…if the court’s final decision (on the two police officers) results in unfair trial and proceedings.

Letters have been sent to our Foreign Minister. What now Rais Yatim? Have you received this letter? And will you give them an answer or tell them to “shut up and not interfere” ?

This statement was issued in the Mongolian press “MONTSAME” on Nov 7:

Ulaanbaatar, /MONTSAME/ The world community is well aware of the ruthless murder of Mongolian citizen ALTANTUYA Shaariibuu on October 19, 2006, in Punchak Alam, Malyasia, being shot twice and blown up by an explosive.

The Government of Mongolia reaffirms hereby that it has been consistently paying attention, from the very beginning of this cruel crime to the court proceedings. The Prime Minister and the Minister for Foreign Affairs (previous name) of Mongolia have sent letters twice each to their Malaysian counterparts expressing their confidence that related Malaysian authority would bring a murderer to justice and deliberate a fair court conviction for the case.

The Government of Mongolia deeply regrets that the Malaysian high court judge made a decision on October 31, 2008, to acquit Abdul Razak Baginda–the murder suspect for killing Mongolian ALTANTUYA Shaariibuu.

Although Mongolia has no legal rights to take part in the court proceedings, the Government of Mongolia is responsible for protecting legitimate rights and interests of its citizen under international treaties and national legislation.

In connection with the recent court decision to acquit the suspect Abdul Razak Baginda, the Minister for Exterrnal Relations of Mongolia Mr. S.Batbold has sent another letter addressed to the Foreign Minister of Malaysia Mr. Rice Yatim requesting the latter to pay attention to and render support for ensuring conditions for a final court decision free from politics and other side influence.

The letter carries a statement by Mongolia’s Government testifying that it will have a strong reasoning for turning to the international court in order to defend rights and interests of its citizen if the court’s final decision results in unfair trial and proceedings.

A trial for the special unit officers charged for the murder is expected to take place shortly and the Mongolian Government keeps its eyes and ears wide open on the proceeding.



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  1. Edi神 says:

    Najib… to appear in international court?

  2. Jed Yoong says:

    bye2 (censored).

  3. Kopi Anan says:

    I fully support Prof Shariibuu and Mongolian Government to bring the case before an InternationL Court.

    I don’t trust this whole lot of Malaysian judges , particularly, the Malay UMNO sympathisers [silent supporters].

    what more the IGP & Police and AG & PPs, all cannot be trusted.

  4. Omar Bakri says:

    hmm, Altantuya deserve justice!

    In Malaysia or abroad!

  5. Edi神 says:

    so cute…

    if they found najib guilty, will they send missele to destroy him

  6. john says:

    If I were them I would bring this trial to the International court too. It’s obvious prosecutors in this case are unwilling to investigate further than the two policemen. It’s as though they are trying to cover somebody’s ass. Somebody very high ranking that is.

  7. Why wait?

    Do it now Mongolia.

  8. Goreng says:

    Botak hamid albar if he is true malay should arrest the mongolian consul under ISA

  9. max says:

    Mmmm, maybe Malaysia would tell Mongolia to shut up by dangling some economic carrots! After all, why should the life of a model/prostitute be the strain to better economic relations between 2 countries

  10. hawkeye says:

    The Mongolian government should first fire their honourary counsel to Malaysia, another pedatang arab Syed whats his name..
    It is time to send Altantuya’s murders to hell where they belong.

  11. amira says:

    Mati la…Najis. Face international court? Will we be fully exposed to the incompetencies of our supreme race who figures that they can get away with anything including crime? Will the leader of our supreme race be able to face the test of simple reasoning, common sense and pure justice? And if and if our leader of the supreme race is found guilty what…… These are questions that will have to be answered.
    I don’t want to be associated with this supreme race because they have been proven themselves to be incompetent, corrupted, hopeless, abusing power, lacking ability, power crazy, irresponsible, reckless, …..all but supreme. Minta maaf….. but it’s becoming clearer everyday. We must remove this supreme race because it is becoming a mockery….becoming a race of orang kurang upaya…..orang yg dihina macam si Botak who gave stupid reasons to put people in jail….a PM who talk like a flip flopper dayin and dayout…..a PM to be who bleeds our country to bankruptcy like the Eurocopter case and make my retirement days in doubt by reducing my EPF contribution……a white hair minister who is very indecisive and unable to stop prices of necessities to balloon. Say petrol price he appears so reluctant to reduce the petrol prices…… Ooi bangunla harga petrol sudah turun ke US60 setong…..apalagi nak tunggu?

  12. KLman says:

    MAX! How can you frame a women `prositute’? Do you really know the true meaning of the world oldest profession? I am sad ppl like you are around with such low mentality in this age.

    For your enlightment pls see extract from Wikipedia on your claim that Altantuya was what you have mentioned:

    `If a woman has sexual intercourse with a man who supports her financially but doesn’t live with her, then she is called a mistress, and is again not normally considered a prostitute. If a man has sexual intercourse with a woman who supports him financially but doesn’t live with him, then he is called a kept man, and is again not normally considered a prostitute.’Unquoute’

  13. Isa X says:

    If you ever doubted the concept of white privilege, ask yourself: when was the last time a white man wept with joy because another white man was elected president? Hi you Malaysians- all of you deserves the leadership you have; Indian Chinese Malayu all of you are racist as none can imagine outside the colouring scope of Israel Europe and The US. What you all need is the same financial melt down and elite masturbation of the nations finances economy and ineffective laws perhaps then you’d all come to your senses.I don’t see a single group of non-racist in Malaysia except the ones you despised the most “ASLI”.

  14. maie says:

    u can get najib n rosmah for sale……….

