Raja Nazrin says all the rights things but am not sure if they are practical. Perhaps, when he is Agong?

He says:

“Generally, the Rulers act based on the advice by government leaders elected by the people. Nevertheless, the Rulers cannot accede to acts which do not symbolise justice or sanction moves which do not mirror truth”.

“The Rulers’ views, observation and counsel in the administrative affairs of the country touching on the question of integrity which encompasses justice, law, judiciary, misappropriation, power abuse, corruption and wealth distribution, are with the desire to strengthen the government so that it is stable and receives the people’s trust”.

[Not really happening, is it?]

“This will enable the Rulers fulfil their roles with integrity and make the smart, accurate, just and fair decisions”.

“The Rulers have a role as the pillar of stability — source of justice, thrust of unity — hence enhancing the level of people’s confidence in the systems of governance and society based on democratic practices, rooted on the doctrine of separation of powers”.

“The Rulers have constitutional responsibilities and the responsibilities need to be carried out intelligently so that it can help build a high-integrity country”.

[Not happening either].

“The Rulers reside at a special position, have the opportunity to give smart views to influence and determine the direction of the nation positively and constructively through counsel, encouragement, persuasion, reminder and admonition”.

[I don’t think Chief Justice Zaki Azmi was a smart view, but never mind].

[How about Najib Tun Razak as next Prime Minister?]


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  1. matt says:

    Please these royals are all the same even they act as though they are umno members afterall did you read what the father said.2 kali 5.

  2. matt says:

    Actuaaly the only RAJA you can trust is RAJA PETRA KAMARUDIN period.

  3. Pleeeeeeease says:

    I don`t trust royalty.

  4. amoker says:

    I asked the same question. The father has come out with statement that is less unbias than his after 1000 Malay NGOs demonstrated in KK.

  5. Eagle says:

    All this cakap no serupa bikin. Sent oversea everything AOK.

  6. ““Generally, the Rulers act based on the advice by government leaders elected by the people. Nevertheless, the Rulers cannot accede to acts which do not symbolise justice or sanction moves which do not mirror truth”.”

    remind me of badawi so many rhetorics …….

  7. if these sultan and raja could become like frederik william and frederick II the philosopher king in prussia who even paid their own taxes and lives in frugality and action speaks louder than talking, then it will earn my respect ….

  8. lhheng says:

    With the current crazy issues happening in this country, like the Mongolian woman murder, ISA, Ketuaan Melayu, racial etc…. instead of helping to resolve these issues, our royalty kept mum for reasons best known to themselves.
    The rakyat especially the non-malays are really confused and disappointed. WE are lost for words.

  9. Monsterbabe says:

    remember the “bersih” rally when the participants submitted a memorandum to Her majesty calling for a transparent electorate among others.

    remember Raja Nazrin’s self-sponsored marriage, the highest accolade of a selfless Royalty when he could have use the state pecuniary for the said purpose?


    Take a view on what the conference of rulres said about Malay Supremacy. Just take a look.

    Lately, having perused the the statements of Raja Nazrin and his father, the sultan of Perak, perceived as the most liberal of the monarchy, about Malay Supremacy that such sacred rights of the Malays is beyond review and question, can anyone still trust Raja Nazrin as an eminent man?

  10. imwatchinu says:

    My question is where are they when the rakyat needed them? I think we have been let down too often. Frankly, do people really care if we do away with royalty? Too expensive to maintain. And all for what?

  11. prof JOHN B says:

    Of course, the statement is very rationale. Will it be applied? In Malaysia, ……. say that which they don’t mean and hardly anything which they mean. Another of those kinky rhetorics? It’s just Another Brick On the Wall.

    prof JOHN B

  12. Boink says:

    ahh, from Perak, this, yes, same rulers that couldn’t tolerate a Chinese MB even tho his party won the majority seats. Easy to tok kok when you got silver spoons in your mouth and never have to face meritocracy yourself, all bullshit samesame keTuanan in the end.

