Got this message from one of the top guys in the local newspapers:

“Be careful with what you post on the Sultan, especially remarks which could smear his royal personage. I’m sure the SB and eager beavers from Umno will be scouring blogs and other writings to find some victims to string up … and with Umno assembly next month … anything can happen. Remember, you were born in Perak and the sultan can banish you from the state ….”

Oh, dear. That’s true, I was born in Ipoh, so was my late dad.

All the more reasons for me to be ranting and raving about Perak, right.

I am a native of the state! I have rights! Where is my voice!?

Anyway, please don’t banish me from Perak. I think Perakians are wonderful people.

They’ve just been so unlucky. Tasted what it was like to be without BN for nearly a year…then boom!

Back to square one. Kesian (poor thing).


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  1. zesus says:

    We ourselves will decide to stay or leave. The “demons” should be kicked out.

    PS: I’m still holding my rage.

  2. Is ‘democracy’ technically dead when there’s no longer any meaningful rule of the people by the people directly themselves?

    Samuel Goh Kim Eng
    Fri. 6th Feb. 2009.

  3. Observer says:

    @Samuel Goh Kim Eng: Probably so. Democracy is dead in Perak. I am so, so disappointed in the Perak Monarchy. What happened to their claim of being “a check and balance”? Can’t they be “a check and balance” on Najib’s and UMNO’s greed for power and fascism?

  4. Jed Yoong says:

    Haiyah Susan
    That kinda talk is so typical of “top guys” in local media.
    All conditioned after years of writing nonsense that they have no balls to do anything one lah. If they did, they won’t be still there and a top guy.
    Unless of course they are in lifestyle, then makes sense.
    Ha Ha.

  5. FCdeMatthew says:

    where is the dignity of BN to take over a state like this? (if they ever have any) shame, shame.

  6. FCdeMatthew says:

    please let us vote again. we rejected BN and we still reject BN today. please don’t force it upon us.

  7. Fair To All says:

    Perak is in much better hands now than an arse banger or a PAS handchopper hehe.

  8. Mountebank says:

    The both hypocritic Father & Son who sit their butt cosily in the magnificent palace no more earning my respect hereafter.

    For years, I read their articles which lead me contemplating that how lucky we anak Malaysia are to have such longheaded, sagacious & judicious rulers.

    But now, I was suddenly “morning-called ” by what they did to the Rakyat, which completely against what they have saintly averred for ages.

    I felt disgusting about their acts, which has been hitherto deluding us .

    The poor Rakyat are just a gullible dupe for their rhetorically tricks.

    Turn me to a departee ? —- The deuce a bit I care !! They can superficially overawe me with their inherited power but cannot win my heart anymore down the road.

  9. GeoGeo says:

    Hypocrite 101%….everything can be bought in MY.

    Its the G#M#D# Factor…my dear Susan

    Lokk deep into lah

  10. k c low says:

    The only way to restore PR back in power is to wait for the next GE. After all it is only a short time away. PR should identity and groom new blood now especially those with ethics. Party hoppers and bed hoppers are the same. Only bring shame and disaster.

  11. Dr Suresh says:

    It is very dissaponting to see the latest turn of events in Perak.It is no point blaming the royalty.His Excellency had acted in accordance to the constitution.PR has to take the blame themselves for encouraging party hoppers.It is morally and ethically wrong to encourage defection.Party hoppers are immoral,irresponsible and selfish people.Anwar should have focused on running those states under the contol of PR efficiently and transparently instead of looking for immoral frogs.He should have also screened all his PR candidates for integrity before contesting the election.

    Many of PR’s pre election promises were also not kept.Since the advent of Hindraf and Bersih,I spent top dollars on calls and internet campaigning before the 12th GE,hoping a new govt will bring some hope and improve the lives of all poor and marginalized Malaysians,I made calls almost every day from abroad,to convince my family and friends to vote for PR.I managed to convince those who were hesitant to vote for PAS even,they all, together with their family members did vote for Pas eventually for the first time in their life.I am not going to get contracts or positions ,PR dont even know me,yet I spent top dollars and my time for justice and truth to prevail but look what our politicians do?If they dont pull up their socks soon,I will have to throw in the towel and leave the fate of those poor and marginalized Malaysians to god.I am sorry to say this but as a responsible and a honest Malaysian without any political power I have done my best though it is a small deed..Yes I am truly dissapointed.In god you trust.

  12. Maverick says:

    Fairdinkum ,
    don’t worry too much for the spirit of Altantuya will sweep this
    murderers life away soon, far far away perhaps to Mongolia.

  13. wandererAUS says:

    Thank God I am done with the ‘Kampong Politics’ that practice in Bolehland, where the High and Mighty still expert the poor rakyat to kiss them on the a#s…ooops! I mean kiss them on their hands…poorah!
    I banish myself, not only from Perak from the sunny peninsular. What is the big deal. I rather pay my taxes, enjoy benefits from the govt that take care of me than, my hard earn money feeding ‘Royal leeches’ and parasites. If I have have to live in self exile, so be it, my laid back life and free from political harassment suits me mine. So to UMNOscumbags, I have no wish to put my family and myself under your tunmbs and kiss your filthy hands! Calling yourselves Katuanan Melayu, I can puke!

