There is still hope left for good ol’ Malaysia with thoughts and people like this!
Source: The Nut Graph. Thanks to Shanon Shah.

“If anyone deserves to be called the ‘tuan’ of this land, it’s the Orang Asli.” Nur Farina Noor Hashim, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Puteri bureau head.

“I love Malays and I love Malaysia,” says Gerakan central committee member Dr Asharuddin Ahmad. “But this country cannot survive without non-Malays. We are all Malaysians. The future of Malaysia lies with multiracial parties”.

Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) national chairperson Dr Nasir Hashim says “We made a mistake, even after Merdeka, when we were emerging as a nation. We should have talked about helping the poor among all races and not just zero in on one race”.

Parti Rakyat Malaysia (PRM) president Hassan Karim: “The NEP (New Economic Policy), being capitalist and race-based, only benefited a minority of Malays. What about analysing it from a class perspective? Not all Chinese are rich either, you know. There cannot be ketuanan Melayu or ketuanan bukan Melayu. There must be justice for all.”

“Name me one Malay who is a pure Malay. There is virtually none — all Malays are mixed-blood to some degree.”

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  1. Rainstorm says:

    Well said !

  2. eeyaw says:

    Should call them Tulan!

  3. Batu Ferringhi says:

    Yup… there is still hope left for a better Malaysia. It will take time but sooner or later, all Malaysians will realize we all share a common destiny. We can only hope that the many who are still under the spell of 50 years of brainwashing by the UMNO-led BN government propaganda machine wake up and realize that we are Malaysians first….

  4. LHHeng says:

    Very well said by these very few understanding and moderate malays. Only we have more malays think like them, Malaysia will be the most properous, riches and technically advanced country in this region long ago. Alas! with the past and present bunch of racialistic, arrogant , greedy and stupid mentality running the country, instead of progressing etc…the country has been lacked behind in almost anything. As a matter of fact we have gone backwards. Just look at the current stupid decision by our so-called holier than thou group on the Yoga issue. Even the muslims from Indonesia have criticise it. What a bunch of bums we have also running the religious issues in our Bolehland.

  5. and tdm and his goons would call them “pengkhianat”….

    how come this ppl be so stupid and deluded to denounce their ketuanan ???

  6. bodoh punya orang, if these wealthies and hybrids want to denounce, so be it. please be considerate to less fortunate and poor bumi in kampung places…..

  7. pj voter says:

    Kudos to sloone for championing a Malaysian Malaysia.

    What we want is an egalitarian Malaysia for all Malaysians. This is our ultimate goal.

    Aiya! This is all in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights! We are just fighting to restore this Universal Rights. There is nothing to be excited about pertaining this struggle of equality for everyone in Bolehland !

    Yes! sloone, please take charge on this issue. The rakyat (26 milllions of us) will give you unfettered support indefinitely until our goal is attained.

    When I see a star twinkling high in the star in a beautiful and calm night, I see that star is literally you. (No bodeking dear, you deserve the praise).


  8. Botak says:

    Support TDM’s view on the need to root out money corruption in UMNO. Only then the Malays will not ended up as second class citizens like those in Singapore.

  9. “Malaysian Malaysia” was a demonized phrase widely used by lky in sejarah pmr/spm textbook. that’s what i remembered in secondary….

  10. this liberals, please don smash other “ketuanan” rice bowls. you don wan the privilege is their problem, but smash others oso lar. these days cari makan memang susah-lah.

  11. apapunboleh says:

    These are the people who really made sense unlike those UMNO retards.

  12. Douglas Moore says:

    For us Americans to bow or kneel to any Kings in the olden days of China and Malaysia is an insult to Human Rights that everyone is equal before the law.

