It’s really hypocritical that we can accept Obama as the first Black [correction: Mixed] president of United States of America (read this) and yet fight tooth and nail to defend a racist policy to the point of being a flip flop, for the sake of political expediency (read this).

It’s really a shame to cheer for Obama’s new America, but we can’t accept Ms. Low Siew Moi as PKNS acting general manager (read this). Or if another appointment has been made, and this time, it concerns a bumiputera, we can’t accept it, too (read this).

All I want is a non-UNMO prime minister. I don’t care if it is a he or a she, whatever color, race or religion.

I want someone who is able to govern this country, not someone who plays politics and jumps at the first opportunity to abuse race issues or the NEP for his or her own benefit.

Just let it be someone who knows what she or he is talking about. It’s the question of class that should be addressed and not race per se.

Can he or she be an inspiration to young and old alike.

Free from scandals, free from corruption, free from abuse of power and free from allegations of involvement in the murder of the century.

Maybe it’s time to start praying to the devil. Because the way I see it, even the angels are deserting us.


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  1. koolgeek says:

    Nope. Many is Malaysia are still anti America, anti-West, anti-Everything.

    Rocky’s now questioning how ‘black’ Obama is.

    These people can never see beyond skin color.

  2. koolgeek says:

    He conveniently ignore the fact that his idol Mahathir has Indian blood too. Why don’t he then question his “malayness” ?

  3. SameSame says:

    Sorry Susan, I too have questioned that possibilty many times but aiyaa…it will never happen in malaysia.

    UMNO will not boot their cushion seat (with all wealth and glory attached) to any other party, sister.

    LOL….hmm…maybe thats why they are drying up the well so in the event they DO get boot OUT, the other party HAS NO MONEY OR WEALTH AND GLORY!!!!

    So devious la these bunch of jokers!

  4. Bola Hangus says:

    yes we can. obama is not black . hes only 50% black. And just like obama, our PMs all have non malay blood in their veins. We have already done it before the USA.As long as the person does not represent a threat to the social structure of the dominant malay. i dont think its not possible. Even obama was attacked for supposedly being a muslim , something the americans consider a threat. Despita a country that preaches freedom of worship and religion, being a muslim would be a threat and an unacceptable traits of a US president. Thats what it all boills down to. The law can say one thing but t\more important is the sensitivities of the majority of the nation.

    Congrat to this black man from a humble background for slaying the ambitions of neocon puppets . I hope he will bring change to the entire world. 150+ years ago an illinois senator freed the slaves, Today a black man from illinois is the President. Only in America!

  5. hutchrun says:

    It takes from 15 to 20 years to demoralize a nation. Why that many years? Because this is the minimum number of years required to educate one generation of students in the country of your enemy exposed to the ideology of [their] enemy. In other words, Marxism-Leninism ideology is being pumped into the soft heads of at least three generation of American students without being challenged or counterbalanced by the basic values of Americanism; American patriotism….

    The result? The result you can see … the people who graduated in the 60’s, dropouts or half-baked intellectuals, are now occupying the positions of power in the government, civil service, business, mass media, and educational systems. You are stuck with them. You can’t get through to them. They are contaminated. They are programmed to think and react to certain stimuli in a certain pattern [alluding to Pavlov]. You cannot change their mind even if you expose them to authentic information. Even if you prove that white is white and black is black, you still can not change the basic perception and the logic of behavior.

    In other words [for] these people the process of demoralization is complete and irreversible. To rid society of these people you need another 15 or 20 years to educate a new generation of patriotically minded and common sense people who would be acting in favor and in the interests of United States society.

  6. Shiok Guy says:

    Why do we care how black a president is?
    How Chinese! How Indian or How Malay our next PM is?

    Why can’t we ask, How smart? How clean? How kind?

    Shiok Guy

  7. lulu says:

    shame on u Malaysia……worls’s no 1 racist ctry….

  8. rubberman says:

    Maybe UMNO will now send a delegation to the US and set Barak Hussein Obama on the right path (like they were rying to do with that girl gone wrong in UK) and get him to be muslim again.
    Rocky can lead the delegation.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Congrats to Obama!

    Yes, we will do a Obama!

