What is an UMNO guy doing at an Opposition annual congress? It seems he want to have the cake and eat it too. Why wont Zaid Ibrahim just make up his mind and join PKR? Wanna look and see first? But for what? We can guess but never tell.

He could also just be a spy for Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Why not? The PM has not said anything about his presence in PKR do, neither has Najib the deputy.

So why is Muhyiddin Yassin making such a big fuss? (Malaysiakini)

Maybe, Zaid is just waiting for UMNo to sack him for being disloyal to the party so he can jump easily and happily into PKR, who’s now awaiting him with open arms.

For me, it doesn’t make sense too why an UMNO guy has to be in a PKR congress.

Perhaps, just a little Public Relations exercise?


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  1. eagle says:

    It is ok, free country or he was preparing for PM to hand over the government to PAKATAN RAKYAT.

  2. koolgeek says:

    it’s doesn’t matter if he’s there or not.

    umno or bn spies can be anywhere.

    such public congress should be as open & transparent as possible anyway. in fact, this should be the way.

    as for zaid, he’ll lose credibility fast if he continues to step on two boats at a time.

  3. JTB says:

    What’s the big deal. PKR is open to all, I feel if Muyiddin wants to attend the meeting and learn something from PKR, he is more than welcome to attend the meeting. Look, he already said that Zaid is a small fry by that insignificant, why then create a big fuss, unless he is afraid that this small fry will one day grow up to be a big fish.

  4. wandererAUS says:

    If Zaid chose not to join either the two major parties, he should become an Independent candidate like Lieman in America, an Independent Democrat. He can then feels free to participate and supports whichever party, that serves his beliefs. The very fact that he has resigned from Abdullah’s administration means he no longer have confidence in the polices of BN…in particularly UMNO. It is obvious, his thinking is more in line with PKR but, whether he chose to join them is entirely his decision and his right. I believe, he wants to be doubly sure before he makes a commitment to the political party he wish to join. Better be late than to be a scum!

  5. kittykat46 says:

    Both PKR and DAP are actively wooing Zaid.
    I think he actually wants UMNO to fire him, instead of quitting on his own accord. In politics it can be an advantage to get yourself fired instead of resigning.

  6. […] Susan Loone questions Zaid Ibrahim’s presence at the Parti Keadilan Rakyat National Congress on Saturday, asking if the former defacto Law Minister is a “supporter or spy”? […]

  7. monsterball says:

    I think Zaid is sincerely..an open minded Malaysian with principles in life.
    He loves UMNO..but love the country much more.
    He has no heart to tender his resignation to UMNO…but will stick to his principles…to be a free Malaysian.
    Yes…Lim Kit Siang and Anwar are wooing him…to join their respective party…..and if Zaid trully loves the country…he should join DAP….to make DAP a non racialist party…which it is…but find hard to get high profile Malays.. to join the party…until now…slowly.
    I don’t think he is a spy for UMNO….nor will he feel sorry..if UMNO sack him.
    UMNO dare not sack Mahathir…for all the nonsense he spoke against them….having a hand to downfall of UMNO’s 12th election defeats.
    Ah ..but then…this old man is like Samy Vellu…very powerful with tons of documents to bring so many UMNO crooks to jail…if they try funny with him.
    M promise to reveal all crooks….somewhat supporting Tengku Ahmad Rithauddeen….comment….”UMNO is corrupt to the core”
    That sly fox…is doing it again!! ….agreeing UMNO is corrupt…except himself!!
    What an idiot M have become. Has he forgotten he was PM for 22 years…rule like a Dictator….corrupt to the core under him??
    Or is he saying….he was a useless PM for 22 years… with no power?
    If one tries to think of logics what he keep saying….you will go nuts…like him.
    Back to Zaid…..remember…he did not want to be in the UMNO cabinet.
    Putting him there…for a short period…he had the power to do some good….and as usual….admitting wrong done to the sacking of Tun Abbas Salleh and 4 others…giving compensations..is just too much for UMNO to digest….and admit…which had non other than Nazri to make an idiotic statement…..then apologize.
    You know why?? They are trained to defend UMNO….at all cost..and it needs that Nazri and botak…Abbas…to always open their big stupid mouths first….both desperate to ambil bodek Najib.
    Such is our government..got elected ….doing so little work…spending public funds…to keep talking and defending UMNO.
    If they are the best….and being the best for 50 years..on going…no need to defend…or create tensions…create fear factors….jail others…to stop freedom of speeches.
    Zaid knows UMNO days are numbered.