  13. joenathan says:

    Those who crave for an egalitarian Malaysia,must bear in mind that,only by criticizing the corrupt govt alone is not sufficient.The private sector too should have a moral responsibilty towards this end.Of course the bigger part of the moral responsibilty lies with the govt,as they were elected by the people but the importance of the public sector in treating its employees in a just and fair manner cannot be emphasised more.The public sector should stop advertising for employees from a particular ethnic group or with a particular langguage command.This practise is as bad as the govt’s inequal treatment of its ethnic minority.This attitude by the private sector could very well be one of the many factors why the govt is not practising equality and instils fear in the majorit thus punishing many capable and bright non-malays.Having said that the malays too should arm themselves with sufficient knowledge and exhibit a willingness to work hard and shed the `tidak apa attitude’.It has to be a win-win situation for all as I always said ,there is no short cut for success,as such ambitions will not last long esp in the present borderless and competitive world.So the formula for an egalitarian society is team work by one and all.We can all sit at the comfort of our home and keep ranting about bangsa malaysia till kingdom comes but if we are not sincere and remove the distrust amongst the various races then an egalitarian Malaysia will remain nothing more than a mere wishful thinking.

  14. whispering9 says:

    ‘…sejarah pmr/spm textbook. that’s what i remembered in secondary….’ And here lies our problem. Malaysia sejarah pmr/spm is one of the most maligned text I have read. Btw, I love histories. Have you read any other history text just to check the accuracy? You must…before you give a citation or reference.

  15. choong says:

    Very illuminating – Genography

    “Where do you really come from? And how did you get to where you live today? DNA studies suggest that all humans today descend from a group of African ancestors who—about 60,000 years ago—began a remarkable journey.

    The Genographic Project is seeking to chart new knowledge about the migratory history of the human species by using sophisticated laboratory and computer analysis of DNA contributed by hundreds of thousands of people from around the world. In this unprecedented and real-time research effort, the Genographic Project is closing the gaps of what science knows today about humankind’s ancient migration stories.”

    I would encourage everyone to visit this National Geographic website and have a lesson on Genography. You will then have a much clearer picture of who we are,really… bro.

  16. “Have you read any other history text ”

    sejarah malaysia said lky is very “devilish” for memainkan “malaysian malaysia” that created vulnerable race tension and tunku was hailed to kick him out…..

  17. Anonymous says:

    Just to caution everyone not to 100% believe what you see on the internet.

  18. Hot dude says:

    Just to caution everyone not to 100% believe what you see on the internet.

  19. Sabahan says:

    If the Malays claimed tha they are tuans. We have to tell them that we are the real tuans of the countries. We are more tuan than them. So where is it going to lead us. Nowhere…. Yes nowhere. We need the chinese, the malays, the indians, the ibans, the kadazans, the dusuns………etc etc to be called Malaysia otherwise the whole concept of Malaysia is lost. We might as well all go back from where we originated and call ourselves in term of race. But the fact is that we are all not that pure anymore. Not many malays are pure, not many chinese are real chinese, and not many dusuns are really naitves…….really to sum it all we are really all MALAYSIANS

  20. veryupset says:

    Malays are not the only tuans..! We have Chinese, Indians, Eurasians, etc. etc…..
    They are also tuans…!
    Can’t you all see…? It’s the politicians who are creating all these nonsenses. If they shut up & not made any of these STUPID comments we won’t be commenting either.

    They started these jokes…………….. That got the whole world laughing at us…!

    I just got 1 thing to say….

    We ARE Malaysians….!


  21. jiranpp says:

    there is no such race as chinese,japanese,koreans,taiwanese,vietnamese
    these are all dissendents of MONGOLIANS.MONGOLIA A LAND BEFORE TIMES.nice and please to read this piece of comments.these are real MALAYSIANS.

  22. HidupRakyat says:

    Totally agree.Coming from Malays Intellectuals these Speakers are the Real Malaysians who will not judge you on your Race or Religion.
    Umno policy promotes Racism,Division & Corruption.Only a handful of umnoputras benefit from the racist apatheid Umno sponsored ‘ketuanan melayu’ policy that discriminate against non-muslim malays in jobs & opportunities.
    The REAL TUANS are the ORANG ASLI ! History cannot be tempered or erase as all Malays are somehow immigrants from indonesia & yunnan.

  23. pj voter says:

    You can take the Umnoputras out from the kampong, but you can’t take the kampong out from the Umnoputras.

