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So far,  PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz, made the BEST comment about the party’s victory at the Kuala Terengganu by-election on Saturday. Respect. Such humility.

And maybe he wants to rein in his junior and firebrand leaders (whose foolhardy ways can really bring down PAKATAN RAKYAT, if not PAS).

But briefly, here’s what Tok Guru said:

“…be “a gracious winner” and not utter snobbish remarks that could hurt the feelings of those who lost…Don’t hurt the feelings of opponents because if they are hurt, it will be difficult for us to convince them of our struggle” (Bernama).

So, Pakatan, get down to work. The fireworks are over. By election alone can’t assure you of success if you don’t do as Nik Aziz says. And it’s not because you’re so great that you won in KT, but BN is THAT bad.

Still, 30,000 people voted for them. This must surely not to be taken lightly.

The worst statement must come from old man Mahathir Mohamad. I read it with disgust, and for any newspaper to print such statements, must only indicate the level of  idiocy the newspaper industry has descended too.

Funny that this man talks as if he was never part of the administration, and while being a part of it, hanged on until now. Corruption was not born yesterday, but is an accumulative process, that eventually becomes a disease like cancer. And this old man was prime minister for 22 years!

Don’t blame Najib (Tun Razak), it seems. Then, who’s the bloody election campaign director in KT? He is the NEXT PRIME MINISTER who failed TWO by-elections in 10 months!

If at all, BN, including PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi MUST take the blame. As this too, is a accumulative process. Heap and heaps of idiocy will someday come crashing down.

So who was in charge of KT, again? Was it Dotty? Oh yeah, I forgot. It was Altantuya Shariibuu from Mongolia who helped him in the election campaigns.

No wonder, I heard the Mongolians were celebrating when the results of the KT by-election was announced! Good for them 🙂


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  1. wandererAUS says:

    Have you learned a thing or two from this great guru, sloone.

  2. anakmalaysia says:

    Good Point. I am sick of Mahathir’s statements. Thats what he use to do when he was the Prime Minister for 22 years. He will talk and give statements as if all of those standing in front of him is bunch of fools and idiots. He has made the Malaysians fools long enough and he is still after retiring. Regret that some are still blogging in support of this old man. We all should treat him the same manner he treated Tunku Abdul Rahman. Sick of this old man.

  3. eeyaw says:

    I can’t help but allot the blame on defeat as follows:
    chedet 40%, since he started the rot
    badawi 10%, as the retiring Pee M
    C4 50%, one leading the campaign.

  4. The Penquin says:

    I can’t understand why Dr.M blamed the defeat in KT on a PM who is going out. He must be thinking the KT people are behind time.

  5. machitam says:

    as for me on blame for defeat:
    dirty old M 99%, since he transformed umno malays into a corrupt lot…hee eh hee..
    badawi 0.3%, for been bodoh, c4 0.7%, for continuing the old man legacy and sidelining badawi…

  6. Salak says:

    These people deserve the shoe or the “selipar”!

    That’s about it all!

  7. jsss says:

    Congratulations! Tok Guru Nik Aziz and thanks PAS supporter & voters.

    Hope more by elections to come forward before the next general election.

  8. eaglewings says:

    The old man is senile. Just have to ignore him.

  9. wandererAUS says:

    When an old river is drying up (mamak)due to climate change (rakyat), the fish that live in it (UMNO cronies)will eventually vanish (UMNO cronies).

  10. Susan, you picked up the right stuffs. It reminds me of “The Liberation of Mecca” when Prophet Mohammad PBUH showed gentleness to the people of Mecca some of whom were previously bitter enemies of Islam. Always be humble, be it in time of defeat or victory. In Islam, we cannot treat our enemies unjustly.

    As for Mahathir, he must know that he is the father of corruption. BN-UMNO is now paying the price for his many big sins. I would venture to say that if BN-UMNO is rejected by the people of Malaysia, Mahathir should bear the major part of the blame. Tell us if UMNO still has clean leaders.

  11. zulkifli abdullah says:

    Dont’ blame it on Najib Altantuya but on Pak Lah!!!!!. Is this what the old man said?

    He in fact should be blamed for all things gone wrong in Malaysia today. He should be blame for all eternity.

