(from Malaysiakini) – I didn’t even know I am A-list blogger!

At 83, Mahathir is certainly one of the oldest bloggers in Malaysia.

Not showing signs of slowing down, his blog Chedet also figured as the fastest rising blogger search in 2008, beating the other Malaysian A-listers – Anwar, Raja Petra Kamarudin, Anil Netto and Susan Loone.

Pua’s blog popped up in this category as well, above Ahirudin ‘Rocky’ Attan, Paul Tan, Kenny Sia and blogger-turned politician Jeff Ooi.

Malaysian carmaker Perodua’s new SUV, the Perodua Nautica, emerged as the winner of the fastest rising car model search list, beating five other foreign models in the market, said Google.

Meanwhile, the Visit Terengganu Year 2008 marketing campaign boosted more searches for this coastal state, as Terengganu came up higher than second placer Pulau Tioman as well as tourist haunts Genting Highlands and Penang on the list of fastest rising local destinations.

Google also found that the economic downturn was clearly on top of mind for many Malaysians.

“There were large increases in the number of searches for ‘murah’ (36% increase), ‘warehouse’ (28% increase) and ‘sale’ (19% increase), reflecting Malaysians searching more often online to find the best deals and save money,” said Google in a statement.

“Terms like ‘recession’ (383% increase) and ‘financial crisis’ (136% increase) also saw significant spikes in search volume when the global markets were falling in September and October.”


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  1. KNizam says:

    power to the blogger ! hehe 🙂

  2. Joshua says:


    congrats, susan. u’re in the top 5. not bad at all.

    may the truth save us all and top it all!

  3. dips says:


  4. Eagle says:

    Many people still believe that mamak or simply surfing to see the craziest and idiotic over the hill views.
    Malaysians oh Malaysians, taken for a ride for the last 22 years and treated like fools.

  5. Congratulations! Syabas! Felicidades!

  6. Rainstorm says:

    Hi Susan, “kiong hee” ! Top 5 🙂

  7. whispering9 says:

    I am very glad you are No.5.

  8. Take away the politicians or ex-politician blog, we are here to Stay.

    Congratulation Susan

  9. mel says:

    no wonder in the states where internet is accessible the pakatan rakyat won lotsa votes rather than less developed states…still cannot figure out what it would like be in next Pilihanraya

  10. Bentoh says:

    How does Lim Kit Siang scored 3rd in personality search but not blogger search? hmmmm…

  11. Thong says:


    Sometimes I worry for your fearlessness!!!

  12. wandererAUS says:

    Susan,If you were the crooked PM for 22 years, you will also, top of the list. 22 years can easily build a Big Den of snakes and cockroaches.
    Anyway, still a heartiest congratulation for your fine performance.

  13. Bodohland says:

    Words are mightier than swords…. in this case, Susan, your swords! Keep em sharp, keep em polished, keep em going the evil-doers way!

    Bodohland: your fan! 😉

  14. BukitBeruntung says:

    Salam Ayahanda Tun yang disayangi and dijunjungi setinggi tinggi langit,

    Oops, am in wrong blogs, Chedet here I come….

  15. kittykat46 says:

    Congratulations, Susan. You’re one of the top.

  16. harisson says:

    Hi susan,

    You are classified as top five (Malaysian) fastest rising blogger. Hey, can publish some ads and earn some cash la. Just a thought. Or the advertiser are afraid to offend the authorities. haha. 🙂

  17. Pegasus says:

    Hi Susan,
    Merry Christmas!Happy Chinese New Year!,Happy Deepavali,Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Wesak Day!Top 5,Congratulations!!! Feels like a festive day everyday !!!

  18. Batu Ferringhi says:

    Well done, keep up the good work. Just take care too yah, I sometimes fear for you for your daring exposes…

  19. SameSame says:

    Congrats susan.

    Well, i thought chedet, had a heart attack recently? Hmm. I am away currently and thought i saw a posting on the issue.

    Cheers mate for still being our eyes and ears..for all that matters. Susan are good. Merry Christmas and happy new year!

  20. blink4blog says:

    biggest and oldest so what? got traffic does not means the contents are sensible all the times right?

  21. jaycee says:

    susan, what’s wrong with RPK’s site. Just can’t get through at all for the past one hour. So have gone to other sites. All ok except his.

    Don’t tell me they hacked him again. Or pulled the plug again.

