Sudah lah, it’s boring to hear you talk. Feel like puking. Feel dizzy. Because after 22 years, I am sick of you.

Wasted my time reading this – Mahathir: Race-based politics still relevant. Same old rethoric, same old propaganda.

You had your years. You had your day. And you had your chances. You talk nonsense also. My mind and my ears shut down automatically when I hear your name. Cukuplah.

Anyone can be PM? Of course, too many examples, have we?

But when we talk about a non-Malay PM, it’s racism. When UMNO insists on choosing a PM for Malaysia, who only cares for UMNO, it’s okay?

Majority, konon. How are all the boundaries delineated, if not to give UMNO the majority? Menyampah.

After March 8, we talk more about race? But who does it? Who went to the streets and rallied against a PAKATAN chief minister in Penang right after March 8?

Who called other races ‘immigrant’, during the Permatang Pauh by election? Whose remarks got a journalist into ISA detention, although police lied and said it was only for her protection. Balik lah.

And if PAS is a race based party, whose fault is that? All Malays are Muslims. Do Malays have a choice to choose their own religion?

And talk about vision school? It is not mother tongue language that makes people racists, it is discriminating and racist policies that makes minorities feel left out, and breed hatred towards the swindling majority.

And don’t start to talk about ISA detention for corrupt UMNO leaders. During whose premiership was ISA used so blatantly and rudely against 100-odd activists and opposition politicians?

Please lah, stop your nonsense. Go talk to Mukriz, maybe he will listen to you. He has no choice, you are his father. But you ain’t mine. So buzz off.

Pi-lah. Balik kampung, tanam jagung. Menyampah.

Only idiots get impressed by what you say and do. And there are too many of them around.

Sick of you, sick of the newspapers who give you so much coverage as if there is no other persons to cover.

A waste of journalistic talent. A waste of paper in the newspaper. A waster of my reading time.

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  1. wits0 says:

    Very sickening indeed!

    Is there a single matter in which his amoral self has not contradicted himself over time? The irony of his spew is without parallel ; any astute soul can see that as clearly as day. Has there been any public figure as unabashedly self-serving in pronouncements, ideas and deeds?

    It ought to be clear to the sane and intelligent that the slavish MSM is not having the best interests of the public and their readers at heart in the mythical deitification of him.

  2. ian says:

    Don’t fall for the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Mahathir is predictable because he is consistent in thought and action. Can you really trust a person who champions “Ketuanan Melayu”, while trying to hide his own Indian heritage?


  3. Jed Yoong says:

    That’s not nice.
    I really appreciate what he has done for KL even amid his Malay agenda….

  4. Jetmai says:

    It’s a waste of everything..sheer nonsense better listen to the cow mooing

  5. Drachen says:

    Motormouth is the most cynical person in the country. He thinks Malaysians are fools he can exploit and manipulate. 20+ years in power and there are still schools in Malaysia without water and electricity! Now he is planning a comeback by proxy! As if the country hasn’t suffered enough!

    By the way, I’ve stopped reading his nonsense 10 years back!

  6. bamboo river says:

    When will he leave us alone?
    Just retire and spend quality time with your family.

  7. Musa susah says:

    Jed Yoong, go lick Maha’s arsehole because it is the only thing you can see. You can’t see any further or anything else. You bloody NUMBSKULL.

  8. Concern Citizen says:

    I think the best thing that can happen to Malaysia right now is for Mahathir to die!

  9. bamboo river says:

    I really appreciate what he has done for KL even amid his Malay agenda….Jed Yoong.

    Really ? Care to elaborate?
    If it is infrastructure, well, that is where our tax money should go. BUT, how much ,where and whom had gained for all this in the end? Have you tried driving around KL city centre and look at the planning and layout of the city?

    Snatching away our cake and giving back one lousy piece of lollipop is what we the rakyat is getting.
    Not forgetting the bumno ketuanan shit.

    Have a cup of kopi O kau kau to sober up!

  10. phillipy says:

    tis old man who uses the isa blalantly during his reign,wanted to teach to sulk eggs again.money politics happens in his years but he never use isa.
    what he says is right.don’t use isa on people who writes rubbish like him for example

  11. kluangman says:

    Cakap le betul betul, u benci, u menyampah atau jubur you betul betul kembang sebab Mahathir cakap, semua orang boleh Jadi PM kalau dapat sokongan majoriti. Itu kan perjuangan you cuma u geli sikit sebab itu keluar dari orang yang u benci selama ini. Tapi lepas ini bolehlah moderate sikit nak kutuk dia, dah jatuh cinta dengan Mahathir: tajuk Utama Utusan Malaysia: SUSAN LOONE JATUH CINTA DENGAN MAHATHIR..

    Sebagai penulis blog adalah ‘awak pembohong besar’ kalau tidak menunggu ulasan Tun kerana itulah nilai berita, bahan dan idea untuk awak menulis.

    Jadi janganlah cakap menyampah sebab awak pun berasal dari jenis sampah sarap jugak, yang berasal dari tanah besar dan hanyut ke bumi nusantara..

  12. Bola Hangus says:

    even with all the check and balances wiped out and the judicial system in a straightjacket, this man alone has done and contributed immensely for the malays and malaysia. I’m not saying that he’s without faults but if one would ask me to list down his achievements and what qualities i admire about him on a piece of paper, i’d find myself out of paper. If the same question is to be asked for the current leadership, i think i’d be running out of ideas to write.

    Some of what he says it true. If the malays still play this money politics nonsense, they will find their powerbase and political representation reduced in the next election when the malay themselves will turn against UMNO in greater numbers. UMNO must rejuvenate itself by compromising and direct dialogues with other malay parties for the interest of the malays, not just the interests of the highest bidder within or the select few. With many ivy league graduates , professionals produced through the NEP, Capable malays must be given the chance to lead. Transparency and accountability increased and check and balances restored. Term limits must be imposed.Leaders must actually be voted in, not bought or annointed. The current turmoil reminds me when the early islamic nation was one, when the leadership was based on merit and character of the individual thru the consensus of the muslim majority. When the leaders cared more for the greater cause than their own egos.It is greed, corruption and seizing of power which created a sunni shia split that lasted to this very day. We should learn from this and not let our personal ambitions take precedence over the interests of our own people.

  13. Omar Bakri says:

    1) Sloone, I have been observing that you are very pro-Khairy
    2)Please read what Mahathir has said at that forum – he made some real sense for a change.

    my latest article

    ”Khairy Jamaluddin: Can we write him off?”


  14. koolgeek says:

    nobody is denying the existence of race.

    instead of cherishing diversities, he wanna continue to use it so his puppet can promise him the same thing he promised to his dad.

    everybody defending against everybody else so UMNO can continue to loot

  15. alrawa says:

    It’s a waste of time and money. The newspapers have the time and Mahathir has the money.

  16. Rainstorm says:

    do not deny the fact that he had made M’sia progressed over the years but at the same time he had done a lot of damages to the country ….. sigh…. obviously can see the return of Mahathir as lots of coverages on him of late…

  17. The Penquin says:

    Many appreciate him because he has brought development to KL and Selangor. Big tall buildings, good looking infrastructures, great and classy shopping centres, ect…He is also appreciated for the way he speaks and his charisma. But few would make analysis of the effects of such developments. A nation is actually made up of the people. When the minds of the people do not progress the nation is also not progressing. Economically and socially we have not progressed much even with the building of magnificent infrastructures. I am no economist but I feel that the real wages for so many have not increased much. Just an example….I started working in a local financial institution with a salary of about RM800 20 years ago. Today a fresh graduate gets may be about RM1500. We have now all the big expensive shopping malls selling expensive branded products, food and beverages. I believe only a minority can actually afford. So what do those who actually cannot afford do ? ? Apply credit card. Spend their ‘future’ income. At the moment this is not a serious problem to the economy yet. But if this trend is to continue I can foresee greater problems for the economy. So these are some of the problems the majority do not see. Yes Dr.M has brought developments. But he did not bring economic and social developments to the same level.

  18. monsterball says:

    He is trying so hard to confuse young generations and simultanouoly take revenge on almost all the UMNO ministers that ..”say one thing…do the opposite”….quoting him.
    What he spoke are always what he was…accusing others. …so that no one will accuse him. That’s what his sick brain is thinking all the time.
    That’s his sickening thick skinned style..also.
    He is such a crooked politician…has reached a stage…feeling no shame at all. I think…he feels he is the King of Malaysia.
    Almost all UMNO ministers and feeling they own the country….and we are their subjects….not our voted servants at all.
    The small group who does not feel this way…have no balls to resign or speak out bravely. All are multi multi millionaires….one way or another.
    Best is….Najib went to mosque….to sumpah….do not know Atlantuya…and became gospel truths.
    So he has found a formula to ask the 900 complaining corruptions.to sumpah ….become truths..and then….he sack the ministers…and let both fight it out in court.
    If he love to get rid of corruptions…so easy to do it…why don’t he?
    But Mahathir is best.
    He said all are racialists parties….leaving UMNO out…accusing all….knowing fully well….he kept this race and religion politics…so active…when it should have ended during his 22 years. This man…is a low down liar and like Judge Ian said….a devil reincarnate.
    I do not blame Judge to resign…as the forces of evil is much larger than the righteous ones.
    We must keep on exposing Mahathir…and not keep quiet.
    His speeches cannot bullshit us..but young generations….particularly the Malays….need to know….the other side of the story.
    They need to know…BMF murder case..why Anwar went to jail…Operation Lallang….RM1.2 billion bail out his son….why Mahathir..build Twin Towers….crazy for the crooked bridge….Bukun dam….Putra Jaya….Langkawei……all multi billion projects.
    Why he is known as the 10% commission man.
    This devil….blames everyone is corrupted…but not himself.
    He ask for proofs…knowing fully well…..UMNO will never expose him…as all are corrupted,.,.,.right to the core….so said….Tengku Ahmad Rithauddeen. He can blame others…and we must beleive him. On him..we have to give proofs.
    Mahathir confirms that corruptions is on going..for past 30 years….yet blame others….not realizing he is confirming …he was the leader of the pack….encourage corruptions….for 22 years…free for all……….UMNO members.
    Is he not a sick man?

  19. monsterball says:

    My message into dustbin?
    hi bamboo river……long time no hear you.
    How’s life?

  20. imwatchinu says:

    Fully agree with you. The old fart is spewing his poison without solicitation. Just because some sycophants praise him in his blog, he thinks the rest of the country is still eating from his hands. He’s just like a rotten carcase someone dumped at the front of your house.

  21. back2012 says:

    Ahh, he start taking racist in order to get vote for Mukriz in coming UMNO Youth election….

  22. Ashes says:

    Hitler did much for the Germans and till today he is held in high esteem in many quarters, even deified.
    Same with the man of kerala (mok) who lives on for many malays.

  23. navinda says:

    Mahathir is perhaps the main reason for the mess we are in now. Yes, hundreds praise him for the physical developments we see in the country. At what and whose expense? Who profited from all these infrastructure that he commissioned? Meanwhile he destroyed the social fabric of the society. He became a champion of racists, money politics started and grew during his time, corruption was condoned and even encouraged. He declared Malaysia an Islamic state, sacked judges and ruled the country literally like a police state. He was a racist of the highest order; of Indian origin, he refused to admit his parentage and championed the UMNO cause as if he was a full blooded Malay, while completely ignoring the Indians. He destroyed UMNO and what it stood for and formed UMNO Baru to hoodwink the nation. The whole nation cheered when he stepped down as PM. Yet, we now see a new breed of cult worshipers singing his praise and dancing to his tune.

    The old man should shut up and stay with his Perdana Forums instead of interfering in the government.

  24. Maniwannan says:

    i’m just fedup of reading about politic scenario in malaysia nowadays…MSM i have stopped buying since two yrs back…..and getting fedup of all these backlashing and “i better than you ” propoganda…..end of the day the people are becoming “morons” don’t know what to believe…….real shit man!!!!!!!!!

  25. kittykat46 says:

    Mahathir’s supporters always point to the physical development in Malaysia from his 22 years of rule.
    What they are blind to is his 22 years caused very serious , possibly irrepairable corruption to the country’s institutions, the “software” which in the end, is far more important to the country’s future than the hardware.

    Hardware often just needs financial capital and physical resources to develop or fix. Damage to software can take generations to recover

  26. Anak Malaysia says:

    Let’s see ISA can really applies to those corrupted UMNO members as stated by TDM.

  27. Mist says:

    Wow! susan, smoke coming out of both ears 8-).

    Mahathir is a classic puppetmaster. His whole approach to life(I pity his wife and children) whether in family, politics, profession etc he has the need to manipulate events to his wishes and will. Occasionally some puppets started pulling on the strings and at such times the puppetmaster is often disturbed, angry, spout his lips like a spoilt child etc. Look at the time when Badawi called for a royal commission which later found him culpable. Just look at some of the video clips. He was angry, hateful, lost, behaving like a spoilt child whose lolli had been taken away from him, spiteful and speaking incoherently.

    Like all puppetmaster they always play both sides. This gave them maximum coverage. This is why you have people hating him and people loving him. And he get both sides to distrust each other. This are classic playbook strategy of puppetmasters. All his nonsensical vomit get its fair share of audience – just like dogs love vomit. I found out recently that dogs actually eat shit and vomit(after fermenting for a while) and rotting stuff and they love it.

    Don’t be too angry with him 8-)….understand him. He won’t fade away like some old war horse. He will probably die standing and fighting for this gave him an exaggerated sense of his importance. Like all spoilt child who doesn’t know what to do when he doesn’t get any attention, Mahathir will continue to create wave. Of course he has his own rationalisation which only served to delude him further of his exaggerated sense of self-importance.

  28. Is there someone in Malaysia hated more than the Mamak ? No-no-No !!!!
    He was born an Indian and will die as one even though he sold his Indian soul to become a Malay. Only the Malays and UMNO in Malaysia will accept you and all the half breeds to become Malays. What a crying shame – you can’t change a pussy cat into a leopard.!
    Obama’s is addressed as an Africa American and I am sure he is proud to be one too, even though he was born by a white American and became the 44th President of America.
    Now that India is becoming a giant in Asia may be the Mamak and his children will revert themselves back to become Indians !

  29. veryupset says:

    Come on lah….! Give Tun a break!

    We & d world know who he is coz he HAS put Malaysia where it has benifitted a lot of us. This we cannot deny…!

    Now that he’s out of sight & out of mind, thats why he making a lot of comments. He will never shut up as long as he has the gift of gab…!

    Not being able to control the country, his projects all cancelled by the person he chose to be PM, being ignored by Umno, being critizied by his BN friends, etc…, etc….

    That’s why frustrated lah…!
    He will NEVER shut up………… I tell you !

  30. The Mind says:

    Dear kluangman

    Ada jugak orang bodoh kat kluang…..oops…orang pandai….pasai apa….hangpa ni pengikut setia orang paling pandai yang telah perintah M’sia….hang baca blog chedet terlalu banyak…..99% yang komen angkat dia….hang pun sama no!


    The Mind!

  31. Mata putih says:

    bola hangus. Wow. Out of paper eh? Just list me 3 of his greatest contribution? 1. Densest toll in the world? 2. A culture of mega white elephant? Spend first, think later? After so much been spent, Which project of his generating huge recurring benefit? 3. Stay in power using all power dispensable under pm? using divide and conquer? A policy of love or hatred? Of Togetherness or segregation. Now where are those paper? Why not you list 3?

  32. WTF says:

    Mahatiu Mamak Kutty is the greatest hypocrite in Malaysia, the dictator shouted democracy now while during his reign he ruled by an iron fist.
    The most corrupted PM Malaysia ever had is crying out loud against corruption now. The one who dismantled the independence and integrity of the judiciary is now yearning for the rule of law.The person who started the um-no election quota system is crying foul now.
    Mahatiu you are indeed a despicable man !

  33. Robert Teh says:

    Whatever good he had done will never ever make me forgive this man for all the sins, wrongs and injustice he done to many good men in this country.

    May he burn in hell!

  34. Anonymous says:

    We don’t have “immigrants” meh?

    Tun Tan Siew Sin, “Tun Tan Answers Critics on special Previleges” on 30 april 1969:

    “The Malays, through UMNO, were generous enough to relax the citizenship laws of this country to such extent that within 12 months of independence, 90 percent were still non-citizens after nearly 100 years of colonial rule in the Malay States. In return for this major concession. the MCA and the MIC agreed to continue the policy of preserving the special position of the Malays while at the same time upholding the legitimate interest of other communities.” – Malaysia – An Anthology, Vantage Press, New York, pg. 38-39.

    TUN V.T. SAMBANTHAN in the Parliament on 1 JUN 1965.

    “Now, in 1955 we won the elections with a great majority. Then we obtained freedom in two years time. During this period, we had to discuss citizenship and various other things. Now what did the Malays do – since we are speaking on racial lines – what did the Malay leadership do? They had 88 percent of the electorate still with them. What did they do with citizenship?

    If we look around in Asia and East Asia, particularly, you will find that my race the indian race, is not welcomed in Ceylon, is not welcomed in Burma. Look at my brother Chinnese race, it is not welcomed in Thailand, in Vietnam, in Cambodia, in all the other areas. What help do they get for citizenship in all these territories? In Burma, as we know, Indian have been send packing, in Ceylon they refused them citizenship and in Burma it is likewise. I know it, you know it. And yet in Malaya what happened? Here we found that the Malay leadership said, “We shall take them unto ourselves as brothers, we shall give them full opportunity to live in this country, we shall give them every opportunity to become citizens.” And so, in 1957, for the whole year, we waived language qualifications, and tens of thousand of Indians, Chinnese, Ceylonese and others became citizens…

    As I said, it has been my great good fortune to have born in this country. Where else can you find a more charitable, a more polite, a more decent race than Malay race? Where else can you get such politically decent treatment for any immigrant race? Where else in the history of the world? I ask you. These are the facts. Who are you to safeguards us? I am 10 percent minority race here. But I am happy here.”