    He started the “goodies” paradigm during elections
    He started the “hand kissing routine” (bodek lah)
    He started the “opponent blockage” O development and O RM allocation for constituency won by his opponents.
    He started the “media propoganda”
    He stared “money politics”
    He started the “phantom voters enigma”
    He started the “opponent clampdown”
    He started the “corrupt political practices”
    He started the “expliotation of the nations wealth”
    He started the unfashionable “sodomy” issues
    He started the distasteful highway “concessions”
    He started the unfancied “privatisation” of government agencies for his own personal gain.
    He started the “Al Mauunah” fable and linked it to his weak oponents
    He started the “flushing and reindoctrination of the justice system”
    He started the “AP’s” for his girl friend
    He started “UMNO”s political rift”
    He started the “wang ehsan” scourge
    Now who do you think is to be blamed?????????

    This is what Mahathir Mohammad had done, and for his information there is a famous English saying :”What goes around comes around”

    For me I blame everything that has happenned in this country on Mahathir Mohammad. He is totally responsible for all the political, social, economic, judiciary, religious environmental and educational woes that this country is experiencing now.

    He messed up everything that this beautiful country had to offer and turned it into “shit” all for himself and his selfish family.

    What sins he had bestowed upon this country will take another century for them be cleaned and forgiven.

    He sucked the wealth of this country all for his personal agenda.
    He screwed the political scenario and manupilated every politician in BN.
    He lavishly practiced cronisym, corruption and nepotism beyond explanation and to the maximum of comprehensions.

    He also manupilated all the governemnt agencies for his personal agenda making him in comparible status with Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwee.

    He created mistrusts and tensions to all Malaysians at a level never experienced in modern Malaysia.

    Now this is the man to be blame and not anybody else for all the things bad that has happenned in Malaysia for the past 25 years.

  12. BN was arrogant and insincere during the campaign for KT. Pakatan has won and like what Tok Guru Nik Aziz said, we should be humble and not behave like the BN fellas. Che Det… why are all Malaysians still making him relevant? Its our fault paying him the attention, right?

  13. Khairy Jamaluddin says:

    PAS leader like Tok Guru and Husam Musa are rhethoricans. Look at Kelantan – the PAS led Government – is there any sorts of Hudud laws?? It even boasted the biggest “Guan Yin” statue that Sabah’s Young Teck Lee is presently suiing the Sabah Government for evincing the proposition to build the said statue (if I am correct about this).

    DAP’s Karpal Singh’s adamant rebuttal of the Hudud laws as averred by Husam Musa if the opposition won the next Parliamentary Election has gone too far and infectious onto the local despots of DAPS making unnecessary remarks with the threats to pull out from Pakatan Rakyat.

    I notice the local despots of some of the DAPs who won landslides in their constituencies have become a bit arrogant in serving the people. Don’t think that we will not sent a protest vote against the DAP/PAS/PKR as we did on the BN.

    The Americans change their partisan President from time to time switching from Democrats 2 Republicans and vice-versa.

    Tok Guru, you have my respect for me wants to see an end to misuse-of-of-power and public institutions, corruption, selective persecution/prosecution, etc not the rhethorical hudud. (smirk on face) 🙂

    No wonder when Husam asked me “Will you call for the implementation of the Hudud laws if you win the UMNO youth”?

    I answered (before that with a shiny-smirk on my face) – “I would”. That’s when I got you trapped into Husam when I asked you about the Hudud.

    The olden Chinese has a quote – “If you are a bad Public Relations Officer, refrain from making any statements, coz every pat on your back (meaning every question posed), you will be coughing out blood (which by parables means you will utter stupid answers).

    Syukur Alhamdullilah Tok guru Nik Aziz. Allah Maha Besar…ya? Sungguh? 😉


  14. kittykat46 says:

    The ghost of Altantuya will be stalking every step Najib Mongolia makes until justice prevails.

    Yes, Altantuya has been “helping” Naji* in the by-elections…

  15. Tun says:

    Tun is send by God to manage Malaysia. Only he with the power bestowed by God is capable of pulling the country out of this rut. Vote for his return for any otherwise it will be against God’s wishes. Tun’s words are God’s word. Read his blog and be enlightened

  16. Parih Mahathir was P.M. for over 22 years and he not only did not attack Iarael and U.S. during his terms.
    Not only did he not attack Israel not to mention the U.S., he even had to paid million just to kiss U.S. President’s ass when he was P.M..
    Now he is talking or shall I say ‘vomiting’ his shit when he recently asked the present government to attack Israel and or U.S.. I have never ever seen someone so much hated by the people but please do not get a heart attack before you get indicted for the many atrocities you committed. Get real pariah Mahathir !

