What??? Now I hear that police tried to wriggle out of their own fiasco by saying they did not arrest people during the national anthem in Petaling Jaya/Malaysia on Sunday, November 9? (read this)

Here’s the evidence!

They did it! And HOW VERY UNPATRIOTIC!!! And dishonest, too, especially the Home Minister who said he just knew about the whole episode in the morning. (Read the statement by Bersih/civil society on Wong Chin Huat’s blog)

Indeed it was a contempt against Nation and King!

Who instructed the police to crackdown on the Bersih anniversary peaceful vigilants? (This one?)

Well, that IDIOT(s) should really be hauled up for being unpatriotic – for disrupting citizens for showing their patriotism to the King and Country when singing the Negaraku at the vigil.

The candlelight vigil is supposed to be about BERSIH ( a coalition calling for clean and fair elections) – which also meant that police has been instructed NOT to respect clean and fair elections.

And what about the ISA? If police think the law is just, what about the suffering families of ISA detainees?

Police could not differentiate between activists and journalists and have total disrespect for press freedom by arresting a journalist/videographer from Malaysiakini who was on duty that night. (arrested during assignment)

More evidence of all this is available here at the Nutgraph. Some good pictures, too.

Read what Haris Ibrahim of the Peoples’ Parliament says about the police lying through their toothless teeth!

Liar, liar, pants on fire!!!


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  1. Fair To All says:

    I knew the release of RPK from ISA detention would embolden other rebellious segment of the Society to cause havoc under the guise of even singing the national anthem!! Mind oh mind, what a load of bulls**t!!!

  2. shankar says:

    Pictures don’t lie. Someone should jail the bastard for lying. What is the Sultan of Selangor got to say for that? Damn Nazis !!

  3. samurai warrior says:

    Patriots should not be deterred by last Sunday’s classic example of police brutality. The law was exceptionally blood thirsty that night for they drew first blood without prior warning. But I for one will still continue to show my support in our, so far, futile quest for a just society. It is my responsibility as a born and bred Malaysian. I look forward to doing my part for the cause next Sunday eventhough if I have to park a kilometre or two away from the venue,it’s great for fitness. I love walking and singing the NegaraKu. It keeps the pot belly at bay and my vocal cords in supreme readiness for the next karaoke session. But be prepared to do the 100 metre dash though…if you catch my drift.

  4. luking says:

    Liers will always deny they are lying,otherwise they are not a lier.they are brought up and taught that tis case,they lied all the way up.

  5. amoker says:

    Of course they are liars. Bunch of liars like Syed Hamid. And syed hamid keep saying that police is acting on their own. I bet the police man leaders feel ‘dianak tirikan’. Who gave the instruction?

  6. Bola Hangus says:

    i saw the video posted. I think its just rude behaviour , no where does it come to the brutality level of rodney king or kent state…

  7. Bless Tun says:

    Dear Ian,

    Malaysia during Tun Mahathir’s era was the best years the country ever had. It was after he voluntarily step down that the country enters a turmoil. There are no strong leadership in sight. Pray that Tun will return to run the country again.

  8. apapunboleh says:

    UMNO is Mahathir
    Mahathir is UMNO
    Najib, Muhyddin and gang is just the lackeys/cronies

  9. Devan says:

    Pure Load of rubbish from the stupid Botak……Hamid the Ugly Toad!!
    The police are behaving like Gangsters..if together they’ll show their power.But when UMNO goons are protesting they will guide them saying they are peaceful people..shit !!! in Penang…komtar….no action..
    in bar council forum…no action…in Ipoh…no action..
    But when Indians gather…they will try all their new weapons and tactics..
    Please act fairly and dont just follow ur masters….the soon to be extinct UMNO!!

  10. to put another way round, it is blatant contempt to associate national anthem with illegal assembly. imagine cops arresting murderers/rapist and they use national anthem to stall time, what say u……

  11. ian says:

    Dear Bless Tun, I respectfully disagree with you. Under Mahathir, Malaysia has lost it’s separation of powers between the executive, legislature, judiciary and media — to the point where corruption and abuse of power has seeped into all levels of Malaysian society. After 22 years of Mahathirism, UMNO has become so arrogant that they think they can say and do whatever they like — like locking up an innocent women journalist under ISA for “her own protection”. How stupid do you think the Rakyat are? The racist Ahmad Ismail is another good example of UMNO’s arrogance and fascist behaviour, championed by Mahathir himself. As long as Mahathir, Ahmad Ismail, and self-serving politicians like them exist, Malaysians will continue to live in chains. As Datuk Zaid Ibrahim said, Mahathir has “destroyed the fabric of our lives as a democracy.”


  12. ian says:

    Dear Bless Tun, I respectfully disagree with you. Under Mahathir, Malaysia has lost it’s separation of powers between the executive, legislature, judiciary and media — to the point where corruption and abuse of power has seeped into all levels of Malaysian society. After 22 years of Mahathirism, UMNO has become so arrogant that they think they can say and do whatever they like — like locking up an innocent women journalist under ISA for “her own protection”. How stupid do you think the Rakyat are? The racist Ahmad Ismail is another good example of UMNO’s arrogance and fascist behaviour, championed by Mahathir himself. As long as Mahathir, Ahmad Ismail, and self-serving politicians like them exist, Malaysians will continue to live in chains. As Datuk Zaid Ibrahim said, Mahathir has “destroyed the fabric of our lives as a democracy.”


