This is what JERIT says in response (perhaps to several querries about sponsorship from parties like PKR and PSM):

On the issue of this campaign is used by certain political parties for their interest, we would like to reiterate here that this campaign is to highlight the aspiration for the people.

In the early part of this campaign, we sent letter to all political parties, asking for endorsement for this campaign. Only Pakatan Rakyat parties, and Parti Socialist Malaysia endorsed this campaign. Many NGOs and MTUC also endorsed this campaign.

So what is the problem if the endorsing groups participate and support the campaign?

For your information, political parties as a whole cannot be members of the coalition. Nevertheless, individuals from political parties can be members of JERIT.

Some founder and active members of JERIT are also members of PSM

But all decisions of JERIT are made independently by the National Exco , National Congress and National Secretariat of JERIT.

No political parties can interfere or intervene in decision made by JERIT

Read more @ their website:


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  1. Myblog says:

    Where did your title come from? In what context is this title being used for this article of news? To me it makes no sense just giving a reply from Jerit which really hasnt much to do with the title. Please………..

  2. Setiawan says:

    I don’t see how the JERIT group can be exploited by political parties. By endorsing a certain campaign by a political party does not necessarily mean that JERIT had compromised and been exploited.

    JERIT had their own committee members and therefore to ” exploit ” them you need a very huge invisble force. This is not so and the group is riding to achieve their objectives and aims.

  3. shockingme says:

    you really give me a shock when i read this title..its is quite misleading especially this is from you..i thought they did exploit them..please, our heart is fragile now..

  4. kittykat46 says:

    Even with the best intentions, in the real world, getting a campaign like Jerit’s moving needs logistics, networks, funding, and organisation.

    Jerit is run on a shoe-string. They invited support from many people and organisations. Many others, along with PKR, share their objectives. I suppose PKR had concrete help on offer, and Jerit took it, maybe there wasn’t much in terms of options.

    The other unfortunate point is that as the Police harrassment increased along the way, many symphathisers chickened-out, or maybe they were unwilling to appear to be supporting something declared illegal by the police.

    That Jerit accepted help from PKR doesn’t invalidate the campaign.

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