  13. Leo says:

    Looks like they are weak. Weak to think ahead and WEAK to work hard for $$$. They live on Malay rights. Without Malay rights they jatuh ke tanah. All this while the goverment has been spoon feed them so everything easy come. No need to use their brain to think. They are so afraid of what will happen to them if Malay Rights been taken away? Why afraid of ??? God gave us brains to think. If Chinese can then why Malays cannot??? Chinese without any rights yet are rich because they use their brains to think and they work hard. SO WHY CAN’T THEY MALAYS DO THE SAME. Please don’t depend on any rights. Work hard and that $$$ will be called as Halal $$$ because u work hard for it.

  14. Moonrider says:

    Nah, dont really believe what they saying , like ISA issue any of the royal come out and speak ? Like Pendatang case, any of them come out and say something ..

  15. Nek nek says:

    Ask him to tell that to his father first. Why is father and son talking in different terms? Doubt we would fall for his bull shit. Just shut up and play your customary role as we taxpayers pay for your living (lavishly).

  16. kwmark says:

    Was wondering if the sultans and rajas will advise the rakyats to be more democracy like US…They have just got a newly elected Black President at the White House….

    We are gonna stay as it is for the next 50 years? Hopefully for a change…

    Sad true Malaysian

  17. Malaysian says:

    lol.. I hate when they got something to say, cause whatever they say doesn’t make sense.. We want ruler that are ‘RAKYAT ORIENTED’ tak kira, melayu, cina, india, kadazan, penan atau etc..

    Soon these loyaity are too expensive for Malaysia to feed.. Do you know that you can buy “Dato” title for RM250,000.00 in Bolehland.. let’s ask our beloved Sultan Pahang about these… The poor Sultan might have no idea but ask those Tengku and aide whom they nominated to receive the title..

    A person who reside in Malacca, born in Malacca, occasionally travel to Pahang for business commitment (not with state gov but public company),
    can receive a Dato title.. sounds funny?? I’m not talking cock here.. But let’s ask all the royality to recheck the list of datoship given out for the past few years.. State receiver’s name, occupation and reason to be confer the datoship.. The title Dato is losing it’s prestige… ANYONE CAN BE A DATO!! as long as u got the $

  18. iswarahijau says:

    hello boink,
    DAP is not the party having the most seats in Perak,only 18 compared to UMNO 27. Look into the bigger picture la man, no point of having chinese as the MB,if the state in chaos,our people still not ready lah. It will take sometime, i bet 50 years for non Malay to be MB or PM in this country,but with one condition, he is a good Muslim,be it chinese or indian converted.

  19. rajagopal says:

    ask agong haw much he spent for FEI,,, 200 million wooo

  20. Bless Tun says:

    Bring back Tun ! Only he is capable of controlling these spoiled royals.

    Tun oh how we missed you !!!

  21. bodohland says:

    With due respect, our Royals are beholden to the Nazi government. Their lifeline will be seriously threatened unless they do not have to rely on the handouts from our scumbag government. One way to rid themselves of the crutches of the dirty politicians is to be self reliant and not to depend on government contracts, government subsidy and government patronage, but instead be reliant on the rakyat. If an Act could be passed by the parliament to allow the rakyat to contribute by way of taxes to support our royalties, voluntarily or compulsory, there might be hope. Just look at the Thai King. How much influence he has on his subjects as well as the government, and how the Thai people listen to and love Him!

  22. Detektif Conan says:

    I dont think things will change. Whoever the agong, things will stay the same.

  23. apapunboleh says:

    Royalty = leech

  24. al-fateh says:

    Hey Boink, minority should follow majority. The majority has tollerate citizenships to the minority and the respective overstayed imigrant has to understand that. See u in the next GE, with the united malay(PAS & UMNO) we will show who is the KETUANAN here.

