If indeed it is murder, then here we go again. Another murder case involving the police. The Altantuya case, which isn’t even over yet, also involves two policemen – from the elite forces some more.

The very institution that is supposed to protect citizens has turned against it?

 ‘Pagar makan padi’. That’s the way it seems to be when we see these cases turning up.

 I hope the deceased and his family get the justice they deserve.

But that too is hmm…quite depressing to think of it actually. Because we hardly see success cases, really.

Read more @ Malaysiakini.


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  1. ajajal says:

    HM S.Hamid if he is a gentleman and leader he should tender his resignation. Before that he should suspend the IGP and most immediately now as the A.G. has confirmed that it is a murder case the dep comm Datuk Kalid should without doubt be suspended . How can he claim to be the ppl chief dep comm when all the actions he has so far taken are double standard.

  2. ShiokGuy says:

    The funeral.. yesterday along Bukit Jalil highway..
    I happen to be passing by and took some picture.. The quality is not as good since I am using my mobile phone..

    Shiok Guy

  3. Yum says:

    So, are you saying whether Kugan is guilty or not is immaterial in this case?

    I hazard a guess that you probably have not been a victim of a serious crime, have you?

    You might think differently if you ever had a loved on raped at gun-point.

  4. humaneructus says:

    THis is what happens when a particular race dominates every profession in this country .It is certainly inclined to be prejudice towards the other race .The malaysian system is to be blamed for.

  5. matt says:

    This was part of the mamaks grand dream to prove that one single race dominated the entire civil service with no accountability.The usual will happen saya buat silap bukan salah and all is forgiven.

  6. wits0 says:

    More pictures at :

    Yum, he’s just a suspect of stealing luxury cars according to the Star.

    “The malaysian system is to be blamed for.” – humaneructus

    The same system that prefer to focus on distant alleged ‘Israeli atrocities’ in war time instead when there are persistent and specific atrocities right at home by the party who’s supposed to uphold the law!

  7. RocketScience says:

    Yum i object strongly to what you have stated. Whether the person detained is guilty or not they have their human rights and no one and i mean no one should be suspect to this kind of treatment.

    Are you then saying that kugan got what he deserved?
    Maybe you’ve not have a family member in custody and beaten to death. When you do i will ask you the same question you posted.

  8. hasilox says:

    Here is the figure. From 2003 to 2007, the deaths in poolice custody is 1,535!!!!!!!!!! And, that does not include altantuya.

    Who needs robocop when there is bodohcop. Satu lagi project barisan nasional.

  9. wits0 says:

    I recall a serial conman/rapist/murderer who was well treated under police custody a decade back because his background was rich. He boasted during the court case that he’ll never be hanged. Indeed he was not given a death sentence by the sick system – just around a 15 year sentence. (Anwar Ibrahim was given almost the same sentence then for trivial infraction) However he died of aids after a few years in jail.

  10. Menyalak-er says:

    Postmortem/autopsy report (as claimed by msm) says “fluid in the lungs”. What kinda diagnosis is that?! I’m no forensic pathologist but that is almost the most ridiculous thing i’ve heard – its akin to say someone died of ‘old age’ or in this case ’cause unknown’. I’m sure we do have some very competent pathologists around, anyone care to clarify? Is it haemopneumothorax secondary to blunt trauma? Scandalous Tortous Incompetence across the board.
    Now even the dep. home ministers are being questioned – what for, were they the ones wearing the brass knuckles or whipping hoses? Our own ‘Gitmos’ are much worse!
    Agree with you RocketScience – seen & heard enuff of this stuff to curl one’s toes…

  11. wits0 says:

    ““fluid in the lungs””

    More like evil in the Gomen System, nothing less.

  12. hitam.had says:

    I don’t see a mob of 50 in the morgue, do you?


  13. kittykat46 says:

    Guilt or innocence and the legal penalty are for the courts to decide. I have had close family members who have been the victim of serious crime, but I hold on to the principle.

    The basic problem is PDRM, including the so-called Criminal Investigation Department is woefully trained to do professional police investigation to solve crimes. Just look at how many cases get thrown out of court because of sloppy police work.
    Their poor training combined with the system of power without accountabilty which exists in this country leads to a tendency to use
    power without accountabilty

  14. kittykat46 says:

    Guilt or innocence and the legal penalty are for the courts to decide. I have had close family members who have been the victim of serious crime, but I hold on to the principle.

    The basic problem is PDRM, including the so-called Criminal Investigation Department is woefully trained to do professional police investigation to solve crimes. Just look at how many cases get thrown out of court because of sloppy police work.
    Their poor training combined with the system of power without accountabilty which exists in this country leads to a tendency to use
    extreme physical duress methods during interrogation.

