Once again the HERALD is being used to cause discord between Muslims and Christians in Malaysia. Just so the UMNO government could show its Muslim-ness, and what an appropriate time as well.

There’s a by-election happening in the East Coast town of Kuala Terengganu. What better way to whip up religious sentiments, as the candidates would need to thrive on it to outdo each other.

While it becomes more and more unclear why the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts continues to happen, it becomes more and more apparent that the issues happening there, so far away, is being used to 

Who are we to believe? Deborah Chong or Tian Chua in the case of “UMNO is like Israel, says Anwar” (Ibrahim), Pakatan Rakyat and PKR Supremo.

And I don’t believe, as Malaysiakini puts it, that PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi went early to KT to stop the infighting in the UMNO. He seemed to created more havoc.

If his intention was to unite the different camps, why attack former PM Mahathir Mohammad, as “irrelevant”, as reported by Malaysian Insider?

As you can see I am really annoyed as to what is happening in KT – who is the real KT candidate?

Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh (BN), (PAS) Mohd Abdul Wahid Endut or (Independent) Azharuddin Mamat @ Adam?

Or is it – Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Mahathir Mohammad or Anwar Ibrahim?

 and what are the real issues?

Palestine, Israel or Kuala Terengganu?

I sympathise with the people of KT, just like the HERALD, you are all scapegoats of the mighty!


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  1. stcin says:

    GO ! tell it on the mountains,
    over the hills & everywhere,
    GO ! tell it on the mountains,
    let my people GO ( free ) !!

    Sing it ppl ! if u r in ipoh ,welcome to ccc, canning garden for singing oldies on every tues & friday at 10am ,IT’S free, ok !! SELAMAT DATANG .

  2. stcin says:

    i’m betting ipohkopiputih on PAS=PR with 10k majority, any taker !?

  3. […] Who are the real candidates in the KT by-election? « *SUSAN LOONE … As you can see I am really annoyed as to what is happening in KT – who is the real KT candidate? Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh (BN), (PAS) Mohd Abdul Wahid Endut or (Independent) Azharuddin Mamat @ Adam? Or is it – Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, … *SUSAN LOONE’s Blog* – https://sloone.wordpress.com/ Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)P 36 Kuala Terengganu – Picture Of Raja Petra Kamaruddin Here – So Najib’…hari penamaan calon,P.036 Parlimen Kuala TerengganuWho is better? DrM or Pak Lah?PKR dan PAS Selangor akan Bergabung Tenaga Memastikan Kemenangan P.036 […]

  4. Without us, (the voters) there’ll be no candidate. We ARE their dependents…!!!

    Badawi called Dr. Mahatir “irrelevant” coz our Ex PM said BN candidate for KT was wrong…!

    So our PM lagi malu lah…! Moreover he’s being kicked out, disrespected, unwanted, etc…., by BN & UMNO. This adds more salt while he’s still licking his wounds….!

    If you & I were to say PM made wrong choice for KT, it WON’T be on any media. Who r we man..?

    But be’coz its Tun Dr. Mahatir & the most reconized person, that’s why all of him stands-out…!

    U c…! Dr. Mahatir is extreamly upset & dissapointed with the way Malaysia is being ruled. In the end we, the rakyat ARE the sufferes..!

    Dr. Mahatir picked his successor.

    The rakyat didn’t had any chances to vote…!

  5. wandererAUS says:

    Hey sloone, you for forgot one more little creep!
    The man from the ‘beggar party’, the self proclaimed champion of the Chinese community tries to chip in?
    My advice to OTK, when elephants fight, little mouse stays off…just look after your bloated wallet!

  6. chris chong says:

    stcin, do you know something called ‘phatom vote’ & ‘postal vote’? they can come out from nowhere.

  7. ericind says:

    Real candidate?Najis the mongolian,he says this is a do or die battle..

  8. deekay says:

    If you watch the video on DSAI’s ceramah at Malaysiakini, you may find whether Debra Chong or Tian Chua is speaking the truth.

    I watch it and he did not say UMNO=Israel..

  9. Maverick Observer says:

    Dear Susan, I hope you allow my freedom of opinion and if this goes under moderation, please release it (this piece of commentary) soon. However, it is solely my opinion and at no material time represent anything that you opine (unless otherwise stated by you), or agree.

    NOW READ THIS : During the course of conflict (the invasion of troops by Israel) at Gaza fighting Hamas terrorist (YES, TERRORISTS, the Hezbollah (another terrorists groups) who controls South Lebanon pledges moral support for Hamas and all Palestinian and read this carefully, the averred that they will not be involved in this war (to support Hamas).

    Sometime yesterday, Northen Israel was attacked by rockets by Hezbollah terrorists as of Southern Israel by Hamas.

    For you all MPS, and everyone who condemned Israel for “breaching” onto Gaza as “crime against humanity”, will the same standards of condemnation be applied to the Hezbollah in Lebanon before it triggered another war????????

    Just one question : Will you fight back in someone
    attacked you at your home?????????

    Shame on those one-sided-detractors who slammed Israel for the it’s military actions and silent on
    Hams’ and Hezbollah’s “dirty-war” on Israel.