  25. ruzaimiramza says:

    so now you guys start to bash the royalties pula..

  26. petestop says:

    Look at it this way, the Royalty is starting to reassert their influence, after many decades of supression under Tun Dr Mahathir.

    Wonder who is the lesser of the evil, ever wonder why some segment still wants Dr M back.

    While the rest of the world have moved on beyond skin color, we are regressing and further reasserting the differences between us humankind, by promoting the sacred superiority of one race over another.
    Not unlike the Aryan Supremacy argument, which we already know from history where it will lead to.

    PAS have been promoting the idea that under Islam, there is no discrimination of race, religion… Sincerely, I would like to believe that.

  27. JOHJ says:

    To tell the truth, Roayalties do not hav time much for ordinary citizens.

  28. Shanker says:

    Well, I feel most of the comments here suffice and deserve some form of merit…..

    Hey – the headline is already starting to capture the attention of some local idiots…pls see :-


  29. Booi kheng says:

    People who still believe if there are such thing as ketuanan this ketuanan that ,shoud go back to the feudal system.Infact people who uncover this mystirious social contract ,are adding another layer of the “untouchable” to the ruling elite and those who act and speak on their advice.Come on, with all these rethorics going around for more than half a century ,and layers of protections people who get rich only stand for 5% of the elite group, and you still believe their rethoric of ketuanan.

    Infact the ghost of ketuanan is inherited from the colonial master.do you still wish to carry the backage of these exploiter who ripped off our wealth and continue their divide and rule adiction and break us apart ?

    Think again average Malaysians ,bravo to once for all break away from this addiction lingering for 51 years ,and look forward join hands to build a new Malaysia for all Malaysians,where all men are treated equal and the hard working be rewarded the lazy be contended with what they don’t work for!

    Malaysians, rise above race so that you may see the true colors and sins of racialism which deprive average Malaysians for more than half a century of their rights .

    Enough is enough , turn over a new page ,take inspiration and learn from
    result of the presidency of US.

  30. Natives Sabah says:

    As a Sabahan i do not respect all the malay royalty. We have no connection at all to be ruled by them.

  31. carmnio says:

    royalties flexing their muscles (for the right reasons):
    i) terengganu mb episode
    ii) perlis mb episode

    royalties flexing their muscles (for the wonrg reasons)
    i) perak sultan’s recent address re nep etc….
    ii) that kelantan sultan’s son (pr—nce) not-so-long-ago address re non-malays shld be grateful blah blah blah….

    i am confused.

    but deep deep deep inside, i have faith in raza nazrin, rpk and the current sultan of selangor. others? i am not sure. but i dont like that johor’s son and kelantan’s son. very show-off. both of them. especialy johor’s.

  32. petestop says:

    Indeed, poor East Malaysia, you traded British Imperialism for Malay Imperialism.

    They shout at us as “Pendatang” and ask us to take boat back to China and India… even though we are born here multi-generational.

    Wonder how will they treat you true Orang Asal of Sabah and Sarawak,
    as you to “nikit belon” back to where ?

  33. my19 says:

    I do think that at times, YM Raja Nazrin was not saying to the rakyat, or to the leaders, the government only, but equally so to other Rulers, as if to say “You need to buck up too, ok?!”. Only God knows best.

  34. Azmin says:

    Take No Notice of their words or comments. It means NOTHING, Best No Say instead of wasting their breath. Don’t waste your time reading news about them. Don’t they get bore saying the same thing over and over again, years after years. It really bored us to death.

  35. ktemoc says:

    Susan, I was one of the few who had (constantly) questioned the promotion of the royalties as the ‘silver bullet’ – several times ironically by RPK himself. As I had blogged several times (no link as you spamguard doesn’t like html), the royalties have seized on a weak PM to exert their once-atrophied muscles.