  15. SameSame says:

    Ok…so they take the case to Intl Court, when then? If they delay daley…well they can kiss justice served goodbye.

    They should do it NOW, pronto..dont waste no time.Dont wait for the court to rule on the NINJAS cos they (NINJAS) are stand-ins for the real fellas who are loose on the streets of Malaysia.

    It will be cool to see the right Razak be called in……..


    Rosy all your sami-ji’s prayers cannot help ok. Paham tak pn botox.

  16. selvarajasomiah says:

    As I always said – NAJIB IS DEAD MAN WALKING!

  17. Mist says:

    Susan, while all of us are rightfully angry and demand justice we also need to be level-headed. The international court may not have the jurisdiction to try the case. If the government of mongolia wants to see that justice is done by her citizens she should at least try to get the french to release photos or whatever evidences that they have in linking najib to altantuya. The eurocopter deal is off, for now, and with one item less on the table the french may be able to deal if the mongolian government steps in.

    When new evidences that are credible surface najib would have been judged more a liability than an asset by the umno warlords and he could be dropped like a hot potato. When and if DSAI took over the government the case may be re-opened and re-trial. Justice would hopefully be served.

    DNA test comparing najib to altantuya’s children may provide the silver bullet.

  18. setia says:

    JUSTICE FOR ALTANTUYA !!! Someone is getting away with this terrible inhumane evil execution and the Mongolia Government should bring the case to the International Court of Justice.
    Malaysian Police are reluctant to investigate deeper into the case as it involves a V V V I P & his wife ?
    The Whole World has been following this case and know how tainted the Malaysian Judiciary is and can be as masterminded by Dr.Tun Mahathir Mohamed ex PM ,who used the Judiciary & Police to fix & frame Anwar Ibrahim,the ex Finance Minister.
    Mahathir’s legacy is a Shameful Tainted Judiciary & a divided Society based on his racist policy.
    YES let Altantuya rest peacefully & Justice prevail and only in an International Court can she & her family bring the Person (s) really
    responsible for her Cruel death.

  19. mr clean says:

    Go Mongolian Go!!!!!!!

    bring them to the ICJ…

    they’r all untrusted “bastard” – BN MPs, Ministers, IGP, AG, PPs, Polices, Judge & all of them…….. they’r rubbish!!!!

    we’re waiting U mr najis PM in waiting……..

  20. hahahaha this is so funny !!! what is mongolia ? they think they’re still great khan of the 12th centuries……

    i bet the foreign ministry are laughing rolling on the floor now …. to mongolia, go and restore your own civil order first ….

  21. Simon says:

    Hope justice can be served before najis become more powerful. 🙂
    Maybe there is still hope! 🙂

  22. lucia says:

    this is the best news i have ever heard (after the news of RPK’s release!). they should bring it to international court… even if those 2 police officers are found guilty because it is so obvious that they did what they did under someone’s instructions.

  23. ventura says:

    Justice will have to be prevail in the truth of the God people.

    Pro 20:28 Mercy and truth preserve the king, And by lovingkindness he upholds his throne.

    Pro 29:14 The king who judges the poor with truth, His throne will be established forever.

    Pro 29:24 Whoever is a partner with a thief hates his own life; He swears to tell the truth, but reveals nothing.

  24. Chronicle Malaysia says:

    Go ahead Mongolia, bring the case to the International Court as you can expect no justice from Najis and Bodohlah who are continue to insult the intelligence of the world by their sordid cover up of the whole sordid case. The whole world already knows Najis and Rosmah are the biggest culprits with Baginda being equally culpable, and the two policemen were just taking orders. The Malaysian govt continues to be in denial and lying through their teeth, they never learn!

  25. CJFOO says:

    The Mongolian Government should do it immediately. There is no need to show our government any diplomacy. Cut out the crap.

    The murderers will die a tragic death and that is my wish. May the spirit of Altantuya haunt those murderers day and night. May the generations of those murderers that live on those money tainted with Altantuya’s blood
    be cursed and face the appropriate retributions that they deserve.

    Bloody bastard.

  26. Anonymous says:

    May be a few million dollars USD each to the Mongolia PM and other top officials personally, can solved this problem?

  27. irika says:

    Maybe a few millions USD each to Mongolia PM and other top officials can help them to forget about this case?

  28. simpulan bahasa says:

    Heroes die young

  29. Innocent says:

    Don’t wait! Mongolia Government should act now! Get rid of this Najis,idiots from corrupted malaysia government for the sake of Altantuya & innocent malaysian, suffered in silent. Always,the murderer free on the road, innocent suffer in prison.

  30. tean says:


  31. Jacksojulian says:

    There will be no “fair trial” in Malaysia until PR takes over the Government. The lengthy process of International Court is the last option for Altantuya’s justice. But, how to bring Najib, Rosmah et al before International Court remains a question mark as long as BN still in power.

  32. mike says:

    the mongolian gov should not leave these bastards who have done this to your citezens.malaysia will try to buy you people with money but pls money is not justies.teach the malaysian corrupt gov a good lesson so they will not do as they wish.

  33. kowtim says:

    The case will be due in ICJ on 29th Feb 2009.

  34. koko says:

    If The ICJ acquits Razak Baginda too. Would the ICJ be less fair then?

  35. amoker says:

    Rice Yatim? Yes, he looks after his own rice bowl.

    I apploud the Mongolian government for their steadfast support for the truth to be known. For those who are joking about Mongolia, they are rapidly growing and with the help of China, is not as puny as you think. I think the UMNO supremacist will give a retort and really, it is just another slap on our face on the international front.

  36. Wizard says:

    First, we lost Pulau Batu Putih.
    Wonder what we’re going to lose next???