  17. Mongol says:


    you are still living in the past. you can follow the old man to his grave.

  18. izharhadafi says:

    This is the true teaching of Islam. The more we ostracize our opponents, the further away they will go.

  19. TSTAHU says:








  20. wapototo says:

    You are right Mongol. I like you text.

  21. amoker says:

    For TDM, he will never blama Najib. It is always AAB.

  22. danet7882 says:

    hehe 🙂 (refering to the comment made by Tun)

    He was saying that Mahathir was GOD sent to manage Malaysia (OMG you must be kiddin’) While all the the time during his tenure, he did things that are right and also wrong BUT since he has chosen to retire please just keep your mouth shut!! Stop critisizing (abdullah) or promoting anyone (najib).. let the RAKYAT decide!

    I do read his blog, read the star and many more articals but I have my own opinion no need to tell me this wrong or that wrong!!

    At the present time our soon-to-be PM (najib) is too tainted to be my PM! and our former PM (mahathir) is too old to keep his mind right..

  23. Mongol says:

    This bugger who calls himself Tun, is potraying Mahathir as the Messiah…more like Masaalah..

    He said “Tun’s words are God’s Words”. He should be charged in the Syariah court for blasphemy.

  24. the bloody old man says:

    really sick of this old man. yes i am talking about TDM. he is old enough to die so can you keep your MOUTH SHUT and enjoy your entire life with the dirty money that bribled during your 22 years as PM..fuxk you old man!

  25. st peter says:

    I will turn away all these dirty political buggers from entering the ‘main gate’.

    If they are problematic on earth, I don’t want dirty buggers here.

    Otherwise this is not heaven man! This will be like hell with alll these dirty political buggers up here.

    Please don’t look up here, there is no room for dirty political buggers up here.

    Please Looking down you dirty political buggers, there are plenty of hot and helly rooms down there reserved for you.

  26. mgr says:

    you’re right susan, as if chedet did not know whatever happened in the administration where he reigned before. shake my head.

  27. saaid says:

    I thought TG Nik told us not to utter n discredit others but there are some here who keep doing it. Guys n Gals,men n w men lat us us start here by keeping our written self likeable by others friend n foe.

  28. ahila says:

    purity,devotion,humility and charity are four keys to good conduct.of these,purity is the cardinal virtue.We cultivate purity by thinking,speaking and doing only that which is conceived in compassion for all !
    Anything other than that are purely fit for the garbage bin…..
    Older men and women in this country who are, matured ONLY, will speak wisdomful words for the young ones to follow.If tun speaks dirt..forgive him.

  29. Ganesan says:

    Because of that one fella for 22 years that we Malaysians are still race based, that intergration has become an alien concept. To blame for the fallacy of this country, it is not Pak Lah but Mahathir whose policies were divide and rule. He deserves what he sows. Good Luck Malaysians, the future is bright with Pakatan.

  30. Tun says:

    For all your criticism of Great Tun…read his blog and see for yourself how much support he has from people who appreciate the GREAT things he did for the country. Without him the country will still be a kampong and bully by the West and Singapore. He is the ONE !

  31. wapototo says:

    Dear TUN, all that are fake supporters lah not genuine, maybe you one of them we wouldn’t know.

  32. ericind says:

    Syabas,TOK GURU,YOU R really a typical humble,honest,decent malay to mamakthir,u r 1000 time better than him.

  33. lucia says:

    tok guru nik aziz is a man to be greatly admire. i pray for his good health and long life as i shuddered to think what might become of PAS without him.

  34. ericind says:

    TUN,Ur god did many great development,great projects but not benefit the ppl,only fattened his family,cronies,n umnogoons,take for instance,the privatised of plus highway,its a billons profit deal every year,this r all blood n sweat $$$ squeezed from ppl..

  35. ericind says:

    and the worst thing is the contract of Plus highway deal with goverment is under OSK.. Tun,this is one of the great project ur god did..

  36. TSTAHU says:

    Adoh lagi satu Tun yang cakap tak paya bayar cukai…

    Your beloved Tun did all the great things as you claimed may be we do not want to question it but
    soory to say that he even fool you cos ada udang sebalik batu..