  8. Batu Ferringhi says:

    I think your stance in this is too “stiff” lah, Susan. What is there to spy anyway in a congress where tens of reporters are around, there are no secrets in a congress which is an ‘open’ affair anyway. If he is a spy, he is damaging his own reputation. If he is not, than his presence at the PKR congress was a morale booster for the party. Either way, no harm. More harm for UMNO because of the open defiance….

  9. Missing Straycat Call SPCA says:

    “For me, it doesn’t make sense too why an UMNO guy has to be in a PKR congress.”

    Yeah, you are right which connotes his surreptitious intention – awaiting his own sacking by UMNO. To substantiate a hypothesis, Zaid quit as a Minister in the PM’s department in protest of the vast abuse of the ISA.

    I don’t see of Zaid’s attendance at the PKR Congress an act of espionage.

  10. Missing Straycat Call SPCA says:


    Could it be that Zaid has been the surreptitious power-brokers between Anwar and certain powerful figure in UMNO? Or Zaid Ibrahim is Anwar’s “Trojan Horse”. Worth a thought, hmmmmm……

  11. ktak says:


    Muhyiddin’s ultimatum to Zaid – rise of exclusive, intolerant and petty-mindedness in Umno leadership

    I am surprised by the outburst of the Umno vice president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin in Kota Kinabalu yesterday, excoriating former Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, for attending an opposition function, accusing Zaid of “disloyalty to Umno” and demanding an explanation from Zaid or to face disciplinary reprisals!

    I am very disappointed because Muhyiddin is the Minister for International Trade and Industry as well as the favourite in the contest for Umno Deputy President and therefore Deputy Prime Minister-designate next March – and should be an example of inclusive thinking and greater openness and tolerance instead of being very exclusive, intolerant and petty-minded in a country we want to market to the world as Instant Asia!

    It is a major setback for the Bangsa Malaysia concept as it illustrates the sad fact that exclusive, intolerant and petty-mindedness have displaced inclusive thinking and greater openness and tolerance in the mind-set of Umno leaders 51 years after Merdeka!

    Is “loyalty to Umno” so brittle and fragile that it must be invoked against any Umno member for attending an opposition function?

    I attended the official opening of the new Umno Building at Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur in the eighties. Was my “loyalty to DAP” ever in doubt for attending an Umno function?

    Why so childish, petty and narrow-minded when Malaysian leaders should set an example to the people and the world of our open-mindedness and tolerance of diverse views coming from a nation where pluralism and diversity are our most outstanding characteristic and greatest national asset?

    Fortunately, this question of “loyalty to Umno” was not raised when the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz accepted my invitation to a DAP seminar on “Agenda for First-World Parliament” just before the opening of the 11th Parliament in May 2004.

    Why didn’t “loyalty to Umno” become an issue when Nazri attended the DAP function in 2004 but it has become a big issue four years later over Zaid’s attending an Opposition function?

    Is this a reflection on Zaid, Muhyiddin or UMNO? Is this an indication that Umno has lost the confidence to rule as compared to four years ago and that a besieged mentality has taken possession of many Umno leaders?

    If Muhyiddin is so swift in issuing an ultimatum to Zaid to question his “loyalty to Umno” for attending an opposition function, will he be equally swift in demanding action to be taken against Umno Seberang Jaya Assemblyman in Penang, Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah, who was the Barisan Nasional standard-bearer in the Permatang Pauh by-eleciton, for his statement in the New Sunday Times yesterday that he was “now at a crossroads between staying in Umno or joining the Pakatan Rakyat state government” because of “blatant power abuses” by Umno Permatang Pauh division leadership?

