Like anyone can fly (as in AirAsia) or anyone can cook (Ratatouille)? The Prime Minister seem to have answered my question yesterday: Can we do an Obama?

Yet, I cannot even see us going beyond an UMNO prime minister for now. Am hoping, though, that Najib Tun Razak, if he becomes PM, will be the last UMNO prime minister.

I am not the only one who’s saying it, Abdullah suggested it too:

It is possible for anyone from a minority group to be a nation’s leader, even in Malaysia, says Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi.

“It is up to the people to decide, just as the Americans had done through the democratic process,” he said while extending his congratulations to Senator Barack Obama.

Reporters had asked him in the Parliament lobby yesterday if it were possible for a person from a minority group to become Prime Minister in Malaysia.

Read TheSTAR.

Oh, yeah. I forgot, UMNO is becoming a minority group soon 🙂

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  1. Jed Yoong says:

    I think Pak Lah does mean it. But like all his good intentions eg IPCMC..they may remain…intentions….or like the IPCMC….watered down in execution…

    So his “Anyone can be PM?”

    After the “discussions” may morph inot

    “Anyone IN UMNO can be PM?”


  2. koolgeek says:

    The Majority did not vote for Najib to be PM.

    What crap was badawi talking?

  3. koolgeek says:

    The people did not vote for Najib to be PM.

    What crap was badawi talking?

  4. Bola Hangus says:

    if unmo wants to survive it has to reinvent itself. They should not use the malay rights and interests to make money for themselves and their syok sendiri “achievements” but rather genuinely help the malays and place capable malays in the right positions. That way malays will no longer abandon UMNO and flock to pakatan who champions abandoning malay rights. UMNO still has a change if it makes the right moves. With malays united, no one chan defeat us.

  5. Azmin says:

    Seemed that Pak Lah was trying too hard to be a good gentleman to earn the some respect from minorities during his last few months as PM. The moment he spoke “anyone can be PM”, it was evaporated into the thin air. Not in a thousand years can this happen in bolehland.

  6. bombalim says:

    As long as there’s still people bullsh*ing about the rights and position for xxx, there’ll be no Obama in M’sia.

    As for the ‘Anyone can be PM’ quoted by our lovely PM, that’s just a biggest joke I’ve heard… doesn’t he feels a little bit shame to say so?

  7. sjsandteam says:

    Hi Susan,

    Please help to popularize our articles, especially the latest one:


  8. PureMalaysian says:

    If there is a section “best joke” in the Guiness Book of Record – this statement by Pak Lah will be in it! 😉

  9. next, obama will rename “white house” because it’s deemed racist …..

  10. Pat Ling says:

    They can’t even accept one to be CEO of PKNS! What is AAB talking about? Again thru his nose.

    Rais asks US to be respectful to smaller countries (meaning Malaysia). Come on…respect is earned. How to respect Malaysia with all the crap going on here?

    Now the PM speaks with forked tongue. You want respect?

  11. the recent america election must serve great lesson to incumbent gov … united we stand, divided we fall” … second reich germany falled too because of disunity. and becoz of black united and white divided, we finally have a black in white house.

    back in malaysia, if we have “divided” malay and “united” non-malay ??? that’s scary. umno must take better stand against this, that’s why expelling the “former” minister and any dissidents is necessary to prevail umno. can’t compare america with malaysia coz malaysia got royalties and america is “republik”. imagine denmark has a muslim and britain has a pakistani descent as prime minister ….

  12. Cicak man says:

    Ha ha ha ! Pak Lah. Get real

  13. faisal adlin says:

    anyone can become PM? then explain why :
    1. the UMNO presidency cannot be contested.
    2. no ‘presidential election’ giving power to the people to decide
    3. why all the ruckus with PKNS and composition of PR states assemblies

    a change in Malaysia is inevitable
    – but it doesn’t stop at umno leadership.
    change is needed in POLICIES (ISA, NEP)
    and the way we do business (Transparency, Open Tender)
    – if you cannot, let there be someone/parties who will

  14. ridzzy says:

    Its true, we have an indian from kerala as our Pm for 22 yrs, now we have a Eurasian first lady, soon we will have an indonesian bugis as our PM.

  15. Douglas moore says:

    ” With malays united, no one chan defeat us.” -BH

    Go and dress up in post-Hallowe’en costume like the KKK.

    Did you say the Zionist are behind the attempt to assassinate Obama under the guise of White Supremacist in previous thread?

    U sound as funny as your ‘handle’.

