The IGP has just been lambasted for saying that the the worsening crime index is purely a problem of misperception by Malaysians, tourists and investors? (malaysiakini)

Well, everytime I talk to Malaysians, they rant and rave about the crime rate.

My friends in Singapore say they feel safer over there and refuse to come home because they fear for their children’s safety. It’s not all about education or work that keeps Malaysians in Singapore.

Can we blame them? Kids go missing and disappear forever and foreigners get blasted to pieces here.


Read more of what I think in my blog post here: I am not afraid to walk on the streets of Bangkok.

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  1. phillipy says:

    Our igb and especially our dpm says is only a perception,is really taking everybody for a bloody fool,and they are not ashame of themselves for insulting their own intelligence.
    The kind of crimes happening here,especially the mongolian lady blasted to pieces,thought to be done by our own police officers and prominent people.Is that crime a perception too?

  2. Rainstorm says:

    6 months ago i was in Singapore & i felt so much safer there than in my own country! To leave camera & laptop (even in the car booth) in Malaysia is unthinkable but I’ve no problem whatsoever doing so in Singapore. ! Even i felt so much safer in Bali when travel at night alone!

  3. Herman says:

    When my friends from other countries came to visit me, I have to constantly taking care of them. “No, you can’t leave the laptop in my car” “No, you can’t put your mobile on the table” “No, you have to leave your handbag on your lap, and not the chair beside you” “No, we can’t sit at the corner, we have to sit in the center of the restaurant”… and I need to constantly look around while I’m walking or even eating. “They” are just anywhere, and calling the police for help? Nah, most of them are only good at “minum kopi”…

  4. Anonymous says:

    recently I thought most men are very lucky as they can wear chain while jogging,walking,or even driving.But I only realised how wrong I was on 2dec 2008.My husband was on his evening jog at section 1 wangsa maju and just when he slowed down and started walking instead due to some road repairs very near to the SEC 1 secondary school,
    suddenly he heard the sound of a motorbike and just like that the gold chain he was wearing was snatched off his neck.before he cound do anything the two guys just rode off and the guy at the back of the motorbike even had the cheek to turn back and show the chain he had snatched earlier.when he came home with his finger bleeding a little,it really saddened me to think that something like this can happen to a grown up man who stands at 5’8″ tall and looks tough as well at 6.50pm.what about all we women and children.god help us.

  5. habis says:

    every time talk about islam, bangsa melayu paling penting, ketuanan melayu, don’t question malay right, etc,etc, Scolding mat salleh espeacially the US. Did the goman putting enough effort to created Job?? They only know power crazy and corruption and all the nonsence. Therefore we actually cannot blame those people commit crime. They are somehow force to due to jobless, inflation, country system, etc,etc, The one to be blame is our goman. Why S’pore are safer? Cos they have good goverment. As simple as that. Polis in Malaysia??? Everyone of us sure know la ha. No need to explain.

  6. caravanserai says:

    The dark lonely streets
    Alleys to frighten souls
    The dark shadows creeping
    You never know

    What lies ahead?
    Of the dark shadows
    Dim lights serenading breeze
    Dull your mind as you walk
    Amongst the dark shadows
    You think you know it well

    Police says don’t worry
    They aren’t there why tell?
    Catching the innocents
    The real culprits they close one eye

    In the darkness fall
    Don’t play hero to walk alone
    Drug addicts, jobless people
    Thieves and robbers roam

    Hungry souls to feed
    Catching the innocents
    About tragedies nothing to say
    The law of survival takes shape

    Our police
    Always say not enough officers
    It has been years listening to it
    So they don’t work hard
    They walk lazily………

    The dark lonely streets
    Poor souls no choice but to walk through
    Praying every night there is goodness
    Spreading it out to shape our lives

    Today I found pieces of glass of cocacola bottle
    Spreading it out in my compound
    I have no enemy I am new to this town
    It leaves with a question in my mind

    The dark lonely streets
    You never know what lies ahead
    Stay alert and eyes wide
    Listen to any sound
    You never know

  7. Douglas Moore says:

    The IGP not only must be sacked without delay, he must be investigated on the allegations of his connections to one Chinese underground boss -B.K.Tan and other allegations that are not investigated or smokescreen investigations.

