The trial today of the two policemen charged with the murder of Altantuya Sharibuu confirms what Malaysians have heard and known all along:

From Malaysiakini:

Azilah, 32, who is taking the witness stand for the first time, told Shah Alam High Court that the Deputy Prime Minister’s aide-de-camp Musa Safri had given Abdul Razak’s handphone number to him to help resolve the political analyst’s problem.

“It was on Oct 17, 2006, while in Pekan, Pahang while accompanying the Deputy Prime Minister, Musa approached me and asked me whether I knew anyone from the Brickfields district police station.

“I told him I knew Deputy Superintendent Idris Abdul Karim who is the head of criminal investigations of the Brickfields station, whom I know since my days as an investigating officer in Sepang police.

“Musa told me that his friend Abdul Razak needed help as he had been threatened by someone. Musa gave me Abdul Razak’s cell number for me to contact,” said the Special Action Squad officer.

Read more @ Malaysian Insider, and tell me if it confirms also the Statutory Declaration of  the Missing Private Investigator – P Balasubramaniam. By the way, where are you, Bala?

His SD can be found her, thanks to Nat: Statutory Declaration Indicates Najib Knew Altantuya


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  1. genghis khan says:

    the murder story must now start with this episode from Pekan Pahang with this Musa Safri.

    Act 1 Scene one ….Musa Safri ….

  2. ericind says:

    NAJIS N RAZAK both of them also must be questioned in court too.

  3. matt says:

    In the end the cops will bear the brunt while the rest will enjoy the bounty.

  4. ericind says:

    This is what Najis said in KT ceramah,UMNO/BN always pratice FAIR policies.

  5. kittykat46 says:

    There – he has mentioned it.

    The authorities tried very, very hard for the name Najib to be kept out of this trial – but its proving impossible.
    Azilah could well be facing the gallows, and unless some other backroom deal has been made, I don’t think its in his interest to hold anything back.

    Just Google “Najib” and “Altantuya” – the two names are forever intertwined, no matter how hard the Malaysian government tries to prevent it.

  6. Devan says:

    Are their faces still hidden/covered????
    Can anyone get their pictures out on the net???
    Are they really the ones or just someone else??
    Can their Lawyers be trusted ??
    Everything is just a sandiwara….

  7. Ganesan says:

    Now they have to bring PI Bala to confirm the truth. Without Bala this case is a sham. Bala is the key to unravel the truth. Where are you Bala.

  8. monsterball says:

    The whole world knows it was a kangaroo court case..from the very start.
    Najib knew from the start…his friend with same namesake will be free…asking him to stay cool.
    The case purposely dragged on for more than a year with boring witnesses…a clear side make Malaysians ignore it…and move on with their daily lives.
    UMNO is the master…of our characters…our strength…our weaknesses…our selfishness.
    That’s how they keep winning elections.
    If to be such daring crooks?
    Now the expected unfair and unjust verdict was given….father of dead daughter..not giving up.
    Will the real truths be ever revealed??
    Remember…the Mongolian murdered lady was the agent from Russia to sell submarines and warfare arms…which Najib approved and Minister of Defence.
    Remember…the RM100 million commission promised…cut down to RM10 million…which Mongolian lady refused.
    Remember her commission of RM10 from the 100..cut down to 1 million.
    Then final offer of RM500,000.oo seems to be where …”take it or leave it”…final offer…given…by someone.
    Who is that someone….so powerful?
    Remember..she was bombed to pieces by c4…a controlled bomb …can only be approved by Minister of Defence….all along was Najib…until recently…Dollah took over…to protect Najib….so that his balance.. few months as PM….have Najib 100% loyalty to him.
    Remember..Najib sworn by the Koran….is considered telling the truth….no need to go to court.
    Finally remember….UMNO ministers are above the law and Allah…as Allah do not advise using ISA at all…on innocent people.