  16. LHHENG says:

    This sleepy flip flop lame duck guy is mumbling again. This time he mumbled that anyone from minority can become PM!!. What a joke la. As long as you have that bunch of racialistic, greedy and brainless bums running the country there is NO way, I repear NO way that anyone from the minority group can even become DPM not to mention PM. PM, my foot.
    Just you wait, later he will not only flip flop on what he said, he will also deny he has said this. Actually I have been misquoted etc…. thousand and one reasons.
    Actually, I strongly recommend he start forming “empat se-kawan” clowns when he retires. You can bet, I will be the first one to patronise.
    Look, till todate what has been done for the country when he proudly promise before he step down. BIG FAT ZERO.

  17. Kherry Scarry says:

    Ha ha….don’t worry tommorow Lah will say another thing….Master of All FLIP FLOP…….

    Now you see it, Now you Don’t…..Chipsmore biscuit – suits Lah.

  18. Douglas Moore says:

    I think Susan and many others are elated by the victory of Barrack Obama as the 1st black US’ 44th President.

    Let us change concurrent with the nigh impossible starting from Susan Loone – reinstate to white color background PLEASE!

  19. DanielYKL says:

    Can it ever happened? I hope it will be in my life time, not many years from now though – hehe!!!


  20. Anonymous says:

    AAB is making his point heard?
    Yes, the next PM will be from the MINORITY group.
    Because UMNO had become a MINORITY group!

  21. so unfair, my comment has been blackout…..

  22. alexK says:

    Hahahaha…thats funny.
    PakLah say this just to show his respect to the new first man in US.
    They are not going to let this happen in Malaysia.

    forget it… they just want to cheat us.
    THis will only come thruth if we sink down the BN in the next election..


  23. Joshua says:

    Malaysia did have a Chinese PM albeit a very short-lived one when Umno was de-registered.

    Like Dr M, he is also now a Tun.

  24. Sabahan says:

    Don’t make me die laughing please. I really can’t stop…….ha,ha,ha……But honestly do you think all those handicaps and one eyed napoleons will accept what you have said. Zaid said some thing about abolishing NEP they screamed that he be kicked out from the party and the race. Now, you, the soon to be exPM, may get yourself to be expelled from the party if you continue to talk like a normal logical person. All those handicaps and one eyed napoleons will be coming for your ass. Without NEP and the malay rights how are they going to legally rob the others? How to get those 30% equity for free? How to get 7% discounts when buying houses? How to get those contracts without tendering? That is unthinkable, where is the malay rights…… where is the ketuanan melayu……and don’t compare us with USA. We have a social contract. The Chinese is given full citizenship in this land in return they must give 30% equity to the Malays, not hold political power and not be PM of this country. The Indians will be given citizenship as and when we like……they should continue to stay in the estates…they have no rights at all but to tend the estates. Not even the right to ask for minimum pay. That is in the social contract. Hindraf please go back to the estate or back to india if you don’t have ICs.
    All the above are really not well thought of opinions, maybe some are half truth, full truth or maybe nothing but the truth depending on your conviction and which side of the fence you are sitting. These are becoming a real joke no thanks to OBAMA becoming the President of USA. Impossible…Impossible…Wake up All Malaysians Nothing is impossible. A White US have a Black President. A non Malay can also be the PM….that’s for sure. The question is when?

  25. Ganesan says:

    Biggest joke form the PM Abdullah badawi. Non Bumis just cant even be appointed as acting head of PKNS, cant head any GLC’s, you expect Malaysia Race relations is going backwards as Americans race relations is going forward. America will be the leader of the free world. We have a Malay Dream,a chinese Dream, a indian Dream, a kadazaan dusun dream ,a lot of other dreams but where is the Malaysian Dream.

  26. Uni says:

    Is AAB suggesting that a murderer can also be our next PM? That’s hardly surprising.

  27. mmz says:

    Aiyah, Malaysia has done that since our first PM.
    Tunku is half Siam.
    Razak is Indon.
    Hussein Onn is from Turkey.
    Mahathir is mamak.
    AAB is 1/4 Chinese.

  28. bgees says:

    We have another “STUPID” talk from flip flop again. A good joke.
    Can this idiot say anyone can get scholarship, public university,public service, and etc if they are “deserved and qualified”? Think of very basic issue…..,rather than talking cock of being PM. We M’sian are not STUPID like you.

  29. pohyee says:

    He is a man always talking rubbish!!! Mulut cakap satu tetapi hati lain!!!

