blog_badge_13Mike Nelson of Livingston Communications says that “The Save Darfur Coalition is asking people to sign postcards to Obama, urging his new administration to finally end the Darfur genocide. As of today, more than 120,000 people have sent postcards (details available in this media release: We’re pushing the boulder up the hill, but still need your help.

Can I convince you to help spread the word?

We’ve created badges for you to use: One is an image of the postcard, the second says “I sent a postcard to Obama.” You can find the badges and other helpful tools in this Blogger Kit:


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  1. Mahathirdina binti. Mohamad says:

    I will follow suit. Thanks for the info, Susan – for humanity.

  2. sgrewyty says:

    For failed states such as Somalia, Haiti, Sudan and Zimbabwe, there is only one solution:- Place the administration of the state under the United Nations for a certain number of years. The population there will be more than happy to be governed by the UN than by their own corrupt leaders. Look at Mugabe who is claiming there is no chlora in his country. He thinks we are kiddies whose candy can be stolen

  3. wandererAUS says:

    Let us not waste our time on the International scene and concentrate our efforts to change this corrupted govt. If super powers are unwilling to step in, what good can come out from our postcards.
    Call me heartless, I am being a realist!

  4. monsterball says:

    I agree with wandererAus.
    Lets focus on our own problems….and beat the crooked system of UMNO.
    Charity begins at home.

  5. potomac snake head says:

    To Do List for Mr. President Obama in the White House during probationary period:

    1) To paint the white house in black color.

    2) To call Osama to come down from the mountain and visit the black house in Washington when free.

    3) To organize a house warning party inviting, Oprah, Arnold the Terminator, President Susilo and Kenya…. as Guest of Honors…

    4) To call Secretary of State Hillary Clinton not to disturb the black house even if necessary

    5) The black house will be closed for the first 3 months.

    6) Will call Rekzo to the black house and see if there is any ‘jalan’ or ‘lobang’

    7) To cal Reverend Wright to keep continue preaching sexist sermons

    8) To call all his former classmates in Jakarta, Indonesia to stay in the black house reminiscing the sweet nostalgic school day.

    9) To put a not-to-disturb sign board on the main door of black house.

    10) To call Michael Jordan to the black house playing basketball with him.

    11) To make order to Cuba Castro for delevy of the Best Cigars in Cuba.

    12) ..

  6. sgrewyty says:

    12) But the Black House will turn white again when Michael Jackson and his skin-whitening tonics visits there

  7. Barrack Hussein Obama says:

    Personally, I have never witness Susan’s traffic, in the style of comments hit this low. Was it moderation or Susan’s loses popularity???????

  8. Yahoo says:

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  9. ratbait says:

    “Personally, I have never …” – Barrack Hussein Obama

    There you go, getting personal again.

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