  14. KenKen says:

    You better watch it my friend. Not only you, but your whole family may get banished from Perak. But then it i not that bad. You can go to live in KL or Penang.

  15. imwatchinu says:

    Look to Sabah and Sarawak for inspiration. We don’t have sultans here and believe me, we are not missing anything. After we get rid of Umno-led corrupt state government headed by Taib and Musa in the next election, the future should be bright. No free loaders for us, thank you very much.

  16. casper says:

    Fret not dear girl, not when you have a clear conscience.

    We are witnessing and are amidst a crisis that could easily be resolve but HRH chooses to look the other way. The easy way was to take up Nizar’s recommendation to have the 2-3 seats contested once again OR better yet, have the whole assembly put to a vote. Your hunch was spot on and here we are.

    We have UMNO’s rule of law to content with – bolstered by an UMNO AG, UMNO IGP and now by all counts, it seems like we have as close to an UMNO Sultan as one can possibly imagine.

    The past 6 months or so, both HRH and Raja Muda have been seen buffering their positions but there is a hidden agenda. At every turn, the Raja Muda comes across almost saintly with advice and counsel being dispense with. Words of wisdom proffered all sound grand but I maintain the Raja Muda is trying hard to elevate his profile for the day he ascends the throne that runs contrary to succession laws by tradition. It is no secret HRH Sultan Perak wants Nazrin Shah to inherit the position in due time but for now, such an attempt is one for future consideration for all minor royalties and Perakian to decide.

    Regards sloone and all.

  17. imwatchinu says:

    Just wondering. The Sultan must have weighted carefully before he made his decision. But did he take into consideration the two reps who are facing corruption charges, what if they are found guilty and have to resign? Or did Najib assured him that they will NOT be found guilty? Food for thought.

  18. Yep…..! And what BN did was right. Stooping soooo……. low just for majority !
    Now those two ex-PKRs are filthy rich millionaires & crime free.
    Oh…! Don’t worry. MACC will clear them of corruption yah…!
    That Hee woman now an instant millionaire & you can kick her butt for all she care… !

    Didn’t the Sultan Of Perak said he IS always for his rakyat just a couple of days ago……???
    I guess NOT…!

    Have they all & us forgot that the World is also watching us……???????
    Sooooo….. embarssed !
    Najib is behaving like Hitler…..!

    It’s okay PKR ….
    In future do NOT boast so much of defactions & whatever. How you are gonna take over or play your “Art Of Politics” please keep it a secret. If not you’ll get burn again yah…..!

    There’s always the next General Election. Now the rakyat knows & has seen & has experience all the shit thrown at us…..!
    We will prevail…………………!!!

  19. abdullah says:

    What can we do but wait for the next general election.You know what?i voted for bn in 2004 but regretted and last GE for 0pp. bcos of this my wife and I did not talk for 2 weeks as she opted for bn.I got free water every month now and with that money saved,i bought ice cream for them every month.
    Now today she told me,i was right and come next GE she swear she would goes for opp.My 2 childrens who just attained voting right age are all for opposition.
    Look!bn could have win a battle now in Perak but come next GE,they will loose the whole war.This is the whole sentiments of most of my office colleages now.cheer up!!
    (RAHMAN) and ‘N’ is the end of bn,i am sure.

  20. wandererAUS says:

    It is not the end of the world! Now the stimulus dollars will be coming to town….to win the hearts and minds of the Perakians. Of course, 90% goes into the wallets of the UMNOscumbags (no one will check them now, all UMNO affairs, thanks to that foochow whore).
    The same old tune will be played all over again. Perakians, make the most of it but, still give your vote to PR. Make sure these scums will not ever have a hold on Perak again. “Good riddance to bad rubbish!”

  21. Sabran Hindi says:

    Now you know … even the KING can be your worst enemy!. On earth the KING has the so-called power. In the next world, the KING is like any slave on the streets. So what’s the big deal. Tell yourself Perakians “PATIENCE … BE NEAR ME STILL”. Hear ye .. hear ye, come next GE it will be time when the PEOPLE will SPEAK and the KING shall LISTEN to the PEOPLE!.

  22. stcin says:

    ” NO lah, we dun use $$$$$$$ to buy them over, mereka sendiri mau mari,
    sukarela one …..understand ! ”
    @#$%^&*&^%$#@#$%^&*&^%$#@ to the speaker !!

  23. stcin says:

    ” ya ! benar, kami mau cari RUMAH baru …..!!”
    yes, rumah mayat !

  24. apapunboleh says:

    Dun worry Susan, the sultan won’t banish u cause the rakyat will banish them soon together with the UMNO/BN scumbags

  25. EK says:

    Dr. Suresh,

    1. What do you think why His Excellency refuse to dissolve the assembly? Because BN has gained enough majority and assurance from its and independence assemblymen? Doesn’t His Excellency knows that PR has done the same thing after 308 last year but yet we still need to change government today? Why His Excellency still buy this idea?

