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  1. amoker says:

    They seeemed to have a lot of free time chasing cyclists.. so maybe they want to have more fun at the theater.


    Is there within us a secret room
    That’s never been swept with a broom
    Where only hidden guilts and sins bloom
    Until the day comes for our individual doom

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 161208
    Tue. 16th Dec. 2008.

  3. Mahathirdina bt. Mohamad says:

    “Is the Police going to bar this too?”, asked Susan.

    Answer : I am not sure about the police but more importantly, you will have to check with Zulkifli Noordin.

  4. Ganesan says:

    Police have lots of work trying to catch cyclist little realising that the world is geared to going green to save the world.Cycling is the best formof transport as the benefits are many fold. Best for ecosystem andhealth. This cycling is creating awareness to the public to follow suit.

  5. pinsysu says:

    chase cyclists / arrest politicians rated low-risk jobs. risk averse approach by da polis, new trend.

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