Happy New year 2009 to all! I know, I know, I have been away too long.  But it was something I needed to do. Don’t worry, I did not burn or die in the Bangkok fire on New Year’s Eve. What a sad incident, when I thought that 2009 would be a cool year. I do miss everyone here.

But, wait a minute…will this be a real “happy new year”? A “real” prosperous 2009?

Well, I’ve come back to blogsphere by signing on to this PETITION created and written by Haris Ibrahim of the People’s Parliament. Like him and many others, I do not have confidence in Najib Tun Razak, what more as my country’s Prime Minister come March 2009.

Oh, what a dreadful 2009 it would be. And the reasons? Here’s an abstract by Haris:

We, the undersigned, draw the attention of you, Honourable Members of Parliament, to some very serious questions, all of which remain unanswered to this day, which arise from the matters listed above, all matters of record. These include :-

14. Who did Mongolian national, Burmaa Oyunchimeg, mean by ‘Najib Razak’ as the government official photographed with the murdered Altantuya and the one accused of a ‘tentative’ charge? Did she mean Dato Seri Najib? And if she meant Dato Seri Najib, what are we to make of the latter’s denial to having ever known, been acquainted with or had any dealings whatsoever with the murdered Altantuya? Again, if she meant Dato Seri Najib, would this not corroborate the assertion by private investigator Balasubramaniam in his first statutory declaration that Dato Seri Najib was well-acquainted with Altantuya. Noting that to-date, Dato Seri Najib has never refuted this piece of evidence, it must be asked why this assertion by Burmaa Oyunchimeg has never been fully investigated?

15. Have the police concluded their investigation, which commenced in early July this year, in the matter of private investigator Balasubramaniam’s two contradictory statutory declarations? If so, why has he not been charged for making a false statutory declaration? Which is the false statutory declaration? Was he forced to make the false declaration and if so, by who and how? Where is he and his family now? Are they safe?

16. Is there truth in the assertion by Mongolian national, Uuriintuya Gal-Orchir that local immigration records of her, Altantuya and their friend Namiraa Gerelmaa’s entry into Malaysia on 8th October, 2006 had disappeared? If true, who was responsible for this and why was this done? Was the responsible party acting on instructions and, if so, who and why? Why has this assertion by Uuriintuya Gal-Orchir never been fully investigated?

17. Given the startling decision of the Attorney General’s Chambers not to appeal the acquittal of Razak Baginda, has there been an investigation into the exchange of sms’s between Dato Seri Najib and the senior lawyer to ascertain if there was any abuse of power or interference with due process howsoever by Dato Seri Najib?

We, the undersigned, note with considerable regret that the Honourable Member of Parliament for Ipoh Timor, Yang Berkhidmat Lim Kit Siang had, in October, 2008, urged that a Royal Commission of Inquiry be established to, amongst others, fully investigate the matters hereinstated, but the present administration has ignored this call.

And we, the undersigned, state now that until and unless the matters raised herein and the serious questions arising therefrom have been adequately investigated and findings that fully vindicate Dato Seri Najib of any and all inferences and aspersions that might reasonably be drawn or made from the same are disclosed to the public, we have no confidence in Dato Seri Najib to lead our country as Prime Minister.

If you want to know more, go to the PETITION page.

I am petitioner 580, what about you? Do you have confidence in Najib at all?


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  1. NoktahHitam says:


    Come to think of it again, who can be our scape goat instead of Najib?

    Heck, I just dont like slow talker.

  2. GoMalaysian says:

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  3. Richard Loh says:

    Hi Susan, glad that you are ok. Was wondering what happen to you since your long silence.

    Signed #44

    My take:

    Can We Allow A Man With Unsolved Mystery To Lead This Country

    Actions To Be Taken Against Any MSM That Print Lies

  4. danet7882 says:


    I love reading ur blog and was quite worry when couldn’t read any of your artical lately.. Glad you are ok..

  5. Ajajal says:

    Welcome back nice to read your blog. Happy new year to you and also to all readers of your blog. I signed that petition and
    will get others to do. We cannot have a PM that is not willing
    to clear his name over the murder. How will Malaysian face the world ???? Even he is the PM he is not Malaysian at large PM .
    He is only a PM from the UMNO and lapdogs parties. Even that
    it is till a small mandate. Indonesia president is from the raykat not the party.

  6. bodohwi says:

    “Do you have confidence in Najib at all?” -Susan

    HELL NO AND NEVER WILL! I AM ON…I mean the petition.

  7. ericind says:

    Hai.Susan,glad to see u r back,how were ur holidays?

  8. jeffrey says:

    signed already…

  9. calvin tan says:

    hi susan glad ur back. what ur in thailand 4 the new year,
    here better lah, more enjoyable lah, miss ur article mann.
    not only zero confidence but very worried m`sia`s future .

