So says Karpal Singh. Another liar, liar, pants on fire, in the Malaysian judiciary?

Zaki Azmi has a week to thrown in the towel, or in this case his robe, or else Karpal is gonna spills the beans on him.

There is a recording of the Chief Justice bribing court officials, Karpal said.

Can we hear the recording, please…or else, no point claiming this or that.

Going by news reports, it seems Zaki had not made a clarification (he was reported saying that he had bribed court officials to get their work done), reading these two statements made by him recently:

“It took me six months to be nice, to bribe each and every individual to get back into their good books before our files were being unattended to” – Zaki, quoted in the New Straits Times on 8th November, 2008.

And then the clarification:

“Your reporter must have interpreted what I said, which is that during that period there was corruption in order to get things done at the court registry, as I myself having done it. I have never in my life bribed or received any bribe” – Zaki quoted in a clarification that appeared in the New Straits Times the very next day, and reproduced on 12th November, 2008 by Malaysiakini, which also reported two failed attempts by Yang Berkhidmat Karpal Singh to table an emergency motion in Parliament to debate the matter of the new CJ “committing a serious offence under the Prevention of Corruption Act 1981″.

Source: direct ciplak from Haris Ibrahim.

Is this a case of bad English or what? or his poor understanding of what he himself said, or a slip of the tongue, waging in the wrong direction?

Hmm, you decide.


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  1. Edi神 says:

    This is gay! Wat do malaysia left for us?

  2. fukonima says:

    Another big let down for the Bolehlanders.

    So bloodly malu.

  3. Simon says:

    What a mess we are all in! What a country! One of the wonders of our country, perhaps? 🙂

  4. Pegasus says:

    The CJ unwittingly shoot off his mouth statements that could come back to haunt him, truth has a way to come out in the open. This man has no honour in himself and certainly does not fit to hold office as the CJ of this nation. He should resign and just admit what he had done and not twist the story but this being Bolehland, anything can happen, wonder if the reporter will now be arrested under ISA .. Malaysia Boleh !!!.

  5. leekh says:

    If the CJ can give his own spin on what he said, then can the accused person when being cornered in cross examination also make clarifications on what he actually meant? I am afraid if we accept the CJ’s interpretation of what he “actually meant”, then all the accused persons will go off scot free!

  6. cortes says:

    So what do the Council Of Rulers have to say to this? Maybe the Sultan of Perak, a former much respected CJ has an opinion to share with Rakyat. Or does he have no opinion?
    Or did the PM mislead the Council Of Rulers? In which case should the PM be tried for lese majeste?

  7. giving kopi money is not bribe. is just money to buy a kopi drink…..

  8. and kopi money is also positive reinforcement to speed up things/cut queue, nothing wrong with that. if you like slow lane then it’s your business….

  9. wira says:

    That’s the problem having an UMNO man as CJ.
    Typically bodoh sombong.

  10. LHHENG says:

    That bloody sleepy, flipflop, lame duck guy has promised to the whole world that he will reform the juduciary before he goes. Just look what he just did. He flipflopped again and appointed a bum to become CJ with “incredible” credentials. You can bet other reforms he promised will 100% be the same scenatio. Why dont he just piss off now before he screw up the whole country and just let the rakyat in peace.
    And this new CJ has got skin as thick as rhino skin. In other countries, under present circumstances, the CJ will opologise and gracefully resign.
    But, this is Bolehland run by a bunch of bums with the same if not worst credibility than him. So you bet he will remain glue(powerful elephant glue) to his seat.
    Of late there a a big huha on credibility of the so called degrees, doctorate, PHD, etc…(you name it they have it) possessed by our Umnoputras. We are now wondering they are actually qualified doctors, PHDs etc… The way some of these Umnoputras politicians talk, debate and act give one the creeps that these guys really have that kind of qualification. Hope someone will probe deep into these guys credentials. I can guarantee the outcome will not only be really interesting but entertaining. Send in the clowns!!