    He got all the credits at the expense of the generations.. and yet being hailed as FATHER OF THIS…AND GRANDFATHER OF THAT…

    One of the greatest pretender on earth..?


  37. ericind says:

    Tun,ur beloved god is famous of twist n turn,pratices hit 2 birds with 1 stone,master or hypocrite..

  38. Khairy Jamaluddin says:

    Itu Tun sudah “babo” (nyanyok). Schizophrenic, you know?

  39. Khairy Jamaluddin says:

    What happened to Raja Petra’s earlier promised of more exposure of the Altantuya murderer? Now, Malaysia Today is nothing new- just some election support/forum. ;(

  40. herbaqu says:

    hallo have never see a cool blog like this

  41. keepingsane101 says:

    aiseh, everyone has a good part and a bad part. just see which part is more in a person only…not everything that tdm do is bad…nevertheless, a little good did came out of it??can’t be too one-sided in judging a person.

  42. Khairy Jamaluddin says:

    “For all your criticism of Great Tun…read his blog and see for yourself how much support he has from people who appreciate the GREAT things he did for the country. Without him the country will still be a kampong and bully by the West and Singapore. He is the ONE !” -Tun Idzan Ismail
    Yeah, he is a legend in his own mind.

  43. Pegasus says:

    Today the country’s politics and management are in shambles due to the mamak’s policy when he rule for 22 years!!..keeping the people divided and disunited with race and religion issues..these being abuse all the time during the mamaks iron fisted rule to stay in power….Najib has Altantuya ghost sitting on his shoulder..and he can’t get her off ..not even with C4..he will have to answer for this …sooner or later..BN is rotting away..its concept of multi racial party is dead,its a racial party which kept the people of all races from being united..the party have diverted from its original focus and lost direction,its a party for robbers and which will lead the country to destruction with the current leaders…! Nik Aziz is a gem of a man with his unique lifestyle and principles..compared to those Umno leaders..!

  44. warongtalk says:

    Yes, Yes, be kind to the Israelis (opponents) after all the atrocities that are being inflicted on innocent women and children?.

  45. Tun's ADog says:

    Down with Tun. High time this old man be haul to court to answer for his crimes before he perish. Let future generations learn about the crimes he did to this country. At his advance age he may not even see the next Olympic in London and yet he is still unrepentant. Don’t be fool by him who portray himself as a pious Muslim. His only God is $$$

  46. vsp says:

    History has shown that the powerful, whether it be an empire, a nation, a king, or an individual will never change even though they have suffered setbacks upon setbacks along the journey to their decline. The powerful will always rationalise and manipulate their declining power in trying to show that they are still powerful.

    It’s no different from what UMNO is behaving now. Not to underestimate UMNO, UMNO is still a colossus as far as Malaysian politics is concerned. Throughout the years it has accumulated powers by any means, through foul and manipulative methods through the subversion of the Constitution and consolidating its hold on power through malicious constitutional means. As long it is still in power UMNO can do a lot of damage in order to crush its enemies.

    By the nature of Malaysian federal-state relationship, power is totally concentrated in the centre and whoever controls the centre will always have an upper hand.

    So even though Pakatan is the government in 5 states, the BN can still blithely ignore the situation. Pakatan is still a toothless tiger. It has no control over development funds, of the civil service, the police, the courts and so on. Malaysian democracy is still very primitive unlike in mature democracies where power is devolved among the provinces or states.

    We have seen how the BN has diverted development funds from Pakatan states, has used the police to intimidate the state government in matters of security and even arrest some of its officials; have instructed the state education and tourism departments to ignore the directives of the state government; the state government cannot even sack incompetent civil servants; it does not have the cooperation of the state police to fight crimes; and it cannot direct the AG to prosecute past leaders who were corrupted even though it has the evidence. So the Pakatan government is basically working under excruciating handicaps imposed upon it by the federal government.

    Do you think that with such absolute power in its hands UMNO will see the need for change? Just imagine how many trillions (not billions) it has milked from the country. With every project that were jacked up 5–10 times their actual cost, no wonder even though Malaysia is blessed with so many resources, it still lagged behind Singapore, a country which is very resource-poor. Do you think that they will give up such such easy pickings?

    Yes, UMNO will never change because it is invested with awesome powers to do whatever it pleases. Change for UMNO will be very painful and it would rather not.

    Some of the people out there who still think that Pakatan can do wonders, consider the points that I have listed above. If you still can’t understand, then you are just plain ignorant and naïve, political-wise. I prefer that the BN still go on dreaming.

