have never felt such an anger before this, ever since the Reformasi movement started in 1998…

    God help us all

  25. Shameful dirty says:

    time to abolish Monarchy once and for all so the rakyat can choose and decide freely. Bring back democracy and down the all the useless goons.

  26. LeeZ says:

    wanitamelayu??? more like PU**MELAYU!!!!

  27. Shameful dirty says:

    najis dear, wanna be president for malaysia????? yes, we know u wanted it, right? go for it, man!!!!

  28. tupai says:

    now they will change the camrys to mercs to reward the ‘new’ excos.

  29. sam says:

    Dollar Tuanku Dollar Tuanku Dollar Tuanku….

  30. To all politically sensible fellowmen, today we feel the pain but don’t despair becoz this is one price that we have to pay in order for obtaining the real reward reserved by God.

  31. Najib Razali says:


    Fiasco baru ini di negeri Perak confirm rasuah is acceptable oleh regime sekarang. Marilah kita berpakat dengan BN supaya boleh jadi kaya juga. Don’t be left out. You can’t win them, join them, ok?

  32. Tan Ah kah says:

    They will sell the Camry cheap cheap to new Exco members, and then buy more expensive cars for their use. This is one way to boost economy lah.

  33. turncoat says:

    aik? itu hari sibok kesana kemari hantar petisyen itu ini ke Agong.. hantar memorandum sana sini pada raja… sibuk jerit Daulat Tuanku Daulat Tuanku!

    Hari ni? Nak sibuk nak abolish raja pulak??

    You guys are hypocritical morons… next time, jangan la sibuk sibuk nak suruh raja masuk campur… BANGANG!

  34. silver says:

    This take over is an example of the bitter meat strategy.
    In the Romance of the 3 kingdom, Huang Gai faked his defection by pleading mistreatment.
    This is a ploy to defeat the enemy.
    The 2 most deplorable and disgusting strategies are bitter meat strategy and beautiful woman strategy.
    The master strategist Zhuge Liang said he’ll use any except this 2.
    But in the Bhagavad Gita, the end justifies the means.
    So there are no right and wrong, only cause and effect.

  35. BARANG NAIK BARU says:


  36. Juice2009 says:

    This is the best thing that could have happen to PR, it is a test for them to be better prepare comes next GE. As for the BN, the people hatred for them is very real and deep, seeing how the have manipulated everthing in their power including the Sultan to their advantage, in taking over a legitimate elected state government

    As for the royalty, ask ALL of them to fly kite.

  37. PeoplePower says:


    Tomorrow Najis will be in Ipoh to attend CNY open house organise by MCA(I’m not sure on the exact location. Pls find out).
    Everyone are invited! Pls bring along the telur busuk or kasut or whatsoever. Sure you know what’s the purpose for!

  38. chong says:


    do you think this will work – to request a by-election at the 3 kataks areas by getting a min of 30% of the people’s signature stating they are rejecting the 3 kataks to represent them?

  39. casper says:

    Noor Aza nama cantik-cantik apasal tukar ? Not that I’ve been very diligent in forums but I’m sure you have been missing here and MT. Hope all is well your end.

    To all Perakian’s, pls exercise caution as it is never going to be a fair fight when UMNO is involve but hold on to the thought that their days are numbered.

    Salam Katharina Sri and all out there.

  40. SameSame says:

    Hmmmm…Toyota just corrected their loss to further…lol…what timing! Now Merc will readjust to higher profits…hehehe…

    Anyway…wonder what happen to Valuecap and its money aid via EPF..and now our wonderful DPM goes giving angpows to the idiots in PR to lompat. Some links missing but when all falls in line…it make sense…POLITICS IN MALAYSIA STINKS HIGH HEAVEN!!!! Mahathir started this long time back and see who is tickled by all this?? This mamak is getting back in good time to terrorize us good! WHO are the scapegoats…the idiots who we voted in!


  41. Shameful dirty says:

    umnoo and bn goons is ruling over borrowed time same as pak laaaaa. What a country we lived in now? Bullied by a bunch of goons. Should try the bangkok airport style and bring down this new illegal MB and the rest of useless clowns!

