Update from SUARAM @ 5.09pm:

The 60 cyclists and activists who were arrested yesterday (15/12/08) at Balai Polis Rawang have been relased today. The cyclists have been relased this morning after their parents arrival. Meanwhile the JERIT activists have been released around 3am. They were charged under the Police Act for illegal procession, and under the Child Act for abusing children.

SUARAM strongly condemns the police for their ongoing attacks and intimidation on freedom of expression, a fundamental right which is guaranteed under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Federal Constitution of Malaysia. We demand the Malaysian government to allow the cyclist to continue cycling and practice their freedom of expression as stated in Federal Constitution.

We warn the Police to immediately retract its threat to arrest cyclists at Parliament on Thursday.

This is an alert from JERIT, update at 1.00pm, Malaysian time:

Parents of 26 below 18 cyclists are not allowed into the police station to get their children out. Police are blocking them from entering the police station.

Please give pressure to the CPO : 019-2408647/ OCPD : 03-61262222

Some personal account of those who were in Rawang, received 11.00am, written by Sivarajan:

A day that saw an incident free day of cycling took a turn at Rawang . We arrived in Rawang at about 4.30pm. We were supposed to meet up with YB ADUN Rawang, Gan Pei Nei at Rawang Jaya . She and her delegation planned to cycle with the JERIT convoy from there to Rawang town.

But a roadblock greeted us at Rawang . As usual the police requested for names and IC of all the cyclist and coordinator. We intervened and told the police that it is not necessary to record names and addresses of all cyclist as we have a list that we can give it to them.

After much argument we took back all the IC of the cyclist and gave the coordinators IC to record . Myself ,Sugu, Saras,Rani ,Mohan gave our IC to be recorded . The IC were returned after recording. But my IC changed hands to another officer .

Soon the police received new directions. The bus was to held and myself and the coordinators were asked to come to the balai . Eventhough we managed to get the cyclist to continue to cycle , but they were stopped again further ahead .

As the cyclist met up YB Gan Pei Nei group , they were stopped from cycling to town .

After some negotiations by Gan Pei Nei , the convoy proceeded into town . They cycled around Rawang town and stopped at a coffee shop for a drink .

Myself ,Sugu and Saras made our way to the balai polis . At the balai , Saras immediately checked on the 7 junior cyclist in the bus that was brought in to the balai . The police were already intimidating the children, asking them questions. Some officers also asked the cyclist if Dr.Kumar had paid them money to participate in the campaign.They harassed the cyclist who were in the bus .

Saras and Sugu intervened and chased out the officers from the bus . I met up with Gan Pei Nei who then arrived at the balai . We went over to see the OCPD , Abdul Rahim . He was asking the same stupid questions ,whether did we get a permit to cycle. He said ,it does not matter if other OCPD have allowed the cyclist , but we supposedly should have seeked his permission in his district .

OCPD instructed all the bicyclist to be brought to the balai . We objected and said that we have given all the names and there was no need to have any statements taken .

Later the OCPD instructed statements to be taken from all the 7 cyclist that were already in the bus. He said that he wanted to verify if there were under aged children being abused . I followed them. Informed the officers that they cannot take statement, and we will not give statement . The cyclist will only give their details only .

Soon all the cyclist were already brought in the balai . Dr.Kumar arrived shortly . I and Dr.Kumar met up with the OCPD . He still insisted that he wanted to take statements from all the cyclist. We showed him that we have consent letters from all the parents . We gave the police a copy . After much negotiations ,we agreed poiice to record details of all the cyclist accompanied by us . As this was going on , I was taken by the OCPD to his room . He explained that he still considered that the event was a procession .

He confirmed that I will be charged under Section 27 of the police Act’ illegal assembly’. Kumar also had his statements taken later .

At this moment , we were quite sure that all will be released after giving the details to the police . This was when matters took a turn , when the Selangor CPO arrived , Dato Khalid .

Immediately the CPO ,OCPD and other officers went for taklimat. About an hour later the CPO arrogantly came down and announced that all 50 cyclist and all the 15 coordinators will be arrested . We were gathered at the parking lot. They put a yellow tape around us .All those below 18 years old were separated from the seniors .

By this time a crowd of supporters were already swelling outside the balai . A candle light vigil began . Makkal Sakti slogans and songs were sung . There were also PKR , DAP and PAS members .
The police made arrangements for the welfare officers to take the junior cyclist away .They would be then handed ‘safely’ to their parents.

The police went all out to harass us . Edmund Bon , lawyer informed us that the police were going to expel the permit and the driving licences of all the lorry drivers and bas driver. JPJ officials also arrived. They examined the bus , lorry , looking for something to issue summon on .The driving licences and road tax of the lorry and bus were taken away .

As protest outside gathered momentum , a complete battalion of FRU ,Water cannon arrived . The crowd outside carried on chanting and demanding for our release. As they were about to use the water cannon, the rain poured heavily. The police did not use the water cannon .