    I was struck by a statement by Umno Youth Leader and Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein when castigating MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek and MCA Wanita chief Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun for saying that the concept of “ketuanan Melayu” or Malay supremacy was no longer relevant. (New Sunday Times 30.11.08)

    Apart from accusing Chua and Chew for trying to be “heroes” in “jostling to position themselves politically”, and saying that “the people are tired of the religious, racial and political issues” after going through “the toughest general election eight months ago”, Hishammuddin warned that leaders “still unaware of the changes they have to make and to look at things in a new context … will be left behind when BN transforms itself in March”!

    What is this “BN transformation in March” that the new MCA top national leadership and the other BN component parties are completely ignorant about?

    Is it going to be a “BN transformation in March” that is to be solely and exclusively orchestrated by Umno, with the leaders of the other BN component parties with the prerogative only to raise their hands to express compliance?

    (Media Conference Statement 2 in Parliament)

  12. wira says:

    He is no spy.

    Certainly not for a person who would resign his ministerial appointment on principle.
    If other ministers are of the same calibre, we could see at least 3/4 of our cabinet ministers resigning.
    That would certainly spell the end of this UMNO lead government.

  13. caravanserai says:

    Spy or no spy
    It is every one right
    Go as a free agent
    Listen to the talk
    And feel the atmosphere
    What a new government will be like?

    The old has served its time
    True for over 51 years
    Instilling race and religion
    As if it is all in this world

    The economic well being
    Of all the people on the back seat
    Serving its wealth on the given few
    The backbone still live from to day to day

    Spy or no spy
    One wants to see light
    Amongst the whole garbage of guilt
    Plundering the nation dry

    Something has to be done
    The new kid gearing for the task
    Only the old hands refuse to change
    It is the downfall as time will tell

  14. kittykat46 says:

    For 4 decades, BN has operated on a take-no-prisoners strategy.

    A BN leader cannot, repeat cannot attend an Opposition sponsored event. For that matter, Federal Govt. civil servants are disallowed from attending an official State govt. event if that state is run by the Opposition.

    Both PKR and DAP should be complimented for adopting a more open approach.
    Notice also the surprise last week when Lim Guan Eng turned up at the official installation of Lim Chong Eu as the 1st Chancellor of the Wawasan Open University in Penang.
    It is, of course, a Gerakan initiated project. In any more open society, it would have been common courtesy for the Chief Minister to be officially invited, and for him to attend, even though he is from the opposite side of politics. But in the narrow-minded context of BN politics, its was a big stir.

  15. Baby Ktemoc says:

    According to my Papa, Anwar Ibrahim is an UMNO spy.
    Or at least, he is just using PKR as a vehicle to go back into UMNO.

    Do you think my Papa is mad ? Sometimes I think so, sometimes I don’t

  16. monsterball says:

    Your papa is not only mad….but when nothing to do…quite itchy backside…..wanting attention.
    His brain is attacked by syphilis germs.
    Right now…papa in Penang keep looking for free milk………hahahahahaha

  17. monsterball says:

    Your papa is not only mad…..quite itchy backside…..wanting attention.
    His brain is attacked by syphilis germs.
    Right now…papa in Penang keep looking for free milk………hahahahahaha

  18. Argus Eye says:

    Zaid seems to be sincere in his antics, and portrays himself as a man of principles. I must admit that I kinda like him…but at the back of my head, there is still a voice that tells me he might just be a typical politicians.

    Yes, he has been a vocal chap in UMNO from day one, but he did not resign as a minister until the Kota Bharu divisional meeting fiasco where he claimed he was being sidelined. He only resigned after that. If he resigned solely because the were no reforms or he wanted the ISA to be repealed, chances are, it wouldve been done earlier.

    And now, he is spotted at opposition functions. He may feel that his ideologies are in accordance to those of the opposition. In that case, why still be a member of UMNO. To me, it is simple. If you feel UMNO is going nowhere, and it is filled with corrupt minds, why not resign immediately as a member. Isn’t that what we call acting in line with principles?