  42. boh tong says:

    Susan…I am tired of your Malaysian politics la….just quit and go somewhere else… offense hor. Last time DSAI said he would topple the govt by 16 Sept last year but look what has happened now….sigh!….boh tong is tired la.

  43. shankar says:

    I hope the arrested would not be tortured or murdered. 50 million can even buy the chief enchilada too. You know who!!!!

  44. conscience says:

    Malaysian should think seriously whether to rid nine figure heads and replace it with just ONE. There is no point to maintain such expensive non productive items just for window dressing. It is time, Malaysians of all walk of life should be allowed to debate on the issue, whether to keep to monarchy rule or opt for a REPUBLIC with just a figure head president.
    A referendum should be called for a verdict.

  45. John Q says:

    These PAS guys have guts…lying on the road and pelting that preaching Raja Muda asshole with stones. And Nizar…a thousand salutes to you. To Anwar…WTF did you put in a postman, and even nominated him for MB remember. As for the DAP whore who just keeps selling…’s kinder not to comment.

  46. apapunboleh says:

    It’s time Malaysia become a republic.

    USA has a black president
    Singapore has a indian president
    I dun see why Malaysia cannot have a chinese or indian president and a malay prime minister or vice versa.

    We are just paying taxes to feed those leeches to screw up our beloved nation and life.

  47. JOHN B says:

    Yes!Yes!! Time to abolish monarchy like how Indira Gandhi did it in India. Most of their palaces are 5 star hotels. It will be a boon for tourism.

    JOHN B

  48. apapunboleh says:

    Imagine this:

    The sultan : Please dun cut off our allowances, i would do watever u want
    Najis : Mmmmm…ok, just swear in guy as the new MB and ask the PAS MB to get lost
    The sultan : ok..ok…sure…u r the boss….but how about the rakyet, I’m sure they will protest
    Najis: Dun worry, my FRU will take care of them, nothing a few tear gas rounds and a few plastic bullets couldn’t take care off
    The sultan : But ..but the rakyat loves me…adores me…respect me….how now?
    Najis: your choice, allowance or your people
    The sultan: Heck…allowance lah, where do you get paid doing nothing exact talk cock
    Najis: Good decision, anyway, dun worry, the rakyat are not strong enough, a few years from now, they won’t remember a thing
    The sultan: yeah right, screw the people

  49. ltwatau says:

    On the FILTH (fifth of Feb 2009 ), I heard the nation cry..

    the day when “Democracy ” died..

    Bye Bye Dignity , Bye Bye honesty , Bye Bye Soverei…n…t ?

  50. apapunboleh says:

    Many politicians under the BN payroll
    The polis under the BN payroll
    Now even the sultan is under the BN payroll

  51. the rat says:

    We planted our hopes on seasoned politician DSAI who was too easy with his people, now see what they have done to him. Too naive to have trusted those dirty rats.. eh, Datuk Seri?
    A lesson to be learnt. Pull up your socks Datuk Seri, you’ve been sitting on your laurels too long!

  52. abdul says:



    When a donkey is offered a carrot or a stick
    We all know which one it will definitely pick
    There’s no longer the question of loyalty stick
    When there’s really no conscience at all to prick

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 050209
    Thur. 5th Feb. 2009.

  54. zach says:

    I can’t remember. Were there any teargas released during the 11 months PR rule?

  55. Menyalak-er says:

    Hmm…, finger-pointing now are we? Its a game – life and death stuff on the direction our nation metamorphizes into. In the end its not about the individual, whether DSAI/Najis/MM or what have you.
    Its a choice of near-paradise on earth, or a path to the abyss/perdtion.
    Its a dream, and whoever erudites it well and to our expectations (like M.Luther KIng), we shall gladly follow. And we must remain stalwart and persevere to achieve this.
    These 9 brave souls have been incarcerated for they have glimpsed their utopian dream. I pray for their safety and to remain strong in their convictions. Their ‘rashness’/impatience must be forgiven.
    Does anyone here have the humanity, charity, conviction and gumption to truly stand for their ‘ideals’ as Susan Loone and many others have done so often?

  56. gg says:

    Join PR and get elected in the next general election,then hop to BN and get the $5 -$50 million rewards! hurry up, don’t miss this golden opportunity to get rich fast!

