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“Aristotle (384-322 BC), writing in the Rhetoric, suggested that Ethos, the Trust of a speaker by the listener, was based on the listener’s perception of three characteristics of the speaker.

“Aristotle believed these three characteristics to be the intelligence of the speaker (correctness of opinions, or competence), the character of the speaker (reliability – a competence factor, and honesty – a measure of intentions), and the goodwill of the speaker (favorable intentions towards the listener).” (Source: Trust Rules)

Kim Quek challenges us on whether this man’s words can be trusted. (Source: Abstract from Asia Sentinel).

[Abdul Razak Bagind] Razak was found wanting in honesty in his replies to questions on the two emotional outbursts – one by himself in mid-trial in February 2008 and one by his wife when he was first charged in 2006.

On Razak’s outburst in court on 20 February 2008, this is what the New Straits Times reported: Before proceedings began, Razak’s father Abdullah Malim Baginda whispered something to his son who was in the dock. Razak’s demeanor changed and he walked back to the holding cell, turned to face his father and angrily shouted: “Shall I shout it out?” His father pointed his finger at him and indicated no.

Then Razak loudly said “I am innocent! I am innocent!” before going into the cell.

When the trial judge adjourned proceedings for lunch, Abdullah walked up to his son and again whispered something into his ears. Razak jumped up from his seat and in an animated way shouted : “Oh no, oh no.” He then kicked the dock gate angrily as he walked out and banged on the lock-up door and looked terribly upset. He was in tears.

And what was Razak’s explanation during the press conference for this outburst? He said he was only venting his anger as he was upset with the postponement of the case. That answer did not sound very convincing, did it? So, what is the secret that Razak is hiding from us?

On the second outburst when he was charged in Nov 2006, his wife shouted hysterically “Why charge my husband? He does not want to be the prime minister.” Razak explained that his wife was then under stress as she had not seen him for some time.

That certainly didn’t sound like an honest answer. A more reasonable guess is that she was angry that her husband was made the scapegoat for someone who was aspiring to be the next prime minister. The identity of this person is so obvious that it needs no further elaboration.


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  1. Rainstorm says:

    ARB’s words can be trusted or not ? Well, we’ll know in due time …

  2. you know the truth susan……….all malaysians know the truth……….just waiting for any international law enforcer to interfere……….then the truth will prevail………..

  3. tshock says:

    he is NOT telling the whole truth. all of us know that. malaysia knows that. the whole world knows that as well.

  4. apapunboleh says:

    Most of us knows the truth, only thing is the government is suspressing the truth and doesn’t want us to know the truth…sad…..

  5. Richard Loh says:

    He knows the truth but cannot tell for very personal reasons. There are just too many important questions that remain to be answered. So it remains to be seen if the case can be brought to the International Court of Justice.

  6. fukonima says:

    Hi, Susan, ARZ and his superior, the mastermind and the dark hands behind the kill have no integrity at all.

    This Bolehland’s guomen is filled with filthy animals, and they are fixing everything, calling it democrazy (more people become crazy).

    what else to say?

  7. bgees says:

    Can this case brought to IJC? What is the criteria for it?
    Just asking some thought. However justice will always prevail.

  8. rider says:

    Razak Baginda is a LIAR. When did we trust him to tell the truth? Razak Baginda will know that the people of Malaysia already know the truth come the next GE. Even now he knows that we know his press conference is a big pile of BULLSHIT. But his temerity is that he can live with his rotten concience. He knows that he’s answerable to God?!

  9. anak bangau says:

    He will tell the truth if his boss (najib?) is no longer in power, i.e when Pkatan Rakyat takes over the government and DSAI is appointed as the new PM. By this time, there will be many people approach DSAI and will tell all the truth nothing but the truth on many events that had transpired.

  10. Ganesan says:

    This guy has done his duty to his friend, you cover me, I cover you. End of the day win win situation for them. I am sure they would have to answer to the almighty soon. I am sure he will he will leave the country and soon Altunya will be forgotten and the two scape goats will be let off as no witness can be traced as Bala P.I has disappeared.

  11. eeyaw says:


    The truth will reveals itself only on the demise of Umno unless the International Court intercedes on our behalf. Justice in Malaysia is akin to hot air ballon, always blowing away the truth when it concerns certain parties.

  12. John says:

    Kim Quek you are spot on. Again where is BALA? What say you Mr Suras and PI Mr Ang, you had spent so much time with the C4ed ??

    Call your MPs now and tell them that We, The Rakyat, reject the racial and religious ploys of corrupt politicians:




    Tell them that politics must be based on real issues like the economy, education and human rights — not bogus issues like yoga fatwa and Ketuanan Melayu. Tell them that we reject the blatant use of racist rhetoric, religious bigotry and police brutality used by followers of Mahathirism to divide and rule Malaysians.