  35. aka 3 says:

    Dear Kluangman,

    Aku rasa kau memang tau menyampah aje.. janganlah buat malu orang Kluang. Kalau kau to pandai sangat becakap, pi lah cuba nasib untuk jadi walik rakyat. Cih..cih..cih.. dengan mentality kau sekarang yang bodoh, mungki bolehlah cuba nasib pada hayat yang akan datang saja…phui… janganlah komen orang lain datang dari tanah besar.. kau ori sangat ke? Sebelum ni kau juga cacing dari Indon.. pi mampus lah kau..

  36. wira says:

    Every time I hear him, through his speeches and writings, I keep wondering to God why isn’t Him bringing him home ?
    That’s how much fed up I am with him.

  37. Bless Tun says:

    Tun Mahathir is greater than God ! May he live to a thousand years !. Mukriz who inherited his father’s wisdom will rule some day rule Malaysia and bring the country to another glorious height. Those who are not happy can leave the country and go to Aussie land and even the little red dot located south.

  38. Joshua says:

    Constitutionally, MM is a Malay though his father is half-Indian and grandfather Indian.

  39. Azmin says:

    I have nothing much to say about this old man, just sick of him. Wish he could just SHUT UP!!!

  40. man says:

    give leave him alone, let him talk with no one listening..he will finally stop talking.. or he will talk to himself..till death.

  41. eeyaw says:


    His time has already passed. He is not immortal & not the only one capable of leading Malaysia, albeit already damaged Malaysia irreparably. Just ignore his rant & screams like what we normally do for an old man who is having his second childhood.

  42. Truth Shall Prevail says:

    My goodness the amount of curses this man receives……Exceptional. If i were to be him I would be the saddest person on earth. Just to be cursed by one person is enough for that curse to work on one’s life and throughout his generation. I wonder how this man is cursed by millions. His whole generation will pay dearly from his very children and generations to come they will pay for the sins of this man. MAHATHIR I feel so sorry for you what you have done to your family. What more …your days are numbered like as if you are going to be around for many more years. Look at your peers all dead and gone. If I were you I WOULD BE DREADFUL THAT THE DAY IS APPROACHING AND HELL IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER..WHAT MORE YOU WHOLE GENERATIONS WILL JOIN YOU THERE BECAUSE OF YOUR OWN DOING.

  43. Miles says:

    Leader without wisdom is a disaster to its people. Obama is light years ahead of Tun although only about half his age. That’s why as the saying goes, growing old is compulsory, growing wise is optional.

  44. Ashes says:

    As I said, it has been my great good fortune to have born in this country. Where else can you find a more charitable, a more polite, a more decent race than Malay race? Where else can you get such politically decent treatment for any immigrant race? Where else in the history of the world? I ask you. These are the facts. Who are you to safeguards us? I am 10 percent minority race here. But I am happy here.”
    4 years later he found out when revolting Mahathir revolted.

  45. Ashes says:

    “Obama is light years ahead of Tun although only about half his age.”

    The american idol is overhyped. Wait and see what nonsense he will come up with when exaltation turns to despair.

  46. ciltra says:

    Where have all the wise men in Malaysia gone to?I thought HE is not in politics,not a UMNO member,yet we have to suffer his senile rantings.Cant his family keep him safely in his house whereby he does not put his finger into every other pie!!! I feel so pisssssssed of when I see so much coverage given to him.He seems to be the only politician left with insights to our future.Enough.please, you were given a chance to govern this wonderful country of ours.All we have is skyscrapers in selangor to remind us of you,and nothing to shout about in all the other states.I want to sleep,lah!

  47. jean says:

    Any comment when Hsien loong said that Singapore (A State with a Chinese majority) not ready to have a Malay PM? Nah… I dont think so. Not a word.

    Just plain hypocrites.

    White elephant projects? KLCC, KLIA, Putrajaya, Sepang F1. Which one? Those projects were the one that drove the economy at that time. Talk is cheap but the same people who are now shopping at klcc would always be the same person who will complain till their mouth bleed if they have to travel through sungai buloh 2 lanes road to get to the congested subang airport.

    Corruption. Blame it on him. Easy ha? I never saw or read Tun ask you or anyone to be corrupt. You chose to be corrupt yourself out of greed or to get your easy way out. Ask Anwar.

    Dont get too emotional lah. Menyampah.

  48. idzan ismail says:


    Tsk,tsk. The true looney susan in the loony bin. Once again you are spewing baloney.
    If you “menyampah” why are you portraying him in your precious blog. If I detest someone. I won’t bother mentioning even his name
    You are as guilty as the MSM you so ridiculed. At least they are not hypocrites.
    Hello. Most times the old man talks sense.
    The best statesmen we ever have aside from Tun Razak.
    Care to admit, under him everything is keep in checked.
    Unlike now when people like Susan too is king.

  49. Scott Thong says:

    He said they can’t fix the economy. Badawi can’t do it. Obama can’t do it.

    Implying, WHO CAN DO IT?

    Himsel of course!

  50. Adeline says:

    appreciate mahatahi because he has brought development to KL and Selangor. Big tall buildings, good looking infrastructures, great and classy shopping centres, ect…

    Yea right!..mahatahi, come to sabah..visit us in Telupid, Sandakan. you have done NOTHING when you were the PM

    Orang kata “orang jahat biasanya hidup panjang”..that’s apply to you mahatahi..

  51. Anonymous says:

    non malay can be PM but can non malay be GM of PKNS ?

  52. idzan ismail says:


    Once again Susan is singing looney tunes. Spewing baloney fit for the loony bin.
    If you so menyampah, why are you giving him so much prominence in your “precious blog”.
    If I detest someone, I will not even mention his name. You are as guilty as the MSM which you ridiculed. At least they are not hypocrites.
    He is one of our best statesmen ever aside from Tun Razak.
    Hello, most times he talks sense.
    Under him, we are peaceful with everyone kept in line.
    Unlike now, where people like Susan is king.

  53. Siti Hamzah says:

    I thought I could have a good night sleep not until this old man started to nag nag nag all day long. Can his children keep him safely at home and not letting him wondering around the neighbourhood. His children should make sure he is having a peaceful rest (RIP) during his numbered day. So pitiful lah.

  54. mahathirrubbish says:

    Dirty old man needs his bottoms spanked. Useless fellow,good for nothing loafer.

  55. wapot says:

    You are right Sloone , I agree with your comments.

  56. If he willing to do something good for Malaysian, 8 years is enough, he just wasted us for 22 years.

  57. Douglas Moore says:

    Bamboo River,\

    From the day that Kittykat46 elucidated of what Madam Jed Yoong wrote in defense of police actions, whatever she writes in the past present and future is in the drain.

    Ahhhhh! Bola Hangus has responded to my exchanges in previous thread. I’ll be there soon after I am back from business. I first was under the impression that he was a Chinese impersonating a Malay. He may be likely an Indian.

    I don’t bother about race actually but since Bola Hangus posting is all about races that merits a reply, so see you soon.

    Of Mahathir, your ruses will not work, it will not work at all at least on me.

    Good take on this one Susan.

    Douglas Duncan Moore

  58. mahathirrubbish says:

    3rd class banana republic dictator – towering malay ketuana melayu, only najis mentality type pray to him.

  59. mahathirrubbish says:

    3rd class banana republic dictator – towering malay ketuanan melayu, only najis mentality type pray to him.

  60. MuiChoy says:

    Wonder when this old man would stop talking for good? I mean really stop talking. Let’s pray it’ll come soon.

  61. Antares says:

    Jed Yoong a Mahathirite? Wow…. come to think of it, quite a few people your age find it hard to give Dr M the finger. I guess anyone growing up in the 1980s would have been totally brainwashed by the sensurround effect of The Mamak Colossus! 🙂

    As a compulsive face-reader, I find it IMPOSSIBLE to feel any warmth or sympathy for somebody whose mouth is PERPETUALLY TURNED DOWN in a cold-blooded, arrogant sneer.

  62. siti fatimah says:

    you touch about blaming malays must all be muslims. Very sensitive though. Very sensitive. Even though you fight against racist, you shouldn’t touch bout muslims if you don’t know much…

  63. patdee says:

    I have been wanting to show my disgust at the Shorty who ruled and brought immense damage to our country but had refrained till now.

    I regret having shook hands with him and held him in high esteem when I met him in one of the official functions in Sabah. I told my friends that whenever I read or hear of him I want to puke! Like most of the bloggers, “Shorty……please shut up if you still care and have any considerations for the future of this beloved country. Don’t kill and poison the younger generations anymore with your corrupt thoughts and opinions”.

  64. Sabran Hindi says:

    Mahataik and LKY of Spore can adopt each other and call themselves “THE IRRITATING TWINS”!

  65. Alias says:

    Mahathir….. sekarang tahun 2008 bukan tahun 1948. Be real man.

  66. paddy says:

    Too f’ing right, too f’ing right…

  67. paddy says:

    Actually i got plenty of respect for LKY, can you imagine singapore still being part of a malaysia, it’d be a sh’thole if it was

  68. Scott Thong says:

    Sorry, my above comment, I meant Mahathir criticized Anwar and Obama.

  69. Christina says:

    Malaysia was never racist like how it is today, until Mahathir became PM. During my grandfather’s time (he’s in his 80s now), meritocracy ruled, not race. He, a Chinese man, became GM in a then-government owned and run utilities company through years of hard work and dedication, no ass-kissing, corruption or anything like that. How many non-Malays get to reach that kind of position in the civil service nowadays?

    All my years of living with my grandparents I have never heard them speak of Malays and Indians the way people do now. They still run into their old Indian and Malay friends and speak of each other fondly. What happened to that? I think that was the Golden Age, not this era of twin towers and mega shopping malls. We’re regressing as a culture and country. It needs to stop with us. Our children are watching and listening.

  70. kittykat46 says:

    ZZZZZ….go take a rest.
    You should be preparing to meet your Maker…

    ……at this stage in life, most people would be trying to make their peace with whatever wrongs they may have done during their lifetime, seek forgiveness of people they may have hurt…..bertaubat…insaf…repentance….

  71. kristian Ham says:

    Poor senile Old Man, if I meet him on the street I’ll spit on his face, because of his lopsided policies possibly it was a blessing in disguise for
    me, I had to make a heart wrenching decision 20 years ago. Looking back
    I have no regrets, at least my two children were offered a new least for their future in a New Zealand. At least they were given equal opportunity
    for their Tertiary educations based on Merits rather than on Colour of
    their skin. Eldest has gratuated and younger sibling is doing his final year
    in IT but its worth all the sacrifice of uprooting.
    Malaysia is a very beautifull country But because of a Mad Man at the helm
    screwed up everything for the majority of the Citizens. A Mad egoistic man
    who would go to great lenght to hide his own race and then claim to be
    a Malay, his poor late father must be reeling in his grave for having such
    a son, then maybe he forgot to teach him that ‘One can change one’s Religion BUT one cannot change one’s Race’ !
    What I fail to understand is WHY the real Malays can be Hood winked by
    this Fake malay for so long and still allow him to dictate them to this date.
    He is now two legs closer to the Grave than on this side of the living yet
    he can’t leave the damages he had done to the people, he still persist
    to lectures everyone after retiring. He is now reaping what he sowed
    and if he does not repent sooner, he’ll most likely suffer ill health where
    he can neither beg to die nor beg to live that will be the wrath of God.
    No wonder Tuanku Abdul Rahman refused to pardon and accept his apologies for all the ills he did to Tuanku before Tuanku’s passing away.

  72. Diva Chin says:

    Well said Susan..
    This Mamak Tongkang is the biggest HYPOCRITE around.
    The book “SHIT” should be given free for all to read..
    SHIT is exactly what came out of his mouth nowadays.

  73. chewe for justice says:

    after years of indoctrination and brainwashing under mathathir rule by Its propaganda of ketuanan melayu or ketuanan Umno to be exact, a significant lot of malay-muslim population have lost their sense of justice and morality. Instead of demanding their leaders to have /show integrity and good governance, they have now come to a stage where they show no shame to be associated with money politics and corruption. They will support and choose such leaders like Mahathir, Nazib, MM Taib, Khir and M Ali not because they are good leaders with integrity , but because such politicians will promise them favours and advantages over others. In return, they sacrifice their conscience to accept such corrupt and scandalous politicians as their leaders. And there you have the explanation for this relationship and viscious cycle of poor leadership and money politics and corruption in malaysia. The only thing I see that can break this viscious cycle unfortunately is a catastrophe and hardship of unimaginable scale to hit malaysia so that every segment of its population will come to its proper sense and start anew again. God bless malaysia.

  74. birdbrain says:

    You had your years.
    You had your day.
    And you had your chances.

    Rest in peace!

  75. Joe Tee says:

    This mamak kutty said: Kita melayu mesti bersatu. Kita melayu mesti so and so….etc..etc.. In this way he can obviously benefit from the NEP. Later he turn around and said: Melayu malas, melayu muda lupa…. He knew he is not a malay anyway. So, this smart kutty actually made so much $$$$$$ by playing the racial card not only to non malay but also to the genuine malay.

    And the idiot MCA always keep silence for their own benefit. MCA you are betraying your own people and country. I just wonder there are so many professional member in the MCA but they’re just being cunning to not only to the ordinary chinese but also to their group of member. Wat a Shame of you MCA. Malaysian Chicken Association.MCA you guys are the real ass hole.

  76. the immigrant says:

    well said.

  77. KongKor says:

    Agreed. If I were him, I will enjoy my retirement with the spoils that was accumulated over the past 22 years.

    Of course I will be dong more social, charity work and champion the cause for a greener and sustainable environment.

    Unfortunately, this old man just want to get more publicity and throw his weight around. Silly!

  78. SameSame says:

    Aiyoo Susan, this old man talk co*k la. He only talks but has never practices what he talks about (save except when its his ass is on fire)? It takes one crook to recognize the other mah!

    He should bow down gracefully before he gets rotten eggs on his face. However knowing this man and his nonsenses, he wants to die with shame and no honour. So let him and his wonderful followers rant and rave.

    They have no substance these people only full of s*it.

  79. Allentcw says:

    YES…This OLD MAN should enjoy his retirement now…..and keep quite..I used to hold him highly for many years because he bring development to our country….but at the sametime he has made UMNO into a RACIST MONSTER!!!!….yes he bring development, YES he screw up our Judistiary, YES he skew the truth concept of NEP, YES he create cronyism, corruptions in favour of UMNO RACIST.
    and yes he promote the Ketuanan Melayu, Yes he used ISA for his own political interest……yes Malaysia are in SHIT now because of HIM……………..so 2003 we thought he is over but now he likely will be advisor to Najib!!!!!! well Good luck Malaysian…….

  80. Fredrick says:

    He did not give what TAR gave to Malaysia, dignity and freedom. In fact he destroyed all of this and added corruption and cronyism to it. The best part is that he set the trail for future leaders of Malaysia to enhance this.
    Hidup Mahathir. Hidup Malaysia ???

  81. kluangman says:

    Ramai yang kurang puas hati apabila Mahathir di ukur kejayaannya melalui fizikal terutama bangunan dan frasarana, bagi mereka yang lebih penting ialah ‘bina insan’ …kahkahkahkah macam pernah dengar je..
    Tetapi hari ini, waktu ini, masa ini mereka mereka yang sedang mengutuk Mahathir berada di alam maya hasil pemikiran dan pembawaannya.

    Perbandingan fizikal yang ditunjukkan sebagai ukuran kejayaan Mahathir adalah khusus kepada mereka yang rendah mentaliti dan jika itupun tidak boleh nampak, bagaimana mampu mereka melihat pembangunan rohani dan minda yang diterapkan oleh Tun di kalangan rakyat malaysia yang yakin dengan ‘Malaysia Boleh’ suatu ketika dulu dan kini (turn to) Kedai Dua Ringgit, Jual Murah Murah.

    Janganlah kutuk Mahathir dengan minda rendah dan alasan bodoh, lebih baik puji idola masing masing, buat patung dan sembah dia di rumah, tak ada siapa yang marah.

  82. Alitan Muthu says:

    Well, a very personal post. Susan, a big dent on the ethical, intellectual journalism you claim to fight for. Get real, don’t let your hatred for the former PM take precedence. Race politics is Malaysia’s biggest curse, and we are all still voting on racial lines. Put an impressive Indian candidate in rural Kelantan, up against a mediocre Malay candidate, you think the Indian has a chance? Will Anwar dare put a Chinese PKR candidate in Jerlun ? Will PAS put a Chinese Muslim candidate in Tumpat? When we talk abt how we are against only Malays being the PM, thats passive racism. Mahathir has been right and wrong many times in 22 years, this one he has got right. Don’t blame him solely for our racist tendencies, lets blame OURSELVES first. PS: I’m one of the idiots who still think Mahathir makes some sense at times, one of the 7 or 8 million who have visited his blog so far in 6 months. Whats your hit count?

  83. wits0 says:

    Chewe, not only have they, the true believers, lost their sense of justice and morality because of amoral MahalDeal but they expect his legacy to be be written in stone for posterity.

    Here is a person of established double speak with every word he spewed. And with a past uninvestigated. Accountability becomes something for birds only.