  11. storm62 says:

    lagi satu PEMBOHONG ! wahai Malaysia sakitnya hati ku…lagi satu umat IslamHadhari yg membohong diTanah yg suci ini, apalah yg dah jadi.

    what a DISGRACE to Islam? tak malu ke?

  12. freewave says:

    Maybe he should’ve used the words “service charge” instead of “bribe”. Normally, you need to pay a service charge for faster or better service. He He.

  13. Yang gun says:

    to be frank, the Malaysian courts and judiciary has corruption written all over it, thanks to Mahathir when he fired all the good and upright judges. that is mahathir’s legacy and blame must be attached to him. To be fair, what the CJ is doing is trying to prove a point – that even he had to stoop to that level to get things done at all at the courts. So, he knows what the problem is and he has stated he would do something about it. Let him try – if he can, give him a year, failing which, he should be booted and another a non-UMNO fella be appointed. May God help our nation. It seriously is running around like a headless chicken

  14. Yang gun says:

    Karpal Singh, being a politician cum lawyer of course has latched on this fact to try to get the CJ to resign. Creating drama and crisis is the forte of a politician and he excels in it. But in doing so, he failed to address the root of the problem. I don’t see Karpal complaining about the court system? Will he dare to swear to god that he has never bribed anyone in the course of his legal career????

  15. noose says:

    To be fair, what the CJ is doing is trying to prove a point – that even he had to stoop to that level to get things done at all at the courts – Yang gun

    Then he should most appropriately be hung first in the cleansing.

  16. noose says:

    Will he dare to swear to god that he has never bribed anyone in the course of his legal career???? – Yang gun

    Better idea is you make SD that Karpal has done what you say. Put your ba**s on the line. At least umno will respect you.

  17. PeoplePower says:

    Nowadays who will respect and accept the judgement made by our kangaroo court especially the cases involve the benefits and interest of BeeNd Govt and their VVIP!
    Our Judiciary ‘Bekin Malu bolehlah’!

  18. Hoyohoyo says:

    Reading and following Karpal for years, I hope he will not do an Anwar’s turn…

    Wonder how he managed to get the audio record…

  19. Menyalak-er says:

    In this regime, they need a liar to protect all the other multitudes of liars, who really deem themselves as the ‘Truth’.
    Compare 2 lawyers, Zakit and Zaid, who do you think deserves to be a CJ? No contest? But we can’t choose can we, ‘cos the ‘old man’ decides…

  20. wits0 says:

    The way of Lah to reform the judiciary is to retain the indispensable Patel AG and appoint Zaki! You people can get as jaki as you want – that’s unimportant to the given System and its infamous umno operators. After all, in Bolehland, the form is all important, not the substance, and fairness and propriety is what the Gomen says it is.

    If Bolehland is represented as an art-piece, Salvador Dali himself would be required to portray the surreality in all its “glory”.

  21. Joshua says:

    Somewhere in the deep recesses of his subconscious mind, the truth somehow traveled all the way to his tongue…

    he should swear in the mosque and say, ‘I have never in my life bribed or received any bribe”

  22. wits0 says:

    Known as a Freudian slip in the parlance of modern psychology, the colorful ancient chinese folklore describes that as what happens when a ghost slap one’s back and the truth involuntarily gets spat out.

  23. elvie ho says:

    how could we allow liars to be CJ? God save malaysia……

  24. Robin Hood Baru says:

    Actually, greasing, by all means are some forms of bribes whether by inviting court officials/judges to dinners/gifts/and even monetary. The said trend is nothing new, but a dark practice by some unethical lawyers in getting things done bypassing their peers or more seriously, some forms of graver misdeeds.

    From my view of some Malaysian lawyers, they are at the lowest of ethics compare to ancillaries.

    Some unethical lawyers even ordered their clients who won litigation suits to hand cash over to the lawyers after withdrawing from the banks so there is no proof of trace money changing hands . The lawyers of course manipulated their clients by drafting an agreement in the absence of the real sum paid signed by th clients.

