(image and source of story, quotes from Malaysian Insider)

This press conference was simply meant to overturn public opinion about PM-in-Waiting Najib Tun Razak’s alleged involvement in the murder of Altantuya Shariibuu, what else can it be?

Why does Najib need to absolve himself if he were really so so innocent? Why does Rosmah mansor, his wife, need a helping hand from Razak Baginda? After all, najib swore in the name of Allah that he did not know Altantuya.

Such a public relations exercise for Najib Tun Razak.

The more they speak about it, the worst it is for public opinion. Already most people think the trial was not conducted properly, and that the two remaining accused have become nothing but victims, condemned forever to pay for others’ sins.

It’s easy for everyone now to say what they want because Altantuya IS dead.

Everyone can claim they do not know her and did not kill her. Some can claim they had relationships with her. Police can produce whatever evidence, but here, the police too is an interested party, as ‘their people’ were allegedly found connected with the murder.

That she died a natural death. It seems the most probably explanation now. Yeah, right…everyone is innocent. Yeah, maybe Altantuya strapped herself with C4 explosives and blasted herself.

Anything is possible in Malaysia.

So, what do you think of Abdul Razak Baginda’s press conference today?

“I know that Najib and his wife had never met the deceased Altantuya”.

“Those who have slandered the Deputy Prime Minister and Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor can “never produce authentic evidence because there is none.”

Yet, he himself never produced any evidence to show that the two NEVER knew Altantuya. He said “I know”. [As if we are inclined to believe him. Pah!]

“Any have jumped on the bandwagon of skullduggery. The innocents have become the victim while the liars are running supreme.”

Now who are the liars? The newspapers? They got most of the information from the police. They also got some information from the Mongolian consul to Malaysia, the Honorable Datuk!

Abdul Razak reiterated that he was innocent and was in fact “caught in the system, the system puts you in and the system will get you out.”

But the question is who controls the system? This is what we have been asking and asking since the day Altantuya died.

Nobody believes that the two accused simply detonated the bomb in Altantuya’s face for NO reason at all.

For heaven’s sake, she was ‘bundled away’ right in front of Razak Baginda’s gate.

He said the “purported deal” was inked in June 2002 but he had only met the deceased in late 2004. “Everyone is lazy and did not check the facts. I fail to see the connection. These are vicious lies,” he said.

Through experience, we all know, deals can be inked in 2002, but actual work only starts much, much later.

“You talk about it as if it is a coherent consensus. I do not want to pander to so-called public opinion. Can a blogger reflect public opinion? Then I can run you down as well, mate,” he sniped.

Sound very vicious. I don’t blame him. It’s the system.

He also refused to comment on several issues such as why he was implicated in the first place, his relationship with the two accused police officers and why he dropped prominent lawyer Datuk Shafee Abdullah when he was finally charged with abetting the two police officers, saying that a trial is still proceeding and legal ethics had to be adhered to.

He, however, denied that he had met Altantuya at a party as reported in the media and said that a photo of him, Najib and the deceased was doctored.

As for the recently leaked text message exchange between Najib and Shafee which led to claims of abuse of power, he said that by that time he was already in remand and he could not imagine how there could be a suggestion of interference.

“How can there be any intervention if I went through all that? God almighty, come on,” he said.

I felt his press conference really open a few cans of worms, more than it did to close the lid.

But I do wish he has peace of mind in his new found freedom.

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  1. wits0 says:

    They always invoke ‘God’ everytime. That makes them innocent!

    Has he said anything that’s credible so far? Look at how the local toilet papers titled this news and compare with how foreign papers did. The local ones pronounced the matter like holy truths unquestioned.

  2. storm62 says:

    GOD, what has happened to Malaysia?

    GOD, how come there’s so many LIARS in the Malaysian govt.?

    GOD, when can you help those who are murdered?

    GOD, when are you going to punished the LIARS?

    GOD, when are you going to punished those who rob Malaysia?

    i think only GOD can help Malaysia.

  3. Scott Thong says:

    That master of legalese/politicalese actually said: “I did not know that Mongolian woman. This makes people think he means Altantuya, while he never actually names the person. If he ever dies and goes to meet Allah, he can claim the quibble that he didn’t lie, as he never denied knowing Altantuya.

  4. ericind says:

    they treat us blogger like idiots,keep on telling thousands of lies just to cover up a big LIE.

  5. Jed Yoong says:

    Haiyah say all this in COURT-lah.
    The system? So philosophical like Neo in The Matrix.
    Meditate to achieve Nirvana-lah.

  6. Amiruddin Haji Abu says:

    Can anyone else tell me who kill al- Tunya.

    I can tell but I can’t proof.