    Pakatan has to assume control of the federal government, and if after achieving this, it cannot improve the country’s lot then it deserves to be kicked out.

  47. […] you for showing us what it means to be humble but magnanimous winners…. & what sore losers look/sound […]

  48. oA says:


    ha ha ha …

    how can one trust a person who disclaimed his ethnicity publicly?

    hyocrisy runs deep in this family.


  49. monsterball says:

    He may have made the best comment on the election…but on Gaza matters…he agreed with Mahathir to boycott American goods..which is not right.
    PAS won…because they are more sincere Muslims than UMNO hypocrites.

  50. Susan: If I may, tok guru’s name is actually Nik Abdul Aziz. That ‘Abdul’ over there is very significant.

  51. spiceygoat says:

    Mahathir – he will live to see the end of umno before he goes to hell!

  52. Kam says:

    wonder the KJ posting here is a real KJ or a pretender. chances are…? 😀

  53. kime says:

    Why we care about the SICKO old man anymore?

    Let him talk like dog bark, you don’t have to care at all.

  54. MM says:

    If Tun calls for a jihad to get rid of the infidels – those who ignore the great deeds done by him to this country I am very sure the response will be tremendous. His blog supporters will have no qualms to take order from Tun – the ONE !

  55. machitam says:

    That’s what TG is, though mahathir is deplorable to many, TG put things to proper perspective. one of the measures to condemn zionis attack on Gaza is to boycot Israel. the whole world are doing this. i may not agree on boycoting coca cola or quiting a job at some us companies(i’m working in a us company though,) to the extend that it will affect malaysian employment or economy. but to express ones “tones” of resenment toward Israel, we should be considering it as part of our “perjuangan” strategy against the perpetrator of humanity i.e Zionist. This, i don’t think TG Nik Abdul Aziz is in the same shoes as the “dirty” old man mahathir! mahathir and the umno pak turut, are banking on this “anti-semitic” or anti-jew because it can “rekindle” a small flame in the heart of UMNOist. but this umno “goons” include mahathir hail ISA, oppress the poor, swindle money for personal gains, looking down on the poor, corruption, cronysm, nepotism, and worst of all racist and hail ISA! is that what zionism is all about.

  56. storm62 says:

    TUN for this mamak should read backwards….NUT.

  57. Khairy Jamaluddin says:

    In the movie “the Rock”,(Sean Connery) retired Captain (SAS)John Patrick Mason who plays an incarcerated-for-life were offered a pardon from the President if he co-operated by escorting a team of US marines to Alcatraz, the Rock wherein a group of American marines took law into their own hands by demanding 100million of ransom from the US Government. Failure they will execute the hostages and launch VX poison gas onto the heart of San francisco.

    When John Mason selflessly traded his life to preclude the marines from murdering the hostages, General Hummel uttered “patriotism” by Thomas Jefferson and John Mason retorted “Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious” according to Oscar Wilde.” We can distinguish that John Mason was referring to – false patriotisms.


    Responding to MM a.k.a. Tun Idzan Ismail on her January 20, 2009 commentary, I strongly suggest you to and the supporters of Tun to join the platoon of ancillaries in Gaza as undercover suicide-bombers. And of coz, Tun -you are the MAN…. you know that “kind of a man.”

    Quote- “…………….. is a false Prophet”. He he.

    My friend Kam, am I the real Khairy Jamaluddin? As the name spells. Haha. Kam, Always my friend…(telepathic understanding) 😀

    Khairy Jamaluddin

  58. octopus says:

    This Tok Guru is another stupid old man. Where got people in the equatorial region wearing gown meant for the Bedouins in the desert?

    There is something wrong with the brain of this Arabic Tok Guru.

    Perhaps Tok Guru should emigrate to the Arabic deserts and should talk to the camels there in the Arabic deserts.

    Orang tua yang kira! You rea just wasting our precious time.

  59. Tun says:

    Agreed with Octopus’ comment. Malaysian Muslims are blindly copying the Arabs and the Malays’ distinctive culture is lost. Malay women are not supposed to wear sarong anymore. So sad that one should killed his own culture.Where’s the backbone

  60. toll free says:

    Nik Aziz and LKS are all power crazy.

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

    MCA has limited their presidency to 2 terms or 8 years, but for PAS and DAP, they will not resign even though they have died long ago.