    In Bolehland, we are deprive of an imperative Act to report corruption and abuse of power – “The Whistleblowing Statute”.

  25. rednose says:

    Hoyohoyo Says:
    Wonder how he managed to get the audio record…

    “Karpal Singh said that this was a lie as there is a recording of what he said at the integrity convention in Kuching.”

  26. rednose says:

    “Wonder how he managed to get the audio record…”

    “Karpal Singh said that this was a lie as there is a recording of what he said at the integrity convention in Kuching.”

  27. rednose says:

    It would be lovely to hear the dealings of Zaki, UMNO Treasurer and lawyer Mohd Shafee Abdullah.

  28. malaysian says:

    umno lawyer zaki gila pangkat dan rasuah gaji besar rumah besar kereta besar mesti dipecat!tak ada gunanya nak tunjuk kat berite !rakyat bukan bodoh ditipu oleh kerajaan bn!

  29. malaysian says:

    i support kapal singh zaki is umno lawyer corruption!

  30. Payback Time says:

    This guy is a joke!! i mean a Classic Joker..judiciary reform? Dear Susan ,..not in our lifetime

  31. monsterball says:

    So far…most effective proofs is the Lingam case on few lawyers and one..past CJ.
    Although UMNO never take any actions….public are convinced….these are rouges….working for Mahathir.
    Now come new CJ…which Karpal is exposing him..a liar.
    In any good government….proving CJ lied….is good enough…to demand resignation.
    In a better country…the victim themselves..will have the decency to resign…as shown so many times…by Japanese ..British and American ministers. That is why…these the countries are well respected by the whole world.
    The level of decency ..morality…is non existence …with UMNO…and in UMNO. Such a long time governing the country..makes them…self appointed King of Malaysia…as well as King in lying.
    Karpal and LKS can take heart……..Malaysians are reading and will use their commonsense to judge.
    Right now…Karpal is right….but UMNO will ignore him.
    What’s next??
    Vote UMNO out…is the only way…to stop all these unfair and unjust law makers….resign or change.
    New government under Pakatan Rakyat….can then…observe the productivities of the Police Force and Judicial dept…..without wasting too much time….to prove to anyone….as long as decisions to sack or retire them..are for the interest of the country and people…and not for party or self benefits.
    We have more than 25 years of sickening gangster type of government…..protecting each other….so little work done for their salaries alone.
    RM millions are wasted every month on salaries alone……under UMNO government.
    We are very fortunate…our country is rich enough to withstand years and years of mismanagements…corruptions…and dirty politics.
    There is a limit to everything…and change of government is a MUST….to end this rot.

  32. Jed Yoong says:

    Hmmmm Looks Like Pakatan may win Federal Govt or you think people still buy Barisan’s scare-mongering tactics of the Chinese bogeyman, etc

  33. matt says:

    Latest defence for cj i dont speake the englishhhh .

  34. Botak says:

    Hey why so work up ? If such practice can get the job done then so be it. It happens everywhere in this world. Why must take the country’s official to task on such small issue ? Grow up please

  35. berambus says:

    Veteran opposition lawmaker Karpal Singh has given Chief Justice Zaki Azmi a week from today to resign from his post for allegedly admitting to corrupt practices while in private practice.

  36. berambus says:

    Zaki has not grown up yet. Masih lagi budak mentah.

  37. It takes one to recognise another ?
    Do not forget that he was an UMNO lawyer once, what honesty can you expect ?
    It is just a pay off and a ‘retirement benefit’ for the years of ‘service’ he gave to UMNO !!

  38. george says:

    It a serious…every rakyat need to raise the concern here… how can we have a corrupted CJ… it is time for he to resign…

  39. berambus says:

    I am concerned. My gut feel tells me that the first-lady-in waiting should forget about her shopping and stick around with our first-man-in waiting. Here are the reasons in no order of preference:

  40. berambus says:

    I am concerned. My gut feel tells me that the first-lady-in waiting should forget about her shopping and stick around with our first-man-in waiting. Here are the reasons in no order of preference:

  41. test the water says:

    What I can see is first an investigation must be performed by higher authority under Agong. Once proofed than necessary action should be taken.