    Long live Israel for every enenies who used all sorts of dirty game on you and their supporters
    who abet these terrorists who only wanted to see the annihilation of Israelis rot in the core of HELL!!!

  10. Richard Loh says:


    Your blog is playing the dancing game again. They like to dance from left to right and right to left…lol

    There is no candidates for the KT by-election. Its just, you want to change or you do not. You want change you know where to put the cross.

  11. My2cen says:

    Welcome back, Susan!

    I think the real candidate is Najib, A vote for BN is a vote for Najib as PM. Am not sure current PM is there is unite, if UMNO is divided, PM can extend his shelf life…

  12. Fi-sha says:

    Dear Susan, the real candidate to be ‘vanquished’ is the guy haunted by a dead interpreter

  13. kittykat46 says:

    Hi Susan,
    Welcome back…to 2009.

    KT is a referendum of sorts for Najib vs. Anwar.

    Pak Lah, like Dubya, is a very lame duck. Can you imagine, he turned up in KT with the excuse “he’s quite free”?!. I suppose he IS quite free these days…

  14. I just don’t like it when people use religion to gain political mileage.

  15. LHHENG says:

    We must kick these BN bums out completely in this by-election for the good of the country. They have already done enough damage to the country and rakyat in terms of race, religion and corruptions in particular.
    These bums are now using the Middle East issues and releigion to confuse the voters.
    I hope the non-malays especially the chinese should ignore MCA bums completely. They have lose all the credibility to represent their own community. They are just running dogs for Umno.
    Go vote for PKR for the future of your love ones.

  16. Yeah. MCA sucks. They are irrelevant to us Chinese. No real power, no real ability to make any difference whatsoever. I prefer DAP anyday, anytime.

  17. Yeah, MCA is useless, they are not relevant to the Chinese community at all. I prefer DAP anyday, anytime.

  18. AP Birthday to Rafizah Aziz says:


    Both your posting appeared before my comment, I can agree with your rationality anytime of anyday.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous says….

    Remove UMNO from Power will make some sense as both the present PM & the PM in waiting is tainted with corruption and murder respectively. Now the Education Minister is joining the insanity with another irrelevant issue with his arrogance.

    Vote for the opposition in KT so that UMNO will now be removed from Power as this is the referendum of Narjis for the PM in waiting.

    All KT voters & residents please do not forget the Billions in Wang Ehsan from Petronas had been squandered by the present PM and his SIL Khairy on the white elephants like the Crystal Mosque and Mariner Yacht Club.

  20. ericind says:

    So this $$$$$ BN/UMNO Start to lobby KT chinese voter by giving Rm200/300 to each of them,folks,if you want ANG POW in advance,better go to KT now.

  21. stcin says:

    chris, do u take ipohwhitekopi !?

  22. stcin says:

    edu mentri : ” guru2 & murid2, get ready to ‘protest & demonstrate’ against the evil Isreal, this is an order !!”

  23. kittykat46 says:

    This is the same regime which earlier said children shouldn’t be used for political purposes.

    Are they going to charge KerisHisham under the Child Act for abuse ?

  24. billauchris says:

    Islamophobia has blinded UMNOputras and caused undue fears and disunity among the non-Malay population in the country. Let us continue to maintain our psychological and emotive poise at all times and not be influenced and affected by the various deliberate distractions created from time to time by the various bigotted mullahs of UMNO and BN Government with a view to fomenting inter-racial acrimony and inter-religious enmity among adherents of the principal religions in the country.

    Please do not exploit and blame Herald for your selfish political motives and weaknesses. The weekly will continue, I pray, to disseminate and inform readers the societal “Truths” facing the people in particular and the nation in general. Truths may hurt but they have the effect of setting the people free.

    Let the KT by-election be another defining moment of truth for UMNO and BN. In my view, the people will cast their votes according to their conscience and how well the people of Malaysia have been treated and cared for by the BN Government during the past 50 years.

    BN is heading towards rapid extinction. PR shall be the rising star for the future.

  25. third vote says:

    While the wrestling of powers is going on in KT, Dap is quietly taking over the driver seat from MCA….

    Dap is just another MCA period.

    Where is local council election?

    Why Wearing songkok in State ceremony?

    Spending rakyats’ money like water.

    Dap is an eunuch dynastic party which is more dangerous than the other MCA traitors.

    Dap and Mca traitors should be sent to Kemunting eating crabs. These craps are just obsolete in Bolehland.

  26. third vote says:

    Pas is no different from Taliban.

    While they are powerless, they can say all the beautiful things.

    But when they are in power, they will start bombing all the Buddha and Hindus statues like what the Talibans did in Afghanistan.

    By carrying out such action, those turbine die-hard can then be rewarded with 69 virgins from Heaven.

    There will be no lack of PAs supporters.

    Pas boleh, Umno also boleh. Why is the discrepancy?

  27. third vote says:

    LKS is a bad leader for the opposition.

    LKS is ignorant to the rule of law and by practicing nepotism, cronyism, bodekism, cakap tak serupa begin, lks is destroying Bolehland.

    This Lks is no different from Bodolah, a 1 term politician State government.

