Just read about the controversial PKR’s Kulim MP Zulkifli Nordin on THE NUT GRAPH.

It’s been months and action hasn’t been taken aganst Zulkifli Nordin yet for storming into a forum discussing conversion to Islam issues in August.

It would definitely be a difficult decision for PKR as the outcome, whatever it is, will be all kinds of spinning by the relevant parties.

If the decision is to sack him, PKR would end up looking like a party that’s against Islam or worst against “peaceful assembly”, as Zulkifli puts it.

Who would see the actions of Zul as violent and intolerable? UMNO will gleeful spin this to their wits and ends, and Zul will eventually join them anyway.

I know the various issues happening now, from pengkid to yoga, continues to divide Malaysians, and this is exactly how UMNO wants it to be.

For this is their rallying point, and if we give in to our sentiments, this is actually helping their cause.

I see even the most tolerable, are beginning to question their stand and re-evaluate their support.

It’s saddenned me, though, because religion preaches unity and love, and not the other way around. But in the hands of some, it turns to violence and terror.

In another way, party tolerance towards Zul can only mean that the party is open to all views, including those who are consider themselves ‘defenders of Islam’.

In a way Zul’s action and the party’s dilly dally in taking action against him may actually help the party.

If it’s a sack for Zul, the party must make it clear that it was because of his intolerance, in a multiracial country.

But I think perhaps, he will let off with a sligt slap. This is more political than it is about Zul, the personality himself.

How can PKR afford losing Zul to UMNO?

Perhaps, I could be wrong.


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  1. Shanker says:

    Let’s do the math here: If DSAI did indeed have the 30 or so MPs prepared to cross-over from BN, then, what dent can one mere crap of an MP (ie Zul) do should he switch to BN, for being disciplined?

    Unless of course, those numbers were a mirage in the first place…..perhaps we will never know what are the real reasons for teh failure of 16/9….

    However, I hope PKR will follow up per Syed Husin’s statement :-


  2. fukonima says:

    Yes, PKR has to take actions against him. Never min d if he wants to cross over to BeeEnd. Then sack him and go for a by-election, we shall see how the people votes. He wants to be a hero, fine.

    As for the son of Mamak Kutty who wants to close down the vernacular schools, it’s like the Malays asking their own special rights to be abolished. How foolish and how extreme this flur?

    Does it means that everyone (just look at Kicked Yoyol, Alleey RoastDamn, these are of the same brainless and insensitive species) who wants to become the UMNO youth chief must be so extreme and so bloody insensitive towards other races in Bolehland?

    What the F$#@ is wrong with these idiots?

    Let’s send all of them to the toilet and flush them down.

  3. Pakistani Boyfriend Baru says:

    Kulim’s MP Zul. Noordin political stance is comparable to Zaid Ibrahim both waiting to be disciplined/sacked from the respective political parties. Should disciplinary actions arrive than sacking, they find good reasons to resign and join you-know-which party.

    If Playing by Susan’s motto – “integrity above unity”, than Zulkifli must be suspended and ensuing his actions would be anticipated -to join UMNO. Was that why the election petition against Zul dropped by his opponent?

    To be fair, critical and racial polemics comments were exchanged within BN parties for eg. Chua Soi Lek against “Ketuanan Melayu” supported by Koh Tsu Khoon. MCA Chief Ong Tee Kiat lambasted at Mukriz mahathir for calling for vernacular schools to be integrated to National school. PPP Kayevas threated to pull out of BN should ISA is not reviewed before the next GE.

    In British Parliament or US Congress, a consensus is needed from the opposing parties whether to adopt a new law or filibuster. Colin Powell, a Republican and ex secretary of State, who resigned in protest of the Iraq war could openly embrace a Democrat, Barrack Obama during the presidential run-ups.

    Zulkifli Noordin should be disciplined not because of his pro Islamic stance or his anti inter-faith dialogue but for his unruly conduct – storming onto a peaceful discussions.

    Btw, good thought. Race and religion is fanned up for a Machiavellian cause by politicians. The 1969 was a mistake by Chinese political parties.

  4. ohteenanger says:

    i still doubt that Anwar and the gang gonna take action towards this fella.it has been months now since the last bar council meeting on the topics of religious conversions in August.if PKR wants to take action against Zul then they had long done that when Anwar bragged about him having enough defectors.but Zul is still in one piece now.

  5. apapunboleh says:

    Looks like Anwar is another NATO (No Action Talk Only). Another racist in the making.

    By the way, looks like Mukhirz is trying to show that he could lead the UMNO youth by being a ultra-racist. Way to go, maybe your daddy has given you some of his balls.

  6. Batu Ferringhi says:

    Why do you think UMNO withdrew their election petition for the Kulim Bandar in the last minute knowing fully well they will win the petition easily and nullify Zul’s election as MP on March 8?

    Zul did not ubmit his election statement for the last election 2004 and the petition could have nullified his win on March 2008.

    UMNO withdrew the petition simply because they knew even if they have a by-election, the party will be embarassed again just like Permatang Pauh. So, do a favour to Zul and let him know that he owes UMNO one and if he so wishes, he can always cross over….

    I don’t think PKR is too fancy of this Zul but I think it would rather have this idiot than letting UMNO have him, its all politics Susan…

  7. BoingaBoinga says:

    Well we can now see the PKR for what it really is: just another unprincipled power-hungry political party. Anwar is as slippery as any UMNO fellow, every move he makes is calculated for its’ political price/value. So Zul is an issue that PKR hopes will be forgotten. Very clever. But now I wonder, perhaps those sodomy stories weren’t all lies and we have been fed with brilliant smokescreens by Anwar.

    Never trust any politician!