    Their post election interferences were prime examples which regrettably many supported in glee, revelling in the embarrassment of an UMNO PM without realizing the more constitutionally-dangerous significance of those royal manoeuvres.

    Another lamentable example had been the (Sultan through the) Perak Prince Regent’s undermining of MB Nizal’s authority by rescinding the latter’s sacking of Jamry, the State religious bloke, because of the insubordination of an UMNO appointed (and obviously UMNO-affiliated) civil servant. The Prince had justified his action on the poor and unrelated argument that the Sultan as the religious head of the State had the royal prerogative on State religious matter when the sacking didn’t have anything to do with religion but rather insubordination by a civil servant to the MB.

    It was only the Lion of Gelugor who thundered against the royal interference, against their unconstitutional meddling in State politics. Not surprisingly, Karpal was threatened for lèse majesty by the usual suspects.

    Guess what happened subsequently? The Prince Regent in a subsequent speech (months later) attempted to change (by stealth) his justification for his royal interference from that of religious matters to administrative fairness. I again blogged on that, that since when may the royalty interfere with MB’s disciplinary action against an inubordinate civil servant? I too was warned for ‘going too far’ and not being mindful of ‘Malay sensitivities’ by questioning Malay royalties.

    I had warned time and time again that the royalties had been the problem rather than the solution, and true to my words, the Kelantan Prince confirmed that by slapping the faces of his father’s non-Malay subjects, and his hurtful warning had recently been confirmed by the recent royal Conference, namely, the so-called ‘social contract’ which Royal Prof Ungku Aziz had already described as a non-existent ‘fantasy’ by some politicians. Well, the ‘social contract’ has now been given real life by by their royal/political imprimatur.

    Just remember the poor hockey coach, and may I hope those of you who had supported the greater participation of the royalty in politics will never get politicially whacked by a hockey stick! … though of course we just had been (see above paragraph on the royal protection of the ‘social contract’)

  36. astroace says:

    ALL OF US ARE BORN FOR A REASON. Irrespective of race or religion, God gave us a chance to prove our worth in this life. We should make full use of what little or much we have to be in harmony with our surrounding including our fellow human being. Some of use are born lucky to be leaders including royalties. Whatever actions we do, TO HELP OR NOT TO HELP PEOPLE IN NEED, our Karma or the Cause and Effect will be with us always. How much we pray afterwards will be of no use. We are MALAYSIANS, irrespective of race or religion need a chance to survive. Please be fair

  37. glenfendish says:

    What to do the royals have to shoot something to show they are also concerned but as they say sandiwara or show for the masses.
    Forget it ! they will be always beholding to their banker and that is the umno gevernment.You scratch my back i scratch yours.
    Perhaps they feel good to flex their muscles once in a while, so its best we tolerate it with a pinch of salt.

  38. chinforTruth & Justice says:

    “Generally, the Rulers act based on the advice by government leaders elected by the people. Nevertheless, the Rulers cannot accede to acts which do not symbolise justice or sanction moves which do not mirror truth”.
    The above statement of HRH Raja Nazrin gives the people so much hope.
    However, the doubt here, is HRH speaking for himself or the Rulers. Most of us still remembered thousands of citizens of Malaysia, braved the rain and choking gas to march to the Istana to present a petition, pleading for Agong to seek truth and justice. Did the people get a response from the Agong ?
    If the people cannot get justice in court or turn to the Ruler to seek justice for the people, how can the people believed HRH’s statement. Even Raja Petra, a member of the Royal family had to endure so much agony himself to seek justice. One person by a stroke of his pen inflicted so much pain and trauma to the family members. Is the ISA still relevant ? Why are the Rulers not speak up on ISA ? This family in Bahau, the children have not seen their father for a longtime, he is been detained under ISA.

  39. […] Hey, when will this GUY be Agong? Raja Nazrin says all the rights things but am not sure if they are practical. Perhaps, when he is Agong? He […] […]

  40. Mist says:

    When a person has power and position he could either use it for the good of many or to use it to benefit himself and his family.

