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  1. MerahHitam says:

    Its Su Shi!!! She is currently SUARAM Penang’s coordinator. She’s GMI’s superheroin in Penang!!!

    Keep it up, Su Shi!!!

  2. khfdews says:

    The Thai Rak Thai Somchai govt banned for 5 years because it aimed to dump the monarchy and set up a republic?

  3. chris chong says:

    thailand political situation is a totally different scenario fr malaysia.

    i have a very good impression of thailand.

  4. Denone_Permatang Pauh says:

    chris chong (December 4, 2008 at 8:47 am) Says:

    thailand political situation is a totally different scenario fr malaysia.

    i have a very good impression of thailand.

    I wish Malaysia is also like Thailand, where all citizen are Malay. In Thailand, no matter what your ethnic origin is, be it chinese, pagans, or whatever, you have to assimilate and become a Thai, adopt Thai name, use Thai language, go to Thai school. Here in Malaysia, chinese, indians refuse to assimilate, and this is what we get. Go read, Deminegara.blogspot to understand why assimilation is important in nation building. I would like to see one race – Bangsa Malaysia, not the corrupted idea of “multiculturalism” in Malaysia.

  5. noname says:

    i not argee with denone Malaysia is malaysia and is not thailand. this is not a malay land

  6. denone_permatang pauh says:


    Who says this is not Malay land. The original name of this land is Tanah Melayu, get it, TANAH MELAYU, in english MALAY LAND. It was rename Malaysia in 1957 to incorporate the Straits Settlement (Pulau Pinang, Melaka dan Singapura) and later in 1963 incorporating Sabah dan Sarawak. You need to go back to standard four for a TRUE history lesson. Perhaps the SRJK (C) and (T) were taught a different history. No wonder, now the non-malays hate history class, because TRUTH hurts. But, I shall remind that this land is MALAY LAND, no matter what your SRJK (C) and (T) history teachers say. MALAY LAND – DULU, KINI dan SELAMANYA.

  7. munkeeland says:

    Stupid if malays still bow to english names and royal malay regiment go to guard the queen in england. chin peng got more b*lls.
    Original name Golden Chersonese is the ancient name to refer to the Malay Peninsula by Claudius Ptolemy or Claudius Ptolemaeus c. 90 – c. 168). That time got no sejarah melayu or munshi abdullah jokers.

  8. storm62 says:

    ha ha ha…denone_permatang pauh,

    please go back and study your History & Geography.

    “it was renamed Malaysia in 1957”???

    i was borned in MALAYA in 1962…ha ha ha

  9. rider says:

    Hello history teacher, So this is the history that has been taught to you, go on, go live your life under that tempurung, you have proven enough that you could not and will not be able to compete globally, maybe you don’t even have the capacity to understand. You might be the type who don’t need to go out and buy food! But the people whom you have been relying on all the while will not be there long enough to feed you all the way. So please, go read world history.

  10. denone_permatang pauh says:

    munkeeland on December 4, 2008 said:
    chin peng got more b*lls

    So, it true most chinese see Chin Peng the killer as their heroes. You need to read about atrocities during the insurgency period, ruthless killing. He’s a beast.

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