  9. monsterball says:


  10. zanie says:

    I don’t want this tainted man to be my PM. Please do something…please let him get out of the political scene before the throne is handed down. Who…Anwar, somebody, anybody… do something!!

  11. dragon says:

    I still cannot fathom how being a muslim and tell lies. Do they know that they are getting one way ticket to the HELL. God only knows.

  12. caravanserai says:

    Atlantuya hasn’t gone in peace
    Living in hell blowing up into pieces
    Nobody in the right frame of mind
    Will say she deserved to go this way

    Maybe she was greedy
    Maybe she had her motives
    Maybe of promises undertaken
    It was her due to pay for her efforts
    Killing her wasn’t the way to go

    Razak Baginda acquitted
    Out of 3 persons charged initially
    Now two has to defend themselves
    The gallows waiting the scene we thought

    Desperate men will say the truth
    Hanging by the rope isn’t a good picture
    Saving own skin though in prison
    It is better than dead and gone

    In years King pardon
    If the present regime rules the country
    Otherwise it will be for a long time
    If they don’t go to the gallows

    Now the truth to tell
    No more spinning tops
    It is the way to go
    The persons named should be questioned
    Nobody should be left the hook

    Atlantuya moves
    The spirit into their dreams
    She has to work her skills
    In death the horrible dreams

  13. Marina M. Ho says:


    to provide persuasive reasons as suggested by many intelligent brains on why Najib might be investigated by a Royal Commission of enquiry before he assume the throne:-

    Remember he(Najib) was among the elite who promised and secured a tacit deal with Pak Lah until the interim PM handed power to Najib in 2010 but played a pivotal role behind-the-curtain in sabotaging Pak Lah. Now Pah Lah probably wants a pay-back. Always remember this adage – work with your outer(meaning outside your party/org/company) opponent to (by divulging Top-secrets only the Ministerial level is reachable) and the rest is call as mentioned again – payback time.

  14. PISSED says:

    Why is it that the bloody Musa Safri to this day is allowed to roam free. Just drag him to the courts and get the hell out of him since has been implicated so many times.

  15. bull2009 says:

    To monsterball “WHERE HAVE MY MESSAGE GONE TO?”
    Answer: Same as Bala.

  16. machitam says:

    that’s bolehland policy. najis uses his position to protect musa safri. shit botak also not knowing what to do except ordering ISA detention of political foes. kt mayor can put pressure for city council staff to vote BN. police can oppress opposition and at the same time keep a blind eye on umno mischief. boleh lah bolehland

  17. pohyee says:

    Ini case betul buang masa sebab rakyat sudah tak minat lah.. jika nak tau mana Bala then go and tanya Dollah lah..

  18. bangsa Cina Malaysia says:

    why are their faces covered ??

    why why why so special ??

    can the judge ask them to remove their cover ?

  19. Payback Time says:

    Our PM to be guilt is craved in amount of goodwill can wash it away

  20. monsterball says:

    bull2009…Where has bala gone to?
    Sound off…Susan found my message …at tong sampah…approved and put out…hahahahahaha
    Seriously…where has bala gone to…..change name..back to India with whole family…with few RMmillion…all change names and became…indian citizen…correct..correct..correct?

  21. Kerinchi Guy says:

    i saw a picture of the two accused in today’s papers. and both still have their heads hooded.
    one of them even has got eyeholes in his hood. so not a make-shift hood. a made-to-order, as it were.

    up to now, i still do not know what they look like. do they get special consideration to have their faces covered because they are policemen? or can any of us request for the same privelege?

    this is not a frivolous question. i really would like to know what guidelines there are for matters like this. i really hope somebody can enlighten me.