    Whatever the doctors may report as the final direct cause of death, I have no doubt the person was subject to torture before he died.

  15. ahila says:

    Only God knows the truth….but as mere human, I feel the pak polisi has gone too far. If Kugan was found guilty of any offence…let the court sentence him. But there’s not going to be a court case to find out if he is guilty or not,is there??
    How zionis is hated by the Muslims; so are ‘bad police’ hated by all Malaysians.You’ll reap what you sow….meant for all !

  16. bangsa Cina Malaysia says:






  17. wits0 says:

    Kittykat: “Guilt or innocence and the legal penalty are for the courts to decide. I have had close family members who have been the victim of serious crime, but I hold on to the principle.”

    That’s the way it’s meant to be. Problem is, that system itself has also become incredible.

  18. Stevemax says:

    I wonder what has our retarded home minister got to say about this. My pick is that he is going to say ‘we had to kill him for his own good’. If you ask Mahathir if he is still the home minister probably you would hear Mahathir saying ‘he killed himself by inflicting those injuries upon him’ If you ask AAB he will say ‘the police acted professionally’

    Judging by the reasons given by the Selangor CPO immediately after the death, it appears that the police have an instant answer without even investigating the matter -‘he died due to asthma’.

    To the police i would like say make no mistake you have thief, robbers, rapist, muderers etc in your ranks.

  19. nurul hani says:

    these idiots should go back to kindergarten and be taught the basic principle that all humans are INNOCENT until proven guilty, so no one can exact punishment of any kind until the guilt is clearly established without a doubt.

  20. apapunboleh says:

    The PDRM consists of a bunch of UMNO/BN goons. No money no talk!

  21. blink4blog says:

    maybe someone should had heard that this afternoon 2 indo rob at traffic lights using parang and big wood stick.

    many are traumatize and some are wounded. the incident happen infront the traffic light junction of taman tun pizza hut entrance.

    where is the police where the people needed them the most? summon, beat detainees and fabricate evidence are their best of all?

    somehow i believe if BN government been topper, the head of police and head of prosecutors should be throw up of office and charge in court.

  22. Stevemax says:

    To Yum i would like to ask …how do you know that the deceased committed those crimes for you to justify the atrocities committed by the police. You are going on the assumption that he is guilty of those crimes and should be punished accordingly. My advice to you is that if you are a privy to any information linking the deaceased to those crimes, you should rightfully assist the police in their investigation and not justify the torture and killing. Have you not heard of police personel having committed murder,robbery, rape, assult, corruption etc. Think again!

    We are not asking much. All that we are saying is that why can’t the police act honourably and gentlemenly by saying that it is a DEATH IN CUSTODY and we take full reponsibility for what had happened within our compound. We shall investigate the matter throughly and charge those responsible. Please dont give us reasons cause we have heard enough of it.

    The other point i wish to note is that how could we allow the the accused to investigate their own crime. Which country in this world subscribe to such legal jurisprudence.No wonder the family of the victim had to barge into the mortuary. Understandably they have no faith in the police. Only if the government had formed the IPCMC this incident wouldn’t have happened.

  23. valayatham says:

    Just like the snake, each time you try to pin down the police for their wrong doings, they will bite back.Remember the guy who was hammered in cheras by the FRU? The FRU is charging him for dangerous driving with intention to hurt. In kuhan’s case, they are going after members who entered the motury to expose police brutality by saying that they have tempered with evidence!

  24. yh says:


    everybody is or will potentially become a victim if we allow the police to run wild in the name of “crime solving”. using extreme force to extract info on suspects is the easy way out. there are more professional and ethical ways surely.
    crime is rising rapidly. everyone knows that except Hamid, Chor and the IGP who kept on insisting its just our “perception”.
    IPCMC is one of the answers to keep the cops straight with discipline. wonder why they are so against it?

  25. Stevemax says:

    What puzzles me is that the police have now capitalized on the incident at the mortuary by saying that it was an act calculated to tamper with evidence. What they [the police] conveniently forgot is that they [the police] stand accused of the crime and the family of the deceased only sought to prevent any tampering by the police themselves who are the real culprits who perpatrated the crime on the deceased. Except for the police, is it so difficult for anyone to understand this.

  26. Stevemax says:

    The police has more reasons to tamper with the evidence than the deceased family themselves. Why should the family of the deceased temper with evidence. In the absence of an alternative and independant authority to investigate the matter, the family has no other choice but to unearth the truth all by themselves. This is where the government needs to set up the IPCMC.