  37. Mongolia Govt’s war cry…………………….. ICJ !

    Malaysian Judiciary warded…………………. ICU !

    The World Audience watches……………… OIC !

  38. rider says:

    If Razak Baginda had a daughter wo was exploded in Mongolia, will he go to the international court if Mongolian justice failed him??? I don’t know how buffaloes react but as a father I WILL DO IT FOR MY DAUGHTER!!! The spirit of Altantuya will NOT be appeased until justice is served. We can see very clearly what her curse is doing to the BN Govt.

  39. waikiki says:

    Hi Sloon,
    Ur Page background really make me hard to read ..:( black background is ok but the article is light grey… So hard to read.. I have to highlight it just can read.. sorry..

  40. ktteokt says:

    Having lived under the “tempurung” and the guise of the NEP and Malay supremacy for so many decades, I doubt our leaders will be able to face up to the international community, much less the International Court of Justice. After having enjoyed so much “immunity” in Malaysia, these people will die of “infection” once they leave our mother nation. They will not be immune anymore and so eventually, they will die of infection!

    This applies to our other aspects, business, finance, employment, education, etc. The protection they enjoyed is only local, so when it comes to open competition, who the hell is going to give us “handicap”???

    But perhaps it is good that this case goes to the International Court and make it an expensive lesson for these egoistic leaders to realize that Malaysia is not the only COUNTRY in the world! We have to co-exist with others too and that they can only practise what they practise within the waters of Malaysia and not beyond!!!

  41. rajan says:

    Let this one case be mentioned in the international court be an eye opener to the world to expose all the wrong doings,abuses,excesses committed by the ruling elites (umno) and let the international community be aware of this pseudo regime who have enriched themselves beyond anyones imagination at the expense of the rakyat.
    May this ring the death knell of the supremacists umno and open the way forward for the country move forward based on the very principles,policies and practices under which the world has changed now.
    God bless Malaysia.

  42. shrek says:

    Sharibuu should start a civil lawsuit in Mongolia naming Baginda, Najib and Rosmah as defendant. Conduct a trial in absentia and once you get a court order to go after the assets whereever they are. Get the Mongolian government to declare them persona non grata and notify Interpol that thyey are wanted fugitives.

  43. Joshua says:

    Najib is now between the devil and deep shit.

  44. Smartone says:

    The govt. must realise now that the general public is against them after the March 8 gen.election. So many issue arises are not answer, indirectly creating doubts and confident to the lowest level. The immigration records cannot gone missing if no powerful personnal is involved…. who ?. The govt. should investigate and publish the finding to prove themselve transparency. This is the only way to win back the confident of the public.

  45. Wizard says:

    Most human on the other hand are damn selfish.
    As long as the “victim” are not a member of their loved one, they don’t really care.
    Mr Sharibu has every of his right to seek justice for his daughter.
    In early days, our country would have been attack by the mongolians by now.

  46. Joe Tee says:

    …if the court’s final decision (on the two police officers) results in unfair trial and proceedings.

    Then they will go to international court.

    Wait !!!!!

    By the way, has any body seen the two polis man faces?

  47. Harrison says:

    Oh bravo, if that should happen! The world will witness how DPM Najib and his awkward mug spouse as a result of torts during undergoing numerous cosmetic surgeries grilled by “the legal lions” (attorneys appointed by ICC/ ICJ). And there will be no cover-ups!!!! 🙂

    BUT, I beg to differ that The International Criminal Court and International Court Of Justice both at the Hague as I had posted in other threads last year has no jurisdictional purview of a singular / private crime (murder) committed against a tourist/denizen, say in this case -Altantuya’s murder committed in Malaysia.

    The ICJ and the ICC jurisdictional imprimatur as I had learned covers cases like State sanctioned genocide, mass murderers, ethic-cleansing and terrorist fugitive.

    The late President Suharto and Saddam Hussein were tried by their countries’ own court although Saddam can be tried at the ICJ for crimes of mass-murderers against a Kurdish factions.

    I still cannot see that such private murderer of a Mongolian citizen can be brought the ICC/ICJ/ any International Tribunals for adjudication.

    Can someone brief me on this??????

    Maybe any Human Rights’ lawyer’s here could assist us in this deliberation?

  48. Fed. Marshall says:

    What do we expect in a country like ours whose corrupted to the core leaders practice……

    wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce without morality, science without humanity, worship without sacrifice, politics without principles.- Gandhi

  49. azee72 says:

    najib will throw some money to mongolia and all sudden their intention to bring this case to ICJ silenced.

    wonder whre these $$ will come from ,from najibs pocket or our tax money.
    Welcome to Malaysia.

  50. Wizard says:

    Smartone says,

    The govt. must realise now that the general public is against them after the March 8 gen.election.

    You’re damn wrong, Smartone!

    Our govt does’nt realise a thing because they’re real dumb or playing stupid. The way they talk or speak in the parliament proceedings or speeches proved what they are.
    Take Syed Hamid Albar, for instance!
    Everytime when he open his mouth, it does’nt make any sense.
    Even our PM sometimes uttered nonsense.
    They don’t care about our feelings.
    What they care is about what they think.
    They’re not afraid of losing because they think that as long as they have lots of members with them, they’ll always rule.
    That’s why they’re trying to recruit lots and lots of members everyday.

  51. Myno says:

    M afraid Rais Yatim did not get the letter bcos it was addressed to “Mr Rice Yatim.

    U know the level of our government competency the letter might have been returned as ” Undelivered as no such person exists”.

  52. wits0 says:

    Just wondering, if Altantuya was a M’sian similarly murdered in another country, would the local regime bother to take the case up this way? Or wouldn’t it be easier to cover-up matters and out of habitual laziness?

