I really see an obvious plan here. A lot of issues grabbing the headlines these days seem to have only one purpose: to divide Malaysians further and to consolidate the Malay/Muslim community for the benefit of UMNO.

From issues such as pengkid, yoga, vernacular school and Chua Soi Lek’s malay supremacy (or ketuanan melayu) controversy, it is crystal clear to me that the newspapers are also being manipulated to play up these issues.

People you are definitely being made use of to achieve the ends of UMNO. Can’t you see that?

The other thing is that the issues are meant to distract us citizens from thinking about the ISA, about Altantuya Shariibuu and the missing PI P. Balasubramaniam.

Do you hear people discussing these issues anymore? ISA maybe. But poor Altantuya, is now nothing but a blur memory, in bits and pieces, just like her bombed body.

So be aware, be very aware that we do not get dragged into their silly games. Being dragged is one thing, making all kinds of statements only to anger each other is another.

Yes, yes, I know it’s freedom of speech and all that. And we must discuss those issues.

But don’t forget these other pressing issues.

Najib Tun Razak, the prime minister in waiting, cannot escape from the fact that two of his police aides are sitting in jail waiting judgement for the Altantuya Shariibuu case.

And we are yet to know why they killed Altantuya, who asked them to, and who ordered the explosives.

We are also yet to know …. where the hell is Bala???

Ps. Can we all make a missing person report on Bala? And see whether the police, who are so enthusiastic when arresting ISA campaigners, would actually go looking for the missing man.


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  1. tuan2 says:

    Bala next PM Thailand

  2. tuan2 says:

    Pak Lah can stay on as PM if he wants to, says Ku Li

    Badawi does not need to step down as the Prime Minister after Najib Razak takes over as party president in March.

    “That is his prerogative, he has received the mandate for five years,” said Razaleigh

  3. dirtyhairyboy says:

    I’m studying in the US right now, amongst many international students including Mongolians. They still remember Altantuya. Sure the rakyat can be distracted, we may forget. But not the rest of the world. Altantuya’s story is one that will forever be a stain on our country’s history.

  4. where is bala? says:

    Now, Bala is somewhere sipping pinacolada. He will surface when someone wants him to or when he runs out of money to buy pinacolada.

    Sure hope he runs out of money to buy pinacolada soon so that we can ask him what really happened.

  5. recession is hot news these days. better worry own rice bowl than other ppl tragedy. and rb already a free man.

    btw, who is altantuya?

  6. caravanserai says:

    Atlantuya woke up saw
    The world she knew left her long ago
    The culprits who did her in
    A long time justice
    She knows she can’t get

    Dumped in pieces
    In a remote area
    Leaving all her traces
    Drowned into the ground

    The lover gone
    Free to walk the streets
    What she got for her life?
    A different world she lives now

    Justice she wants
    Though she couldn’t speak
    Only her memories amongst the crowd
    Into pieces she looks at herself

    Atlantuya wants her justice
    She will not rest in peace until she gets her due
    Tracking the culprits wanting her due
    A long time justice
    She has the time to wait

  7. koli says:

    limits of limits, that all i can say.coyotes of the higest order.waitingfor pakatan to take over is my only hope left to dig these unscruplous people

  8. wandererAUS says:

    As long as the UMNOputeras are in power, the truth will never be found.
    As for Bala he is buried with ringgit up to his neck and I don’t really blame him. Why be a dead hero!
    “If you can’t beat them join them” so the saying goes.

  9. wandererAUS says:

    After thought. I blame the people who put these scums into power.
    A change of govt is our only hope, have we gone wiser to take this step?

  10. “Atlantuya wants her justice….She has the time to wait”

    you know, rb now lives comfortably in his bungalow and planning to pursue study in england.

    and bijan is slated to be 6th pm.

    so much of justice indeed…..

