That is what people keep asking me? I really can’t tell.

What I know is DPM Najib Tun Razak is desperate to win the Kuala Terengganu by-election.

How could he lose this little by-election when he is just days away from becoming Prime Minister?

And UMNO itself has admitted there are money politics.

Logic can give you the right answers.

Voters claim they’ve got cash. Journalists claim they’ve got envelopes.

But the Information Ministry has denied any involvement in this.

There were times during ceramahs (political talks) that I attended that PAS speakers say these offers were ‘rezeki’ (good luck), so take what is being given and vote with your heart.

Would you have done that?

Some of us live on sunshine and fresh air and self proclaimed righteousness, but others live and sleep on empty stomachs.

But BRAVE to the journalists who made reports – that is a fine thing to do if you think you have been bribed.

I don’t know who will win come this evening. News reports have been so blend. It’s hard to follow unless we are on the ground.

It’s a pity I can’t be there this time.

It’s also such a co-incident that the Gaza issue and the Altantuya case happen during this by-election, so that people’s focus are elsewhere.

With the rising cost in living, I see even less interest in following such news.

Will it be the Angpow or Anwow factor that tips the scale?


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  1. valayatham says:

    Hey, angpows is part of Malaysian culture given out genorously during festivals. But during elections the Barisan Nasional become generous as well, dishing out angpows on the sly and promising all kinds of things eg. Najib said in Kt there will be no more domolishing of temples. What the heck! Why mention this during an election. He and top UMNO guns were mum when thinds happened. And about employment to nons in the government and in GLCs the situation is deplorable. KT votera – listen to me: In the last 10 to 15 years, I have never seen an an Indian or Chinese clerk in the Post offoces, in BSN counters, At the JPJ counter, and the list goes on and on. So they have the cheek to say that they are fair to all the races, Afetr being a teacher , a teacher trainer, a matriculation college lecturer for 38 year, I feel less Malaysian when I silently observe this marginalisation going on. And there is always this denial The not so educated (SPM level) from all races should be treated equally.

  2. Tian Ng says:

    My call to all KT voters:

  3. wandererAUS says:

    When this man takes over the highest office in the land, you can expect how the UMNO-BN regime is going to run the country….Corruption, corruption and more corruption!
    If you think other previous BN-PMs were bad, you ai’nt seen the best of the lot yet.

  4. Ajajal says:

    I have asked myself again and again when will this UMNO goons stop the money line from division right up to the PM. All this pass 21 years same routine
    each year fighting to be the top. My only answer is to vote them out. Should they are practicing it in their own party nothing is impossible for them to do at any places even in full view of the public.
    Who will dare to take action when our ROYAL police
    are also part of the money link. Even justice are not spare to be clean. Even how they avoided to be part of it but will eventually follow up with UMNO money link. They have not denial this the ex senior UMNO politicians has confirmed it.

  5. Meng says:

    As usual before election kind to the chinese..promise.. promises. After election keris keris, babi, pendatang balik china.

  6. caravanserai says:

    When there is no by election
    Nothing will be had you could cry and beg
    The BN government never hears you plead
    Even in empty stomach, BN doesn’t hear

    The layers of trap doors
    Pushing you far behind
    The progress will be slow
    Before you know it
    You are left so far behind

    When there is a by election
    You don’t have to wait for it
    The BN leaders come in droves
    Bringing the bag of good cheers

    On the podium singing the praises
    Telling you promises of many forms
    You don’t have to worry they say
    We will get it done for you

    When it is over
    When BN loses
    BN leaders forget
    About promises
    They said publicly

    It is no use listening
    You know BN trade
    It is best the voters changed
    Let a new kid runs the show

    We mustn’t be afraid
    Of the unknown and fear
    Other countries do it
    We should take a leaf
    And get the ball rolling

  7. maw says:

    bn/umno have been dangling golden carrots for 51 years,so this time voters be wise vote for change.

  8. Antares says:

    Barisan Najis, your time is up. All the stolen money in the universe won’t buy you an extension on your lease to continue doing evil. Best you can do is go out gracefully – NOT like that vicious Botox-faced Toyol!

  9. koolgeek says:

    it will be fun to see that despite all these nonsense, EC declares BN the winner.

    desperate people mah…

  10. JTB says:

    Valayatham is wrong. It only becomes Ang Pow if they give it in a red packet. Macah, these goons from Information, gave in white envelope meaning for funeral dah. Of course the 2 Chinese reporter does not accept it as wang rezeki. It is bad luck, not only that, it is bribery to write good things about Sharberry Cheek’s department

  11. KL_Wong says:

    Take the money and vote for PAS.
    For the journalists…. thank you for reporting it.

  12. KC Chew says:

    Friends, those money they gave away belongs to you and me….sakit!!!

  13. mesoso says:

    let’s all walk our talk. we make sure we achieve “zero” targets from now on..
    zero votes for BN, now and forever !!!


  14. tan, tanjong bungah says:

    Hi everyone,

    My gut feeling is that Pakatan (PAS) would win this buy-election with a comfortable margin, maybe around 1000 vote-majority.