    When such power and position is given to us on a silver platter very few of us could handle such power and position well. Many, when growing up, had even been conditioned to be mean and selfish and throw their weight around.

    Occasionally we do get a good royalty and they say the right thing. He may even do what is right or at least want to. We must also understand that the royalties are surrounded by a lot of advisors – many of whom are either planted by UMNO goons or they are more inclined towards the UMNO world-view. Given such an environment it would be really rare for one of them to do what is right and good by the people.

    On the whole, most of the royalties just don’t care. Many are interested in finding ways and means to fleece the nation by throwing their royal weight around.

    Interestingly or ironically many malays, mostly those in the villages, are very loyal to the royalty.

  41. imwatchinu says:

    Natives Sabah is right that people in Sabah and Sarawak don’t give a damn for royalties. To them these people are just leaches sucking the blood of the people like Umno does. It’s just extra mouths to feed. What do they do for the people? Look at how young royalties behaves, fighting over women and taking drugs in nightclubs while we peasants work our ass off. It’s time they do some real work and feed themselves instead of expecting the rakyat to feed them.

  42. that’s why we should never listen to rhetorics and see action instead! before aab became pm, he was full of memorable quotes (i’m too was taken in). who knows he is a lame who talks and talks and making empty promises….

    remember that murder case involved an ex-actress, who’s the real perpetrator ? king of prussia, frederick II was bashed and beaten in public, and even risk execution for planning to elope to britain, tsar peter I imprisoned his prince, sultan mehmed ordered his father to lead a battle, these rulers din earn “the great” for nothing…

  43. ventura says:

    The royal family as a whole those day where in the capable to bring down Dr. M and subsequently was subdue by the Dr M in it role and authority governing the conditions that are specify above.

    The royalty to lose it power, authority and respect by the people is the last resort. If they go against the government and its administration of the ruling party government they may at the end of the day lost all their royalty right and privileges. Remember the royalty are just a mere symbol to the nation that has government. It has been long day since many governments has denounce the royalty to republic government. Country such as American, Russia, China, India and etc.

    So the symbol of royalty is at the expense of the current party administration and of the people contributing the very lifestyle and daily cost of sustaining such honor.

    One must think that they have a role to play in the government perspective of justice, honor and integrity of the people. Without their participation the people and country it is at if the present and their costly identity is just a mere display.

    The question is that do we need a display or do we need a participant to the justice and honor of the cry of the people. It is just like getting a direct offering of the royalty sustainment from the government at the indirect expenses of the people contribution thru tax payer governing. Should we relinquish the royalty’s existence if the contribution is of none and participant is of no voice? The right is still with the nation and the people governing it thru democratic rights and principalities.

    The royalty must play their part as an Agung or King to instill leadership and authority in counter check and balance with the PM administration. Without this intervening and partipation why do we need the royalty as a whole?

    A symbol is dead; the living symbol is ever evaluative and hears the cry of the people, fight justice, up keep honor and freedom of truth.

    Whether the symbol is dead or living the choice lay down to the Royalties.

    Anyway the people of Malaysia do not like to have a dead symbol. Are we?

  44. 57Kupang says:

    Wonder who wrote his speeches! Has the perfect ingredients of fair & just governance. We don’t need smooth speeches.. It’s actions that speaks louder not words. Where was he or his royal clan when the rakyat endure hardships? Simple, when you say all the right things, why do you sit back and watch a clown walks out scot free from a blatant murder? Need invitation….. to do

    “…counsel in the administrative affairs of the country touching on the question of integrity which encompasses justice, law, judiciary, misappropriation, power abuse, corruption and wealth distribution, are with the desire to strengthen the government so that it is stable and receives the people’s trust”.

    “The Rulers have constitutional responsibilities and the responsibilities need to be carried out intelligently so that it can help build a high-integrity country”.