    We remember how, when Botak was FM, how reluctantly he seemed to have handled the cases of M’sian caught up in the Myanmar regimes arrests of protestors there and other similar incidents. We also remember his gobbledegook on Myanmar on behalf of ASEAN(AssSeen?) Basi Rice is no better.

  53. Myno says:

    The Monggolian government should do it immediately regardless of the outcome of the 2 cops’ trial.

    Even if Baginda n the 2 cops r sent to gallows justice is still not fully served as we all know there r at least 2 more mastermind involved.

    Great news anyway. Turn on the heat!

  54. msmaniam says:

    najis and fatt ass rosmah in international court????love to witness that.but……..,umno morons and najis group will throw millions to buy the monggolian govt.BELIEVE ME,GOD IS GREAT!!!! NAJIS will never bcome the next pm,DSAI will be there!!!!

  55. bystander says:

    The setting of your site renders difficult reading

  56. Ken says:

    Mongolia go go! Dun be hesitate to do it.

  57. storm62 says:

    Malaysia have lost an Island (Pulau Batu Putih) to ICJ.

    how i wish Malaysia will loose a PM-to-be to ICJ this time.

    Please do us a favour ICJ, we are all behind you.

  58. wickwax says:

    Malaysia better not be so arrogant…

  59. biawak says:

    Mr Gengis Khan (Mongolia) !

    What are u waiting 4 ? Where is ur sword ? Where is ur horse ? International Court is ur shield.
    Go ahead !!! bring the MURDERER to the court proceedings.Neva let the MURDERER to become next Malaysia’s NO 1 men.Otherwise more Gengis Khan gurls will be murdered.

  60. Rainstorm says:

    Mongolia govt should take the case to International Court the sooner the better….

  61. temenggong says:

    When Hindraf takes their case to London, its not okay. If Shariibu takes his case to ICJ its okay!

  62. najib says:

    was they have enough money to put into ICJ’s group mouth too? hahhahah

  63. motherchell says:

    Susan i hold with pride of what your blog has done in the fight for justice for Altantuya. Your contributions against all odds in the face of a despotic Banana Republic is commendable. Keep your strengths on , we must expose every inequity in their system.

    We must expose the faces of the accused UTK fall guys. . The powers that be may run but will never be able to hide. We must get Patial, Musa up on the docks . If you ask me Paklah is equally guilty as he is withholding evidence. Time will tell!!! The truth will be before our eyes.

  64. anonymous dud Says:November 8, 2008 at 9:20 am

    hahahaha this is so funny !!! what is mongolia ? they think they’re still great khan of the 12th centuries……

    Or another alternative is for Mongolia to send a hundred thousand troops into Malaysia and arrest the culprits.

    Malaysia will defend the culprit by lining thousands of Umno troops against the advancing say-no-die Mongolian troops.

  65. For sure the non-BNputra troopers would not defend the culprit after that BN culprit has wanted to bathe non-BNputra troopers blood with his keris.

    Go on, You brave Mongolian Genghiskhans and Kublaikhans, show some colors to the not-scare-to-die BNputra troopers especially the Umnoputra troopers.

  66. Batu Ferringhi says:

    Dr Shaariibu should file a civil suit in Mongolia and let Interpol do the digging for photographic evidence of the visit to the submarine yard in France. Perhaps then, there will be justice served.

  67. harris says:

    hey!!I’m malay and no supreme race!!
    Those ministers are the supreme race!!
    Can’t wait to see the Razaks in International court..

  68. James says:

    Do we really know that DSAI would now be the Head of Government (Prime Minister with his appointed Cabinet Ministers not from MPs & Senators) although Party Pakatan Rakyat is not having the MAJORITY seats in the Parliament SHOULD Malaysia now having the element of Two Terms PM, Separation of Power and Direct PM election (Electoral College)that are similiar to USA Political System.

  69. wira says:

    I don’t think it’s the role of the International court of Justice to arbitrate between a private citizen and a state.

    Moreover, if it’s a dispute between the 2 governments, both parties must first consent to arbitration. I don’t think the Malaysian government would because this would be arbitration against a domestic court ruling which would be interpreted narrowly by the BN government as intervention into the internal affairs of a sovereign nation.

    Basically, I think it’s a non starter.

  70. ma lay sia says:

    despite the kublai khans and genghiz khans, it wiill be difficult to pursue the case at ICJ because some say there are no records of the movement of the victim into or out of the country. theoretically, the person does not exist. so what’s the hope at ICJ? however, if the khans are quick enough to hire the legal team of singapore – the same team that grabbed our pulau batu putih – that could put baginda in deep shit.

  71. Yellow Fella says:

    Can we all write a support letter / signature petition to Mongolia Govt asking them to bring it to international court. We all talk talk here…do you think mongolia part will see how much we support them and how much we want the justice to be serve. How to reach them?

  72. Max Mann says:

    Maybe the french govt will pass the pictures to the Mongolians if Mongolia buy a few scorpenes and eurocopters.

  73. Nyonya Khan says:

    Kublaikhanbaru, you khan assemble the great khans against them, they might retaliate by sending Datuk Sharukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and half of Bollywood and their local fans after you!

  74. Hi there ! I hope everything ok

  75. ah long says:

    Wira /Tean…….the two of you are absolutely right. The International court has absolutely no jurisdiction in Malaysia which is a sovereign nation.

    Put it simply, Malaysians are subject to Malaysian law only. And we are cannot be trial by any other country’s laws unless we committed a crime in that country.

    The international court normally only hear disputes that have crossed the borders of different nations. It normally restricts itself to international commercial disputes or crimes against humanity.

    I will say with 99% certainty that it will and cannot not hear the Altantuya case even in the unlikely event that both parties agree to it.