    You can tell, do you have proof?

    No proof …….. Don’t tell.

    Will ghost of al – Tunya tell ?

    What a tell tale……

  7. ericind says:

    Apa nak jadi kepada negara Malaysia ini,JAHANAM.

  8. John Daniel says:

    Yes I agreed with you, Altantuya bombed herself without entering malaysia through air, at the end of trail nothing to be accused of murdering, the jin will be blames for it.

  9. Ganesan says:

    Razak Baginda is a very lucky man, he has to be grateful for his lifes extention. I would simply pray to god and not got involved in perception game. Razak denied any involvement of Najib and Rosmah in the murder and all this is perception by media. So amwar sodomy is also perception by media. The Mongolian Altunya never set foot in Malaysia as this is afigment of imagination and a perception created to damage najib’s reputation and the existance of P.I.Bala and his S.D.are perceptions and never exist. malaysians are all so stupid that they will buy anything that is dished. A lie repeated thousand times becomes a tryth in Bolehland. This is what their belief.I sincerely hope Razak does not get into politics and since he has been lucky, he should pray to god all the time and go service to the poor and infirm.

  10. Yili says:

    Lets look at tis in a positive way…..If Najib is really the murderer, then rest assure he will never dare to do the same again the next time and concentrate to be a good PM. How abt that?

  11. frankie says:

    I never have sex with her. Sounds kind of familiar.

  12. Harrison says:

    {Abdul Razak reiterated that he was innocent and was in fact “caught in the system, the system puts you in and the system will get you out.”} -ARB


    In the history of criminalities, acquitted murderer like O.J. Simpson and other killers, this is the 1st time I hear an acquitted felon charged for abetting murder, render a pacifist line for the system (he clearly meant his ordeal in police lock-ups and trials, police and Public Prosecutors conducting their duties as necessary). O.J. Simpson accused the police for framing him up during and after the trial.

    I have read Razak Baginda’s interview and and as much as he attempted to lie, the lies he justified for his own innocence and of others is far less inspiring.

    Hey, where’s Ktemoc?

  13. Chinese Malaysian * says:

    Asalamualaikum kepada semua,

    Allah akan menghakimi yang bersalah pada hari Qiamat

    Neraka menunggu mereka yang berdosa.


  14. joe says:

    I hope someone have a youtube of the press conference. Asked by a reporter how does he know the dpm and wife not involved, he pause and think, and then smirk and said’ “i just know” ..

    what kind of answer is that, you be the judge

  15. nuggets says:

    How many malaysians actually believe him? None.

  16. Edwin Ng Say Joo says:

    When Razak Baginda said Altantuya was not involved in the Submarine deal… he spoke the truth.

    The arms manufacturers never need translators. If you meet them at LIMA you will know that all of them, from whichever country, speak perfect English.

    I have told many close friends that the lady was never involved in the arms deal. The French dont need translator !

    But it is very probable that he lied about Najib not knowing Altantuya.

    Proper investigation would definitely uncover where they have met, But I dont think the Prosecution is interested in finding the truth.

    There are reasons why the two ploicemens’ faces are always covered during the trail.

    They will be set free and given new identities .Two convicted criminals will take their places. Probably illegal immigrant Indonesians convicted of arm robbery and facing the dealth penalty. They will be sent to some Malaysian Missions overseas to serve as security personnels for a good period of time before thry come back home.

    Malaysia Boleh !!!

  17. Bola Hangus says:

    i hate it when people use God to extricate themselve from any situation. Not sure why thisguy is quoting MLK, shakepeare, world war 2 etc etc. Seems like hes reading from some script rather than talking from the heart. For sumbody who spent 22 months in prison, he sure as hell dont look worried then or elated to be out. if i were this guy and was innocent, i’d pissed as hell and sue for wrongul imprisonment..

  18. joenathan says:

    Folks what do you all think would happen,if a bunch of flowers were to be given to a bunch of `beruks’? Malaysia a beautiful country representing that bunch of flowers,now guess,who the `beruks ‘are?

  19. ls says:

    I know! I know now! Altantuya was a suicidebomber who strapped C4 onto herself, she was going to bomb Klcc when she took a wrong turn and ended up in Shah Alam due the confusing highways we have built. Then she wandered off and got lost in the hill and in the dark night she felland accidentally operated the detonator and blew herself up.

    Don’t you think this is a POSSIBILTY?!

    Malaysia Boleh!

  20. LeeZ says:

    Hey… SAIFOOL also swears in the NAME OF GOD!!!! So, he MUST be telling the truth then??? Huhh???!!!! LOL!!!!

  21. Maddogjoe says:

    I agree with the loon.

