Anwar Ibrahim’s “It will happen” [with reference to Pakatan Rakyat taking over the government], sounds just like Abdul Razak Baginda’s “I know” [with reference to Najib Tun Razak and Rosmah Mansor ever knowing Altantuya Sharibuu].

Don’t you think so?

You can’t continue to say these things and hope that the people will continue to believe you.

Some people are still being patient and did not kick up a storm when PR failed in its last attempt on 16 September.

Anwar is no longer setting a deadline for this exercise. And is giving no explanation.

Actually it was a deadline and expectation that PKR or rather Pakatan set for itself and they could not make it themselves. 

Malaysians were happy enough that several states fell to the Opposition.

Now most people are not only disappointed but have to deal with the fact that Najib is going to be the next Prime Minister.

“What makes you so sure?” Anwar asked reporters.

Well, Anwar…I know, I just know.

Read him on Malaysian Insider:

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 26 – Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim appeared to stop short today of saying his Pakatan Rakyat (PR) alliance will have to wait until the next general election to make a serious bid for power.

He told reporters that he would not explain why the PR alliance has not yet taken power at this weekend’s PKR party congress.

“There is nothing to explain. It will happen,” Anwar said in Parliament. He did not set another deadline.

His self-imposed deadline of Sept 16 for PR to topple the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) government passed without incident and his credibility has taken a knock, while the opposition’s momentum has stalled, since then.

Increasingly, Malaysians are focused on economic worries and many are turning away from an almost obsessive fixation with politics since the March 8 elections.

Anwar had been widely expected to address this point at this weekend’s PKR congress, but he looks to be trying to put Sept 16 behind him.

He said today that it did not matter when the PR alliance takes over the government.

The widely held view that Datuk Seri Najib Razak will take power as prime minister next March under an Umno transition plan hammered out with Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi was also premature, Anwar said.

“What makes you so sure?” he asked reporters.

According to Anwar, his message to party delegates this weekend will include a call for them to continue to be committed and to concentrate on ruling well the five states under PR control.

He said PKR had also recently started a nationwide campaign to hold ceramahs to communicate with the Malay ground across the country in an attempt to make headway into the hearts and minds of the community.

The opposition ranks continue to enjoy good support among non-Malays but rural Malays continue to harbour distrust of the PR coalition.

He said this move was necessary as the mainstream media, especially the Malay media, continues to sideline the coalition to propogate the Barisan Nasional agenda.


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  1. luking says:

    it will happen bcos of the prophecy keyword’s the end of bn,and ‘N ‘ completes and ends it,and we believe the new cycle keyword will begins with ‘A’.

  2. The Penquin says:

    Well I believe he has tried his best. When he first mentioned about PKR and 916 I already had the strong feelings that it will not happen. It is not easy to
    bring down or take over a govt. which has been in power for so many many years. I believe this can only happen in a GE.

  3. Jed Yoong says:

    Next life or Second Life?
    So mystics believe that a new life begins every moment as the past is gone, the future is not here. The only thing that’s certain is now.

  4. Anti-BN says:

    ” … it will happen bcos of the prophecy keyword’s the end of bn,and ‘N ‘ completes and ends it,and we believe the new cycle keyword will begins with ‘A’ … ”

    I scoffed at RAHMAN prophecy earlier but this gives it a whole new meaning and I am a believer of the prophecy now.

  5. jsss says:

    Yes, It will happen just matter of time. I Agree with you Anti BN.

  6. whispering9 says:

    Next election, will probably see many deciding on the merits of check & balance; not on whatever greater promises or pretentious intentions. Very soon many will be too preoccupied with economical issues to wait around for deliverance from ‘It will happen’.

  7. Wait N C says:

    The Reality is …

    Before General Election, Anwar has been underestimated.

    After the Gen Election, Anwar has been overestimated.

  8. mesoso says:

    doesnt matter how long as long as BN can be gotten rid of…

  9. youthattack says:’s not enough with him giving his supporters only “I know, I just know” and “There is nothing to explain. It will happen,”.people want to see result and not just promises and words.i’m so skeptical about this fella.

    perhaps he can form a new govt.but not now.not in our current situation.maybe things gonna takes longer than he expected.forming a new govt ain’t as easy and abc and 123.