    Lks has been stumping like a nomad from one state to another state just to seek greener pasture.

    Lks is just not suitable to be involved in politics.

    If Lks has any conscience and dignity, Lks should jump into Muar, Malacca, Perak river or Penang ocean from Penang bridge.

    His son and dil can follow suit.

  28. third vote says:

    Mahathir the Mamakputra is a mamak immigrating to Bolehland from Kerala.

    How can he be a Bumiputra enjoying exclusively all the privileges meant for the poor Malayputras, Cinaputras and Indiaputras?

    Mahathir should be in Kemunting. If the law is not applying to him, why wasting tax payers’ money to elect law-enacting man?

    Mahathir has been looting Bolehland at his whims and fancies.

    Just looking at the Highway Toll contracts, Mahathir sure knows how to squeeze every drop of sweat and blood from the rakyat without mercy and blinking an eye.

    Bolehland needs an over-all change of the entire land structure, not a mere overhaul could rectify by those politicians who have been screwing Bolehland util it’s a totally useless and obsolete state.

  29. ninku02 says:

    hurm..i’m thinking of like that also..but we can’t predict of what’s gonna happened there.But it seems like this KT election not as hot as the previous small election.is both party’s over confident of their winning?

  30. ericind says:

    third vote,you must be a sourgrape from the defeated n jilted useless GERAKAN gang,u say PAS,DAP,LKS,MCA are craps,practicing nepotism,cronyism,cakap tak serupa bikin,bodek,who the hell in this world do not know all these morrons r from BN/UMNO N including thier machai like mca gerakan,mic etc.dont twist the facts or u drowned urself jumping from penang bridge.

  31. Kawan says:

    third vote, are you a BN government or via thier agent/s employed agent?

  32. kittykat46 says:

    third vote, have you ever visited Kelantan ?

    Near the main road from Kota Bahru to Tumpat is the largest statue of the sitting Buddha in the country. Build mostly with donations from the Chinese community from all over Malaysia, it was officiated in 2000, with Nik Aziz in attendance.

    It sits right in the middle of a Malay kampung.
    Its huge – no way you can miss it.

    Compare that to the numerous conditions and obstacles which the BN government for years placed against the Penang Chinese community’s efforts to build the Kuan Yin statue in Air Hitam. And this was in a state where Gerakan was theoretically in power. I emphasise the word “theoretically”.

    I have very few problems with PAS’s record of respect for non-Muslim religious rights.

  33. ericind says:

    third vote,PAS/NIK AZIZ TOK GURU never in his life call malaysian chinese PENDATANG.only UMNO goons like AHMAD ISMAIL mamak import did that,u understand?

  34. ericind says:

    n if u r a gerakan member,i really ashame of u,gerakan is a no self respect n no dignity party,after KTK S photo being torn n stepped by umno goons,they still have the thick cheek smiling at umno.ask a guy of gerakan to tear BODOHWI’s photo,dont u dare?

  35. Bodohwi says:

    Well srue, why not. If you slap me on the left side of my face, I will turn to my right and implore you to slap harder. If you steal my car, I will ask you to steal my house, and if you decided to steal my wife, that of coz depends, hahaha. Funny isn’t it?

  36. ericind says:

    BODOHWI,well say,but zzzzzzz bedtime..

  37. Bodohwi says:

    Yes ericind, I always slept during meetings, sitting with my big ass on the big plane, and “screwed-up” some of the country’s coffers, but I am not killer.

    Hey, he (you know who), is too powerful and supported by the powerful grassroots like MM. I tried my best, but like others say if I am in UK, my best achievement would be a clerk but here he appointed me not because I am able to lead this country but because he thought I could be his puppet, I “screw it up”, but trust me, I am no evil man.

    So please go the petition online readied by Haris Ibrahim and put your name on it. At least maybe, come next election, BN is screwed dead. Good aye?


  38. Bodohwi says:

    Why was Charles Santiago arrested for holding a candlelight vigil for the Palestinians and for the Tamils in Sri Lanka???? Why the same standards of arrest does not apply to Mahathir Mohamad, Khairy J. who hold mass protests for the Palestinian cause???

    The truth is that – they (UMNO ) don’t really care for the Palestinians, eh? Correct, ya??

  39. third vote says:


    I am just an ordinary rakyat trying to live a normal life in Bolehland.

    Me no gerakan member/supporter. The downfall of KTK & the saliva babbler was a direct result of what my and many others consistent comments in the blogsphere.

    Can’t you not see the talibanic Pas & dynastic Dap are detrimental to our lives? And our children?

  40. zztop says:

    From on blogger on our UMNO pea brain, arrogant baldie toad:-
    In other words, ISA is used to brainwash some one lah, until they decided to return to the original path. If that’s the case those in power who are so obnoxious and morally corrupt beyond help politicuans should be held under ISA because it has proven to be effective in liberating politically delinquent minds. If it is so effective, these politicians should sign up for this motivation camp. Trust me, politicians need this program more than any one else, not citizens who are disgruntled with the national policies.
    It is amazing Bolehland has such a dumb dumb to head an important ministry like HM.

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