MCA is in Kuala Terengganu to suss out the needs of the Chinese community there?

Only now? If there is NO by election in KT, will we see their faces there?

I could say the same for all the parties making a big-hoo haa in the by-election campaign.

I was around there to interview the Chinese community somewhere in 2001, when the state was under PAS rule. They were quite a happy lot as long as they could do their business and carry on with their rituals.

But then I see the media reports and Chinese guild leaders are telling the community “not to bite the hands that feeds”.

Huh? Don’t the Chinese community have a right to all the goodies the government can give?

But isn’t this a kind of bribe by the government to woo the Chinese voters as well?

Arghhh..they do it all the time anyway! Has the Election Commission NOTHING to say about this?

Source: Malaysiakini: Don’t bite the hands that feed you?

For this by-election campaign alone, a cursory look at the federal and state government pledges and distributions specific to the Chinese community total in excess of RM12 million, according to media reports over the past week.

The most significant allocation took place on Jan 5, a day before nomination day, where the state government distributed about RM2.7 million in cash to about 9,000 needy and elderly Chinese.

The RM200 to RM300 handout per person is an annual event which usually happens either a week before or after Chinese New Year.

(So why is this happening so early this year?)

Menteri Besar Ahmad Said has thus far pledged RM3.3 million for the construction of a hall for the Chinese community in Bukit Kecil, with the ground breaking ceremony slated for Jan 13.

(What perfect timing as well!)

The state government further approved RM2.8 million for the refurbishing of the sole Chinese school in Kuala Terengganu, SJK (C) Chung Hwa Wei Sin. The school’s brass band will receive another RM200,000.

(Oh, wish there is a by-election every month!)

Another RM110,000 was allocated to 40 Chinese religious organisations.

(Even religious organisations are being bribed?)

In addition to the allocations from the state government, the state MCA has obtained federal allocation worth RM205,000 for two temples while Education Minister Hishamuddin Hussien on Jan 5 announced a RM2,926,000 allocation for 10 Chinese schools in the state.

(Really good news for mother tongue education!)

Now, what can PKR and DAP let alone PAS has to offer the Chinese community in KT?


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  1. wandererAUS says:

    It is both, Bribe and Threat used by UMNO-BN. It is not unusual and anticipated. The same old dirty formula, the same old scums practicing what they do best, just to clinch on to power.
    Chinese New Year comes early to the electorates in kampong cina. The response is also the same old tune, take the ‘red packet’ but, vote the Opposition…only this time demand more!

  2. rider says:

    For the past forty years this nation was run on bribes and threats only. If the chinese guilds still dont want to wake up, then, we dont know, how? To wake persons who PRETEND to sleep!

  3. Well…. its Free money! Who won’t take???
    All these millions… Where is it comming from & who approved it?
    Its the rakyat’s money…. right???

    Isn’t it against the law to do all these before election???

    Why wait for election time only then BN starts moving their arse..?

    For 50 years they have been giving out ‘sweets’! After that nothing works…!

    I hope the KT people are not so easily swayed…
    Yes..! Money is everything & it will also be used up along the way.

    Just take the money but vote wisely yah..!

  4. jsss says:

    Yes, you are right Chiew. Just take the money and vote wisely. That’s all about it.

  5. caravanserai says:

    BN talks about culture of fear
    Amongst the people if they vote differently
    This is what we don’t want BN
    It is always them nobody matters

    BN talks about poor economy
    Running into the country
    It is always them nobody matters
    In the affairs of the people

    BN never wants to talk
    About their mismanagement
    About the corruption and cronies
    About wealth going to preference people

    BN doesn’t talk about dual laws
    Using the Police to do their dirty work
    On one hand BN talks about obeying laws
    Then BN does the opposite of instructions

    Vote for BN vote for fear
    Vote for BN vote for losing wealth
    Vote for BN vote for miscarriage of justice
    Vote for BN vote for losing liberty

    So vote wisely
    The future of the country
    It is in your hands
    You can make the difference
    For the future of your generations

  6. kittykat46 says:

    Take the money. After all, it doesn’t belong to Barisan Nasional. Vote wisely…

  7. amoker says:

    That money is my money. The UMNO chap give it away so easily for what?
    Those are bribes and surely, the EC will not do anything.

  8. kplee says:

    The rakyat of KT must wake up to reality. The current bunch of politicians in BN are greedy, arrogant to the core, liars and racialistic to say the least.
    All they care about is $$$$$$$$!!!!
    Time to kick them out in KT.
    Vote for PKR/PAS/DAP. Go, go, go.

  9. cilipadi says:

    All the while, I only mention ’someone’, but since this ’someone’ can ‘rasa pedas’ now, I shall refer him as the infamous ‘monsterball’.