  13. caravanserai says:

    Lies or lies!
    Plenty of it in our lives
    You can’t beat them
    They know it well

    Even video recordings
    The authority still can lie
    For their own sake
    For their own careers

    Lies or lies!
    It will never end
    We live through it
    Until the day it dies

    The candle light vigils
    The peaceful gathering will go on
    The need to change
    The people will fight for it

    The men in blue
    Lies or lies!
    It is a disgrace
    Not protecting the people
    The peaceful gathering
    They want to cow them in

    Lies or lies!
    The nation cry
    Enough of it
    The change must ride
    For whatever it takes
    The smile must shine

  14. eeyaw says:


    The present people in power is actively practising selective persecution, depending on who you are, just as the much abused NEP. I wish we have another election so we can teach them another lesson but this time to banish them to the dustbin them for good.

  15. sam says:

    Becareful of that acolyte chinese blogger Jed Yoong. She seem to be all supportive of this crackdown.

  16. Lightning flashes says:

    Bless your enemy, do not curse the.
    If they are hungry, feed them.
    If they are thirsty, give them a drink.

    Let’s Fast and Pray for Wisdom, Peace and Tranquility to prevail.

    If it rains, let’s accept it as a shower of blessings.

    The Candle-Vigil is like Lightning Flashes eh !

    Syabas to all Peacemakers.

  17. kittykat46 says:

    You mean Jedi Yoo the pro-Mahathir, pro-Toyol, anti-DAP, anti-PKR, anti-Anwar, anti-Teresa Kok, mental asylum case ?

    Yeah, be careful…

  18. Jsss says:

    The crack-pot Botak Albar is a lier. Claiming dosen’t know anything.Than who instruct the police to re-act. Come on lah botak we are no more fools. Don try to be innocent. We know your tactics.

  19. police woman says:

    If like that, ask the police men to stay back in the police station watching Premier League, NBA or Bollywood nude shows.

    No need police men to patrol the streets.

    At the end of the month, just collect their gaji.

    We don’t need police men. They are just thugs hired by the elected BN bandits.

  20. police woman says:

    These police men should be castrated or else they will continue raping the vigillantees and/or police women in the police station.

    No wonder so many police women are taking maternity leave and you don’t see many police woman patrolling the streets.

  21. Enjoy says:

    This is only the begining, wait till Najib becomes PM then you all will really enjoy.
    Remember these UMNO leaders have a long history – from the times they used to cooperate with kempetai (japanese secret police) in WW2.

  22. idzan ismail says:


    As usual Susan is twisting facts. Again. Failing to see the woods from the trees. Singing patriotic song is not the issue. It’s like saying Bismillah (in the name of Allah) before robbing someone. Why so much ado about so-called police brutality. Its an illegal gathering. You do wrong you pay. We want law and order. Right?

  23. Batu Ferringhi says:

    Unprovoked attack with force on the peaceful vigil. It was unnecessary and totally uncalled for. I’m sure Syed Botak has something to do with the crackdown and I am also sure there is ‘someone else’ higher up (or by the side) calling the shots. Like Zaid Ibrahim said about the pressure on Nazri to reveal the compensation package to the Lord President & the other judges, there is a hidden hand at play. Perhaps, its an ex-PM?

  24. Nudibranch says:


    The police effectively dispersed (using violence) peaceful Rakyat (families with children) and arrested several armed with candles. They came in full force, in uniform and plain clothes supported by FRU.

    According to the law they have the right to disperse but the approach was wrong. The people there were not hooligans or gangsters. If they want to arrest, they just need to be civil about it and make the arrest and no need to violently charged the crowd.

    They are certainly very effective when dispersing Rakyat if only they can be as efficient with mat rempit terrorising and beating up rakyat but off course the police are no where to be seen. Murderers go free because investigations are flawed or key witness disappearing.

    Another thing they are good at is to ambushed motorist (eg. When you make a U-turn under a fly-over and wham, 12 to 16 police pulling cars over) whilst somewhere near by a traffic congestion is getting bad….no police.

    I am sure all for you will have some story to tell….. but I have resigned to the fact that our PDRM is run by the incompetent.

    In Malaysia they don’t stoned you to death but stone-walled you with unbelievable *&^%$#@ (fill in the blanks)

  25. chris chong says:

    all the polis and FRU have been brainwashed. they only serve UMNO goons.

  26. polis woman says:

    Aiyoyo! After 60 years of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we still have all these things happening in Bolehland.

    The rakyak- boss of the land- must take back the control of Bolehland, else these Bn bandits will ruin the whole nation.

    Just imagine, peaceful assembly by the bosses in a small segment and quiet location of the land also not allowed.

  27. polis woman says:

    These Bn putras are insane. They should be sent to Tanjung Rambutan.

    Human Rights

  28. LHHENG says:

    Here we go again. Those police bums seem to be taking instructions from the Umno warlords. Finally they show their true colors.
    It is sickening to have bums running the police force with ZERO credibility.
    They are liars to the core. They are in the same category like our GREAT judiciary. Instead of tackling the country day to day horrible crimes and murders, they spent their effort and time bullying and beating up innocent and peaceful gatherings.
    In the very first place, that pea brain arrogant baldie fat toad must take responsibility for this episode IRRESPECTIVE. He said he was not aware at that time. Yes, maybe sleeping with our sleepy flipflop lame duck bum with both their eyes WIDE open and smiling.

  29. free says:

    idzan ismail, double standards lah. if they don’t like you, you celebrate birthday at McDonalds also illegal lah. if they like you, you can even blow up someone in puncak alam and get away scot free! if you are umno gang, you do wrong don’t need to pay what, ordinary people need to pay lah.

  30. Douglas Moore says:

    Even a very daft person could understand why, among the numerous Government agencies, the police force is the singular most outrageous, brutish, abysmal and corrupt compare to others, say – Government ancillary (healthcare staff).