  14. TrinaRanong says:

    I have a strong feeling that ultimately the 2 policemen will be the scapegoat. If court sentence them to death, a special team will exchange these 2 policemen with other men who has nothing to loose to be hung to death if sufficient amount of $$ being paid to their family. In return, these 2 policemen will have their identity changed n leave the country as total new person enjoying the whole lump sum of $$. BTW, have the public ever seen the actual face of the 2 policemen?

  15. kittykat46 says:

    Trust Razak Baginda on this case ? (For that matter, the other “Razak”)

    Intelligence of the speaker (correctness of opinions, or competence),
    – As far as this case is concerned, his brain was below the belt.

    Character of the speaker (reliability – a competence factor) – Nuts.
    The court may have acquitted him, but he d*n well is involved in this tragedy one way or another.

    Honesty – a measure of intentions) – This case is shot full of lies.

    Goodwill of the speaker (favorable intentions towards the listener). – all protecting their a*se and pocketbook and power.

  16. rb: “i’m innocent, i’m innocent”
    reporter: “why are you innocent?”
    rb: “i just know”

    case closed….

    the mother of all answer – “i just know”…..

  17. The Beetle says:

    The time will come when the guilty will have to face their maker.

    No amount of money and power will change the judgement of the maker.

    The guilty will be judged guilty ,no other way and they will be punish accordingly.

    So, watch it …….. you know who I am sending this warning to.

  18. amoker says:

    “I just know” that Razak Baginda is lying.

    I just know.

  19. lhheng says:

    I agreed totally with TrinaRanong. These two bum policeman were always covered whenever they appeared in court. I just do not understand why the prosecution bums did not request their stupid faces to be revealed for the whole world to see. How can they be sure these covered bums are really the two police bums charged. Really, really suspicious!!!
    I have requested before in this blog, if any of you folks have a picture of these two police bums, please publish to let the WHOLE WORLD to see. We must get these bums pictures to be published.
    The whole trial is a big farce and puppet show. In the end, everyone knows the answer. See, our Razak bum got free now. Only the two stupid bums left who do not even know the victum, not to say blown her to pieces. This only happen in Bolehland.

  20. badawiknows says:

    The Sun newspaper carried the story, complete with Razak Baginda’s outburst. However, the Home Ministry asked The Sun to withdraw their first run which carried the ‘Matilah Kau Pak Lah!’ outburst by Razak Baginda. The Sun had to withdraw thousands of copies of their print run early this morning.

    Strange things are happening in the country folks. No angels are involved. Only devils.

  21. badawiknows says:

    The Sun newspaper carried the story, complete with Razak Baginda’s outburst. However, the Home Ministry asked The Sun to withdraw their first run which carried the ‘Matilah Kau Pak Lah!’ outburst by Razak Baginda. The Sun had to withdraw thousands of copies of their print run early this morning.

    Strange things are happening in the country folks. No angels are involved. Only devils.

  22. Sun says:

    The Sun newspaper carried the story, complete with Razak Baginda’s outburst. However, the Home Ministry asked The Sun to withdraw their first run which carried the ‘Matilah Kau Pak Lah!’ outburst by Razak Baginda. The Sun had to withdraw thousands of copies of their print run early this morning.

    Strange things are happening in the country folks. No angels are involved. Only devils.

  23. Sun says:

    The Sun newspaper carried the story, complete with Razak Baginda’s outburst. However, the Home Ministry asked The Sun to withdraw their first run which carried the ‘Matilah Kau Pak Lah!’ outburst by Razak Baginda. The Sun had to withdraw thousands of copies of their print run early this morning.
    Strange things are happening in the country folks. No angels are involved.

  24. jb says:

    It is very obvious that this whole episode was a set-up to protect a person who aspires to the highest office. Taken in the whole context of Malaysian politics. the present Government stinks and so are some individuals who are so corrupt that they turn a blind eye to all misdeeds.

    Simply put, honest people have nothing to hide and you can see that by their actions and reactions. For the devils you can see that by their demeanour.

  25. pj voter says:

    The more this Baginda is trying to exonerate his boss, the more the people are convincing that who is the real culprit.

    So this Baginda is not doing his boss a good service.

    We want concrete and hard evidence. Not only words from the mouth!

    Show us the proof/s, else saves your saliva.

  26. Rainstorm says:

    TrinaRanong, that’s what most ppl would think that way. Whatever we read in the newspapers about Altantuya case is probably only 20 / 30%. The rest covered up to protect some Big shots ! Ultimately those involved would have to deal with their Maker. Karma…..

  27. maw says:

    The court is a stage where the actors,actress and officers involved read the written scripts at the pleasure of the masters.Trusts is only I know..I know…as in that scripts,correct..correct…correct …the joyous devils

  28. chris chong says:

    can malaysian bring the case to the international court?

  29. Amiruddin Haji Abu says:

    Proof it?
    I can’t proof….
    Then what?
    I just know…. He is guilty.
    Who want to know…..
    If someone had to be sent to the gallow…..
    Then it would be the other Razak’s shadow……
    The case will be forgotten forever
    When another new beauty appeared and being teared apart…..
    Blame it on to the butcher…… POOR GUY….