  27. Khairy Jamaluddin says:

    My advice and view of the malaysian Police – REPENT OR BE PENALIZED-

    “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.

    Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. It’s not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” -Khairy Jamaluddin

  28. Haryati Jamaluddin says:

    My heart goes to the family of Kugan. This is a matter of humanity. For those who perpatrated the crime on Kugan, punishment awaits you here and hereafter. We have lunatic morons in the police force. I totally agree with stevemax that the police force has to be carefull of robbers, rapist, murderers ects among them. IPCMC is certainly a solution.

  29. monsterball says:

    This is not the first time we read of such incidents in prison,
    Than man was a car thief..yet treated like a terrorist.
    Even a terrorist….there are human rights to protect them…but not in Malaysia.
    I blame the UMNO government. I blame Dollah and Najib..and Albar.
    Why are they so silent???
    These three devilish UMNO politicians keep protecting the police…no matter what they did wrong.
    The present IGP serves UMNO…not Malaysians.
    It is the mighty brave voices of Malaysians…especially the Indians..that is bringing out the real truth of this case.
    If not settled…Hindraf will have another mighty big walk…to expose the cruelties of so call policemen..that are actually behaving like gangsters themselves.
    With guns and in groups…how brave they can be a helpless man.
    That is not the get information by tortures and deadly acts with no second thoughts..he is a human being.
    Lets see…what next…since the Police Chief admitted… it is a murder case.

  30. Suria says:

    Hudud or no Hudud he force is filled with 99.9% muslims. If they cannot follow common law how sure u r that they would follow hudud law?
    We need one law for all. Respect and treat every human as equal. Not segregate by religion or race. This is 21st centary we don’t need out dated laws which treat people of one religon as sinners/kafirs! Period.

  31. […]  Scandalous Police Force – Susan Loone […]

  32. Payback Time says:

    Our PDRM know what happen..water in his lung thats what kill him? Every family member with someone infected by lung sickness will be crying by now

  33. oA says:


    bathing in the blood of the indians –
    courtesy dpm.

    there are reasons to be apprehensive about the way the police are doing their jobs. this is a very clear case that the police merely carrying out orders – presumably “POLICIES” to defend the soil from “immigrants” – a diabolic supremacists ideal ingrated among the majority race since twenty something years ago – especially the police since they are the last defender of this ideal.

    why do you suppose that death among suspects ever increasing and the brazenly embolden police to act the way they did.

    where do you suppose that hatred for the indians came from – credit should be given to unmo for all the lies they perpetuated against others.

    last but not least – the local intelligent agency – all the intelligent info they gather must have been full of craps – info gathered that are made to realize what is not.


  34. adrian says:

    One death is one too many.There must be an end to this….so many have died whilst in police custody……imagine if it was your loved ones.
    Malaysian Govt/IGP must act and act fast to put an end to this type of repeated criminal murder by those in power…….Malaysia is losing its soul and for the sake of all esp. future generations we must keep this issue in the public domain until the police repentand punish those responsible for the torture & beatings of Khugan.

  35. Elvis says:

    One guy that need to be nailed should be the one who conducted the post mortem, Is the injuries describe in the report? Did he acted professionally without fear or favour or was he acting to the order of the pdrm. He also should face the music and stripped of his duty for his unprofessional conduct.

  36. Khairy Jamaluddin says:

    My yesterday’s comments is still stuck. Just wonderin’…..

  37. hutchrun says:

    “He also should face the music and stripped of his duty for his unprofessional conduct.”

    The autopsy would have to be performed by a member of the Malaysian Medical Council which would have issued the certificate of practice.

    It is apparent that the Council is lacking in its duties and should be investigated by the ACA into the going-ons there.

  38. wits0 says:

    I think, most forensic autopsies are done by specialist pathologists of the State in view of the medico-legal aspect.

    But if the deputy Health Minister can be a Gomen lackey appointee, why couldn’t any specialist play the same game?

    Professionalism is sustained by personal integrity, not by the measure of expertise. If the national ethos actually always destroy personal integrity, this erosion/corruption will pervade everywhere, from the wet market to the the world of professionals.

  39. ah long says:

    Samy Value your people need you. Most of the victims of death whilst under police custody are poor Indians. Where the freaking hell are you Samy??

    Guilty or not, no one has given the police the power to beat people to death.

