Yeah, it’s good to have them (the 17 detainees) released from the dreaded Internal Security Act, but to have been put there in the first place? What the hell?

If you don’t know what I am talking about, read the statement inside.

Does this release mean they have not been guilty at all?

You see, we’ll never know because there had been no trial. No due process of law. No natural justice invoked.

So, if these people are innocent of their alleged crimes in the first place, I say ‘sue the pants of the prime minister and home minister’ who put them there fo nothing!

Bloody precious time wasted and their dignity torn to shreds.

Is there even an apology from the government for wrongful detention?

Can you just make a guess and put people in detention without trial and don’t even get reprimanded for making a wrong judgement?

Only in Malaysia, I guess.

Sue them, sue them! Until ISA is abolish! 

Read the statement by GMI and names of  persons released inside:

Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI) has been informed that 17 detainees who were detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for alleged links to international militant Jemaah Islamiyah (JI), Darul Islam (DI) and falsifying documents were released on from November to 4th December this year.

They are:

Mavalavan a/l Muthuramalingam

Mohd Faizol Bin Shamsudin
Mat Tarmizi Bin Shamsudin
Abdul Rahman Bin Ahmad
Abdul Murad Bin Sudin
Yazid Bin Suffat
Sulaiman Suramin
Faycal Mamdouh
Muhammad Shuaib Hazrat Bilal (Pakistan)
Shaykinar Bin Guat (Filipina)
Argadi Bin Andoyok (Filipina)

Kasem Dayama (Thailand)

Raja Petra Kamaruddin
Zakaria Samad (Indonesia)
Ahmad Zakaria (Indonesia)
Terhamid Dahlan (Indonesia)
Ariffin (Indonesia)

GMI welcomes the release of the seventeen as they have not been proven guilty by any open court in Malaysia. We believe that the release of the detainees is the result of the persistent and continuous campaigns to demand for the abolition of the ISA.

Furthermore the release of three 6-year detainees Yazid Bin Suffat, Sulaiman Bin Suramin and Abdul Murad Bin Sudin from the ISA is a victory for the recently-launched campaign, “Free 6-year ISA detainees” (Kempen Bebaskan Tahanan 6-tahun ISA), which is one of the main factors that catalyzed the process of their release.

GMI obtained the news of their release from the families of the ISA detainees and lawyers who visited Kamunting Camp recently.

The release of the seventeen, although welcomed, should not be seen as a substantial improvement in the state of human rights with regard to the use of the ISA by the government. 46 detainees are still currently being detained under the ISA, of which four are 6-year detainees.

None of the detainees have been charged with any offences. We urge the government to release all remaining ISA detainees and to abolish the ISA and all other laws which permit detention without trial once and for all.

GMI reiterates that punishing or detaining people without giving them any opportunity to defend themselves is barbaric. Uncivilized laws that permit detention without trial are goes against the principles of democracy and should be abolished.

All ISA detainees should be released or be charged in the courts. Even if there is only one ISA detainee left, the struggle will still continue.

Abolish ISA!

Release All ISA Detainees!

Close Down Kamunting Detention Camp!


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  1. wandererAUS says:

    How to sue Susan, they can even allowed a murderer
    free without going to the court. This is Bolehland.
    The courts, the judges belong to UMNO…poorly qualified to carry out justice.
    Let us not submit meekly to these scumbags, “If there is a will, there is a way”. Throw from out!
    No point suing, there are not enough brave lawyers to take up the cases…except for Karpal and a very few.
    Change we shall seek, change we will get.

  2. amoker says:

    No la,,. they have been ‘reformed’ – brainwashed.

    Wonder why ex terrorist are ok but hindraff chaps are not?