  30. meng says:

    Real Truth?

    Can you take it?

  31. alitanmuthu says:

    Susan, quite a conspiracy theorist you have become. The reasons behind these outbursts are simple, just think without bias and you’ll figure it out:

    First one, the father had asked razak whether he was guilty of the charge, and this pissed Razak off, who went on to ask the father (loudly)whether he should scream out his innocence to the court.

    Second one, its pretty obvious the wife was referring to Anwar Ibrahim, whose prime ministerial ambitions were put on hold by the courts charging him in 1998. She is merely implying that her husband has no Anwar like ambitions so should be released as he is no threat to the current administration.

    Perhaps you’re better off using your expert investigative skills to analyse the defence deal that made Razak a very rich man. Thats his crime.

  32. lucia says:

    i not sure was it this instance, when razak’s father whispered to him something, as pointed out by kim quek, that there was something else razak shouted too… or at some other instance.

    my source told me that razak shouted “mati pahala!” (or was it ‘mati pala’ – what it means anyway?) but the press was told to blank out what he shouted.

    to trinaranong and ihheng
    i have the pictures of these 2 bodyguard policemen – only showing their side profile (at least better than no face at all – all covered up). these pictures of them were published… i think… in malaysiakini long time ago when the trial first started. guess many people had forgotten about it. ok tomorrow i’m gonna put up their pictures in my blog… so stay tuned.

  33. “The time will come when the guilty will have to face their maker.”

    only brain-pea ppl will use this as justification. do you know that the suicide bombers in middle east would meet 72 virgins in paradise ???

  34. ericind says:

    Ini lah satu projek lagi BN UMNO ELLIT PUTRA under’KETUANAN MELAYU’…

  35. bamboo river says:

    ” I Just Know” someone else besides the two cops and ARB knows the truth.
    ” I Just know” someone else knows where PI Bala is driving a Ferrari 308 GTO .(Sorry Tom Selleck)
    ” I Just Know” someone has the ‘threesome’ photo enjoying escargot dinner in Paris.
    ” I Just know ” someone else is going to ‘expose’ the truth in court when the time is right.
    ” I Just Know” someone else is going to have sleepless night in Peru for the spirit of Altantuya is lurking behind HER back.
    ” I Just Know” Pak Lah is having the aces and waiting to ‘SAILANG’ someone before March 2009.
    ” I Just Know” we just know and everyone knows someone is telling a GREAT LIE! Too bad Pinochio got his nose elongated first.

  36. Moonrider says:

    He Lie or Not doesnt matter, everyone already have the answer in their hearts ..

    Maybe u can ask him , when u meet him somewhere while u shopping ..

  37. chinforTruth & Justice says:

    In Malaysia, TRUTH is nothing but words spoken by some shameless character like RB , ” I am innocent, I am innocent, so and so and so are also innocent ” and all of us are supposed to beleive those words. Wow ! he must be GOd to say ” I know, I know, I know ”

    Why did the media gave him so much coverage ? Our mainstream media has not utter a word about how much TRUTH is there in what RB said.

    In Altantuya’s murder case trial , the word JUSTICE does not exist in the the vocabulary of our Judiciary system and the people entrusted with the duty of administrating it . They have taken the solemn oath that TRUTH is revealed and JUSTICE served. They have failed in their duty as Judges and Public Prosecutors to mankind. It is so sad .

  38. ruzaimiramza says:

    most of you guys have made up your mind, so whatever information that is against your stand will be filtered out without much thought put into that. So don’t question if ARB is telling lies or not, because whatever he said, you just don’t seem to be able to accept it.

  39. lucia says:

    oops. my comments didn’t appear? ok this was what i said.

    i remember at one time there was an outburst from razak baginda too. not sure was it the same time when his father whispered stuffs in his ear as kim quek pointed out here. he cried out aloud “mati pahala!” (or is it ‘mati pala’? what does it mean anyway). a source told me that and also that they were ordered not to report what he exclaimed (mati pahala) in the press.

    trinaranong and llheng
    about the pictures of the two bodyguard poicemen, well, i have their pictures… showing only thier side profiles. these pictures were published (think by malaysiakini) long time ago when the trial first started. i still have the picture in my blog post, complete with a chart. i had copied just the pictures of these 2 cops and will post it up in my blog.

  40. rlau says:

    You look at Razak Baginda face during the press conference. He does not look innocent and moreover he read from a prepared note. If he is innocent he don’t have to look at his lawyer before speaking. When you’re innocent you speak with confidence as you have nothing to cover or hide, and that’s the different between an innocent and a guilty person.
    Now the question is who ordered the killing if Razak Baginda is innocent. Right, no bodby want to kill somebody for no reason.

  41. Sun says:

    Ahha now we know ruzaimiramza deleted the immigration records.

  42. Kopi Anan says:

    Political Analysts are among the last group of professionals we should trust their words and made worst when surrounded by lawyers and politicians.