    It is a crime that happened in Malaysia involving Malaysian citizens the victim being a Mongolian citizen is irrelevant.

  76. stanleythomas says:

    I hope ,if these murderers are found guilty in the international court,they will be executed in the plains of mongolia with Shaariibuu Setev watching over the execution.After that the bodies will be left to rot till only the skeletons remain.

  77. wriggler says:

    The Chief Justice admits he is a criminal:

    Chief Justice Zaki Azmi admited he bribed….CORRUPTION?

    “It took me six months to be nice, to bribe each and every individual to get back into their good books before our files were being attended to.


  78. wriggler says:

    The Chief Justice admits he is a criminal:

    Chief Justice Zaki Azmi admited he bribed….CORRUPTION?

    “It took me six months to be nice, to bribe each and every individual to get back into their good books before our files were being attended to.


  79. […] this seems pretty stupid. Geez, do you really want your police guys running around blowing up tourists? […]

  80. bamboo river says:

    If and ever the case is heard and judged in the international court, I hoped the evidences to pin point the culprit /s will surface and presented.
    That is the only hope for a ‘proper’ trial to seek justice for Late Altantuya.

  81. Humility says:

    Malaysia is a beautiful multi-ethnic country. However, its politician are dirtier than cowdung. Unfortunately the majority that still live in kampungs are still fooled into voting for them. Wonder when will the majority of the public be wise or educated enough to recognize shit as shit and not a pot of gold. Hopefully oneday the people of malaysia will wake up & reject such shitty & corrupted govt. We have the Najibs, Bodohwi, Khairy, Mohd Taib, Mohd Khir and all these notorious people. Wonder if they believe in GOD & retribution !? Will the people of Msia wake up or will Malaysia continue to be a basket case !!!

  82. get back to reality, what’s mongolia standing in the eyes of world standing these days ? corruption rampant, civil disorder, etc etc. ppl know mongolia becoz of genghis khan and that’s all. and you think malaysia gov will care for mongolian sentiment of the recent murder case ? they even din have an “embassy” in malaysia, so what’s mongolian to malaysian gov??

    if they want to bring to international court, malaysia gov will care less. they can always state that this is a sovereign country and the judiciary ruled the trial is fair and foreign countries has no right to interfere law and order in the country, simple as that. remember previous case where an australian murdered by teenagers and the perpetrator (the girls) acquitted, did you see australian gov interfere ? if you don’t like the “justice” in malaysia, the foreigner can always avoid the country and it will be the gov polish up their ag and judiciary…..

  83. i see many ppl up against malaysia/gov over some “justice” acquitting rb ….

  84. chinforTruth & Justice says:

    The whole world wants to know the truth and justice served. Put the key people like PI ( Bala) and RPK on the wtness stand. These concerned citizen believed in justce. A SD is a legitimate document, the Court should
    examined them. If Bala and RPK have committed perjury, charged them.

    Where is Bala ? It does raise much suspicion how is it possible a whole family can disappear without any trace.

    The citizen of Malaysia must be given the Truth and the Goverment must show to the world, nobody is above the law. Lord Denning once said ” Be Ye so high, for the Law is higher “

  85. Payback Time says:

    As i has speculated all along our Razak brothers are lovers and admirer of beautiful women..they could not have ordered a foreigner to be kill here in bolihland. Both of them knew who but..how can they reveal?!! Take a look at those 2 ninjas all covered up..why so special previledge..because both of them also knew who gave the order

  86. chong says:

    how can we show our support to the Mongolia government to bring the case to the international court as soon as possible? They can never find the justice and the truth here becasue UMNO is above laws in malaysia.

  87. Bless Tun says:

    The Mongolians can’t win. Malaysia is much more powerful than Mongolia

  88. god is always with truths…maybe it takes time……gud luck….word harder, pray harder.. angle is there

  89. future era says:

    Bravo RPK, keep up the good work. Now we want Hindraf 5 and all ISA detainees to be released and abolished the ISA.

    Rpk is our hero, but looking at this Dr. Kua Kia Song, sigh, what a contrast.

  90. future era says:

    Couldn’t fill a nomination form in the 1995 General Election, was booted out from New Era College, now instigating those innocent and gullible students going against the wishes of the rakyat.

  91. future era says:

    This Kua Kia Song is a total disgrace to mankind when compared to our hero RPK.

    Long live RPK, please go away quietly Mr. Principal- the can’t fill nomination form properly principal.

  92. anem says:

    This Kua Kia Song is a total disgrace to mankind when compared to our hero RPK.

    Long live RPK, please go away quietly Mr. Principal- the can’t fill nomination form properly principal.

  93. smileguy says:

    Pls note that I understand that criminal cases cannot be referred to ICJ, so seems they can get away anyway

  94. Yili says:

    That will never happen, trust me.

  95. Batistak says:

    god is always with truths…may be its take time..work harder,pray harder,angel is there

  96. future era says:

    Bolehland is a lawless state. The rule of law doesn’t apply in Bolehland. Bolehland follows the jungle diligently.

    Just looking at the New Era College, even the majority of the College Supreme has booted that PJ betrayer Kua (dead literally in Hokkien) but still wants to continued playing dirty politics at his whims and fancies ala the Umnoputras.

    No way a betrayer of the rakyat can lead a college ala the betrayers leading a nation.

    The rakyat must have the conviction and resilience in wanting this isa be abolished and the culprits must be brought to book.

    This nation is finished if these culprits could live hedonistic lifestyle by murdering innocent people, ala this pj betrayer sodomizing the pj voters.

  97. kesava says:

    The Chief Justice is a criminal:

    Chief Justice Zaki Azmi admited he bribed….CORRUPTION?