    These Umnoputras should stay back in kampongs tanam kankong!

    Then we don’t have this problem.

    Saperti rusa datang dari hutan ke kampong.

    Ambooi! Umnoputras! Tengok apa dah jadi untok kita? Hari hari gadoh dan lawan!

  24. wits0 says:

    Speaking of nation building while clinging to fascist ketuanan like the alpha and omega of truth is like eating nasi lemak sitting on the toilet bowl.

    Imagine MahaKutty jailing people for stating the obvious in Ops Lalang in ’87 over what is now no secret and never apologizing for that till this day. Can we understand how perverse is the given situation in the country?

    Cock talkers wanna rule forever.

  25. jkoena says:

    Those umno malays are consumed by racism, lust & greed, they think they are a master race just like the nazis, so deserved to be called tuans, therefore can bully other races. Anyway, history will repeat itself, cant wait for umno malays to be wiped out kau kau like the nazis!
    A reminder – this country is built on the back bone of the other two races, Chinese (commercial & tin) & Indians (railway & rubber). These two races are the real tuans of this country.

  26. rais says:

    Why are you people so much so hated the Malays..The Malays are the one that gave you all scoundrel out there to live happily and make fortune that you are stingy to share off…no country such as Malaysia that Malay are pioneer that gave you all the wealth…if you say that the chinese and indian are the real tuan..bullshit..may God perished who are not grateful to other..

  27. joenathan says:

    I try to write in malay,but forgive me if I am not perfect.Semua masalah ini terjadi oleh kerana konsep ketuanan melayu.Konsep ini memang salah dan tak adil,sebab kalau you tengok,kalau orang2 bukan melayu tade di Malaysia,memang Malaysia hari ini tak kan ujud.Baru2 ini you ta dengar ker apa nama,Mahathir kata kat satu perjumpaan bersama mahasiswa dan mahasiswi di mana beliau berhujah kepada pelajar2 melayu itu,`kamu semua yang masuk universiti melalui matrikulasi ingat yang kamu semua sama ngan pelajar2 bukan bumi yang masuk melalui STPM tu sama std,salah,jangan menipu diri sendiri’.Beliau juga ada bertanya`jikalau orang2 cina meninggalkan Malaysia hari ini,boleh kamu semua sebagai orang melayu,mengambil alih perniagaan mereka dan berjaya sebagai mereka?Saudara Rais,pikir kan,ini Dr Mahathir yang kata,bukan saya.All the best,my friend.Lets treat every one equally as anak bangsa Malaysia and dont bully non-malays,please as we non-malays also love the country where we were born.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous said…

    Rich or Poor does not matter we can all work hard to survive but injustices and oppressions are some things most intolerable and that will create deep hatred, the more fear and hatred UMNO SI BOTAK is trying to create, the harder the resistance forces will be going against him and the whole of UMNO, come next general election, nobody except the uninformed will vote for BN who represented UMNO and their plundering, oppressive, fear tactics and cheating policies against the peace loving Rakyats of Malaysia.


    WHY Razak Baginda, the fall guy, with no further obstacles or hindrances in sight for Najis C4 in his ascending to the Top Power, has now been released??? Well he was released so that he can say some good words for Narjis C4 but then if he is sentenced to death he would then wash all the DIRTY linens in court or in public and then nothing but the whole truth would then be revealed. Now two other Police fall guys has been charged for the Murder but there seem to be no valid motives for them to do so except that they were carrying out orders from their boss none other than C4 Najis or immediate family. The real murderers whose identities are obvious but are still at large, with RPK detained under ISA but just released and PI Balasundram exiled overseas there are no other major obstacles and hindrances to C4 Najis’ ascendancy to the pinnacle of his power come March 2009. This is only obvious that UMNO has now the final say in justice with their man Zaki as the Chief Justice. This is the obvious Justice of Malaysia, the laughing stock of the whole world, Malaysia should be boycotted by the world communities for their greatest injustices towards human rights and common normal justices. THIS IS MALAYSIA UMNO’S MALAY SUPREMACY AT ALL COSTS BUT GOING DOWN THE SEWERS WITH NAJIS C4, THE NEW PRIME MINISTER IN WAITING AFTER THE 51ST YEAR OF INDEPENDENCE.