    In 2005 the outcome of the Royal Commission findings implicated the Royal Malaysian Police of numerous misdeeds including death of inmates in police custody.

    It takes a very stupid wo/man to feigned that the police is civil. A civil policeman known to you does dot mean he will not titillate to abuse his powers at whim and fancy or against defensible times, e.g. – to protect himself, comrades against possible criminal charges duly enforced against any other civilian –e.g. – in the case of Raja Petra Kamarudin who claimed that nothing/ no action has been meted out after a senior police officer, (now an interim CID Director) assaulted him in 2001.

    Such cases is a platitude of the every-ready police abuse of power Malaysians were victimized from time to time at the mercy of the “men-in-blue”.

    Just my 2 cents on why some people (though remote) tend to be protective of the general police actions so blatantly having even being captured on camcoder/mobile phones embedded with recordings.

    Their objective as I could presume:-

    (1) To serve a political party (stealthly or explicitly)

    (2) Quid-pro-bono [I scratch your (police) back, and you (police) scratch mine] by say, the said person who placed on the records -e.g. blog/ columnist etc) will show to the police in the circumstances when they are in trouble to enunciate how supportive the said person was so that the crime will be mitigated/whitewashed.

    (3) Being paid by someone to run articles favouring of police actions.

    The aforesaid might be among the possibilities such bigot/s are trying to achieve in their Machiavellian intent.
    *Hint* (to the one affected only)

    *You can wonder why Malaysia’s greatest whistleblower once called that bigot a Taliban.* To verify my point, you can ask RPK (for the one who are close to him) on why he would be bothered to call a presume Chinese citizen of Malaysia a Taliban after repeated heated exchanges in commenteries in Malaysia-Today. I bet Pete has not lost his memory. 😉

    Douglas Duncan Moore

  31. Douglas Moore says:

    Susan, please erase my 1st comment on this thread. Shit, I forget sumting. 🙂 Dear God, please! It’s imperative….Thanks you.

  32. Bless Tun says:

    Dear Apapunboleh

    Umno is Mahathir, Mahathir is Umno

    Onr more level up

    – Tun Mahathir is God, God is Tun Mahathir.

    Only Tun can rescue this country from going into the abyss.

  33. Loo Si Fer says:

    Sa-Tan more powerfool than God, thas why UMNO leaders all got black magick back-up.

  34. Dave says:

    with video evidence the police can still deny…what a load of rubbish.its about time to get rid of them.

  35. ericind says:

    bless tun ;u must have eaten a lot of this evil mamak shit n brainwashed by him,ha ha ha

  36. Pat Ling says:

    How come all the swearing have stopped? Ask all these flers who denied the allegations against them to swear by the Koran, Bible or other Holy Books (or if none by their ancestors’ graves) that they didn’t do the things that they denied doing. At least if the law of the country cannot get them, the law of GOD can get them.

  37. samurai warrior says:

    Used to be ‘tidak apa’ and indifferent about how my country is governed as long as I didn’t have to pay for the air I breath. I pay my taxes albeit grudgingly but I ‘rendered unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar’ because I wanted to own property without the taxman knocking on my door. But when I read about the excesses of fatcat politicians using my tax money to enrich themselves and build heavenly mansions(both legal or illegal),I knew something had to be done. I silently stood by as money you and I paid as taxes to the Govt coffers were being wantonly siphoned off to finance the rich and famous lifestyle of these politicians whom we so stupidly elected in 04. To cut to the chase,I registered as a voter for the 1st time in my life and I made sure the ruling Govt did not get my vote during the last election in March and the rest was Malaysian history made because many Malaysians from all walks of life felt and did the same thing I did:they made sure the ruling Govt never got their votes. We showed those pompous politicians who the boss really was. We reminded them of the stark reality that they owe their livelihoods to us,the ordinary people. We showed many parliamentary and state incumbents the door and even asked them to close it on their way out. And through Makkal Sakti,the people’s choice of Govts are ruling in 5 states! I was at the vigil last Sunday with the others singing the Negaraku at the top of our voices when FRU stormtroopers interrupted us in mid song with their show of deadly force bashing up ordinary uncles and aunties and even one or two members of Parliament were roughed up. Now this really had me riled up(also read as really pissed off) even though I was unscathed in the incident and I look forward to stand up and and be counted again as soon as the opportunity arises. History has proven that paternalistic Govts that uses violence on the very people who elected them into office do not survive very long. We need to be steadfast and hold on to our principles in life because the values and principles that we stand up and fight for are what truly gives us our purpose and meaning in life. And life is too short to be lived with an apathetic and ‘tidak apa’ attitude. Stand up and be counted!

  38. polis woman says:

    The rakyat is the boss and is following the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) diligently.

    If the Bn Bandits and illegitimate gangsters don’t follow the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is no point of abolishing the ISA because these Bandits and Gangsters can enact another draconian act.

  39. polis woman says:

    So, the next candlelight vigil is to get rid of the root cause.

    Yes! Get rid of all these problematic Bn bandits which are the sole root cause of all problems and we will solve all the problems in Bolehland once they are ridden off.

  40. polis woman says:

    ISA and other draconian acts will be disappeared automatically once all these Bn bandits are gotten rid off.


  41. green hornet says:

    Bless Tun,
    MY TAKE ON YOU! mADHATTER HAS BEEN SHIT ALL ALONG! He ain’t God but an indian kutty who worm his way into the malay heartland and took them for a ride!
    Now the people is taking his shit that he splattered and you are now just wiping it for him.