    By asking a person to resign is not a positive approach to clear the air. And the “not so good” part is people start putting bad names and negative perspective to this guy. So lets higher authority to perform the investigation first, get all evidence and I suggest our Agong to decide later

  42. look, it’s just a few tippping rm10-50 or maybe hundreds, what’s wrong with that. what’s wrong for tipping to get “fast” cut queue service ? do you know that we have ordinary pos and poslaju courier where the former slow like tortoise in deliver letter while the latter is fast but $$$ ?

  43. berambus says:

    test the water, an admission to an offence as by Zaki is a fait accompli, so the usual BN prattle does not apply. Zaki should be marched into court an slapped with charges. He can plead mitigation, but that`s a separate matter.

    Fait accompli-
    An accomplished fact; an action which is completed before those affected by it are in a position to query or reverse it.

  44. Atilla the Hun says:

    CJ, you stupid old fool, your downfall is in your own mouth, which shows what your calibre is, you are nowhere near clearmindedness!!!

  45. Robin Hood Baru says:

    Hi Atilla the Hun, I agree with your take. His words will be his own downfall. If it’s ok with ya, will you please place a foreword on your name say, “New Atilla The Hun(k)”. I can’t remember that Atila the Hun(t)/(k) is still alive today. Hehahakaakakakkakaka. 🙂

  46. sklee says:

    The CJ does not appear to be very bright.AAB’s reform of the Judiciary has got of to a bad start…..the perception that a CJ can be corrupt when it suits him.As Zaid Ibrahim said the word “reforms” have different connotations to different individuals.Zaid’s reforms is not equal to AAB’s reforms.Period.Malaysia Boleh!

  47. bursar says:

    First he said he bribed then he lies about saying that with a “clarification”.
    Now the malaysian courts are one big spitoon.

  48. ventura says:

    Tip of the Tongue Moments

    [“Jonah Lehrer wrote an excellent article in Boston Globe describing this phenomenon and, more importantly, how researchers are using it to gain insights into how the brain stores and processes information.

    How might the mind keep track of its own contents? For the last several decades, scientists have assumed that the brain contains some innate indexing system, akin to a card catalog in a library, that allows it to immediately realize that it can produce a specific piece of knowledge. This is known as the “direct access” model, since it implies that the conscious brain has direct access to the vast contents of the unconscious.

    The tip-of-the-tongue experience, however, is leading researchers to question this straightforward model. According to this new theory, the brain doesn’t have firsthand access to its own memories. Instead, it makes guesses based upon the other information that it can recall. For instance, if we can remember the first letter of someone’s name, then the conscious brain assumes that we must also know his or her name, even if we can’t recall it right away. This helps explain why people are much more likely to experience a tip-of-the-tongue state when they can recall more information about the word or name they can’t actually remember.”]

    Therefore the amount of words that we describe is normally the conscious brain recall the constant action and words that we have associates in our daily chaos. Therefore by Azmi Zaki proclaiming that he does “bribe each and every individual” is a regular access of such as firsthand recollection toward such an incident happening. It is proven in the NST newspaper and many factual translations into the psychological phenomena to gain insights into how brain stores and processes information does provide a substantial degree of conviction and intend.

    We direct my focus to point out the key note of the understanding derived from the articles, “For instance, if we can remember the first letter of someone’s name, then the conscious brain assumes that we must also know his or her name, even if we can’t recall it right away.”

    So indirectly if the CJ JUDGE can resurrect it mistakes but how about the one being judge should they have made a statement and decided to alter it instead, discriminately toward own advantages and benefit. How can this CJ are appointed when he does not have the dynamic, personality and testimony to hold such a dedicated and responsible elite position.

    The conclusion this scenario will only happening in the environment that full of corruption and cronyism itself. It is pity that the virus of condemnation has contempt the sacred of the honorable court and jurisdiction reform. Alas how can the people as in the nation of Malaysian be champion by a corruptible CJ? It takes miracle to help relieve our jurisdiction to PURE JUSTICE!