  10. tshock says:

    Its the least I can do. Hopefully this little whimper will be able to snowball into the loudest crescendo that Malaysians do not want a PM who has not been voted in as well as one who has lots and lots and lots …. of baggages.

  11. Payback Time says:

    Hi Susan HNY 2009..Well how many rabbit can our PM to be pull out from his hat? We think its countless cos he is turning our country into a rabbit factory

  12. stcin says:

    look at clinton : nothing happens to him what = still smoking monica’s cigar, may be; so …so… nothing will happen to dpm juga lah UNLESS …UNLESS… !?

  13. stcin says:

    biniku : ” dun write nonsense ! i’s oredi 4 + , get back to sleep …off the light !!”

  14. stcin says:

    aku : ” …ok ok …coming !!”

  15. […] I’ve signed that petition against Najib as PM, what about you? Happy New year 2009 to all! I know, I know, I have been away too long.  But it was something I needed to do. […] […]

  16. veryupset says:

    Happy New Year 2009 to u & all…!

    The Mongolian case is silent now. Once he becomes PM…..
    He’s untouchable..! Everything is going accordingly to plan.

    When he’s PM we are all gonna get it…! (Don’t know what!) Silent ones are the most dangerous ones………!!!

    Better our Badawi stay on as PM. At least we know what sort of person he is..!


  17. bodohwi says:

    Very upset, ya, betul….

  18. Thor says:

    A lot of petitions have been signed and what do we get?
    What is the outcome?
    And now someone is asking us to sign a petition against Najib!
    Arggh,come on man! Stop joking please!!!

  19. Thor says:

    The proper way to upset him is to let BN lose in the KT by election.
    He seems to be campaigning very hard on it.
    That is the way to show him that we’ve no confidence on him.

  20. THis one will surely see it’s way through. You can count on that. You are wrong if the burden is primarily on the Agong. But on the MPs (BN included) to rid of Najib.

  21. Thor says:

    Well! Mr. Captain Malaysia.
    I’m counting on you, ‘cos I wanna see his face turn blue.

  22. Mighty Thor, Lord of Asgard. Trust me, count on me -esp. on this one. Our well-being depends on it.

    AAB nigh ousted by Najib/Mahathir & Gang —->PAYBACK TIME – ANWAR IBRAHIM & PR GANG & AAB & GANG PAYBACK REAL TIME

    ANd anyway, it does not neccesarily needs Anwar to be PM, the Altantuya case will haunt Najib till he is ousted and you know who will be PM soon?

  23. ericind says:

    Altantuya’s photos being torn down in KT town by the lapdog police,few PKR youth being arrested,an order from Syed botak,musang for the sake of Najis.

  24. ericind says:

    The Star paper reported there were some 30k BN/UMNO supporters while PKR/PAS only have 15k supporters turn up at the KT nomination day this morning.

  25. Fan of Susan says:

    Welcome back and happy new year Susan! Missed your wit and insight.

    What do you think of below extract of latest article written by Raja Petra “Does MCA support hudud?

    My non Muslim friends are very disturbed and thought Raja Petra has gone lunatic and sounding like a fanatic mullah 😦

    Please read the most disturbing extract from RPK article:

    MCA, do you or don’t you support Hudud?
    Speak up now or forever hold your tongue.
    Are you pro-Islam or anti-Islam?
    Please tell us now and make it very clear. Tomorrow we are going to Terengganu to campaign for PAS and we want to know what to tell the Kuala Terengganu voters.
    And it will either be “MCA is anti-Islam” or “MCA is pro-Hudud”.

    The link to Raja Petra’s article is here:

    Your views are appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Fan of Susan

  26. ericind,

    that’s a bad head-start. All the best to PAS candidate. You know that Professor Xavier of X-Men who had that gifted telepathic. I’ll ask him who will win the by-election.

  27. abhishekdaaga says:

    Great.. I am also with you signed it now..

  28. Oh well, I doubt signing that petition is going to do much but what the heck hehehe…

  29. fariq says:

    ok anwar, we decided that u be the pm

  30. datuk lee chong Wei From sungai way says:

    fariq not that i am against open liberal malays but many malays still thinks that anwar is pro american.

    Arent you afraid of that ?

  31. AP Birthday to Rafizah Aziz says:

    I agree with Datuk Lee Chong Wee From Sungai Wei.

    Apply rationality for humanity regardless of creed, race and Nationality. Every wo(men) is created equal, aye????

  32. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous says…..

    Remove UMNO from Power will make some sense as both the present PM & the PM in waiting are tainted with corruption and murder respectively. Now the Education Minister is joining the insanity with another irrelevant issue with his arrogance.

    Vote for the opposition in KT so that UMNO will now be removed from Power as this is the referendum of Narjis for the PM in waiting.

    All KT voters & residents please do not forget the Billions in Wang Ehsan from Petronas had been squandered by the present PM and his SIL Khairy on the white elephants like the Crystal Mosque and Mariner Yacht Club.

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