  22. tun perak says:

    On a separate note I been hearing a lot of hogwash coming out of the mouths of umno ultras about perjuangan melayu. I would like to set the record straight.
    I love the way UMNO REWRITES HISTORY, their claims of the Malays protected the english, chinese, indians through policing and armed forces to a certain extent is an exeggeration of tepuk dadeh and jaguh kampung antics till the sixties and mid seventies onwards but before that it was a totally different scenario.
    Lets go down memory lane and, well lets set history straight, the south indians majority from Kerala were brought in to work the Rubber plantations by the british, the chinese were brought in to work the mines, the ceylonese/ sri lankans were brought in to work in govt administration, the sikhs, urdu speaking muslims/(pakistanis) , gurkhas, were brought in respectively to defend malaya in the form of soldiers and police force. look back at the history of the first MALAY REGIMENT when was it founded, go look at the tugu kebangsaan and please do not miss out looking at the names etched in stone on the WORLD WAR 1 memorial next to our national monument, I notice no flowers there. you can lie to the public in the name of Ketuanan but the truth of the matter was, the malays were to lazy to work the rubber estates nor the tin mines, policing was out of the questions as they were to scared to face the chinese gangs and triads… the gee hin and others. SO WHAT LIES UMNO SPINS for the natives, where is you sense of pride and nationalism, I don’t remember the malays fighting the japanese through guerrilla warfare, all the Malays have done throughout their history is to lay down their arms and surrender to any tom dick and harry conquerer, whocrossed our shores, if not for the british the people of trengganau, kelantan and kedah would be practising budhism, and selling their daughters like what happenning in naratiwat in southern thailand. Hows that for the truth instead of UMNO PROPOGANDA LIES OF PERJUANGAN MELAYU, WHAT BLOODY PERJUANGAN? more like perjuangan kocek.

  23. His Story says:

    “the malays were to lazy to work the rubber estates nor the tin mines” – tun perak

    but given half the chance kadir jasin, rocky, mahathir, najib, badawi etc would love to go back and start doing so. Imbeciles all. Towering malays they think they are strutting around like idiot tuans.

  24. bamboo river says:

    Susan dear, you are among the top 5. Very happy to note the after 5s are some ‘prominent’ bloggers.Keep it up 🙂

    jaycee, MT is okay mah! Just came back from that site.
    Try again …

    Just a little request to Susan, please can add the time (Bangkok or M’sia also can lah) beside the date of each comment ah ?

  25. wandererAUS says:

    Twisting history is what UMNO does best. These are shameless and corrupted creatures… the Chinese have a saying, “Using my bum to be his face”

  26. wits0 says:

    Hasn’t M’siakini already reported that even greater bumno effort will be made to revise history in the ‘educational system’ to promote “greater patriotism”?

    Can they ever be trusted to do anything righteous and truthful without hoodwinking and also employing blogging apologists like crumbling Rocky and JustSin?

  27. rider says:

    Yessss..!! for Susan Loone! From rider, Rustypin, Attilla, Nyonya Khan and Spicey Goat.

  28. idzan ismail says:

    Oh Susan Looney soooo modest. When you write racism what do you expect. People love controversy

  29. ericind says:

    Congratulation to u,Susan.i hope u will get the top 3 wat happen if mamak chedet stike another heartattack…

  30. tun perak says:

    thats the problems with morons like you IJJUT idzan ismail, think about it, all this while who are the morons who are the biggest, handicapped, chest thumping, eye rolling, mouth foaming screamers of the first degree, who else the ijjuts from umno, look at hishmudin keris waving – chinese blood soaking antics, what about the ahmad ismails, and najibs keris waving antics, what about tajjuddins, bung de dung from sabah, who are these morons, what would you call them?
    oppourtunists? malay patriots? jaguh kampungs? who are they? the problem with racists is they never recognise themselves, me of course I am a racist, a racist against these morons. so ijjut idzan, try forming a blog than try putting your thoughts into words, than lets see any takers, put your money where your mouth is.

  31. ericind says:

    Malaysia’s racism will never end if bn/umno morons r still around..

  32. sloone says:

    Hi Idzan;

    i think you meant mahathir mohamad. he’s top of everyone, so he’s the most racist by your standards.

    kekekeke 🙂

    And to everyone else, thanks for the wishes and for your searches on google.

  33. Hi Susan,

    Congrat! You deserve it by supporting human rights and justice. 🙂


  34. maxtor says:

    Baca sangat Malaysia Kini tu. patut ramai lain macam sekarang.

  35. wits0 says:

    I’m not sure, Susan, that Idzan is capable of noticing the log in her own eyes but she sees the dusts in others’.

  36. idzan ismail says:


    Don’t just go to Susan’s blog. Go to forums by US papers online like Washinton Post, Chicago Trbune, NY times etc. You will learn alot.
    They are like praising Tun M. Most still thought he’s still PM.
    That speaks volume.
    Long live Mahathir

  37. wits0 says:

    “That speaks volume.”

    Ignorance also can speak volumes.

    WaPo, NYT(financially floundering real badly) and CT are mainstream LLL papers. It shows that M’sia isn’t important enough to be given enough focus and update.