    If you want the money and do not want to betray the Rakyat, you can go missing with the money and leave the seat for by election!

    just remember it is tax payers money not Najib’s money!


    I have a dream days ago.

    It is about an evil power broker who is also a cold-blooded murderer who raped the People’s Right in Bolehland.

    This “SHIT” has misused his power and position in the ministry to manipulate the evil deeds where he used the RAKYAT’s blood and sweat money to bribe those corrupted, immoral flurs and rape the PEOPLE’s rights.

    (In my dream, I saw thousands of retrenched workers and poor ordinary folks who are without food and shelter, and this SHIT is PREOCCUPIED with this kind of EVIL and IMMORAL ACT)

    Like father like son, these evil power brokers has used all kinds of dirty tactics to rape the People’s right in order to cling on to the power.

    And I heard someone whispering in my ear that this time, the Rakyat of Bolehland will never forget his evil deeds and the damage done to the CONSTITUTION..

    Another voice also whispered that all these corrupted (all the Political Frogs) evil faces would be sculptured and put in a SPECIAL MUSEUM (or VIRTUAL ONE), namely THE KATAKISM MUSEUM of BOLEHLAND.

    The DETAILS of these KATAKs, the MASTER MIND and the dirty accomplice who raped the RAKYAT’s right will also be exhibited.

    This MUSEUM will be built in a location situated in the Silvernarian State of Bolehland.

    Another branch of this MUSEUM will also be built in the Land Beneath the WIND.

    The voice further added that this PHENOMENON ( KATAKISM which means POLITICAL FROGS JUMPING) must also be placed in the WIKEPEDIA forever in order to educate the people of Bolehland in particular..

    The voice further mentioned that the most evil Mastermind who is also the Co-Murderer of Mongolian Woman will be put in the first page of WIKEPEDIA.

    Then suddenly, I heard a loud bang, it was the sound from the FIREWORKS lit up by the neighbour’s kid, and I woke up. It was 7am in the morning.

    What a dream.

  58. gg says:


    If Chinese joined the protest and got arrested, Umno warlords would make it a racial issue and accuse Chinese against Malay rulers and the Malay.

    Majority of the Chinese and Indians have already decided to go for PR but PR has to work harder to win the Malay votes.

  59. saudarasaudari says:

    Raja Eleena binti Sultan Azlan Shah is a daughter of the current ruler of Perak, Azlan Shah. She was born on April 3, 1960 and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the University of London. She is now a lawyer with her own legal firm in Kuala Lumpur.

    Eleena Azlan Shah is also a practicing barrister, being called by Lincoln’s Inn, London, in 1985. Upon returning to Malaysia, she joined Messrs Skrine & Co and was called to the Malaysian Bar in 1986. She set-up her own legal practice Messrs Raja Eleena, Siew Ang & Associates in 1987 of which she is presently a senior partner.

    Eleena Azlan Shah was appointed to the Board of Gamuda untitledwsdon 1 June 1992. She is the niece of Kamarul Zaman bin Mohd Ali. She is a Director and major shareholder of Generasi Setia (M) Sdn Bhd, which is a major shareholder of Gamuda. Her directorships in other public companies are with KAF-Seagroatt & Campbell Holdings Berhad and Danau Permai Resort Berhad.

    Eleena Azlan Shah was named in May 2007 as Malaysia’s 25th richest in the country with assets worth over US$228 million (MYR 773 million). She becomes the list’s second woman after Chong Chook Yew who occupies number 18th with US$320 million (MYR 1.085 billion). Her wealth comes from her being the largest individual shareholder in construction firm Gamuda.

    Eleena’s stock took a beating in the past 18 months. She was ranked number 35 richest woman in 2008.

  60. Fair To All says:

    Those pakatans are the “samsengs”! They are the ones evicted by the Sultan of Perak, an expert on constitutional law. Too bad these samsengs dont have CIAs to help them cos they are recalled due to “insufficient funds” haha.

  61. daryl says:

    Fair To All
    Maybe we pakatan “samseng” can wait till PRu-13 and win it all. Than we can pay you a visit to clean your pocket and accuse you of corruption. Than maybe send you to Kamunting and use the other “samseng” PDRM on you and your family. How about that from samseng to probably “Ah Long or Mat Rempit”.