  10. SNarayanan says:

    How I wish!!!! With the current members of UMNO there is no hope. Now people get taken away for wearing a T-Shirt, for reporting news and soon for the Malays for wearing pants, and doing yoga. More is coming for the Malaysians I believe as punishment for not voting for Barison. Please note that people who plot and plan how to put the few GOOD CITIZENS around away, money politics, and people who kiss your hand and say YES DATUK is becoming the way of life in this country and also how you do your business. This is the way it is done in UMNO and I wonder if any of them suffer any guilt. I guess not… The next elections must bring about change if not sooner.

  11. rubberman says:

    Obama must begin to pull out the crusaders from Iraq the day he is sworn in – or Rocky will go after him with his keris.

  12. Azmin says:

    who are we to compare with a big nation like america? we come from a nation living inside a coconut shell; based from our racial mentality, culture, belief, ignorance, etc etc our people needs hundred of years to become like america. God has mercy on us while we continue living with our dream…kekeke

  13. Bola Hangus says:

    Obama is the 44th President For some suprstitious culture this is bad luck. double 4. Even at the office building i’m occupying, number 4 is changed to 3A. These superstitious lot are now trying to change the numerical system to suit their backward beliefs simply because they are the contractors /architect whatever.of the building. Selangor shouldnt appoint someone with the likelyhood of changing 4th floor into 3a or whatever number they feel like. who are they to call us racist?

  14. rewwtu says:

    How ‘black’ Obama is?

    Simple solution— just follow the Malaysian PM’s habit of immersing himself in skin-whitening products, and he will soon be as fair as “My Fair Lady”

  15. Talhah says:

    Do an Obama right here? An impossibility as for now unless Malaysian decided to get rid of the Sultans and turn into a republic first. Imagine one Mr Samuel Kunjiathan a/l Lingam Kuppusamy as the Prime Minister of Malaysia will have to officiate Tilawah Al- Quran year 2023…. Or chairing the OIC meeting or solemnly standing beside the Yang diPertuan Agong during official Hari Raya Prayer in Masjid Negara? See the big picture ppl. People keep forgetting WHAT Malaysia really is. Malaysia IS NOT America.

  16. aDRIAN says:

    Really hope that somebody, just anybody, would replace UMNO. Not giving up hope though, still praying. America has their first Black President and I believe that Malaysia will have its first non-UMNO PM soon. We need to have hope:) Cheers.

  17. Edi神 says:

    0bama memang…

    Saribu mongolian pun boleh menag!

    Mongolian as Msia PM! That’s for a change!

    tengok najib & razak apamacam?

  18. Hi Fi Rambo says:

    rubberman Says:
    November 5, 2008 at 4:30 pm

    Maybe UMNO will now send a delegation to the US and set Barak Hussein Obama on the right path (like they were rying to do with that girl gone wrong in UK) and get him to be muslim again.
    Rocky can lead the delegation.


    Well said rubberman! Let UMNO despatch their goons and scums (as well as that idiot Zulkifli Nordin) to Washington and persuade Obama to return to “their true path of Islam”, maybe also make Islam the official religion of the US! And yes, get Rocky to lead the delegation, after all he’s going to be the next Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan of Najib in the NST

  19. jrajster says:

    Obama’s victory is a clear indication that US really practices walk the talk and the existence of true democracy while the Malaysia is full of hypocrisy and the its people of prejudice. The nonacceptance of Ms. Low Siew Moi as PKNS acting general manager is an embarrassment to Malaysia. It shows how narrow minded and back warded our people are.

  20. freewave says:

    Umno youth will tell you Osama ada? Obama tak mahu! Takde osama, skin sama pun ok lah.

  21. bangsa Cina Malaysia says:

    sent more malaysians to USA and hopefully
    one day a malaysian will become the next
    President OF the USA. or a Senator or a Governor of Hawaii
    or Defense Secretary or Post Master General or
    Vice President or talk show host or Captain of USS Enterprise

  22. BrightEyes says:

    Can we also do an Obama? Why not? 🙂

    There will come a time when Malaysians will elect their government based on what good they can do for the nation. Not because of his OR HER race & religion.

    May we all live to see it.

