This is Jerit’s statement on their memo to the Malaysian National Human Rights Commission (SUHAKAM). “We have become a laughing stock to the world for not even being able to cycle”.

Today is World Human Rights Day. Its been 60 years since the United Nation Declaration of Human Rights was drawn up and Malaysia is also a signatory to it. But then the rights of Malaysians are continously violated by the government and its agencies.

Today is also the 8th day of the JERIT Bicycle Campaign. It also the 8th day of police harrasment and arrests of JERIT activists. fed up with this situation , JERIT today went to make a complain in SUHAKAM on the continoues harrasment and torture done by police since the campaign started on 3rd December 2008.

A memo containing the violations of police was submitted.

Madhavi from JERIT said that, this programme is a programme endorsed by 4 Chief Ministers and well publicised. So why does the police treat us as if we are terrorists. Cheng from Empower mentioned that after 60 years of the UDHR and 51 years of Independance, Malaysia is becoming a police state. Action need to be taken to stop this violation.

Selvam from PSM mentioned that the police are systematically sabotaging this campaign. he mentioned that police are criminals in blue. Selvam also said that the police are acting this way to do the bidding of the political masters. Letchimi from PSM requested to SUHAKAM to be assertive this time in order to safeguard the rights of the people.

After all this comments Dato Siva , the commissioner present said that it is very regretful that the police is behaving this way. They have much more important work to do such as fighting crime then just putting road blocks to stop cyclists. He mentioned that other countries will laugh at us for stopping the JERIT activist from cycling and leafletiing. Freedom to move and leaflet is a democratic right. Police should be neutral and do not take political sides. Dato Siva also mentioned that the demands of the JERIT campaign is good for the people of Malaysia as a whole and is in line with the aspirations of SUHAKAM. Lastly Dato Siva said that SUHAKAM will continue to monitor the campaign and situation and congratulated JERIT for coming up with this campaign and putting forward the demands.

So far today , we have not had any arrests yet though police harrasment is continuing. JERIT really hopes SUHAKAM will investigate the abuse of power by the police and action is taken to ensure this incidents are not repeated.

Do go to JERIT’s website: for details on the memo.


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  1. matt says:

    Sad isn’t susan when even telling the truth leads to this type of harrasment.Anyway they need to be congratulated for their efforts.

  2. ericsson says:

    i read with disgust on your support for the b*****d racist toyoll the other day in his blog. sad to see u support what he has been doing. maybe u two deserve each other.

  3. sloone says:

    who do you mean? support for toyoll?

    please clarify.

  4. antjoe says:

    Why the deafening silence in the main stream media? SUHAKAM to monitor? Pls stop taking the Malaysian for a ride. We need another March8.


    Let the wheels of justice continue to turn
    Even though some bicycles have been burned
    But with sheer determination and strong passion
    There’ll be no stopping in striving to reach their final destination

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 101208
    Wed. 10th Dec. 2008.

  6. chris chong says:

    SUHAKAM is only a toothless tiger. it can’t do much.
    just be prepared for the consequences, when you are doing something against the inhumane government, even though you are just telling the truth, upholding the justice or expressing your freedom.

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