Well, to distract all of you from the Silver (Perak) crisis, let me remind you that the PI Bala who claimed PM in Waiting, Najib Tun Razak had ‘dealings’ with murdered Mongolian Altantuya is still missing.

In fact he is contactable as he is/was in Kolkata but for the past 6 months, no one has heard from him.

Where is he now? Why is he missing again? Or has he finally changed his identity and started a new life?

The other person who went missing is Burma, the star witnessed in the Altantuya during its earliest stage. From a reliable source, I heard she fled Hong Kong because of fear.

She was the one who said she saw a photo of Najib (Tun Razak) with Altantuya and Abdul Razak.

She thought the two men were brothers because of the name ‘Razak’.

She was the one who claimed immigration records of Altantuya and her two friends were deleted. Remember?

The last I heard she was fine, somewhere away from Hong Kong. But I do not know for how long she is going to be fine.

The 3rd person missing is Najib’s aide Musa Safri – who started the ball rolling by asking the policeman to solve Abdul Razak’s ‘female problems’.

He is of course, only missing from the courts. His name is mentioned numerously, by all 3 accused, and he is still missing from the docks.

Why or why?

At the beginning of the trial, I had alreadhy heard whispers of things to come in the now very much predictable Altantuya murder case.

I was told (by reliable sources of course) that Abdul Razak Baginda would be set free. That the second accused, policeman Azilah Hadri would escape the gallows and that Sirul Azhar, the ‘not so smart’ guy, would be the fall guy,the black sheep, the scapegoat, whatever.

It has all come to pass. Raja Petra Kamaruddin is right when he said 99% of rumours is true.

If everyone of the accused did not kill Altantuya, then who did?

I am even beginning to wonder if she is still alive. Or has she indeed pulled the trigger on herself and at the same time, ignited the bomb that blew her out of this world.


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  1. mala says:

    Bala and Burma has gone for honey in the moon and of course Musa Safri has gone to the honey in the moon looking for Bala and Burma and Azilah Hadri will excape to the honey in the moon , who else is left…Of course Sirul Azhar the black sheep, the scapegoat who has no place in the honey in the moon.

  2. stcin says:

    Hey, susan dear, u have been ‘missing’ too !

  3. hasilox says:

    Compare to this, mossad is like a pussy.
    Hail the pinky king!

  4. apapunboleh says:

    They are either C4ed or became instant millionaires…..

  5. This is February, Susan. The Altantuya murder case is ongoing, the UMNO party elections is next month, so is the handover of the Prime Ministership.

    With all these coming, it is only natural to expect Bala missing, Burma missing and even Musa Safri.

    It has all been expected, what else is new? I feel sad for Malaysia!

  6. People Power says:

    Let’s pray the Nations can see the photo of Najib (Tun Razak) with Altantuya and Abdul Razak having dinner soon!

  7. monsterball says:

    Susan’s tireless follow ups for justice to the poor Mongolian lady is much to be admired.
    This has gone on world tour several times…with no end.
    That’s the sign of UMNO hiding something.

  8. ktteokt says:

    Soon, the “kataks” of Perak will be on the missing list!

  9. TSTAHU says:

    Our very own “David Copperfield” at its best again..

    Can make you disappear in no time and be forgotten by times.

    Malaysia bolih ma…

  10. jaycee says:

    While there are so many missing pieces to the jigsaw – Malaysia is getting poorer and poorer. The ordinary folks are suffering. But of course, some have struck lottery of 10 Million.

  11. Freaky Frogs says:

    Now I hope all Malaysians will see how important money is……it can buy everything…I mean everything…..soul or no soul!!!!

    So these freaky frogs can and live a beautiful rich millionaire’s life….which their so called struggle in th PR parties will have never given to them…..THEY ARE ONLY HUMAN, WEAK, GREEDY, COWARDLY, NOT ACCOUNTABLE TO THE PEOPLE WHO HAD ELECTED THEM ON A DIFFERENT PLATFORM THEY STOOD FOR THEN……cheap politics…..where is the MACC!!! Oh!Oh! sorry…. I forgot that they report to Najis and Najis only!!!!

    God bless all of us.

  12. dave says:

    Can you all join me in prayer. . . . “Dear Lord, can you please save Malaysia from monster and murderer leaders…………………..Thank You Lord.

  13. Navin says:

    This four are called TRAITORS to their electroate in Perak.



  14. Rasupal says:

    You are right Susan; Altantuya had indeed pulled the trigger on herself and at the same time, ignited the bomb that blew her out of this world. It was all because she loved both Razaks dearly who had been wonderful men in her life. She didn’t know who to choose at end of the day so finally she decided to take her own life.

    Similarly our three PR assemblymen from Perak and another Bald Umno Hopper have been so committed to their respective constituents so much so they had no choice but to defect to BN in order to fulfill their electoral commitments. Perakians are so lucky to have had them as politicians.