  11. Sabahan says:

    Yes, these ploys to distract seems to be working hard. A lot of new and non issues or rather distractions are being played targeting the Malays. The Poor Malays are being cornered into supporting the Malay Supremacy idea. Why Poor Malays?? Huh, the beneficiaries of wealth created end up in the pockets of the distractor. Yes UNMOputras. They are working and whipping up the sentiments of the Malay Supremacy. Frightening us into believing that the Malays will be sent into Oblivion and remain poor. The Past 50 years have told all Malaysians that the Policies of UNMO is flawed. They have full control for 50 years and what have they got to show. 19% equity and the companies are all practically loss making. The failed all Malaysians. They failed the bumiputras. They failed the Malays. They even failed the local Chinese. Because they are being strangled from doing business here. So they have no choice but to bring our wealth and expertise overseas. Countries like vietnam, australia, thailand, Singapore all benefitted, even middle east, india and of course china. Billions of dollars are being taken out to develop for the benefit of other countries. These are detrimental to the well being of the country and now we are all suffering. Sabah remains undeveloped. Remains poor. Infrastructure are constructed for the benefit of other states like the Kimanis gas pipeline.
    The Malay drivers, farmers, clerks, etc don’t want no Ketuanan Melayu because they know who the Actual Tuans are. UNMO Please stop the Rhetorics. We don’t want no Ketuanan.

  12. on bala, did you remember he and his so-called assistant appearance in court year ago?! so much of contrast with the mongols P.I who stayed low profile. i din hear him making SD like the former. the former is so opportunist….

  13. Setiawan says:

    Well, PI Bala definitely would not be running out of money as he had been amply rewarded to lead a luxurious life incognito somewhere in India perhaps. With this sum of money , he would definitely have the luxury of not working anymore for the rest of his life. Who paid this sum of money ?
    Your guess is as good as mine.

    Hw will then come back and rebut his first SD just as Baginda made a press conference on the relationship between the DPM and Altantuya.
    Sudah cukup lah and retire in comfort ma !

  14. amoker says:

    BOth Bala and Razak Baginda are now free to continue screwing around. ONe is probably in Thailand enjoying himself while Razak goes to UK. Of course, they screwed the Malaysian judicial system and the rakyat.

  15. Kulo says:

    I think we being distracted from a very big issue that is here already but being denied by the gov .. economic recession

  16. chris chong says:

    yap. we shouldn’t entertain the racist & regilion issues played up by BN/UMNO goons.

    let’s focus on their mismanagement, corruption & public issues.

    let’s bring back the eurocopter scandal, maybank, telekom’s broadband, tourist department, klang port scandal and so on!!!

    can we do anything on altantuya case anymore??? only her government can. bring the case to the international court.

  17. jb says:

    How short-sighted or short-minded can we be. With the scandalous issues surfacing in the past year or two, the powers in force must try to distract on these issues or they could be thrown out of office. What better way than to drag these issues through the corrupted agencies or judiciary with no real outcome or justice. Throw a few red herrings to confuse/distract the public. And then buy for time.

    As for Bala, he could not have disappeared suddenly unless he was so vitally important to the Altantuya case. Obviously some very powerful forces are keeping him and his family under close observation/confinement. What better place to keep him other than in Malaysia.

  18. Baby Ktemoc says:

    My Papa thinks Bala was bundled off by Anwar Ibrahim or people connected with him. To benefit his cause by embarassing BN/UMNO/Najis. Read his post Cui Bono ?

    What do you think ? Do you think my Papa is mad ? Very clever ? Or Both ?

  19. tuan2 says:

    RPK: 99pc of rumours become fact in Malaysia

    Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamarudin said tonight that 99% of the rumours he reports on his website eventually turn out to be true.

    Defending himself from a caller on a special interview with Riz Khan on satellite television station Al Jazeera who asked why he persisted in writing about rumours, he said time and time again he had been proven right with his stories.

  20. tuan2 says:

    RPK: 99pc of rumours become fact in Malaysia

    Malaysia Today editor RPK said tonight that 99% of the rumours he reports on his website eventually turn out to be true.

    Defending himself from a caller on a special interview with Riz Khan on satellite television station Al Jazeera who asked why he persisted in writing about rumours, he said time and time again he had been proven right with his stories.

  21. tuan2 says:

    Baby Ktemoc,

    I think your papa has been hanging around with Bala in Hatyai parlours so he knows wink wink

  22. Suz

    Wouldn’t hold my breath hoping for the cops to do any [expletive deleted] thing with regards to Bala.The powers that be have seen to that.
    Heck we don’t even know for sure if Bala is alive. Remember that poor Altantuya wasn’t the first and will not be the last to be “disappeared”
    Funny to see how along racial lines the majority of your chinese commentors seem to think he’s off living large. Sad that.