  62. Katharina Sri (former Noor Aza Othman) says:

    Casper, I have a right to change my name i.e my identity. Noor Aza was my Muslim name, withot my consent and freedom of choice. Now, I’m a baptized Lutheran Christian and yes, I would like to reclaim my own identity, as within my Christian identity, which joyfully allows me so! FREEDOM AT LAST, FROM RELIGION WHICH IS NOT FROM MY OWN FREE WILL! AND MAY MALAYSIA BE FREE FROM ALL MONARCHY AND UMNO BY THE WAY! THEY ARE INDEED SICKENING AND SELF-ELECTED AS IF BY GOD!

    Katharina Sri (former Noor Aza Othman)

  63. shankar says:

    Saw the video on Malaysiakini. Cannot believe the occupants of yellow plated vehicle acted live cowards running away. That yellow could have stopped and told the they the pigs to show restraint. Hmm!! some ruler. A republic nation is sounding better everyday. Buta gaji..

  64. jantanchina says:

    Hi wanitamelayu,
    It says after friday prayer la. Only malay go for prayer on friday and then proceed to the Istana. They did not inform other race.

  65. kassim says:

    Apa dah Nizar buat untuk Melayu dan Islam?Judi tak diharam,arak dujual dengan bebas.Ada buka sekolah agama baru?Kosong babe,kosong.
    Tapi Cina dapat tanah 999 tahun dan 400 hectares untuk sekolah cina. Jangan fanatik sangat,jaga buntut anda baik2 nanti kena kat Anwar baru tau.

  66. Drachen says:

    I think this episode will mark the coming of age of Malaysians, a shattering of illusions. Malays, Indians, Chinese, etc will realise they have one common foe – BN.

    To the folk in BN, get out while you can. No matter how you twist and turn, you’re not going to get away from the rakyat’s wrath!

  67. apapunboleh says:


    u really bodoh-lah, if chinese and indian get involved, UMNO will bring up the racial issue.

    Anyway, if u r so holy, declare jihad and be a suicide bomber-lah.


  68. caravanserai says:

    Democracy cry
    The people get short changed
    By the power grab
    By the greedy politicians

    Nothing for the people
    Listen to the statements
    People know hardly the truth
    Democracy cry
    Our votes got thrown away
    By personal interests and greed

    Street demonstrations
    Displaying displeasures
    The running dogs bark
    Tear gas to show power
    The people have lost confidence
    Of the way the events unfold

    When you make mistake
    A good leader
    Be it sultan, director or leader of men
    Rectify it set the record right
    There is no shame in admitting
    “I have made a blunder!”

    Democracy cry
    Robbing it in the daylight
    By the tactics of greedy politicians
    Self interests rule
    People and country leave behind

    The people power
    It never dies
    The light after this darkness
    A new hope arises

  69. PISSED says:

    For the latest on ‘The Prostitute of Jelapang’ click below:

    Anyway this Slumbitch Millionaire is laughing all the way to the bank now.

  70. Mike Chen says:

    Actually the mistake by MB not to seek state re-election before the frogs started jumping was the biggest mistake. Being a Perakian, I am very very angry.

    Anyways…My take is if you are lost for words at the shenanigan in the silver state and unable to restraint your anger but still want to stay sane, you can swear and still stay saintly! This blog has a link in how to curse your enemies without losing your cool! 🙂


  71. huhu says:

    have you ever thought of coming under the british colonial.
    For the 50 years malaysia could have been developed like austrialia.

  72. fslam says:

    When Pewaris stormed into the Bar Council Meeting , Wanita didnt called them ” samseng “. Kena apa ? Agak sama kumpulan lah !

  73. fslam says:


    Tengok lah kerajaan BN : Sahkan Casino Genting dan untung berjuta juta ringgit haram.
    Sahkan 4 ekor dan lotteri.
    Apa kah komen anda ?

  74. Mountebank says:

    Even the Goons & Thugs have started the invasion trying to cover up all the genuine voices from we Raykat.

    sad, isn’t it ?

  75. Mountebank says:

    Even the goons & thugs has started their invasion trying to cover up the genuine voices from we Raykat.

    Sad, isn’t it ?

