Deeply affected by all the tragedies around the world, especially back home in my country today, I present you my latest painting (acrylic on canvass, 50″ x 70″).

Not all is bleak however, there is another creation here, more positive “Seeing it grow”. ; and the story behind it.

“The bleeding uterus” is also featured here.


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  1. harrison says:

    Susan, foremost, I have been following your blog since 2006 and it’s fabulous. So are u. But, hope you don’t mind if I am exculpating myself from saying this – you are a talented beauty and your paintings are great but 1 thing, just 1 thing, – you are a bit gross, Susan.

    Your other blog I toured, your mentioned about menstruation makes me throw out. I am sorry to tell you the truth that I have a phobia of blood. Hey, no hard feelings ok. 😀

    Selamat hari raya to all.


    On the main function of the bleeding uterus
    It’s more than merely a monthly matter
    When it has its role to remind all of us
    That senseless flow of blood is not a laughing matter

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 081208
    Mon. 8th Dec. 2008.

  3. Anu says:

    Hi Susan
    Bold n bloody painting. The title makes one look at it, and perhaps say “you cannot be serious”. A different title could be more pleasing to the eye and mind.
    As I am no art expert, this is my 1 cent worth of remark and conclusion.
    Cheers n happy painting

  4. casper says:

    While visiting with an art historian friend(she works for Sotheby’s), I asked about her work and how does one go about appraising contemporary art. How is Damien Hirst able to command such prices ? She soon pulled out an in-house cataloque compilation of works by noted names, with brief description under each listing.

    Hirst and various works was listed under “conceptualise art” – it seems he gave away lots of early work, there was no record of prices they were sold for. She then turn my attention to Van Gogh and his series of “Sunflowers”. Listed under “Grandmaster” was a brief discription of each and last price transacted. I soon got a discourse of each “Sunflower”, Van Gogh’s happy years, not so happy time and his most productive period.

    What got my attention and this coming from the mouth of an authority – Vincent painted because it provided therapy. The execution of each piece, its colours – contrasted with his mood over time. I suspect “The bleeding uterus” has the same effect on you sloone and provides much needed relief.

    Cheer up girl, the gloom will soon pass and to all observant, Selamat Raya.

  5. Whatif says:

    Hi Susan,
    As Rainstorm has commented on your other blog, the painting depicts more of “a bleeding heart in turmoil” but the uterus is more apt in portraying our place of birth. Hopefully, after the bleeding, there is a chance for the birth of a new nation with justice and fairness for all.

    Come to think of it, if one looks “deeper” into the painting, you could actually see the bleeding uterus….

    Take care all.

  6. caravanserai says:

    The fire in the womb
    Churning red and darkest dream
    Camouflage with colorful innings
    The time of change

    Beginning the headaches
    Scratching to get it going
    Line up for the frontier
    Of dreams of light

    No fear intended
    The journey takes its toll
    Mind you when it arrives
    It is worth the many sweats and tears

    In the open of carefree wind
    The sound of new melody
    Vibrating deep into one soul
    Believing of dreams
    And the ways it can be

  7. wickwax says:

    A heart shape. Is it love and longing for the country amidst all the chaos, clowns, and conundrums?

    Great piece.

  8. ktemoc says:

    when times are terribly troubled and life becomes seemingly unbearable, everyone wants to dive back into the uterus, to go back to mum and stay warm and comfy … mama … mama …

    as I am not one who claims to be a ‘patriot’, well 😉 Susan, thanks for an alternative refuge.

  9. Con Text says:

    Ham sup

  10. wits0 says:

    Hum sup of the shallow sort. How about some H/P6 lang chia lang ribald ‘poetry’, as well?

  11. utera says:

    Wah, hum sup mama not good, now looking for alternate one kekekeke.

  12. Con Text says:

    A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.

    — Douglas Adams

  13. wits0 says:

    Baby KTemoc, please tell your pa to grow up(and old) gracefully instead of peddling the pathos and fixation on regressing backward into the warm and cozy uterus. Obviously the water in the river don’t flow upstream for anyone.

  14. Baby(2nd)Ktemoc says:


    U r a sneaky lil’ weasel. U hurt mama’s feelin’ so much and now you are uterrin’ sarcasms that you thought is funny….the last time you visited a brothel…ah…nvm…I don’t want cow’s milk. I want lactating mama…. gu gu gaga.

  15. Baby Jade Yung says:

    My mama loves to replicate her bushy upskirt.

  16. Baby MM says:

    My grand/(parents) always boast in a tete-a-tete how that managed to lie, cheat and steal.

    When one of their forefather migrated here, heardt that he was an Indian. However he seized the opportunity to “transformed” himself to be a supremacist Malay.

    He knew the game very well, that is to trumped-up the economic status of the Malays – in retrospect was regressed compared to the Chinese. Yes that’s partly true but it’s also partly a pseudo-tactics, and false intention to amplify and parachute himself to power – and with power, comes money, abundant wealth.

    If he would have fight for the rights of the poor of all races, and not solely the Malays,(knowing that the Malays comprised more than 60% of the population of Malaya when he blatantly wrote -“The ……. Dilemma”) he would not be a PM who every now and then brainwashed the minds of the Malays in actuality.

    *If anyone of you want to be Malay, then convert to Islam and your children will reaped all the State-coffers that others sow. Oh yes, not if you failed to invigorate false Malay supremacy. You will not benefit anything if you are Nik Aziz Nik Mat.

    Now see, they made me a con-acronym.

  17. ktemoc says:

    Our minds are of dearest mum
    And her warm unselfish love
    But alas others far too juvenile
    Their minds stray from above

    While we remember our mater
    They focus on the salacious
    The humsap, grubby, obscene
    Their puerility find delicious

    For most, uterus was our origin
    9 months of mum’s loving care
    While they possibly crawled out
    From beneath a rock somewhere

    Their dirty minds reeking foul
    Their mouths spilling sewerage
    But we should still forgive them
    For they are grossly underage


  18. Mocker says:

    aiiiii!!!!! humsup with dirty mind calling others dirty, betul punya mocker ni.
    “While we remember our mater”
    -But he run for another
    “While they possibly crawled out
    From beneath a rock somewhere”
    -Biology a failure
    “Their dirty minds reeking foul”
    Ktemoc stinking soul
    “Their mouths spilling sewerage”
    Mocker drunk on Tiger beverage

  19. wits0 says:

    Improperly was how KT was lactated
    Born with hydrocephaly and inflamed maters
    His verbal diarrhea never compacted
    His verve being poor and does not matter

    Talks of mum and love
    As fatuous attempt to awe and swoon
    Pirates from some wild cove
    Also can do similar pathos as any loon

    You can take out his old Jelutong
    Even send him to a great school
    Yet what sticks is always kelentong
    Projection is part of his gene pool

  20. ktemoc says:

    What crawls out from under a rock
    Sometimes would hiss, croak or moan
    But what’s clear is their common stock
    All from a cesspool or beneath a stone


    (‘cuse em, now have to take a bath – wakakaka)

  21. mocky says:

    (’cuse em, now have to take a bath – wakakaka)

    with the bhai and these:

    Ji, you bloody rotten ar$*h()le. You will never change, will you? My father warned me years ago to watch out for that naughty 12-year old Chinese boy, namely you!

    I knew you manipulated the two lassies into that situation, angling to get them to strip. I have to admit I was highly embarrassed, mind you, not that I was worried about my … er … size.

    Till today I wonder how you managed to chong those ah moi’s into the pool with you, you rascal. Oh, their sweet pearly white moons as they porpoised and gambolled with you,

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