  40. Pegasus says:

    With this rate the BN regime is going,soon in any part of Malaysia,if there is a by-election,BN regime will be trash by the rakyat… Kugan had led the police to the recovery of 15 of those luxury car..and he is surely not the mastermind …as there is bound to have a big syndicate working to dispose these cars either locally or abroad…surely the syndicate would had got some dirty cops to finish him off while in police custody to ensure their existence and operation are covered up . The AG need to investigate this case throughly whilst this is only one in thousand of deaths cases in police custody.The police should not go overboard in investigating till the prisoner are death…this does not speak well of PDRM. Syed Albar as usual would not know anything…as this nut is a real nut…and does not qualify to be a Minister..he is speaks and has a mentality of a kedai kampung kopi owner…wonder what action is he going to take..

  41. lhheng says:

    The whole bunch of idiots in PDRM from the PIG oops!!! IGP down the ranks should be suspended or kicked out immediately. Just sickening to see such evil and cruel torture on a fellow human being by those goons that are supposed to uphold the law and protect them.
    And dont forget that stupid, pea brain, racialistic baldie toad who heads the HM should be ISAed and hanged till death. The whole world is watching and yet such incidents of torture and killings by our so-called law enforcers keeps happening.
    Enough is enough from these racialistic running dogs of BN.

  42. Menyalak-er says:

    Well Elvis, hutch, wits and friends, i don’t think the autopsy itself was ‘incompetent’ – it was just the way it was reported by the ‘keldai’ msm, trying to hoodwink/appease the public. It’s obvious that there was evidence of toture -chest trauma, drowning by water boarding or other postmortem evidence, that even that Pat-Tail flur ordered it to be classified as murder.
    There’s no doubt of an element of racism too, that’s why the mic dep. min-pinchers were hanging around the mortuary.
    Whatever they claim it is, this is extrajudicial assasination/death secondary to torture!

  43. Haryati Jamaluddin says:

    I can’t help but to wonder why must the family of the deceased be made to wait for almost 8 hours by the police before they had to finally barge into the mortuary to view his body. What are the police worried about. If you have nothing to hide, then just let them see the body as soon as they arrive at the mortuary. After all they are the biological parents of the deceased and they have better right over the deceased body compared to the police themselves. Now i begin to wonder what actually happened to Francis Udayappan. Was he murdered and his body thrown into the river in order to conceal the injuries to his body. GOD PLEASE SAVE US.

  44. Spiceygoat says:

    I suspect that Kugan could have sung out the name of the boss of the car theiving syndicate who might be a VVIP, and the police silenced him to cover up. Or the police overly retaliated when one owner of a stolen car is their favorite VVIP. Anyway, we don’t even know whether what the police is saying is the absolute truth, that Kugan is a thief! And that also from the mouth of the ever-lying Khalid Bakar and like his big boss the nutty HM Shit Al Blur! I wish they tortured Razak Baginda in such a way as to extract a confession on the Altantuya case.

  45. ericind says:

    This stupid Khalid always lying thrugh his teeth,when ever he opens his big mouth,u can see maggots n flies flying around.

  46. stcin says:

    1st : death caused by ‘ fluids in the lungs lah !’
    2nd : body wounds !? a…a…oh! itu ah ” inflicted
    by the family members one !”
    3rd : AG, ” murder case !”
    4th : ok, 2nd post-mortem !
    5th : happy chinese niu year. KHFC ,dinner KFC !!

    SIGH ! mr. zzzz, u better come back to handle it b4 u bye-bye us !

  47. Najis Bee Ann says:

    We’ll be haunted by this “Licensed MAFIA” PDRM…. from HEAD TO TAIL; So is the AG’s Chambers; the “Wayang Tinggi Production” MACC etc Bolehland’s goons of bee ann/amino politics. A corrupted PIG( police inspector general) & AG as proven or hidden to be innocent by ACA/MACC in DSAI’s reports of abuse of power……

    When will we learn….. a RoyalCommission has confirmed that PDRM is “mafia like” & the recommendations have gone awry, hidden. swept under the carpet….. but the stench is extremely foul….. CULTURE IN BOLEHLAND…….do not resign even if responsible or accountable.

    God Bless Kugan’s soul & bring peace to his family.

  48. Anonymous says:

    With the police around, we are no longer safe.
    In Malaysia,we feared the police more than the robbers.
    Robbers will warn victims before they shoot but police will shoot,before being warn.
    I really hate cops!!!

  49. monsterball says:

    Change the government….we will have no such nonsense.
    Each time we read sad news……remember voters gave UMNO the power.
    So don’t keep blaming UMNO. Blame ourselves.

  50. flyer168 says:

    With UMNO running out of solutions for this nation, in its “Death” throes…..finally resorted to the recent events which broke the camel’s back !