  42. lucia says:

    i was there at the civic centre when the police charged… no, not inside but outside but i can hear so clearly and loudly how fierce the FRU police were shouting. it was like they were going to attack a bunch of terrorists!

    my 2 friends from penang were among those arrested and i was at the police station until 3.30am. in the morning, i saw the malaysiakini videographer returning to the police station and together with bk ong, who was also arrested and had his video camera seized too, both were trying desperately to get back their video cameras.

    it was terrible lah. police attacking peace loving citezens for no reasons at all.

  43. lucia says:

    susan, add ‘coward’ to your description of the police – violent, brutal, unpatriotic, liar!” – since they attacked a woman from behind! i was there to listen to her press statement. she said she was singing negara ku with all the others when all of a sudden, someone pulled her from behind and she fell (thus hurting her head). read further at my blog.

    i was at the civic centre but did not enter as at that time i already heard commotion of the police shouting fiercely. my two friends from penang who entered first were arrested.

    was at the police station from 11pm to 3.30am. yes, in the morning, bk ong, who was arrested and had his video camera confiscated, together with the malaysiakini videographer were desperately trying to get back their cameras. they were given the round-around… in the end, couldn’t get back their cameras at all!!

  44. […] Susan Loone, from Blog For Positive Changes, watch the video and decide for […]

  45. ANg Kong says:

    this reminds me of Saddam’s Foreign minister..comic Ali! whilst he was been interviewed by CNN during the seize, u could hear the bombs were going off left right n center in Baghdad, yet ths Ali was still denying tht they were losing d war. even right to d point where he had to take shelther. remember tht?
    why must u lie when the world can c with their own eyes? u think we r stupid or wat?

  46. nyonya khan says:

    Since Hamid Albar did not know what happened till the next morning, it’s very likely that the police were from Myanmar, that’s why they didn’t like our singing if our national anthem. We must check with SPR to see whether any Myanmar residents have enrolled as umno voters to vote in umno or general elections!

  47. Bless Tun says:

    Green Hornet.

    say what you like. You can never stop the return of GREAT TUN MAHATHIR !! LONG LIVE TUN….YOUR RETURN WILL BE EAGERLY ANTICIPATED !! Then go after those ingrates !!!

  48. frags says:

    Please help DIGG this article on digg! Let the world know!

  49. ericind says:

    come next ge,ppl will burried mamak kutty n the gang,forever.

  50. wits0 says:

    When a governance is decadent, these are the symptoms increasingly made manifest. Lies and denials become the natural order of the day from officialdom.

    Malaysia Boleh!

  51. ventura says:

    Unprofessional people definitely will breed unprofessional assailant in law and enforcement government.

    The Bersih peaceful and patrioting gathering was mean to instill harmonious cultural integration in the public and nation, but the question why the police came in? By right the police should be on the fence not supporting any fraction of political agenda and direction. They act as an own in up keeping law and order.

    From what has show in the peaceful and vigilant gathering it shows that the police try to muscle it authority enlighten to rule over the Malaysia people and citizen with full of Draconian, Tyranny and Autocratic of ruling where the democratic principle act as only behind the mind of every police personnel’s.

    We believe that that the Police and the FRU now are being corrupted by the autocratic and dilution of the respect even to the King and National National anthem. I bet when the King knew about that the Royalty will just continue to be silent or acted as a dead symbol. What did the Royalty feedback about this issue? The answer is did the Royalty dare to challenge their right to fight for the freedom and woes of the nation or continue to hold their tongue to continuing enjoying the silence of their privileges and rights to the benefits and offering by the government administration.

    It was a vain testimony that the head did not know about this matters. As this is a huge operation and the risk of the catchment and approval on such a go ahead must be vested by the head of the department ultimately to the very sight of the Home Minister Department. We believe this is a move mooted to revenge against the people over the recent release of Raja Petra Kamaruddin on ISA detention. This is a follow up by the Police force or perhaps the one that control the force that they are still in the control and may destroy the intend of the people thru military and police force.

    Somebody have to be holding accountable for this matters. Who will the person be I wonder? Syed Hamid Albar? Or Najib?

  52. samurai warrior says:

    Hi Douglas Moore,

    Noticed a small mistake in your post. Should be ‘quid pro quo’ not ‘quid pro bono’. Both ‘quid pro quo’ and ‘pro bono’ have a whole different world of meaning,bro. ‘Quid pro quo’ means doing something in exchange for something in return(I scratch your back and you scratch mine) while ‘pro bono’ means doing something without compensation for the good of the public or FOC. Cheers.

  53. Markky says:

    The Police and authorities in this country have run out of ideas on how to keep peace in this country. The crime rate is going up and they are still busying themselves trying to get the innocents arrested. They know how to intimidate the rakyat but are hapless when it comes to the criminals.

    What do you call the police who are afraid of the criminals but are not afraid to use ISA agains innocent women? !@*%&#

  54. samurai warrior says:

    Hi Douglas Moore,

    Believe you made made a mistake in your post about ‘quid pro bono’. I think you meant ‘quid pro quo’ which means doing something in return for something or I scratch your back and you scratch my back. ‘Pro Bono’ means doing something for free or FOC,for example;lawyers are working pro bono to defend a prominent blogger facing sedition charges. Cheers.


    Try to live with your own guilt
    Based on the lies you have built
    You’ll get cold sweat even with quilt
    You may have to stand forever on a stilt

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 111108
    Tue. 11th Nov. 2008.


    When you stand up for what is right
    Always be ready for a long good fight
    With support from all around let there be no fear or flight
    Only those who are really in the wrong need to take fright

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 101108
    Mon. 10th Nov. 2008.


    Those who want to tell outright lies
    Will have to live forever with their lies
    And must have their own conscience to prick
    If they continue on with their lies to stick

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 101108
    Mon. 10th Nov. 2008.