    2. I’m not too good in laws but if His Excellency had acted in accordance to the constitution, then they should go for a motion of confidence in the assembly. Remember, there is no such rule in the state constitution that a CM can be sacked by the King.



  26. alvin says:

    So sad that PR has collapsed in Perak. The way I see it, the blame should go to their own MPs who became frogs and not the system. Whatever the reasons the Sultan has for his decision, we must respect it even though we may disagree with it.

    For the time being, is game over for PR.

    Prepare for the next GE to take over again would be the best option for now.

  27. melayu jawi says:

    Just to remind Muslims about their history.

    After the Prophet died, the government DID NOT fall to his daughter [as he does not have a male heir, NOR to his son-in-law.

    Abdu Bakar al-Siddiq took over an dhe is froma different Clan, so was Umar al Khattab, from another Clan, so was Uthman also from another Clan, then, eventually, Ali of the House of Hashim.

    But then, the Umayyah started a Dynastic Empire followed by Abbassids.

    If we are to follow the Prophetic Period of the Companions etc, there is certainly NO PLACE for Dynasties ……

    The People must give allegiance to their leaders through elections.

    The majority of the peoples of Perak VOTED the coalition of PKR, PAS and DAP and they still do.

    Despite the declaration of 4 “independent” elected representatives, the MAJORITY still holds for the Coalition.

    BTW, it is a convention that the SITTING Government has every right , in fact, to ask for a vote in the Dewan Undangan and that it is ONLY proper that they be given the opportunity to call for a FRESH MANDATE.

    This is being denied.

    Those that don’t keep to their words, shall know their fate with Allah.

  28. caravanserai says:

    The dark days ahead
    The wishes of the people gone
    Decided by the state ruler
    Afraid to let the people decide

    We aren’t small children
    We know our rights under the law
    The ugly episode of allegedly offering wealth
    The 3 former Pakatan representatives ran

    We expected him to know what he wrote and said
    Expecting people wishes and rule of law
    Now the situation has gone; he brings distress to the throne
    The Perakians will know what to do
    Come next GE the resounding victory cry

    The sultan has no authority to sack a chief minister
    Under the state constitution he has none
    It is only through the state assembly
    Where the chief minister can be booted out

    The learned sultan should follow the legal procedures
    Let the state assembly decide the next course of action
    In this way he remains neutral in the affairs of politicians
    Now Harm Noh got the upper hand
    The changes will come

    The 3 independents will get what is due to them
    With people trust they forget
    People are praying asking for divine intervention
    I know the power of prayers
    It will happen……………

  29. Nehemiah says:

    Now that the full consequences of party-hopping and cross-overs have been reaped for every Malaysian to see, let us re-examine three simple lessons we can learn from this crisis:

    1. If party hopping followed by snap elections is justified as an unjust means to a fair end, then there will be no end to party hopping, what more when vast amounts of money is offered under the table. (Anwar, pls take note, you are at an economic disadvantage in this respect).

    2. Now that both BN (sin by commission) and PKR (sin by temptation) have created this political mess, it is the honourable thing for both Anwar/PKR leaders and Najib to outlaw party hopping.

    But first, to regain his credibility with the voters, Najib should call a snap election soon in Perak to make amends for the unfairness with which the Perak people are subjected to. That way, he will be doing what Anwar actually promised, cross over and give back the mandate to the electorate.

    3. Politics is often dirty and devoid of ethics. Whoever has more influence on the rules of the game (the courts of law) has a stronger hand. But the spectators, i.e voters have an active role to play in giving the weaker opposition a stronger hand. They can either walk out in protest or continue watching the drama between the two foes.

    If the civil rights activists and bloggers had debated thoroughly the issue of cross-overs and not given blanket approval to Anwar’s 916 tactics, they would have seen its dangers, both ethical and political.

    Aside from Pakatan Rakyat’s greatest political weapon of being anti-NEP and anti-corruption, the lack of a shadow cabinet, concrete policies for the economy and a new set of values to unite a multi-ethnic people was sorely lacking.

    Conclusion: So the blame for the current Perak crisis should be shared with Malaysia’s intellectuals, bloggers and silent citizens.

  30. undi says:

    What is there to despair and angry? If PR gets majority in NS or at Federal level through cross overs, PR will say different things (except for Karpal Singh who has been very consistent with his stand on cross over).

    PR can only blame themselves for losing political game, indecisive, choosing lousy people, arrogance of certain DAP leaders, inexperience and lack of funds.

    I was from Perak too and felt that new state election is the best way forward but PR acted too slow to dissolve the state assembly. Tough luck.

    PR should just exit gracefully and exchange seats with BN.

  31. hang jebat baru says:

    My angry condolences to Mr Democracy for his passing in Perak on 5-2-2009

  32. Dodgy Inc says:

    February 5 2009 marks the day I “dodgy inc” will start a new business venture selling Curry Fish Head.

    I shall call it “Curry Louis XVI Head”. It tastes heavenly good, just like the King.

    Any taker?

