I just received this alert from JERIT campaigners. Please help them or pass this word around, and please give the police a hard time by calling them or sending appeal letters to the relevant authorities on behalf of JERITers. Don’t the government have any idea at all that today is International Human Rights Day?  It’s also the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 60th Anniversary – which Malaysia is a party to. Shame, shame. Sangat memalukan.

Updated 12.10am, Malaysian time:
Follow Anil Netto’s blog as there are some good images there on the JERIT-police harassment.

Follow Haris Ibrahim’s Peoples Parliament for updates on who’s still arrested and who’s been released. Haris has prepared a sample letter to write to the relevant authorities about the JERIT arrests. Up to now, 8 of them are still being detained.  What baloney!

Updated 5.37pm

The National Secretariat of JERIT will be submitting a memorandum to SUHAKAM protesting the police intimidation and harasment on the JERIT Cycling Team . Details of the programme is as below

Date : 10/12/2008
Time : 12 pm
Place : SUHAKAM Office

We hope that friends, supporters, comrades and friends of media will attend this event to give support and coverage

For further details please call Kohila -019-2275982

Updated 3.30pm SEGAMAT:

Finally after more than 3 hours, the Pajero, Van and Lorry of the southern JERIT team was released. This was done after taking statements from the drivers of the vehicles. One of them , Cheng ( driver of the van) was released on police bail as the leaflet is being investigated as there is no proper “information ” on the publisher. This release was only secured after hours of negotiation and also reasoning as there is nothing wrong with the leaflets.

The irony here is one district says leaflet is okay, the other says nope it is not okay. The police really do not know what they are looking for. Their only aim is to frustrate us and make it hard for us to continue the campaign. But the more they stop, the more persistent we are.

We will continue this campaign until we reach KL on the 18/12/2008. The OCPD actually mentioned it seems that he has been getting a lot of calls protesting the blocking of the vehicles. This shows that all the calls made by supporters and friends are effective. JERIT would like to thank all supporters , friends, comrades for the solidarity shown. This is just the 7th day of campaign , we have 9 more days to go.

By: People the Force for Change, Kohila, Sekretariat JERIT.

Updated 2.30pm:

The Cyclists have been released and are in the bus now. The 4coordinators,  Sungai Siput MP Dr. Jeyakumar and the bus driver is still being held in Kuala Kangsar police station and no update on their status

Helen who was punched and sexually assaulted has made a police report. Lee Huat Seng’s camera was confisticated and in the process the police hurt him in the arm , now bleeding. Taiping : The 2 DEMA Members still under arrestSegamat : Lorry, van and pajero still not released.

Updated 1.30pm:


The police have  arreste 5 JERIT coordinators, Ranee, Sugumaran, Karthi, Helen  and Jothi  plus  bus full of participants detained. They are going all out to stop the campaign.

Please call the police station : 057762222 / 0175311697






For more information please call : Dr Kumar : 019-5616807


Cyclists and vehicles have been stopped at Kuala kangsar toll exit and not allowed to proceed to Sungai Siput. Police demanding cyclists particulars .

Please call IPD Kuala Kangsar to pressure : 05-7762222

For more information call Ranee :


The Van , Pajero, Lori of the cyclists team have been brought to Segamat IPD. The issue is the OCPD does not want us to leaflet.

Call IPD Segamat to pressure : 07-9312222 / OCPD Supt Abdul Majid : 0174121366

For more information call :Simon : 019-2612259

37 responses »

  1. Tomorrow is World Human Rights Day. This is how the BN government celebrates, by beating up and harassing innocent Malaysians who are cycling for freedom.


    “The power of the Executive to cast a man into prison without formulating any charge known to the law, and particularly to deny him the judgment of his peers, is in the highest degree odious and is the foundation of all totalitarian government whether Nazi or Communist.”
    Sir Winston Churchill

    “Peace can only last where human rights are respected, and where individuals and nations are free.”
    Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama

  2. bluesailor says:

    Zion workn from top to our police force. Maybe i am wrong. But will keep with u people.

  3. chris chong says:

    so the polis can do anything they want???

    rakan cop my asssssssssss!!!

  4. kuek Joseph says:

    Total brutality. Damm the police

  5. bamboo river says:

    I don’t normally curse people I despised.
    May the person responsible in punching and sexually assault Helen be struck by LIGHTNING.
    Since it is the monsoon season.

  6. LHHENG says:

    This is what our PDRM is good for. Arresting and intimidating innocent rakyat who cycle for freedom instead of criminals, murderers etc…all over the country.
    At the end of the day, that a_sehole pea brain arrogant baldie toad should be held responsible.