  10. Anak says:

    What da hell…

    Just do something about it…I don’t want NAJIB becoming PM….

    I don’t want UMNO racist to become this country leader…….

    I don’t want some criminal to become my country leader….

    It would be some hell break loose……

  11. Wizard says:

    The MCA is backstabbing each other.
    The Umno wanita is fighting each other.
    The Umno Youth is backstabbing each other.
    The MIC leaders are fighting each other and the list just goes on.
    There is an ongoing in the BN party and sooner or later, they’re doom for good.
    Life just goes on as a cycle and we just can’t avoid it.
    We need not have to worry about when PR is gonna take over.
    Just sit and enjoy every “show”.

  12. Bentoh says:

    I don’t want to wait until next life to see new government… 😉

    But it doesn’t matter if Anwar is not the PM by then… 😛

    And Anwar owes his fans, the 916 believers, a much awaited apologize…

  13. Drachen says:

    Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. It forces PR to focus on getting work done instead of just campaigning.

    Anyway, with the financial crisis heading this way, N’s timing could not be worse. He’ll be catching all the blame for the economic problems. Whether he can survive the tsunami is a big question!

  14. tshock says:

    EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING has a life cycle. Be it a person’s natural life, an animal, an insect, a product, a company or a political party. This is a fact and no one can avoid this. The only difference some has a longer cycle is due to innovation and new markets (as in targetting new segments). So if the political party or an organization who does not change by introducing innovative actions or looking for new members, they will die a natural death. This is the LAW and no one can change this if all is static.

  15. sltan says:

    I have waited nearly 40 years to get rid of Alliance/BN.I can wait for another 4 years (if I am still around.) Too much racism & corruption to the core! Just hope the Pakatan do not do anything silly to reverse current trend.

  16. kittykat46 says:

    It doesn’t make strategic sense for PR to attempt the takeover of the Federal Government right now.
    The world economic crisis, and the BN government’s actions or misactions are pushing us into a bottomless swamp. Let BN hang themselves with their own rope. If BN cannot or will not change its mentality, its going to be The End for GE 13.

    PR should focus on bringing good government to the 5 states it has currently, and think about how to cushion the impact of the global slowdown.

  17. Sun says:

    Maya/Aztec Calendar says world ends Dec 23, 2012. So all should start from scratch. Forget next GE.

  18. pinsysu says:

    well, anwar got everybody pregnant with the idea of replacing the current gomen which u hv to admit dat was pretty much an impossibility before. but then we r toking abt taking over a gomen dat is heavily infested with unwanted traits. not a simple corporate take-over leh. well, he got u pregnant, he shall deliver you albeit at full term with your helping to PUSH, PUSH & PUSH! let human nature takes its course. pre-mature delivery will ends u in ICU …

  19. zizi says:

    Dear friends,
    I went into DSAI blog yesterday and gave some comments on his campaign with Pakatan Rakyat ……..

    My first comment compare to other blogs, that was not published even after an overnight!. Even this blog (Susan Loone) also will only take about few hours to response. Well, he must have been very busy to view (however, the comments received for that particular topic is less than 50!). Below I copy cat the comment just for your view. Judge yourself once finist reading it.

    “”En. Wan,
    Saya rasa barulah sekarang orang-orang ini tahu, bukannya senang nak jagi pemerintah. Semua nak kena jaga. Nak tambah orang baru?. Put this way, rakyat sekarang dah buka mata. Itu sebab mereka dah kurang berminat. Hanya yang atas sahaja masih ingat boleh bertahan.

    Yang tinggal hanya mereka-mereka yang ekstremis sahaja.

    This is my first time in this blog. Cuma saya notice, rata-rata commentator suruh buat gathering and rally for freedom for support so-called. Cukup-cukuplah tu. Dewasalah sikit. Tak ada untungnya. Rally ni hanya menyusahkan orang lain saja. If you think 50,000 people joining you all, there are 2.5 million lagi yang tidak join you all. We just want to live in peace.

    Kita perlu sedar sebagai seorang yang kononnya future leader, DSAI tiup trompet 16.09.2008 tarikh untuk tukar kerajaan. Lepas tu sebelum Raya Haji. Sekarang tak ada tarikh pulak!. Adakah ini your future leader yang kita banggakan? Belum lagi ambil alih, yang dirancang pun tak menjadi. He cannot even materialise his words.

