jerit-2Wanna bet?

JERIT campaigners are visiting the Parliament tomorrow – 18 Dec 2008.  Will the Home Minister sleep well tonight?

Despite all odds, they have been cycling for 15 days, and will reach their destination tomorrow.

They are calling on everyone to join them in their campaign.

Wear red for solidarity!

Ps. I can’t. Red in Bangkok means Thaksin’s support. And I am not.


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  1. johanssm / khun Pana says:

    I think the polis will have some FRUs and chemical water cannons on standby. But , they the polis are not important .
    The real point is that the JERIT never gave up and completed their main objective. Well Done to all JERIT cyclist.
    They are really a new generation of Malaysian with high spirits.
    While on their way, various obstacles and harassment done on purpose by the polis to stop them. If only the polis have the same mentality and determination as the JERIT, our crime level will drops drastically.
    Well Done and good work there to all JERIT members

  2. Bodohland says:

    If Mahathir, Lee Kim Sai, Samy no Value Marina, Mukhriz, Lim Kit Siang and all the culprits are still not in Sungei Buloh, there is no point for Jerit to act in such such stupid way.

    Will the legitimate gangsters allow Jerit to hand over the petition to the crooks in Parliament?

    This is just a waste of bytes in the internet.

  3. nocrid says:

    “Will the Home Minister sleep well tonight?”

    Come on…Don’t be naive. Raping the human rights for him is like breathing and farting ler…

  4. lhheng says:

    Jerit must keep on fighting for their cause. We know these PDRM bums especially that BIG liar CPO will continue to harass and intimidate you people.
    Keep it up. God bless you all

  5. rider says:

    Doesn’t matter whether they make it to parliament or not, but the world is laughing at the jittery Malaysian police confused by a bunch of peaceful young cyclists. Ride on.. Riders for change.. AND CHANGE IT WILL BE!

  6. monsterball says:

    Off the subject…if I may.
    Mahathir had tear gas ..thrown at him.
    Bush..had size 10 shoe thrown at him.
    The differences is Mahathir was treated like so …by a brave Malaysian.
    Bush had it done by a Iraqi.
    But I heard he had bad eggs thrown at him too Americans!!
    Both are devils reincarnated.

  7. monsterball says:

    Now back to subject.
    Walk for change.
    Ride bicycles..for change.
    Light an candle for change.
    Shout and yell and defy the law…for change.
    Are Malaysians gone crazy…or is it the time for change of government…so clear and wanting.
    UMNO going all out…to make Malaysians happy with oil reduction….donations..mostly to non Muslim charitable organizations.
    What tickle me most…is Dollah saying…now more will invest in Malaysia with those few BILLS passed.
    This shows….he knows….UMNO is so corrupted..that it makes investors go elsewhere.
    Always have good ideas….never do things sincerely. Always spoil by massive corruptions…and always trying to right all the wrongs..with no shame…ruling Malaysia for 50 as if…just five years ago…same old thing over and over again.
    But today’s so call..right all the wrongs is not out of own free will….but desperately keep UMNO in power..due to People’s Power!!
    That’s how sincere UMNO is.

  8. sanjiun says:

    I couldn’t join them personally to support. But I’m wearing red today!!!
    All the best, JERIT cyclists!

  9. ericind says:

    As long as Shit botak,guni petai,musang this 3 stooges still grip on the power,there is no shed of light in our country’s judicial system,police force.Let us get rid all of them comes next GE starting with KUALA TRENGGANU byelection next month

  10. idzan ismail says:

    As usual Susan is proven wrong. Ha, ha.

  11. Murimuthu says:

    Yeah. And you are always right Idzan, that is if you passed the HIV test befor conjugal.

  12. chinforTruth & Justice says:

    MIC,MCA,Gerakan,UMNO and others, always speak representing the people and work hard for the people,though some tend to reprepresent one community only. Hey guys!, these two words ” work hard ” seem to come out of the mouths of BN politicians, so often. If one take the trouble to count, when the KT by-election, you will surprised how often these two words will be used.

    The TRUTH is far from the words that come out of their mouths. How come,none of the BN ” big wigs” speak for these JERIT members.

    The scene at the surrounding areas to the parliament house only builds up one’s respect and admiration for the hundreds of other people who came to support. They walk under blaring hot sun to parliament house. Cars and buses were parked as far down in Tasik Perdana car park further down from Lake Club.

    God has HIS mighty WAYS to bring JUSTICE to the people. HE will strikes down the evil and the “un-TRUTH”. Let more of them ” drop dead ” and have more by-elections.

    God Bless all the JERIT members and JERIT supporters.

    Let JUSTICE prevails.

  13. Sid says:

    Susan must be a looney for not knowing how to spell ‘schizophrenic’.

  14. Fair To All says:

    These Jerit stunts are nothing more than a DISTRACTION for the incompetence of the opposition parties running some part of the country. Nothing accomplished to shout about so employ JERIT JERIT tactic lah.

  15. masterjoe says:

    What a beautiful name they have.Let them cry and cray ! Give them milk ,rice ,fried chicken and if they still cry I think they will stop when given ……These 100 odd young people are wasting their time cycling across the country to propagate their objectives .They are not strong enough to change the law of the country .Stop wasting time and use it to upgrade yourself so that later on you will become someone worthy to the country. If 100 of you can become highly proffesonal individuals than I think you can accompalish your ideals in the near future. You can becone another Lim Kit Siang , Karpal Sing ,Lim Guan Eng , Haji Hadi , Nik Aziz , Anuar Ibrahim ,Khalid Ibrahim and one of Hindraf Leaders .By that time Malaysia will become Socrates Ethopia.I hope God will permit me to live to that happy era and civilization . Actually you are wasting time by crying for the moon . Be like Dr Muzzafar and fly to the moon to fetch it.
    For you people ,the past fifty years the leaders have done nothing . People like Dr. Mahadhir , Pak Lah and Najib had done nothing to make this country marching forward .If you don’t have money to go overseas ,please cycle to Singapore , Thailand,Khemer ,Myangmar and if possible go to Indinesia for a week and have a social study to these countries.Most of you must be fair and don’t ask too much without giving something .You can’t be Anwar because you don’t have foster father USA.Dr.Mahadhir , Pak Lah and Najib don’t have magic wand to change this country into heaven .Even if you need heaven you have to work for it and get the blessings of God. But to please three and many more gods are ridiculous .Believe in one God because it is easier to be pleased .

  16. sgrewyty says:

    Will the police allow JERIT to enter parliament?

    Will Dollah retire without his pension?

    The answers are the same

  17. Fair To All says:

    Another “bodoh” attempt of opposition to ape what happened at Bangkok. ISA will stop them dead on their tracks.

  18. Anonymous says:

    “Jerit” or “Bisu,” it does not matter!
    To the BN, it’s just another stupid work of the opposition.
    Who cares!!!
    BN is the boss, anyway!

  19. maxtor says:

    Takda kerja gamaknya ni. Tak habis2 nak buat kecoh. Haktuih

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