  7. hotnews says:

    blady motherfucker UMNO ass licking police!watch out the rakyat will revange like wat happen in bangkok.we will bring down the govt and the police.we are not fools.

  8. Michal says:

    Even a policeman must have some education. If morons are employed, then this is the end result. That is why Malaysia like that of Pakistan, Afganistan etc. are on its way to joining the club of failed nations.

  9. hotnews says:

    eat my stool PDRM

  10. The Boss says:

    Dickhead NAJIb@Mat Mongol is behind all this agenda.blady Najib u still downt know wat is the meaning of peopel power.watch out u moron.

  11. reshmann says:

    Why blame the police,they are just a bunch of gutless low lifes who in return will be thrown some crumbs by the so called characterless leaders who you all voted in.Look, Nurin and another child is still missing and instead of helping their parents find them or bring the culprits to justice and focusing on making our streets safe from snatch thieves and mat rempits,these idiots are going after innocent civilians.Shame lah this POLIS `RAJA’ DI MALAYSIA.
    Malaysian govt and the police are a laughing stock to the world.

  12. wandererAUS says:

    What sort of animals do we have in the ROYAL MALAYSIA POLICE? They simply brings shame to the Agong and the nation. Are they capable only to harass innocent citizens and ignore the crimes committed by criminals?
    The rakyat should put the two main actors, Botak Home Minister and corrupt IGP infront of the firing squad. Shamless specimens!

  13. jb says:

    For those Malaysians who seem to think that we have a wonderful government, think again. There is too much evidence to show that this ruling adminstration is a despot government. We should all demand for proper justice.
    History has shown that these govnts. eventually fall. But at what cost.

  14. apapunboleh says:

    The cops arrest and beat-up icconect people, robs, steals, rapes, take pictures of squatting women and the list goes on. What’s new with our corrupted PDRM.

  15. camanio says:

    i) don’t provoke the police.
    ii) get more malay friends to help. this is beginning to look like a non-malay gathering.
    iii) i repeat, don’t provoke the police.



  16. PureMalaysian says:

    haiseh, just look at what education level or qualification is needed to become a cop in BolehLand – then we can comprehend the level of brutality of PDRM in handling cases!

  17. rider says:

    The police have gone way out of line sucking up to the umno govt. They tell the world out there, that the PM, Home Minister, IGP all simply have no ideas of their own. Curses on you umno, do you realise that MOTHER NATURE is focusing spot on, on the umno govt? To tell the people who still back the govt that they are completely wrong and Bkt. Antarabangsa is the latest curse. We, the rakyat are going to take over, GE12 started it, Permtg Pauh continued it, next will be KT and then snowball.., then, these shitbrained arseholes will get the message. The Mongolian’s blood cries out for justice..!

    Ride On..!! Riders for change, AND CHANGE IT WILL BE!!

  18. C.A. Ranjit says:

    What is Jerit upto? Why do they want peace when peace already exists. Jesus Christ has poured upon us his grace and peace. Just work on it by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Don’t waste time when we know that the law of the nation does not permit us to do what we are doing. Try Jesus, pray daily for the peace .

  19. […] stories at Malaysiakini , Susan Loone & AnilNetto’s […]

  20. roti chanai says:

    If the police is interested in taking sides its best they remove their uniforms and join a political party.

  21. wits0 says:

    C.A.Ranjit, you’re unreal and holier than thou. If you’re a Mormon, I’ll not be surprised.

    I remember a bit about KK, the Royal town, especially about some of the ppl’s attitude – those of the Bukit Chandan aka Bukit Kerajaan have that tendency to think of themselves as “true blue” mainstream. If the cops are from there, well, the arrogance is somewhat unsurprising. Anyway, this is “Fidah’s county” and in other adjacent areas too, the mainstream thingy also is present.

  22. sexually molested ? how ? care to illustrate ? curios curios…

  23. casava says:

    C.A. Ranjit at least now we know you are not a sikh.

  24. wits0 says:

    C.A. Ranjit has appeared here b4 with his bulls and never sounded like one.