    “It took me six months to be nice, to bribe each and every individual to get back into their good books before our files were being attended to.


  98. kesava says:

    TDM calls Nazri LIAR:

    6. Were the judges sacked or suspended? I think they were sacked. The records say so. Now the Minister says “No”, the judges were not sacked or suspended.


  99. Moore says:

    In Malaysian Parliament and Courts lying is allowed.
    Augustine Paul knows when a senior police officer under oath said he would lie in court if ordered to do so by his superiors. It is okey to lie, murder …..but dont get caught. tu saja.

  100. Moore says:

    In Malaysian Parliament and Courts lying is allowed.
    Augustine Paul knows when a senior police officer under oath said he would lie in court if ordered to do so by his superiors. It is okey to lie, steal…..but dont get caught. tu saja.

  101. Anonymous says:

    Yes, by all means, do it and clear the good name of Bolehland and her peace loving, righteous people (except those evil, extreme and corrupted power brokers, plus the political dinosaurs and their cronies).

    We don’t want to be public ridiculed by the international community.

  102. shieldtox says:

    Mongolia pl take this to the intln court now. All these years of bull…. that m’sia a classic example of multiracial and multireligious success. Hindraf let the cat out of the bag. Mongolia be confident – the world doesn’t find M’sian govt credible anymore.

  103. Joseph Lim Jin Seng says:

    Can anyone in law answer this question?

    If Najis and wife found guilty in International Coourt, where should they be jailed?

    Malaysia or Mongolia?

    If they got to be sentenced to death, can it be done in Mongolia not malaysia.

    NAJIS and FAmily are in real SHIT-NAJIS

  104. Douglas Moore says:

    In every court, almost everyone tell lies. it’s just the magnitude of lying. For instance, if the cross-examiner sleight-of-hands are full of knaveries in
    coercing you to a fault/s, don;t tell me that you will play onto their hands?

    Who is willing to tell the truth to have themselves incarcerated/ penalized? A Sri Lankan lawyer in Malaysia once told me bragging about how he won many cases was because of his “ability” and I guess you know what he meant, don’t you? hmmmmm………….. I am not sure he ever did a “Linggam”?.

    *Just placing on records that commentator “Moore” is not me. 😀 I am an American of British and Dutch parentage.

    Douglas Duncan Moore

  105. The only sensible comment is by HARRISON!

    Please be reminded that in the first instance, the matter is not over.
    Baginda has been acquited of conspiracy to murder. His defence is not being called.
    The two officers have to enter their defence and to inter alia explain as to whether they were ordered to kill OR they were paid to kill OR did they kill in the first place.
    During this phase of the Trial & depending on the facts, all those who have evidence { real } should be subpeoned to give the evidence they have without fear or favour.
    This will include Baginda.
    It will all depend on the Defence Lawyers – what is their actual “instructions”!
    If the persons who have evidence linking others to the crime, then such persons must apply to give evidence.
    Until such time , the International Court cannot interfere.

    Even after the matter is over at the High Court,
    it must & will go to the Court of Appeal & then The Federal Court!
    Our system is SOVEREIGN.

    Please be further notified that the International Court has no jurisdiction here within Malaysia.

    I am absolutely shocked at the ignorance of the so called statement issued.

    And to all commentators,
    Please refrain from using vulgar language.
    Understand the system and the laws of this country
    before u shoot your mouth off
    And please remember,
    The Laws & The Sytem is Good
    The persons who man these – that’s a different story.
    And all of us out there who keep talking a whole load of codswallop,
    Please, Please stop the rot that is inside you and try to clear your mind to ask, hear ,learn, find out.

    Check out my blog : jeyapalantsmahesan.blogspot.com : THE CHANGE IS COMING!


  106. daniel says:

    GOOD!!! Well done and it is your right to protect your citizen. Blast and seek out this murderers with all you can. May JUSTICE prevail.

  107. Aiyoyo! Nyonya khan, go make more cencarut, gadol2 and kueh kochi for all the bollywood khans.

    There is no room for the Bollywood khans in the battlefield la.

    If the non-BN putras will not help the BN putras in defending theBN culpritutras the advancing king sized kublaikhans and genghiskhan, mamgpus la all the

  108. Bujang says:

    Najib denied knowing even the girl. Have you got any photograph to proof otherwise?
    Else you are hurting an innocent man.
    An man is innocent until proven guilty. Prove it with a photgraph and I will believe you.
    Everybody will believe you then.

  109. Aiyoyo! Nyonya khan, go make more cencarut, gadol2 and kueh kochi for all the bollywood khans la.

    There is no room for the Bollywood khans in a battlefield la.

    If the non-BN putras will not help the BN putras in defending the BN culpritutras from the advancing king-sized kublaikhans and genghiskhans, mampus la all the Bn putras especially the Umnoputras.

  110. The kublaikahns ans genghiskhans will be extra harsh on the Umnoputras after how they atomized their fellow rakyat girl.

    So don’t blame the non-putra troopers for not lending a hand to the BNputras after all the treatment to their own fellow country men.

    The non-BNputras will love to see the kublaikhans and genghiskhans obliterated all the BN putras especially the Umno putras.

    The kublaikhans and genghiskhans of Mongolia in fact is doing the non-BNputras a favor by obliterating the Bnputras and/or catch all these Bnputras to Mongolia cleaning and tending to their camels in the Mongolian desert.

  111. The non-Bn putras will lend a helping hand to see the Mongolian kublaikhans and genghistans totally obliterating all the Bn putras as the Bn putras are the enemy of the rakyat and the world.

    So don’t blame the non-Bnputras but the BN putras themselves especially the Umnoputras for treating their fellow non-Bnputras as if they are their enemy.