  58. i dare selangor mb sack the police chief, else he’s a tikus with no balls…….

  59. kittykat46 says:

    anonymous dud,
    Selangor MB has no authority over the Police. Zilch. In fact Khalid Ibrahim has been hauled up for questioning over an earlier “Illegal gathering”

    Police come under Kementerian Dalam Negeri

  60. kittykat46 says:

    Just another DUMNO dud pretending to be Sooo upset about police brutality.

  61. Bola Hangus says:

    why blame the police or FRu whos only acting on orders. They are trained for riot control and crowd dispersal hence the menacing attitude. It’s like expecting a commando unit to buka kasut before entering the house. Thats not what they are deisgined to do. Blame the one(s) orchestrating the crackdown not the tool. You cant blame a knife for being sharp if youre dumb enough to slit your own throat.

    For all the shortcomings of Mahathir, a great man will be remembered for his great deeds and mahathir has done a lot for this country and for the the malays. Even David slept with betsheda, killed uriah and his own son but great men will be remembered for their greatness, not their shortcomings.

    Gone are the days when our leaders can stand up and spoke up against the great powers on earth.

  62. that;s why selangor mb is tikus, adun kena tangkap, and he only knows how to squeak…. he’s MB, not ali, ahmeng or bala…..

  63. adun: mb, polis pukul saya … apa macam…

    mb: sorrylar bro, though he’s selangor polis chief, i cannot do anything, i’m just an mb…

    you can terima this arr. …. he’s a selangor mb, and the polis is selangor chief, and yet mb chose to tutup telinga and mata coz is not under his jurisdiction …. stupid excuse – he should find solution to sack that selangor chief …..

  64. storm62 says:

    the FRU and police are trained for riot and crowd dispersal if the crowd behaves violently…but sunday’s gathering was peaceful…damned FRUs and police are being used by their political goons for their own interest.

    bear in mind that they are paid salaries by the Rakyat, NOT the pliticians . those men in blue should work professionally, not like a bunch of hooligans.

    what many saw was a cowardly and unjustifyable act by them, what double standard we have in our forces. no professionalism at all.

    our police force should be renamed Polis Malaysia and NOT Polis DiRaja Malaysia, what an INSULT to the Royalties!

  65. motherchell says:

    We must go all out to expose the injustices as much as we can . in time we can hold a war crimes type of tribunal! One thing to remember , truth always wins!!
    Its good to know we are not alone!!

    These are the kinds of exposure we need to bring them to justice! For your perusal…

  66. Douglas Moore says:

    Thank You Samurai Warrior for your correction. Kind of a lost touch with some jargons. Since I lost my dictionary many years back, kinda of relying most on my memories. Should have done a quikie check at online dictionary. Thanks anyway mate. 🙂


    Dear Bola Hangus,

    On your November 11, 2008 at 6:13 pm post, you reasoned out that the Home Minister who is the one who should be blame enunciating the one who gave order/s should be blame and not the one who carry out orders.

    I don’t share your philosophy or jurisprudence at all. A police officer or any civil servants are sworn to discharge/carry out their duty without fear or favor.

    Would it be accurate to say that the FRUs discharged their duties unscrupulously? With just a top-brass instructions, a policeman lost his/her conscience to ensure law and order but chose to the point of assaulting peace loving citizens?

    Any police officer with conscience would defy such bestial orders from whoever the orders came from let alone beat up the peace loving citizens who assemble peacefully with a chivalric cause.

    When asked to comment on whether the assemblers were a threat to public order, the Selangor CPO retorted that it does not matter whether they are a threat or not but because they defied police call to disperse.

    Show all the clips to the UN Secretary General, if the evidence still fails to convince that the police abuse of power at will and glee, I promise you – I will slap him. I mean the UN Secretary General. That guy from South Korea you know? 🙂

    In America (the State you may call “Satan”), those inmates whom are brutally beaten by the police, photos were snapped by their comrades which resulted the officer who commits such crimes be penalized.

    In Guantamano Bay and in Abu Gharaib prison alone, how many soldiers/ marines/ wardens are court-marshalled and some sentenced to jail for abuse of prisoners?

    And who are the whistleblowers? – Their own comrades.

    Douglas Duncan Moore

  67. monsterball says:

    Police are downright liars!!
    The video at Malaysiakini..clearly showed the real situation….and police are lying.
    That idiotic …good for nothing racialist..Syed Albar….again defended the police…without knowing the true facts.
    He has no shame…doing one to RPK.
    UMNO ministers are simply a bunch of bulliers….protecting each other.
    Police are rough only to Chinese and Indians.
    That’s their pattern…

  68. Fair To All says:

    The Police got to do their job even if force is used. But they need the courts behind them. The judge that released RPK acted irresponsibly and unlawfully and should pay the price for his obvious corruption. Then we will see order again on the streets!!!

  69. ericind says:

    fair to all,u r not fair at all.u r just stinky as syed botak n the chief police.

  70. Omar Bakri says:

    Bad bad bad — what is going to happen to this country!

    visit my blog-

    my latest article – Can the real Muhyiddin Yassin please stand up?

  71. Kherry Scarry says:

    Better run fast each time you hear tthe national anthem as you may be arrested by police. Arrest easy and peaceful targets…..

    That’s why Rempits, snatch thief, rapist, murderers rules…..

    Sad sad…indeed…

  72. ventura says:

    Perhaps the Police Force must evolve in their perspective of democratic rights. We Malaysia people are not people like in the other nations: Indian, Korean, French and Iraq people that condone to street violence and aggression.