    With a sliver spoon in the mouth they can only talk 😦

  45. Bond says:

    Raja Nazrin “Talk Cork” only. He don’t even live with the people and how he understand how the rakyat feel! He just put up a show to show how ignorance he is! The Perak State that doesn’t even allow a non-Malay to be MB! Talk big about justice…If your dad not a judge before….shame on you!

  46. nathan says:

    Chinese without any rights yet are rich because they use their brains to think and they work hard. SO WHY CAN’T THEY MALAYS DO THE SAME. Please don’t depend on any rights. Work hard and that $$$ will be called as Halal $$$ because u work hard for it.
    I do agree with that. Chinese are rich because they always use their brains to think on how to cheat and create liar. They cannot live if cannot cheat or involved in illegal activities or gangsters.

  47. storm62 says:

    hello malaysians,

    leave the Royalties alone…they have been told Not to involved in Politics and the running of this Country by the Mamak Kutty, remember?

    this Mamak have dismantled the Sultan of Johor’s army, remember?
    how come nobody from the Ketuanan Melayu makes any noise about it then? this Mamak even tell the Raja2 & SUltan2 not to intefere with his way of governing the Country. where is the respect to our Royalties then?

    only when PR takes over the Gomen, then i hope there is a chance to give the Royalties a say in the running of the NEW Government of Malaysia.

    only Pakatan Rakyat can rule and respect the Rukun Negara.

  48. Markky says:

    Raja Nazrin’s comments make good kopitiam topic but nothing more than that!!!

  49. anak bangau says:

    We should never believe anything that come from these royalties. They only know how to enjoy life using rakyat’s money. Just look at the present Agong, when the country is facing economic crisis, and rakyat are suffering, he is enjoying himslef riding horse, calling all his participants friends all over the world at the government expense. Even his horses are maintained and paid by rakyat’s money. So you see, dont believe anything they say.

  50. justmy2SEN says:


    When somebody didn’t speak your languaage, BASH THEM UP..Like people are not supposed to have different opinion like YOUR IDEALS..getting sick of ALL YOU PEOPLE


    PLEASE READ THE LATEST FROM DEMINEGARA.BLOGSPOT.COM . Then come back and talk about freedom and equality

  51. Bujang says:

    Forget Royalty.
    We should be a Repubulic!
    A small country, too many Royalties.
    Economy is no goood’ will be made worst with the effort to feed all of them.
    Sabah and Sarawak, still needed as oil is keep pumping. Once dry and useless, will be thrown away. Too big a baggage by then.
    Before that, talk is easy. Wait for the time to come, see what action will be done by the talker.

  52. why key? says:



    Perlembagaan Malaysia, hak istimewa melayu, raja berpelembagaan, Islam sebagai agama rasmi, semua termaktub dalam Perlembagaan Negara Malaysia…. kalau tak suka… boleh BERAMBUS dari Malaysia!!!!

    Datuk Nenek bangsa pendatang ni terhegeh2 ke Tanah Melayu nak sambung hidup dan bila nasib diri dah berubah, ada yang lupa diri dan lupa sejarah!!!

    ANJING kalau diberi makan pun, tak akan gigit tangan orang yang bagi makan. Betul-betul perangai macam BABI… tahu nak menyondol je..

    Patutnya dihalau BABI-BABI ni atau dimusnahkan saja macam BABI-BABI kat Bukit Pelanduk tu….. Menyusahkan saja….

    Kalau x nak ada raja… balik ke negara CHINA atau India. Disana tempat asal ANDA!!