    And you are absolutely right about the distraction mode the [expletive deleted] MSM is in now.

  23. tuan2 says:

    “Funny to see how along racial lines the majority of your chinese commentors seem to think he’s off living large. Sad that.” – expletive deleted

    Your malay Home Minister said police interviewd Bala in Bangkok. But your Home Minister did not see it fit to get Bala back to answer charges of false SD until now. Sad that Bala now working for Home Minister.

  24. Drachen says:

    Yup, umno is the Master of Distraction. Remember the time when the two clowns said women leaked once a month? Anyone knows what the ORIGINAL issue was all about? It was completely overshadowed by a secondary issue!

  25. wits0 says:

    “Funny to see how along racial lines the majority of your chinese commentors seem to think he’s off living large. Sad that.” – expletive deleted

    The unabashed raison d’être of umno is racism and paved the way for rampant elitism. The rest of BN are pathetic followers and inferior partners in the whole proven exploitative scam scheme.

  26. My2cen says:

    No Susan, the issues are being played up to take our minds away from the deterioration of the economy while UMNO putra dips their hand deeper into our coffers. It’s a very old tactic used since time immemorial, epitomised by the dynasty run by eunuchs!

  27. wits0 says:

    Susan, my guess is the toilet papers editors are also scouring for scandals that fall within the sexus nexus sphere to contribute towards this distraction. They know how effective this topic has apparently been – in the past.

  28. Hahaha says:

    Baby Ktemoc;

    Your dad is a nut and if you chose to believe him, you will be a baby nut….
    a nutty family!

  29. Baby Ktemoc says:

    “btw, who is altantuya?”

    Don’t know. Was that some Central Asian chick who hung around some Mala-sia politicians and supporting court jesters ? Heard she had a blow-job done to her, on some politician’s instructions. An incredible, once in a lifetime experience.

    But there was no record of her entering or leaving Mala-sia.
    Strange that. Where is she now ?

  30. lhheng says:

    Thanks Susan for the reminder. Yes, the rakyat must not forget the ISA, Altantuya Shariibou murder and the missing PI P. Balasubramaniam issues.
    Those Umno bums especially Mr. C4 and gang are now trying to do just that to distract the rakyat from these issues using the media.
    WE must keep reminding and harping on these issues to ensure justice is serve on those murderers, greedy and racialistic politicians.
    Why nobody made a police report on that PI Bala??
    Seems strange!!!
    On another note, I prefer that sleepy, flip flop and lame duck guy to stay on as PM than the suspected murderous Mr. C4. Now he is the BEST of the WORST.
    The good has been sacked by those greedy, corrupted and stupid bums in Unmo.

  31. Ganesan says:

    Ya, how is that Bala is free somewhere in Thailand, the police had interviewed him at Bangkok but are not bringing back to established the truth of SD’s. Bala must be well taken care of, for staying without work in a foreign country.

  32. rider says:

    Being an ex policeman he is just like the other lying ones with no integrity or personal dignity. But, by the looks of it we can feel that Altantuya’s curse is hovering above umno. She’s never forgotten, Susan, the whole episode is etched in the back of our concience, we will activate it come the next GE.. we’ll keep the embers of the fire alive till time comes.

  33. Shanker says:

    Altantuya’s dad shd take this case to the ICJ – then let’s see how much can our UMNO fellas do to keep out of the lime light…

  34. tuan2 says:

    “Susan, my guess is the toilet papers editors are also scouring for scandals ,,” – wits0

    A malaysian english paper DOES have a pic of Najis & Altantunya together. Najis took a religous oath that he never knew her.

  35. “the police had interviewed him at Bangkok but are not bringing back to established the truth of SD’s”

    polis don have that power lar, thailand din have extradiction law with malaysia like sgpura. else chin peng oledi at the gallow oledi….

    btw, altantuya will be forgotten by next gen of malaysian, probably when bijan son take over the helm as 10th pm (2, 6, …you know i mean)…..

  36. tuan2 says:

    There are two bases for extradition: –
    Firstly, International deterence and
    goodwill. An extradition request from one
    country to anther country between which
    there is no extradition treaty is based upon
    international comity. In Malaysia, if there
    is no such treaty with the requesting
    country, the law provides a discretion to the
    Minister of Home Affairs to allow the
    extradition, if he deems it fit to do so.