  76. harrison bin hansome says:

    Dear Katharina Sri (former Noor Aza Othman),

    Nice to hear that you are finally liberated from the religion that are enforced against your will. I remember, in Australia alone, there are thousands or more Moslems who converted to other religions of their like when there are in your situation , for e.g.- in Malaysia. You can just imagine how how barbaric and lunatic a Government is – by enacting compulsory conversion to Islam of spouse married to a Muslim/ child born a Muslim against their will and unable to re-convert to other religion of their choice when they grow up. Is US is to convert all Whites to Christians, then Christians would out-populace Islam by at least 1000:1 by average ratio.

    England only has to spend on a Royal Household while 9 states in Malaysia has to spend tax-payers money on these Royalties. The 1st word I spoke as a baby when I was 2 years old was – “Goddamnit, why the hell was I born in Bodohland?”. That’s 9 words, and I put it you you that you know why I spouted 9 words – coz every minute- as sucker is born…… 😀

  77. no such thing as Anak Bangsa Malaysia! says:

    Javanese (Malay) values are not compatible with Islamic values. The informed and educated know this well. So does PAS, though they will not admit it openly.

    Related info:

    Maybe Indonesia should invade the fake country called Malaysia, throw out the government and corrupted system including the monarchy, and call it the straits settlements of various races and religions from all over the world, especially Asia.

    We would be more developed, diverse, strong and cosmo compared to Australia if the British had done a HK on us.

    The current system, rules, constitution and rukun negara were just put in place by UMNO to prolong their (fake and manipulative concept of) Malay Elite dominance, which is in actuality only for UMNOputra dominance; and to allow their divide and conquer tactics and methods to fester and disunite.

    Ketuanan UMNO boleh! People deserve the government they get! Time for the people to rise and rebel!

  78. I read with awe at some of those that are supporting UMNO who have no guts to reveal their identity but hide behind anonymity when writing their comments .What’s wrong with these people.?Haven’t they got balls to reveal their identity .Most of these people throw their accusations and name callings against PAS and PAKATAN .Don’t worry we don’t use C4 to get rid of you, guys.This is your day and when our day comes you’d better watch out,we’d screw your backside and you would then realize how painful it would be.

  79. ktteokt says:

    The last hole in SS Barisan Nasional has been made in the vessel! It is fast sinking like the Titanic, so jump ship while you still can!

  80. johanssm / khun Pana says:

    Felt like in Bangkok !
    1 side the pro thaksin and the other side anti thaksin.

  81. anonymous says:

    Hee Yit Foong, the next time I see your parents I will slap their face with my shoes.

  82. anonymous says:

    Hee Yit Foong, I slap your parents because the last time they plead me to vote for you and I did.

    Shame on your family, worst than a whole. If in 1942 your family would have skinned to death.

  83. bamboo river says:

    People, let’s be rational here. Leave the Jelapang Hee’s parent & family members alone.
    Two more days will be 15th day of CNY.
    There is a saying in chinese ” you do the 1st day and we will do the 15th”
    Maybe by 15th Jelapang Hee will confess and expose something. 🙂

  84. whispering9 says:

    BR…Hee is a disgrace to the Chinese community. It is the Chinese custom to condemn traitors. There should be no latitude…whatever for traitor. She didn’t wait until after the 15th to spoil our festival. She will confess? Fat change especially she will be kept incommunicado like Bala. Her new masters will not trust her like DAP did. The cancer she started will spread unchecked if we choose to go into night like some kind and reasonable gentlemen. The would be Judas must be discouraged now and not after Chap Goh Mei.

  85. wits0 says:

    Hee’s name will live in infamy.

    BR, you’re the eternal optimist sorta. Highly improbable that she’ll confess or reverse her decision. We have witnessed too many such politicians around for far too long.

    W9, your reference to the Paladin theme song was great. Bolehland’s leadership has no principles whatsoever ever since umno corrupted and abused everything to the core from the sixties.

  86. peace says:

    To: Nor Aza

    Bismillaah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem
    Qul yaa ayyuhal kaafiruun
    Laa ‘abudu maa t’abuduun
    Walaa antum ‘aabidunna maa a’abud
    Walaa ana ‘aabidun maa ‘abadttum
    Walaa antum ‘aabiduuna maa a’abud
    Lakmu deenukum wa liya deen

    In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
    Say: Oh you who turn away
    I do not worship what you worship,
    nor do you worship what I worship.
    And I will not worship what you worship,
    Nor will you worship what I worship.
    Your way is yours, and my way is mine.