  30. pohyee says:

    Ooop… I patut bercakap hari ini mulut cakap satu, besuk cakap dua dan lusa cakap tiga!!! Mana bolih percaya, now we rakyat are more cerdik than ini orang suka “TALKING SHIT”!!!

  31. Hi Fi Rambo says:

    Bola Hangus Says:
    November 6, 2008 at 11:23 am

    if unmo wants to survive it has to reinvent itself. They should not use the malay rights and interests to make money for themselves and their syok sendiri “achievements” but rather genuinely help the malays and place capable malays in the right positions. That way malays will no longer abandon UMNO and flock to pakatan who champions abandoning malay rights. UMNO still has a change if it makes the right moves. With malays united, no one chan defeat us.


    What kind of haprak are you talking about bola hangus? Everyone, including UMNO itself, knows that any reinventing of UMNO must first involve getting rid of RACISM like Ketuanan Melayu and opening UMNO’s doors to ALL Malaysians. That way UMNO will be strong as it will have the support of all Malaysians. Only then will what Pak lah says about anyone, including from minority groups, can be PM of Malaysia. If UMNO continues to retain and perpetuate racism like what Mahathir and Najib want to do, you can wait for 1000 years and UMNO will still NOT invent itself. If that’s the path UMNO chooses, then it is only right and fitting that UMNO be chucked out of the federal govt because it only cares for the rights of the Melayu only….and THIS IS MULTI-RACIAL MALAYSIA.

  32. luking says:

    5 mths for him to go and he still want to talk kok.i just want to forget him fast,as i have the right cos i, an asshole gave my vote to him in 2004ge.hoping he would give us raayat a new hope (Our Malaysia )after 22yrs of fear n abuses.what a let down to 91% of us voters.
    now he passed our hope to a devil in disquise,who talks of billions and not millions.doom!doom!doom!
    May God bless Malaysia, Malaysians and our epf.

  33. pohyee says:

    Ooop… I patut bercakap hari ini mulut cakap satu, besuk cakap dua dan lusa cakap tiga!!! Mana bolih percaya… now we rakyat are more cerdik than ini orang suka “TALKING SHIT”!!!

    So please don’t anggap rakyat are stupidfool sebab Mar 08 sudah proved to you people we are all GENIUS!!!

  34. pohyee says:

    Absolutely correct!!! I agree with Dr M that he better SHUP-UP sebab apa yang dia bercakap rakyat sudah tak PERCAYA lagi!!!!

  35. Tun Perak says:

    hA HA HAHAHAHAH, WHAT BULL SHITE, will umno promise not to start may 13 again if someone of a non-muslim denomination becomes the pm designate, will there be self control in Umno not to unsheath their rubber keris-sses? Why is it all these umno politicians always talk colk? they are the biggest hypocrates, just hypothetically, if lim guan eng converts to islam, and one day is supported to be the next PM for maaysia, will umno allow it, wont they riot? what lying bullshite artistes they are. hellloooo when a qualified state civil servant who with a 33 years, proven track record, is very loudly protested about if she is promoted to the PKNS GM’s position, what more do you need to say, we have had morons who have been promoted under the mahathir years because he wanted a bumiputra management, now they are afraid of even their own shadows.

  36. sklee says:

    Our PM has been sleeping.He is still not quite awake….maybe he is somewhere between Dreamland and Malaysia!Before talking about the possibility of the PM coming from the minority races, we , especially malay malaysians need to change our mindset.First, forget about “Ketuanan Melayu”.Non-bumi cannot be this non-bumi cannot be that…why not do away with the distinction between bumi and non-bumi.Then we can talk lah about the national leader coming from the minority races!

  37. carmnio says:

    i hope we have an election format like that in taiwan and the US where every single citizen votes for his/her choice and all votes are counted i.e. popular vote.

    now only 191 umno divisional leaders decides who becomes umno president (i.e. pm by convention). and with those talks about the prevalence of bribery (yes, that’s what money politics is) at the branck and divisional levels of umno, our future is in these goons’ hands.

    that’s pretty scary…

  38. Daniel says:

    At times ppl say : if you don’t speak out, we won’t know you are dump!! This is exactly applicable to Pak Lah! If he just kept quiet, not much will be commented by bloggers. But now … his comment is like a joke! Isn’t it a joke that he was throwing out? See this :
    – UMNO president post cannot be contended.
    – only UMNO president qualifies for to be the PM.
    – all UMNO members are Malay, not the minority ppl.

    So, tell me Mr. Flip Flop, how would a minority become PM??

  39. my-cynic says:

    Read between the lines. Actually what he probably meant is : ANYONE ( who is closely-related, better still an in-law) CAN BE PM !