  29. kayunan says:

    to rais > you talk cock,wake up open your eyes what do u see ? From A to Z morons of 21st century ,laughing stock of the world,malaysia bola bolih (tanya Mokthar Dahari )

  30. Anonymous says:

    Apartheid has to go! YES we can!

  31. why gado-gado, we’re all africans –

    this dr asha ain’t right, if he don wan the ketuanan, plz don smash other ppl rice bowl (famous aab quote). ask yourself if you allow indon to vote, buy house, snatch yr job and study your univ. kita sama-sama homo sapien and african, rite ?

  32. bgees says:

    Ketuanan Melayu , is only for those who are lazy and looking for hand outs. Dont they realised the tax money from those who slog are the one they steal and feed for their wife ,children and them self? Dont they realised even, “animals works and look for decent food” as a creation of god? These guy’s are iblis with innocent face. The M’sian race shall not grow until NEP is abolished.


    i wonder if one day cina would exercise such policy, as the the botak father once quoted (wherever I am, I’m melayu). if only cina in cina would be empathy to this mess in malaysia, and cina in malaysia snaps up the offer……

  34. […] Tuan, not all is lost in Malaysia! There is still hope left for good ol’ Malaysia with thoughts and people like this! Source: The Nut Graph. Thanks […] […]

  35. ventura says:

    Very Inspirational the key notion of hope and beautiful of the cause of justice for all. Nevertheless the key word in the revolution of the cause for all mankind has to be establish without that the identity will remain divided and diversion in the cultural, taste and liking.

    Unless we have set our mind in the combination of cultural mix and believe of one race this notion of “Ketuanan” will always arises. Therefore we are not battling against the flesh and blood in our fellow Malaysia but we are battling against the principality and power of the darkness at most high places. “The ONE” that come to steal, rob and kill ultimately to the destruction of the nation itself.

    So to come together as one and many in the similitude we must first relinquish the evil within or “Iblis” in us to sort out the good plan of unity. The principality, concept and typical cultural bondage and not healthy that adverse to the concept of “Bangsa Malaysia” will have to sign out both in term of mind and cultural egoism and supremacy.

    Then alas with much more love, compassionate and tolerant we will able to blend this mix of various ethnicities to a one supreme strong race rise up to the nation and international arena. Which WE ARE PROUD TO called “We are ANAK MALAYSIA”! Breed and born in Malaysia!

    This is what we call the “GOODNESS OF MALAYSIAN”!

  36. Bola Hangus says:

    Theres no tuan of this country. Malays are the guardians of this land and their own rights. The guardians shouldnt allow their rights and land to be exploited and trampled by those driven by greed.

  37. Sun says:

    For starters, I suspect the Council members might know that Shah Rukh Khan is married to a Hindu, Gowri, and she has not converted to Islam. This is against Islam. Now you don’t suppose this would be troubling? Imagine the example he’s setting for other Muslims in Malaysia! And the Council is going to sit by and let him be honoured with a Datukship? This would be all the more shocking if you also consider the other strikes against Shah Rukh. He repeatedly acts in Hindi movies in which his characters have Hindu names. Sure, acting is after all…acting! But imagine the corrupting influence this kind of glorification of his Hindu characters (and even Hinduism) can have on the minds and tendencies of Malaysia’s Muslims. Goodness gracious! He might even inspire impressionable Muslims to convert to Hinduism!

  38. Sun says:

    Malays must be segregated from corrupting non malays.

  39. tilianker says:

    The Federal Constitution is Supreme but we had over the years disregarded the spirit and provisions of the Constitution. Protectionist provisions evolved into acts of Political Extortions. Provisions for quota turned into monopoly. Guess we have to fall back on the meanings , intentions and the spirit of our Supreme Law.Promote Constitutional awareness and education . Cultivate the rule of law, love for the Nation and not the rule of any one Race, or culture of giving Face!

  40. tilianker i like your comment

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