    Medical doctors are probably high up the rung, it is just that they doctors always like to hide the dangers and worry for their patients.

    And when you add to their profile , their education, family, religion, cultures, political analysts are among the people you must avoid.

    Never never never trust them when they are involved in conspiracy, murder and money matters .

  43. Sun says:

    I get many nigerian scams in my email. Not very different from Razak Baginda`s long nose.

  44. Antares says:

    Anywhere else except Bodohland & Zimbabwe, a scandal of this magnitude would have brought down the entire government. Even without his clear complicity – if not in the abduction & killing of Altantuya – at least in the massive cover-up of this hideously heinous crime, Najib Razak was already bad news for the country. An insipid, uninventive, completely orthodox feudalist with minus-zero empathy towards the rakyat & hardly any charisma to speak of, Mr Pink Lips would have made a totally uninspiring leader, fit only to maintain the corrupt & morally bankrupt status quo. And that is precisely what Malaysia does NOT need at this juncture!

  45. ericind says:

    ruzaimiramza,looks like u r one of the idiots like our GP,JUDGES,AG,tell me,who the hell in this world can C4ed a lady w\o some power hands behind.

  46. ericind says:

    How to accept it when altantuya was razak’s mistress.

  47. amoker says:

    Wonder why JAKIM is not acting on Razak Baginda. No wonder he fly so fast to UK to chabut. Adultarer who admitted. Aisay, when one is immune .. nothing will stick.

  48. Justice for ALTANTUYA says:

    What a dirty cover up …..only in bolehland.
    The Murderers go free and the the cover up cops -why hide the faces of the two cops ? Will they be swap for two illegal immigrants and shipped away to a free life eslewhere… really stinks….


    Only in our own God can we truly trust
    When we see all around us is merely rust
    When it’s time for any case to go bust
    We’ll get to really see what’s inside the crust

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 251108
    Tue. 25th Nov. 2008.

  50. two-face says:


    You want to know another truth? I just got to know that Anwar actually doesn’t like the smell of arsehole.

  51. Batu Ferringhi says:

    This reminds me of a title of an album released by a local singer Hattan about a decade back with the title track… “Satu Malaya pun sudah tahu….”

  52. wits0 says:

    Kittykat46, “Character of the speaker (reliability – a competence factor) – Nuts.
    The court may have acquitted him, but he d*n well is involved in this tragedy one way or another.”

    A minor correction. tt’s not a “tragedy”. It’s something more insidiously intentional and we know what it is called and what its implication means to a society.

  53. maie says:

    if this case not resolved amicably according to the rule of law,all malaysian will be headed by someone who”s having tainted personality and linked with murderer of a mother of,we don’t hope a country with blessing from almighty.

  54. Anon says:

    Whenever one of my kids farts in the car, all of them will say ” not me!”

  55. storm62 says:

    i just know?

    just put in thru a “Lie Detector Test” and see the out come.

    i just know…no need, no need…it’s private…all is not lost.

  56. lucia says:

    sorry. was testing out the comments as earlier i made comments twice but it never came out.

    i don’t know if any of you remember – there was another outburst from razak too. not sure if it was around the same time as kim quek pointed out where razak’s father whispered to him. he cried out “mati pahala” (or was it “mati pala” – what does it mean?). my source, who was present at the court-room heard it and said that the press were ordered not to print this outburst of his!

    to trinaranong and llheng
    i have the pictures of the 2 bodyguard police, showing thier side profiles. it was up in my blog long ago at the time when the trial just began. it was a picture of these two with a chart from the new straits times. i will put up their pictures in my blog later.

  57. Albert Bala says:

    God’s justice will prevail to the ends of the earth no matter where you run. It can pursue you even in your afterlife.

    It could be sooner than we think and that is GOD’S POWER. Them NO ONE can stand in the way of the LORD. It will be HIS JUDGMENT and NOT ours.

  58. Pegasus says:

    We all know what RB said was a load of bullshit in the PC. Hopefully the truth will come out in the open during RPK court case , in the meantime we could only wish the 2 scapegoats speaks out what actually transpired as true muslim and not twist the story further.
    Agreed with TrinaRanong views, maybe 2 other guys will take their place in return for big load of cash as so far we have not seen their face. Why the double standard? They are the suspects now and their face should be not cover up andmust be open for the public to see , the police should not give special treatment to their colleagues. Hope something comes up in the open soon, the more these idiots tries to hide the truth, the more eventually will be expose soon and hopefully Najis and big mama is brought to the stand to explain all. God Bless All and this Nation!!! Cheers!!

  59. Ken says:

    The real murderer will not get away.
    Let’s pray the truth will prevail and the murderer shall be punished.

  60. tshock says:

    it is only all those god fearing people who knows how to repent and GOD will surely forgive a true repentant. so rb and whoever, the other murderer/s are it is still not too late to repent. forget about material needs, positions etc etc.. this way you will defnitely find peace with yourself and you can face your GOD on judgement day.