    This is the badly flawed “software” that Kittykat wrote about above. It destroys the otherwise normal and decent psyche of weak thinking persons and in its place glorifies the world perverting and deceptive injustice as the means to an end. You’ll never learn fairness from a most unfair man. The umno/Machiavellian/cynical legacy. That of the means justifying the ends.

    Ancient saying, “Beware of the gods you worship for you’ll take after them “. Especially an egoistic and narcissistic one.

  84. SameSame says:

    Kluangman…you measure success with the yards of tall buildings? Tsk tsk tsk, thats how shallow people are and thanks to your wonderful Tun la.

    Success of a country is measured by the quality of education, its people and its net tangible assets. We have none of the three. All we have are lies, corruption, scandals, everything under the sun but the above.

    Anyway, no point arguing with people like yourself. They only see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear. They are still living under the tempurung. Go out and see the world and leave your jaundice eyes back.

    Jangan Kutuk mahathir konon, yealah…only his cronies can accept him.

  85. Jsss says:

    Fed-up man, nothing is so great about him. His is the main culprit for everything happened in this country don’t have to be goody. Don’t waste time better balik Kerala to rest lah.

  86. Ganesan says:

    This guy is full of shit, talks of preserving of race based politics, just to preserve his dynasty and his cronies and to make sure his son becomes PM. This guy is selfish, all his rhetoric is just to preserve his son Mukriz future as PM. After even 100 years there will be no meritocracy as race will determine the person who holds high office. He will advice cynically to the world how the west must endure to just policy, but in his backward are all shit.

  87. wits0 says:

    Ganesan, that’s what self-servingness is all about. Has he ever taken a position on things where it isn’t based on this self-interest? Only the blind may not notice because they too are selfish and elect to be ignorant in the partisan manner.

  88. sklee says:

    Mahathir speaks the truth when he said that “anybody” can be a PM in Malaysia.What he conveniently missed out is that that “anybody” has to be deculturalised first and be a muslim for him to be accepted! He can , in fact ,use himself as an example.His father was from Kerala, India, but he has no Indian name.Instead he has a malay name, practises malay adat and is a muslim..and being the President of UMNO, he was PM for more than 20 years

  89. mesoso says:

    watever happened to the lingham case? anyone? badawi? you can still go out with a bang or maybe make an explosive comeback by putting this old goat in the dock…

  90. Miles says:

    ” Actually i got plenty of respect for LKY, can you imagine singapore still being part of a malaysia, it’d be a sh’thole if it was.”

    By the same token, if LKY were PM, or our leaders have half his wisdom, mentality and insight, Malaysia is already a first world country long time ago.

    We all suffer because of the stubborn refusal of our leaders to grow mature, without competent leaders the people are kept ignorant, they cannot even grasp this simple concept, that “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”

  91. anjali* says:

    I normally don’t wish bad about people. But from the bottom of my heart, I really wish he dies soon. Maybe then, we all Malaysians can start to live.

  92. sino says:

    The media and the press are at fault. Should just let him talk to himself. Do not publish anything about him. Everybody is fed up with him and whatever he says, is not worth listening. He should become dumb.

  93. lhheng says:

    This mamak kutty racialist is uttering shit again. He still think he can convince the rakyat by his double tongue talk. Just look at his racist and stupid face when he speaks will make you vomit.
    He also look like he is only a few inches from the six feet deep hole. Just need another stupid bum to just slightly kick in his arse will sure shut his double tongue mouth forever.
    Actually, most rakyat do not care what this arrogant greedy bum talks anymore. He is history.
    Dont waste time listen to him.

  94. […] SusanLoone’s post on her thoughts on Tun M’s […]

  95. avancc says:

    Well, let me say something honest… From the bottom of my heart…

    No doubt he has done a lot for the country… And more for himself… We cannot deny his contribution, and thus, we cannot also deny the expense he made to the rakyat. our money and our hard work to feed his ideas and goals, and his “partners’.

    And… To be honest… Who has caused the failure and constant denial state of Malaysian top politicians? Who harboured and nurtured the arrogant and racist attitude of these leaders? Who has instilled hatred of the rakyat towards them if it wasn’t the top leaders themselves? Torture a tiger and you may be devoured. Too bad they just wouldn’t admit it and make the necessary changes.

    Tun has his ideas of how an Ideal “Mahathir-sia” should be, and he thinks he is absolutely right on that. Thus the constant interfering he made to Malaysia’s political pathway, even to the extend of trying to keep a mime doll.

    Let Malaysia be trully Malaysia… Not Malay-sia “Mahathir-sia” or whatever other “sia” by breaking the barrier of racism. For even those that fought for “ketuanan Melayu” isn’t trully “melayu” at all, how could they claim that they are the rightfull “Native” of this land? By the way… Weren’t they themselves invaded this land then?

    So to Tun, make your positive contributions to curb with the economic downturn as you did in 1987, 1988, make your contribution to the technology developments in this country, and not only at uniting UMNO alone… If you want to unite, unite the RAKYAT.

  96. ANARCHY says:

    it figures why he’s still alive, even the devil doesn’t want him in hell.


  97. Richard Teo says:

    dear susan,

    You are a gem.You said everything I had wanted to say for a long time.This old man is a racist at heart and he will never change.Whatever he says really wants to make you puke and I agree totally that his views are archaic and irrelevant.He tends to forget he is an indian and wants to pretend that he is a true blood bumiputra. After 22 years of his rule I wish he would just fade away like all retiring statesman.

  98. Zhafrie Johari says:

    Saya fikir rakyat yang berfikiran seperti andalah yang merosakkan keharmonian Malaysia dengan mengapi-apikan orang. Maaf ya, ini hanya pendapat saya, kerana saya percaya anda seorang yang memperjuangkan hak kebebasan bersuara, bukan? 🙂

  99. avancc says:

    Oh… By the way, ever noticed that the Rempits, robbers and thieves has become bolder? Noticed that the crime rates has increased but not a solid action is taken against them?

    That makes me remember… How may 13 was planned and executed… How the parangs and weapon were being ordered long before the election date. How these mobs could be so bold and mindless in slashing up people… Would you be able stand on the stage and give a mind bulging speech without good and constant practice? Well, honestly, I can’t…

  100. greensquid says:

    well said!! susan, u have expressed all the views and emo’s i had in me for years. So racist and owh yeah, one should knock his head and remind him that he is of an indian origin! huh i’m just sick of too many politicking in the country. hopefully, the current opposition gains more votes and be the ruling coalition in the next elections..the sooner the better. barisan is just filled with lotsa corrupted fools!

  101. Drachen says:

    Remember when Motormouth was promoting Inflasi Sifar?

    Remember when he told everyone he would testify against AI in court? Did we ever see his shadow in court?

    Remember when he got the whole country angry with Soros and then later said Soros had nothing to do with the 97-98 financial crisis?

    Please fade away quietly because the memories are too revolting!

  102. Harrison says:

    Mahathir’s ruses has little indifferent from the likes of former ex-PM of Thailand – Thaksin and the least discussed but popular Statewoman like Eva Peron of Argentina.

    I am privileged to read political philosophy as a hobby during university days.

    To paraphrased the trikeries of Eva Peron and Thaksin – both espoused mostly the peasants fighting for a better standard of living for farmers. THAT IS CHIVALRY BUT IT WAS ALSO TRIKERIES.

    Eva Peron often makes surprise visits to the farms and the farmers are given largesse – in the form of cheap clothings and toys to the village kids.
    She was a staunch advocate of womens’ rights as well.

    Now, Eva Peron is non-other than a professional con artist wherein she swindle and siphoned-off State funds, donations just like ex-Thai PM Thaksin, whose business empire was nothing more than the corruption he amassed.

    Everytime the State is about to mete up a charge against Eva Peron and Thaksin, these peasants will be the “fedayeen” (men of sacrifice for Saddam Hussein, smart eh?).

    After Eva Peron died, the police discovered hundred of millions of US dollars stack in secret compartments in her official dwellings and secret bank accounts. Unfortunately Thaksin, does not share the ladyluck of Eva Peron. He is now a fugitive wanted by his country.


    Mahathir’s Machaivellian Mohamad ruses is anew, re-inventing his notorious strategy from time to time. His logics is far sharper than anyone in the Cabinet. He now said, any race can become PM if their party commands the majority of the coalition. That statement alone is inspiring to falsely exhibit his liberal and “color-blind” stand.

    Mahathir’s only intention is none other than ensuring that his son, Mukhriz
    be the PM if possible after Najib and his ghost will come back to haunt us.

    He shot up to fame and soon to power with falsely championing Malays special rights. He knew this will work and he was right, absolutely. Knowingly that Malays are more than double the population of Malaysia, he, like Saddam and Hitler uses them as “fedayeen” to achieve his Machiavellian intentions- power, money, and to incarcerate anyone who dissented his rule.

    I recalled reading a testimony from Tunku Abdul Rahman who said that Mahathir is the worst nightmare. This was reflected by Tun Hussein Onn who testified he made the biggest mistake in his life – choosing Mahathir as his deputy.

    For the locals Mahathir’s trikeries works well, but to the likes of George Soros, (haha), I always enjoy the way Soros humiliated the vindictive old scumbag.

  103. ericind says:

    this mamak kutty still thinking he is relevant,infact now ppl already knew his true colour after so much damages he had done.u go to hell mamak.

  104. polis woman says:

    Folks! Don’t worry, Saddam Hussein, Marcos, Suharto, Idil Amin etc etc…. are waving hands at Mahathir, and Mahathir is just smiling and waving his hand back, saying: see you all really very very soon, buddies!

  105. apapunboleh says:

    UMNO is a racist party, we could somehow relate them to Ku Klux Klan (KKK).

    The worst part is that UMNO owns and controls PDRM.

    A bunch retards they are.

  106. zewt says:

    ouch… that hurts….

  107. (Bless Tun and all the thick skin please note)

    Mamak Mahathir is and never will be a Malay no matter whatever you and the Malaysian law allows people , ‘how’ to ‘become’ a Malay.
    Bloody shame on him and all the half breeds !!
    How can anyone change his race and ‘become a Malay’-only in Malaysia you can ! Out of the desperate need to increase the Malay race and as majority in Malaysia and I might add in UMNO too!

    Just have a good look of him and his children, they are Indians every inch of them especially their eyes. They cannot change that I am sorry to say no matter how much they have.
    They are Indians and not Malays, period !!
    You can argue until Obama is known as a white American. He has a white American mother and still known as African American.

    Glad Mamak did not try to ‘become’ another race (as the most hated man in Mlaysia in living memory), may be very soon he wants to revert back to become an Indian because India is becoming an Asian giant and that he will be indicted before long.

  108. ericind says:

    go along with ur racist,corruptor,dictator cronies n dont even think of come back to this peaceful land.

  109. Blogreader says:

    Jed Yoong, you too can buzz off and be nice somewhere else!

    This is one of the greatest post ever from Susan!

  110. PeoplePower says:

    Well Said! Well Said! Well Said!

  111. mahahathir says:

    If I am Mahathir and seeing all these complains, I will just simply jump through the window of my office in Twin Towers for creating so many angry people here.

    All of you have to do is to start counting 1,2,3 and I will start jumping out through my office window in Twin Tower.

    Please bury my carcass next to Saddam, my friend, my comrade, my everything…

  112. Bless Tun says:

    Ingrates ! Ingrates….that’s two fingers to you ! courtesy of Tun.

    Malaysia owes Tun

  113. Blogreader says:

    What 22 years of development!??

    So you are all proud with the two Petronas Twin Towers, which have too many vacant lots compared to other world skyscrappers?

    Or the amazing Putrajaya, or Cyberjaya or … what really is there to be proud of being a Malaysian ruled by Mahathir for 22 years!??

    I totally agree with Susan, he has had his time, and chances, and glory or whatever he has had, so now is the time for him to just shut the f*** up and balik kampung and tanam his bloody jagung! I bet the jagungs will turn up corrupted as well!

    22 years of development!!

    With our natural resources and labors and brains and rakyat.. Malaysia would have been ON PAR with Paris and Stockholm, not to mention Hong Kong and Singapore!

    He’s done shit! Mahathir! He has only made a few bas***** become tycoons when they in the first place dont deserve it!

    Mahathir? It makes me sick just hearing this name! Tun? F*** OFF and gimme a break too, you old corrupted racist!!

  114. avancc says:

    Hi Mahahathir,

    Oh really? Only if he has a conscience I think…. But on the contrary, I think he would exercise his best practise – itu apa nama…. Interna-sionally Sucks Act and dig its claws into us all…

  115. benny says:

    hi all..

    Tun might be old and do wrongs in the past but who didnt? as far as I remember… malaysia prospers under Tun… the world take notice of malaysia due to Tun. Malaysia recovered much faster then other asian country during 97-98 crisis due to Tun ideas. he gave opportunity to majority malaysian to drive own a car and many more…. mind u, Tun still get invited for talks around the world. no leader is perfect but atleast Tun done good things for this country that most you guys utilise or enjoy now… Darn it, miss his sarcastic speeches

  116. Harrison says:

    I truly believe that prominent blogger like Susan loone as one of my friend said of her a a woman of integrity and a household name for any neizens and if Susan stands as an MP in my constituency, I will surely vote for her or offer some financial assistance many few keping of banners. 😀

    One can verified this by the hundreds of commenteries per thread as she will continue to blog cogently and rightfully.

    Always a fan of yours Ms Susan. 😉

    Hey Jed Yoong, don’t be shy, I promise I won’t “hurt” you. Just wanna know more of the connotation of your 1st comments. 🙂

  117. Blogreader says:

    I think someone should just start a petition “Tun Mahatahir, enough, balik kampung and tanam jagung!”.

    I’ll be the first one to sign!!!

    Bloody old retard thinks he is the smartest ass in the world! He HAS the best solution to every problems it seems.. but when ask what he did in the Lingamgate drama, “saya tak teringat.. saya dah lupa..”

    Real asshole, if i were Marina, i’d slap his old wrinkled face and wake him up!

  118. avancc says:

    Hi Mahahathir,

    Only if he has a conscience. But I think he would most probably use the famous apa nama itu Interna-tionally sucks Act on all of us…

    Well, he indeed have his contributions. But he created lots of shits as well. Just that he is smart enough to cover it up. Just think… How much is Proton compared to actual price in international market? He is using our money to fill up his and his “partners'” pocket, while selling it below costs overseas.

    There’s more than our eyes can see, and… too bad AAB doesn’t know how to cover shits, while at the same time, creates more shits. So it overflowed and the stench is unbearable now…

  119. goon says:

    Does he know that what he said these last days are sheer nonsense if what RPK writes is nonsense.

    His evilness knows no bound if you were to say something he does not like to hear or do something against his opinion. That’s the result of 22 years of dictatorship. Only he is right you are all wrong!

  120. moondoree says:

    The mamak said anybody can become a PM as long as Bangsa Malaysia.
    Why only now not before? It sounds funny. Is this because of the America Presiden Obama?

  121. polis woman says:

    Mahathir is a lawless thug. I wanted to arrest him for committed so many blatant crimes but could not because the PIG was appointed by Mahathir.

    So you see, Mahathir is a hantu of the lowest level

    Where is his running dog Mathias Chang? How much corrupt money he has received from Mahathir?

    If I am an independent Chief Police Woman, I shall throw all these useless buggers into jail!!!

  122. wits0 says:

    “Tun Hussein Onn who testified he made the biggest mistake in his life – choosing Mahathir as his deputy.” – Harrison.

    That Tun Hussein Onn wasn’t the wisest but at least he admitted his mistake though this has been largely obfuscated by the media. He followed some alleged promise he made to someone, thus furthering the error out of sentiment and not rationality.

    It has always been the adulation of the sychophantic media that promoted the greatness of MahalDeal – even before the crackdown on the small existing measure Press freedom after Ops Lalang. Out of 106 arrested how many were umno members? Yet it was umno that raised the temperature claiming that their glorious ‘sensitivities’ were violated!

    When faced with a sudden challenges such as Memali and the political tensions created in ‘October ’87, he wasn’t able to handle ’em well but resorted to blame(blaming his DPM) and draconian arrests under ISA. In both occasions he had just returned from his constant overseas globe-trotting and was angry at being “kacau-ed” with them and reacted in the same angry manner. The same attitude may be seen by our cops who do not like “kacaus” and hence don’t welcome problems which they are supposed to handle. And this is the problem with the actual attitude of our institutions – on the ground because of the example from the top.

  123. teohjitkhiam says:

    Orang tua nie tak sanggup ngaku dia tu salah. Alah, Tun, kalu nak sangat tunjuk terer ahh, api-apikan semangat perkauman. Bukan ke tu specialty Tun? Ingat lagi tahun 60an dulu? Alah, apa plak lupa?

    Tun dah nyanyok ke? Masa perang Vietnam tak dengar pun Tun lantang bersuara menetang keganasan Amerika. Oooh, masa Iraq, bukan main terer lagi Tun tunjuk taring konon. Sudah la. HIPOKRIT.

    Camni je, Tun. Tun kan terer mempermainkan sentimen perkauman semata-mata kuasa, kan? Apa lagi, Tun? Hantar konco2 Tun bulan Mac nie pi mengertak dan mengancam keromo kat PWTC! Tun pun tak rugi, kan?

  124. ainniejoe says:

    This is directly to “Blessed Tun”. Well what makes u think the little red dot down south wants pple like u. We have more den enough foreign talent even if we dont have enough…we can depend on alternative country. So puhh leasse we have enough of your water.. your people? let us think abt it first. Plus we do have malays n indians… so go to place where u dont need to deal with these races.. u’ll be better off there.