    I know that similar vigilant do happened in the States before on peopleful matters. What did the US Police force do? They just steadfast guiding the people demonstration until it finishes nobody get hurt as a result. The publics hold their frustration thru outlet mean of peace. The Police only stand by their watch until the show is over. This is what I call democratic perspective.

    So by beating, chasing and indulge in heavy abusive both physical and utterance, what can the Police achieve at the end of the day? I believe this will cause remorse of such an incidence people will still march out in peace to show that beside the peaceful walk there is an evil Goliath try to challenge the dignity of a peaceful nations and harmonious integration of this glorious Malaysia.

    That why the people are frustrated, disappointed and angry with such as brutality that many times the police act as a “human feeling” in nature rather than a “professional” practice in actual. They forgot that they are public service department generated by the voters to guide their security and peace but not view this “peace candle vigilant” as a mean to get back to the people. Oh! How they forget the very being of their existence and the main cause of their formation and objective of the Royal Police Force.

    Somebody cry out that their duty is to follows order. I remember a show at the Astro on FBI Sniper. An incidence recorder by the Sniper. He was glad that he did not took the shot at the criminal assailant because it turn out that the circumstances turn out may not be as per instruction to shot and kill. So he hold back using his own compassion and wisdom toward a certain situation.

    We believe the Police should just park their men at a distance watching such a peaceful and harmonious belongings showing gratefulness and thankfulness both to God that have delivered those fighter like RPK and others ISA detainees out from their adversary.

    What the adversary does is to further instill evil to succumb people to bondage such as Police brutality, suppressing of human and peaceful right and the right of gathering without fear and remorse. This is a translation of the freedom mean in democracy rights and privileges, with no intend of harm and disturbance of peace in the intended land and intervention of human boundaries.

    We truly rest my passion for the “Bangsa Malaysia” resolution!

  73. “And who are the whistleblowers? – Their own comrades.”

    can’t compare with america, in malaysia “bersatu teguh, bercerai roboh” … pdrm must stay united, never backstabbing….

  74. if mb is terrer, he should pressure to have that cpo resigned/sacked (not simple transfer/suspend) … if he’s only terrer, you know…

    when rome burned, nero fiddled, when polis pukul adun, mb fiddles ……

  75. delcapo says:

    they broke the peace & created the chaos..

    they gave us a 9-11 to remember… a mini Sunday Bloody Sunday…

    I hope their kids dun get to watch the footage of charging Negaraku

    they broke the Peace & created the chaos…
    they gave Malaysia a 9-11 to remember, a mini Sunday Bloody Sunday…


  76. Douglas Moore says:

    monsterball Says:
    November 11, 2008 at 10:00 pm

    “Police are downright liars!!
    The video at Malaysiakini..clearly showed the real situation….and police are lying.”

    You are absolutely right. Although Monterball does not like American world-policies, my parroting of view with him is based on good grounds uptake of natural course of justice.

    Now read this – “Technical evidence is very persuasive in law-court”

    When the Selangor Police Chief adamantly stood by his claim that the participants were not singing “Negaraku” (the Malaysian National Anthem), today’s Star online, the Deputy CP has negated the CPO’s credibilities although both has the same ill-motives.

    Read this – The CPO averred that the participants were singing the National Anthem under the pretext and ruse to prevent policemen from carrying-out their duties.

    He even cited an example – should police sing along with other criminals when they(criminals), under the same premeditated attempt (referring to those present at the candlelight vigil) , sings “Negaraku”?
    Facts:- If two inversion of accounts by police, there must be one who lied.

    Who lied?

    (a)The Selangor Chief Police said that the participants are not singing the National Anthem.

    (b) A day later, his deputy said that the participants were singing the National Anthem (under the guise to prevent arrest/ dispersion).

    Conclusions :-

    Invigorated by the video-recordings ( persuasive evidence) the Selangor police chief is presume to have lied and that does not exculpate this deputy. Until a Public Commission Of Inquiry is establish to investigate the proprieties and witnesses’ the Selangor Police Chief should be suspended
    pending investigations.


    Dear my fellow peace loving citizens/denizens who love Malaysia so much
    that they would bare all even at the expense of police arrest/charge and incarceration, please refer to one of my posting at Free Speech Zone 3,
    wherein I will be organizing a nude protest at KLCC at a tentative date against the “hududization” of Malaysia.

    Please show your good-will interest in the said participation and I am looking forthwith to kind and considerable reply. I am anticipating at least 100 participants preferable (20% male and 80% female). This is to demonstrate feminist rights for equilibrium.


    Douglas Duncan Moore

  77. SameSame says:

    Has anyone wondered why there are very few indians and absolutely nil chinese in the PDRM? This is why. Sorry i am not for racial based stuff but its so apparent. They PDRM will always have this ‘gangster’ mentality. Change….is not for them as they are as arrogant as the Home Minister. The day we see a cleaner and independent Police Force, we may see a MALAYSIAN POLICE FORCE, with all races in the said force.

    And as for Mahathir, as posted in my blog – he should just enjoy his last few years and just leave this political arena. The more he campur-tangan and masuk kepala into it, looks like he is scared of something cropping up to tarnish him. He doesn’t seem to realize that he is throwing stones from his glass palace!

    Those who hero-worship him, obviously have no sense at all for justice and fair-play. NIL only the tag , Mahathir’s way or NO WAY. They are as blind as the man leading them, as instead of leading them forward he is taking them back to stone age, to kampung, more for his benefit than for the benefit of the followers.


  78. ventura says:

    anonymous dud Says:

    November 12, 2008 at 11:07 am
    “And who are the whistleblowers? – Their own comrades.”

    can’t compare with america, in malaysia “bersatu teguh, bercerai roboh” … pdrm must stay united, never backstabbing….