  61. machitam says:

    arb was a close associate to najib. he received “duit pengeras” from najib.
    how do i know….i just know!

    najib and arb knew altantuya. all three were together at a point in time…i just know….

    arb had already “count” on najib for his acquittal…..i just know….

    arb, bala and saifool were all “bought” by najib…i just know…

  62. Cloud says:

    When ARB was asked HOW HE KNEW that Najib had never met Altantuya, he was stunned and replied “I know, I know.” This is a classic logical fallacy that ALL of us are susceptible to. It is like trying to ask another person to prove that “there is no black cat”. I can’t use “black bitches” otherwise I will have to face another firestorm of hatefulnes in my real life 8-)…..was trying to prove that context gave meaning but the meaning was lost to the malicious minded.

    In order to prove that there is NO BLACK CAT the person would have to produce every cat there is in the world and show that it is not black. Even if 10000 cats were produced how do we really know that 10,000 was all the cats that existed in the world.

    That’s the nature of rumour. If I was a victim of malicious rumour mongering – either by design by some very sick mind or just the very nature of the people who started it, it is impossible for me to prove that I am NOT a SOB. And over the years when the rumour take on a life of its own the rumour solidify and become truth in our mind. This is why dirty trick department of even legitimate governments use it. False flag operations are often used to achieve such result.

    This truth then become the contextual framework for us to judge everything else about the person. Is that the truth ?

    For wisdom to arise from within our consciousness there must be space in our heart and mind. Stepping back from our contextrual framework allows us to live and breath a little easier.

    Just a bit of philosophical rambling from a person who lives with 3 bitches – I really do. I have 3 abandoned bitches that I am now rearing as my own 8-).

  63. lucia says:

    i don’t know if any of you remember – there was another outburst from razak too. not sure if it was around the same time as kim quek pointed out where razak’s father whispered to him. he cried out “mati pahala” (or was it “mati pala” – what does it mean?). my source, who was present at the court-room heard it and said that the press were ordered not to print this outburst of his!

    to trinaranong and llheng
    i have the pictures of the 2 bodyguard police, showing thier side profiles. it was up in my blog long ago at the time when the trial just began. it was a picture of these two with a chart from the new straits times. i will put up their pictures in my blog later.

  64. lucia says:

    see my blog for the pictures of the two policemen.

  65. fukonima says:

    Don’t you think the Bolehlanders are very helpless?

    Wherelse on earth can you find a country where a murderer (directly or indirectly) cum sodo… is getting full support from a party, where he will become the future president cum PeeAme?

    Just couldn’t understand what kind of party is this?

    So who could we blame? Sleepy pak lah and his arrogant son-in-law? Mamak Kutty and his powerful and evil power brokers?

    Can’t imagine., really.

  66. Anti-BN says:

    ” … most of you guys have made up your mind, so whatever information that is against your stand will be filtered out … ” ruzaimiramza

    UMNOultra this fella. Bright fella actually but brainwashed beyond redemption.

  67. wits0 says:

    Cloud, I think you exaggerate the situation in quoting ‘logical fallacy’.

    I think all that Bag was expected to say was something like, “To the best of my knowledge, knowing him well and working for him…blah, blah.’ (He’s reported as an aide, no in the foreign Press, no?)

    Instead he decided to say something like he’s an absolute authority through, “knowing!” And he, Bag, is supposed to be brilliant enough to be an analyst, a strategist. Clearly he overdid it in his assertion and absoluteness in “knowing”. That’s not a naturally honest statement as a reply.

  68. RB,
    What goes round comes round and in case ,just in case you don’t get it
    or pretend you don’t , just remember for every action there is an opposite reaction !
    Because of you and your life saving friend I am leaving Islam- it is a crying shame to be a believer of it !!

  69. Oh!Shit! says:

    If the real mastermind behind Altantuya’s murder can c4ed her, he/she can also have PI Bala and ARB c4ed. So, might as well take the $$$, take the whole family and cabut from Bolehland …

  70. ventura says:

    Again Altantuya case, Najib, Mansor and Baginda Razak. As we have scrutinize from all various source and attention. The data’s and proven documentation and presentation have not been consistence to the very presentation of the approach to the fair and jurisdiction trial on Malaysia.

    This is a MOCKERY and SHAME US the Malaysia community the good people of multi-racial community. It is just to shows to the world that the government has been corrupted in it ways in dealing the corruption and fair justice on the higher elite end. The summary to such as long and wailing conclusion has not been pin down, but has been jolted with blatant of bolt and lightning to confuse and deceive and ultimately; TAKE THE WORD; soon be forgotten and people will forget and move on with life.

    Unless the pressure is immerse with constant attention and pursuing in this injustice the “Altantuya case” will goes by slowly diverting to a closet. In the end the case is postponed, the guilty one has enjoyed life and wealth till old age. So if proven guilty on the old age what the jurisdiction of Malaysia can do? So that where the court compassion and sympathetic come it to rescue the “old age”. To fight for the “old age” truth? Ha…Ha-ha..!