  49. SameSame says:

    What make you guys think that Zaki is any better than any of the UMNO bums? LOL…they are cut from the same cloth ALL OF THEM!! The main cloth came from Mahathir himself.

    Zaki sure did a blab-mouth on his short career path as CJ. If, even after this ruckus, he is still the CJ, Malaysia you will never see the DAY LIGHT of any KIND of REFORM!

    We will just rot in the SOOO Gangerine/Infested UMNO/MIC/MCA-BN Brand of administration till Kingdom come.

    What a ‘wonderful’ world!!!! hmmmmm

  50. why key? says:


  51. why key? says:

    you are abig liar, Zaki………

  52. Mist says:

    Susan, the human mind is a very strange phenomenon. I call it a phenomenon because I am partial to Buddha’s teaching on the mind. We can call for justice or even champion truth and demand honesty and yet we are blind-sided by our own delusions. We believe almost everything we hear if it conforms to our prejudice and interesting when it doesn’t conform to anything we know. The second part is a very strange phenomenon and I witness it almost everyday. People would believe and trust, even the words of strangers that another person, whom we don’t really know, is someone who is bad or wicked or deceitful etc. Why do we trust the words of strangers ? Aren’t we interested in truth and fairness and compassion ?

    In this particular instance you believe that Zaki had acted inappropriately and the basis of which was karpal’s word that he has a recording. If you are honest you don’t really know what is the content ? Or the context of the recording. You are a journalist and should know that context do give meaning. If I called out “fcuking bitch” and a woman happen to walk by and she may thought I was calling her a “fcuking bitch.” If she understand the meaning of bitch and saw a bitch fcuking, she would not take offence. If she doesn’t know the meaning of bitch but only know fcuk, she may also take offence.

    Context, both internal and external, do give meaning to each of us. Without understanding that it is easy to jump to conclusion and pass judgement.

    As for me, I would rather wait and see what develops and suspend judgement. What harm will that do ? But may actually reflect a more spiritual nature in you.

    To some this may be talking cxxk …. but who knows !!!

  53. vile-n-frenzy says:

    that CJ fella is not as humble like his late father.

    the rulers conference shouldnt have picked him in the 1st place.

    and i wonder why is that so…

    zaki is not fit to be a cj, not even a lawyer. it looks like we have to bribe court staffs to get work done on files…


  54. […] Please quit, you lying CJ… (image) So says Karpal Singh. Another liar, liar, pants on fire, in the Malaysian judiciary? Zaki Azmi has a week to […] […]

  55. iBarackah says:

    Isn’t he he one whose divorce from his second wife was a sensation. It seems they married in Southern Thailand. Lurid letters were disclosed in court. But suddenly all quiet.
    Guess they wre illegally married in Thailand.
    The letters were so mushy. Can’t believe our top man in judiciary is like a teenager in love. Wakaka

  56. Bola Hangus says:

    all lawyers are liars. lidah bercabang. If got evidnece just prove it la so people can see 4 themselves. We dont need another Bala nonsense disappearing act cakap tak serupa bikin. This country is turning into a circus! get rid of the clowns and put capable malays to run the show, godammit

  57. Alhabshi says:

    In this particular instance you believe that Zaki had acted inappropriately and the basis of which was karpal’s word that he has a recording. – Mist

    Ko ini putar belit pasal apa? The CJ Zaki ADMITTED it at a convention in Kuching. A convention means in the presence of a lot of people, and so not 1 but possibly more recordings are there.
    Instead we get a donkey like you braying here. You must have chambered with the CJ, now you want to share his bed also. Bodo punya orang.

  58. amoker says:

    good thing he has the usual UMNO habits.. talking big and accidentally admitted to bribary. if he is a real judge , he will be very careful with what he says.

  59. kawan dell says:

    CJ Zaki ni buka mulut keluar tahi saje

  60. nasib baik tak keluar kencing sekali

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