    Im Namen Allah, des Wohltätigen, des Barmherzigen.
    Sagen Sie: Oh Sie, die sich abwenden
    Ich bete nicht an, was Sie anbeten,
    noch Sie beten an, was ich anbete.
    Und ich werde nicht anbeten, was Sie anbeten,
    Noch Sie werden anbeten, was ich anbete.
    Ihr Weg ist Ihrig, und mein Weg ist meinig.

    Lieber Nur Azah. Ich respektiere Ihre Entscheidung. Keine Kraft des Glaubens an den Islam. Aber bitten Sie bitte anderen nicht, Ihrem Fußschritt zu folgen. Nicht ein anderer. Bitte. Danke.

  87. kittykat46 says:

    Hee Haw
    Hee Haw
    Hee Haw

    In World War II, Lord Haw Haw was the air-name for a much hated traitor who made English language propaganda broadcasts on behalf of the Nazi regime. After the Nazi surrender, they strung him up by the neck…

    We now have our very own Lady Hee Haw….but she’s much too sordid to be called a “Lady”

  88. Menyalak-er says:

    kk46, good one.
    Guys, gals, give the donkey’s ass a break – maybe she/it was so disgusted with her ‘plotong pudina’ and lusted so much for a ‘cumry’ besides the of zillions RM, that she/it went insane in a moment of paralytic passion!
    Being a ruminant-like creature she/it’s sure to starve by chap-goh-meh – her family has not been permitted by vendors to buy veggies from the market. Guess must beeline to BN snivelling hypermarts now.
    Even the Lumpiolus’s Wife/Genghis C4 didn’t dare show up in Yuck Choy school for din-din. Says something about chicken-lily-livered ‘geniuses’ don’t you think?

  89. Fair To All says:

    Sultan Azlan’s decision was made in the best interest of Perakians and all Malaysians because he knew the “Rule of Samsengs” led by an arse banger is bad for his state and country.

  90. Analyst says:

    Sultan Azlan’s decision was made in the best interest of Perakians and all Malaysians because he knew the “Rule of Samsengs” led by an arse banger is bad for his state and country.

  91. ktteokt says:

    “Jing-zhe”, the “waking of insects”, is the day the White Tiger opens its mouth and when people go to the temples to “whack” malefactors. You can be sure Perakians, especially those from Hee’s constituency will be whacking her effigy before the White Tiger! And they believe by doing so, such malefactors will “enjoy” misfortune! Good luck Hee! Let’s hope not many people “whack” you up during this festival which is in early March, less than one month from now!

  92. Katak hunter says:

    Kassim bodoh! U want to know what DSNizar did to the Malays and Islam in Perak?
    1. The percapita grant was given back to SAR. Who denied these SAR students of their rights? Chek Det n umno.
    2. The true teaching of Islam was driven away from mosques under BN ruling. Who is the munafik culprit that sabotage MB’s plan of bringing back Islam to all the mosques. It’s umno.
    3. Aren’t the Malays dwelling in the kampong Tersusun also given freehold titles beside the Chinese in the New Village settlements? The Chinese have been living in the New Villages since the Emergency and they have the right to be given the tittle.There are ample opportunities for land acquisition for the Malays in tne new kampong Tresusun setllement created by the State Govt under DSNizar. No more New Village being open up not like the kampong Tersusun.Facts are facts don’t u deny that. Be sensible please and don’t be bodohs by the umno.

  93. gg says:

    Hee is waiting for the money to be deposited to her bank account, once she got the money, she will present it as an evidence of corruption in BN and rejoin DAP. She will emarge as a hero for the Rakyat!

    am i dreaming?

  94. lallang exile says:

    “If I were in Umno I would do exactly the same. I would use the immense wealth that Umno posses to buy over the prostitutes in Pakatan Rakyat. Anyway, is that not what we want Anwar Ibrahim to do? We want Anwar to form a new federal government by enticing at least 30 Parliamentarians from Barisan Nasional to cross over to the opposition.”