    In comment to the above, We must bet that either you or some part of your relation may be related to the PDRM the whistleblower is the “person that blow the whistle and stir a lot of commotion” unlikely the peace maker has always “keep their peace thru a peaceful commendation”.

    So I agreed with you anonymous dud; who are the whistleblowers they are the comrades the Police Force itself in the making causing whistle of commotion and striation of non peace and harmonious intervention. I believe anonymous dud are there to testify verify the candle vigilant commotion but if anonymous dud are not there than you are actually like also the paraphrase that you used, “And who are the whistleblowers? – Their own comrades.”

    Precisely remember the tongue have a double edge like a sword if we use it not for the truth, the truth will catch up and slice us up a few bit though and it will be very painful at times. So if we feel the pain and pressure with such as truth then we are the “WHISTLEBLOWERS”, the betrayal to the nation Malaysia, the King and the people living within this serenity of “Bangsa Malaysia”.

    It sadden me that despite of Independence of 1957 there is still small fraction of the population that have yet to be release of the “independence” within their own mind set and liberty in this democratic principles and rights. Anyway there is never a 100% achievement of democratic resolution but as in the feeling of the majority of the people that make the process of democratic belief and faith in power and justice. Without it we are rule by a bunch of those “unindependence” elite that profess that they are independence but in actual fact clog by the reign of corruption.

    It is the good concept that we follow in respect to the US Police Force. ventura Says: November 12, 2008 at 8:25 am Not quoting, “bersatu teguh, bercerai roboh” … pdrm must stay united, never backstabbing….” this will further corrupt the predicament of one wisdom in using this statement maliciously.

    We people of Malaysian majority are always for the “Bangsa Malaysia” supremacy!

  79. Harrison says:

    “Those who hero-worship him (Mahathir), obviously have no sense at all for justice and fair-play.” -Same2

    Yes, absolutely. Remember before the 12GE, Mahathir charged “Vote out this (Abdullah AB) rotten Government”? Why, because now his dream will be achieve soon if Najib Tun Razak takes over. It’s power-play isn’t it?

    Always be cautious of those who oppose AAB’s rule calling us to vote off Badawi’s UMNO. I not only want to vote of Badawi’s UMNO, but the whole BN coalitions as well.

    Mahathir has proven over and over the most ill-willed dictator in the history of Bolehland. Sour grapes mahathir!

  80. Bless Tun says:

    Tun has guided the country to its greatest glory height. Its right that his son should take over some day and under the guidance of his wise father brings the nation to another greater height. Never mind Najib is just a transitory

  81. storm62 says:

    put all those men in blue to a “Lie Detector Test” and see what happens. Same to all Government Officials, then i would say we have a clean and professionally runned country.

    who cares about your sumpah-sampah.

  82. bamboo river says:

    The ‘al blur’ syndrome infected their brains.
    I am afraid not only us the good citizen is laughing (or should be crying?), the criminals too are laughing their arse off.

  83. wits0 says:

    Harrison, some people must stay stuck to lies and superstition while avoiding what’s obvious:

    These atavistic worshippers are expressing exactly what perverts and stupefy the country no end. These Machiavellian worshippers are not using their brains nor are they able to see beyond the canards with which they are mindlessly indoctrinated and mesmerized with.

  84. Harrison says:


    Haha. Thanks for the links. I came across another article at Malaysia Today.

    A man by the name of Ray was attacked by Mat Rempits and when he
    narrated the account of his ordeal to the police, the police laughed at him.
    He averred that having lived in England for 11 years, he has never encountered such ridiculous Gestapo likewise police treatment.

    In a separate incident, two women whom handbags are snatced, were also
    laugh at by a policewoman.

    Only in MALAYSIA BOLEH! hahaha.

  85. why key? says:

    the present IGP is a pro-UMNO balls carrier. He should have died
    from the heart-problem cos he is heartless. So is the Deputy Home
    Minister, Mr. CHOOR. Your have brought shame to the chinese with
    your stupid remarks. No wonder you were not elected in the recent
    MCA election. Hey MrOng Tee Keat, you should sack Choor and ask
    him to join UMNO.

  86. Fair To All says:

    Since Operation Lallang in 1987, the ISA has not been used indiscrimately to imprison people. Hardly do we hear anyone being detained except terrorists. But with this poor election loser, Anwar on the prowl and RPK instigating the public and CIA working behind the scene, we see the need to use ISA to maintain peace and harmony in society. Therefore, it is a deterrent and not a suppressive tool. It is absolutely necessary in Malaysia!!!

  87. Bola Hangus says:

    OH DOUGLAS MOORE, dont even compare this country to the USA cause its not the same. We dont have seperate jurisdiction for police like the marshall, state, FBI etc etc. We dont have true check and balances, and the nation as a whole has not arrived at the level of maturity that many first world country have. And dont even preach about american justice to me. True that some americans have been coutmartialed but did they get what they deserve? Why are they not taken into iraqi courts where the crimes took place? why are they immune? what about those blackwater contractors who massacred the civillian iraqis? or the haditha killings? How many of the US infantry involved in the mai lai masscre faced justice? or the korean war masscres? Or even the US goverment for genocides of the native americans? Dont try to talk crap to me and practice double standard at the same time.