    Altantuya in fact shot herself in the head and then proceeded to strap explosives on her body before blowing herself up.

    The french gave her the bombs since she asked them nicely in french, oui?

    No malaysian was hurt in the process of staging this comedy.

  22. sklee says:

    A mere press conference will not convince anybody.Perhaps, Razak Baginda should be subpoena to testify in court.He knows whether he is guilty or not, but, how can he knows that Altantuya do not know Najib?That’s between Najib and Altantuya.Looks like he wants us to believe that she came all the way to Malaysia to blow herself up.Bala cannot just disappear into thin air.He should also be subpoena to testify.

  23. Syitah says:

    Pendakwaraya sudah tidak membuat rayuan lagi,razak sudah telepas dari hukuman mati dan ini adalah salah satu upacara membalas budi kepada pihak berkenaan.Apa yg mahu di hairankan.Upacara membals budi kena segara di laksanakan nanti dia bakal menjadi penasihat Perdana Menteri pula.

  24. avvit says:

    Well that’s exactly what he said isn’t it? No matter what he says, the lies and rumours will continue.

    He also said something along the lines of “there will always be cynics and manipulators who ridicule what I have to say” and that “some have advised me to say nothing as the effort will be futile”, “people will have their own explanation even if the truth is revealed”.

    Well done guys you just confirmed this.

  25. Jed Yoong says:

    Hi Susan,
    Just watch the video on Mkini ( ) and read the Q&A ( ).
    Baginda should have just left it as that.
    Makes no sense for him to defend Najib. Such matters are to be adjudicated in courts.
    It’s really fishy esp when asked how does Baginda know Najib and he says “It’s like asking me… well, I know… I know.”
    The FACT is Baginda doesn’t KNOW for SURE. And ONLY Najib can speak for himself.
    This answering of serious allegations at a press conference is a mockery of our criminal justice system.
    Then the quote of the day?
    “Intellectually, he (Najib) is not bad and I say he would make a good PM.”
    WHAT A JOKE! Bad idea this press conference…..Tick, tick, tick.
    Bala n RPK to testify in that other case…

  26. Jed Yoong says:


    “when asked how does Baginda know Najib”

    when asked how does Baginda know Najib never met Altantuya….

  27. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    This Pakinda guy will write a thesis on how to blow up people and still be innocent for his PhD!

    Fark lah.

  28. SriSetia says:

    This leech has escaped the gallows by a judicial bail-out by a kingpin who is riding the ladder of power now.Isn’t he lucky.Since his neck is saved from the noose, isn’t now the payback time to save his saviours’ necks from the political noose. The horror that these suave crooks created is beyond comprehension of any mankind.Now they are kissing each other proclaiming innocence on charred pieces of Alatantuya’s fleshes.Who are they fooling and for how long?

  29. Karim says:

    Hei !! Kapal Sing what say you???

  30. avvit says:

    That goes to you too Susan.

    “Yet, he himself never produced any evidence to show that the two NEVER knew Altantuya. He said “I know”. [As if we are inclined to believe him. Pah!]”

    “Through experience, we all know, deals can be inked in 2002, but actual work only starts much, much later.”

    You’re definitely doing well as a driver of this bandwagon.

  31. ES Shankar says:

    We should have an RCI to determine on what basis Razak Baginda was given $500 million admin/fcailitation/commission contract, why LTAT then bought a 40% stake from him and what expertise and qualification he had to receive such a generous contracts. Especially when weapons and defence equipment/submarine suppliers always prefer to deal directly with Govt. than through shady layers of “agents’ and ‘facilitators.”

    We should also lobbby the French and Russian Govt to find out which Malaysian, if any, were paid commissions by imflating contract costs.

    RB has only himself to blame for the fcat that no one believes a word he says.

    We await the day JAKIM will prosecute him for Khalwat. This should be an idiot-proof open and shut case for JAKIM since RB has already confessed in open court.

  32. joenathan says:

    Fine RB is not involved,Najib and Rosmah have never even seen the shadow of Altantuya,then waiting for what,hang the 2 police buggers lah.Who are these bloody politicians trying to hoodwink again and again huh?Do they think we Malaysians are so dumb?Folks,take my word,it won’t be long before these 2 police buggers are allowed to walk free and not only that,don’t be surprised if they would be driving the latest open top BMW,either in Malaysia or in overseas,together with that coward Bala,the PI of RB.
    What I cant stomach is,RB wants to pursue his studies in Oxford,kakakaka.Shame,shame,shame.

    7:34 PM

  33. alan says:

    in no sense……..