  40. caravanserai says:

    Anyone can be PM
    When we think as Malaysians
    Is that so hard to dream?
    Think about it

    Currently it is Malay race
    Nothing but racial story
    Don’t we have enough of it?
    Where is Malaysia in all these?

    The sleeping beauty
    He never fails to give his worth
    His agendas before he leaves office
    Nothing seems to come about

    The Malays can’t accept
    Other races to helm important positions
    They think of their race
    They don’t even mention Malaysians
    So what the sleeping beauty says………
    His party will issue show cause letter?

    The Malays will destroy themselves
    History has recorded it………
    Changes will knock on doors
    When the doors are not multi-colors
    The fire will consume it

    The Malays should adopt changes
    The way other races are doing
    Live within the scope and abilities
    Go beyond when it is proven
    Not be spoon fed and hope it lasts
    My friends read the history of the Roman Empire

    The sleeping beauty strokes his genius
    In his dreams he wants to be remembered
    By saying that he hopes to garner changes
    He should stop the gravy train
    And the politics of money……..

    We all dreams
    Martin Luther King “I have a dream……..”
    In it we make one “Obama” in our time
    The best person to run the affairs of the country

  41. Daniel says:

    Halo Uni …. your question “Is AAB suggesting that a murderer can also be our next PM? That’s hardly surprising.” The answer is : doesn’t matter whether he is a murderer, womanizer, corruptor or whatever, as long as he is from UMNO, anything can!! This is M’sia Boleh punya law!!

  42. Daniel says:

    At times ppl say : if you don’t speak out, we won’t know you are dump!! This is exactly applicable to Pak Lah! If he just kept quiet, not much will be commented by bloggers.

    But now … his comment is like a joke! Isn’t it a joke that he was throwing out? See this :
    – UMNO president post cannot be contended.
    – only UMNO president qualifies for to be the PM.
    – all UMNO members are Malay, not the minority ppl.

    So, tell me Mr. Flip Flop, how would a minority become PM??

  43. Diva Chin says:

    The American felt proud of their president elect Barrack Obama
    While in Bolehland the rakyat need to hide their faces when talking about their incoming C4 Submarine racist PM!

  44. halfbreed says:

    Any Tuan Melayu got B*lls to make police report against the idiot Badawi?

  45. halfbreed says:

    Badui ni klasik melayu bodoh.

  46. apapunboleh says:

    With a bunch of retards in the government, we will never grow nor prosper like any developing countries. All they care is having a bigger piece of the cake before it goes to the rakyat, remember all the government projects, I’m sure many BN cronies make big bucks for their personal gains.

  47. cakapje says:


  48. 1288 says:

    change …..he he oh my oh change the Umno Melayu One mind set….lah

  49. benny says:

    amazing statement! in our beloved Malaysia, apa apa pun boleh EXCEPT PM post. PM & DPM from UMNO only, decided by ($$$) minority umno member NOT by majority Malaysian. therefore malaysian never had PM. Umno members & cronies does….

  50. benny says:

    imagine if this statement made by non umno member especialy non malay…. sure we will see a bunch of malays ngo, politicians, home ministry, pdrm, conies … making loud noises.

  51. nur says:

    I happen to agree with Pak Lah. He and Mahathir are the Malaysian version of Obamas. The Malays accept anybody who is muslim as one of them. Just like in America which is not ready to accept a Muslim President, the Malays are not ready to accept non-muslim as a PM. I know I won’t.

  52. Justin Choo says:

    Can an African-Malaysian be PM?

    Answer in my blog. ( Link rejected)

  53. world peace says:



  54. padman says:

    anyone can become Malaysian PM. ? Mabe or 44the prime minister! Not in the near future.
    When will there be nonmalay Chief Justice?
    When will there be Indian or Chinese Chief of the armed forces?
    When will there be an Indian or Chinese Chief Minister in states like Perak ?
    There is not a single Indian or Chinese Vice chansellor in any of our 17 universities
    There is not a single Stete Director of Education in any of our 13 states.
    In Negri Sembilan can anyone show to me a single nonMalay Headmaster of a
    secondary school! No. noone can.
    We are moving backwarda in this racial divide. Maybe we have to wait for our 44th PM to see this dream come true.

  55. Nyonya says:

    Whatever AAB said all this while never carried weight! He is just saying what he feels need to be said. No point in taking him seriously, he’s just a tired poor old soul.