  22. zztop says:

    As I have said earlier, it was really strange that these two police bums always have their faces covered whever they appeared in court.
    Something is not right here.
    In the very first place how do the court people know for sure that these are the ACTUAL two police bums.
    Or when our kangaroo court eventually free them they can have their $$$$millions and migrate to somewhere else under a different idendities. And some other in the death role will take their place instead.
    All I can say is this trial stinks from the very beginning. It was not only a complete waste of time, money, manpower. It also give the impression to the whole world that our judiciary in Bolehland are all clowns to say the least.
    The mongolian parents MUST pursue this heinous crime till the truth reveal. They must pursue and the international community must support them at all cost.

  23. Farouk says:

    Sama-samalah kita tunggu kesudahan perbicaraan kes ni. Sama ada nama Najib naik ke tak untuk disoal siasat, kena tunggu. Jika benar Najib terlibat, saya yang penyokong UMNO ni redha jika beliau dihukum. Tapi sekiranya beliau tak terlibat, Alhamdulillah sebab nama UMNO tak busuk disebabkan oleh beliau…

  24. Marina Ho says:

    “Alhamdulillah sebab nama UMNO tak busuk disebabkan oleh beliau…” – Farouk

    Hahahahahahahahahhahaha. Ahhhhhhhhh hahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahah
    a. Ahhhhhhh hahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahaha

    Sorry for the time and space here but ahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhaha

  25. ericind says:

    Farouk,dlm planet ni semua orang pun tau UMNO dah reput n busuk,hanya tinggal masa saja utk pupus..

  26. Thor says:

    Beginning of new season,Part 2/ Episode 1.
    Same director, lousy script!
    Damn boring!!!

  27. Vera says:

    Act 2 scene 1…..continue tomorrow sebab hari sudah jauh malam.Kena follow up KT by election lah!

  28. monsterball says:

    Susan…”Buah Buah Restaurant” at Central Market..closed shop. Amin Iskandar told me.
    I love the owner.

  29. storm62 says:

    my advice to farouk is to join PAS , PKR or DAP.

    otherwise many more will laugh at you….kah kah kah kah aduiiiiiiiiii hi hi hi hi hi.

    you must be a joker la, farouk!

  30. amoke says:

    Najib’s aide – Allantunya ‘s murder
    Najib’s aide – Saiful Bukhari’s ‘rape’.

    Either Najib is not controlling his aide, or he is one devious chap.

  31. Sabran Hindi says:

    Farouk dah kena suap Nasi Kangkang Rosmah aaahhh hahahahahahha… hahahahahah … hahahahahhh .. hheeeehheeeeeee .hhhhhaaaaaah hahahahahahha.. sakit perut aku ketawa hahahahaha .aaahhhahahaha hehehe hooohooooo aahhhhhaahahaha

  32. k c low says:

    How about dedicating the KT win to Altantuya? She certainly played an important role.

  33. ktteokt says:

    Now, the truth is slowly leaking out. It won’t be long when the little leak will burst into torrents and let us see who will get swept of his feet!

    This revelation is in fact a catalyst to the victory of PAS in the KT by-election. When the whole naked truth is out, I am sure we will know who the mastermind behind the killing of this poor young lady from Mongolia is! Keep digging for the truth, counsel! Justice must not only be done but seen to be done!

  34. Mamak Penang says:

    To monsterball “WHERE HAVE MY MESSAGE GONE TO?”
    Hello brother, try checking the jungles at Bukit Jelutong,
    probably c4ed.

  35. Open sky says:

    It seemed that they had their stories all nicely woven into a believable mesh. I won’t be surprised that Azilah will also be found not guilty.

    Sirul in due course will say that he had dropped off Aminah in some corner of malaysia and had left her. Who did she meet ? Azilah had planted a seed to be sprouted later by Sirul.

    Remember the key to defence is to cast doubt. Our prosecutor, btw is part of the defence team.

  36. JEFFRY BONG says:

    Hello Malaysians .Do we have a conscious.?How can he deny the undeniable and defend the indefensible??
    This is another tragic illustrations of how rotten our system is perhaps more will be forth comming. GWMU always.

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