  125. moondoree says:

    The mamak said anybody can become a PM as long as bangsa malaysia.
    Why sunddenly now not before. Is it because of the America Presiden OBAMA. Sounds funny.What a acting. Really wish Anwar to takeover soon and chase him to his original country. (India)

  126. SameSame says:

    I wonder if our ‘Bless Tun’ can say that his so-loving abah Mahathir is so Mr Squeeky Clean and Righteous.

    LOL…today seems to be Bashing Mahathir Day! Well, all i can say that yes he may have put M’sia on the map but he had HIS OWN AGENDA and not of the nation’s. He made himself richer and not the nation.

    LOL….actually even AAB is no angel..but he is NO ‘DEVIL’ like his predecessor.

  127. ericind says:

    bless tun,i suggest u go to chet det blog cause u have no place here,we cant comment bad things in his blog bcos he choose to delet it,he only like ppl like u who can carry his 2 old balls,praise him like a god,wat a bloody senile old man,twist n turn bugger.

  128. polis woman says:

    This Mahathir and Kua Kia Song, the principal of New Era College, are abang adik.

    They belong in jail. I shall be every-ready (meow brand) to throw them into jail.

    They should govern rats in jail, not humans, not us!

  129. Bless Tun says:

    Dear Ainniejoe

    complaint some more and we will not let your ferraris and posches enter our country. As what Tun say first gear dropped into the sea.

    Tun is greater than God ! – all ingrates should be Ops Lalanged

  130. Batu Ferringhi says:

    Susan, my family and I also hate the Tun. Menyampah…

  131. sltan says:

    I wouldn’t write so much,if i were you. Just tell him shuddup1 Old viper!

  132. Chronicle Malaysia says:

    monsterball Says:
    November 13, 2008 at 7:38 am

    My message into dustbin?
    hi bamboo river……long time no hear you.
    How’s life?

    Ya, not only your message, but also YOU should be in the dustbin, monsterball! Like Mahathir, you are also out of date, but not out of sight, so get lost!!

  133. Nyonya says:

    The three faces that makes me puke when seeing in the media are Old Clown, R Baginda and Mr.ISA. But God only takes away the good guys earlier and leave the rubbish to rot and stink on earth for much too long!

  134. SameSame says:

    Bless Tun, do not ever equate GOD with the Devil like TUN! He is NO GOD.

    He is not even worthy to smell GOD’s Feet.

  135. JS Ong says:

    Mahathir, in short is the worst thing ever happened to Malaysia as a country. He destroyed what used to the strength and dignity of Malaysia in lieu of his own interest and corrupt practices. All the so-called physical developments were done with purposed to enrich himself, his family and cronies in the process. Ketuanan Malayu was used to weaken the competitiveness of the Malay race so that Umno’s existence continue to sustain the greed of Umnoputra and himself. He was the sole cause of Malaysia’s disgraced judiciary system. He with evil intent appointed Badawi a simple and an average man to be the PM thinking to puppet-holding him. These are just the tip of an iceberg………in conclusion mahathir (not even worth to address his name with a capital M) is the worst thing ever happen to Malaysia as a country. Period.

  136. al-fateh says:

    22 years leading the country, TDM has transformed Msia into a great country, peacefully, harmony and prosperous. The legacy shall remain forever. Im proud to declare that im living in TDM era. Very proud indeed with his vision, courage, intelectuality, dedication, creativity and comitment.

    p/s : To all ‘detractors’, kindly study TDM’s charactor deeply before condemning him like u r the righteous ones. U r prove to the rest of us (the majority), your deeply “rooted phycological problems”. I swear it!!!

  137. JS Ong says:

    Dear Bless Tun, hope you are well….are you the mother of morons or the tun himself to have said something like that ? I almost fell of my chair after reading your entry. Malaysia will be completely hopeless with folks as low as you. Thanks God, you are the minority judging from other comments posted in Susan’s blog.

    Human capital is the single most important competitive edge of any given country……what is key within any human capital is the knowledge, value system & principle one holds. Very clearly you have either mixed up good and evil or you cannot differentiate right from left. You have an big issue within yourself.

    Take care and please consult your god, I suggest.

  138. al-fateh says:

    So, dont try to be BLIND, DEAF and DUMB.

  139. JS Ong says:

    Dear Al-fateh, you may ask in terms of natural resources what Malaysia does not have……Malaysia is a great envy of many countries in the world in this respect. No doubt (unless you are not a Malaysian). In reality none of Malaysia achievement under mahathir can’t even be on par with a neighbouring country which has none.

    On this point alone, has it ever come across your brilliant mind WHY ? I just name a few….corruption, cronism, lack of governance, no accountability, racism, self-serving, did exactly the opposite the very religion that one professed to embrace, a failed judiciary branch…….the list goes on. Dear Al-Fateh, if you still don’t see it; there is no way you will see. My sympathy to your political blindness.

    22 years is a long time for one to prove his worth……alas he has proven indeed he is in the history of Malaysia the most vicious dictator.

    If you are truly religious, you had better pray for the old man to repent and do so ever since.

    Take care.

  140. Shepherd says:

    The point that all the Mahathir loyalists fail to see is his hippocracy and preoccupation with himself. He talks about money politics and how it is going to destro UMNO. Yet when did money politics start in UMNO ? It was during his era. And money politics flourished due to all the devious mechanisms he put in place in the UMNO election system such as bonus votes and quotas. Nobody underestimates Dr M’s intelligence.He knew the solution to money politics which was doing away with the bonus votes, quotas etc and allowing every UMNO member the right to elect the leadership.Plus sending to jail all those who induklge in money politics which is nothing but plain bribery. But Dr M did nothing of these as it did not serve his interest. All he did was rather foolishly shed crocodile tears during the UMNO assemblies and now he talks about arresting these people under ISA. Its too late Tun. The cancer that you started and allowed to fester is too late to cure.

  141. JS Ong says:

    Shall I repeat loud and clear – mahathir IS THE WORST THING EVER HAPPENED TO MALAYSIA AS A COUNTRY.

  142. SameSame says:

    Hmm just thinking out loud wonder why JS Ong’s stylicon and Al Fateh’s is the same? LOL…Jekyl & Hyde????

    Susan why ah? (for my curiousity)

  143. idzan ismail says:

    Ttsk tsk, Susan singing the loomey tunes. Spewing baloney fit for the looney bin.
    If you so menyampah him, why did you porrtray him in your precious blog.
    If I detest someone, I won’t even mention him let alone give him my time of day.
    You are as guilty as the MSM which you ridiculed. At least they are not hypocrites.
    Hello, the old man talks sense.
    He’s one of the best statesman we ever have besides Tun Razak
    Under him we are peaceful as he kept us in line.
    Now even Susan is king.

  144. ericind says:

    al-fateh,who screwed up the judiciary system,who sacked the judges causes we rakyat have to suffer tens of millions loss to conpensate them,who robbed our petronas money to build mega projects n the end turns to white elephant palace,who abused power to isaed political rival,who got the luxurial bunglows all over around the world.

  145. ericind says:

    so,dont try to be deaf dumb n blind

  146. ericind says:

    or saya sudah tak ingat apa apa

  147. ventura says:

    I must say that Tun Mahathir does do quite certain of degree for his development in the plain of Malaysia and the people in it. The Industrialization development and capturing lots of investment from the foreign trade and businessmen to explore and ignite potential business opportunity in the region of Malaysia.

    Truly in certain way of another we the people of Malaysia has been blessed in some way or another during the era and reign of Mahathirism.

    How I was amazed that Tun at those days tried to change the Malays perspective to be more “independence” by emulating of the Chinese starts off by opening a small store in the roadside. Encourage the poor and middle range of Malays to have small business. In just like the Malays, “perpatah sikit sikit lama lama jadi bukit”. Building across the bridge of gaining their own “independence” within their own poverty.

    Unfortunately many have objected because many were being corrupted by the notion of easy money and being “Ali Baba” in it understanding of the opening world in term of commercialization and industrialization without much more talents and skills rendered to develop its own race and culture.

    Therefore I remember Tun spoke and even wrote a book. “Melayu Mudah Lupa”, to show that how the people of it ethnicity need to be release of its own privileges and rights and began to look into the self improvement and development of the Malays Supremacy. No longer even a time come that these rights will remain forever and eternity. The Malays ethnic would have already achieved the target richness and wealth should there be no more cronyism, nepotism and corruption within the government administration.

    The easy access to wealth is to join the UMNOs and first class channel of getting accumulation of wealth though enshrine privilege and right stated. This has bought to the downfall and corruption of survivals skills and talents of that ethnicity. Because of this many Malays are still in the range of poverty and discriminated.

    So Tun Mahathir has try to fight to war to induce “independence” but unfortunately the concept and revelation in the message is not so strong as to encourage revolution, since then evolution of changes has been creep in to the formation of “Bangsa Malaysia”,- Malaysia Independence Race – A truly democratic perspective.

    What happen to Tun Mahathir now? He is still fighting support to his sons and daughter to carry on the legacy and making things right yet still playing games of politics and deception as to get to the top once again. He has to play his game right and in the value of this educated and elite race of Malaysian no longer succumb to “Paddy Field”, “Hard Labor”, “Estate Worker”, “Maid and Servant” and “Simple mentality of uneducated”.

    That why he has to keep abreast to understand the needs of the “new era of generation young of Malaysia” that have it fair bit of understanding of democracy and concept of “Bangsa Malaysia”. Son Tun is still juggling the “understanding of this new generation” yet trying to “gain the support of the old generation” that have slowly losing support to the present UMNOs power and authority.

    The rest of the Tun Mahathir chapter to his book of life will depend how he write his book and create his own story, to end as for the “Bangsa Malaysia People” or conclude as for the “Champion of UMNOs Malays Supremacy”.

    Whatsoever he reaps shall be what he will sow in the end of the revelation…

  148. moondoree says:

    Dah cukup lah Tun hura-harakan negara ini selama 22 tahun nak buat kacau bilau lagi ke? Jangan tambah dosa Tun. Baik tun rehat.

  149. ericind says:


  150. Truth Shall Prevail says:

    dumb dumber and dumbest al fateh
    Hari hari makan duit haram…cukup lah tu
    Sila ikut mamak ke neraka
    mungkin syaitan bpun dia akan bolos habis habis

  151. al-fateh says:

    Dear JS Ong, its not easy to be a leader and to be a leader for 22 years indeed shows what a great leader he is. During his era, TDM inplement and made desicion that anger many people. They(minority) make noise because what he have done does not benefit them. This shows how much greedy and selfish and how much self-pity this minority have. Btw, he is indeed the greatest leader. No questioned about that. Regards.

  152. Fido_Dido says:

    Dam! It is a nice piece of writing..

  153. freeusall says:

    I admire tall, nice buildings, after all they were built with amazing technologies. Like any other oil producing countries, we are NOTHING if we do not have Petronas! We did not have the technology and we did not have the talent to built sky scrappers. The technology and talents that built these buildings were foreign. But in exchange, we have talent that built fly overs in KL that do not last, but we blamed the Indonesians. Thanks to Samy.

  154. Khir Toyol says:

    Dear Mahadhir can u please vanish!!! u look like a nice lad by your heart full of poison!!!

  155. ericind says:

    a great leader,firstly,he must be honest man,no selfish or greed,be fair to all,able to lead n be open minded,willing to accept ppl opinion n create harmony society,n most of all,serving the poor but not the cronies,be humble n not dictate,ask yourself,is mahathir fit for the job.

  156. Pat Ling says:

    Good guys all die young & early. Now you see why this fler still alive? He is given more rope to hang himself when he faces trial at the end of his day. So keep on at it.

  157. Din says:

    He’s now approaching the berder line…………nyanyok. If you keeps on reading his blog, you too soon will follow suit.

  158. Mahahathir says:

    Neh neh neh neh nah!

    You all cannot catch me! I will bury my carcass on a seclusive spot so that nobody can piss on my grace when i mampused!

  159. The Mind says:


    Dr M in 1968 went to Harvard, met Henry Kissinger and build a friendship that lasts till today……

    With Kissinger/Jews behind him, he poked Tunku and together with Tun Razak, he used Datuk Harun to poke the chinese…..13 Mei 1969 flared….

    Chinese hated Datuk Harun and Harun sidelined from UMNO politics….Dr M positioned himself near Tun Razak. Tun Razak ‘killed off’ Harun with the corruption charges….

    Dr M waited for a while and then poked Tun Hussein Onn to ‘berambus’ and he became PM

    As PM he kills every institution of this great nation. UMNO became corrupt to the core and today he said anybody can be PM?. I see him poking the Malays now….why?.

    Is he serving his political masters at the twilight years of his life?….

    The Mind!

  160. Yi Gaan says:

    JedYoong say M has done a lot for KL.
    Many brainless also said He has brought development to Malaysia.

    During his 22 years’ reign, (He is lucky, he came at the Golden time of development.)
    almost all Asian countries developed like no body’s business.
    You can say, if you put a monkey to head the country, the country will also prosper.
    Mahathir does not deserve the credit. Look at Thailand, look at Indonesia, 22 years ago, Malaysia was far ahead of them, but today they are still behind us but to a much lesser extend. (Even our poor neighbors have progress faster than us)
    Before, HK; S’pore; Taiwan and Korea were on par (the former 2) or worst off (the later 2) than Malaysia both in terms of development and prosperity. But today after 22 + 5 sleeping years, they are Tigers, and Malaysia is still a Worm.

    Thanks to Mahathir, KL is known as the city with most Toll gates in the world.
    KL with its infamous jam, congestion and dirty surrounding put us at the same class with Manila, Bangkok and Jakarta. We have been far outclassed by Singapore, HK, Taipei and Seoul. – What is so proud about KL ?

    Some kind of Father of Development ?
    Greatest man on earth ?
    Sick !

    This man, in order to achieve his own agenda, has sowed a lot of poison into the system.
    I hate and don’t intend to list down all his wrong doings. But now he is up to it again.
    His favorite weapon is Racism. Using Ketuanan Melayu to pitch against the non-Malays.
    But really, he is a Kerala descendent, by definition he is a non Malays.
    He despises his origin and claim keturunan Melayu. In most culture such act is despicable You not only denying your origin, but prosecute your own kind. Rat !
    Another weapon he use is religion. But he was the greatest gambler on earth during his sting of Forex Manupulation and gone in as a punter not with his own money, but using Malaysian treasury. So much for being a religious man.

  161. kittykat46 says:

    Al-Fateh and JS Ong, Fido-Dido above are all one and the same person arguing with himself ?


  162. george says:

    Kluangman = UMNO man…

    What the nonsense???? ’57 lain year 2008 is different now…
    in ’57 everyone talk about Merdeka and Unity as One
    ‘2008 who talk only about race? UMNO!

    latest stat shows 16mil out of 27mil entitled for vote… so who is majority here…?? BN members & supporters got 7 mil = 4mil (80% UMNO members) + 2mil (60% MCA members) + 1mil (20% MIC & other members)… 7/16 not even reaching 50%… u can this a majority???

    Do not ignore silent voters and opposition supporters which more than 50%… 308 already a lesson for you to learn… and next coming election u will bite the dust… looking at the way BN government run the country…

    Talk about ISA & corruption…both r separate cases…

    Talk about race unity… who the one did not wish to see a supremacy race in Malaysia… and ignoring other rights?

    Talk about education…. who turn our pretigeous Uni into 3td Class colleges…

    Talk about politics… ur mind is as EVIL as George Bush…

    umh… do we need to talk on this over and over again??? I call for a change!!!! A chance to change… we rakyat can do it!!!

    Don’t u see how scared BN when they defeated in the last 308 election???? We can do it again!!! show them the rakyat power!!! Send all of them to HELL….

  163. kittykat46 says:

    You can drive from the Malaysian border to Bangkok on a 4- lane dual carriageway – without paying a single sen of toll.

    And Thailand didn’t have to create a monstrosity like UEM and Renong (remember Renong ?)

  164. george says:

    An evil man (TMM) will live long enought to witness all the sufferring he bought to the world… GOD is always understand the logic behind all this… and in return he will also to witness the rakyat changes of his ideology and teaching. He will realise that all those money he raid during his time is not good enough to keep him in health and control his physical body and mind…he will losing all the consciense on the surrounding and the respect he had and rakyat is throwing shits at him and cursing him to die… but he has to survive as per the GOD wish, to continue to receive more curses and suffers. No matter how sincere he to confess or to realise all his wrongdoings… punishment already started on him…. day by day…and to all his followers & party animals… GOD has a good plan for u too… the judgement day is calling… but wait in queue and one by one…


  165. george says:

    Don’t worry, be happy… ur day is numbered!!!!

  166. Mata putih says:

    The damage that he inflicted, both mental and physical, may never recover fully. If not careful malaysia may had its best years behind it. Waste and dwindling oil stock will accelerate it. Sometimes i wonder who is the one thats trying hard to props up the economy and competitiveness. Dont tell me theres none?

  167. Menyalak-er says:

    Aiya, dear Susan,
    “Who let the dogs out?” as per song.
    Nowadays, we can’t even honestly say we’re fedup of any flur, can we?
    “Mahatir returns” seems like a recurring nightmare, worse than cyclone Najis… err Najib.
    Wits0, i guess that perversion has its own ‘privileges’…
    Where is my friend “wrathofgrapes” who will give us his excellent insight viz a viz “wrath of sour grapes”?