    Nyonya khan, please so get your folks preparing lots of cencaru and gadol gadol for our great friends feom Mongolia, they will label you datin or datuk ala the Bollywood khans.

    Thanks nyonya khan.

    kublaikhan baru.

  112. Douglas Moore says:

    I was placing 2 comments earlier that Sharukh Khan and his/her comments seems to appear faster than me……….hmmmmmmmm. You ain’t anti-American aye, Susan? 😉

  113. First Botak PM?? says:

    Get this rotten Najis, the you-know-who hopeless umno syndicate to stand trial on the international court including the old useless mamak and see how they shit. It is clearly known that majority of the malaysian do not support the present useless govern. Let them eat their own medicine in the international court.! Man, can’t wait for this day to come. So much to enjoy from the trial through CNN then. Get it going faster……

  114. monsterball says:

    This murder cases….involving UMNO people….results…have much to be desired.
    I hope….the Mongolian Govt. can get what they want.
    Malaysians are not happy with the court case ….long before the judgement given. I need not remind …immigration file lost….clear suspect..not summon to court.
    The first..murder case….clearly involving UMNO…the Bank Bumiputra case….with one Malaysian auditor got murdered in H.Kong….never solved..and UMNO is so please….it’s forgotten by Malaysians.
    No one is interested to get justice done for that poor Muslim.
    Why have that poor murdered family kept so quiet?
    “UMNO is corrupted …right to the core”….started more than 22 years ago.
    Now….look at Nazri ….trying to twist….saying..Tun Salleh was never sacked as Chief Judge. Even the guilty as hell…Mahathir felt the embarrassment of that statement.
    Take all that…plus Anwar’s black eye…what is the Mongolian murder case…..real justice…meant to the government.,…involving his UMNO top people.
    They could not care less…..even at the expense of loosing more voters…as it involves Najib….and if proven guilty…..UMNO is finished forever.

  115. There IS a God… and I really really hope and pray that justice will prevail and that the whole bunch of them… UMNO and led by Najib… will be tried, sentenced accordingly!
    NO guilty party of MURDER MUST be allowed to get away with it !

  116. Logic says:

    Whatever court it may be International/Universal/ Cosmic court is useless bcos it cant do a thing to Malaysia.R they sending warships & fighter planes here to snatch the criminals from Malaysia?

  117. It is HIGH time that all Malaysians pressured the government of the day to haul ALL those directly and remotely involved in the murder and hold them under ISA because they NOW pose a dangerous threat to national image.

    When a nation’s integrity and reputation is tarnished in the world view, the nation falls under vulnerable conditions risking national security.

    The court has in discharging Razak Baginda clearly sent a message that at all cost some individual/s will be saved from having to answer to the people of Mongolia and Malaysia on how this sordid and heinious crime could have happened.

    On the contrary, the courts must push for answers to how immigration records were swiped clean off the systems.

    And for God’s sake stop playing with fire and brimestones by postponing the trial for another two years.

    All religious leaders, NGOs and every citizen worth his/her salt must push for justice. Forget about all other issues for the time being. This ONE episode is good enough to flush out the rodents.

    Can the worthwhile politicians and political machinery push for the national agenda for justicce with urgency.

  118. Pegasus says:

    Malaysian judiciary is shameful, with the BN regime still in power,justices will not prevail and would only be denied all the way in favour of the ruling party . IF only there are hard evidence of photographs of najib and altantuya and razak baginda together,that will mean a lot in deciding this case. Wonder if there were any satellite pictures as claim by someone sometime back at the crime scene ,where a lady was seen standing near a body. If there is ,this will help to get those culprits involved. Maybe the Mongolian govt.should seek the assistance of the US to get those snap shots and pictures if any.
    May Mr Sharibuu get the justices he is seeking and hope the truth will come out in the open and all those involve are punished.

  119. wits0 says:

    “Malaysian judiciary is shameful,….” – Pegasus

    Perhaps it has been so shamelessly insensitive as part of the hocus pocus System for too long that the power-that-be now expects continuity. Demonstrably, Botak Al Blur appeals to High Court to save own face and damn RPK to injustice. Expected, no?

  120. […] Mongolia Govt says it will take Altantuya’s case to International Court …if the court’s final decision (on the two police officers) results in unfair trial and […] […]

  121. kittykat46 says:

    We may likely find in the end that Altantuya died from an Act of God, because everyone will be innocent of her death.

    As things stand right now, nobody is reponsible for ordering the murder.

    The two remainding accused are the alleged direct perpetrators. They woke up one morning and together decided to kill a Mongolian woman.

    Bolehland Forever….

  122. kittykat46 says:

    We may likely find in the end that Altantuya died from an Act of God, because everyone will be innocent of her death.

    As things stand right now, nobody is reponsible for ordering the act.

    The two remainding accused are the alleged direct perpetrators. They woke up one morning and together decided to end the life of a Mongolian woman.

    Bolehland Forever….

  123. freewave says:

    “Territorial jurisdiction
    During the negotiations that led to the Rome Statute, a large number of states argued that the Court should be allowed to exercise universal jurisdiction. However, this proposal was defeated due in large part to opposition from the United States.[31] A compromise was reached, allowing the Court to exercise jurisdiction only under certain limited circumstances, namely:

    where the person accused of committing a crime is a national of a state party (or where the person’s state has accepted the jurisdiction of the Court);
    where the alleged crime was committed on the territory of a state party (or where the state on whose territory the crime was committed has accepted the jurisdiction of the Court); or
    where a situation is referred to the Court by the UN Security Council.” source – wikipedia

    Perhaps, the Mongolian government should talk to Obama to influence the international rules and regulations.