  15. 求真 says:

    Dear me(mind your language),

    thanks ,just independent thinking will save us from the stupid mindset.

  16. Devan says:

    All points to the Pinky Pig in Putra Jaya !!

  17. truly democratic says:

    PI Bala probably went missing for two reasons. One being fear put into him and his family. Two being the rewards he probably would have reaped.

    Again there is no backbone on certain people; either the giver or the taker. In the context of corruption, both are equally guilty. So much coincidences that no reasonable thinking Malaysian would believe the disappearance of PI Bala, the emergence of Saiful, Sirul/Azilah’s high profile case (without so many witnesses being called to the stand), ….oh..oh.. I lost track of the others, perhaps.

    This is the crooked way in life. No one would ever live with a clear conscience if he/she had sold his/her principles.

    For those wanting to have a decent earning (including PI Bala, Saiful and the other clowns), please visit my below websites to earn money the moral way.


  18. ktteokt says:

    The Houdini of Malaysia – Barisan Nasional

  19. How come everyone connected to Pinky Pig goes missing ?
    Is he willing to swear he has nothing to do with their disappearance
    before March 2009 ?

  20. Very simple Susan…!

    Those that have gone missing are instant millionaires. Other ‘frogs’ are also millionaires….! Not forgetting they are also corruption ‘free’…..!
    Currently that’s how Malaysia is being govern. You don’t know meh……???

    When DPM becomes PM, the missing will return coz they will be “The Untouchables !”………..
    Mark my words…!!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Bala PI missing from the World due to Najib.

  22. kplee says:

    Great to have u back Susan.
    Please keep on harping on this poor Mongolian woman issue.
    The rakyst want justice. We must do whatever to have the evil killers known and pay for it. At the sametime, do not let that Mr C4 and fat mamma in peace. That Bala bum with his $$$$$$$$$$$$ are now enjoying himself somewhere only the real murderers know.
    That 4 unethical, greedy and stupid bums actions are disgusting not only to Perakians but to the whole world.
    You see, here we have another idiot who done another flip flop like our sleepy flip flop lame duck guy. In just 10 days!!! World record, Malaysia Boleh!!!. Well, only happens Bolehland. Completely ZERO integrity and with NO shame at all. Skin thicker than rhinos.

  23. ??? says:

    Sultan asking MB Nizar to resign and give way to smooth power transition to those BN “raiders”.
    What the hell is going on here?
    I thought Sultans are wise people!
    I really dropped my glasses for now.
    Either god must be crazy or satan is in control.
    Gone case for us malaysian!!!

  24. hahaha says:

    how could sultan asked the MB of perak to resign….???? where is justice?? people around the world are laughing felling off their chairs as they watch malaysia’s situation now.

  25. phing says:

    Poor Sirul, that idiot.

  26. sutera89 says:

    For your info.

    Bala is in South Africa visiting his ex boss..Burma is in Macau..and i met Musa in Gombak yesterday evening..enjoying teh tarik.

    You should sharpen your sources…

  27. ktteokt says:

    Next, Malaysia missing from Planet Earth!

  28. Desert Rose says:

    Or may be Bala & Burma have exploded as well????????

  29. Lid says:

    If they hang Sirul all those bastards will walk free. Hey Sirul, for your own sake just mention the names of those bastards.

  30. storm62 says:

    welcome to Malaysia, to kill or make someone disappear!

    guaranteed you won’t be jailed or convicted.

    payment by cash or credit card acceptable.

  31. pendek says:

    najis tetap najis. tunggu ah bila hantu altantuya rasuk bini dia. kang dirogol plk bini dia oi! setan bn. muka sial. pasal muka sial dan pak lembap koneklah semua huru hara. bagusland.

  32. Simon says:

    i cant imagine living a life of fear…having to look over my shoulders every single day. And i am pretty sure the three “hoppers” will just have to do that for the rest of their days. Fearing man in life and fearing God when time to meet Him. As for the rest of the corrupt money swindling power crazy politicians….i believe your days are numbered. Suggest you make preparation to migrate. To our DPM suggest you migrate to Mongolia.

  33. iwantjustice says:

    How on earth can a country be led by a day light murderer, running lose and use the Rakyat’s money to cover his deed. The thought of it makes me shudder and the scariest thing is he is going to be the most powerful person in our country, GOD help us, where is justice??!!!

  34. billauchris says:

    Can someone confirm the latest news – that Perak Assembly’s Speaker, Mr Sivakumar has suspended MB Zamry and 6 of his cohorts for contempt of the Assembly for 18 and 12 months respectively.

    I am sue this is the hotest news now. The Speaker must have been made of steely cut.

    Respond please!!!

  35. Atan2802 says:

    What about George Bush Jr? and those Zionist leaders ?

  36. Atan2802 says:

    What about George Bush Jr and those Zionist leaders, past and present?

  37. mamia says:

    dont change the party, but change it leader, thera are many people can be leader.

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