  168. martha says:

    Beautifully said Susan, this vicious old man should have his big mouth sental with chilli padi. As for the dullard son better not let your father be your puppeteer as he will only bring you to destruction. I think Siti Hasmah’s blood line would be a better path to follow. Oh by the way, I believe most people would be obliged if Malaysiakini will not give that insufferable old man a platform to air his nonsense.

  169. anonymous says:

    This Moron already reach expiry date.
    Gave him 22 years and he wasted it all, the Melayu becomes Keturunan Melayu. If the Melayu are to be counted in the 1st world with knowledge they have to abandon BM and learn English and Mandrain. BM is too weak and you can’t count it as the same level as English, Mandrain. This language is only good enough for Pasar Malam, Kopi shop and mamak store. If you need to use it as a language for education and business it has all the weakness that eventually you will be marginalized in this world.

  170. wits0 says:

    Menyalak-er, Freddy England returns to Nightmare at Elm Street? But according to that Hollywood movie, Freddy was but one (die hard)entity. Here we see the effort to establish an everlasting dynasty of “Freddies”. Indeed it is clear tha M’sia belongs to ’em as far as their family belief is concerned. And there are no shortage of zombied chorusers unlike at Elms Street.

  171. Wizard says:

    We are now dealing with the present admin and not the past.
    Why do we have to curse someone that’s no longer in power?
    I’m not a supporter of him but I still think he had played a role in “toppling” that sleeping head.
    There’re still alot to be done and I never hope for the SIL of the sleepy head to win the ketua pemuda post so I’m hoping for Tun to finish him off too.
    What about the IGP, Hamid Albar, Nazri and the rest?
    I believe that only Tun can undo everything.
    Nobody is perfect at all times so give Tun a chance to mend his mistakes.

  172. donplaypuks says:

    Old fart Firaun just doesn’t know when to quit.

    And, he can’t seem to stop giving advise to UMNO although he is no longer a member of it.

    A classic hard-up case!!


  173. wits0 says:

    “Nobody is perfect at all times so give Tun a chance to mend his mistakes.”

    When the Sun rises in the West, this will happen.

    Meantime the NST carries this glaring POS on his moralising:

    Run-Up to Umno General Assembly: Dr M wants corrupt leaders removed

    We live in an inverted world of Bolehland indeed!

  174. Wizard says:

    Yes, I do believe that Tun is a corrupt PM during his years but the point is that we never felt anything worse than now.
    Just look at our present situation as nothing’s good from A to Z.
    Everyone in our govt is real good in lying and a buly as well.
    Trademark of Mr. sleepy head!!!

  175. chumpman says:

    Sigh… God bless Malaysia…. Dunno what to say already la…

  176. ktteokt says:

    Race politics may be DEAD after March 8 but the TUN is not. So, racism will still be propagated by a pseudo-Malay who had impersonated and maintained power in UMNO for 22 years!

  177. “Thanks to Mahathir, KL is known as the city with most Toll gates in the world.”
    “This man, in order to achieve his own agenda, has sowed a lot of poison into the system.”
    “His favorite weapon is Racism. Using Ketuanan Melayu to pitch against the non-Malays.”
    “But really, he is a Kerala descendent, by definition he is a non Malays.
    He despises his origin and claim keturunan Melayu. In most culture such act is despicable You not only denying your origin, but prosecute your own kind. Rat !”
    “Another weapon he use is religion. But he was the greatest gambler on earth during his sting of Forex Manupulation and gone in as a punter not with his own money, but using Malaysian treasury. So much for being a religious man.”


    NO !, don’t smear my hero tdm with such accusations! tdm is a saint, if no tdm, no malaysia. just like hitler, no hitler no nazi……

  178. Bless Tun says:

    Seriously all the G8 leaders especially the newly elected US president should seek Tun’s advise on how to revive the world economy. Tun has singlehandedly pull Malaysia out of the 1998 crisis due to his brilliant strategy. It will be a waste not to capitalize his talent.

    Tun please save this world !

  179. wits0 says:

    Most of the time we allow ourselves to be misled that MahaDeal aka MahaKutty and umno are two separate entities but in effect he represents the most audacious example of what umno stood for all the while.

    Those like Bedol who came after are just another morph of the same archetype umnoputra leadership. His close symbiosis with his party and that between the BN component with umno represents the repression of real progress. Progress that comes from a sustainable and moral outlook is never possible with the sort of soul stultifying racism of Bolehland’s governance.

    They just go through the same motions and hoping for a different result…like loonies in an asylum. Even the superficial material aspect of progress has worn very thin as Bolehland falls behind other countries.

  180. rehmat1 says:

    Hi…enough of rants – the only one which can fix-up everything – is of course, the one which brought the first Black into the White House – The Israel Lobby


    You can read my daily rants at:


  181. Humility says:

    Yes, you all may think that TDM have brought development to Msia but you must also analyze this from a relativity view point. If not for all the corruption and inefficiencies cause by the sub standard govt, Malaysia would have progressed much further than Singapore and maybe even almost on par with Australia as we are rich with so much natural resources that many other more advanced countries can only dream of.

    So please keep this in mind when you talk about the development that has happened in Msia !

  182. caravanserai says:

    Time to let go
    The old man can’t
    He still wants to say his way
    He had his chances
    He seems he forgets

    Now no party
    UMNO too he let go
    What is he trying to say?
    Malay supremacy

    Malaysia for Malaysians
    Race shouldn’t be the bargain chip
    It has to put to rest
    Into the history of our time

    The world can’t wait
    Time too is clicking away
    Here we still harping on racial issues
    Fighting for survival
    The politicians want their way

    The world economy is hitting hard
    The politicians keep talking nothing will come
    The old man thinks he has his solutions
    He wants to play his way

    No party yet he keeps talking
    About race and supremacy
    Doesn’t he know he has his chance?
    Now he has to let go

    The old man should talk about Malaysia
    And her people called Malaysians
    For once he should step out of his box
    Talk like a true Malaysian
    Not about race not about race politics

    We want to stand tall
    Challenging the world
    So we mustn’t talk about race
    It has to be Malaysian
    Marching forward

  183. Ctizen Me says:

    Ketuanan Melayu as discussed today is no different from Serb Nationalism.

  184. theK says:

    Aloo susan please give me one example that you are not racist, we are all racist.. I’m racist can’t avoid lah… yg ada depan mata semuanya sandiwara semasa..

    Sampai Kiamat pun tak habis
    bangsa membenci bangsa
    itu hukum hakiki
    yang patut kita ketahui
    Timur Barat Utara Selatan
    Benua ke benua
    lautan rentas lautan

  185. kluangman says:

    Tun, di sini ramai ‘tembak angin’ tapi satupun tak kena sasaran, tak ada bukti. sudah berkali kali Tun cabar di bawa ke muka pengadilan tetapi sampai la, habuk pun tarak..

    Tun, sesekali jenguklah ke blog ini, banyaknya anjing menyalak….ada yang mengawan tetapi banyak yang sawan.

  186. billauchris says:

    It is indeed sad to note that our former PM, Tun Dr Mahathir, still supported at this cross-road of national development, the unpopular race-based politics in the country, which has invariably caused so much of miseries, dissatisfactions and divides over the past 51 years.

    The last General Election results show clearly that majority of the population are not happy with the lop-sided socio-economic developments that are trickling place among the principal races in the country.

    Despite the NEP and the multi-farious policies and programmes favouring the Malays, a great portion of the latter must have been left out causing the tsunamic swing of votes to the
    opposition parties.

    Many of my educated Malay friends are finding that the prevailing socio-economic policies are not only strifling but also strangulating their human developmental growth to be self-reliant, competitive and independent.

    As long as the protective public policies and programmes are in force, a laisez faire society among the Malays will emerge (as is shown now) fully dependent on hand-outs from the Government and its various agencies. This phenomenon is experienced in most 3rd world countries where the masses are deliberately kept isolated from the outside world and made to be dependent, subservient and wholly obedient to the Masters.

    The question is do we want such a nation where the Malays are so pampered that they become victims of the NEP – high unemployment taste, fallen back in technological advancement and invention, lacking employment skills etc.

    My frank opinion is race politic must go. We should not be talking about race now. We should be talking more and moving forward in unity and concert as a nation of Malaysians.

    Our Tun has an ingenious way of provoking and eliciting views from the masses by playing the reverse psychology game. I do not take his words seriously. Many a time, he says A meaning B having in mind C but actually D. This separates him from the rest of UMNO. He is a strategist far in superior than anyone that I know in UMNO.

  187. storm62 says:

    hello kluangman,

    aku respect TDM sehingga beliau menghinakan DSAI dengan tuduhan liwat keatas Dr.Munawar and En. Sukma.

    Nak BUKTI ke???

    pi tanya anjing2 seperti IGP, AG dan sbgnya. Berani cabar ke kat ICJ?

  188. storm62 says:

    Mamak Kerala sial itu memperalatkan Bangsa Melayu untuk kekayaan peribadinya dan sanggup menghina anak Melayu sejati seperti DS Anwar Ibrahimdan seKeluarga diNegara ini dengan perbuatannya yang menentang ajaran Islam yang BENAR!

  189. freeusall says:

    “All the corrupt leaders must be removed completely” said mahathir.

    I’m thinking, the number corrupted people in Umno should be awfully huge. How can it be done?

  190. People Power says:

    To Kluangman,

    From your loyalty show to Tun Mamak, if Tun Mamak were to tell you the shit can be eaten, sure you will be eaten that shit!
    Congratulation to Tun Mamak for having such a loyalty follower like u!

  191. ericind says:

    hello kluangman;jangan sangka dah dpt gelaran tun,dia tak payah di bawa ke muka pengadilan malah nak cabar org pula.come next ge,tdm nak lari kat mana

  192. voice of reason says:

    say what you may but none of you can be even a speck of greatness he has been. Like Bola Hangus said, i don’t just run out of ideas thinking what worth you have to the country, i don’t have even one, not even the slightest idea. but of what worth Tun has, i’d run out of papers too…

    and for 1000 curses he gets, there are 5000 prayers to counter it all. and the fact that you all actually have time to ponder over what he says, blog and comment about it, just proves you actually do listen to him. u bunch of jokers are eating your very words, how absolutely hilarious..


    shame on you ingrates!

  193. voice of reason says:

    and susan

    each and every one of us are racists!

    stop pretending like you’re not. you’re probably one of the worsts of us all. so you yourself can go balik kampung tanam jagung.

  194. JuneBug says:

    Mahatir ROCKS! Fuck the haters including the white washed dip shits who run this blog.

  195. Menyalak-er says:

    Dear voice of reason,
    Well, we ingrates the ungrateful, have to do what cursed people do, don’t we?
    At least we don’t ingratiate ourselves to unreasonable hubristics.
    If we are deemed rascists, it was primarily due to hypocritical fascist feudalistic ‘leaders’ who abused the existing policies of rule and divide. Btw, do curses and prayers work the same way? Very karmic, i must say.
    No one wins these arguments except by justification – which is a word conveniently used by your Idol and Master to tear down the very fabric of society – Justice.

  196. wits0 says:

    “voice of reason”, resembles his revered icon, MahalDeal” by even taking on a handle that claims to reason. MahalDeal speaks much of “fairness” but knows and displays little about that. He was motivated by pathological racist envy and and was possessed by greed and the demons of jealousy which he infected the umno malays with as the top demagogue of his days.

    I have heard it from the mouth of the real malays who have said that (unlike the Kerala expatriates who tend to be inherently jealous of the entrepreneur chinese from the early days in history) they normally wouldn’t go overboard like him.

    First he demonised the chinese with wrong info in his book of demagoguery, then later he upsets everyone else with his excesses and self-righteousness. He starts with racism and end with unfettered elitism. He hates individualism because he hates the freedom of thinking ; he expected total conformism to his neo feudalistic worldview. There is nothing in his psychology that is not self serving and nothing in his “reasoning” that isn’t largely sophistry. His apologists also attempt similar moral equivalence in using ‘racism’. This is the typical dishonesty of his ilks. They try to simply project their own meanness on to others.

  197. samurai warrior says:

    Mahathir..hmm..isn’t he our flawed genius but soon to lie 6ft in his grand mausoleum of an ex-PM? Isn’t he the Malaysian wannabe equivalent of Sun Tsu and Machiavelli whose names are associated with ruthless politics,cunning deception and the pursuit of power by any means? Isn’t Mahathir the one who ruled Malaysia like it was his own Sendirian Berhad for 22 constructive and and yet destructive years? Constructive because of all the mega monoliths he build to ensure his legacy when he retires to rest in his mausoleum and destructive because he turned the judiciary,among other things,into the Human Resource Dept of his Sendirian Berhad. And isn’t he the clever Ex-PM who appointed as his successor what he thought was the weakest and dimmest person to be his puppet cum scapegoat as the current PM so that he can still pull the strings behind the scene? And isn’t he one who,as a young UMNO political upstart called the Chinese a predatory race in his book,The Malay Dilemma(page 85)? By the way,predatory means,according to the dictionary(s);living by or given to exploiting and destroying others for one’s own gain or eager to gain at the expense of others. Isn’t it considered racial bigotry to paint all Chinese as predatory with the same brush? Isn’t it true that that you are the word ‘predatory’ personified? Think about it,Mahathir…because for you,time is of the essence. Wassalam.

  198. pukeonMahathir says:

    Let’s all take a breather …..Tired of Mahathir mamak.

  199. midnight_only says:

    why get involve again since you have retired.

  200. Jed Yoong says:

    Hidup Mahathir, Khir Toyo, Husam Musa, Lim Guan Eng!

  201. Jed Yoong says:

    Go Kluangman!
    Dun worry Dr M still has more comments and visitors on his blog!
    And many more fans on Facebook than Anwar!

  202. lan889 says:

    Biar ler DrM bercakap selagi ada modal.Mana-mana yang berkenan tu ambik buat pedoman dan yang tak berkenan tu buat de jer. Biasanya orang tua bercakap straight foward. Memang tu ler luahan hati DrM.Kadang-kadang dia tu saje jer melontarkan persoalan untuk perbahasan.Bagus juga ada yang bercakap dari senyap ajer.Tak tau samada ya atau tidak, suka atau benci.

  203. no evil says:

    Just dunno why is Jed Yoong putting Dr M on a pedestal, I can only say that he is only a ‘OK’ PM at the very most, definitely not a great one. Perhaps, I am too generous to say that.

  204. justmy2SEN says:





  205. Drachen says:

    Let’s thank Motormouth for the lopsided contracts signed with the toll operators and IPPs, which he has casually brushed aside as “mistakes” that we are STILL paying for today.

    Also for Perwaja Steel which collapsed into a black hole taking God-knows how many billion ringgit with it. Another “mistake” to be grateful for.

  206. freeusall says:

    The feeling of how great a person is relative. Lots of variables get involved. In Malaysia, the “connection” with a person definitely plays a big role. How many are really neutral and objective about anything in malaysia? Even your idol murdered your entire family, fans are still fans, to the fans, their idol would never do that! I’m not suprise when someone refer to him as their God. But I think Michael Jackson is greater than Mahathir as he had even more fans. How many of his fans believed Michael Jackson molested children? None. You see, all these were based on feelings. How the fans of Anwar Ibrahim? Same.

    The same goes for hatred. When you hate a person, no matter what he does, he is still the worse satan. Always got some hidden motives, very suspicious.

    I do hope Malaysians learn from the Americans, put your skin color aside, put your idol in the drawer for a while and think what’s best for malaysia.

  207. whispering9 says:

    A Typical Chinese Mindset?

    I have a different opinion about TDM in comparison to the majority here but this is Susan’s blog, so commentators like justmy2sen, kluangman & Jy should be aware of this fact and not behave like cry babies. If you follow TDM as long as I have, you will realize that TDM steadfast supporters come from the Chinese community. He resigned from UMNO ‘cos UMNO people did not want him, not because of typical Chinese Mindset. Majority of the Chinese community still respect him but this majority also feel that he should not go into politics again. However, a lot of UMNO ordinary members want him back now. Well, I hope these supporters and those from his blog will support him when UMNO top brasses demonize him again.

  208. kluangman says:

    Untuk yang sakit ini ubatnya: http://cekka.wordpress.com/2008/11/14/hina-sangatkah-dr-mahathir-kepada-rakyat/

    Jangan asyik lepak kat blog yang hapak ni je, buka minda di luar sana. Jadilah Malaysian yang bangga dengan bahasa dan budayanya dan AMALKAN.

  209. cresma says:


    you said –

    “During whose premiership was ISA used so blatantly and rudely against 100-odd activists and opposition politicians?”

    well, what was the cause that had gotten those ppl to be detained under the ISA?

    DO you remember susan? or you choose to forget?


    those 100 odd ppl were detained to prevent another racial riot! how idiotic and biased can you be susan! maybe because you are racist yourself.


  210. Flaming Jed Yoong is not stifling her right to freedom of speech. We are not exactly ISA-ing her are we? Just like what UMNO did to RPK. She just wanna get you all worked up. Simply ignore her la.

    This post took the words out of my mouth, sloone. Worst PM in fact is Mahathir. He literally destroyed racial unity.

  211. Ops lalang was created to lock up so-called ‘racists’ like Lim Kit Siang and co, so that UMNO can continue it’s own implementation of REAL racist policies.

    NEP, bumiputra quotas … no matter how you slice it, IS racism. Thanks to Mahathir.

  212. freeusall says:

    The ISA has been misused to prevent the country from progressing.

  213. freeusall says:

    Where is my comment just before 10.58am? Seems to be blocked?

