altantuya-najib-should-tell-all-instead-of-bits-and-piecesFrom Ijok, to Permatang Pauh and now Kuala Terengganu, Altantuya travels to meet Najib Tun Razak. I don’t think she will ever leave him, not in this life or next.Why does the police interfere by arresting the five PAS-PKR Youth who put up her posters?

Yes, apparently the posters are to welcome Najib, as BN’s election campaign director to Kuala Terengganu. Well, Najib is a man, and I do not think he would mind “a pretty face”. But what about Dotty, Najib’s wife?  Looks like the police is trying to please “The Mrs.”

Of course, I could also look at it in another way. The police interference in the poster issue has brought the matter to national attention. Now everyone is reminded again about Altantuya. Thank you, PDRM.

Two of the PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) colleagues (accused of Altantuya’s murder) is awaiting the gallows in prison. So this case is far from over.

It would be good to give them a hand instead of  protecting Najib, the KT by-election campaign director 9who failed miserably in Permatang Pauh not too long ago!

With things heating up on the Altantuya level, makes me wonder, will Najib be swearing in the Mosque or Quran again that he does not know and was never involved with Altantuya?

Fariz: Altantuya is still a relevant issue

(abstract from Malaysiakini)

Commenting on the matter, the PKR Terengganu youth chief said the investigation on them is a clear attempt to intimidate party members in the run-up to the Kuala Terengganu by-election.

“They are trying to intimidate us. This shows how desperate the authorities are when it comes to the Altantuya issue.

“Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is scared and our arrest shows that the issue is still relevant and we will continue to highlight this matter,” Fariz said.

Yesterday, the police confiscated about 50 posters when arresting the five. The posters carried a picture of Altantuya on a pink background, without any wordings.

Fariz had told reporters yesterday that the posters were put up as a ‘reminder’ to the public about the scandals associated with Altantuya’s murder.

“We want to welcome Najib (to Kuala Terengganu). We want to remind him of the ghost of Altantuya,” he had said.


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  1. yesterday the PKR supported only paste the Altatunya picture also kena tahan with Akta Hasutan!!!


    Berita-Berita Terkini P36 Kuala Terengganu

  2. Richard Loh says:

    Unofficial law by umno for umno only.

    “You can commit any crime you like and you will not be guilty of it so long as you swear on the holy book stating that you are not guilty”

  3. wandererAUS says:

    If these UMNO scums can use ASSful on the big screen, why can’t PR
    use Altantuya on the posters. For a start, Altantuya is more pleasing to look at, rather than, looking at a liar and a shameless snake.
    No problem for PM in waiting to swear on the Quran. For that matter,
    he will not, shy away swearing over his late old man’s grave, if asked to.
    Where has this smiling tiger any conscience?!

  4. hawkeye says:

    Richard is right,you don’t have to live by the quaran in UMNO Bahru you can deny your evil misdeeds by swaring over it

  5. Ajajal says:

    look like for self protection it is good to carry a Quaran all the time. You can get away from court when you swear on It may only be practical only to UMNO guys not the rest i suppose. The PM in waiting has lead the way on how to use the swearing.

    Again I carry with me photos of my guru it is a crime? IGP please enlighten.

  6. vandross says:

    Give it a rest u guy…..

  7. LHHeng says:

    How nice. If I am a criminal and i swear that I did not do it I am ok. We do not need any courts to try criminals. And here, we have our up and coming PM who set a great EXAMPLE.
    Only can happen in Bolehland la. I swear!!

  8. zztop says:

    Great to have you back Susan. We really miss you.
    I would like to hear our up and coming great PM swear again this time on the Mongolian woman murder. It would be interesting.
    If one did not do it, why need to swear and bring religious issue into the scenario. Just move on and do your job. Since his swearing, something is not alright about his motives. Also do not forget his great buddy, that Razak bum. Must make sure he is brought to court again. I dont believe this bum at all.

  9. Swear at Crystal Mosque says:

    Swear at Crystal Mosque this time? Probably

  10. monsterball says:

    Najib is a welknown womaniser.
    But he plans his outings.. very carefully…not to be noticed.
    The only time he was caught with his pants down with a woman…is the Highland Tower tragedy…where he was have sex and tower came tumbling down.
    He was lucky to be at low floor.. jumped out and escape death.
    Will he swear by the Koran again?
    A drowning man…caught a straw…survived…put his enemy into ISA..did not work… ghost haunt him again..will do anything to fool Malaysians.
    Money is the main reason…he is not guilty.
    Justice can step aside..where money is all powerful.

  11. khalid says:

    hidup hadhari!

  12. kluangman says:

    Who cares !!

  13. ericind says:

    Khalid,wat do u meant hidup hadhari?looks like u r 1 of this sleepy idiot.

  14. Sure…………! Can swear again! When would you all like it done again???

    The time when he sweared, he chose his words very carefully. So that he was swearing the truth!

    Anybody can put up or up load the swearing…??

    There IS soooo…….. much injustice done in the Altantuya case & the guilty ones are flying the coop!
    And when one becomes PM……. habis lah !!!!!!!

    He’ll just wipe off the case & send us Malaysians to jail!

    He’s just playing his & wife’s cards right till he becomes PM !!!

    PKR must win…!

  15. Let us just keep ‘Dotty’ in waiting until her dying days !
    Najib can also swear that he wants to be the next P.M. until the moon
    turns green, maybe UMNO will find another half breed or another pariah
    Mahathir instead. More than half of UMNO is half breeds after all, the ‘Malays’ (Indonesians really they are) may not have enough the pea brain needed to be the next P.M..
    I am repeating myself here but to these corrupted politicians I would have to least they would forget and to pariah Mahathir he is an Indian
    and soon he would die as an Indian !