  33. bamboo river© says:

    Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone!
    Now Perakian had already received the big ‘angpow’ from Najib.

    The ‘angpow’ is not the red packet with cash in it (maybe should ask the gang of four how much?) but the SLAP on the face by Najib.
    Woke up now? See how PR is being checkmated by BN?
    The PR is still not a strong coalition both spritually and financially.
    Too many internal disagreements and of course the ‘doe’ is the keyword for victory.
    DSAI and his team should ‘had’ scrutinise their own people carefully. Saiful is already DSAI’s benchmark for strategy.
    If PR can have informants from BN, so does BN vice versa.

    I am not wholly disappointed about the debacle in Perak not becos I am ignorant but becos its the PR’s own doing. I reserved my comment on the Sultan of Perak . If PR in Perak had properly clean up their mess , the Sultan of Perak would not have to make such decision.
    Blame the politicians !!!!

    Irregardless if BN won the game by playing dirty, it is still a lose.
    Remember ‘The Hand Of GOD’ Maradonna?
    DSAI and his team must go back to their ‘square one’ and not look into how to win the game but how NOT to be defeated.
    One more thing, DSAI and PR stop blabbering and talking off your whatever plans to the press. Just shut up and get it done.
    Lest you spit ,lest salivas will hit your face.

    Now its time for my Nescafe. Ipoh White Coffee already ran out of stock.
    Nescafe anyone?

  34. ktteokt says:

    One important thing to do is to EXTERMINATE all KATAKs – the root of all EVIL!

  35. GeoGeo says:

    Rusputin(s) breeding well in Malaysia.

  36. Babba says:

    Am interested to know how it works. Are there border patrols and checkpoints around the state that can physically prevent persona non grata from entering? If so, can you claim political asylum?

  37. chong says:


    kick them out!!!

  38. fztt says:

    No worries Susan, what you post is nothing compared to what visitors wrote in the Sultan’s guestbook 🙂

  39. Let,s take a page from the French Revolution. How and why it happened? How that many of the royalty were gullitoned. It,s because they had became a parasitic instuition, largely corrupted, more concerned with its own hedonistic lifestyle than a moral reference point. It became too much for the population to stomach that they had to rise up to overthrow this instuition.
    Hope that this does not happen to the monarchy system in Malaysia. But who know what the future will hold if the Rakyat suddenly realise that this instuition has no intrinsic values whatsoever.

  40. Talhah says:



    If you do not agree with the SULTAN please do it in civilise manner. Dont behave like BOAT PEOPLE.

    Louis XVI head? your head la Dodgy. What is this ?A veiled calling for a French Revolution here? That’s how i see it. If u trying to be funny.. its not funny Dodgy.

    Apapunboleh -Banish the Sultan? This is too much.

    Please take care of what you are saying. Yeah the net is a free forum for everybody but just take the full responsibility of what u said. You are lucky that that this is not Thailand.

    And Susan, i hope you will take responsibility of what being posted here. Please post some guideline and exclusion clause to protect yourself as this matter is very very sensitive.

  41. Hoyohoyo says:

    Oh stop that…

    Even the Queen Elizabeth II was bashed (like mad) when she refused to talk about Princess Diana’s death…

    Technically speaking… the royals are holding a public office funded by taxpayers money as the Supreme of state/State…

  42. SameSame says:

    Where is justice?? In this country it has and always been with the DOGS!! BN is another DOG…and now we have a royalty stooping low to be in favour of this DOG. Sad we have to use the term DOG cause DOGs are suppose to our best friend. In this case….sadly they are not!

    This is unfair what is happening to Perak. I am a perakian and my voting right is there. If BN wants to take over perak…do it the right way…go for another election and hear what people want..surely I tell you it will be the opposition again. Why cant BN ever learn..such sore losers they are!


  43. kaniah-boh says:

    Any decision should be the greater will of the rakyat rather than anything else. I hope that the authority will realise this and dissolve the state assembly and allow democracy to take its natural course.
    All this will be good for everybody, for the politicians, the sultan and the population. There won,t be any dispute or controversy then.

  44. wandererAUS says:

    This entry made by a contributor I think have much value and worth know:

    “The sultan has just open the floodgates for undemocratic power grabs instead of putting a stop to this shameful and despicable act.”

    The so called neutrality of the Sultan with all his high sounding speeches
    in morality and just ruling has gone to the dog.

    My Ken Ken, do be too concerned for me, my family and I are living comfortably in my new country. My ‘self imposed exile’ has bore me and my family lives, rich in value and knowledge. I don’t need Kampong politicians to run our lives!

  45. Anonymous says:

    No use of crying or “whacking” here.
    It doesn’t comfort anyone for good.
    There’s “yin” and there’s “yang”.
    Nothing to sober about.
    The world is not doomed yet.
    We knew very well about malaysian politics here.
    Even if PR were to take control one day.
    BN will stage a coup.
    Much more worse than now.
    We just have to prepare for that.
    All we’ve to do now is to be patience and plan every strategy well.
    Just remember Arnold’s words in the “Terminator”.
    “We’ll be back!!!”