  8. joenathan says:

    The real spill over effect of the current economic meltdown in the US has not as yet reached asia and asia-pacific,the worst impact of it would only be felt by mid next year.The crime rate will soar to unimaginable level this time around.An ideal and mature govt and a responsible police force should actually brace themselves to address this serius issue to protect the people but here in bolehland they infact belittling the intelligence of the people by blaming our perception.But I refuse to be fooled by these biggest fools.You reap what you sow.Blame yourselves.

  9. wits0 says:

    When everything gets translated into mere subjective “perception”( by the way the word is used in that devious context), nothing else can be stays real, can they?

    “Perception” has become the fav excuse by politicians now as “misquoted” has always been and continue to be.

    A great promoter of “perception” is no less than the dpm and is now being chorused by people like the IGP, as well. Their new convenient escape cliche.

    As always, criticism is treated as surreal while the stupidest nonsense propaganda, the realty. The 360 Perversion effort stays intact.

    But when, however, Bubba Clinton threw in his praise for M’sia, in his lucrative speech in KL, “perception” makes a disappearance as the local toilet media peddle that as unequivocal reality. The stupidizing media is very complicit in the dumbing down of Bolehland. Let’s not forget that also.

  10. asiseesit says:

    change our perception with their assured data and statistic statement. that’s what they are asking us to believe while we suffer everyday in fear.

    instead of presenting us with comparison, they should come out with measures and remedies and not just coming out with crime awareness campaign like in the past. do you think criminals bother with these?

    even their own police beat base in chow kit have to be closed down because they themselves don’t feel safe being there. what would the ordinary malaysian will perceive? that policemen are not even safe to walk in the street?

    the government themselves have to change their perception and not blame the public perception. isn’t it norm that time and time again we are always bombarded with comparison of other selected countries statistically lower to assure us that’s nothing wrong in this country. their constant denial with selective data indicate that they are not prepared at all to deal with the situation but showing us chosen statistic even college students are able to compile.

    and to think we are paying taxes all these while for them to just do data compilation while they continue to come out with regulations and policies for us to comply without addressing their own incompetences.

    oh ya, probably another comparison why they are better off than other selected countries in terms of services.

  11. Dave says:

    As far as I can see, any decrease in statistics could be attributed to people not even bothering to put in police reports any more.

    My wife was mugged in Petaling Street a couple of years back, incurring a broken shoulder. She didn’t file a report as it would be a complete waste of time – instead of that, Chinatown is now on our out-of-bounds list.

    When I spotted a guy masturbating outside our kitchen window 6 months ago, I also didn’t bother launching a police report – the neighbours banded together & paid for gates to block the back lane.

    And when I was pulled over by constable Rosdi on the way back from Genting last weekend and told to settle for RM50 for supposedly going 70km/h in a 60km/h zone I told him to give me a ticket or let me go & assured him would lodge a police report for corruption. Of course I didn’t go to the police station as that again would be a waste of time.

    Let’s face it, people have lost face in the police COMPLETELY. The only time we even see police is when they are escorting ministers around, thumping bonnets of people who dare to be slow to get out of the way, or when they are collecting coffee money. It is no wonder that vigilantiism & retaliation are becoming the norm.

    Meanwhile, I await the court case for the assualt I suffered in 1995…

  12. wits0 says:

    “As far as I can see, any decrease in statistics could be attributed to people not even bothering to put in police reports any more.” – Dave.

    That represents a very plausible explanation deduced from plain common sense. Given the degree and scale of antipathy and cynicism caused by the duplicitous “leadership” and rubbish policies from the top and broken institutions within the given System, there can be no other explanation. And to think that this is the kind of System that NS youths are enjoined to defend, ha! The unbelievable gall of a stupid and surreal governance.