  34. wits0 says:

    Yes, Jed and Sri Setia, he overdid it and it was done out of returning favor. It’s that obvious. His arrogance is greater than his strategy because people aren’t that dumb as they think they should be. A case of whitewashing that is almost expected because of their presumption that this is ‘old M’sia’ where the old shackled media can convince the public with their assertive pronouncements. A mark of over confidence about their own current credibilty. Smirky Bag could have just kept mum without earning even more hostility but he has to get too smart.

  35. matt says:

    Guess what he will be off to oxford to begin a thesis on c4 as a alternate to shooting a person.

  36. Jed Yoong says:


    NOW We HAVE GROUNDS to DRAG Najib into court.
    ‘Cos Baginda defended him in, of all things, a PRESS CONFERENCE.

  37. June says:

    Razak, we are not kids lah. You are talking fairy tales to us isit. Oh yes, you believe that Christmas is coming and you can see Santa sitting on his flying dear…..heheheh. And you believe Santa will bring you Presents.

    STOP LYING. Pathetic lar Razak…

  38. storm62 says:

    Malaysia is going to be a practising ground for “suicide bombers” soon.

  39. storm62 says:

    for those who wants to die in Malaysia, welcome!

    – free C4 to blast yourself.
    – your immigration record will be erased.
    – free judgement gauranteed.
    – free lawyer fees.
    – government endorsed. tax exempted.
    – gauranteed no clues left behind.
    – no need to be sorry.
    – free funeral service provided.

    those above age 55 50% discount! hurry!

    “Berkhidmat Untuk Negara”

  40. 104East says:

    Thank you RB for your highly convincing explanation. I am sure all M’sian are satisfied now. OK PI Bala, you can come out of hiding now. Everything is as clear as a crystal ball now, nothing to worry about anymore.

  41. castro says:

    Aiya! Sloony! You know I know this is all you scratch my back and I scratch you back.

    As soon as the old CJ retired and the Umno guy was made the CJ, this bloke was released straight away.

    And to pacify the Rakyat, they also released RPK to prove that the Umno CJ is an upright CJ.

    So fair and square, isn’t it?

  42. Samantha Carey-Lim says:

    How much did he get? How come a murder suspect is better treated by the prison officials than an MP who was “imprisoned to protect herself”? I betcha RB got better treatment in prison than RPK! How is this possible if there are no inteference!

  43. pj voter says:

    Sloone, please take very good care of yourself. We do not want to see any untoward incident happening to you you know.

  44. Menyalak-er says:

    Whatever RB, u’ve sold your soul to that fecal-head and his chylomicron. How Faustian can u get, with all that denial melodrama?
    That old mantra: Tell enuff lies so that it becomes ‘truth’ – doesn’t work anymore. Too Nazi for our tastes…
    That goes for your demon Testicless controlled by demoness Bikmomma.

  45. Azmin says:

    pursue his doctorate in Oxford??? hmmmm hope some mongolian guys out there will “serve” him well enough as he deserves. Justice will find its own and it won’t be too long to wait.

  46. bamboo river says:

    “You scratch my back , I garu garu your belakang !!!

    Wait IF the real evidence/proof/photo/SD comes out then we will know who knows whom.

  47. overlord says:

    here we go again.ignorance is bliss…just another ploy to take away the heat frm najib…..but i think we,the rakyat, are smart enough to smell ur charred remains mate!we know how to connect the dots, and fill in the blanks….no use pluggin a leaky submarine my friend….u are goin down…..

  48. caravanserai says:

    Razak Baginda about his innocence
    Blasting the critics saying he wasn’t
    Now that he is free to walk
    The prosecutor doesn’t want to appeal

    Why no appeal for a murder case?
    No reasoning is given for not filing
    Perplexing indeed in a murder trial
    Now it sounds alright needling the sack

    Put in writing in SD
    In this way he shows he isn’t afraid
    Of the charges against him
    Swear on it let the law takes its course

    Holding press conference
    Telling his story to correct the wrong perception
    Razak Baginda should make a SD
    So the truth can be finally known

    Bala had his two statutory declarations
    With Razak Baginda version a basis can be formed
    Will Razak go to make his SD?
    I doubt it now he walks free

    Atlantuya will not rest in peace
    Blown into pieces scattered on the remote ground
    Lying in pitiful pieces soul will not let go
    Collecting the pieces to make it whole

    Atlantuya is waiting
    For her due from people who destroyed her
    In the twilight darkness she roams
    Until the culprits pay for her life lost
    Into pieces scattered everywhere

  49. oxford says:

    looks like every towering Malaysian seems to be coming out of Oxford these days.They include liars with no conscience and murderers.Malaysia bolehh

  50. bamboo river says:

    Just to digress a bit on ARB pc and statement.
    He (ARB) is indirectly putting the two cops in deep shit by making a statement about DPM.(Since they are the DPM personall bodyguard)
    I guessed, he should refrain from saying anything related direct or indirectly as it will put the trial in dispute. ( I don’t know the correct legal term )
    I just want to know who gave the order to KILL Altantuya!
    It is not the murder weapon that we are interested now.