  56. Lekiu says:

    Really amazed! How could he ever mentioned such a thing? first and foremost, our Constitution already clear about the person who could hold the position of PM in this country. I guess he didn’t understand the Constitution. Secondly, base on that, not everyone could become a PM.

    Speaking of which, just for your info., not all American citizens can be come the President. Please read their constitution.

  57. mesoso says:

    did some one just fart really loud ??

  58. miracle says:

    the same goes to me when i read the article .. “anyone can be PM” ha… ha… what a joke or what a stupid remark.. how we wish what he meant. but if the non UMMO questinon a small query .. those Ammo will put u in kamuting or u against this 52 or 53 act la … what the heck .. please let us have the CHANGE then anyone can be PM may be a reality …

  59. NoYawns says:

    Ask Khalid to issue this report as a memo to PKNs, and PM to circulate this as advice to DYMM Agung/Sultans so that selection of GM of PKN and Menteri Besars no longer reflect the “right Race” but the right person competent/voted by majority??

    Yeah…right! I’m crying and laughing at the same time!

  60. Rainstorm says:

    ha ha ha….. is more like the sun will rise on the west & set on the east lah….
    dont have to go that far lah, just look at the acting GM of PKNS….. sigh….

  61. Siti Hamzah says:

    Pak Lah is really a big joker “ANYONE CAN BE PM”. HAHAHA. His word worth NUTS. How can we have a PM who talked without using his brain if not heart. Shame on you, Pak Lah. Even a dumb knows what is going on in this nation. With umno racist policy for decades, malaysia is no way getting non malay pm.

  62. 104East says:

    Aiyooo, you ppl. Note carefully what he said…”minority group”. He did not say minority race. Minority group means “umnoputras” lah.

  63. tamade says:

    Ya, in his dream, anyone can be PM.

    In reality, maybe only the Mongolian woman’s murderer is qualified.

  64. ah long says:

    Can a non Catholic become Pope?

    Can a Chinese become Queen of England?

    Can a Buddist become Imam?

    Can a Capitalist become Chairman of the Chinese Communist party?

    Can Pigs fly?

  65. […] Anyone can be PM, Ha Ha […]

  66. ktteokt says:

    AAB’s ideas are meant to be realized only when he DOZZZZZES off, i.e. in dreamland only! Everything of his is just dream, dream and dream! Carry on dreaming, PM!

  67. ANg Kong says:

    I will put it in d simplest form.

    ‘talk cock’

  68. Penang Tionghua says:

    Ex-CEO stated it was possible
    Present CEO stated it is possible.

    Ex-CEO stated intra-party debates were only suitable for USA only. The people are more mature? Did he say that?

    Now, let’s go back to 1963-65.

    LKY mentioned to the first CEO that by the next GE he would be the new CEO.

    Result = secession of the island state which suddenly and immediately found herself becoming a new nation.

    Perhaps, the stated imminence by LKY was one of the causes or what for the secession?

  69. Penang Tionghua says:

    kkteokt 06/11/08 7:32pm –

    This time he is not dreaming. He is telling the constitutional truth.

  70. dian says:

    Maybe when he said it his constitution was bad. He better see doctor.

  71. Pozdny says:

    “UMNO becoming a minority group soon”

    –> hahahahha!!!! = )

  72. efenem says:

    Those who think that Najib is better PM than PakLah must be daydreaming! I’d say Najib contributed to the downfall of BN/UMNO more than PakLah did.

    But our beloved TDM only tembak PakLah – not Najib… Najib is a mere puppet…

  73. freewave says:

    Maybe TDM thinks be better not risks getting C4 explosives.

  74. Mist says:

    Susan, technically it is possible. In the midst of all our cynicism and Badawi bashing we overlooked this simple fact. It may be long in coming but one day it will.

  75. koko says:

    I believe that our problem is not so much of racial superiority but survivability. In bigger sense its economic. The majority, although silently, acknowledges the economic superiority of the minority. Theres a deep rooted fear that the minority will soon bulldoze them over if ever they have the power. In a way that is why the NEP and any other non fair polices are still in place. So the only way, or at least the way they perceive that will guaranty their survival is to keep such policies in tact. And the only way to do that is to hold the government at any costs.

    Does a non malay have any chances at all? I would say I believe so. But he’ll have to work extra hard. If he can somehow get rid of the fear I would definably guarantee that he’ll be on an express train to the high office.

  76. nadi says:

    Ratatouille looks like syed hamid albar

  77. RithcieLow says:

    He’s right you know, really. Anyone can be PM, even Abdullah Badawi and Najib Razak. Amazing isn’t it ?