    If UMNO is stupid to send their parliment member outstation (to hide). I think PR is double stupid by going and chase them!. So, which one we need to choose, stupid or double stupid?.

    Jaga and improve sajalah apa yang dah dapat. Jangan nanti yang dikejar tak dapat yang di kendong berciciran.

    Walaubagaimanapun, sebagai seorang islam kita percaya disebalik kegagalan itu ada hikmahnya. Disebalik kelam kabutnya DSAI tu, sekurang-kurangnya BN tu sudah sedar kelemahannya dan nampaknya menuju kearah lebih baik. Insyaallah.

    Terima kasih.

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    1 zizi
    Nov 27th, 2008 at 11:20 am
    En. DSAI,

    I have sent many comments on other blogs but your blog is the first time took more that an overgnight, still awaiting for mpoderation.

    Be gentlement Ok?. You should enter chedet blog. Some of the commentator hamtam him nicely, but he still allowed it.

    Critics should make people better. Be posifitve !!. You are so-called a leader of the future ??????.

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  20. kittykat46 says:

    The Mayan calendar was extremely accurate – far more accurate than the standard calendar we use today. But maintaining that accuracy meant it took a hell of a lot calculating work to extend it out into the future – you couldn’t do it indefinitely, they had to end it somewhere.

    December 23, 2012 has a very unusual astronomical significance.
    On that date there will be a conjunction of the Winter solstice sun (which happens very year) and the crossing point of the galactic equator and the ecliptic. This occurs every 13,000 years.

    The Mayans were great sky-watches, I guess they decided to end the counting of their calendar on that very special day.

    Nothing at all mentioned about the end of the world.

  21. Wizard says:

    Sun says,

    Maya/Aztec Calendar says world ends Dec 23, 2012. So all should start from scratch. Forget next GE.

    Human have been predicting the end of the world ever since I was a kid and I started analysing every facts from nostradamus to the bible.
    I’ve also came across many date, that was supposed to be for the world to end but all seems to be just a hoax.
    We just can’t believe in what we read or hear.
    What I do believe is that mankind will no longer survive, if we continue to be selfish and pollute our mother earth .
    We’ve a very long journey to go and that’s for sure!!!

  22. eagle says:

    Don’t worry, keep on telling people that we want change.
    We want BN out soonest better but the aim is to kick them out.
    We need Anwar, Lim KS and Hj Hadi. Without them our dream for change will be shattered.
    Wherever you go, whoever you meet just tell them go for change and kick BN out.
    Let us tell the nation and the world that enough is enough UMNO and BN must be flushed out. SAY NO to UMNO and BN.

  23. pj voter says:

    Dsai had been treated unfairly and sentenced jail for 6 years.

    Dsai knows the sufferings of the rakyat because he had vicarious sufferings of the rakyat when he was in jail.

    Therefore Dsai is a born again politician. Dsai will make a good PM if given a chance.

    Dsai has now turned over to a nėw leaf, unlike those powers that be who don’t realize the sufferings of the rakyat.

    Dsai is like the North Pole Star.

    My vote is for Dsai.

    He who exercises government by means of his virtue may be compared to the north polar star, which keeps its place and all the stars turn towards it.

  24. fukonima says:

    The main reason is simple~those evil power brokers of the ruling party will stage an Emergency in order to retain their power.

    Then they will follow the footsteps of Indonesia in 1998 (remember Suharto, Wiranto and the blood thirsty hooligans in their camp?) and it will be a disaster for Bolehland and the peace-loving rakyat.

    The PR knows it well and I believe they must have been warned earlier by those who are conscientious in the forces.

    So, PR, forget about it for the time being, get rid of the moles in your alliance, stop all the in-fightings, be very humble, work hard, go to the grassroots, listen to the people, and focus on how to relieve the sufferings of the Rakyat, fight for the rights of the Rakyat, eradicate corruption and the misuse of power among the executives , then the Bolehlanders will repay you with their votes in the next GE.

  25. billauchris says:

    We can afford to be rhetorical all the time for some of the people; rhetorical at some of the time for all the people; but certainly not rhetorical at all the time for all the people.