    Raja Petra Kamarudin

  95. yylew says:

    Hey ! Why so sad ? I am belly belly happy.
    The whole lot of those arrogant law-disobeying bullies have just signed their funeral papers. A grand funeral where every honest, bread and butter focused Malaysian will see their burial ( Good Riddance to BAD Rubbish) at the next GE.
    Cheer up. Be patient. Keep the spirits blazing
    kind regards

  96. tourman53 says:

    wanitamelayu Says:

    February 6, 2009 at 4:55 pm
    only malays? where are the chinese and indian? i thought PR including DAP, PKR and PAS, Only from PAS…. Sad case, they used the malays….

    it’s not appearance that cournts it the sincere moral support that counts.

  97. says:

    We have waited for more than 40 years. What is next 3+ years??? I almost vomit looking at C4’s face cunning smile in the news. The ‘maybe’ next useless pm using such dirty tactics…..malu lah. He must be very proud of his cunning method learned from the old mamak years ago. Whole bunch of umnoo goons behaving and acting like monkeys!!! What a shame country we lived in!!!

  98. Muhammad Ali Borhan says:

    Thanks to Dr M, the Indonesians are already here in Bolehland, waiting for the right time to take over. Then we will all become part of the Indonesian empire (Soekarno’s dream during Konfrontasi), in short, we will all become slaves to our new colonial masters.

  99. CIA says:

    Sorry lah Anwar, we run of funds. Al Gore wont lend us any money.

  100. sosong says:

    Just puzzled why HRH decided so fast, BN or snap election??

  101. sosong says:

    Why Chinese n Indian not participate?? Haram lah, someone (from ruling party) said they are the “pendatang” not “tuan”

  102. storm62 says:

    BASTARDS to the PDRM & FRU’s, when PEWARIS gang demostrated after last months Friday prayers where the hell are you idiots? when those idiots from Pahang demostarted in Penang, you bastards even clear the traffic for them, bloody assholes!

    when Pakatan Rakyat’s supportes does the same, you DOGS fire tear gas, water cannons and whacked the innocent and peaceful protesters!

    Balls to you DOGs and BN/UMNO bastards!

    feel so sad for the People of Malaysia.

  103. monsterball says:

    Hope Ms.Hee ….ex DAP read this.
    Hope she can sleep well… with her millions.
    Next to Lee Lam Thye….Ms.Hee is the worst political worm…Malaysians have ever seen.

  104. Peter Cetera says:

    Oh, my concert is cancelled because even a fool can see what`s happening here ! Need i come?? What does a good woman can do when her cunt can be bought by money? Hmmm… Glory of Love to all of you.. errr i m leaving you guys now..!!

  105. Thomas says:

    Yes, fuck the country to glory of shit !!! Fuck up system ! They use tear gun, next time we use lastik ! They first to get is najis cock ! Altantuya is not finished yet and here`s another episode ! MOTHERFUCKER politicians !

  106. pendek says:

    What the hell..?? LOL.. Anyway, next timme they use tear gas, kite guna lastik ! yang pertama, lastik pukimak najis. Kes Altantuya belum habih, datang lagi satu drama pukimak dia… muka sial

  107. fosgate says:

    The 1st name been arrested already Bad Latif. You must report a full situation that happened. The group that gather has tried to smash Prince Perak car??? WTF are they thinking? Plus they also assault few others cars that going into the Istana.

    What the police do is to prevent the group from getting larger and prevent them from acting not according to their minds. You must have known when people are in large group they tend to forget themselves. A peace movement could turn into an aggressive movement in a split second. They do foolish thing that they feels right at that time and then regret it later.

    What will happen if the police were not there? They probably will rush into Istana and then?? Kill Sultan? Do not Derhaka to Sultan. Malaysia put Sultan and Raja at the highest rank.

    After you leave the decision to the Sultan to made, and now you turn against him because it doesn’t follow your personal interest?

  108. Fair To All says:

    Good lah Good lah Malaysians can now see the futility of froggy democracy started by Anwar aka The Frog. He must have consultant Al Gore, his froggy mentor.

  109. k c low says:

    BN politicians are receiving their political tutorship from Zimbabwe. All obtained Doctorates – excellent. Our country’s political situation and Zimbabwe’s are the same. Very close knit.

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