  23. Pegasus says:

    If Obama was in Malaysia,he will be in Kamunting prison by now for challenging “Ketuanan Melayu” !!!. Malaysia is a long way off to have a PM of another race,soon the law will be change to have only Malay for certain position, its already happening now. Singapore has a Indian President based on the capability of the person and not based on race. So was Abdul Kalam ,ex-President of India who is a muslim in a predominant Hindu nation. Race and religion should not be reason to choose for a position but of the person character ,capability and performance.
    The Malays are being taught to be selfish and narrow minded in the schools and institution of higher studies.The students are encourage to be with their own community instead of being mixing with the other races. Recognise our national football team players? I don’t, its nearly a 100% bumiputera team, gone are the days of mixed races ,the era of Soh Chin Aun, Santokh Singh, Arumugam and Mohktar Dahari now only stays as beautiful memories… from a team that other Asian nations shudders to meet us in the 70’s and early 80’s, we are laugh at now .
    Barack Obama is a phenomenon , a great orator and an extraordinaire of a man. May Malaysia be bless with such a man in this lifetime at the top post of this nation and makes us proud to be a Malaysian.

  24. halfbreed says:

    What, half a muslim? That is an insult. OIC should put a stop to this nonsense.
    What is UMNO as head of OIC doing? They should have demonstrations at US Embassy until the bugger become full muslim.

  25. billauchris says:

    I am surprised to read that the Police did not arrest the UMNO Youths
    who protested at the Kajang Toll Plaza against the appointment of Mdm Low Siew Moi as the Acting General Manager of Selangor PKNS. They should be put behind bars for illegal assembly.

    Now I can see the true colour of UMNO Youths – they are just a bunch of bigotted empty vessel politicians who cannot see a non-Malay woman heading one of the Selangor Government Corporations.

    What do you know about the background of Mdm Low, her business experience and capability that excited you so much that you had to show your shameless conduct and mental bankrupsy to the public. Are you telling me that Mdm Low is not capable of running PKNS? Where is your sense of fairness when you guys protested against her promotion in an attempt to deprive a loyal senior employee of the opportunity to head the organisation for which she has put in some three decades of life. Who is more apt than she to take on the position? Certainly none of you protestors!

    Most of the GLCs are not performing for the past three decades or so. They had lost a lot of the public money. You had shown to be incapable of running these companies; so let the non-Malays show you the way of how business organisations can be more effectively and efficiently run. When they succeed, everybody benefits.

    This is not the time to talk about racism. This is the time for unity not only in diversity but also in action to help one another to succeed.

    If you continue to show how empty you are, you will be thrown out at the next General Election.

  26. bangsa Cina Malaysia says:

    Quick sent more malaysians to USA and hopefully
    one day a malaysian will become the next
    President OF the USA. or a Senator or a Governor of Hawaii
    or Defense Secretary or Post Master General or
    Vice President or talk show host or Captain of USS Enterprise
    or the next American Idol or lead singer of a rock band or
    the richest man or ………………..

  27. Menyalak-er says:

    Susan, Obama will be the ‘whitest’ President the US will see to date, mark my words. He is the consumate politician, whatever one one wants to read into this.
    Here, there is a whole bunch of rascist-fascist-feudal sadistic hobo’s running around, robbing the rakyat who are basically masochists or trained to be so, as alluded to by hutchrun.
    Definitely there is hope, for change in the next GE irregardless when. That is where the battle’s headed now, but radical ‘Obamization’?
    Not in my lifetime.

  28. storm62 says:

    Syabas Obama, Syabas USA.

    The difference between the politicians in US and Malaysia is that the Malaysian BN MPs are sore losers. Why BN MPs are sore losers? read on.

    In the New 5 Pakatan Rakyat’s states since 08 March 2008, i noticed that the BN MPs do not cooperate with the PR MPs to help the State’s Rakyat but instead creating troubles and protest whenever PR makes a decision or improves some policies.

    The recent issue about the road signs in Penang for that matter, groups from other BN states when all the way to Penang’s street to protest, why can’t they just take care of their own back yard? are they paid to protest in other peoples state? who bares the cost for them? free travelling, free hotels, free makans and so on.

    Did PR’s MPs stick their nose into BN controlled states and create a big huha for them?

    Wake up BN MPs in Pakatan states, if you can work together to improve the way of life for the Rakyat then move out to BN controlled states and enjoy yourself there since it’s so comfortable for you there.

    Bloody sore losers. I wonder if these BN MPees really loves their Country?