  51. Kopi Anan says:

    this man has no business defending Najib + Rosmah.

    ARB has been most illogical by saying he knew for sure that Najib + Rosmah have NOT MET Altantuya.

    unless of course, one is the body guard of Najib + Rosmah for 24/7.

    very strange indeed.

  52. kampong kid says:

    Wow! All these Umnoputras dare to play with Genghis Khan considering he had conquered half the world.

    Wow! These Umnoputras are greater warriors than Genghis Khan.

    If that is the case, let’s forget NEP and let’s start conquering the world world man!

    Umnoputras come, saw and conquered!

  53. ktteokt says:

    So you mean to say those two body guards had such great powers as to erase the immigration records of Altantuya? Then any Tom, Dick and Harry can start erasing government records, including criminal and bankruptcy records! Is this how our Malaysian government function? Are we in GOOD HANDS then??

  54. Devan says:


  55. i surprised rb din say “i din know her at all, who is she??”

  56. crocodle hunter says:

    Lets send altantuya murder to hell……

  57. Shower says:

    “At the press conference, a reporter asked him how does he know the dpm and wife not involved, he pause and think, and then smirk and said’ “i just know” ,so ,
    1) The investigating idiots would need extra pillows to sleep to night.

    2) Let hope the stupid FIL and SIL also joint them to celebrate the mongolia festival.

  58. Bodoh says:

    Aiyah, why all the comment. Our friend is very innocent
    as God is not aware yet. I am very sure who so ever is
    involved, they will know their fate during the last 2 years of their
    earthly life. Just look closely at his eyes during the press conference.
    Don’t worry, who so ever is involved will be curse at least for the next
    few generation unless he/she owns up. I know Altantuya will pardon

  59. why key? says:

    Was the prosecution fair to Altantuya??? What’s your comment? Fair to
    All. I am sure you have a lot of silly excuses to defend the UMNO-led
    govenment !!!!

  60. maie says: are insulting malaysians’ level of intelegence.You are speaking with the backup of the present corrupted government.dont worry,we are waiting for the truth to come…be petience

  61. Bond says:

    I am sure fellas are waiting out there for you in Oxford….Baginda…you will never walk alone……You, Najib and Rosmah will pay the price…it is just a matter of time……and when it happens ..all of Malaysia will rejoice. May all three you of you rot in the deepest gates of hell….

  62. […] completely at : Susan Loone’s Blog Share and […]

  63. SameSame says:

    So full of…….whatever.Wonder if there are any satalite images, you know like what they have overseas ,that we can actually go back to the date/time/place and check out what happen. Sounds like one of this hollywood dramas….yeah man,who knows we might just put this burning curiosity of ours to rest. Who C4ed Alt babe. Next mollywood drama in making!

  64. James says:

    You are a goner Baginda…whole world knows you had a hand in killing the lady….may the judge and the DPP also burn in hell with you….you think Malaysians are complete idiots…

  65. machitam says:

    why does ARB go this far? of course it’s RM….btw ARB has always be the “stand-in” for ……you know what i mean

  66. anonymous says:

    you rub my shoulder i rub your shoulder

  67. free says:

    “How do you know?”

    “It’s like asking me (how to tell lies)…. I know… I know (how to tell lies, I’m a pro).

  68. Karim says: Let’s say if there are evident, so wat are you guys going to do? The gomen will keep silence and eventually everything will goes back to normal. Look at all the previous corruption cases, reports, etc,etc. All goes under the carpet.

  69. machitam says:

    do you notice that he pause for while as if to explain the reasons for najis innocent…before he answered “i know…”..and najis just nodded and whispered “sit, boo boo sit….”


    I m back. From hell to haunt you, rb, njb, rohmak kau !!!! To hell you shall come with me. The system down here is better !! Poor Malysians, living under shadows. Bloggers condemned, newspaper controlled, court corrupted….. me.. free to be c4ed?? Thank you 3 stooges. I will return.

  71. Thomas says:

    As a practising lawyer, this are all craps. Unless Malaysians are blinds. But still can we hear? Yes, Altantuya should haunt this judiciary systems til the court comes to sense with the nonsensical twisting tales !!

  72. Bala says:

    Please leave me alone. I have to hide. They will c4 me for good. Yenna.. bayama..