    So don’t give high hope on pas and dap. They are wolves in sheepskins.

    Why are we still paying expensive tolls? PR is no different from BN.

    They are all corrupted to the core.

    Time for potong kelapas come next GE.

  61. keepingsane101 says:


  62. Khalid says:

    Yes, we must be humble when we win and do not despair when we lose. And when we lose we should conduct an in depth research as to why we lose and then correct our weaknesses.But today after loosing the Permatang Pauh and the KT by- elections we can clearly see BN exhibiting its sore loser attitude. I am refering to Zahid Hamidi’s statements such as ‘documents signed by the JKKK appointed by the five Pakatan led states will not be recognised by the federal government and officials from federal agencies are not to attend meetings held by the Pakatan led state government’. This attitude clearly reflects that this man doesn’t respect the rights of the Rakyat to vote whom or which party they want to vote. This right has been guaranteed by the federal constitution. Therefore it also reflects that that he doesn’t respect the federal constitution and the proses of elections in a democratic system. This is childhood behaviour. When a child quarrels with another he will tell his friends not to be friends with the other child.
    I would like to remind zahid that the opposition parties in Malaysia are legally registered parties. Therefore voting for the opposition is not a crime or a taboo. Next BN is just a party that is administrating the federal government now. BN is not a government. When Pakatan Rakyat wins in the next general elections (of which I’m certain) then it is the Pakatan which will administer the federal government. Therefore the federal government is the federal government regardless of which party is at the helm. So we cannot say ( and it’s wrong to say)that those who vote for the opposition are not loyal to the government. And we also cannot force or threaten government servants by saying that they are not being loyal to the country when they vote for the opposition. Whether the BN or Pakatan who is at the helm of the Malaysian government, a government servant is a government servant. Are you going to tell the government servants to quit their jobs and only serve the BN when the Pakatan wins in the next general elections?

  63. silent observer says:

    monsterball on January 20, 2009

    PAS won…because they are more sincere Muslims than UMNO hypocrites.

    What do you know about Muslims being sincere of UMNO being hypocrites? You seem to want to make comments at almost about anything monsterball.You think you are smart but actually, you expose yourself to be extremely stupid! bodoh! so chai! Don’t you know that you have become the laughing stock among all those who post comments? Just shut the fuck up. People are tired of seeing your sickening name everywhere

  64. billauchris says:

    What does UMNO champion for? Patriotism through racism, extremism and gutter politics? According to KJ rationalisation, members of UMNO must be of vicious virtues.

    I am sure the masses will agree with your association.

  65. hajii says:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    Islam teaches us to be good , fair and just to others. TGNA had rightly advised us to do so….what else, practise…. God’s willing..people will come and support.!!!

  66. hamidteh says:

    Tak sengaja: Utusan mohon maaf kepada MB Kelantan
    29 Jul 2009 3:36PM

    UTUSAN MALAYSIA memohon maaf kepada YAB Datuk Haji Nik Abdul Aziz bin Haji Nik Mat, Menteri Besar Kelantan di atas kesilapan laporan mengenai kenyataan beliau yang disiarkan dalam Utusan Malaysia pada 15 Jun 2009.

    YAB Datuk Haji Nik Abdul Aziz sebenarnya bermaksud bahawa “nasihat beliau tidak semestinya didengar” ketika mengulas mengenai cadangan kerajaan perpaduan pada sidang media itu.

    Oleh itu, tajuk atas sebelah kiri, muka surat hadapan Utusan Malaysia pada 15 Jun 2009 iaitu Nasihat saya mesti didengar adalah salah serta bukan menggambarkan apa yang dimaksudkan oleh YAB Datuk Haji Nik Abdul Aziz pada sidang media itu.

    Begitu juga fakta berhubung perkara yang sama pada berita penuh mengenai kenyataan beliau itu pada muka surat 7, Utusan Malaysia keluaran 15 Jun 2009, adalah salah.

    Utusan Malaysia dengan ini menarik balik dengan sepenuhnya kesilapan tersebut dan secara tulus ikhlas memohon maaf kepada YAB Datuk Haji Nik Abdul Aziz di atas kesilapan yang tidak disengajakan itu dan atas apa jua kedukaan atau pengaiban yang mungkin diakibatkan kepada YAB Datuk Haji Nik Abdul Aziz daripada kesilapan tersebut.

    / Utusan Online

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