  16. monsterball says:

    yea..who cares!

  17. Thor says:

    The world have been played out.
    The people have been played out.
    Muslims around the world have been played out.
    By a bunch of self styled muslims,who strayed away from its teaching.
    That’s why you see alot of suicide bombers who kill mostly of their own brothers,instead of their enemy.
    In Malaysia,we do have different kind of “muslim”,who could go against any teaching in order to gain riches or power.
    This type of people really make god look stupid and some could even treat themselves as new generation prophet.
    What a “wonderful” world!!!

  18. Thor says:

    ‘We are weak. Our soul is weak. Let’s pray to God to give us victory. Let’s all pray to ask God to give us confidence to battle this election,’ says Najib.

    Who is your god,anyway???

  19. Swear swear swear, swearing is more powerful than the law apparently. I believe Altantuya will be given justice someday, and the perpetrator be brought to justice despite all swearing and denying.

  20. My dear (Mighty) Thor,

    You are right, absolutely right.

    If a man go to the extend of having a “dark-hand” in a murder case and prevaricated from being fully exonerated from a Royal Commission of Enquiry which is never formed due to his top position and power-current in the Government, how could he ever respect for a God, any God!!!!!!!!??????

    Susan, I am the one who ever tell you that if you ever come to my city, never hesitate to contact me, if you remember who I am……

  21. chris chong says:

    our justice system is already a laughing stock to the world. let’s throw it out the window and have the i swear system!!!

    then the piles and piles of court cases can be done in a day!!! yahoo!!!

  22. bebek says:

    I wonder when can she (Altantuya Shaaribu) rest in peace???

  23. Thor says:

    Altantuya will never, never rest in peace as long as BN rules!!!

  24. elvieho says:

    Future PM of malaysia

    We have not forgotten what you did to aminah

  25. Dr. Strange says:

    Susan began flushing out even moderate commenteries?????? Wow…

    I agree with you Thor on your January 7, 2009 at 6:38 pm post.

  26. kittykat46 says:

    The police are now arresting people just for putting up pictures of Altantuya…even if there is not political slogan accompanying it…

    Just one more “Thou shall not” in this country.
    You cannot light a candle in a public place
    You cannot wear a No To ISA T-Shirt (I wore one anyway last weekend…don’t give a F**k)

  27. Scott Thong says:

    If so, it will the first time Nutjib does so… Remember that previously, he cunningly said he did not know ‘the Mongolian woman’… Which can also mean anyone from P.Khuslenzaya to Genghis Khan’s maid.

  28. irika says:

    Wonder, if one pasted up the pictures of other women murdered in Malaysia, will that person also get Akta Hasutan or not???
    If not, then why double standard??

  29. spicygoat says:

    we keep accursed people as our leaders, who are we? cursed too..! we all should exorcise this shaitan out of our system.
    And the ONLY way to do it is to ‘resist the devil and it shall flee -James 4:7’ at the nearest opportunity..! me and rider signed petition at 29 and 30, and we canvassed for many more, the least we could do for now, but let’s keep the fire burning till GE13 and beyond!!

  30. to monsterball from Captain Malaysia says:

    I agree with Monsterball’s monday, January 6, 2009 posts that najib is a womanizer. Don’t forget that he ever slept with ZZ and those (9) Jabatan Agama Officers who conducted the raid at the hotel-room which the said crime under Islamic law was prescribed on Muslims in Malaysia were sacked. THis is a blatant power-play by Najib and his cohorts.


    If you go to MPH bookstore, look for a book written from investigative research by Hishamuddin Rais (spelling??) and you will find it interesting. I din not buy the book as what Raja Petra said MIGHT BE TRUE (or to a certain extent worthwhile, presumed to be true coz there was never any investigations or whuitewash-investigations) that 99% of allegations in Malaysia are true.

  31. stcin says:

    my fren from the air force said this dxx has had FUN with a woman ( bukan rose ) in the jet !!

  32. stcin says:

    dpm, will your allah ( oops, sorry…i non muslim
    cannot use ) …your god hear u !?

  33. mohd ali ismail says:

    If at all the info is corek,corek,corek,then,
    this maniac has misused the jet for his lust.Whose jet he was using,Governments?

  34. ktteokt says:

    Being a “multi-believer” himself, I think it would be better if he “chopped the rooster’s head” for swearing this time! This is the way Chinese, especially those of Taoist belief, swear!

  35. stcin says:

    air-force fighter jet bcos he was the defence min.
    then what !

  36. I really pity that poor chap girl Altantuya. Hope her soul rests in peace for what has been done to her.To those who has done bad to her, they will have their pay back time. What goes around comes around.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous says…..

    Remove UMNO from Power will make some sense as both the present PM & the PM in waiting are tainted with corruption and murder respectively. Now the Education Minister is joining the insanity with another irrelevant issue with his arrogance. Botak Home Minister has been abusing the ISA to instill fear among the people, he too must be removed asap with the downfall of UMNO the spine of the BN Government.

    Vote for the opposition in KT so that UMNO will now be removed from Power as this is the referendum of Narjis for the PM in waiting.

    All KT voters & residents please do not forget the Billions in Wang Ehsan from Petronas had been squandered by the present PM and his SIL Khairy on the white elephants like the Crystal Mosque and Mariner Yacht Club.

  38. UNOBSERVER says:

    Dear Bros & Sis,

    We can put to paper all our discontent, unhappiness and our utter disappointment with the present ruling Gomen but this not doing any good. Day to day matters are getting worse for the Rakyat.

    We can’t raise against those who control the arms but the only holy grail is to vote these inhuman filth bags out in the next GE. Every one of us need to in calculate this noble deed within and around us. Even animals have feelings for their kind!

  39. Anonymous says:

    swear forever get nothing in return.

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