  73. altantuya says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…. Heeeeeeeeeeeee… Let’s meet in UK.I miss making love with you. No need to go to hell… I dont want you to die so fast. You are such a nice guy. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..

  74. azee72 says:

    rb said “i know”
    tell you what, he knows all the things in and out.
    he is a piece of shit and i wish oxford will not take him in.
    it will be a disgrace to oxford

  75. jan says:

    It a FCUK Justice but this is so call MALAYSIA BOLEH!
    may god be with us…..sent the killers to hell forever

  76. jan says:

    its ok if all of you not involved…hope najib&baginda can pray together with us that the real killers will be punish for in hell.

  77. tshock says:

    why don’t all you bloggers do an on line poll and. You can then collate the result and send it to rb who will then see that the press conference was just a waste of time because no one believed him at all. I really wonder how he can go to sleep at night at all? Do you see altantuya hovering above your bed? Do you feel that she may be round the corner as you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet tp ease yourself? Can you visualize the look on her face when she was shot? If our court says you are not guilty and our dpp do not see the need to appeal the court decision, of course, you are free for now in bolehland. Do you really think you are free? THINK and THINK again….I wish you good luck.

  78. Din says:

    Future, more criminals will be calling for press conference to clear their wrong doing, guilty. A new trent for this country. What happen to the rules of law of this country.

  79. Mr.N_j_b says:

    watch out you all, when I’m no.1. he..he..

  80. whispering9 says:

    …Malaysia is going to suck big time after this press conference. I heard the statement ‘ she has died…just let it be.’ Seesssh….a typical text book confession if someone who want to erase a guilt. Everyone in Malaysia know she did not died…she was murdered. Our morality very suck big time. Very bad bad karma. Oxford also sucks now. I won’t employ anyone from Oxford.

  81. fukonima says:

    Susan, it’s the invisible hand of those evil power brokers and their cronies who C4 her. Everyone knows that.

    It’s hard to imagine that this C4 Man is going to take the throne as the next PeeAme for Bolehland.

    This must be the greatest joke on earth. My goodness.

  82. OBAMA says:

    butthead said:“I know that beavis and his wife had never met the deceased Altantuya”.HA HA HA!!!!!!!

  83. Lim says:

    “Yeah, maybe Altantuya strapped herself with C4 explosives and blasted herself.” Susan the loony one

    In a very important sense, she did. Those who play with fire should expect to get burnt.

  84. Lim says:

    “They always invoke ‘God’ everytime. That makes them innocent!” Wits0

    The same way you invoke your God when you have somebody sitting on your face!

  85. chinforTruth & Justice says:

    The system is too powerful to protect the guilty ones. The TRUTH will never be revealed. The family of Altantuya, the Government of Mongolia and good citizens of Malaysia can do nothing to get JUSTICE for Altantuya.

    The good God fearing citizens of Malaysia have only the ONE and ONLY ONE to turn to get JUSTICE for Altantuya, THE ALMIGHTY GOD. Baginda or the SYSTEM he is associated with ,cannot win the ALMIGHTY GOD. The ALMIGHTY GOD has his ways revealing the TRUTH. Baginda cannot run away and there is not place on this earth he can hide. Let us all God people out there, tell all friends to Pray to GOD for JUSTCE for Altantuya and the TRUTH be revealed. It does not matter who the person is and how high the position is, the gulity one be punished. ” BE Ye So High, The Law is Higher ” The Lord is Just and Fair.

  86. patricknich says:

    u can lie but you can’t hide…

  87. candor says:

    If you see the name Razak, please stay away from him.

    1) Razak- the one instigating the May 13, many people got killed

    2) Razak- wanted to bathe his keris with Chinese blood

    3) Razak- the one who raped and murdered Canny

    $) Razaks- the ones who ordered the obliteration of Mongolian model.

    You know something? They haven’t paid the price for their sins.

  88. candor says:

    Wow! This Razak really got expensive lifestyle and taste, screwing expensive models all over the world whereas the poor Umnoputras are staying back in kampong makan kankong plucked from the lonkang sides.

    If Razak and all the rich rich Umnoputras would not embezzle money from the rakyat’s vaults, all the poor Umnoputras in Kampong would have achieved the 30, 40 50, 70, 80% NEP quota.

    Wow! Wow! Wow! No womder all these rich Umnoputras wanted to continue the NEP quota by hook or by crook!

    Dey! You poor Umnoputras, all of you are robbed by the rich Umnoputras la and not the Cinaputras man!

    If not, where got money to screw beautiful models all over the world.

  89. wits0 says:

    The crudeness of apologist “Lim” for the System is as pathetically asinine as any expected H/P6 CT.