  46. harrison says:


    -He financed his own wedding ceremony against state-sponsored.

    – He’s a lawyer and even called for lawyers, judges and government to be eminent as reported by the Star today headlined – “Court not for political antics”.

    -Before this, that, he delivered countless of inspiring speeches about law and order and how neutral the Monarchy must be in overseeing State matters

    Who this this great man? Oh yeah, is he a man, God or somewhere lost in the middle?

  47. Anonymous says:

    Banish for ever.
    From the land of Copper.

  48. hasilox says:

    To protect the monarchy, we’ve to protect the country. To protect the country, we’ve to protect the rule of law. What is the difference between mugabe’s party and bn now? Who knows how the decision is reached, but it’s more than questionable.

    Nepal wouldn’t be a republic today if they stick to the rule of law.

  49. jonathan says:

    So sad, Perak is lost being trampled upon by the unfabulous four the most devastating by hee-man! see
    Voters should know they never hold any power, only imaginery power, the real power is in the hands of the politicians and in Perak the ultimate power isn’t the ruler as he has only ‘legal’ power. It’s Hee, she wields the ULTIMATE power. If she returns to Pakatan, BN falters and falls too!

  50. amoker says:

    The son came out with a huge story about integrity and non partisanship the day before and the father just blew hot air.

    Is this the death of monarchy in Malaysia?


    When it’s law versus law
    There’ll be great wounds raw
    With both sides using their claws
    To create pictures artists fear to draw

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 060209
    Fri. 6th Feb. 2009.

  52. ericind says:

    Like father like son,just hypocrite..

  53. Anonymous says:

    Remember about the story of Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat in P.Ramlee’s movie?
    The sultan snatched Tuah’s fiancee and ordered Tuah killed.
    Instead of being killed, he was spared and went into hiding.
    Jebat was angered by Tuah’s “death” because they were like brothers.
    Jebat went on rampage to avenge Tuah’s “death”.
    Sultan was terrified and on finding that Tuah is still alive, ordered Tuah to hunt Jebat down.
    In the process of fighting, Tuah could’nt beat Jebat because of the “magical” keris.
    Being faithful to Tuah and not wanting to hurt Tuah, Jebat finally gave his keris to Tuah and sacrifice himself.
    Up till now, most of the folks thinks Tuah is the hero.
    As for me, it was jebat.
    And who was the real “villian” then?
    You judge for yourself!

  54. conscience says:


    Who the blooming hell you think you are? Giving uninvited comments to others and the owner of this blog. Mind your own f##king business, this is a free world.
    What is so wrong if we criticise the Ruler, remember. he is not above the law too. If we think he has made a mistake in his judgement, we have every damn right to question him. We pay him from our taxes. You can continue doing your ‘Umpu act’ that is fine by me but, don’t ask me to do likewise. I am a Republican, how does that grab you?

  55. kittykat46 says:

    Do not go gentle into that good night,
    Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
    Because their words had forked no lightning they
    Do not go gentle into that good night.

    Dylan Thomas 1951.

    Remember, Remember this day – Ipoh, Perak February 6, 2009 the next time you vote.

  56. ericind says:

    Talhal,if sultan say u must eat shit,do u obey?

  57. LimSo says:

    Looks like no one can topple BN. Najib is now more powerful than the King & Sultans. Shame on him for winning back the state in this manner. He don’t even mind that 2 reps that are being investigated for corruption joining UMNO for the sake of winning back the state. This is Carp leh …
    Chinese say – Si Si Hiong Kan !!

  58. apapunboleh says:


    I must clarify that I used to respect the sultan but somehow when I watch the whole event unfold before my eyes, I knew very well that the sultan is in cahoots with the corrupted BN. Thus i no longer have any respect for such people. I now hope that Malaysia will become a republic soon. Less leeches to feed from the taxpayers cofers.

    So, be a good dog and roll over and play dead, gooood boy!

  59. chinlWu says:

    Wow! NST front page coverage picture of the low down ” FoolChow” lying bitch . This picture must worth ” million ” in the pocket.

    A 40 year veteran DAP elder YB LKS or Chief Minister LGE, do not make it to Page 2 NST leave alone front page. Not bad 22 years in DAP and 11 months Deputy Speaker, Front Page NST coverage and a couple of million, you have done well.

    YB LKS, what are you or DAP going to do about it ? Treason of the highest order to DAP. She must have been like ” daughter” to you. I am sure, you played a major role to put her as the Deputy Speaker. I know you are a good and decent man, you would reward her for 22 years service in DAP. We all can understand that. Sorry, most people cannot what she did.

    HEE, you low down ” scum of the earth ” you will never have a good life with the the millions you may have. I trully hope you are not a Christian by faith. I would be shamed to have you as Sister in Christ .If you are, let Mathew 16 : 26 , haunt you all your days and nights. Also Ecclesiastes 12 :14

    The hundreds of thousand PR voters in the other 17 DAP constituencies and also including the voters in Jelapang. We must not let this ‘ traitor ” off so easily and forget about the wrong deeds and pain and tears she had inflicted on the people. Every opportunity must be taken to make her life miserable that she would live a life of regrets and remorse for all her living days. I would spit her way if she crosses my path in Ipoh or anywhere. Let her always hide under the SARONG . You really are a low down creature in the form of a human body. Let you be cursed all your life by the hundreds of thousands of Perakians.