    The fact of the matter is, any society will do whatever it is necessary to protect their way of life and that means breaking some rules if need be. I’m not saying that the policemen are entirely innocent but they are part of a FORCE, a police force. It is not a democracy. they follow orders. All hell would break loose if a riot control unit doesnt have top down command. America itself has not arrived to where it is without sacrifces. How many british did you kill (revolutionary war), or Mexicans (Texas independence), or Spanish (Spanish American war), Vietnamese, Japs, Germans,Indians (Indian Wars) Whites (Civil War), Arabs? How many blacks did you Lynch? The american fabric itself is staine with the blood of injustices. How do you compare a small country like Malysia whos only 50 years independent after almost 500 year of colonization with a country multiple times it size that is 200+ years older? Do you think that a society arrive to a state where america is without getting their hands dirty or having dirt under their fingernails? Stop being so arrogant and try to compare a first world country wwith a developing nation.

    here a scenario, being black as he is, what if Obama
    struggle to speak english and prefer to speak kenyan instead,

    belong to a nonchristian religion,

    belong to a minority group that holds the wealth of the US,

    doesnt go to us national school,

    reads only his ethnic newspaper,

    belongs to a minorty immigrant group that refuses to assimilate into mainstream america ,

    have almost nonexistent representation in the american civil departments, armed forces etc,

    creates a coccoon within his own ethnic group hellbent on exploiting american opportinities while pepetuating his kenyan roots and cultures of drinking cows blood,

    eats something that most american dont eat (lets say monkey brain), dines in his own ethnic restaurant which majoprity of americans dont go or fiind taboo to eat,

    Do you think the american public would still choose him as their leader? Do you think he stands a chance?

    Stop smoking crack!

    btw, americans dont speak like you. You sound like those Hindraf “i wanna be white so much” that adopt a white mans name

  88. Bola Hangus says:

    All these people reminds me of one hypocrite chinaman customer of mine. Everytime we meet, we would sit, have a drink and talk about politics and he always bitches about corruption etc etc etc. One day his brother was nabbed on a raid at a nite club. He said one officer tried to squueze money from him. I said “so apa u bikin?”. In his broken bahasa he said” haiya apa bley buat manyak mahat, bayar lor, kalau tak bayar air kincing positif, masuk jail wo, takmau wo lugi wo”. He would rather pay the money to have the urine sample be turned negative rather than face the consequences of breaking the law. There are many of these people around. They themselves promote corruption and yet bitches about it. They themselve dont want to sacrifice for their ideals and yet expect others to do the right thing. Why dont the college garduates or non malays join the force and effect change from within with the meagre pay? why are you busy chasing your wealth? why dont you propose check and balances so that a serpico can emerge without fear of his life? why dont you come up with solutions to the dilemma intead of painting the picture blacker?

  89. idzan ismail says:


    Again Susan Loone singing loony tunes. Spewing baloney fit for loony bins.
    If you “menyampah” why do you portray him in your precious blog.
    If I detest someone, I won’t even mention his name let alone write or read about him.
    You are as guilty as the MSM whom you ridiculed. At least they are not hypocrites.
    Hello, he’s one of the best PM ever aside from Tun Razak.
    Most times, the old man talks sense.
    Under him we are peaceful as everyone is kept in line.
    Now even Susan Loone is king

  90. storm62 says:

    aiya…if the gomen and the polis are clean and honest, we don’t have to argue over here la…we will all be praising them here in this blog and i’m very sure all the other bloggers will do the same.

    then the Gomen will definately love us Bloggers and always thanking us for all the praises and comments in the internet.

    by then the ISA thing will even die a natural death.

    Rakyat : Change?

    Gomen : Yes we can.

    …all problems solved!

  91. why key? says:

    The police isn’t doing their job in the CORRECT way today. If you don’t
    agree, ask all the top retired police officers for their comment. You are NOT FAIR, “Fair to All”

  92. ericind says:

    how to b fair,the police dept belonngs to umno ,they r dogs.

  93. Karim says:

    Si Pencuri mahu tangkap pencuri????? Ha…ha…ha….

  94. MahaDey Mamak Kutty says:

    PIG(police insp general) Musang Hasang and AG(he thinks it means “Above God”) Guni Penuh Pak Taik bothe have been found guilty of corruption by virtue of ACA investigations based on DSAI’s rolice report pertaining to the black eye incident.

    WHY!WHY! WHY! the amno gomen does not take action…..RPK release by court – amno “najis” gomen immediately appeals; DSAI’s sodomy case “transfer” amno “najis” gomen immediately appeals; RAZAK BAGINDA MURDER OF FOREIGN BEAUTY – NO APPEAL…….

    POLICE STATE……am I right!

    Murderer( Big Mama & Najis….now R Baginda ); sexual assaulter( J Jarjis); sex scandal king ( Soi Lok); Corruptions Kings ( Mahadey/Tg Adenan) …..bee ann/amno Geng of Fame

    What a sorry state this country is in…..GOD BELASAH US,PLEASE!!!!!!

  95. […] Police – violent, brutal, unpatriotic, liar! « *SUSAN LOONE’s Blog* […]

  96. Pegasus says:

    Botak Hamid is a phenomenon, a lying phenomenon of a scoundrel that is!!.As the Home Minister ,this botak always doesn’t know what is happening in the nation till the next day and claims that the police acted on their own for most of the sensational news happening now. Wonder what is his role then , either we have a very weak minister or he is also sleeping at home. The PDRM work for Umno goons and betrays the rakyats in every aspect, the crime rate has gone up and the police are nowhere in sight to arrest this rising rate as they are too busy working for Umno bums. Arresting people who are having a peaceful gathering doesn’t speak well for freedom of speech in this country. The police should be concentrating on other aspect of the people’s safety instead of storming a group of peaceful gathering.
    The botak minister is a shame and incompetent in doing his work, March 8th result means nothing to the arrogant BN /Umno , the 13th GE will be the end of this regime.

  97. […]  Police – violent, brutal, unpatriotic, liarS […]

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