  214. whispering9 says:

    It was true that if Opp Lallang was not implemented, another racial riot would have started from where I stayed…Klang. Even though a lot of oppositions and activists were ISAed, many UMNO and MCA leaders were also put under house arrests that day. I was not particular fond of free speech that day when it was obviously set up to lead to another killing and the ousting of TDM. I also lost my faith in LKS on that day. Anyway, I am glad that they learned and did not repeat the same mistake with free speeches immediately after their recent successful GE outings.

  215. wits0 says:

    W9, methink if you amend it to, “Majority of the Chinese BIZ community still respect him but this majority also feel that he should not go into politics again”, it sounds more like it.

    This group of people think very selfishly. They easily abandoned Suqiu just like that and don’t actually represents the chinese community. Anyway, the points which was raised by it is now common knowledge. They, the MCA, then preferred to work with the devil they knew. Afterwards it changed its mind. M himself could also easily made up with Soros.

  216. Douglas Moore says:

    Some say the majority Chinese still supports Mahathir. That is quite incorrect. Taking Eric Chai’s case for example, he squandered billions and remains untouchable until Badawi’s regime although he was exonerated by one of the most ludicrous trial in Malaysian history wherein prosecutions’ witness were mostly missing.

    Mahathir’s primary intention is not about’s Malays dilemma. Eric Chia, Vincent Tan works in complicity with Mahathir and made it to the billionaire club and the infinite list goes on.

    Douglas Duncan Moore

    Even now there were uninvestigated allegations that Measat who is now at discord with an Indonesian establishment has payoff to one daughter of Mahathir.

    I rephrase what Wits0 said about patriotism – “Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels”. Of course the author of that famous quote meant- false patriotism.

    It’s all about a game ain’t it, Jed? Coz after this, you can drop by Maha’s mansion and take your ca$H. Don’t take cheques ok, coz if a new Government takes over, your ass is in the ringer, you know, hmmmm? 🙂

  217. freeusall says:

    “Majority of the Chinese BIZ community still respect him but this majority also feel that he should not go into politics again”

    Not really true. Most Chinese BIZ wants him back because eventhough besides his Malay agenda, he did not left them out. He thought these group of chinese will help out the rest of the chinese communities but things doesn’t work that way in real life. Now ordinary chinese realise this, they don’t want him again, but many still thinks he is the one who modernised KL, he got all the credits while his teams were the ones who did the work.

  218. Baby Ktemoc says:

    “TDM steadfast supporters come from the Chinese community”.
    In the 1999 General Elections, the Chinese community saved Mahathir’s ass, when the Malay electorate turned against him in the aftermath of Liwatgate. Otherwise he would have been the one who lost BN’s 2/3 majority, not Pak Lah. I remember even Najib squeaked through with just a few hundred postal votes.

    In the strong growth years of the 1990’s the Chinese business community supported Mahathir in spite of his unremitting racism.
    His racism was always there , and still is…

  219. freeusall says:

    This is the second time my comment disappear!! Susan, what happen?


    “Majority of the Chinese BIZ community still respect him but this majority also feel that he should not go into politics again”

    Not really true. Most Chinese BIZ wants him back because eventhough besides his Malay agenda, he did not left them out. He thought these group of chinese will help out the rest of the chinese communities but things doesn’t work that way in real life. Now ordinary chinese realise this, they don’t want him again, but many still thinks he is the one who modernised KL, he got all the credits while his teams were the ones who did the work.

  220. wits0 says:

    November 14, 2008 at 11:18 am

    M also reconciled with Suqiu in 2006 when he Dr M to launch book by ‘enemy’ of BN

    That’s how self-servingly inconsistent that he is.

  221. freeusall says:

    D E A R S U S A N,

    W H A T ‘ S W R O N G W I T H M Y P R E V I O U S C O M M E N T S ?

    T H E F I L T E R I N G P R O G R A M S O A N N O Y I N G ! ! !

  222. freeusall says:


  223. freeusall says:

    At least provide a message telling me the message is awaiting moderation, but no, nothing. Just disappear upon submit!

  224. Drachen says:

    Should thank M for all the lopsided contracts signed with the toll operators and IPPs. He conveniently brushes them aside as “mistakes”. We are STILL paying for those “mistakes”! Perwaja Steel that collapsed taking billions with it is another “mistake” I suppose.

  225. Baby Jeancumlately says:

    Aiyohohoho, macam macam punnya nama juga ade ya? Amboi, so cuuuuuute…hehehe

  226. Baby Ktemoc says:

    Malaysia has a very young population.
    Babies outnumber adults…

  227. whispering9 says:


    Majority of the Chinese community don’t know who or what is Suqui. Many do not even bother whether it is Chinese education or English education as long as it is good education. It is only the politicians who constantly play the education issues. Our national education failed because it has not offer the best education, not because it is taught in Bahasa Malaysia. Yesterday, the majority studied English. Today, this majority opt for early Chinese education and reverting back to National or English guided schools after primaries. But morons just keep repeating the phrase ‘We/they want Chinese Schools.’

    Selfishness is everywhere whether they are business folks or not. Personally, I believe that a man can only be ‘stable’ when he or she has both evil and good trait perfectly balanced. A goodie is as bloody useless as a baddie.

  228. Ctizen Me says:

    Sadly the NEP was used by TDM as a weapon to buy malay loyalty to UMNO. We hope that this will end and that the NEP will be used to help those who are in need. At least if this happens 50 years from now we may see a Malaysia Truly Asia.

  229. Anak Sabah says:

    Because of him and his project M, the genuine local people of Sabah suffer. We hate him and cannot wait to see him die soon! We hope his children and grandchildren will be cursed with bad fortune in time to come.

  230. wits0 says:

    W9, it’s true that only BN/umno politicians made a mountain out of education but Suqiu did made several other relevant points and it was hardly a decade ago, and for which it was condemned as “communist”, by M.

    “But morons just keep repeating the phrase ‘We/they want Chinese Schools.’ ” – W9


    A nation, whose very top expound selfishness as a virtue, won’t be going very far over time. Why should it?

  231. ericind says:

    now look at wat this mamak kutty said today,he said malaysia will b a brainless country bcos inteligent ppl being absorbed by country like s’pore,uk,australia due to our current management forgetting that he was the real culprit implemented the ketuanan melayu wch marginalised most of talents,so i u we r a idiots except this senile old fart.ha ha ha

  232. ericind says:

    a bundle of idiots like us r much easier controlled by umno bn elites.

  233. no evil says:

    Look at Singapore now, they used to have Chinese & Malay school, due to demand & supply issue, these schools are things of the past. English ed were paid better than Chinese ed, besides that, most would send their children to US or UK for further studies those days hence going to English school was the most practical thing to do. Only some would insist sending their children to Chinese school to learn about the Chinese virtue.. So $$$ still talk louder than virtue after all.
    Anak Sabah
    Cursing one’s offsprings is not Chinese virtue … I think.

  234. wits0 says:

    Bolehland has entered the second stage of mental and moral dementia – one where to point out racism becomes racism itself!!!

    That’s why Susan gets accused of being a racist too.

    That’s why when the racist operators of the Public Service Department blatantly discriminates, it excuses itself with another covering lie – that the chinese are uninterested of joining government service!

  235. polis woman says:

    The next time Mahathir going to the heart institute, I hope the surgeon would operate on his brain.

    This idiot obviously got brain problem.

    While folks all over the world are celebrating 30 years of Human Rights, we have this useless old brain tumor still advocating racial politics.

    Obama Election Offers Hope for Improving Human Rights

  236. […] Majority, konon. How are all the boundaries delineated, if not to give UMNO the majority? Menyampah. Read more » […]

  237. madhat says:

    “The next time Mahathir going to the heart institute, I hope the surgeon would operate on his brain.” ——-polis woman

    aiyah why woryy the brain so much. befo that najis will operate on his southern corridor.

  238. madhat says:

    Malaysia has a very young population.
    Babies outnumber adults…baby ktemoc

    If madhat kutty dengar, he call you racist poon for that

  239. moteh says:

    I love madhat kutyy from kerala and love to put him in bed with plenty rasam.

  240. ktteokt says:

    You think he has long to go? Don’t forget that his heart is “on lease” which has already expired! So when it is going to go “on strike”, nobody know! He thinks he is immortal but there will come one day when he will have to leave because his heart has failed him!

  241. Pat Ling says:

    Why doesn’t he add 3 years to his age? NOW!!!

  242. monsterball says:

    He has shown his true colour ….after retiring as PM.
    This man’s brain is so twisted with informations.to blame everyoner…still place race politics..and trying so hard to sharpen his cunning sly fox personality. Why …he is already a gone case….long long ago..
    He is a robot….programmed to talk like that….and erasing all that is bad about himself….speaking with no shame at all..thinking how smart he is…blaming everyone..for his evil foundations laid down by himself.
    He is not a human being at all.

  243. Piggy Singh says:

    Ayaa… Amoi, you pun manyak bising maa. But good one la coz Tun said non-Malay can be prime minister, at least Tun pushed a few steps closer for Bangsa Malaysia.

    But Amoi I wonder can you be set as an example for a role model of Bangsa Malaysia. Try to speak on TV in national language, if there isn’t any flaw, then we can talk about bangsa Malaysia. Otherwise, like what you said to Tun, balik Guandong tanam jagung.



  244. blueturban says:

    Piggy Singh is Manmohan singh kah? India you boleh, malaysia lu tak boleh lah bodo.

  245. ian says:

    Mathematical Proof that Mahathirism is Evil:



  246. anonymous says:

    You people don’t understand him, he lost his mind after making love with a “Botak” wife for so many years.

  247. Piggy Singh says:

    Opss..lupa something.

    Saying Susan is not racist is like believing Madonna is a born again Jesus reincarnated in human body.

    Come to see Susan vs me at


  248. kittykat46 says:

    Every time Mahathir opens his mouth its race, race, race.
    A person of his stature doing that just helps to perpetuate (and make respectable) racism in this country.

    I think the types with his mentality have to die out before this country has any hope to make progress on the issue of race.

  249. provenience says:

    What he plans to do, do it quick! I don’t have all day…

  250. Anonymous says:

    SLOONE for FREE SPEECH!! Wait a minute,SLOONE is attacking the old guy after he speaks.There’s NO DENYING she spewing a lot of hatred here. Sloone,used to think you were kind of balanced…too bad, you are exposing yourself.
    I think the hatred could be because this old guy is too smart for a part-malay (at least he seems to fight for the Malays).His writing does try to tune the Malays into ‘kiasu-mode’…just like many/most chinese already are. See,this would be bringing competition.And SLOONE and all her kind (being kiasu too) will not like to face Malay Kiasu’s.
    They have been having too good a time when most of the Malays are always stupid,tame and easy to ‘handle’.
    SLOONE just will not want to live the day Malays start saying to the *Chinese…GAME OVER. Well it just may be Game Over if the old guy keeps talking.
    *(Chinese?Malaysian?Chinese!? now which is which)

  251. Bola Hangus says:

    In his entire carreer he has put a lot of trust and hope for his people and the advancement of the malays.Even for his heart surgeries he choose a local venue when he could have gone overseas like so many other of our politicians. He placed such a high degree of trust that locals can do it, entrusting his own life. I dont think he let the malays down, it is the malays who let him down in many ways.

  252. Bujang says:

    Bola Hangus, look deeper. This fox only play around with u folks and in the end swindled u without u knowing it!
    Just go back and see the grouses above, still don’t see?
    Now he tells others to do the opposite, for what? For attentions only.
    U want to believe him, your business.

  253. pj voter says:

    Enough la pj traitor. You have 8 years of a life of warlord in New Era College.

    Please pack and go and join Mahathir in Semeyih Memorial Park.

    Both of you are fighters fighting for own-self interests. The longer you stay in and causing more troubles in the New Era College, the longer will be your jail terms.

  254. pj voter says:

    Well! If you have the guts, come to Petaling Jaya. Come! Tell us how did you fill the nomination form wrongly in the 1995 Ge?

    How much money you received from your MCA opponent?

    Why stay in New Era College bullying those good scholars?

  255. pj voter says:

    If you have the guts, come to Petaling Jaya and answer these questions!!! Else just pack and fcuk the butt off!

  256. monsterball says:

    Did you notice..when he was young…he kept long side burns…like Elvis…and somewhat love to project his Indian side.
    Since he loves to accused others.for what he actually is….starting from Anwar….jailing…..I think he loves main belakang in his clinic.
    Although few operations with strong antibiotics should kill the syphilis germs..they are still very much alive..attacking the brain…in the final stage.
    Swearing by the Koran….not to it it anymore…when caught…got his wife to stick to him..think and thin.
    Syphilis attack the brain…last stage…..making that person…talk nonsense and behave strangely.
    All note him ass more Malays than Indian…but forgot entirely..he kept long side burns…typical of Indian movie stars.

  257. monsterball says:

    Message lost again??

  258. pj voter says:

    Come la to Petaling Jaya and face the pj voters eye balls to eye balls and tell the truth!

    You pj traitors if got guts and balls!

  259. pj voter says:

    Mahathir got no balls, that’s why has got to resort to racial politics to reap, rape and sodomize the rakyat ala this pj traitors using the students and parents to sodomize the New Era College ala how this pj traitor sodomized the pj voters in the 1995 GE.

  260. ventura says:

    Selama ini di dalam aliran sejarah Perdana Menteri Malaysia adalah dianggap yang Tun Mahathir adalah yang masih berwibawa dan berkebolehan menyelesaikan masaalah berkenaan dengan yand dihadapi oleh negara Malaysia kita.

    Walaupun kita ini manusia kita bukanlah setanding dengan Tuhan asalnya semua sumbangan yang di sumbangkan demi kepada masyaraket memberi kita satu panduan dan nikmat kepada perubahan dan pengerakan alam masyarakat dengan lebih berjaya. Kita tidak mempertikaikan tindakan politik masa dahulu kerana segala-segalanya memanglah mempunyai alasan -alasan yang hendak ditentukan oleh pemimpin semasa didalam situasi yang memerlukan pandangan dan membuat satu pendirian objektif untuk menjalankan janakuasa arus perkembangan permerintahan dalam kerajaan dan juga rakyat.

    Kita tidak boleh memanggil beliau untuk mengetepikan laungan cinta beliau kepada masyarakat Malaysia. Tetapi beliau boleh memberi pendapat daripada segi pengalaman Tun yang begitu meluas dan yang terperinci berkenaan dengan permerintahan negara dan juga alas pertumbuhan ekonomi yang kurang memuaskan sekadar era ini.

    Kepentingan Tun masih diperlukankan untuk setakat memberi pelajaran kepada pemimpin yang baru untuk membentasi masaalah-masaalah yang dihadapi sekarang.
    Seperti masaalah korupsi, masaalah bercanggihan dengan dengan penangkapan ISA, masaalah kemiskinan rakyat Malaysia, masaalah berkenaan dengan UMNO dan kepimpinan Melayu dan aliran objektif yang memesongkan daripada masaalah rakyat sejahtera sekalian.

    Didalam dunia ini manusia ini memang adalah tidak mengenalkan diri mereka. Apatah Tuhan yang telah menyelamatkan kita daripada segala bencana dan memberi harapan. Tetapi didalam pemikiran manusia ini memang jahat mudah lupa di dalam segala kebaikan yand telah dibuat. Ini juga di tujui dengan sumbangan dan detik peluh Tun Mahathir didalam sumbangan kepada Masyarakat Malaysia ini.

    “Melayu mudah Lupa” inilah tajuk yand diperkenalkan dalam satu buku Tun yang menunjukkan bagaimana kita sebagai masyarakat mudah lupa tentang diri kita sendiri didalam melaksanakan subangan kita kepada pemimpin dan masyarakat.

    Walaupun sebagai rakyat yang berbilang kaum dan juga yang memahami sejarah rakyat dan kepimpinan Malaysia ini, sikap bertolaransi dan serta menujukkan kasih dan tunjuk ajar daripada yang tua patutlah di dalam amalan seharian kita. Ini juga boleh member kita satu idea yang lebih menyeluruh untuk membuat satu pendirian apatah betul atau salah ini adalah didalam kenyataan minda pemimpin sebelum membuat satu pendirian.

    Tun Mahathir juga patut faham yang aliran politik dan keperluan rakyat adalah berbeza dari zaman dulu dan juga disamakan dengan zaman sekarang. Kedua-duanya adalah berbeza didalam era ini. Disebabkan kepincahan dan kelemahan yang dialami, rakyat memang akan membuat satu pembandingan dan membuat “judgment” terhadapnya selama-lamanya.

    Ini juga satu pengajaran yang hendak di peringatkan didalam minda semua pemimpin-pemimpin supaya semua pendirinya hendaklah dibuat dengan mempertelitikan factor-faktor yang menyumbangkan kepadanya. Kalau tidak kesalahan yang didirikan akan diingat hingga ke generasi selanjutnya.

  261. Azmin says:

    Dr M is still living in his past era about race. During his era, it was always either race or religion. He was and is playing these cards all his life and see what he has made the today umno. If we are going to continue with this kind of mentality as Dr M trying to preach all his life, we would not be going anywhere further but behind the fast moving world. Dr M’s ideology is no longer valid and applicable to our young generation. This old man is living in the past, we would be living in a very pitiful nation that if Najib is going to listen to him. Just hope that Najib should be wise enough.

  262. GEN2 says:

    NEVER WAS A MALAY PM. Everyone knows this,no!? Part-Siamese/Part-Bugis/Part-Turkish/Part-Indian,Part-Chinese and soon Part Bugis again:).So, what’s this big deal about OBAMA(Part-Black)? USA took 250 years, Malays has been doing that even before Parameswara.