    Argus Eye.

  19. ericind says:

    I guess this gentleman goin to join PKR n his moves is right,dnt forget,the one will b ARIFF SHAH..

  20. youthattack says:

    Muhyiddin accused Zaid for being “disloyal”.but what about Nazri(Minister in the PM’s deparment) when he went for the DAP seminar on 2004?does that mean Nazri also was “disloyal” towards UMNO?

    i’m sure some opposition members also attend function or talks held by the BN.

    in my humble opinion,it’s the way how you perceive this things.if a person have his own principle then fear not that he/she will defect to other party just because he/she attends another politcal party’s talks or function.

  21. Menyalak-er says:

    No conflict of interest in Zaid’s presence in PKR’s congress. Many “spies” already on the ground, don’t need ‘small fry’ to report to master. Good analysis so far, but uncle Kit’s getting a wee bit long winded nowadays… can’t blame him though – mutt Muhy seems to be stuck in a very dark hole.
    Btw, Baby Ktemoc – your papa’s condition is called ‘schizophrenia’ where delusions and hallucinations are seen as reality.

  22. nordin says:


    You sound exactly like Bush the president of USA. Either you are with me or against me! Please, don’t paint the world into black and white only. Its awful boring. Even the blinds understand the colorful spectrum of the world.

  23. amoker says:

    Any man with principle should be allowed a chance.

  24. jb says:

    He can go anywhere, it does not matter. As long as we know that there is a sincere citizen around.
    Lets be more concerned about the other UMNO goons. They seem to go around with ill gotten wads of money in their pockets or C4 to play around.
    With them anything is possible

  25. jb says:

    He can go anywhere, it does not matter. As long as we know that there is a sincere citizen around.
    Lets be more concerned about the other UMNO goons. They seem to go around with ill gotten wads of money in their pockets or C4 to play around.
    With them anything is possible

  26. ventura says:

    I believe Zaid is still looking and daze of the uncertainty of the political scenario that is happening in Malaysia. Since both the major party is equally strong with support and anticipate of believe. The decision of shifting side will have to wait on his end.

    Since he was out from the UMNO as the minister of legal and jurisdiction, it will be of no good to take side as both are equally compatible to govern the government. On the safe and just side is to hand on and participate as an independent without taking corner that might blunt his advantages.

    Whether some said he is a spy to both side they have their own opinion and provocative suggestion. Let watch this Lad as he move into the arena of Malaysian political games. Zaid Ibrahim is a very smart and intelligent person and whatever situation as he persists and plan to be in I believe he is all the way for the people. Since he is willing to take the stand and move against the leadership of UMNO, I am sure his conviction is with the people and nation of Malaysia.

    So let him be given a chance to prove himself to the people, and allow our talk and blog in this column be of a compassionate and opportunity to obediently follow the direction and suggestion of this leader. Until to that he has not transgressor against the people freedom and right in the political agenda of climbing to the ladder.

    When the time comes we hope that Zaid will take the right step because as old proverbs said, “Without taking side one will be an Island and thus rot in its own judgment”.

    We rest our believe!

  27. straycat says:

    Baby Ktemoc,

    I find it prosaic for s “Baby Ktemoc” casual appearance, but you ended up with class-act viz -“Do you think my Papa is mad ? Sometimes I think so, sometimes I don’t”.

    Hahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahaa. Laughing like crazy. U r the boy!!!

    Though I visited only a few of your papa’s post this year, I admire his intelligence. But too smart a man can be “kuku” ah. U know what that means, baby Ktemoc?

  28. assetman says:

    Obviously Zaid is much better than Mahakutty s/o Kukutty who is fond of playing kampong politics.

    Mahakutty s/o Kukuty is a mamak and how on earth he could masquerade as a Bumiputra is beyond one’s comprehension.

    Now Mahakutty s/o Kukutty on the pretext of championing the cause of Bumiputras, plundering the assets of Bolehland until Bolehland is bankrupt. What is the point of being a Bumiputra in a bankrupt Bolehland?