    Just like a strategy of government WASTING 13 YEARS of Dr Irene Fernandez in the gallows full of fear and discomfort without justice and human right? This is what the truth to ignite justice for Altantuya, it will cause, “time, weary, money, age, persistency, tiresome, frustration, anger, bondage and stronghold of revenge”.

    Will this issue be CONTINUOUS or just a mere PUBLICITY?

    We rest our case……..!

  71. Lorenzo says:

    Why r u posting the same damn thing so many times?
    R u trying to advertise something? U have made a point!
    Don’t have to do it so many times!

  72. lucia says:

    lorenzo & laughingloud

    i only posted once and see nothing so posted again and still see nothing.. susan said my comments was stuck in spam, then when she released them, she should released only one. it is not my fault, so many of my comments came out here. susan can delete all of them, for all i care. so please don’t shoot me (even if you want to, can’t you do it in a nice way). of course everyone wants to advertise their blogs, i admit, what’s so wrong with that??… but as i said for this case, i only posted ONCE.

    *sigh* it takes all kind!

  73. Douglas Moore says:

    WASHINGTON, Nov 26 – A Malaysian doctor is among four people imposed financial sanctions by the Bush administration for being Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe “cronies” whose support allegedly allowed Mugabe to undermine democracy.

    Dr Mahmood Awang Kechik, a Malaysian urologist, was described as one of Mugabe’s physicians and business advisers who dealt secretly with the Defence Forces commander, General Constantine Chiwenga; Zimbabwe’s Central Bank governor, Gideon Gono; and others to illegally enrich them and Mugabe’s government.

    Can one just wonder whether the said doctor has any links with Dr. Mahathir Mohamad or any of his agents and children?

    I only asked coz Mahathir once offer sanctuary or political asylum to Mugabe if he faces possibilities of any criminal charges.

    Who in the world would be evil enough to ally with Robert Mugabe?

    Answer : Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

    Douglas Duncan Moore

  74. Payback Time says:

    Susan.. there should be no doubt that RB was the cause of her death. He could not have ordered it but certainly knew who did that case the truth shall not prevail

  75. rider says:

    ruzaimiramza could be one of those pro-gomen gomen planted commentors, he/she and the culprit must know that hell is not somewhere in the afterworld, the culprit will have to answer God in this life itself. RB does have a family right, God will teach that family what is the wage of sin in this lifetime itself. They might hide their pains to the world but the curse of Altantuya will not go to naught!

  76. pj voter says:

    Altantuya came to Malaysia to meet Baginda but ended up sadly in Klang. Sigh! What a tragedy!

    To see the right and not to do it is cowardice.

    Wow!Looking at this outgoing Mr. Kua Kia Soong of New Era College, Kajang aka pj traitor is having a Bolehland tour trying to market his philosophy to the Chinese societies in Bolehland to savage his job so that he could carry out his evil machinations in New Era.

    To see and listen to the wicked is already the beginning of wickedness

    And what is his theme? Sos New Era.

    This is the greatest joke in the world. This pj voter was elected as a dap PJ Member of Parliament in 1990 not because he was good but because it’s an opposition bastion. If you put any Tom, Dick and Harry as a candidate, anybody would win the PJ constituency.

    Once elected, this pj traitor was only keen in his party’s internal power grabbing (dap culture) and didn’t do his job properly and only keen in playing the pj voters’ backsides.

    Once this pj traitor has had enough of playing the pj voters’ backsides, then came the 1995 nomination day, he sold the pj voters’ backsides to the MCA dogs by wittingly filling his nomination form wrongly.

    The MCA dogs sure had been in their pleasure sodomizing the pj voters’ backsides to the hilt for 13 years- all at the courtesy of this pj traitor. This pj traitor is just a soul-less traitor in carrying out such an evil deal with his opponent, forsaking the pj voters’ who had high hope in him for fighting the aspirations of the pj voters.

    Since then, the pj voters haven’t seen a shadow of this pj traitor stepped foot on pj soil.

    It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love. This is how the whole scheme of things works. All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get.

  77. pj voter says:

    Once the MCA dogs took reign of the PJ constituency, the MCA dogs showed no mercy to the pj voters by sodomizing the pj voters relentlessly.

    The MCA dogs closed down the Damansara Primary school and the school children have no choice but to study in a hauling container in a small compound in a temple opposite the school.

    The pj voters then started the SOS Damansara Primary school and have the unanimous support from all the Chinese all over in Bolehland and donating generously for the running of the school.

    And how on earth this dishonorable pj traitor could land a job quietly in the New Era College is beyond one’s comprehension.

    This pj traitor’s lackadaisical attitude in running the college would never achieve a honorable mission to inspire and equip the college to lead with purpose and excellence while building an environment filled with compassion, caring and the attitude to learn in the college.

    I will not be concerned at other men’s not knowing me;I will be concerned at my own want of ability.