    But,these days, the kiasu’s and maca’s are barking up the wrong tree by
    cursing the Malays. Being the real racist, they do this to push up their (pure) own kind for the power (PM post) etc.*(BTW-they already have the Eco-power, Properties etc)

    Meantime,in time,the Malays are seeing through this game and starts
    demanding their ‘real’ majority right. Unwittingly it is these ‘Malay haters’ pressure groups that is pushing the real Malays into a corner-pushing up the hate-scale…on both sides as they go along.

    Call it with any demeaning name you like,Bolehland Bodohland, whatever..but remember Malaysia is not called Malay-sia for No Reason. Dont let this be BOSNIA.Thank you all for reading.

  263. peta says:

    #263 – Just hope that Najib should be wise enough.

    If hopes were true, beggars would ride horses. Najib is not a wise person, and he is the worst tuan melayu.

  264. GEN3 says:

    Kiasu’s constant want-all, and Macha’s non ending self-pity theaterics proving to be a good lesson to the Malays. Malays now see that they get bashing for nothing when in fact, they have already been doing the OBAMA even before Parameswara . The USA took 200 yrs. After 1957, (*there was no Merdeka actually, because the Rulers were there all the time even before Cheng Ho dropped by)- it was the Part-siamese/Part-Bugis/Part-Turkish/Part Indian/Part Chinese and soon Part Bugis again Political power play.

    But, hey, their real racist Chinese Indian Others Brothers (called Malaysian?!) are unwittingly teaching Malays about colors-now they have to show theirs too. Being the passive majority they start to question Malaysia was not not called Malaysia after all….hmmmm?

  265. GEN3 says:

    Being the passive majority they start to question, after all Malaysia was not called Malaysia for no reason….hmmmm?

    TQ and think about it everytime you bash Malays and Islam.
    Have a nice day in Malaysia (No BOSNIA please)

  266. GEN2 says:

    SLOONY? What happened to my comment? Too hot to handle aahh 🙂

  267. AH says:


    KHAIRI JAMALUDIN and TENGKU RAZALEIGH are with PKR, heard from horses mouth.

  268. AH says:

    Barisan Nasional are spending Multi millions to buy lots of Yang Berhormat of Pakatan Rakyat in several states in Malaysia. Heard from reliable sources.

  269. AH says:

    Wait and see, some volcano will explode in KEDAH

  270. AH says:


  271. AH says:


  272. NOEL says:

    282 commenrs … and more to come =>

  273. kluangman says:

    Terdapat lebih 290 komen yang dibuat berhubung tajuk di atas, dan keputusannya seperti berikut:

    98 – mengatakan Mahathir sudah tidak relevan langsung
    37 – sederhana, berkecuali, atas pagar
    155 – mengatakan mahathir terbaik dan masih relevan.

  274. whispering9 says:

    Hahaha kluangman….I didn’t count. Anyway, this is the part about Susan’s Free Speech I love. When you get analytical & proactive, instead of being reactive, she is actually very fair…and according to you, even indirectly helped TDM. Salute to a total Libertarian. 😉

  275. amoke says:

    Of course TDM will talk. Now that his lap-*** Najib is going up up as planned and will follow all his orders, the suck ups are back to his blog kissing his *** and every comment he makes is like gold.

    TDM did good, and many bads for the country. he tries to blame all on AAB and i think that is not fair.

  276. MM says:

    Wah 155 racists

  277. MM says:

    Malaysians lead a easy life so they can afford racisms.

  278. harimau says:

    Umno should be clever enough not to be hoodwink by this Indian who don’t
    even recognised his roots. umno should be a malay party, instead it is run by an imigrant from India. An insult to the malay community which shows that there is no capable malay leaders in UNNO.
    No doubt he is a very intelligent old man. During his tenure as a PM he has brought in many illegal Indon muslim and legalise them. Many has join UMNo and support him. He is a very selfish guy who thinks for himself and his family but not the country as a whole. Hecan insult Badawi but where does his sons wealth came from? Will the original Malays wake up.

  279. Anonymous says:

    Whispering9 say:
    “Salute to a total Libertarian”.
    >>This must be a new definition of Libertarian-FREE SPEECH is ok ONLY if it is agreeable to SLOONE. The old guy is cursed to high hell when SLOONE does not agree.
    If that is Libertarian, Whispering9 has to start shouting because there’s no way Silly Loonie or anyone will ever hear it.
    MM says:
    “155 Racist”
    >>:) You dont want to know what happens when Racism starts to infect the ‘majority’. You’ve been having it your way far too long.

  280. MM says:

    UMNO is going to finish through torture by malays——

    Those most vulnerable to a downturn will be the lower and lower-middle income groups, said Denison. The first group includes those who hold jobs in the manufacturing sector with multi-national companies, or with export-oriented businesses like textiles or furniture-making. These sectors and MNCs could be severely affected by a slowdown.

    The lower-middle income group would include young couples with children or new families, who are likely juggling housing and car loans with everyday expenses.

    The panel’s best advice for the average Malaysian is to buckle up and hunker down to wait out the downturn, which could last for at least the next one to two years, according to experts.

    “Spend, don’t stinge, but spend only on what’s necessary. And use this time to retrain yourself by learning new skills,” advised Sieh.

    UMNO mana boleh retrain and learn new skills —–all ketuanan melayu no need to learn just kick around the non malays cukup

  281. whispering9 says:

    Dear Anon,

    To me, if you don’t retort to ISA, capital punishment, arrest/investigation and censorship, it is the practice of free speech. In Malaysia, when you ask what constitutes free speech, most will quote ‘The right to express any opinion in public without censorship or restraint by the government.’ BTW, PKR is the ‘government’ in some states.

    Criticism levied at an expression isn’t exactly stopping free speech. That is why, you could write ‘Silly Loonie’ without being censored even though it is not a nice thing to do. Tell me, how many blog owners allow such free comments or criticisms. Of course, some comments are held by moderation when they contain certain words or were posted from IP addresses that have been used to spam. If you have followed her blog as long as some of us, you will appreciate her courage and tenacity. Have a nice Saturday Night. Chill.

  282. mahathirrubbish says:

    Emoticons are haram fatwa,,

    I have been requested by a brother who I love and respect to write down my thoughts about emoticons since we had a discussion about its ruling. I advised him I lean to believe it is Haram or, at least, has doubt of Haram while he argued that some of our respectable scholars said it is allowed. So, I am writing about this topic to shade some light on Emoticons in depth since I know it has not been discussed in details before.


  283. bamboo river says:

    Some pro Tun still want to grab some dirt even after falling smack on the ground.
    That is Fredom to express and only in Susan’s blog.

    >>:) You dont want to know what happens when Racism starts to infect the ‘majority’. You’ve been having it your way far too long.—anon @6.22p.m.

    Helloooo, Racism already infected a ‘majority’. That is the party that called us non malays ‘pendatang’.

  284. Alex says:

    kebanyakan masalah politik di Sabah disebabkan oleh Dr Mahathir.. Contohnya, (1) Projek IC (banyak pendatang haram dari Filipina, Indonesia, pakistan, India) dapat kerakyatan, terus jadi Bumiputera!
    (2) Gerry mandering kawasan pilihanraya, akhirnya Indigenous bumiputera di Sabah yang dulunya majoriti kini x boleh lagi memerintah sendiri. (4) Felda ambil tanah di Sabah, kini yang menjadi “perkampungan melayu semenanjung” & orang Sabah tidak untung. (3) Bawa politik racism UMNO ke Sabah, yang “pilih bulu, pilih warna. Sekarang di Sabah pemberian biasiswa, kenaikan pangkat, perlantikan jawatan kerajaan bukan lagi berdasarkan kepada “qualification” tetapi “KULITlification”. Inilah perbuatan CHE DET!!! menyampah, meluat, menjijikkan! Tidak tahu kenapa orang tua nyanyuk & jahat & “half-truth” ni lambat gollll…….

  285. Anonymous says:

    Mr Bamboo (I guess you must be a yellow bamboo too.no?) said:

    “Helloooo, Racism already infected a ‘majority’. That is the party that called us non malays ‘pendatang’.”

    If you replace the bone in your head with grey matter, you would have actually understood the context of that line better, and refrained from making that quote.
    Try reading GEN3 15/11 @ 11:51.
    Do the math, and try to figure out and admit who infected whom first. Scale racism it up any further at YOUR own peril.
    PEACE?-it’s been YOUR choice all along.

  286. wits0 says:

    Bamboo, anyone who is stuck fast to the canard of majority and minority mantra actually is indicative of being sold on hegemonic intent when speaking on what’s truth and integrity. The shallowness already reveals itself at their first breath. Their emphasis is clearly about power and will (to impose)at the expense of what’s actually righteous and proper.

    All the rights are belong to them like the classic Borgs. Starting from the wrong perceptional premises, the rest can only be rehashed barf of the selfsame Tun’s racist sort. They essentially repeat themselves over and over again.

  287. Anonymous says:

    Dear Whispering9,

    You must realise that those text wiggling just won’t work ,in fact it only shows your desperation at trying to justify the fact that Silly Loones was CURSING the Old Fart instead of arguing the points.

    Anyway, I had fun digging into especially this one by you:
    “Criticism levied at an expression isn’t exactly stopping free speech. That is why, you could write ‘Silly Loonie’ without being censored even though it is not a nice thing to do”
    Phew! that made my day-you must have had a mouthful thinking up that nonsense :).
    Yes SLOONE has only herself to blame for being called Silly Loonie-it has to do with the Liber-something tag which you gave her and conveniently forgot now.
    However, have a nice Saturday Nite too.

  288. GEN2 says:

    Hello Wits0 (aka witty , i presume?:)

    Your effort to reveal a great mantra among the bamboo shoots is futile. The “TUN sort” (as you prefer to name them) are actually a product born out of greed/selfishness by UMNO’s own enemy (you’re one too?)
    UMNO/Malays could not have played with colors if these dumb kiasu’s and macha’s had discreetly continued gobbling up and increasing their share of political power/property/rights..anything in *Bolehland,Bodoland-like grand dad used to do 🙂

    *Call it anything, but Malaysia is the official country name…and they did not name it MALAYsia for no reason.
    PEACE (your choice again)

  289. doit says:

    Why anonymous at 9:37 pm must pretend to be another person GEN2 at 9:58 pm? Macam nazri bluffing in parliament.
    But the Chief justice also is a criminal so not surprising of BN malaysians.

  290. doit says:

    GEN3 oso same person, semua kaki tipu

  291. Pegasus says:

    I agreed with most of the comments here and practically goes to shows how we are able to evaluate the situation on our own without the BN’s MSM,during the Mamak’s tenure as PM he has change the whole scenario of the country to rob and plunder the country’s wealth without a care for the generations to come.The mamak was covering one after another scandal in the country till there were no more space under the carpet and the truth stared out and came out in the open.
    During his tenure ,corruption was rampant,the judiciary lost its independence, the royalty was hushed up, political rivals was thrown behind bars under ISA act,cronies was making profit without limit on the people ‘s expense, highway toll plaza was built at every corner making this country as having the most toll plaza in the world and they are still collecting money, the list goes on…
    We have to reject this BN regime for good and the next 13th GE will be the time, enough of this Mamak and the stupid BN party with its race based party,enough of fooling the people, enough of dividing and ruling the nation with race and religion talks to create racial tension, this BN politicians has to go and go fast!!!.

  292. GEN2 says:

    doit, (oh so smart one can korek who’s who, at wat time somore ….oooo)
    Ok now, I wont explain the GEN2/3/4 sequence,you may not understand the math.Anyway stop whinning and find a better point to debate.
    GEN2 and GEN3…later GEN somethinmg else…why care.

  293. MahaDey Mamak Kutty says:

    This stupid ol man should be left to “hembus” his last nafas soonest. He is a racist, creator of “ketuanan”, discriminative, sore loser, a criminal ( by virtue of the Lingam Royal Commission Report ), King of all corruptions in Bolehland…….blah…blah the list goes on and on.

    He is now EYEING the SENIOR “PRIME” MINISTER position…..a deal signed with Najis……just like his counterpart in Singapore-Lee Kuan Yew.

    Back to the stupidity, dictatorial, iron fist, police state……the PRINCE of Machiavellian thoughts.

    If he kicks the bucket…wouldn’t it be a good thing for all bolehlanders.

  294. whispering9 says:

    Anon=Gen1=Gen2=Gen3, etc….doesn’t add any credibility to what you have to write. If you are sincere…you wouldn’t try to cheat/tipu up support. Blah…go to bed and stop wasting your parents electricity. Sigh…..what a nickwit decepticon. No wonder your comments are send to the dustbin. Even kluangman statistics is now flawed by the like of you. BTW please check-up what is the meaning of cursing and criticism before you hug your teddy bear tonite. Have a good Sunday. Remember to love yourself selfishly. 🙂

  295. kittykat46 says:

    These guys should go indulge their Idol worshipping/ Personality cult in the Che Det blog, instead of trying to clog up Susan’s blog with multiple personalities.

  296. wits0 says:

    These guys, Kittykat, may also be paid to clog up Susan’s blog(as if they can have any impact!). Having Rocky exposed himself clearly recently for all to see wasn’t enough. They’re so desperate that even the underaged and poorly skilled kids have to be recruited – much like during Hitler’s last desperate days.

    The Right side of the Force: http://iwfrpk.blogspot.com/

  297. Anonymous says:


    Rakyat tak bodoh.

  298. ktteokt says:

    TUN=NUT! Impersonating a Malay and leading UMNO was a serious crime! Why no one in UMNO ever question him on this?

  299. the falling bombs says:

    Just let chedead alone, don’t kacau kacau. He is out there in the cold, getting pale, getting lonely and getting old. Let him feel the uncomfortable numb alone.

  300. Moooooo says:

    ktteokt Says:
    TUN=NUT! Impersonating a Malay and leading UMNO was a serious crime! Why no one in UMNO ever question him on this?

    because stupid cows have to be led with a nose ring.

  301. kittykat46 says:

    Tun Mahathir = Malaysia’s Obama is the funniest political joke I have heard for years.

  302. hanu-man says:

    But why should it be funny?
    TDM is from kerala, India and Obama:

    The 46-year-old senator from Illinois, who defeated his rival Hillary Clinton in an epic 17-month long electoral battle for Democratic party nomination, carries a “tiny monkey god” apparently representing “Hanuman” with him for good luck.

    Najis Razak also has a sami (not semi value) to help around.

  303. wits0 says:

    “Tun Mahathir = Malaysia’s Obama is the funniest political joke I have heard for years.” – Kittykat46.

    What to expect? They’ve scrapped through the bottom of the barrel and is digging with little learned Pravda cyber trooper disinformation agents who love to hear the sound their own spews. The best that they had like Rocky is already expended and has failed.

  304. Shout9 says:

    Lesson in English for Whispering9:

    a)Examples of Cursing (Showing Contempt or Hatred towards someone)

    “Feel like puking. Feel dizzy. Because after 22 years, I am sick of you.”
    “Pi-lah. Balik kampung, tanam jagung. Menyampah”

    b)Examples of Critising (Disagreement on actions taken by someone)

    “I regret. Feel Dizzy.Because after 22 years, you did not get (*that) done.
    “Come on,admit it,……(?)……..(?)”

    Too bad we cant find intelligent deabte with too many Kiasu’s around

  305. allen ng says:


    Old habit diehard.I believe this Tun is still as crocky as his prime time.He is still flexing his muscle and his race-based styatement is still sending chill down the spine towards the non-muslims.Our country is going backward if people like this old man is still rhetoric championing race-based politics.As Obama has changed United states,I think it is time we do away with race-based politics or else we would be back to the dark ages.

  306. ktteokt says:

    He thinks he is a senior minister like Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore. Nobody ever conferred such a title unto him. So how can he meddle with government’s affairs when he has already declared to have “washed his hands in the golden basin”!

    In fact, all UMNO members should be ashamed of themselves after having been led by a NON MALAY for 22 years. And I cannot understand how this guy actually got into UMNO, got thrown out once, re-entered UMNO to become its president and PM of Malaysia, got his UMNO membership revoked again and now wants to go back in. It takes a very, very thick skin IDIOT to do such things and we have found one!

  307. Patrick C says:

    You guys can whine and crap all you want. Old kutty mamak will say is.. up yours, you motherf…kers. Ha ha ha.

  308. adlibudiman says:

    malaysia is still filled with racists, after reading the comments on your blog, i still wonder why everyone thinks that we’re ready to have free press, freedom of speech, freedom of this and that like all the other developed countries are experiencing.

    you guys cant even control the way you talk, let alone make decisions…

    and susan, shut the fuck up already

    p/s whats up with the obama hoohaa among PKR supporters? you guys are so naive, its annoying

  309. ktteokt says:

    And just because Najib is the son of our second PM and Hishamuddin is the son of our third PM, he wants his son to follow his footsteps! Is he and the rest of the ex-PMs trying to create a dynasty of PMs to monopolize the PM’s position in Malaysia??

  310. Joseph Lim Jin Seng says:

    You people criticize mahathir and ISA, one question I ask everyone.

    Let say u are in Mahathir position those days having millions of Ringgit and enjoying first class life style, you would do worst than him

    Dont waist time here, there is no benefit that you people gain by shouting here!

    That is why Malaysia in deep shit because of the RAKYAT not Mahathir or UmNO or pakatan rakyat. Is because of people like you fcuk up the country and pointing fingers and non stop using the tounge to swear and complain .

  311. Ah says:

    You people waisting time here talking and critisizing ex Prime ministers.