    I am most remorseful to utter unwholesome words against you, I can only pray to Almighty God for forgiveness.

  60. llheng says:

    I have 100% completely lost respect for these so-called nearly above the law people. They displayed and talked great all this while. The gullible rakyat believe them and so do I.
    With what has happened in Perak recently, now I believe they are no better than the 4 unethical, greedy and shameful frogs.
    What a sad and black day for the perakians.
    How people can be so greedy, selfish and unethical just to think of themselves only and not listening to the rakyat.
    Without the rakyat, they would not be here today living a lavish lives in big mansions, cars etc….
    If this is the way the country runs, then God save Malaysia!!!

  61. don kompare sultan perak with louis XVI scum, and even napoleon, king frederick, kaiser william, tsar, king charles, queen elizabeth, king philips combined. in fact in perak, sultan perak is most revered and stand high pedestal than these kings queens……

  62. Hope says:

    We’ve a wise King in Sultan Azlan. Personally I think there is a valid reason why he did what he does. Think he’s setting a precedent for current event to guide the future unforseen event that will be unfolding. Can only pray and hope now…

  63. Hope says:

    Things are happening at Kuala Kangsar. Go to to catch the live reporting by anilnetto.

  64. rider says:

    They decide towards where the MONEY is, the recession has shortchanged them, MONEY is more important to maintain a lavish lifestyle, so they decided to trample on their people for MONEY.

  65. Fair To All says:

    Who started “cross over” politics? PKR. So this tactic backfires. I call this the “Boomerang Effect”. It’s true that PKR stands for Pakai Kasut Recon. Malaysians have better taste!!!

  66. whispering9 says:

    I saw the new MB face on Malaysiakini. Without the prints, we can said to have made an Obama-like history by having the first Black MB. Very dark humour lah. WTF…TGIF today. Can’t wait for my Naruto manga. Methinks, BN and Pakatan politicians should start reading Naruto manga and learn something about honor, friendship and loyalty. Bye2.

  67. armaggedon says:

    When you have an authority that could have done the right thing but did not then that authority has lost its moral ground when it is perceived to be supporting and perpetuating a corrupt and unpopular regime.
    It is guilt by association, a collateral damage which the rakyat will not take too kindly when the existing regime is toppled in the not too distant future.
    Let this be a warning that the constituition is just scrap of paper, man made and can be changed by the whims and fancies of whoever hold the power. And if you are perceived to be a collateral damage, it can be easily done away.

  68. EK says:

    1. This is the best logic I have ever heard: You started this first, so I will have to follow you.

    2. When someone robs you, then you have to rob someone back. When someone try to kill you, so you must try to kill someone. Cool isn’t it?

    3. The coolest part is, the comment is from our future leader. I like this bloody idiot excuse.



  69. imwatchinu says:

    A new palace in Perak soon?

  70. zildji says:

    No way sultan will do that. I mean banning you from entering Perak. Sultan is just a symbol and head of state not a god and that is a fact denying him free from makes any mistakes. Get real, we are not living in 15th century. We (including sultan) are equal as human being but he is special becoz the law provides that way. Thats the law and i respect that. I’m not ready to do what Iranians did to their Shah.

  71. ANg Kong says:

    even the Queen in UK had in the past been questioned if the British are getting ‘value for money’ by the media in PUBLIC!

    dare I say the Queen probably do more for UK than any Sultans or the King to Malaysia.

  72. Talhah says:

    Conscience .zzzz didnt i say if u want to criticize Sultan do it in a nice way?

    If you are a Republican then you shouldn’t be a Malaysian as in the Rukun Negara item no 2. Furthermore u have no right to criticize nor question the Sultan. Only the Royalist have right to criticise the Sultan as the Royalist have a Sultan and Rakyat Social contract. Read what is all about the Sultan/raja -rakyat contract. Its even older than the famous Magna-Carta. Take time to read Malaysia history please, i believe u never understood that part. Singapore old name is SIngapura or even older Temasek you know…..

    And I SAID JANGAN MENGHINA SULTAN. Where ever did i say we shouldnt question him. I guess you have difficulties to read and understand Bahasa Melayu then.. Please buy Kamus DEWAN BAHASA-PUSTAKA BAHASA MELAYU -INGGERIS its cheap.. zzzzz

  73. keithkhoo says:

    Sabar, sabar all Perakians.
    Remember his parting words to the mb?
    “Your patience will be rewarded”.
    Yes, justice will prevail.
    Trust the wise learned white haired man.
    There must be a good reason for the way that he had acted.
    All good dramas don’t end just like that.
    Surely, there’ll be some twists and turns in the plot nearing the end when you least expect it.


  74. SameSame says:

    Susan, some comments have been chopped off?? Hmmm…how come la?