    As such, even this pj traitor couldn’t run a college efficiently but only in carrying out his evil scheme in New Era. The New Era College failed in its attempt to raise its level to University status, no thanks to this zzzzz pj traitor. Yes! He wants to hijack the college from DJZ and has a total control of the college.

    Now this pj traitor’s service was not continued and was asked to leave the college. This pj traitor has the cheek to duplicate the slogan of SOS Damansara to New Era College. This pj traitor is just such a dishonorable traitor and is an outright disgust.

    The SOS Damansara was shut down due to him for selling the pj backsides to the MCA dogs and now this pj traitor has the cheek in mimicking such movement for his own selfish agenda?

    This is more like SOS pj traitor! This is an outrageous event of the century.

    To see the right and not to do it is cowardice.

  78. pj voter says:

    Where was he when the SOS Damansara school was celebrating being the last year at the temple early this month? This pj traitor has no guts to face the pj voters again. Only his collaborators were seen there but they were not welcomed to the SOS school.

    So this pj traitor is going across Bolehland trying to dupe the Chinese societies to give him the support using the copied theme SOS New Era. Would the Chinese lend him support?

    He who speaks without modesty will find it difficult to make his words good.

    In the first place, New Era College was not shut down like SOS Damansara by the corrupt government. New Era wants to boot this pj traitor out so that a new honorable principal could lead the college for a better future.

    This pj traitor is no descendant of the Dragon. Do we want to listen to the lies of a dishonorable pj traitor? Are the Chinese in Bolahland aka descendants of the Dragon gullible and easily duped by this avaricious pj traitor?

    The Dong Jiao Zong has gone through countless Tsunami impacts and still solid in one piece and united as one.

    No way a little, dishonorable and soul-less traitor who doesn’t practice the culture of law and the culture of honor could shake the solid foundations of DJZ.

    If you look into your own heart, and you find nothing wrong there, what is there to worry about? What is there to fear?

  79. lhheng says:

    Thanks Lucia, please do it soon.
    Perhaps you may get Susan to post it also on her blog.
    From there I believe the rakyat will do the rest.
    Thanks again.

  80. lhheng says:

    One more thing Lucia. Appreciate if u can give me your website.

  81. whispering9 says:


    Methinks, anons like sofaset and laughing burung are the new infantile cybertroopers out to demoralize or humiliate bloggers/commentators. Their modus operandi are the same….just find mistakes and post the most nuking comment. Just ignore them. Then they won’t get paid!

  82. Wizard says:

    Albert Bala says,
    God’s justice will prevail to the ends of the earth no matter where you run. It can pursue you even in your afterlife.

    You people believe in the lord but these people believe in their very own god so there’s no way you could guarantee that your lord can get to punish them.
    People are very fond of using god to “curse” someone.
    We have no right whatsoever to speak on behalf of god.
    Just leave god out!

  83. Norine says:

    I know why Baginda has to deny everything in order to protect the life of his only daughter or wife or family members. If he tells the truth, not only his life is in danger but his family members. So one would rather be a coward and tell lies to prevent another c4 considering on what happening to altantuya. His whole life is under threat and at the same time living in guilt.

    So in a way, it is kinda life sentence to him.

  84. bamboo river says:

    Dear Lucia,
    Thank you for trying your best to highlight a very important matter. Appreciate your initiative to show the photo of the two cops in your blog.
    I admit since day one of the court case , I had yet to see the actual face of the two cops.
    Do not fret about the multi comments. I have no complains on that.Keep it up for Altantuya!

    PS; I noticed Susan did mentioned in your blog on her OSS system. (Overworked Spam Software.) 🙂

  85. lucia says:

    you can go to my website by clicking on my name here.

    thanks to those who advise me against the cybertroopers and encourage me (eg whispering9, bamboo river).

    yes bamboo river, something’s wrong with susan’s OSS that’s why my comments appear multiple.

    hey, susan also said she had seen these 2 policemen before and she could do a drawing of them.

  86. RIZ says:

    A coward has his own, several but a reason to deny and would continue to do so and lie about the truth. He has to protect his own daughter’s life and his family members. Telling the truth would only putting their life in danger. Judging from the murder case of altantuya, one would know that certain VVIP was/were involved in this case. Hence the coward has to choose between his family or the truth. Not doubt the truth would bring justice for altantuya. But since she was dead, and nothing couldn’t bring her back. So the best he could do now is prevent another killing or harm on his only daughter or family members from those devils, therefore he has to continue lie till his last breathe and living a life with guilt; secretly carrying a life sentence with nightmares and guilt, which is very torturing.

  87. wits0 says:

    Norine, it’s disingenuous to paint Bag as a pure victim and keep bringing in his family concern to boost that tenuous picture.

  88. bamboo river says:

    “So in a way, it is kinda life sentence to him.” – Norine

    Norine , I think in a way, what’s fair for Altantuya’s children?
    So, he has to lie to protect his family. Don’t you think by telling the truth it WILL do JUSTICE to TWO families ?