    Come next GE, i hope those who votes for BN could wake up from their cowardly acts and not betray the poor warga Bangsa Malaysia from selling their children’s future to the incompetent politicians.

    Sungguh memalukan as a Malaysian.

  29. If US can do , so can we – remember MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

    Go for change support PR and stop BN from continuing their “killing” of other races. My GOD isn’t 50 years enough?

  30. Bola Hangus says:

    adrian, the hope of a non umno PM died when the people realized they were only united in hatred of BN. That hope also disintegrated when that DSAI made so many promises that he didnt deliver. evidence this and that, sept 16 nonsense etc. Now hes become a like a tukang jual ubat by the roadside, specializing in parliament walkouts.

    as far as the PKNS debacle, i think they can find competent malays. We have many graduates from top unis around the world (Thanks to NEP), dont tell me you cant find one to do the job. Khalid is probably trying to appease his DAP partners by such suggestion. I refuse to believe for one second that there no malay capable to do her job.

  31. Payback Time says:

    Bola hangus or fried balls’ u are talking kok..trying to sound innocent and Dear susan.. we can never do a Obama in Bolehland !! Not in our lifetime

  32. Freedom Fighter says:

    Obama wins ! McCain loses ! Instead of claiming Democrats will cross over, McCain took his defeat gracefully and urge all Americans to close ranks and support their new President elect. A stark contrast with Anwar and his croonies. Anwar is a disgrace to Malaysia and to Democracy !!!

  33. Aiyo! Our dear Susan! The American people got really really fed up with 8 years of bull and goat rule.

    If you put a dog and cat ticket, they would have won also ala Bolehland la!

  34. khalib says:

    YES WE CAN!! keeps on talking to them, our new generations- our anak-anak bangsa malaysia.

  35. Aiya dear Susan, Bolehland cannot lo! Bolehland belongs to Umnoputras, only Umno designated guys can become the PM.

    Just like the traitors in New Era College, these traitors think that the college belongs to them and now can do anything at their whims and fancies.

  36. These traitors are just parasites, the same as the Umno traitors.

    Even all these traitors mampus already they also would want to cling onto their posts exclusively.

    All these traitors should go, the sooner the better for the country and college- before churning out more little traitors.

  37. How come Obama’s father (from Kenya Africa) first marriage was to a white American woman did not or better still is not recognised as a white American ( anyway he must be proud to be one and did not have to become a white American to become the President of America )?
    When Mamak Mahathir, born to an Indian immigrant’s father ‘became’ a Malay just because he married a Malay woman and wears a songkot and a baju can become a Malay ? Or was that the only way into UMNO to become P.M.?
    How can anyone change his own race- can a leopard change its spots- and become a lion -only in Malaysia you can, what a bloody shamble ?
    Is this another way how the Malays ( Indonesian immigrants )become the majority in Malaysia with half breeds aside from admitting the millions of Muslims immigrants from Indonesia and else where ?
    Born an Indian will die an Indian, Mamak Mahathir !!!

  38. Umnoputotras will go all out to resist this. Just like that PJ traitor of New Era College would resist appointing a new principal to replace him.

    Logical Answer: Kick all these useless shits of the society out before they destroy Bolehland/college.

  39. This pj traitor has destroyed the PJ constituency for 15 years with impunity, now this PJ traitor again wants to destroy the New Era College.

    If this PJ traitor is living in China, this PJ traitor would have been sent for the firing squad and all bullets embedded would be reimbursed from his next of kins.

  40. pkns ? no shame at all. malaysia is malaysia, america is america. you could have 2 airplanes slam twin tower in america, but you would never find the same thing will happen to klcc (100% terjamin)…..

    as for electing black/1st gen/hussein to the highest command in america is because of the recent subprime crisis deludes and confuses the voters, but malaysians would never be that stupid! that’s why ppl say perak royalty is smart and wisdom putting a pas instead dap as mb, do you want to challenge perak royalty’s wisdom ?

  41. “A rumour says Obama is half a Muslim?

    do you notice that mr osama obama hide his middle name hussein during campaign. and do you notice mr obama din use the word “god” during campaign. that’s separates btw martin luther king with obama….