    Because of you people today Malaysia in deep deep shit!
    Not Mahathir or Umno or Pakatan rakyat ! Is because of you people ‘s swearing tounge and no action talk only attitude.

    Terrible citizens and bloggers of low standards

  312. Kunta Tinte says:

    I am waiting for all of your swearing!

    As usual you people have nothing to do but swearing here.

    You know that all the umno Members & pakatan rakyat members have lot s of task to do and I tell you they are using every minutes to make millions and you all dedicated assholes swearing here without money.

    Waiting for You!

  313. aha says:

    I am waiting for all of your swearing!

    As usual you people have nothing to do but swearing here.

    You know that all the umno Members & pakatan rakyat members have lot s of task to do and I tell you they are using every minutes to make millions and you all swearing here without money.

    Wake up

  314. aha says:

    Can I call u people P.I.T.A.

  315. aha says:

    It means Pain In The S

  316. aha says:

    Or should it be D.B.

  317. aha says:

    It means Dedicated Bus Tard

  318. freeusall says:


  319. wits0 says:

    Zorro has to face the compelling Reality with Rocky :

  320. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    Hi Menyalak-er,

    Still around, just lurking beneath the surface. Didn’t think I can add on to TDM’s list of damage, shenanigans and hypocrisy.

    Just a note to those who thought Malaysia did well during TDM’s rule. In a blizzard, even turkeys can fly. High tide floats all boat.

  321. arrow si mid says:

    Itulah I kata, Dr. Tun tu maha-berjaya

    Genggaman MSM yg ketat.

    Ke-utuhan “pendidikan” brainwash selama 22 tahun.

    Serongkan fakta-fakta.

    Bezakan kita dgn kelmarin.

    zeng, zeng, zeng…… semua terueh tumpukan satu topic… macam karang “race”.

    “Topic-topic” lain, depa sapu habis masuk kocek!

    hahaha. memang terre

  322. Hisapputing says:

    Itu mamak kaki belit punya. Semua cakap tak serupa bikin.

  323. chinforTruth & Justice says:

    Dear Mr. Joseph Lim,

    Two questions, who did the shouting first ? who is pointing finger at who ?

    No, the RAKYAT did not *** up the country.Only the people in The Corridors Of Power, put Malaysia in deep shit. The worst of them all ,is the Tun he had 26 years of it.

    There is no TRUTH in what you say and no JUSTICE to all hardworking citizens what you said. Look, what justification to ask EPF to loan Valuecap RM 5.0 billion of the people’s hard earned money. The very people who put money in EPF will speak until comes ” cow come home ” cannot get a RM 50,000 loan .

    GOD is great. HE will judge Tun. The time will be determine by HIM

  324. Berani Lawan says:

    SL….u r loser ok…

  325. storm62 says:

    sial betoi mamak kutty, menghina anwar,sukma dan dr.munawar dgn kes liwat yg palsu.

    semoga Allah menghukumi segala kezalimannya sekeras2nya.

  326. Atilla the Hun says:

    Yeah, the old horseshit Tun should die a slow painful death watching the rot he started encompass his cronies, his family and his ill gotten gains! His release from the pangs of death should only come on his confession of his sins to his God!

  327. zizi says:

    It is so sad to read most of the comments, what damage that he has done in your life that he shoud be condemned that bad.

    I believe you all come from at least middle class people since you can surve web and gave comments in this blog. Why don’t just be grateful with what you having now. Is your life that bad?

    Atilla the Hun, you should pray your wish doesn’t go back to you or any of your family members !. God is great my dear. As for Mahathir, he will be punished for any sins that he has done, for sure. Same goes to us. But we don’t wish people to die slow !.

    Lucky me, my parents never teach me that.

  328. the falling bombs says:

    cheDead dah gila….ini bukan cobaan….ini betul betul.

  329. Anonymous says:

    stupid susan loone .. pegi mampus le

  330. hang li po says:

    to stupidest susann & all cina tongkang ..




  331. aha says:

    chinforTruth & Justice Says:

    November 17, 2008 at 10:38 pm

    Say what you want and as long as you are happy!

    Why you are so stupid!

    I said the facts and you are so disturbed. This has proven that you are one of them that **** up the country.

    I pity you !

    I am with the BN govt , enjoying all benefits and going through good life.

    You also can join me if you use your coconut!

  332. aha says:

    hang li po Says:

    November 21, 2008 at 10:08 am

    Orang Melayu Kata Malaysia dia punya, Orang Cina cuma Tumpang, Orang India kerja seperti kerbau.

    Tapi Orang Cina sama India beli Rumah tak ada discount 5% tapi boleh beli dan bayar habis.

    Orang Melayu Pinjam bank pun tak lulus sebab kebanyakan blacklist.

    Cina sama India tahu cari wang dan gandakan wang.

    Orang Melayu tahu Pinjam wang dan dapatkan Blacklist atau bankrap.

    Kalau ada pilihan, awak nak jadi melayu atu Cina atau India?

    Jawapan saya : Saya tiga – tiga pun tak mahu , saya mahu jadi orang Israel- Orang Israel atau jerusalem adalah orang yang paling pandai dalam dunia: George SOROS kalahkan MAHATHIR. Ingat tak?

    Sebagai orang cina , saya harap orang melayu continue tidur dan malas dan bankrap, baru orang cina dan india boleh hidup

  333. aha says:

    Orang Melayu Bodoh & Malas – Mahathir Pernah Cakap

  334. pita says:

    That’s the way
    I like it
    That’s the way
    I like it
    That’s the way
    I like it
    aha . . .

  335. Tpg2Sg says:

    ‘What I think of him”
    Former PM gets a dose of his own medicine from a Somali living in Malaysia. The Malays, too, get an earful.
    Nov 21, 2008

    A Somalis perception of Mahathir

    I’m a Somali living in Malaysia who follows the local scene here very much. I would have to admit that Dr M’s greatest disadvantage is his pure, unadulterated hatred for anyone who disagrees with him.

    Never have I seen a human being whose sole motivation, drive and engine is pure hatred. Just visit his blog which is read by friends and foes, locals and foreigners and I must tell you it epitomises him in every way.

    Since he started it after complaining of UMNO media strangulation, did you see an article that he has written concerning the poor, the needy, the widows, the orphans, the handicapped, the downtrodden, the wayfarers,
    compassion, empathy, sharing, sacrifice, charity, morality, accountability, God’s fear and Judgement, forgiveness, patience (etc)? No.

    Always it is about some people, blaming others, calling them names, dishingout unvanished, pure hatred. Blaming others for this and that and exonerating himself from all blame? Surely, at this age?

    You can’t build a society and a nation through hate, vengeance, intense anger and mean spirit.

    You would have to remind the people the higher purpose of life for them to get motivated and work harder for the less fortunate and for themselves.

    Finger pointing, blaming others, planting defeatist culture in the Malays, reducing them to mad people (we are sensitive, we will run amok society that makes even foreigners despise the Malays) will not help this society and

    Somalis, too, suffer
    from ‘hate’ complex

    My people (the Somalis) suffered from cruel leadership and when the hatred became too much, we turned to each other and till today, we the only nation with no Central govt.

    The Malays share with us almost every trait, very feudal, manipulated easily, territorial, misuse of Islam for expediency, rigid explanation of Islam and too much interest in outward Islam than inward Islam that strengthens the hearts, our only difference is that the Malays have the Chinese and the Indians around that make them watch out for the “enemies.”

    For us, we didn’t have that and that’s why we turned to each other. If God has loved the Malays and Malaysia, it is because He brought other people here.

    If some Malays regret the presence of the Chinese and Indians, ask us the Somalis and you will know what it means to be an incestous (homogenous) society and you will praise the Almighty day in day out.

    If it was possible, I would have shipped the Chinese and Indians to Somalia to create diversity in my nation but it is wishful thinking.

    The other person who makes me cringe in shame is one Curry [Khairy] Jamaluddin. Never have I seen a more uncouth, uncultured, degenerate, pugancious, ill, nefarious and utterly infantile being than this young man.

    I have a big heart who tries to understand everyone and put myself in their place, but I don’t think my heart can accommodate one Curry Jamaluddin.

    He is a primate and deserves the worst treatment (though I hate it because we are Muslims and human beings) but honestly he is too much.
    Oct 31, 2008

    (This letter was received via e-mail from a friend.)

  336. nurulp says:

    Macamlah org Cina semua adil!!

  337. witness to korupsyen says:

    screw all politicians..

    did witness fucking politician make milions in land deals…

  338. meowhatessusan88 says:

    wow so many mahathir haters. fine, just go back to your grandma’s mainland china. it’s best to have less negative people here in M’sia.. you guys keep bullsh!tting like a 10 year old emo kid saying m’sia is a mess, mahathir was this and that but i bet you guys still can afford to buy starbucks coffee and some mcd like for everyday?? is that what you call a MESS? what a f*cked up mind you people have! Mahathir had once said the difference between critics and leaders is the leaders have responsibilities. well, he used to have’em. Mean u guys now just plain old fcuked up bloggers who know nothing but condemning people who have worked hard for the country..
    we’re no different with indonesia if mahathir wasnt around to lead the country for 2 decades!
    you bloggers just equal to irresponsible, disrespectful and yeah we dun want people like u around. just scram to australia or taiwan, wouldya?? what a pain in the a$$hole..
    it’s ironic that the world leaders even al gore the jewish guy respect tun so much but hah u people?? middle class, or what we call average people who have nothing but to keep blaming other people for self misfortune wanna challenge him?? not in million years, loser!! once a loser, always a loser!!!!! :p go fcuk yourself!! no, not with fingersss!!!

  339. Nah Ah Lak says:


    Subject: Malaysia – A failed nation

    Malaysia 2020?

    Those who started work around 1973
    a 1.3 Litre Japaness car was RM 7,000
    Today the equivalent let’s say it is RM 60,000………..8.5 times or 850%

    In 1973, a double storey house was about RM 45,000..or less
    Today it is about RM 300,000…………6.6 times or 660%

    In 1973 an Engineer’s pay was RM 1,000
    Today it is about RM 2,000 +/-…………2 times or 200 %

    From 1973 to 2008……..35 years……what is the Trend.?
    Bearish !!!!
    In a stock market when the trend is bearish , what do we do?..Exit !!!

    When a country’s trend is bearish what do we do?
    This Bearish trend is more difficult to turn around as compared to the
    stock market.

    I have used these 3 items House, Car & Salary as a measurement of the country’ s
    performance for the past 35 years….

    There is a book I saw in MPH bookshop entitled :
    Malaysia: The Failed Nation
    some of you may be interested to read up.

    I agreed with the writer……

    This morning I was having Coffee at McDonald ( now the coffee…100 %
    Arabica beans..is quite good@ RM 2.90….free refill !!. I asked how
    much per hour is their pay?
    RM 3.00 ! x 8 hours = RM 24 per day… x 25 days = RM 600 per month
    My daughter works part-time during her University days..she worked at
    Gloria Jeans Coffee
    ..the pay Australian $ 14.00 ( @ 3.15 = RM 44 per hour…..x 8 = RM
    352 per day !!! x 25 days = RM 8800

    13.3 times more !!!!! ……

    Price of houses in Perth is about the same in KL
    Price of cars are about 23 % cheaper…in Perth.( Australia )

    I think more and more people are becoming aware of this Bearish trend.
    Developed country by 2020?…means High income country
    Let’s look at some as of year 2005 ( Financial Times )
    USA GNP per capita US$ 35,400
    UK GNP per capita US$ 25,510
    Australia GNP per capita US$ 19,530
    Singapore GNP per capita US $ 20,690
    These are developed countries by income measurement

    Malaysia GNP per capita US$ 3,540
    Year 2020..developed country?

    Really…a sad story.

    Worrying Trends, isn’t it??

    Ringgit sliding further and further under BN

    Gan | Jul 8, 08 4:03pm

    Recently, I interviewed some fresh graduates applying for jobs with my
    engineering company. I accepted two applicants on a starting salary of
    RM1600. It struck me as odd that 15 years ago, I myself started work
    as a fresh graduate engineer for the same pay.

    Indeed, if you compare the salaries of graduates now and 15 or even 20
    years ago, you’ll find little difference but that their purchasing
    power is vastly different. It’s the same story when you compare
    salaries of shop assistants, office staff, factory workers and others.

    To compound the effect of inflation, the ringgit has depreciated
    greatly against all major currencies. The real income of most
    Malaysians has moved backwards..

    This is why many Malaysians suffer under the petrol hike. The root of
    the problem is that our real incomes have shrunk in the face of
    inflation and depreciated currency.. Malaysians have not been spoiled
    by subsidy but are unable to move out of the time lock of stagnated
    and depreciated incomes.

    If you compare the per capita incomes of Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan
    and South Korea, they are a few multiples of ours although at
    independence all these countries were the on the same economic level
    as Malaysia.

    What has gone wrong? We were the rising star of East Asia, a country
    rich in natural resources with the most promising potential.

    The reason is massive corruption, plundering of resources, wastage of
    funds for huge non- economic projects, anti-public interest deals with
    politically-linked companies and passing-of-the -buck to the man in
    the street..

    Four decades of NEP where education, economic and employment policies
    are defined by race ensured that meritocracy took a back seat.

    Our university standard has declined and the today best and brightest
    of our youth emigrate to escape the racial inequality only to
    contribute to the economies of foreign lands.

    The reputation of our judiciary which was held in high esteem
    worldwide has sunk so low that foreign investors now insist on
    arbitration in Singapore in case of any dispute.

    We also have a slew of oppressive laws such as the ISA, OSA, Uuca and
    PPPA which stifle free speech and are designed to keep the ruling
    parties in power.

    We have become less attractive to foreign investors and now lag behind
    our neighbours in Asean for foreign direct investment. Even some
    corporations who have established themselves here are moving out.

    All the economic and social malaise cannot help but affect the value
    of our currency. The strength of a country’s currency is after all, a
    reflection of its fundamentals.

    Furthermore, Bank Negara has a policy of weak ringgit to help
    exporters, never mind the burden on the common folk. The government is
    pro-corporation, not pro-rakyat.

    While the poor and middle-class are squeezed, an elite group gets
    breathtakingly rich. We have the distinction of having the worse
    income disparity in Asean. A re-distribution of wealth is under way
    from the poor and middle-class to a select group of
    politically-connected elite.

    The end result of this re-distribution will be a small group of
    super-rich while the majority are pushed into poverty and the
    middle-class shrinks. This is what happens when the rich gets richer
    and the poor get poorer.

    There is much that is wrong with Malaysia. The responsibility for
    pulling the country backwards can be laid squarely at the door of the
    ruling regime. It is BN’s mis-governance, racial politics and culture
    of patronage which has seen the country regress economically and

    We seem to be sliding down a slippery slope, further down with each
    passing year of BN’s rule. Another five years of BN rule and we’ll be
    at Indonesia’s standard under Suharto. Another 10 years and we’ll be
    touching the African standard. What a way to greet 2020.

    Is there any hope for Malaysia?

    Faced with the reality that BN will never change, many Malaysians
    desperate for change turn their lonely eyes to Anwar Ibrahim.

    Pakatan Raykat has promised to treat all races fairly, to plug
    wastage, fight corruption, reform the judiciary and make Malaysia more

    But some have questioned whether we can trust Anwar and his loose
    coalition of disparate parties..

    The question is not whether we can trust Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat but
    whether we can afford not to.

    Can we afford another ten years of BN’s misrule?

  340. wits0 says:

    Very true, Nah Ah Lak, the erosion of the individual’s purchasing power became fully established as MahalDeal appeared as PM. This is quite obvious for the older generation who lived through those years. Of course, it started in the early seventies as bumno gained total hegemonic power to make their own rules mainly for their own elitist benefits.

    The discovery of oil had that multiplying factor for even greater unfettered greed among the ruling Barisan Najis. It became easier and easier to be unmindful of the earning power of the common man which is marked clearly by such insouciant pronouncements as, “Change your lifestyle!”

    What lifestyle?

  341. […] Gani Pigtail is an embarrassment to the legal fraternity and a ‘ fetch dog ‘ of Barisan Najis !Gani Pigtail is an embarrassment to the legal fraternity and a ‘ fetch dog ‘ of Barisan Najis ! Enough of Mahathir, […]

  342. rohinya says:

    i agree with the most criticism , it`s true Tun should chase all the immigrants from this Tanah Melayu. Like what happen in some of the African countries. The malays here are stupid idiots that they prefer go against themselves than going against the real enemy. may13 come again.

  343. bukhari says:

    Tanya diri anda banyak mana sumbangan anda kepada negara nusa dan bangsa? tak perlu buruk sangka dan membenci kepada orang yang telah banyak berjasa seperti Tun Mahathir. Tengok dan Tanya diri anda siapa anda orang ke hantu…..

  344. chua says:

    Anda seperti orang yang buta mata tidak pernah nampak apa-apa. begitu juga kalau sudah buta hati tidak dapat menilai apa-apa. orang seperti anda ini hidup nya tidak akan memberi menafaat apa-apa. Anda adalah orang yang tidak ada apa-apa.

  345. Wafi says:

    cuba banding Malaysia dengan negara jajahan British dahulu. di mana mereka dan di mana mereka?

    sebelum kritik orang, pastikan ada ilmu di dada. siapa kita persoal Mahahir. Kaji dengan mendalam, bukan hanya dengar khabar yang tidak pasti. Berpandukan fakta yang jelas. Mentaliti dunia kelas ketiga.

    Bukan mudah hendak mentadbir negara.

    jangan buat kesimpulan terburu-buru. kerana satu keburukan, buruk semuanya.

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