    In the final analysis, my take is that those persons were “instructed” to eliminate people who either knew the “Real Truth”, were a “Threat” to the “Powers-that-be or were “In the way to OBSRTUCT a BIG DEAL” & it would appear to be almost the same as the Altantuya case although they could have done the “PI Bala” strategy, but would not have removed the threat permanently!

    Enough has beeen said about the “Poor & Unfortunate” victims in this Bolehland’s “Law of the Jungle” & may Altantuya, Kugan & the many other souls FINALLY rest in peace with my deepest condolence to their families.

    What goes round will come around to “Haunt” the pepetrators of these “Unnecessary & Brutal” assassinations !

    Sad to see this great nation Malaysia administered by the British Tuans, then handed over to the Malaysian TUANS under Bapa Malaysia Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra & his Malaysian cabinet of TRUE TUANS managing the system of Wesminster style Democracy & with the Rule of Law in 1957, getting “Hijacked & Betrayed” by the “Elite UMNO Ketetuanan BEGGARS” in 1969.

    For 40 years, instead if teaching their own kind to “Learn to catch their own FISH”, they took the easy way out to maintain their “False” sense of Security & Power by using the “Ketetuanan” policy – you vote UMNO, we give you “Fish” & the rot set in to what it is today – I am an UMNO member/supporter (beggars!) & “Where is my “Fish”….you Leaders are “Stealing my allocation” & the beat goes on…..!

    This great nation, its assets & its Anak Bangsa Malaysia have been abused for the last 40 years by these “Moronic Idiots & their Goons” through “Gutter Politics” & the “Law of the Jungle”.

    UMNO & its Leaders are now “Destroying” each other with “Power & Greed” beyond “Redemption”.

    With “Devine” intervention every new day will be another “New Revelation” to reveal the “Truth”, with UMNO in its Self Destruct motion towards its “Demise”.

    Just give them enough rope to “Hang” themselves at every turn in their “Final” chapter.

    May God bless, guide & protect this great nation, its remaining assets & its Anak Bangsa Malaysia fortwith.

  51. Haryati Jamaluddin says:

    I’ve got a legal poser. When a person dies, legally speaking is he still under arrest so as to give the police an extended right over his body? If the answer is in the negative can the police then enlarge their powers to deny the family of the deceased the right to view his body. Rightfully, directions and control over the body should come under the purview of the Health Ministry especially since the deceased is no longer under arrest upon his death. As such, i see no wrong on the part of the health ministry official who had allowed the family of the deceased to view the body of the deceased.

  52. I pray to the Almighty that my children will never become:
    1. Politicians
    2. Lawyers
    3. Policemen
    If they live in Malaysia.

  53. jaycee says:

    Damn the police… for insulting rakyat’s intelligence.

  54. Billau Chris says:

    In my opinion, no human deserves to be beaten to death while under the custody of the Police. From the photgraphs of the late Kugan, it was aparenet that extreme force had been applied onto Kugan – the usual way of Police violence in trying to extract an admission from the detainees.

    The AG rejected the 1st Police Report and directed it to submit a second recort.

    It has been reported that thus far no less than 80 Indians had been detained and tortured to death.

    I hope the truth will be revealed soon.

  55. SameSame says:

    Want a new take on the Kugan story? Well i got this from a ‘fwd..fwd…’ email.

    Not sure if this is true!

    Dear All,

    >> Many of you may not know the true story. The stories we hear about Kugan is not true. He is not a luxury car thief. In fact he worked for his uncle whom tow cars for finance companies. Kugan actually was trying to tow a policeman’s own car and when confronted by the Police, he fired back at the police and said he was only doing his duty and not afraid of Police. The Police got angry with Kugan’s remark and thus arrested him and finally killed him. Spread this actual story around and don’t believe everything in the media.

    >> Also heard that the policemen that got involved were transferred to HQ for their “own safety”. Today its Kugan, tomorrow it might be our own brothers or kids.

    Sooooo…mana betul mana satu decide la.


  56. Dark Knight says:

    Kugan is dead and murdered because police are his accomplices. So, that`s how he got “fluid in his lung” !! What kind of a fucking justice is in Malaysia? Or perhaps they couldn`t see Kugan because he is black? Come on, you guys dont need court because “victims” can be sorted out in prison ! The super Rayban police can do marvellous job behind the dark glasses. Shame on you Malaysia and the screwed up authority !

  57. ktteokt says:

    Looks like Kugan’s case has been permanently closed. I have not heard or seen any news on this once hot-topic for some time.

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