  90. setia says:

    Even Murderers have been known to return to the murder scene & act innocent.
    So many circumstances /incidences link him & Najib…….Justice for Altantuya .
    What was the motive ? Who wanted her and why ? whats at stake ? PMship ? Remember Razak baginda ‘s wife outburst in court… husband is not wanting to be PM of Malaysia………..why did she made such a statement ??
    Certainly the Policemen don’t have the motive ! who has the Motive ?
    Who has most to lose if the TRUTH comes out ?
    Razak Baginda the Rakyat & the World can see you were let of by a tainted judiciary. Where’s the Justice for Altantuya ?

  91. […] Susan Loone has asked some good questions about Razak Baginda’s revelations at a press conference: This press conference was simply meant to overturn public opinion about PM-in-Waiting Najib Tun Razak’s alleged involvement in the murder of Altantuya Shariibuu, what else can it be? […]

  92. vsp says:

    Now I am wondering: Najib’s name is toltally enmeshed with the murder of Altantuya. By convention he should be a big suspect.

    But what I am seeing of the justice in Bolehland is this: 1) Najib need not have to submit himself to the rigours of the law. Instead he can swear on the koran to establish his innocence. 2) The AG before the case declared that only 3 persons were involved and did not called in those associateds to testify. 3) The police does not carry on an investigation on Najib. 4) Now, Beginda Razak comes to Najib’s defence outside of the court’s jurisdiction.

    Justice? You tell me, I’m confused and totally flabbergasted.

  93. Jed Yoong says:

    I think it’s funny how he used the word “escape”.
    Usually innocent ppl say FREED?
    System got him in and then out?
    What does he mean?
    Is this part of rancangan runtuhkan najib/umno, bangunkan Anwar?

  94. chris chong says:

    didn’t he have an affair with her? (lakukan maksiat) why the islam body hasn’t taken any action yet???

  95. Bala says:

    no no pohdah, i have no konekshen with this case !!!

  96. Sinatra_Z says:

    It seems to me it is not the truth that you want out of this affair,
    but the insistence that Najib must be guilty, for only then to you the truth is prevailed.

    Can’t help noticing that at the top of this blog “may the truth save us all”.
    Notice the word may in which this case there’s a chance that the truth might not save you. Oh well…….. Whatever rocks your board. I doubt no matter what credible evidence come out you will still insist Najib is guilty.

  97. guest says:

    The more these people speak the more we dont believe them. they are all LIARS

  98. Azmin says:

    just pray that people would go on strong protest against him in Oxford, UK. There shouldn’t be any place for him in any nations on Earth, except his bolehland.

  99. samurai warrior says:

    Only in America can a black man make it to the White House and become the leader of the most powderful nation on Earth. And ONLY in Malaysia can politicians in high offices get away with bloody murder and daylight robbery after a obsfucatory trial and then have the audacity to thumb their flared nostrils at the unbelieving public as if to say.”What? I’m a Razak you know..? It’s our birth right to be above the law. We ARE the law. Get use to it.”

  100. xxx says:

    Malaysia is pretty cool, who lies will never get punished.
    The government rules all the way man, Msia is really Boleh T_T

  101. navinda says:

    He calls for a press conference to bail his buddy out. There were no other issues except Najib and Rosmah’s innocence.

  102. apapunboleh says:

    The Malaysian government is a bunch of liars and they would always swear on the Quran to prove their innocence even though they are guilty.

  103. bowlampar says:

    That two elite police member no doubt carry out the murder, the question for all Malaysians now is whether anyone else got slip through “Justice” or not due to his or her high office? obviously present on going court trial will not provide answer to the question. The most one can expect is a “partial justice” with a turn of event in Malaysia.

  104. KongKor says:

    Do you seriously think these bunch of people care what the public thinks? Come on.

    This PC is not about public opinion, it is a PR exercise for RB to get more contracts from Najib when he becomes the next PM.

  105. anarky says:

    “Any have jumped on the bandwagon of skullduggery. The innocents have become the victim while the liars are running supreme.”

    Innocent were bombed into bits and murderers are still at large.

    what say you ball licker?


  106. steven says:

    I think this “thick skin” guy is now scot free and can talk cock to save himself and his “saviours” and after this he will “abscond” to UK to hide there for good with his “ill gotten” money, somewhat similar with our Thailand’s ex ……??
    I hope that by God’s grace he’ll be “suffering” from some “unfoseen retributions” for his lies!!!! and I wonder how he shall how he’ll answer to his Maker.