  89. storm62 says:

    norine, what if the deceased is your immediate family, would you say the same?

  90. wits0 says:

    Beyond the concern of two families is the wider concern of the country, its society and its moral and ethical soul that is linked with the rest of humanity taken to be civilized and ruled by the fundamentally law of justice.

    Is there any reason to impute, no matter how vaguely, that justice shall be any respecter of persons and likewise, pathos?

  91. tourman53 says:

    storm62 ,

    Sometimes people has got to be selfish.

  92. Anonymous says:

    Informed sources in Putrajaya told me that the great Pretender to the throne, Najib Tun Razak, accompanied by aspiring ‘First Lady’ Rosmah, are heading for a grand trip abroad the government’s VIP Jet to the APEC meeting in Peru on 22-23 November.

    After the two-day meeting they will proceed for a week-long taxpayer-paid holiday in Washington DC , from 24 to 29 November to take advantage of the Thanksgiving holidays.

    This, as everyone knows, is the peak holiday shopping period in the US !
    The couple will therefore be making a great contribution to the recession-plagued US economy.

    It is also possible that Rosmah may skip Peru altogether and go straight to Washington while Najib travels to Peru . Sources close to the Rosmah say that she has researched Peru and discovered that there is little by way of shopping as there no big malls — and hence the preference for Washington and its well-known malls and outlets.

    It will be all play and no work for the Finance Minister while he is in Washington , as no meetings or exchanges have been scheduled.

    Most interesting is that while almost all governments are seeking opportunities to interact with the incoming Obama Administration, Bolehland chooses to ignore the new Government of the most important country.

    It is also interesting that neither the Finance Minister nor the sidekick Second Minister attended recent IMF and World Bank Meetings.

    It seems that these dudes have no time to engage themselves in serious consultations at a time when the Malaysian economy is in deep trouble.
    The Treasury’s website reports that the MOF Secretary General Tan Sri Dr Wan Abdul Aziz represented Malaysia at this important meeting to discuss the global economic crisis. In contrast, the IMF/World Bank meetings were attended by almost all finance ministers of the world. It also seems that Putrajaya has not concerned itself with coordinating economic policy measures with other nations.

    The weeklong stay in Washington for Najib, Rosmah, the aircrew and the entourage would probably cost taxpayers more than a million ringgit if we calculate the cost of hotel rooms, cars and food.

    Even if the trip requires a stopover, should it be for more than a week when there is a severe economic crisis unfolding in our country for which our citizens have been told to brace themselves?

    Should the rakyat be spending millions of ringgit for Najib’s and Rosmah’s holidays while the country faces an uncertain future?

    It is time that the engagements of our leaders, in particular their overseas travel, be posted on their website so that the rakyat can know how their money is being spent. We hope that Najib would do this as a new trend under his leadership to prove that the leadership is indeed “prihatin” about the rakyat.

    Other khabar …… Ghazali Sheikh is rumoured to be heading for Washington on a private visit in pursuit of his shameless lobbying for the post of Malaysian Ambassador. Question is, will the lame duck Bush Administration agree to accept him or will the Obama Government want a tainted envoy?

    Stay tuned !!

    Deep Throat in Putrajaya

  93. ericind says:

    Hopeless Malaysians,sigh……..

  94. Norine says:

    It is a very complicated issue. Sometimes when cases like that, one could be very selfish and have to be selfish when one has to choose either this or that. As I said, baginda is a wise man, I am sure he has done a lot of thinking while he was in jail. Of course we all want justice for altantuya and her children. We can’t expect baginda to do the same too when he has to consider his daugther’s life especially NOT unless he is a bachelor. When it is the matter of life and death, one would tend to be very selfish. After he is only a human not saint.

    Certainly we all want justice for altantuya and her children. What we could do now is pray that Altantuya’s family and her govt could fight justice for her in Int’l Court.

  95. Sun says:

    “As I said, baginda is a wise man…” – Norine

    More wise men in Tanjung Rambutan & Tampoi.

  96. wits0 says:

    Norine: “..he is only a human not saint.”

    He is responsible for his actions and choices and how they affect others. Afterwards, making allusion to family to justify selfishness is ever so common in the devious scheme of things. Since he was already a married man when the whole s**t affair commenced, he should have thought of their likely consequences. He didn’t, being so cocksure smug and top of the world.

    If he’s wise, I’ll be the next Buddha!

  97. Norine says:

    Trust me, when it comes to hiding their extramarital affair , every man is a CIA agent. Can you imagine a world without men? No crime and lots of happy fat women.

  98. Joe says:

    Najib – Altantunya Scandal : Did it happened?

    2 photos of Najib Abdul Razak having dinner with murdered-by-elite-police-force Altantuya Shariibuu, a mongolian beauty, and someone called Abdul Razak Baginda. One photo looked so real! Thanks for the contribution from youtube members. These photos freely available throughout the internet. So don’t blame me for circulating it.

  99. JEFFRY BONG says:


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