    Ask ex-ambassador John Mallot about Maha :

  38. boombang says:

    “That speaks volume.”

    The more empty the drum, the louder the noise. Sheeesh this idzan character must have failed physics.
    OTOH idzan trembles at mahatahi`s farts – scatography.

  39. tun perak says:

    ‘Baca sangat Malaysia Kini tu. patut ramai lain macam sekarang.’
    itulah maxtor pejuang kampung, malaysiakini tu, berita, tapi nst, utusan macam mana, surat khabar dongeng, (cerita hantu, bomoh, macam mana jadi kaya 101) melayu?
    and to poor ijjut IDZAN, you said,
    ‘You will learn alot.
    They are like praising Tun M. Most still thought he’s still PM.
    That speaks volume.”
    yes it does especially with your level of english, actually what do you read, name an article, are you talking about the one where they called Mahathir an asian dictator, one of the richest men in the world by forbes, the anti-semite , what about the NEP/ aparthied policies, name one, I think you must have been reading the funnies/ cartons or MAD /gila-gila magazines, did you read that garbage that the NYT was praising Mahathir in bernama? utusan?, patutlah . idzan itu dongeng dan khabar2 angin. itulah baca utusan dan tinggal di belakang, ter tinggaal bodoh. cuba pergi luar negeri dan cari maka, tak-doh cruthches mate, with UITM,UPM and malaysian factories of printing degrees to every moron under scholarship, well lets see these champions of hak melayu compete in the international markets. maybe in the kampung lah boleh cerita dongeng, So next time when you open you mouth think before criticising. ANOTHER PRODUCT OF THE unemployable graduates a la SAIFUL. wanna swear too.

  40. idzan ismail says:

    Tok Perak

    Normally I dont reply to immature minds with immature thots.
    For your info I have been throughout the world. I have raised three kids two in top US schools and one in Britain And I am not a product of a local U.
    U lack U of life.
    SSh…. intelligent adults are talking. boy pl go out anf play

  41. youbeggars says:

    “U lack U of life.”

    Hee hee travelled all over the world, raised 3 kids in top schools and comes up with that sekolah pondok rubbish.

  42. youbeggars says:


    KUALA LUMPUR: Seorang penyokong kerajaan hari ini mendedahkan bahawa pelajar terutamanya di institusi pengajian tinggi kini lemah minda bukan kerana berpolitik tetapi kerana malas belajar. (BN-Pasir Salak) berkata, pelajar di universiti bukan sahaja tidak membaca buku dan hanya bergantung kepada nota dari pensyarah, malah malas untuk membuat rujukan dan malas pula membaca buku dalam bahasa Inggeris.

    “Ini kerana susah, pening kepala.

  43. wits0 says:

    Even Cambridge Oxford, Harvard, Princeton or Yale clearly could not remove the kampong and kompang from some heads.

    SIL was from Oxfart, Jellyfish KTK from Princeton.

    What does it prove? Certainly not integrity or wisdom. Maybe sometimes letting Chomsky into the head from American universities.

    And what does travel prove? Many rich dowagers are also hooked to constant touring just because they lack any other interests and unable to cultivate anything deeper. As for having children, animals also do d same.

  44. ericind says:

    Oii,Maxtor,kamu ni suka sangat baca utusan meloya,berita hairan,dan Tv 3 suku ke?patut lah bodoh macam depa..

  45. pfft says:

    “Many rich dowagers are also hooked to constant touring…” – wits0

    some with gigolos young enough to be “sons”

  46. ericind says:

    Oh,pfft,u mean auntie idzan?

  47. delcapo says:

    it;s a fun list i guess, Susan =]

    but TDM, DSAI & uncle LKS as “fast rising” deserves a few laughs definitely….


  48. Nyonya Khan says:

    Sent 3 children to top US schools becuz couldn’t trust the local education system. travelled the world becuz of plenty money from wealthy inheritence OR from the rakyat’s pocket, how lucky, but I do feel sad for the thousands of poor primary school children who walk miles to school starting from 4am in the morning to end up jobless graduates later on. Beautiful system yours.. a case of wealth not distributed equally, clearcut umno!

  49. mohd ali ismail says:

    Susan, Let me tell you that i was a strong supporter of UMNO once.I have since changed my stand.Its all started When KUTTY took over as PM.I was so disgusted with his guts and the way he administered the country.The reign of terror started and everything negative begun.NEP only reached the privileged few.Most Malays are left poor and some are living below poverty level.

  50. KuiKuiKui says:

    what a racist blogger.. have not been in a blog that use the term racist over and over again

  51. stenson says:

    Dear Susan, I cant help admiring your guts and the depth of your thought.

  52. thank for your help susan

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