    This is based on the following observations:

    (a) survey results/interviews with the electorate which indicate the category of response of ‘my vote is a secret’, ‘not sure yet’ and likewise comments usually would come from those who intend to vote for the opposition;
    (b) the resignation of the Election Office coming just after PAS lodged protest with the police of bias of the former just goes to prove PAS’ allegations of a ‘bully’ campaign on the civil servants, which would then ‘boomerang’ on BN;
    (c) the desperate measure of trying to bribe even the journalists just 2 days before polling.

  15. monsterball says:

    Without bribery..race and religion politics…UMNO is dead.
    So they in..and steal more and more.
    I wonder have Malaysians woke up that ang pow or bribery money given to them….are actually their own money…stolen by UMNO?
    PAS will win..but who cares if they looses..except UMNO and Najib.
    It’s the 13th election that counts..and Terengganu have never been focused as a sure State to support change of government.

  16. Edi神 says:

    money & race politics is the only thing najib knows…

  17. James says:

    A few years back when Trengganu was under PAS, my Chinese business friends there always said that there has been no problems on the issues religion misunderstandings, race issues or anything that could provoke unstability among the people in Trengganu. They mentioned that all the writeups in the newspapers were a pile of nonsense. They were happy back then, business was good and they lived peacefully, in fact cleanerin many ways.

  18. James Leow says:

    A few years back when Trengganu was under PAS, my chinese business friends were very happy and they never had any issues with the authorities, no religion issues, no racial issues. In fact, they mentioned that the writeups in the newspapers were untrue and even asked me to stay for a week to see how peaceful it was in KT. It was peaceful and cleaner in many ways, they said. And I believe it was. Who ever wins this by election does not really matter, as long as the winning party serve the rakyat well.

  19. Pegasus says:

    The BN regime is desperate..they are throwing money ( ours) like no tomorrow to ensure the KT folks votes them in, but the game is up…KT folks might just vote PAS in for good..the days of cheating and hoodwinking the public are numbered..come 13th GE,…we will see a new government with Pakatan in power being formed.Najib will bankrupt the nation..whatever wealth and sources that could make in this Bolehland will be utilise to maximun…in order to generate income for this Umno elite group. BN party is full of high profile pirates and robbers..they will keep on stealing the country’s wealth and the Rakyat’s money unless we stop them and put in power a proper clean, trustworthy and honest government…May we have good news tonight to start this year and I have a guts feeling that Pas will win to turn around the country’s political future…and fully awake the Malaysian Public!!!.

  20. Another 60 days Najis will be PM. Lets see then if the Chinese schools will still get his attention…. Undilah PAS

  21. Hurray says:

    KT voters may be like the Dayaks in Sarawak, a few corrugated sheets to repair roof, a few tins of busicuits and a few bottles of beer to each, dance till daylight and they had forogotten all their suffering for the last 5 yrs and vote BN agin.
    Wah, so easy. That’s why Taib stay in power for 28 years!
    Vote BN…..????

  22. ahmad says:

    How to attache “statement and comment” ? Thank you.

  23. kittykat46 says:

    Najib carries with him the corrupt slime from the sewer where he climbed out of.
    What else to expect from him ?

  24. amoke says:

    I hope both chinese daily journalists would not be put under ISA for reporting the bribe. If they have received it, wonder if the english and malay daily’s as well. I guess those already kow tim since the owners are from BN.

  25. James Leow says:

    Hurray, PAS has the last say in Kuala Trengganu by a majority of over 2000 votes.

  26. sw lai says:

    Dear Susan,
    I don’t why we non muslim fear the hudud law.For me I don’t have any intention of stealing , raping or murder anyone. Why should I fear the hudud law. I don;’t mind the Huduh law comparing to the corruption. It will drain the wealth away. Just look @ S’pore their reserve is 3x more than M’sia.Our mega project has been jack up at high price.Look at the highway project increases the toll.How can our govt. can ensure them profit? We do business without any assurance from our govt.

  27. Antares says:

    Actually, Ong Kian Ming’s prediction of a PAS win by more than 7,000 votes is NOT too far-fetched. In fact, it might even have been a bit conservative, considering the many different unfair or outright dirty tricks the EC & BN had at their disposal.
    The vote for PAS must have been OVERWHELMING for them to have registered a 2,600+ majority! Truly a monsoonal victory for the rakyat 🙂

  28. […] So this is how Najib runs a by-election campaign? That is what people keep asking me? I really can’t tell. What I know is DPM Najib Tun Razak is desperate to […] […]

  29. ktteokt says:

    What does three consecutive losses make? BN lost in GE12, BN lost PP by-election and now BN loses KT by-election. All these point towards only one thing, the people of Malaysia are simply fed-up with BN rule, they want change! All the promises are nothing. Remember SUQIU? It was in black and white and was accepted by every component party in BN but when they won GE11, they turned back on their words and even called SUQIU communist!!!

    Say goodbye to this hopeless government or better still, when our next astronaut goes into orbit next, pack all of them up on a one-way rocket to outer space. Let them enjoy life there as they don’t belong to Earth!!

  30. spiceygoat says:

    Selamat pagi Datuk Seri, if you’re reading this; Jangan harap! Dah tamat dah! Berambus!

  31. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    That’s why it is called a BUY-election. You should amend the title of this post – there’s a typo error there.

  32. stcin says:

    PAS or PR could have won more if the bye/buy-election was held this sunday ( CNY’s eve) !!

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