  29. assetman says:

    Mahakutty s/o Kukutty now is the richest man on earth by playing kampong politics.

    To maintain this status, Mahakutty s/o Kukutty has to maintain playing the kampong politics!

  30. assetman says:

    By playing the kampong politics, the Bumiputras and non-Bumiputras will forever ‘bankrupt’ while Mahakutty s/o Kukutty will be able to plunder the assets of Bolehland.

    He did it for 22 years and now he is in the lust of continuously continuing it!

    Zaid is against kampong politics and should get the rakyat full support.

  31. Voltaire says:

    “….and allow our talk and blog in this column be of a compassionate and opportunity to obediently follow the direction and suggestion of this leader…”

    yucks!! too much sugar and you get diabetes

  32. Voltaire says:

    “Even the blinds understand the colorful spectrum of the world.” – nordin

    Damn!! It cost me 4 beers in Bangsar, trying a blind guy to do just that. He couldn`t. Stop lying nordin.

  33. people liberation army says:

    If Mukritz s/o Mahakutty is the pm of Malaysia, there will be a civil war.

    On the brink of defeat, Mahakutty and son MUkritz would be running with their tails behind the legs rushing back to Kelara before they are captured and sent to the firing squad.

  34. wits0 says:

    “Even the blinds understand the colorful spectrum of the world.” – nordin

    Perhaps if he’s an arhat. I’ve yet to have heard of any such, though.

  35. wits0 says:

    Baby Ktemoc, have you noticed that your pa’s posting of comments are always short ones here. He knows that at Susan’s, he’s not accorded special protection as may well be given him elsewhere in other blogs. 😀

  36. bamboo river says:

    I got the feeling GE 13 will be just about the first quarter of 2009.

  37. bodonomic says:

    bodowee is bigger idiot than baby`s papa:
    “Malaysian economy expected to grow 5.5 percent in 2008: PM”
    Najeeeb can do eeet?

  38. Yili says:

    I think saiful is PKR’s spy. Najib is also PKR’s spy. Then I also think Yong teck lee is BN’s spy. Nik Aziz also BN’s spy…. Shah Rukh khan is Tamil Tiger’s spy, Obama is russian’s spy,

  39. divingViva says:

    where got people spy so openly one?

    yili, where got so many spies around?????

    they are just a bunch of opportunist waiting for better offer lah!!!!

  40. anonymous says:

    UMNO do not need spy because they can’t interplate any information. You can provide 10 track load of information and still they can’t find any use to them. Just look at the last 50 years and everyone moved ahead and left M’sia far behind, the success of Singapore and Korea are all for BN to copy but still is of no help.

    You people allow one of them to rule for 22 years but still his son cannot see the mistake and willing to create bigger mistake. This UMNO are dumb as donkey, they are hopless.

  41. […] Zaid @ PKR congress – supporter or spy? Duh! What is an UMNO guy doing at an Opposition annual congress? It seems he want to have the cake and eat it too. Why […] […]

  42. hope for all says:

    Even a Democrat President-in-waiting is willing a appoint Republican Robert Gate as Sec-of-Defence.
    So it seemed Malaysian politics still has a long way to go.

  43. fukonima says:

    The conscientious and the righteous ones will always be termed as traitors by their own corrupted and evil party.

    He should distant away himself from this hopeless party and he is absolutely right, this power crazy, extreme, corrupted and greedy party will never change and they will never listen tot he people.

  44. Jeffripower says:

    If UMNO/BN want to sent spies, no need to send a person that everyone knows him. Zaid, everyone knows him. He looks like excite with PKR…

  45. zaidfriend says:

    i think zaid working for rakyat. he spy for rakyat.

  46. dinosor says:

    supporter ke spy ke, kasi buang je. menyusahkan orang je, kerja bawah orang lain, bila bersuara semuanya menentang. bukan nk bawak berbincang, buat bising je tahu. kalau dah nak sangat berambus, silakan..

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