  42. amoker says:

    I ask the same question in Rocky’s blog when he question if Obama being ‘mixed’ can bring justice to the Muslim problems. And of course, his blog attracts a lot of UMNO chaps nowadays who begin to bash US and extol the virtue of Islam. I then ask if they are prejudging the race to demand ‘justice’ for Muslims while Malay Muslims in this country continue to be racist / persecute to the others.

    This is the kind of double standard of belief

  43. freewave says:

    Why does people get so excited what his religion is? Obama is a christian.

    “”I’ve been to the same church _ the same Christian church _ for almost 20 years,” Obama said, stressing the word Christian and drawing cheers from the faithful in reply. “I was sworn in with my hand on the family Bible. Whenever I’m in the United States Senate, I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. So if you get some silly e-mail … send it back to whoever sent it and tell them this is all crazy. Educate.” – BBC.

  44. kittykat46 says:

    Maybe a few generations from now, if ever, in Bolehland.

    It takes decades of an actively colour-blind education system to break down racial barriers and racism.
    In the US it has been 145 years since Abraham Lincoln’s proclamation of emancipation of the slaves, 45 years after Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream”.

    Bolehland is instead actively pursuing a school environment which emphasises racial and religious differences and segregation.

  45. navinda says:

    PUTRAJAYA: It is possible for anyone from a minority group to be a nation’s leader, even in Malaysia, says Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi.

    “It is up to the people to decide, just as the Americans had done through the democratic process,” he said while extending his congratulations to Senator Barack Obama.

    The above from a Malaysia Today report. This man talks cock. They made a ruckus when a Chinese lady was appointed acting general manager of State owned PKNS. There will be a riot if ever we propose a minority leader as PM.
    This is Malaysian reality.

  46. freewave says:

    Obama will face similar challenge Badawi had. He’s got a half sunken ship from Bush. Just as Badawi received a leaking ship from Mahathir. Not only the americans expecting changes, the whole world is expecting changes from the american president. People expect highly from his administration. If he can’t meet those promises…

  47. Bola Hangus says:

    obama did not hide his middle name. In fact at a dinner he said ” i got my middle name from someone who didnt think i’d be the president of teh US” I dont care if obama is a muslim or not. Hes much better candidate than mccain. better speaker, better vision. I support his redistribution of wealth ideas. His ethnicity and childhood (muslim or not) will help heal the wounds that bush created thru his “my way, or the highway” policies.Mc Cain talks about speaking sofly and carrying a big stick. the same stick he and Bush is using to beat their enemies and forcing their allies into submission. The difference b/w MLK and obama is that the latter is not a dreamer. He believes in change and hope. I hope he delivers it. And i also hope he dont end up like MLK or gandhi. I know the zionists dont like obama and prolly send a hit squad and blame it on the white supremacists.

    Payback time, if i’m talking kok then why have you got one sticking up your s? Screwd by the system to many time eh?

  48. Daniel says:

    yea.. it’s truely a shame that we r celebrating a “change” in US whereas we ourselves r being discriminative here.

  49. freewave says:

    Almost half the malaysian citizens are ready to receive an obama. However, the situation in Malaysia is different. Other than the other half of the citizens, there are other major factors that prevent this from happening. (1) The content of the federal constitution (2) The royals (3) The opposition parties must merge into one with a common vision.

    Unless the royals are open minded, but we already saw the Perak Sultan is not color blind. He prefers someone with the same skin color and same religion. In order for this to happen smoothly, the royals must be ok, the other half of the citizens must be ok, the oppositions must be restructured and reunited with new visions.

    Before we even talk about PM irregardless of skin color, the first thing to do should in opposition politicians themselves. They must show that they are ok and convince the other half of the people that it is ok for capable non malays leading a company or an organisation. They can’t do it. Then, what am I giving you my votes for? So that you can follow Umno’s style?

  50. […] *SUSAN LOONE’s Blog* “may the truth save us all” « Can we also do an Obama? […]

  51. Bola Hangus says:

    I dont think it just the legal requirements whatever thing. It primarily have to do with the candidates assimilation into the main society.

    Obama doesnt speak swahili, he speaks english, and a damn fine orator too.

    Obama doesnt propound any superstitious beliefs from africa.

    Obama doesnt have the mindset of exploiting his own nation for as much as he can get for himself.

    He did not go to a seperate ethnic school for a different race using a different language.