    If one does that too often, it is likened to the shepherd boy who cried “wolf, wolf, wolf”. When the wolf actually came, no one believed him when he cried “wolf, wolf, help…”

    Whatever plans that AI has should be kept to himself and to certain of his confidantes only. He should not blow the trumpet all the time; otherwise, the rakyat will be tired of listening to the same old tune that was being played.

    So my brother AI, this time, do not volunteer any information if you intend to take over the Government. This is the time for thinking, planning, organising, revising, improving your strategies, fixing the D-day and then execution. If you do it this way, no one can blame you if your plan fails. But if your plan succeeds, the whole nation will be behind you.
    So learn the lesson of Sep 16, 2008.

    The UMNOputras can afford to be ostentatious. PR cannot. It has to work out its strategies carefully and meticulously. It cannot afford to fail.

    If anyone has a brilliant plan or idea, he or she should not let the whole world know about it. He or she should contact AI and discuss with him.

    If you work this way, I think the chances of success are much higher. Pre-fixing of date has proven to be a failure and an ineffective way. The UMNOputras are used to such method. But when you fight a guerilla warfare with them, they just do not know how to retaliate.

    You must follow one of Sun Tzu’s Arts of War; that is, vanquish the enemies without their knowing it.

    Good luck to you AI this time.

  26. kaya999 says:

    Anwar is depanding on Muhyedin, now Muhyedin got good chance in UMNO election………so he betrayed Anwar….

    What to do ?… to waitlah….

  27. Bola Hangus says:

    UMNO need to shape up or they will need to ship out come the next GE. Then we’ll be in deep shit with PAS’ holier than thou crap of enforcing religious stance on muslims and others, not to mention the lost of malay rights in exchange for increased exploitation.

  28. bangsa Cina Malaysia says:

    Asalamualaikum kepada semua pembaca,

    PAS got 8 seats in Selangor becoz chinese voted them but DAP will get 0 seats if malays do not vote them.

    DAP MPs and state assemblymen still do not realised they are in power today becoz the Malays voted them and now they are trying to be heroes to the chinese community only.

    to the DAP dont you all are aware that alcohol are bad for health just like cigarette.

    I am a CHINESE and i hate all the above habits.(i have a lot of malay friends)

    Not all policies by PAS are bad.
    Yang baik kita menyerap.

    in fact PAS has been urging bread earners to go back to their families after work instead of heading to all these karaokes joint where alcohol and chinadoll are in abundance.

    i remember not very long ago a group of chinese housewife went to see a certain OCPD asking for help
    becoz their husband have been spending all their time in all these karaokes outlet.

    how many chinese families have succumbed to these evil ?

    bread winner spending their hard earned money on alcohol, gambling and later on womanising will come along.

    DAP remember you guys represent all malaysians and please do not try to be a hero to a certain community even though knowing very well all the above are bad for everyone.

    carry on with your typical chinaman attitude and i can guarantee you guys will all be a one term MP/state assemblyman.

    BTW NONE DAP MPs has responded.

    tony pua may god protect your children from the evil of alcohol.


  29. Master-Detective says:

    “You must follow one of Sun Tzu’s Arts of War; that is, vanquish the enemies without their knowing it.” -billichusss

    Trust me, Anwar Ibrahim spent his 6 years in prison reading far advance modern tactics than “Sun Tzu art of War”. Don’t underestimate this man. He takes you down without you knowing it that’s the reason he trumpeted 9/16 for obvious reasons – (1) not enough turncoat, (2) his confidante seated at top UMNO leadership has some glitches.

  30. adlibudiman says:

    naive betul la korang ni, kene kencing buta2 pun masih bodoh lagi, i dont get how someone can just lie like that, and still get away with supporters wooing him on (probably not as much as before, but hey, from what i see there’s still a bunch of idiot shitheads sticking around), ape kate orang putih tu,

    “fooled me once shame on you, fooled me twice, well, i guess im just a racists, naive, idiot fool”

    “idiot fool” is a double negative, appropriate for someone who’s prone to getting cheated all the time.

  31. Sun says:

    “tony pua may god protect your children from the evil of alcohol.”

    I duno of tony pua`s children. But you better make sure you dont touch my beer bottle – i never invited you.

  32. Sun says:

    God, me and my beer are fine.