  78. ventura says:

    Ya, why not it is in the reality of democracy this statement will be profoundly truth and full of grace. Until the Malays Supremacy achieves “independence” within their own perceptive sensory mind this statement will be corrupted. The corruption not only detests the growth of that certain race but will overall toil down the improvement of the society and hence mull down the successful and brilliant entity behind it. Since we live in the same fraction of the society the model of “Bangsa Malaysia” have to be practice by our own race so that this respectively division of racist atonement will be release by the basic survival skills and talents both learned and rendered.

    The articulation of freedom of mind and the contribution of society strength thru certain quarter of society and community must be considered to unleash the hold back of the conservative mind that further prevent overall the improvement of the blessing of that nation. Things such as right, privilege and law generated without the consent of the society will long be corrupted with feeling of dissatisfaction and uncontented in comparison with the poverty in the standard of the norm. In long run will definitely instill a coup and dissatisfaction on the government policy and direction.

    Because of this how can the government be the leader when the needs and requirements of the people of this nation have an adverse ways from it subjective direction? Unless the various are blended and fusion within the notion of cultural mixture the outcome of this blended ingredient will not be truly smooth and nice.

    Truly the above statement of PM of Malaysia can be anyone if the people really practice understand the truth meaning of democracy and looking at the objective values rather that focus on emotional and biasness in own influence within.

    Therefore it is possible when all races such as Malay, Chinese, Indian and others be blended and the result of “Bangsa Malaysia” is the outcome of the ingredient cook.

  79. hang jebat baru says:

    If najib can be PM, then a former drug addict can also be PM.At least the

    former have turn over a new leaf while najib is still denying and swearing.

  80. kayunan says:


  81. Amrit says:

    Abdullah,,,,,Conman of the highest degree.

  82. aberamly says:



  83. estate man says:

    This Bodolah is a mentally retarded pm, listening to him at your own peril.

    Of course the criminals will not want anyone to be the pm, otherwise all these criminals will be in jail.

    Nanti semua kena potong kelapa errr!

  84. estate man says:

    This Bodolah and all the BN putras are parasites and a nuisance to mankind.

    Their existence on this planet is just a waste of earth’s natural resources and are perennial trouble makers.


  85. estate man says:

    The chief goal of the rakyat and the people of the world is to make these parasites disappeared from this planet earth!!!!

  86. estate man says:

    If I am the pm, I will put all the BN putras in big estates doing all the hard labor shit work ….

  87. estate man says:

    and let the leeches and mosquitoes sucked their blood until all the corrupted blood is drained.

  88. estate man says:

    I will also let all my rhinoceros and hippopotamus in the estates main their belakang kow kow!

  89. estate man says:

    …… just like how these BN parasites main the belakang of rakyat in Bolehland kow kow now!

  90. Sabran Hindi says:

    Anyone can be PM!!! Paklah should use this at parties and get pelted with rotten eggs.

  91. you ppl praising obama just like praising aab 4 yrs ago … who knows obama will do a badawi…… mark this down..

  92. Yili says:

    Let the Malay rights go to the right Malays. Many unrightful Malays (I sometimes wonder if they are actually genetically Malays at all) have already robbed off the rights of the rightful Malays and yet these rightful Malays are still waiting for their rightful rights.

  93. jonathan says:

    In politics anything can happen right we are often told. So for this political reality to be achievable, we should first be asking if any NON-UMNO politican can be the PM.? So the question of if any minority group can the the future PM should instead be reworded ‘Can a NON-UMNO politican be a PM first’ before BolehLand does an Obama change here?
    Even the election of the PM seems illogical bordering on being ‘illegal’ because the voters voted BN so shouldn’t BN parties select the PM not UMNOputra party?
    see. A non UMNO PM first?

  94. clearwater says:

    If someone from a minority group becomes PM, it would mean Umno has self destructed from its own racist policies. Perhaps Abdullah is being prophetic, I hope so. Together with Umno goes MCA and MIC. Dump the whole lot of no hopers.

  95. koko says:

    or better yet can the PM be the pm of all rakyat.

    Can he have such non discrimination policy. Can he have a non partisan view. Can he be a socialist instead of a money hungry capitalist.

  96. al-fateh says:

    Where r u ppl complaining like no brain? You r blaiming the malays who consented u citizenships? A little reminder to you ppl that u were immigrant and over extended your stay. Time will change and only united malay (PAS & UMNO) will make our belovered country prospered. p/s- Look at job advertisement, “prefered/spoken mandarin”- n u say u r not racist? My foot!!!