    He does not belong to a different non christian religion (as his enemies have accused him of)

    He does not celebrate another religious ethnic holiday than the whites

    He doesnt belong to an ethnic minority that holds three quarters of the nations wealth.

    with all these things considered, he’s no threat to the advancement of the white americans.

    The only differences that might cause discomfort among white majority is that he “looks” black and have a funny foreign last name obama instead of an americanized one like jackson.

    After the society has deemed the candidate as fully assimilated, then they will go on to what MLK refers to as the content of his character. That in turn became obamas assets: his ivy leage education, social work, childhood background and suave and charismatic persona.

    Malaysia has the potential of an obama if the non malays are willing to integrate and assimilate instead of division and fighting for their own interests. As lincoln said ” A house divided cannot stand”

  52. halfbreed says:

    What the f**k. Letmalay be PM i don care. They have been doing very well so far najib also will be very good role model. Burn baby burn

  53. storm62 says:

    if you follow Obama’s speeches, he try by all means not to mention race and religion, just the people or Americans.

    never mix religion and politics!

    religion is clean & pure, politics are damn dirty!

  54. Fair to ALL says:

    The worst politicians are to be found in the United States of America. Look at the atrocities they inflict on many other countries and now their economy crashes because of all those unbelievably dishonest politicians like Cheney and businessmen with their subprime mortgage scams and leveraging to create surreal wealth !!! Shame on those who speak against their own country !!!!

  55. Cheney says:

    Outside of a dog, a man’s best friend is a book. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.
    — Groucho Marx

  56. Cheney says:

    Tajuddin should be PM malaysia, he call that Indian b*st*rd in parliament. Put them in right place all this black fellows.

  57. Ctizen Me says:

    Not for me I am happy with KTM

  58. Cheney says:

    K T Moc bukan PM

  59. dian says:

    In an editorial, the Iranian daily Jomhouri-ye Eslami stated: “The most that that black man can do in the White House is to replace some of the staff and change some ceremonial procedures. He will never manage to change the structure of the American regime, which was established by capitalists, Zionists, and racists.”

  60. ventura says:

    There is a hope in Obama on the contrary to the believe of the things that he will be abominably face with a load of refining and build the economy of the United States of America.

    So we place our mouth to our foot when we said America is far more racist fraction as compare with Malaysia societal background. At least the people being take care with social security should they do not have any work to sustain living. Comparing Malaysia not only we do not have social security but we have a provident fund enacted provided we work. When we work we are tax and our privileges in buying a home also being apartheid apart from that when we have our own business and when it grow big we have to share the fraction of wealth to the landowner who long ago just a mere peasant and from others country.

    So can our nation, the people of Malaysia has the right and open mind set to look at things objectively on the solution rather than full of cronyism, nepotism and tyrannize in our attitude and personality in fulfilling all the fraction of race living in harmony.

    So let open up and let our mindset be of the first world mind rather than be corrupted by the poverty of the third world uncompetitiveness attitude and behavior.

    To survive we must emulate the competitive and adopt the good variable attributes derive out of the situation. Let take this Obama winning as a challenge of the normal and revolutionist perspective of the human being survival and moving on to the future…

  61. dorky says:

    Please be careful in saying things on Malays and Islam. You wouldnt want to be labelled as racist, as how you labelled the Malays for being racist, right ?

    I’ve read with interest on the discussion happening here. Please do not trigger unnecessary hidden fire that’s growing by day.

    As long as the discussions surrounds political parties, it should be fine.


  62. Anonymous says:

    Rocky is a typical racist and a bigot. He seems to pick on the NONs – muslim for every damn topic that he can bitch about. My husband knows this moron and he says that he is a racist. His blogs do scream racism .

    Rubberman – you hit the nail on the head. Funny too.

  63. Ctizen Me says:

    Sorry KTM= Ke Tuanan Melayu.

  64. Bola Hangus says:

    obama’s choice of ram emanuelle as chief of staff shows that he is unable to cut the strings held by the puppet masters. Emanuelle is a known zionist whos serves in the IDF and whos father belongs to a militant zionist organization. The hope dimmers for a fair arab-zionist resolution . I dont think there will be major policy changes in that regard which is disappointing for someone whos supposed to bring hope to the oppressed.

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