  13. bamboo river says:

    Every now and then there are strangers whom will walk in to my workshop and solicit ‘protection money’.
    I will politely tell them I do not need protection.
    Some even had the cheek to say they are ‘covered’ by the man in blue if I tempted to make a police report.
    I normally give those guys the benefit of the doubt and to protect this idiots from my 3 feet parang, I would tell them to leave and not come back in the most gentlemanly way. Of course there is no exhange of money whatsoever.
    That is if you think you would face this kind of people only.
    You would not be surprise (of course who would?) when I tell you once the man in blue dropped in to do the same.
    They said ” I garu your back, you garu my back lah”

    I told them politely not to visit me anymore and my backside is not itchy.I am doing fine.I am making a honest living and I will defend my rights to continue doing so. I don’t give a damn when gangsters walked in so what are you guys?
    They never turn up again.

    NOTE :A piece of my advice. Don’t be a hero if you feel you are in danger! Sometimes it is not worth losing your hand just because of a few bucks.

  14. Pegasus says:

    Agreed with the comments here,all is not dead yet though our hope and trust with the police force is long gone…the police are wolf in sheep clothings,they are the robbers and crime solver,the case of Nurin, Mellisa ,Norlida Shamsuddin are not solved,those kids gone missing remain so but the police have time to call Datuk Dr Chua Soi Lek and question him about the malay supremacy issue, how pathetic,here we are with the global economic crisis and the police have ample time to check on trivial matters ,May God bless the Country !!!.
    The worst is yet to come and we need to be prepared to tackle whatever comes our way. The IGP is a full time comedian,saying things that make us laugh with his ignorance and naive outlook and that goes for most of the Umno/BN leaders.The PDRM is more concerned in assuring the safety of the corrupted Umno/BN leaders rather then the Rakyat.We don’t feel save walking out with our family at night ,houses these days are installed with grilles all over the houses till the stage where it could be detrimental to house owners during fire, where their own safety are gone as there seem to be no escape route .Those days in late 70’s and early 80’s at least there were more open concept where one could see and talk to neighbours , now just about everyone are building a castle around their house for safety.

  15. hijau-kiri says:

    I tried to convince my friend to come to the PETALING JAYA Civic Centre Anti ISA Visil. She said she is not afraid of being arrested by the Polis for illegal assembly but she is afraid of walking alone on the way there in the dark and getting mugged.

    I have to think of a way to reassure her .

  16. vovo says:


  17. veryupset says:

    so many stories, so many happenings & yet igb says its safe…! y not ask the igb to go alone at nights in disguise just to get mugged & feel the pain & suffering the rakyat went thru…? talk is cheap…!

  18. anak perelih says:

    it’s not how the gomen cannot create job…. but more on how the gomen lets the illegals come into the country… many of those responsible to bring illegals/foreign workers are politically connected companies… when these foreign / illegals workers lost their job, they changed to criminals…

  19. kittykat46 says:

    The authorities are now reduced to playing mind games on crime.
    Our esteemed Prime Minister-in-waiting basically says “Just feel safe, you’ll be fine “….

    Meanwhile, Polis MahaRajalela DiMalaysia are busy massing huge resources to stop a bunch of harmless Jerit bicyclist….

  20. panca says:

    Ask anyone in the streets anywhere in Thailand, they would tell they feel safe. There are isolated case of course but generally Thailand are more safer, seldom we hear snatch thefts,one that has plaqued our nation and many lives were lost. There are less such crimes in Thailand, I do not know if it has very much to do with the public perception and attitude of a country but surely one feel safer not running into one. There are of course some trouble area where anyone would prefer to avoid because out of political turmoil in the south that has claimed innocent civilian lives.

    Basically, anyone is safe to go around at night in Thailand.

    Can Malaysia say the same?

  21. saruk bai says:

    Haiyoh! The polis is short of manpower lah, they have just enough men to arrest cyclists, people carrying candles or poscards and for roadblocks only. Take a walk on JB’s Jalan Segget, where porn pirates, prostitutes, dozing drug addicts and dubious looking characters daze around oblivious to the sentral balai polis nearby, we really short of manpower for actual enforcement work lah!Don’t grumble lah..!

  22. reshmann says:


  23. habis says:

    Anybody out there trust our polis???? Dear friend, go work hard and find money to save yourself. Don’t waste your time complaining about our goman and polis. Chinese say ” no eye to see”

  24. crime always brings consequence but still many do not want aware

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