  54. chrissal says:

    Saya terpanggil untuk menjawab scripe dari sejarah kedatangan babi. Cara penulisannya sendiri telah membuktikan betapa berilmunya penulis ini.Kerana itu adalah sesuatu yang dangkal kalau kita membiarkan krbau-kerbau ini terus bermaharajalela. Saya guna kerbau bukan lembu kerana lembu itu lagi bijak daripada kerbau. Mengapa? 1. Penulis ini tidak faham sejarah. Di Malaysia bila sentuh pasal sejarah ianya hanya bermula selepas UMNO berkuasa.Penulis ini tidak pernah belajar sejarah dunia. Penulis ini dan ramai lagi di luar itu tidak pernah mendengar nama YUNAN.Rais Yatim termasuk dalam senarai hampek inii. Klau nak cakap tentang sejarah , nelajar sejarah yang sebenar. Bukan Hampeh dari sekolah UMNO. Saya bersyukur kerana saya tidak tergolong dalam kumpulan atau bangsa yang mengelar diri mereka Me-layu kerana sentiasa melayu dan perlukan tongkat. Saya dalam bangsa yang boleh berdikari Saya BANGGA saya bukan ME-LAYU.

  55. chrissal says:

    I would like to add to my earlier comment. Before we call others Babi, we must check our background. In the animal kingdom, babi/khinzir is well known as the animal with most number of babies/piglets.So my dear friends, just do a simple survey around your neighbourhood.See how many child/children the modern day chinese and indians have. Compare the numbers with the MEEEEEEE layu famililies. I can assure you the MOST number of children among NON- MEEE LAYU is 4 ( FOUR ). But among the MEE LAYU is AT lLEAST or THE LEAST NUMBER they have is 4 and the most , figure out yourself. So, my dear friends put on your thinking cap and think which race should be categories as BABI. While we are at it, is it a wonder certain religion is consider the fastest growing in some western countries ( Malaysia tak payah cakap lah) So when a BABI call others Babi what to do just smile or laugh your lungs out at the stupidity and carry on with your life.Tat kala BUkan ME-layu membanting tulang mencari nafkah untuk masa depan. Ada satu rumpun itu membanting di katil , kemudian harapkan kerajaaan menyuap.Nasib baik kerja membanting di katil ini di orang boleh buat sendiri bukan harapkan bukan me layu yang membuatkan untuk mereka. harap-harap begitulah, hakikatnya hanya tuhan yang tahu.nxt time maybe i will write in Mandarin or Tamil or russian or French kerana BUKAN ME LAYU boleh.

  56. Sinbad says:

    Do we need to reach a stage when we proclaim NEP and the royalty
    are opiums of the Malaysian (especially the Malays ) mind. These ruling
    elites are obviously in the minority. Like cornered dogs they will use their
    fangs – the military and police to bite. Hope we have a Ramos in our midst.
    Oherwise we have MSN. Marcos – Suharto – Najib (Mahathir if you like).
    Marcos – he ruined a highly educated society that is why we have filipino maids. Suharto – Java could have been a Japan with its resourses , well
    this one man just turn it into hard working labourers for Malaysia. Mahathir –
    gazed at my twin tower and forget your future. Opium like cigarette are addictive – we get up , the military gets up, the police gets up – only then
    we start paying for the damage these bastards have done – and IshaAllah
    we move positively forward.

  57. Sinbad says:

    Bang Babi membabi ini patut faham ini dunia manusia. Suka tak suka sejarah kita dah ke tahap ini. Saya faham perasaan kamu. Kampong tak
    macam dulu. Pantai pun tak macam dulu. Harap kamu rasa kecewa bukan
    kerana kamu puak UMNO> ia itu U makan Nasi Orang. Habis cerita yang
    mengecewakan manusia2 di Tanah Melayu ini ialah puak2 berkuasa yang
    ingin memperhambakan rakyat2 untuk kemewahan hidup tanpa kerpercayaan kpd Tuhan2/Allah2. Satu kampong 10 orang, satu kaya
    yang lain tak ada, besok malam ….taulah kamu akibatnya – ini dia dunia

  58. amboi marah gila sinbad

  59. ye kita kena banyak bersabar

  60. sabar separuh pada iman

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