  97. al-fateh says:

    We will teach u at the next GE. Who is the KETUANAN here.

  98. al-fateh says:

    Cry…cry…to weaponless s’pore malay. Being marginalised at their land. Bless never happened here.

  99. Mulut Emas says:

    Mamak is a minority group in Msia. One of our PM is from this group. Yes, no joke. Anyone can be a PM in Msia provided you……….

  100. mesoso says:


    my buddy is malay and he speaks better mandarin than know why? coz he took the trouble to learn an additional language..the advertisement just asking for an ability to speak the language. if an african can also speak mandarin plus is equally qualified, i am sure he would be considered…think capabilities please…not race or worst, religion.

    oh..btw, i remember pas was wif umno once but they got conned. so much for shared prosperity huh??

    cheers 🙂

  101. Mulut Emas says:

    Ketuanan is not a word from the mounth. A pride you should hold if people give you the recognisation on you intelligence, ability, etc. If you employ a worker who cannot assist the company and become the burden of the company, you are telling the people indeed you are foolish and stupid. Have 2 legs, please walk without tongkat. Have mouth, please don’t let people feed you because Msia is no more a baby. She is 50 years old, consider an old man or old lady soon. Hope one day it will come that Msia can shout to the whole world proudly, that Ketuanan Melayu is here. No RED face.

  102. Bola Hangus says:

    woi rambo, ambik pisau rambo tu toreh pungkog hang dulu la.tengok rambo part 2 banyak sangat kot. Scene had dia kena lumog dalam ayag taik tu ka?

    There will not be Malaysian unity without malay unity. Thats a fact. if malays of PKR, UMNo and pas work together,all the forces of greed, exploitaion and evil dont stand a chance. For that to happen compromises have to be made, greed and personal ambitions sidelined, true check and balances as well and independece of the govermental branches musty exist. The non malays are afraid of this thats why they are using the divide and conquer approach. Its okay for them to be critical of non malay BN component parties and ask them to abandon UMNo but its not okay for malay parties to sit together and work things out. I dont buy any of your bullshite excuses to divide us.

  103. Bola Hangus says:

    There should be just reserved rights and priviledges of the Malays. I dont understand what is this ketuanan thing. Malays must work together and become stronger and responsible people. Achievements must be true and tangible instead of being a syok sendiri propaganda tools. Cast aside all the pangkat and pingats in exchange for excellence. Then we need not ask for ketuanan for they will know who is the man. When we are strong and invincible, the rest will have no choice but to assimilate and the nation will then become one. Our better days are ahead. We must unite so that history will remember 2008 as the year we almost got taken advantaged of. This will be our lesson. We must put aside our differences and egos and be united.

  104. sino says:

    To hell with “Ketuanan”. The Malays are presently being lead and control by the Mamaks and they are not aware of this. What stupid fools !

  105. vsp says:

    Anyone can be the PM? That’s a moot point at this juncture of time.

    The PM of Malaysia is chosen by 191 warlords, who have their own selfish interest to consider. But it was claimed that there are 3 million members in UMNO. This system was put into place because it was assumed that the majority of the members (94%) are stupid and are incapable of exercising their rights. So they need representatives to do the job for them.

    The problem was compounded when Mahathir introduced the quota system of choosing leaders of UMNO and with it the scourge of money politics began to choke the political life of Malaysia. These representatives became powerful warlords and they are able to to blackmail any candidate who wishes to stand for President and with it the PM of Malaysia.

    Policies in Malaysia are first proposed in UMNO general assembly and then rubber-stamped in Parliament. In other words, the PM at present only heed to the whims and fancies of a narrow coterie of very powerful warlords in UMNO and not to the 21 million people of Malaysia. With their Ketuaan Melayu and dubious social contract claims these warlords have placed a stranglehold on the politics of Malaysia. I don’t think it is possible at this moment.

    Maybe, when UMNO is consigned to the dustbin of history and laws are introduced to make the selection of the PM mandatory by a broad cross-section of the population of Malaysia, then it will be possible. Until then we can only hope for an Obama miracle.

  106. new era says:

    In this new era, if the rakyat are progressing proportionately with the time of new era, yes, anybody can be a pm.

    Unfortunately, we have these BN putras still living in the old eras, hence only the Umno putras of old eras could be the pm.

    Malaysia can never progress with the BN putras of old eras reining Bolehland.