    Secondly, An extradition made based on
    bilateral treaty or multilateral convention
    which obligates the member countries to
    abide by the terms. If the requesting
    country meets the requirements for
    extradition, the request must be honoured
    otherwise there could be a violation of its
    international obligations. Such a treaty is
    known as “Treaty Prerequisite Countries”.
    Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the
    United States have adopted this policy

  37. fukonima says:

    The spirit of the poor Mongolian woman will continue to haunt those who are involved in her murder.

    Bala can never escape this judgement, whether he is in Bolehland or outside Bolehland.

    No, the Bolehlanders are not stupid, they are very wise and they are not forgetful.

    They will know how to vote when the GE comes.

  38. tuan2 says:

    Presently, Malaysia has treaties with the
    Republic of Indonesia, the Kingdom of
    Thailand and the United States of America
    for the mutual surrender of fugitive
    criminals. As for the Republic of Singapore
    and Brunei Darussalam, special provisions
    are made in the Extradition Act 1992, for
    the similar purpose by way of warrants.

    1. Extradition Offence.
    An extradition offence refers to any
    offence however described including a fiscal
    a. which is punishable with
    imprisonment for not less than one
    year or with death under the laws of
    a country having extradition treaties
    with Malaysia or countries where the
    Minister had granted an extradition
    order; and
    b. which, if committed within the
    jurisdiction of Malaysia, is
    punishable under the laws of
    Malaysia with imprisonment for not
    less than one year or with death.

  39. so chin peng is not a criminal when he’s responsible for > 100 deaths. i guess what bijan or rb or the utk bomb the mongol is not crime but “political” so it’s exempted from judiciary prosecution or extradition…..

  40. munkeeland says:

    Some people very stupid Chin Peng = Bala.

  41. casper says:

    All concern citizens should duly be worried – indeed where is Bala and when he reappears, would he be free to speak ?

    The hidden hand went to great length to acquit RB and mind you, work behind the scene was on going long before the two UTK hired guns were place under arrest. There was a lapse of some two weeks before a remand was ordered. And the script relayed on NST the day after RB was detained pretty much played out accordingly.

    As concern citizens, how are we to accept the verdict but with contempt ? The hidden hand had the benefit of getting inside the mind of the prosecutor(the !st team before Tun Majid was reassigned to take over). Let me stick my neck out to suggest collusion in Prosecutors Office – the AG no less, working towards delivering a verdict to acquit – hence the anomalies with prosecutors and defense team being replaced abruptly. And yes both AG and IGP got blood on their hands in their failure to pursue justice to its fullest.

    A parting reminder to all UMNO Supreme Con members, the AG and IGP – recent comments made by HRH Sultan Selangor were in direct reference to the lot of you. HRH may keep silent but he is watching nonetheless. Last word in for Botak – it is not Raja Petra or Teresa Kok who pose a threat to public order but the antics of UMNO and sinister associates who pose the biggest threat to our orderly society while AG and IGP play possum.

    If you are honorable as you are bald BOTAK – have all these dubious characters holding positions of trust, hiding behind robes and uniform DETAINED. You might not have the balls to say so Botak but HRH is watching with ears close to the ground.

    Regard and g’weekend all

  42. idzan ismail says:

    Pity Susan, fighting a lone battle. Salute to Najib our PM in 3 months time

  43. casper says:

    A personal note to the IGP – Sultan Selangor is keeping an extra keen eye on you, more than Botak. Under your watch, there have been more drugs(there’s even cocaine to be had in KL at the right price), more meat for sale, more guns and parang, and two highly questionable cases brought to light.
    1) Police land poser as reported in the Star(Metro – Northern edition may not have this headliner). Tell me Mr.IGP you had no knowledge land gazette to PDRM was being leased as a use car lot ! Either way, it is sufficient cause to remove yourself as clearly you are asleep on the job or corrupt.
    2) Saudi student/ganja prince wannabe offered lesser charge of possession ! Caught with over 2 kilo’s and yet lesser charge was preferred !! Last week, a Malay(possibly Indonesian) gentleman was sentenced to face the hangman’s noose, charged for being a pusher, amount charged with was a mere 460 odd grams. Why wasn’t a lesser charge offered in this case ?