As rain kept pouring heavily , the car park where all of us who were being detained began flooding . All of us were standing cold in a river of water . We demanded to be shifted out of the parking lot . As usual the police buat tak tahu . Tempers flared . I moved to rip of the yellow police tape and walk out of the parking lot . The rest followed. A fight pursued between us and the police as they were trying to push us back into the parking lot and we were moving out . The officers couldn’t stop us .

The Light Strike Force rushed in . They pushed us back with their shield and batons . The CPO looked and couldn’t do anything . Immediately the police brought all the cyclist below 18 years of age into a dry place at the balai meeting room upstairs .

As this was happening , we were also amazed at the 300 0ver crowd outside that stood in the heavy rain and did not budge . FRU cordoned the police station entrance . The welfare officers couldn’t find a place to take the junior cyclist , thus they stayed at the meeting room . The junior cyclist told the police they refuse being brought away by the welfare officers and they rather remain arrested with the others

At about 2 am , I and Kumar were given the bail sheets . Soon the rest were being taken details and issued bail sheets . Some comrades spent the nite with the junior cyclist at the balai meeting room .

At about 3.30 am all walked out of the balai polis Rawang . It was a eventful nite .

Alert received at 22.19 hours:

Updated news : balai Polis Rawang :

26 cyclist under 18 are being taken to welfare department

30 cyclists and activists are being taken to lock-up ; charged for illegal assembly.

Until now food is not given to them. Food brought by friends are being rejected by the police, kononnya ada racun dlm makanan.

CAll the CPO Dato Khalid to pressure : 019-2408647

Kajang 12.51pm:

The police are going to arrests all cyclists ( 37 of them ) and all JERIT activists despite giving assurance yesterday that the campaign can go on.

The polis konnonya want to see the details of the cyclists and check with their parents whether they really gave consent and all that.

They are not even allowing the cyclist to have lunch first. They are insisting they want to arrest now and bring to the Balai.

Most probably they will be brought to Balai Polis Kajang : 03- 87362222

Please call and pressure the OCPD.

For more updates, see HARIS IBRAHIM.


23 responses »

  1. Mahathirdina bt. Mohamad says:

    This is all my sins. You can blame me for that….

  2. george says:

    well… let the Police arrest all… better still arrest all rakyat who had voted the PR last election… hehehe 🙂

    The more idiot action by these pro BN government agencies, the more damages r going to be for them… they will paid for their wrongdoings come next election… sure!

  3. hasilox says:

    Like that must as well make poolice station their destination for toilet break. If only they are so diligent in combating crimes.

  4. wits0 says:

    What’s the difference between quoting legality and the Devil quoting Scriptures?


    Perhaps the cyclists are ‘guilty’ of turning the country’s latest ‘wheels of justice’
    Seen by certain people to be not of good, strong, healthy and valid social practice
    Thus they are being constantly harassed and troubled by being served with harsh notice
    Treating all of them (road heros) poorly, badly and openly almost like mere tortoise

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 151208
    Mon. 15th Dec. 2008.

  6. cool says:

    police r immune ever since they did work 4 mahathir against anwar
    they even went against ipcmc n badawi caved in
    people, remember if u want yr rights back , pakatan rakyat is our only hope

  7. tshock says:

    our men in blues are very practical people.why should they risk their lives to go after felons who may have weapons to attack them whilst it is really very easy to go after weaponless, peace loving people who are just cycling for a cause. they really have excellent grey matters. sheesh….sigh….hopeless..

  8. johanssm / khun Pana says:

    They the JERIT cyclist will be our heros.
    Susan, all is not lost as PR will bring JERIT cyclist during the KT by election. Folks from KT are also very concerned.
    KT wants revenge for RPK , Hindraf and for all the ISA detainees. JERIT is another new reason to deny the seat to bn.
    No revolution is easy and no revolution without obstacles.
    Just like the Thais are facing. Unlucky for the Thais, they have to face highly corrupted generals as well.
    KT will be extremely interesting as mic,mca,gerak,peepeepee and the rest of the bn dogs are splited.
    KT will be Permatang Pauh Part 2.

  9. fukonima says:

    To all people in Bolehland and especially the voters in KT, do you all feel safe for your children and next generation?

    Do you trust the reforms initiated by this Fed Guomen and the half-past six, sleepy, PeeAme? (Borrowed the great words of Mamak Kutty)

    People, let’s start with KT by-election and let’s hope Hadi and his gang will win with a landslide victory this time.

    This act of police is kinda telling the people to vote for PR instead for BeeEnd.

    Outrages indeed.

  10. fukonima says:

    Tshock is right.

    Some of them will frequently raid those night entertainment spots where sexily-dressed women with gorgeous body are everywhere, but the most important thing is these women do not have dangerous weapons with them.

    So, no risk at all.

    Mat Rempits are dangerous, many of them will “mengamuk” and attack the police when they are forced into a corner.

    So, it is safer to tackle the young cyclists rather than the dangerous criminals.

    By the way, what’s wrong with this young generation who are passionate, with good intentions in their heart? Is it wrong to voice out their feelings in their heart and soul?

