(Read this in the malaysian insider):

DEC 17 – One of the most noticeable changes when Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak becomes Prime Minister in March could be tighter control from Putrajaya on the media and on the decision-making process.

And if this happens, the loudest cheers for Najib will be from his Cabinet colleagues, senior Umno politicians and civil servants.

One constant during weekly Cabinet meetings since the March 8 general elections has been griping about the choice of articles and tone of coverage in several mainstream newspapers. Ironically, the sharpest criticisms have been reserved for papers owned by Barisan Nasional political parties.

The dominant view among Ministers and senior Umno politicians is that while Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi should be lauded for giving the media some space, they believe that the perimeters were not marked out clearly enough.

As a result, newspapers seem to be critical of any policies announced by the government; and more interested in focusing on crime and negative news, these critics allege.

Part of this griping is prompted by frustration of having to share space with a resurgent Opposition and part with their inability to set the agenda for news outlets even in their own stable. A government official, familiar with discussions on the media, told The Malaysian Insider: “This is a very critical time for the country. The global economy is in a really bad state and there will pain for Malaysians. The government needs everyone to be on the same team and push for the same cause.

“Instead we are seeing some newspapers being more interested in adopting a populist approach.”

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  1. amoker says:

    Sure control la. Najib cannot be his own man.

  2. eagle has landed says:

    It will be a pity if Najib makes it to be PM.

  3. sembangsumbang says:

    who ever become pm, for sure he will control the media for his own benefit.

  4. Joshua says:

    hiya, old news…

    najibism = mahathirism?

  5. imwatchinu says:

    Susan, you may have to stay in Bangkok until we have a new government. I think they are coming to get you.

  6. kittykat46 says:

    Pak Lah was correctly trashed for his weak management, flip-flops, pandering to UMNO supremacists and failure to live up to his original promise.
    It is a symptom of the dysfunctional Malaysian political system that his replacement is an even darker figure.
    An analogy with the recent US Presidential elections would be if, after 8 disastrous years of Bushism, Americans get Dick Chaney as their next leader, not Obama.

    For what its worth, I think the Freedom Genie is out of the bottle, and there’s no way Najib can put it back in. Its not just Blog junkies like me, many ordinary people are demanding more freedom of information, more honest and critical reporting.
    Najib will pay a heavy political price is he choses to play the old UMNO control game.
    Remember, Najib faces the same political arithmetic as Pak Lah – majority of 30 in the Dewan Rakyat, and 5 states under PR rule.

  7. spiceygoat says:

    Look out! the kingmaker is still mamak kerala. Najib will not become PM, KT will be a blow to Najip’s self esteem and old mamak will rally umeno to throw Najip out citing his failure to consolidate umeno. Keralaite got secret agenda. Kih! kih! kih!

  8. Drachen says:

    C4 is a highly unpredictable and very dangerous substance.

  9. ktteokt says:

    And the rakyat of Malaysia is paying money everyday to read “BN PROPAGANDA”!

  10. maxtor says:

    Media ni kalau tak dikawal akan melampau dan merepek2 lah. Bukan reti nak bertanggungjawab sangat mereka tu.

  11. It’s already tight enough, how much tighter can you get?! Why not just become communist country haha

  12. But I believe the more tighter the MSM gets, the more people will fight against it. We have progressed beyond MSM.

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