    400 grams to me is more akin to 4-5 friends pooling money to buy a half kilo at wholesale – not a far fetch quantity for personal use, over a month but this kid with 2.5 kilo or so was most likely a bloody Ganja Prince supplying to student body of gawd knows what college. Go ask around Mr.IGP and take urine samples and you are bound to fine recreational users.

    So many questions, so many damning statistic and yet Mr.IGP, you still see yourself fit to hold office. If you would stop fussing over UMNO related affairs, cover up or turning a blind eye – some real police work would definitely reverse the many damning numbers. And next time round when you are able to gather all OCPD’s under one roof, just have a look and inquire whether the Rolex’s is standard issue as part of their attire ?

    Regards sloone and all, pardon my venting out loud.

  44. renxokuken says:

    I think its not dfair to blame UMNO, Putera, The Police, The Malay, The Malay Supremacy, The Muslim, The Indian, The Chinese, The Bumiputera, The Non Bumiputera,The Malaysian… they were formed not to be the culprit of evil.. nor they hope that someday they will emerge as something bad to be talked about, or good to be envied about. “Don’t hate me ‘cos I’m beautiful..”

    But if you really frustrated the way it turns out, or the way its ends, blame the people that have the hearts cold and frozen enough to do such great damages. God knows everything, and everyone believe in God. We all are going to be dead someday, and being dead is not an escape, its not an end.

    I always believe in good things, and eventually they will emerge as time sees fits. The UMNO have much better opportunities to be THE party, as long as it leads by the right people (don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the people driving it now is not right). Its normal & common sense that even a child can easily understood. Its karma some may says, Ying & Yang and balance of the world. And this also goes to other things that happens outsite of our country. The world is a much better place if we think of others first before ourselfs. 😉 PEACE

  45. munkeeland says:

    Salute to Najib our PM in 3 months time – Idzan Ismail

    Not if he has a stroke and is left with his head angled on one side, tongue lolling out and saliva dripping.
    Nazri won`t let him be.

  46. munkeeland says:

    Salute to Najib our PM in 3 months time – Idzan Ismail

    Not if he has a stroke and is left with his head angled on one side, tongue lolling out and saliva dripping.

  47. wits0 says:

    Idzam the wannabe dissimulator/propagandist:
    “Pity Susan, fighting a lone battle. Salute to Najib our PM in 3 months time”

    Susan isn’t alone and she’s not losing besides she doesn’t have to be the sole surge and urge for what’s comment dissent. She helps define and clarify what’s the truth amid all the lies that Idzam is driven by. Najib is Idzam’s PM – and that’s that, not necessarily, “ours”. Now, I don’t use expletives unless really necessary.

  48. Ls says:

    Susan, please start a ‘Where’s Bala?!’ campaign, blog banner please?

  49. Payback Time says:

    Yes Susan..those in power to be are very distracting indeed..world class houdini magician will have to “kow tow” to our master. As for Bala we can have his head cook in curry kepala ikan style when he appear…no one who’s conscience which are polluted with lies and guilt can escape the wrath of Altantuya. Her krama must work otherwise it will lose it’s meaning

  50. SY Liew says:

    Susan, what about your previous article on Mr Shariibuu taking them to International Court. What’s happening to that now? Please keep us posted as we want to see justice being served.

  51. bamboo river says:

    Idzan Ismail,
    You are very optimistic about Najib status in 3 months time. Well, that is your right, but for the coming three months , we will make sure, no ,no, Altantuya will make sure the mother of all scandal will surface and the shit will hit the turbo propeller where hell will break loose.

    BTW, Susan is not alone in her quest to seek justice for Altantuya and we ….Malaysian.

  52. wits0 says:

    When the s**t hits the fan, Idzan will crow about the whiff of fresh air divinely ordained.

  53. maxtor says:

    Pasti ke ini semua untuk mengalih perhatian? Hmm..

  54. storm62 says:

    Ya, Idzan Ismail, Najis akan jadi PM ( Pi Mampus ) in 3 months time.

    i wonder if you’re related to Ahmad Ismail???

  55. ericind says:

    Idzan,bagus jugak najis jadi PM nanti,itu time kita boleh pi bom mongolia sesuka hati tanpa di siasat,di dakwa n bicara,seronok bukan…..

  56. Anonymous says:

    Altantuya murder case is no longer an issue because a huge sum of money had already already been paid out to his Mr. Sharibu to settle the matter for good.

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