    The Fed Guomen should in fact, encourage more young people to indulge in this activity, rather than becoming Mat Rempits, Bohsias and criminals as they get bolder and bolder.

    This Fed Guomen has no STRATEGISTS, only a bunch of Brainless FOOLs.


  11. Antares says:

    Musa Hassan, go to hell. Go directly to hell. Do not pass go, do not collect your gratuity and pension. GO TO HELL AND NEVER EVER COME BACK TO THIS EARTH!

    And please take your good friends Abdul Gani Patail, Najib Abdul Razak, Mahathir bin Mohamad & his moronic son Mukhriz with you. Thank you.

  12. Menyalak-er says:

    Ridiculous! The bunkums are going after “Mat Jerits” who are highlighting a just social cause but allowing the “Mat Rempists” who are the result of this same social malaise go scot free…
    You can’t cure the illness without knowing the cause, and the Jerits are highlighting the cause not its symptoms!
    Now the anti-social, psycho rempits will be considered ‘normative'(ala bumno) while the Jerits considered outlaws. Might as well ban all bicyclists…

  13. Menyalak-er says:

    Ridiculous! The bunkums are going after “Mat Jerits” who are highlighting a just social cause but allowing the “Mat Rempists” who are the result of this same social malaise go scot free…
    You can’t cure the illness without knowing the cause, and the Jerits are highlighting the cause not its symptoms!
    Now the anti-social, psycho rempits will be considered ‘normative'(ala bumno) while the Jerits considered outlaws. Might as well ban all bicyclists…

  14. wizzerd says:

    Looks like another moronic step by the Gomen.
    In their overzealous effort to stop even the harmless cyclists to spread the word, they are getting more negative publicity in the media.What a brainless piece of action.
    They kept on scoring own goals..which is good for PR to take over the federal government. Let’s start by winning KT by election by a landslide.

  15. rider says:

    Sure sign that BN is disintegrating, and the police hot on the heels of their political masters are morally disintegrating too.. with their priorities completely wrong. It is a sign of moral decadency, people of all races and creeds have started to think already.. and God willing, King Mamak will see the demise of what he created before he dies!

  16. zztop says:

    These men in blue uniform are a bunch of idiots and morons out to satisfy the agenda of the BN politicians bums especially that pea brain, arrogant, racialistic baldie toad from HM.
    What a shame and disgrace to our country to have idiots and morons with this type of mentality who are sup[posed to uphold the laws of the country.
    Real Bolehland.


    “All persons are equal before the law and entitled to the equal protection of the law.”
    Article 8 (1), Constitution of Malaysia

    “Every citizen has the right to freedom of speech and expression.”
    Article 10 (1A), Constitution of Malaysia

    “All citizens have the right to assemble peaceably and without arms.”
    Article 10 (1B), Constitution of Malaysia

  18. siew eng says:

    This is so shitty. You know, real criminals are laughing at the priorities of the police. Don’t they know how ridiculous they look? How little respect we have for them?

    Even the guard who patrols my area can say that about a police car that had stopped an Indian motorcyclist when I asked him whether he knew what was going on (“Yalah, tengah bulan,” he said, rubbing his thumb against his fingers to show money being asked).

    Want to start a list of what the police are good at?

    1. Harassing citizens who exercise their right to exercise peacefully and cooking up charges to keep them off the streets, but aiding those who disrupt civil forums and letting mat rempits roam wild.

    2. Hiding from the thugs in (what was the name of that jalan in KL where the police shut down its balai because it was too dangerous for them?).


    That’s what comes when we don’t practice meritocracy. We have idiots in charge!

  19. siew eng says:


    1. Harassing citizens who exercise their right to ASSEMBLE peacefully and cooking up charges to keep them off the streets, but aiding those who disrupt civil forums and letting mat rempits roam wild.

    too angry.

  20. wits0 says:

    Shameless BS rehashed to look good:

    “‘We acted to save under-aged cyclists’
    S Pathmawathy | Dec 16, 08 1:34pm
    The police stopped a team of more than 50 cyclists in Jerit’s ‘Ride for Change’ campaign in Rawang yesterday in order to “save” the under-aged cyclists from being exploited.

    “We detained them for (taking part in an) illegal procession. Later when we checked their details, 28 were found to be children under the age of 18…clearly this violates the Child Act as some are only 15 years old,” said Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar. “http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/94930

    He does not believe his ppl refused to try to save buried victim(s) of the recent landslide at Taman AntaraBangsa but expect others to believe his good intention on this!

  21. kittykat46 says:

    This CPO Khalid is doing a very good parody of “Baghdad Bob”
    Totall no credibility.

  22. kilavan sethupathi says:

    A construction supervisor needed 100 stitches on his face after a blade weilding robber slashed him in a robbery bid in broad daylight in main town JB , and with the central police station just a stone’s throw away. Mind you, it was some bank security guards that helped the victim to fend of the attacker. NOT police and do we know why? the cops very likely were busy collecting the instalment payment on their 42″ lcd tv in some remote alley or behind kemayan city. This is what PDRM is all about!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Keep on shouting.
    You all get nothing.
    Just sore throt.

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