    I have achieved my aim in blogosphere, i.e. to entice him show his ‘tail’ that he hides so well all the time.

    Not only his tail, his face is all over in blogosphere and people’s perception on him is one of ‘unreasonable’, a ‘mole’ planted and so on….

    Monsterball is a lonely guy want to ‘poke at people’s asses’, so to make people quarrel with him in blogosphere, so he doesn’t feel lonely, but, is this the role he plays? Think about it.

    If you people want, I shall give you further tips to korek his smelly hole. At the meantime, I have achieved what I wanna achieve, unless you people want more from me.

    Thank you for being so patient with me and monsterball, you are a nice guy. Sorry if I inconvenient you, Justin. (Monsterball never know how to say sorry one for shitting around your house)

    monsterball MAKAN CILI, monsterball RASA PEDAS.

    January 12, 2009 1:13 PM

    (read Justin Choo blog for story)

  10. ericind says:

    Ya,it’s carrot or stick,BN dirty old trick,

  11. Thor says:

    Whatever they give, just take it.
    No harm on doing that!
    Just show them that money cannot buy everything.
    When the time comes, just mark an “X” next to the moon.
    Maybe next time, they’ll learn that we people are not that easy to be bribe.

  12. ktteokt says:

    Actually, the most important thing for MCA to do now is to stand up against UMNO and tell them off to regain the dignity of Malaysian Chinese. For the past half a century, MCA has been NEGOTIATING with and PAMPERING UMNO so much that all the rights and dignity of the Malaysian Chinese was traded for the advancement of the big shots in MCA! So instead of representing the Chinese voice in Malaysia, MCA has in fact sold out the Chinese for the miserable handouts by UMNO!

    Just look at the case of Ahmad Ismail, the fanatic who “stepped” over the Chinese in Malaysia and whose “machai” openly tore up the photograph of KSK in Penang! If MCA had just a little bit of dignity left in them, they should demand that this idiot apologize publicly and not wait for UMNO to just impose such a lenient sentence as suspending his membership for three years. In fact, after suspending him for three years, his “mutt” face still appeared at several functions! So what kind of suspension is this?

  13. Jean (of X-Men) says:

    “…….Ahmad Ismail, the fanatic who “stepped” over the Chinese in Malaysia and whose “machai” openly tore up the photograph of KSK…..”- ktttekot

    hey bro, actually, I am enjoyin the action. I am free for all on this. Kho tsu Khoon’s face is like a “ham sap lo”. he he. 8P

  14. A true Malaysian says:

    KTK said in KT ceramah,


    This is what reported in Malaysiakini Chinese edition

    roughly, in a sad mood, KTK said BN has learned its lesson since 308, and wish KT voters will give another chance to BN. If BN can’t perform after that, voters can reject BN by the next GE, and BN will willingly accept.

    My comment : can we trust KTK? can we trust BN? For me, a big NO.

  15. johanssm / khun Pana says:

    I do hope that ahmad bin racist the cincin besar fella will turns up in KT and shreds pics of KTK…again.
    And i do hope that ali bin ketam of Malacca will turns up in KT saying that umno do NOT need the support of the non malays.
    We are still waiting for Kurang aJar the son in law and hamsupmuddin to brandish their rusty kris in front of the KT voters.

  16. CKLEE says:

    I hope the rubbish in KT collected and disposed of every day, unlike the rubbish in Klang (see for photos).

  17. stcin says:

    DUN GIVE the sial bn anymore kuasa to close down CHINESE medium schools, OK !!


  18. billauchris says:

    I was really disappointed and dismayed at the highly illogical and poorly associated Monday 12 January 2009 NST Headlines, which reads, “No unity means no political stability and no political stability means that we are all in trouble…Funds will flow out to other markets if there is instability in our country” The statement was purportedly made by DPM Najib Razak in his campaign speech in Kuala Trengganu on Sun 11 Jan 2009.

    My comment is that the prevailing racial disunity and disharmony and therefore instability (if any) were mainly caused by the BN Government through its ingeniously engineered and discriminatory social economic politics during the past 50 years?

    Don’t you think the Rakyat realise or know that money had been siphoned out of the country regardless whether there was stability in the country or utherwise?

    Talk is meaningless. Rhetorics during election campaigns are fast forgotten after the results are announced. They remain in the limbo until the next election.

    So my friends in KT, do not be influenced by all these sugar coated speeches.

    Ask the BN Government where the previous royalties from Petronas had gone to? Had they been squandered and siphoned out?

    Malaysia was described as a healthy cow. The BN leaders have been milking it for the past 50 years and the cow will soon be deplete of milk. They will then go for its flesh and thereafter surrender the bones to the Rakyat.

    So vote wisely at the coming by-election. Ensure that the person you vote for is able to stop this “milking and squandering” and help the people to progress.

