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Abdul Razak Baginda may well find himself back in the dock if Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu’s father gets his wish.  Dr Shaariibuu Setev has instructed lawyer Karpal Singh, who held a watching brief during the trial, to apply for a review.

He was not happy when High Court Justice Zaki Yasin acquitted Razak on Nov 10 of abetting in the murder of his daughter without calling for his defence.  He was more unhappy when the lead prosecutor on Nov 14 announced that the Attorney-General’s Chambers would not be appealing the decision to acquit Razak.

“What we are considering now is to apply for a mandamus order to make the prosecutor appeal the judge’s decision to acquit Razak,” said Karpal Singh, adding that they had 40 days from Nov 14 to file the application.

By the way, can anyone here interpret dreams?


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  1. John Daniel says:

    This indeed a another episode to watch which will reveals the truth, go after them Mr. Karpal Singh!

  2. malayamuda says:

    when will Kapral Singh get his Tn Sri ship??

    He has been fighting against the system for so long to see justice served to normal people like me

  3. koli says:

    mr karpal will do the needfull but the DPP will have to be struck off the roles from their place of graduation.Dont lawyer`s have such ethics for breach of justice tera them apart in the house of justice mr karpal

  4. malaysia judge puki says:

    all judge in malaysia control by politician

  5. THUNDER says:

    Recalling R Baginda back to the dock? Fat chance. With the top leaders behind him & with the judiciary still under the thumb of the executive, R. Baginda will spend many years in England until the coast is clear. PI Bala too will surface only when the Altantuya case becomes cold meat.

  6. Batu Ferringhi says:

    R Baginda will be a free man. It can’t be otherwise or else he will spill the beans and many powerful leaders will need to run for cover.

    Susan, anyone coordinating in fund-raising to pursue this case in court? And maybe later for the International Court of Justice? Let me know, I want to do my small part.

  7. setia says:

    JUSTICE FOR ALTANTUYA>>>>>> There can be no justice until the REAL MURDERER(s) are charged and sentenced.

  8. lhheng says:

    Hope Altantuya Shaariibuu’s father will continue to get justice done for his daughter. The rakyat must help him to make sure all these murderers are caught and hanged. He must not let this Razak Baginda bum go free and enjoy in England. Must made him pay.
    He thought by escaping to England rakyat will soon forget the case after some time.
    Keep the pressure on this bum and make him reveal the truth.

  9. Simon says:

    Don’t see Razak being called back to the dock! He has a powerful man behind him. Don’t play play lo! Well, miracle do happen occasionally! Let’s pray that our great lawyer can get him back to the dock! 🙂

  10. wandererAUS says:

    It is a hope of all decent people of this nation, would like to see him, not just put back to the docks, but to the hanging dock… along with all the evil doers!

  11. Ken Lee says:

    Surely any first year law student will tell you that the proposed application is a non starter. How can you compel the AGs chambers to file an appeal after the lapse of the statutory period. What about the right of the accused. Anyway anything can happen in Boleh Land the proposed application included. Good luck.

  12. Markky says:

    Only Anwar can put Baginda into the dock but that is provided Anwar himself being kept out of dock and becomes our next PM. Hehe!


    Let the law take its natural course
    Going after the guilty one of course
    Let good law fight for the good cause
    Without waste of effort in fighting a lost cause

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 131208
    Sat. 13th Dec. 2008.

  14. burningfire13 says:

    The world is small ….The culprits will face the music.

  15. panca says:

    Just when the time is right (ripen), the rain fell and the ‘seed’ while in its incubationary period with the correct amount of sunlight, now begins to germinate, like sprouts… after the other, momentarily.

    Just like karma will ripen, and when it is time with the right ingredients, just as the law of the universe will consume one.

  16. kinson lee says:

    the whole world know why do the 2 policemen wanted to kill altantuya let alone blew her with c4. no need to mention, the future pn is the man behind. how unfortunate that a so well learned man r. baginda study so much of shit in his formative to tertiary education. this is bolehland meleysia. real pitiful and shy to be meleysian with such future pn

  17. PureMalaysian says:

    U must be joking! This must be the best joke of the year… Razak back to the dock?! HAHA! Wait till the sun rises from the west!

  18. Payback Time says:

    In event of our PM to be is uprooted like that landslide in Bukit Antarabangsa it could be possible for RB to stand on the dock again otherwise we all be talking cock

  19. Haha says:

    Guys, you should have known in day 1 that Razak Baginda will be getting away from the prosecution, isn’t it? We are in Malaysia, we should know how it works!!! Don’t get frustrated by the predictable result. Just make sure we are choosing the party (may not be the right one coz anyone could be corrupted eventually, depending on the price!) that can balance the force by the next election. Cheers.

  20. Mat Lazim says:

    I agree 100% with Markky . The ONLY Person who can initiate Justice for the Mongolian Murder Case is ANWAR when he becomes PM .Let us give him all the supports he needs to go to Putrajaya .

  21. rider says:

    Now we will know what umno Badawi’s judicial reform is all about, clearly to protect the criminals in their midst! We know Karpal’s strength but we also know Najib’s money power. Wait and see if Mr.Shaaribu gets his wish.

  22. kittykat46 says:

    Karpal can try. I wish him best of luck, but nothing is going to come out of it.

    The powers-that-be very early realised given the gravity of the case, they couldn’t just simply let Razak get away, he had to go through a Dog-and-Pony show.

    But he’s been acquitted after a long, strange trial, and the prosecution declined to appeal the acquittal. No surprises there – there was never any real fear that Razak would face the gallows.

    Now, back to the question….if Razak Baginda didn’t order her C-4ed, who did ?????

  23. ratbait says:

    “Surely any first year law student will tell you that the proposed application is a non starter. How can you compel the AGs chambers to file an appeal after the lapse of the statutory period.” – Ken Lee

    Obviously you are not even a first day law student to not know what a Judicial Review is.

  24. tunabdulrazak says:

    The verdict is written long before the hearings.
    The answer is a gun on Najib’s head

  25. harrison says:

    I think it’s time for me to say – It’s been a pleasure knowing most of you through Susan’s blog.

    I started to read Susan’s blog way back in 2006 and been an ardent fan till now. 1st i tot Bamboo River is a woman. hahaha. Then Datuk Monsterball smoking off his cheroot. Kittykat abstain to chat with me when I cheekily reprised to his name-calling mockering my name, – “handsome” – I hope he has no hard-feeling on now…whew!

    And my famous spat with Jeanumlately, sometime in November last year that draws Susan’s attention to pacify us by giving me a show-cause. Hahaha. I have not read Jeancumlately’s comment until she made a commentary about my na9me near the time before our spat. I wasn’t even angry but just play-play.

    Whispering9, although I have some disagreement with him, but I respect him as a gentleman as all of you guys here. Hopefully W9 would join us for a drink.

    And foremost, Susan Loone, nice to know you. 😀

    I love you all. Where is Hutchrun?????? Change nicks??? haha.

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