  107. carmnio says:

    to ” al-fateh Says:

    November 7, 2008 at 12:53 pm ”

    malays in singapore do not want to be associated with lazy malays here. this is a farking known fact. what sidelined? they are having it much better there than the “ketuanan melayu” here in malaysia. by being progressive and liberal thinking, they project a more progressive malay people than their distant relatives in malaysia. you guys always claim they are all “being taken advantaged of” in singapore…or “merana di bumi sendiri” and all those bullshites. u work harder, then u get more lah.
    these singapore malays make better money than u. they have a much better mamaged country than u. their government are FOR the people; unlike those farkers BN fellas. every sing dollar they earn you gotta work 2.5 times longer / harder than them.

    and they are not being ungrateful or “lupa daratan” or abandoning their malay brethren in malaysia. they are just laughing at your shallow-minded myopic views re interactions in a modern society.
    what happens when all malays become “united”. united against what other forces? are you persecuted now? then mca “unites” all chinese. mic same. others same. they WHAT? we point our cannons to each other then?

    stupid narrow thinking.

    learn from the US/.

    i have only one word for stupiddd ppl like you. OBAMA.

    what no weapons?
    malaysia try declare war with singapore:-

  108. kayunan says:

    can someone imagine if PM is a non malay,malaysia should be better than singapore ?

  109. Bg2264 says:

    Pak Lah repeating his ‘Liar Syndrome’

  110. SameSame says:

    Malaysia will never see the day when a NON becomes a PM. The MALAY will make sure it shall never happen.

    They (MALAY) memang have this Ketuanan shi*,you know why? Cos they cannot imagine to work hard, be competitive, smarter, street wise (I mean not a MAT REMPIT ok) and last but not the least….stop feeling insecure. As long the insecurity of these JOKERS are there, they shall always be in this hum-drum.

    When will this KETUANAN wall come down (like did the Berlin Wall)? They will never prosper (UMnoputras/putris included!)

  111. Fair to ALL says:

    If Transparency International Ramon can make a political statement about Anwar being PM, that in itself constitutes conflict of interest, the most common form of corruption practised widely in the Western world!!!

  112. Darryl Khoo says:

    Badawi is talking nonsense. Just for political mileage which won’t work, since nobody listens to him anyway.

    Its so difficult for a non malay to be the deputy menteri besar, so to mention PM, I rest my case lah…

    Will UMNO politicians stop talking nonsense… I read all the rubbish coming from them and i dunno whether to laugh or cry. They are making us Malaysians look stupid in the eyes of the International community.

  113. Logic says:

    Actually Obama is fated to be the next President of US.If US is is still enjoying a booming time & their economy is in top shape do U think Obama will be elected?. It is because now the US economy have collapsed & the people is in panic mood that they have to find somebody diffenrent to save them. So Obama came in at the right time.Since Mccain policy is similar to Bush they have to choose an alternative.

  114. Fair to ALL says:

    Obama had declared he would transfer power to the United Nations and it would be interesting to see the global political landscape change drastically. Alas, religions will have to go to make way for global unity!!!

  115. Bujang says:

    Can you tell me when AAB speaks the truth? I don’t remember. Would appreciate your help.

  116. Logic says:

    Another country which restrict anyone to be PM is China. Only communist member can become PM.

  117. Logic says:

    I can see in a near future that one day a non bumi will be at least become the deputy PM if PR come to power in the next GE. U see now UMNO is trying very hard to hold on to power.

  118. al-fateh says:

    To Carmnio, im not stupid to believe on what u saying? A little reminder to u that most of the chinese and indians are not complaining. They know the malay govt are caring about them. Only the extremist are finding faults as a malay govt is hurting the non bumis.Hey in india . Not all indians get special treatment like wise in china. These extremist know about this.Like TDM had mentioned, even though is clear the constitution bout all races but the malay govt is catering for all races. The chinese in indonesia, thailand, filipina speak the languages the host country. Their names are no more chinese……but in m’sia they can follow their own cultures. Apa mau lagi? Tak puas hati, just pack n go. No one stopping u, extremist.

  119. Bola Hangus says:

    al fateh, we malays have to be united and strong. Only when they see we’re weak do they naik kepala. i view 2008 known as the year medusa reared its ugly head. Before we are turned to stone, a malay perseus must emerge and smite the head of the snake.

  120. Random says:

    “It is possible for anyone from a minority group to be a nation’s leader, even in Malaysia, says Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi.”

    perhaps the minority refers to the bumiputera’s instead of the real “minority”, then like that like duh of course obviously the so-called minority can become PM la!! =_=”

  121. ktteokt says:

    鸭都拉, he must have missed the chickens!

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