  25. casava says:

    komen anda:

    9 Dec 08, 19:37
    delCapo: stay strong & keep safe… we are all in support of your cause & proud of you!!
    9 Dec 08, 17:06
    adila: Keep it up guys! Don’t lose hearts… We support you.
    9 Dec 08, 16:56
    matcomot: teruskan……rakyat tahu yang mana hak dan yang mana batil.syabassssssssssss
    9 Dec 08, 16:54
    matcomot: well done JERIT.teruskan usaha.polis mcm biasa.,tak nak bagi pemerintah tahu kesusahan rakyat


  26. Anti Gestapo says:


    Don’t shame Christianity like that woman – Yim Pek Ha who committed repeated brutality against another human being and later asked for mitigation on her jail sentence pending appeal on grounds that she was a regular church goer and a staunch Christian.

    It’s about time now, the UN members countered Malaysia’s Government officials whenever they advocate for the closure of Guantenamo Bay.

    If any wo/man commits a crime and under the guise of religion or pleaded for mitigation underr the pretext of piety – I hope the Judge will uphold the sentence if not extend a few years for being a hipocrite and liar.

  27. Anonymous says:

    “No servant is greater than his master. If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also.” (John 15:20).
    Bumno remains masterful for the moment and our Jerits remain in servanthood – excluding our friend CARanjit here for whom ‘worldly peace’ is misunderstood as divine peace…
    But for every drop of Jerit blood, a thousand more believers to their cause will awaken.

  28. JFK says:

    What is peace without freedom? North Korea appears to be an overly peaceful country because dissent is never allow to be heard, less to be seen. Superficial peace on the surface buries an immense measure of injustice and inequality. This may remain invisible but felt in the hearts of those oppressed.

    Prayers may be balm to the soul in desperation but positive action relieves the body, mind and spirit. Pray and dream on, Ranjit. You live in a different realm, cushioned from the harshness of poverty, brutality and unfairness. Perhaps when your comfortable life is turn upside down, then you will curse more than pray.

  29. wits0 says:

    For all we know, Ranjit may as well be a Barisan Najis dissimulator cunningly preaching the deliberately skewered side of the misunderstood Christian ideology. Perhaps he is preaching the misunderstood Gandhi doctrine without any caveat and exception to a given situation too..only worse, as he suggests no protest, whatsover, as well.

  30. mister33 says:

    Klingt wie Mannheim vor wenigen Tagen – aber ich verstehe nicht – wie ich verstehen soll.?.

    Wer gegen wen?

    Alle gegen die brutale Polizei?

    Militante Hindus und militante Islam-Polizisten?

    Ist jemand von euch ueber 28 jaehrig und trotzdem, obwohl er nicht vollberuflicher Demonstrant ist, hier dabei?

    gibt es solche “regionale Texte” auch auf deutsch?

    Gruss aus Berlin!!

  31. nabs says:

    “…Ranjit….Perhaps he is preaching the misunderstood Gandhi doctrine….”

    Ahha must be that one about when rape is inevitable lie back and enjoy it.

  32. Nyonya Khan says:

    To CA Ranjit,
    We don’t take the Guru’s name in vain,
    and I beg that you don’t.

  33. Menyalak-er says:

    I really do not know what CA Ranjits comment means, but i agree with anonymous & wits0 in regards to the superficiality of his statement. Using the name of Jesus in this way, is opposite to what is found in the Gospels – “I do not bring peace to this world…” and “My Peace i give to you, not as this world gives…” I do not even know if Ranjit is a Christian, but i do wonder about his statement on the “Holy Spirit”.
    Anyway this is not a discussion on theology, but the present Gomen is obviously in a Seige mode and their hyper-reflexes are shafting themselves up well and good. Whoever said they understood “human rights” – their’s will always be “ketuanan rights”.

  34. cjsavvy says:

    Don’t sweat it folks. Be patient until 13th General Elections. Then release your frustrations at the ballot box. This time there will be no UMNO assholes left in Parliament. Najib and Co can then go bang balls.

  35. cjsavvy says:

    The cops are beholden to UMNO bigwigs and will bend backwards to please them any chance they get. It’s too bad innocent people get busted for exercising their democratic rights. The cops, of course, are brainless idiots who can’t solve serious crimes happening under their noses.

  36. cjsavvy says:

    Hello Susan,
    I’m new to this space and I’m loving every bit of it. Somebody sent an e-mail with your link and here I am. I’ll have to say you got scrotal gumption (dunno what the feminine term is) and loads of it too. Please take this as a compliment.

  37. wits0 says:

    “their’s will always be “ketuanan rights”.” – menyalak-er.

    Their equivocations are ubiquitous ; the semantics are always perverted if not murdered. It’s never negative to state the obvious facts, their perverted and faked values touted with so much supportive bathos by their true believers and pathetic supplicants. All evil regimes of this world naturally have their own supporters – this is also a fact.

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