    And wonder why the gov is so secretive in releasing them

  3. Bentoh says:

    ISA protects the government from being sued by detainees… 😉

    Becareful taking LRT in KL…

  4. koli says:

    they are destroying this beautifull malaysia just to remain in the mamak says we won`t be able to achieve wawasan 2020.this arsehole actually killledmalaysia thru wawasan politic wang

  5. two-face says:

    What do you mean “only in Malaysia”? The great freedom fighter cum the world policeman, USA have it, the most diplomatic country, Great Britain have it, the most prosperous country in SEA, Singapore have it….

    The majority have the right to live in peace as well. Again, I don’t recall any calls to abolish the ISA from you before the Hindraf Tamil Tigers were detained.

    The Mumbai tragedy is a case in point! In the aftermath when lives are lost, property destroyed and image go down the drain… no law in the world can compensate the victims. I am for ISA anytime and the Indian government will introduce one soon.

  6. nordin says:


    Why did you called the released persons ex terrorists? What right do you have to labeled them as such? Which court of law have found them guilty? Just because the umno government put them under ISA, you find it handy to labeled them terrorist.

    I’m afraid, instead of them, it’s you that have been turnover and brainwashed.

  7. Hahaha says:

    Two face;

    Every nation desires security for her people, including Malaysia. You are right in certain ways but, you failed to see how ISA was abused by these scumbags in govt. You do not locked up kids, innocent women and men, simply because they were excersing their right to protest. Perhaps, you enjoy living in a police state.

  8. idzan ismail says:

    Susan, sue them, why don’t you? Do walk the talk. Let’s see whether you get support.

  9. lhheng says:

    See how the government abused and used ISA to their whims and fancies. Instead of locking up murderers, terrorists, religious extremists, racialists etc… they use ISA on innocent rakyat again and again. That pea brain, arrogant, racialistic baldie toad and his cronies from HM should be held responsible for all this.
    They thought they can scare and intimidate innocent rakyat by this draconian act. Whacked these bums properly during the coming by-election.

  10. Baby Idzan Ismail says:

    Mama, you are a moron right? Yes, right. very right…

  11. apapunboleh says:

    Terrorist is ‘safe’ in Malaysia and peaceful protesters are a threat to national security. This proves that WE are a terrorist state! Maybe UMNO has links to Al-Qaeda and Osama could be an advisor to them…..

  12. two-face says:

    What’s wrong with living in a police state? Singapore is a police state, and it’s peaceful. I rather a police state than Thailand when freedom overrule the majority rights. What’s the point of freedom when the government that was chosen can’t govern and mobs holding the majority ransom by taking over the airport, government and public buildings.

    I am sure Susan in Bangkok enjoys the ‘merry’ atmosphere in Bangkok and wish the same in KL!

  13. problem is that if you have idiot dpps and stupid ag, you have guilty becomes innocent and justice becomes injustice……

    at least isa provides better security than the current common law in malaysia…..

  14. zztop says:

    Hey, Baby Idzan Ismail please do not disgrace this blog with your stupid and “baby” brain comments. Dont cry like a baby here la.

    In case, u do not have a pacifier, the many bloggers here are more than willing to plug your foul mouth with something BIG and REAL good.
    Perhaps you may also need some good whacking on your ass like a baby by Fat Mama.

  15. Deputy PIG(Police Inspector General) says:

    If they can sack their “own kind” Zaid Ibrahim for saying the dirty word “justice”….who are we…the rakyat.

    All amino/bee ann gomen wants is to STAY IN POWER AT WHATEVER COST…..very very Machiavellian as their TOK GURU of all crimes Mahadey has trained and indoctrinated them, civil service, army, police etcetc.

    We must throw them OUT for GOOD in the next time around the General Elections as the idea of depriving them of the two thirds majority has revealed their TRUE COLOURS….sore losers;arrogant nuts;dictators;racists;discriminators;criminals; corupt, sexists;…the list can go on and on….

    Hidup PR!!!Hidup DSAI!!!Hidup Lim Kit Siang!!Hidup Karpal Singh!!!Hidup Lim Guan Eng!!! Hidup Raja Petra!!!! Hidup Malaysia for Malaysians!!!!!!!!!

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