  8. wits0 says:

    DSAI cannot have it both ways wrt to Zul. He can’t have the cake and eat it too. IMO, he may have missed datelines but this is not unexpected and discounted but what Zul stands for cannot but seriously degrade PR irreparably. What do you say, Kittykat46?

  9. kittykat46 says:

    Zulkifli Noordin clearly needs to be punished for the act of forcibly (or threateaning force) shutting down the forum. That’s unacceptable behaviour, and Anwar cannot have it both ways. You can’t talk about reform and respect for diversity and let a person behave like that get away scot free.

    On the other hand, Zulkifli has a right to express his opinion, much as I disagree with him. If PKR aspires to be a rainbow coalition, it needs room for people like that as well.

    So, he needs to be disciplined for his Thug-like behaviour on that day, but he has a right to speak up for what he believes.

    What’s the appropriate punishment ? Don’t know….

  10. bangsa Cina Malaysia says:

    we voted for change and what do the voters get ?
    look around and see. nothing zero in pakatan states.
    all in vain.
    looks like i have to migrate eventually.

  11. wits0 says:

    “he has a right to speak up for what he believes.” Kittykat46

    He does not have that right to try to impose the supremacist assertion of his credo above all other considerations. That’ll be the medieval authoritarianism via supremacist theology unacceptable in any secular State.

  12. matt says:

    Said it once will say it again politicians are all the same the only difference being one a thief the other a robber.

  13. mohd ali says:

    It is easier said than done!Most people are inpatient and they want to get things done like magic.Give PKR a chance to prove themselves.After all they have just been elected for a few motnths and everything new has got teething problems.BN has been there for 50 years and they are still looking for answers.

  14. kittykat46 says:

    Back in the 1950 and 1960’s the American Civil Liberties Union helped defend both the Black Civil Rights Movement AND White Supremacist groups – as long as they were not engaging in or promoting violence.

    It sounds like a contradiction, but they were standing up for a principle – the right to express one’s opinion in peace, even if others vehemently disagree with it.

  15. Hoyohoyo says:

    funny how the multi-racial PKR delegates did not raise such issue in the congress… 😉

  16. My2cen says:

    DSAI need the numbers and cannot afford losing anyone to BN!

    So this racist, who won on the anti-BN sentimen, can continue to mis-bahave. UMNO will be happy, and DAP will always find themselves in a fix!

    BTW, it’s UMNO campaign time, so we’ll hear a lot of rhetorics played to the gallery. Everyone contesting will kiss the keris, and shout Malay Supremacy, and tell the rest of us non-Malays to shut-up (and still expect to get kick-backs!!!). If we’re not migrating, just turn a deaf ear to these looney tunes, as it’s meant for the very small minded, tiny, little, di**-heads! Remember, they have been deprived of analytical thinking (everything spoon-fed), taught nothing about being civil & no moral lessons AND suffer from inferiority complex. THat’s why they have no qualms to strip in the public!

  17. wits0 says:

    Kittykat46, the ACLU WAS a useful outfit – at the beginning. Today there has been much accusation of being deviously bias, not all of which are without foundation.

  18. wits0 says:

    “and Zul will eventually join them(umno) anyway” – Susan

    Susan is Nostradamus on this. Where else can such a person ultimately belong?

  19. tilianker says:

    PAKATAN is not gonna stick onto their principles for they are on a political expediency trip…do what is politically correct and not what is politically right. Silence and inaction is a strategy. So ? My point is …the political layman should not be taken in by posturing… and DAP must not be use as PAS mask ot topeng to cover their ultimate political objectives. Why should politics be confine to a religion? Why Islam? What about a Buddhist , Christian or Hindu political party? No No No to religious political party. We are dealing with the real world here, so let’s be real…

  20. Royal Salute says:

    No matter what this $#%@kiing Racist ought to be disaplined.So what he is PKR! f2745 THIS MOTHERF@#$@ for good.

  21. ktemoc says:

    Anwar/PKR disciplined Zul Nordin – tan koo koo – man man lai 😉 wakakakakakakakakakakakakaka

  22. ventura says:

    The problem in many politician they do not have a good strategy scheme of how to mold the situation and compact it to the benefits of the people. Just because there is certain quarter and fraction of the people who want to ignite the religious and Islamic issue, which does not mean that the politician has to participate. Sometimes this issue as mean to capture and entangle the politician in the net of circumstances.

    This is just like what Zulklifli Nordin is facing. Does he use his wisdom; one must conclude the wisdom of embarrassment and dilemmas.

    Sometimes there is conflicting yet the truth behind in the every circumstances and avenue to ease the chains of the people. People do not want to see participants as many do…. But people want to see action… Which literally mean participant that can have a collative truth and decision to benefits the agenda of the people of Malaysia? Ala… “Bangsa Malaysia” lah!

    So this young chap wants to be the champion of certain group of people hoping to ride a greater frontier to climb to the top of the political plane. Unfortunately without realizing the understanding principal concept of” One Nation One Unity” the gun back fire himself to the guillotine of the people who elected him. He forgotten the people who elected him were in the category of various races and religions, in expectation through PKR umbrella there will be a mean of escape from this tyranny emblem of current political scenario.

    So to escape is to remain quiet and so called on holiday to ease… the tension of both supporter of racist fundamentalist of religion and race that may escalate the flame of discrimination.

    So the guillotine is at the hand of PKR head Anwar Ibrahim to decide the course of his bailout. Maybe the going on holiday is one of the bailout strategies?

    “Think before load with a gun of supporter to shoot down the hooligans, amiss they may be your supporter”!

    BANG!…BANG!…BANG! “We are all the while with you on our side and you pull the trigger on us” – Zulklifli Nordin supporters

  23. Kherry Scarry says:

    Sebab Zul Nordin setitik, rosak susu sebelangga…..

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