  124. lhheng says:

    Great news Susan. The Mongolian government must act fast to bring this horrible and cruel murder case to ICJ. Do it now. Nobody trust our judiciary anymore. Dont let those murderers run free especially that Mr and Mrs. C4 including that ar_ehole who just been released. Whacked the whole prosecution and the defence bunch of bums to shame. This whole trial is a farce and a big joke.
    And make sure the whole world knows about this.

  125. monsterball says:

    Latest…Najib said….UMNO received 900 complaints about corruptions.
    He said…easy to complaint….difficult to solve.
    May I suggest he advise those 900…. to swear by the Koran….Najib then treat that as Truths….and sack that minister,….and let them fight it out ..in court.
    Another way…is get three to say ..same thing…and that will be good enough…for him…to sack the minister….and again..let the court decides.who is lying…
    If Najib’s Koran swearing…saying he does not know Atlantuya..and all UMNO plus court believe in him..then…is that not the most powerful weapon ….to catch corrupted crooks??
    Nazri also said….the 5 Judges were not sacked…..even shaming the guilty one…Mahathir…with that explaination.
    Najib apply my advises…sure 100% result.
    No more corruptions.

  126. irika says:

    BN should send the UTK ppl to go to Mongolia to capture their PM and send him to kamunting under ISA. This will teach the Mongolian about Msia “Ketuanan”. Can talk with China /Russia, to enter Mongolia from China/Russia by land, as Mongolia will likely refuse entry by air.

  127. artemus22 says:

    International Court? Not so easy. The murderer had bribed all along the way to stay free. There’ll be more millions flowing out of the country if this case is brought to the International Court. Where do you think this money is going to come from?

    No need Genghis Khan. No need Obama, but unsung warriors and heroes like us, YOU and I can turn the verdict around. Stay united and vote the BN out in the next general election and let a new government take charge of the administration. By then, we’ll get to know who the real culprit was.

  128. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous said…


    WHY Razak Baginda, the fall guy, with no further obstacles or hindrances in sight for Najis in his ascending to the Top Power, has now been released??? The real murderers whose identities are obvious but are still at large, with RPK detained under ISA but just released and PI Balasundram exiled overseas there are no other major obstacles and hindrances to Najis’ ascendancy to the pinnacle of his power come March 2009. This is only obvious that UMNO has now the final say in justice with their man Zaki as the Chief Justice. This is the obvious Justice of Malaysia, the laughing stock of the whole world, Malaysia should be boycotted by the world communities for their greatest injustices towards human rights and common normal justices. THIS IS MALAYSIA’S MALAY SUPREMACY AT ALL COSTS BUT GOING DOWN THE SEWERS WITH NAJIS, THE NEW PRIME MINISTER IN WAITING AFTER THE 51ST YEAR OF INDEPENDENCE.

  129. Mashe says:

    This is for Max. Everytime a woman changes her husband does that mean she is a prostitue.Than many qualify and you will find them in the daily sensational newspapers. As for supremacy of race why do I keep thinking of the Nazis. But I note more the mamak tong-kangs are more vociferous than the genuine cultured Malays. For your information that Penang racist’s father is a direct migrant from Kerala. He was a famous builder and more patriotic to his land of origin.

  130. Bola Hangus says:

    a good idea. maybe the native americans can sue the US goverment for genocide and get back their lands. ha ha ha ha… dream on. The world belongs to the mighty. The golden rule is he who has the gold makes the rules…

  131. why key? says:

    Susan you’re doing a good job, just like RPK.

  132. natsinned says:


  133. wits0 says:

    M also reconciled with Suqiu in 2006 when he Dr M to launch book by ‘enemy’ of BN

    That’s how self-servingly inconsistent that he is.

  134. wits0 says:

    Ooops, wrong topic.

  135. kittykat46 says:

    The prosecution in the Altantuya case has decided not to pursue any appeal against Razak Baginda


    So its true. The two UTK policemen, Azilah and Sirul woke up one morning and casually decided to terminate the Mongolian woman. No one gave them any instruction to do so.

    Would you like to buy the Penang Bridge ?

  136. ktteokt says:

    I certainly hope the Mongolian government would file the case in the International Court of Justice for the sake of justice for Altantuya. Let’s just see then how the Malaysian government is going to manipulate its decision! By then, lots of new evidence is going to pour out and this will certainly teach these guys a very expensive lesson!

  137. Mr. Justice says:

    I agree. Government of Mongolia should bring this case to International Court.Malaysian Judiciary has been influenced by politics since 1988 and we can see is still happened until now.Like Lingam case, so the evidence is obvious. Furthermore in the first sight, why those two police wanted to kill Altantuya??.They not even have any relation at all with that woman unless ‘someone’ with authority had ordered them to do so…Who is this guy?? it’s still unknown…

  138. iFadzlie says:

    The whole Altantunya issues had been script-written very well to support the “wrong” to be “right”, God knows the real culprits and “konco-konco” but lets face it as long as we cry the slogan “MALAYSIA BOLEH” everything can be done especially the corrupts UMNO & BN. Kadang-kadang malu jadi Malaysian dengan tingkah laku orang-orang yang penuh mempraktekan korupsi sebagai jalan hidup, sedarlah Malaysia akan menjadi hancur akibat mangsa tamak haloba perasuah……..

  139. simplemind says:

    somehow rather i feel that the two police are the least guilty in this case since they belong to some secret special task force. Why are they not guilty? Because they only follow instructions given to them, and in their position, its not allowed for them to ask questions when orders are given out since it is assumed that the victim would be a national threat. I support the decision for an international court since i truly feel that decisions made in the home court will definitely be influenced especially when big names or powerful people are involved.

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