  75. any says:

    Dear Susan,

    Is there any way you can put me in touch with Phua Kai Lit? I think he may be an ex-colleague. Thanks.

  76. y8 says:

    Baamboo River 😀

  77. anon says:


    u take my line away. so touche!

    most of us are stating the obvious, expressing the present but we don’t know the scene behind the scene. who knows this might be a GAN in action, heh…heh…heh…the obvious is that there will be vultures and buaya carcasses due soon.


  78. shankar says:


    Is the Sultan a citizen? Then he should follow the rule of the laws of this country. I saw the video on Malaysiakini.

    Looks like the yellow belly in the yellow plated car fled the scene. He could have stopped and reprimanded the cops for their “beyond the call of duty” acts. Shame, he just split. Another gaji buta. The world is watching.. See what money can buy!!

  79. flyer168 says:

    Dear Susan,

    To be a Public figure, one must be established, sincere, honest, credible, transparent & above board – should be opened to scrutinization like in the US.

    Many of our Leaders today have “skeletons” of their past in their closets (some have their family’s baggages as well!), so how can they be “Honourable” to carry out their duties diligently without “Fear or favour”, even after taking an “oath” to the King/Sultan/the nation & rayaat. Ultimately they “Buckle” under pressure.

    The Desperate PM wannabe & his Goons must have used pressure on DYMM with the issue of “rightful” Royal “Succession”, business deals, etc to get his wish this time!

    How “Desperate” & “Pathetic” can our PM wannabe get to be, to pursue this “FUTILE” Perak “Hung Exco” when the logical would be to “dissolve” the assembly.

    We are witnessing the Desperate “Gutter Politics & Law of the Jungle” vs the Perak Mentri Besar Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin’s courage, integrity and mental clarity in the face of grave adversity.

    This Desperate PM wannabe has “lost the Plot” completely & “blown” his last “Trump card” to be the incoming UMNO President.

    The son of our 2nd PM has now “Destroyed” his own party UMNO beyond “Redemption”

    So he might as well forget about being the 6th PM of Malaysia…maybe we should send him out as our Ambassador to Mongolia !!!

  80. wits0 says:

    Susan: “Got this message from one of the top guys in the local newspapers: …”

    Easy to guess who. Jed already has, it seems.

    IMO, Susan would have to wait in a rather long line to be banished.

  81. ajajal says:

    where is the restriction that the ppl cannot talk about the Royals We are human and human are weak and do make mistakes and judgments so can the Royals When they perform out of the line they need to be told. Royal are no greater then the ALL MIGHTY. So UMNO goons dont try to twist the ppl arms.

  82. Jesse says:

    Tahlal,always remember,A Chinese dynasty existed more than few thousand years(even before your ancestors landed here),in a place called,China,the land of the tongkang(boat) people,dethroned by a revolution led by someone who had seen too much corruption and mishandling in that particular monarchy led government.

    Anything can happen,especially here,the Bolehland.Therefore I must be very careful in dealing with topics regarding royalty or end up like the Thais in Thailand.Let there be some covered off true meaning that lies in what I am going to say now.Malaysia is almost like Manchukuo,and the “yellow” office bearers are bearing some similarities with our then last Emperor of China,who else?Puyi of Aisin-Gioro family.

  83. Mountebank says:

    Read below & you surely will get an idea that why Tuanku gave a BIG BIG HAND to the sly Najib.

  84. sgbertih says:

    Hah !!!! Banish me ?
    Good !!! I will banish myself cause you gave bad vibes.

    Now I can really say what’s on my mind since you already BERAK on your citizens.

    You senile old fool worship money and gold and capitulated.How many pieces of contracts does it takes ?Shame on you !!!
    How are you going finish ???What will be your ending ???
    You even let the FRU fired on the mosque !!!!

    Shroud has no pockets and you have very long hands.

  85. Beheaded Sultan of Perak says:

    Talhah go fly a kite

  86. wits0 says:

    Talhah, please take your veiled threat elsewhere before somebody whup you royally here. You talk about sensitivities like we don’t have any.

  87. bamboo river says:

    Talhah, there are some pokok pisang just along Sungai Perak.
    Go and hug one and you will feel better.

  88. wits0 says:

    Speaking of river, bamboo, that which run besides Istana Iskandariah has(as averred by a local there who has explored it)along its bank, a hidden secret cavern within which is a white stone guardian crocodile, something which was apparently worshiped in a bygone era. Is Talhah a related descendant?

  89. 2009twist&turn says:

    Every citizen (except crooks n mongolian murderer) MUST defend the THRONE from individuals who desecrated it.

    This crisis has just made 20 somethings past-perak-sultans turn in their graves!
    the next Perak Sultan will make u the Panglima Tun Perak soon, eh, April 2009, just wait!
    Just checked around 22.00, and it’s being taken off! Somebody know what is “SHAME” considered all the visitors msg left there by all the Perakians n visitors!

  90. 2009twist&turn says:

    It appear to me Sultan Perak made a innocent mistake in legal interpretation? Read below:

    Kim Quek
    E-mail address:

    Urgent appeal to the Sultan to re-look the constitution.