    “Devided, We Fall”, bellowed the DPM. BN is devided. They are falling and fall fast they will, if they continue to be avaricious, selfish and arrogant.

    Good Luck to you BN. Until and unless you change your policies to benefit all races, you are going to fall soon.

  19. machitam says:

    billauchris said “Malaysia was described as a healthy cow. The BN leaders have been milking it for the past 50 years and the cow will soon be deplete of milk. They will then go for its flesh and thereafter surrender the bones to the Rakyat.”

    very nicely put…

    and i think, the rakyat were worked to milk the cow, they rip away the milk and enjoy themselves..and tell the rakyat …” we are the hands that feed you….and don’t bite!

  20. bangsa Cina Malaysia says:

    WHY ??

  21. Anak Malaysia says:

    President Bush is leaving a bankrupt country for Obama after passing a US 700 Billion bailout package.Now the incoming president says that he needs US 1 Trillion to fix the economy in 2009. I am sure another 1.5 Trillion will be needed to fix the economy in 2010. Dopes this sound like a Ponzi Scheme. I am beginning to get worried.

  22. mohd ali ismail says:

    Under BN rule Malaysia lost Singapore and the latest is Batu Putih.Why?They are so busy and obsessed fattening their pockets that they forget to do their homework.Our money depreciates in value despite Malaysia is rich in natural resources.The richer gets richer and the poor gets poorer.51 years under BN the majority of the Malays are left so far behind in term of economy and those Malays that are seen to be wealthy are their cronies who get APs,grants and loans in millions of Ringgit that they need’nt have to pay back.Malay voters in KT must deny BN this time around of victory for the sake of our future generations,unless we want to submit to them to be slaves.Privatisations of Government assets are indications of their intention to control nation’s economy which fall in the hands of the have and what happen to the have-nots.The rest of us will only be their slaves.That’s what Feudalism is all about thus the “KETUANAN MELAYU”.They will the TUAN.

  23. monsterball says:

    Exactly the same style at Permatang Pauh…..UMNO is applying.
    MCA to accuse DAP on Islamic religion matter.
    Lots and lots of ‘ang pow’ given to voters…by UMNO.
    RPK made a very good speech to tell the receivers…they are getting the money stolen from them….so accept but do not feel grateful to UMNO.
    6000 policemen….standing by …to change clothes as ordinary phantom voters……so said RPK.
    Najib’s future depend on winning this by election.
    The dead UMNO man was so popular…yet he won by 600+ votes.
    Many predict more than 50% Chinese voters will support oppositions. If so…no reason….PAS cannot win.
    Lets see….how wise and far sighted..Terengganu voters are.
    So far…everyone I talk to…even UMNO members…all said PAS will win.
    PAS looses…no big deal….as just a by-election and seat was UMNO’s in the first place.
    But if PAS wins…that argurs well with voters….wanting change of government from all walks of life….and briberies will not work …..just like in Permatang Pauh.

  24. mesoso says:

    yes..let’s take take take…and then we vote vote vote..(PAS, that is…) hehe


  25. jkoena says:

    Not to bite the hands that feeds? These are the dirtiest hands that only fed those plundering umno scums. The people must bite and mutilate these satanic umno hands that plunders and squanders!

  26. jonathan says:

    The MCA OKT has already said that this ‘buy-election’… I mean by-election is not a report card for the MCA. Which means, you KT folks views mean nothing to MCA. He’s using his china-apek ‘instinct’ to play his mahjong right. If BN lose or win, it makes no diff to MCA as they are interested in bigger issues. See ‘OTK thinks KT voters don’t matter to MCA’ http://www.jonathan66-my.blogspot

  27. ktteokt says:

    Did OTK forget that MCA is riding in the same boat with UMNO? If the boat sinks, you think MCA will survive?????

  28. ericind says:

    MCA drowned,OTK becomes ORANG TALAK KERJA..

  29. billauchris says:

    As a Chinese I must say that I have lost all confidence in MCA and respect for its leadership who is more concerned with enriching their pockets than the social welfare of the Chinese Community.

    The leadership is less forgiving and vindictive in their approach to human relations. Let us look at the last MCA general election; in which Dr Chua Soi Lek won the Deputy President position. But he is not being appointed as a Minister because of the sexual misadventure he committed. The person who pitted against him lost the election but still hangs on to the ministerial position. What sort of democracy is the President trying to prove to the people? I am ashamed of his misgivings.

    Until you can show that as a president you should be pragmatic and one who stands by certain noble principles and values, you cannot expect the community to forgive you for long. What injustice you did and do to your fellow member will be boomeranged back to you one day by the community and your association.

    You have the power by virtue of your position but that power is already tainted with decay and corruption.

    MCA, you have better change or else you will be displaced by the community that voted you into power.

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