  107. lhheng says:

    This Razak bum is talking cock like all Umnoputras politicians.
    Look at his stupid face with the beard wen answering the media.
    I can sense he is bullshitting most of the time.
    With the type of judiciary we have in Bolehland, it is no wonder that this bum was acquitted.
    WE have to give this bum hell wherever he is even wen he is trying to escape to London to do his so called “doctorate”.
    Yes, learn how to doctorate the evidence in court.
    Let the whole world knows that this bum should not be let free from this horrible cruel Mongolian lady murder

  108. wits0 says:

    “This Razak bum is talking cock like all Umnoputras politicians.”

    The thinly veiled insouciance with which he said, “That she has died…” itself reeks of dishonesty. He thinks his position and academic qualifications blind all and sundry. He hopes!

  109. joenathan says:

    What annoys me more is the fact that,this sinful man was quoting quranic verses,to project himself as a religious person in the hope that the people would buy his lies.Sorry lah RB,please dont stain the sanctity of such holy verses.You backed out from the earlier PC in the last minute and now you are conveniently reading from a prepared text,and your body langguage clearly shows the whole world,the amount of lies emanating from your mouth.You thought with your well prepared text you could embellish yourself,instead you have raised more questions.But sadly Malaysia with it’s current tainted judiciary headed by tainted characters like Zaki,will do practically nothing to uphold justice,but wait there is another palace of justice called god’s palace of justice,which is pure and just which will take care of you and all those who abetted you.Including the director-gen of immigration for the loss of all travel records.By the way how could you people sleep at night?

  110. bamboo river says:

    Out of 10 people I met , 9 of them says ARB is making a silly statement.
    The last one says he is crazy.

  111. jonathan says:

    Truth, lies & blogs or The Truth lies in blogs! see

    DIED so end of story? Gosh are you going to help find the killer or killers based on your relationship with her in the past before she was blown up.
    “Did not commit any offence in respect of the deceased” probably meant I DID NOT MURDER HER OR HAD A ROLE… lesser stuff like romance and screwing her does constitute any offence… hmm you are a true Muslim Baginda. You put lovers in shame and innocent wives are now reminded to OK their philandering husbands!…oh no the soilek syndrome is back to haunt us!!!)

  112. amoker says:

    and i tot he was innocent. what a liar.
    all this to protect the incoming PM.

  113. sensimilla says:

    just look at the faces n body language of these 3 goons Najib, Razak n Saiful – any similarity?? lying thru their brown arses!

    and Razak don´t go to London, those mongolian brothas gonna whop your butt – very painful one. LOL

  114. wits0 says:

    A normal human being, say, a randy man who booked a hotel room and called for the service of an external hooker would be likely to feel greater unease(a tinge of guilt, though misplaced) if the hooker was found robbed and murdered later on her way back from the hotel, although he was certainly innocent of her death.

  115. Pat Lu says:

    “So simple! Why Azilah and Sirul don’t tell who gave them the C4 bomb? Then the police can easily track back to the source what. They not scared to die charged for murder ar? What’s in it for them? How come the police and the court also never ask them where they got the bomb from? So simple! Sure can trace wan!”

    That’s what my young teen said now that he is reading forensic detective novels. 😀

  116. […] Altantuya bombed herself out of this planet (image and source of story, quotes from Malaysian Insider) This press conference was simply meant to overturn public […] […]

  117. Student doing assignment on this says:

    I tried to ask my friends to be ARB, they told me to gth. XD
    Malaysian justice is more like children justice, Alt tells “ARB C4-ed me!”, ARB says, “Nuh uh~~~”, Pee-Pee also says, “Not me…”, Bala says, “I know who but they’ll C4 me as well…”, when daddy comes, daddy just take the remaining shards of Alt back.
    BTW, was there ever a press conference when the murder first started, and was Alt’s cousin there? TY for any responce…

  118. ALHANTU RETURNS says:

    i see no justice, my soul cries
    evil as you may, brightness you can`t escape
    when my darkest hour rise, the three of you should die
    for i m haunting you, most of the time………

  119. rempit says:

    Yang teruknya bukan sistem, tapi org2 yang mengendalikannya. Semuanya cam sial ! Macam2. Yang betina pun sama. Jadi, kerusi semua 2 kerusi sial yg membawakan harta, rasuah, dan akhirnya keruntuhan maruah. Sampai yg kena bom pun ble terlepas….. BAGUSLAH. Malaysia memang BOLEH…..

  120. […] Barisan Nasional government treats Namewee, who is, at most, a delinquent, rebellious rapper, and the Altantuya MURDER, in which the 28-year-old beauty was shot twice in the head and then blown up with military grade C4 […]

  121. bobby says:

    it`s useless writing here. just send this blog overseas and let other`s know the shit things happening in bolehland….. we`ll be more famous than Michael Jackson……… lol

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