    06.02.2009, 1020 hrs.

    Is it possible that a slight difference in wording between the state constitution of Perak and the federal constitution pertaining to the loss of confidence of Mentri Besar/prime minister has misled the Sultan of Perak into thinking that the constitutional requirement necessitating the Mentri Besar to resign has been fulfilled?

    Judging from the Sultan’s statement explaining his decision to appoint a new mentri besar that seems to be the case. Let me quote the relevant paragraph of the Sultan’s statement explaining why Mentri Besar Nizar Jamaluddin must step down:

    After meeting all the 31 assemblymen, DYMM Paduka Seri Sultan of Perak was convinced that YAB Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin had ceased to command the confidence of the majority of the State Assembly members.

    This statement would have been a correct interpretation of the constitution if applied to the Prime Minister, but an incorrect interpretation, if applied to the Mentri Besar. This is because the loss of confidence of the majority is prescribed differently in the two constitutions (relevant parts of the constitutions are shown at the end of this article). Under the federal constitution, the loss of confidence refers to members of the House of Representatives whereas under the state constitution, it refers to the Legislative Assembly. This means that while the ascertainment of loss confidence can conducted outside Parliament (such as collective appearance before the Agung) in the federal case, it cannot be repeated in state case. In the state case, the loss of confidence must be ascertained within the state assembly, meaning through a vote of no confidence in the state assembly.

    The reason why I said the Sultan could have been misled is that in his statement extracted above, he mentioned the confidence of the majority of the State Assembly members. Notice the statement refers to State Assembly members, and not to State Assembly.

    Under the circumstances, the Mentri Besar was right when he said that he was legally obliged to step down only when a motion of no confidence on him has been passed in the state assembly, but not otherwise.

    And since the Mentri Besar has not resigned, any appointment of another Mentri Besar will be ultra vires the state constitution.

    The swearing-in of another Mentri Besar is only few hours away from now (at 1530 hrs). Perhaps His Royal Highness can spare a few minutes to take another look at the two constitutions, so as to avert a major constitutional crisis?

    The relevant extracts from the two constitutions are as follows:

    Federal constitution: Article 43 (4): If the Prime Minister ceases to command the confidence of the majority of the members of the House of Representatives, then, unless at his request the Yang di-Pertuan Agong dissolves Parliament, the Prime Minister shall tender the resignation of the Cabinet.

    Perak state constitution: Artikel XVI(6): If the Mentri Besar ceases to command the confidence of the majority of the Legislative Assembly, then unless at his request His Royal Highness dissolves the Legislative Assembly, he shall tender the resignation of the Executive Council.

    Kim Quek”

  91. slim river says:

    My ancestor was here before this aqua sultan was born. This aqua sultan was bestowed by the outed british colonial master hence this aqua sultan is illegal, hence the mb is illegal lks can go back to muar and fly kite he he he

  92. […] Please don’t banish me from Perak… Got this message from one of the top guys in the local newspapers: “Be careful with what you post on the Sultan, […] […]

  93. Beheaded Sultan of Perak says:

    Sultan ought to “Be careful with what you did on the Rakyat”

    “Head off Sultan”

  94. tourman53 says:

    When Sultan can be so easily got tempted . What about you?

  95. hahaahahahaahaa says:

    democratic activist ar u? anyway no offence but the bottomline is once a malay majority nation,always a malay majority nation,no matter ur voice is loud or soft . Oh Dear,, so sarcastic , anyway as a chinese, i always rmb what happen on may 13 1998 indonesia which i saw on tv

  96. orange says:

    hello talhah… try controlling yourself before trying to scream the rest of us into doing what you see fit. who the f are you to tell us how to behave?you like the sultan so much, your own business la… and for the rest of us who feel otherwise, it’s our own business as well.
    so simple also cannot understand, is it?
    you think those bn fellas very clever ha? now they would have to pump money into perak to sweeten the folks (thank you very much) but it will be for nothing because they will still get the boot after 4 years.
    how’s that for thinking from an economic point of view from the very same guy who is supposed to be in charge of our country’s economy?

  97. Phua Kai Lit says:

    Dear Progressive Friends

    If this incompetent regime does not stop indulging in
    dubious political intrigue and start facing up to the worsening
    economic crisis, the response of the people of Malaysia will be
    like the response of the people of Iceland:

  98. Monarchy says:

    Behead all of the monarchy from BOLEHLAND !!!!!!!

  99. andipool says:

    Lets not show disrespect to the Sultan of Perak. If we are not happy with the decision of the Sultan in replacing the PR govt with that of BN than we should seek justice from the courts. If that also fails then we should wait patiently for the PRU13 for the people to decide who should govern Perak. We should not be disappointed with the new PR govt. It is still in its infancy of running state govts. Unhappiness and disappointments tend to occur. We as staunch supporters of PR shouldn’t make things worse by passing some negative remarks about the PR govt. We can always write to the PR leaders any shortcomings and dissatisfactions.
    Hidup Pakatan Rakyat

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