  33. Payback Time says:

    DSAI forming our next goverment is not without a chance..just that his timing is not in his favour..Global Recession. Make one wrong move he will be out .. and to bangsa Cina Malaysia..why do you worry how people spend their hard earned money..squandered off or thrown to the ocean so what? You can only give advise if those womaniser or drunkard come begging for money from you.. so don’t play god here

  34. Section 14 says:

    agree with Wizard. He has wisdom-“sit back and enjoy the show”- why do you want to buy MP’s to cross over and join PKR? What kind of politics is that? The same kind of Politics that UMNO and Barisan perfected; money politics. You want Anwar and PKR to be a new vesion of Barisan?
    He spoke too soon, that is obvious. He should not have teased the Electorate with talk of Sept 16th. That was a bone head move on his part.
    Besides, buying over MP’s will lead to disunity among the Coalition, among the people who fought hard for PKR in the first place, why reward traitors who might turn around and leave Pakatan, the next time a carrot is dangled in front of them by UMNO and BN? Take your time, give Umno and their idiotic partners enough rope, and I guarantee you, they will hang themselves. They will destroy each other, they will implode. Just give em enough rope, and don’t be so impatient. Their time is over. Najib will be taking over a sinking ship, and as captain, he will be the first to go down, while the rats will have left a long time before. Rats are smart.

  35. Section 14 says:

    Wizard is right-“just sit back and enjoy the show.”

  36. jean says:

    Congrats Sue for being objective on this.

    When a person failed to deliver big time, the excuse is always bigger. Less with the talks. Its time to work lah. PR has already 5 states and needs to prove its worth. Why not do that first? The economy is bad. No one need ceramah after ceramah unless maybe some who get addicted to rhetorics, lawak jenaka, janji kosong and maki hamun.

    But the best part is, DSAI does not even need to apologize. His worshippers provided plenty of “explanations” why 916 was just another 916. From Mayan calaendar to RAHMAN theory to economic situation… Sheesh. I know that it is hard to accept it when someone you idolized failed but come on, the simple fact is, he failed! There is more to life then Anwar lah.

  37. […] Deadline for new government: next life? Anwar Ibrahim’s “It will happen” [with reference to Pakatan Rakyat taking over the government], […] […]

  38. Yee Kong says:

    The formation of the “new” government has to be put on halt due to stupid PAS rejection. There was a meeting among PR top leaders held the night before and Anwar was presenting the name of all the defectors from BN. It was appeared that, all 38 MP’s wanted to jump ship was a non-muslim. Therefore, if it is really happen, Muslim will be minority in the new government. That is all what PAS was really concerned with.

  39. rider says:

    Yes, it could be that. Too many non-muslims and not only Pas unhappy, maybe the DYMM might have told DSAI that he should have more muslim representation, too.

  40. he will succeed and we will be relesed from the hell soon. let pray for him. i dont know what kind of guy he was but now he seemed to realize. thank you for bn goverment which put him on isolation and made him realize what is to be a leader……….

  41. Sun says:

    “There is more to life then Anwar lah” – Jean

    Some, like Najis Razak might opt for your bed hmmm. Then, there`s saifool also.

  42. My2cen says:

    I didn’t think it would happen then, and it certainly ain’t happening now. PKR is modelled after UMNO, with many from UMNO before. Now DSWA is talking about restoring the immunity for the rulers… People should be able to read the signs themselves.

    I think we should campaign for more able and willing independents to stand in the next election, all these seasoned politicians are ALL THE SAME. One for you, one for me and nothing for the man in the street… We need capable and principled people to run our country, period. Race and religion not a criterion, result oriented, not NATO kind that we see everyday.

  43. zam88 says:


  44. ericind says:

    HAI,Zam88,kamu memang umat islam yg sudah ketinggalan zaman,kolok,macam katak bawah tempurong yg hanya nampak langit bulatan yg amat kecil,BODOH DAN DEGIL….

  45. zizi says:

    To zam88

    Amin, amin ya rabbul alamin !!!.

  46. jonathan says:

    So dear pretender to the throne, if you think you want to create another tsunami in the next March 8, you’d need to create more than just ripples but continue to make huge strides in your administration, that will create the huge waves and momentum needed to create a tsunami, otherwise, it’s like you’re just peeing in the ocean and the waves will wash your waste back to your feet!!!
    see ‘Build Your Nest Not Set Traps for the Hornbill PKR’

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