Pix: Altantuya’s bones.
From the Asia Sentinel:

If Abdul Razak Baginda didn’t order two elite cops to kill a Mongolian translator, who did?

After one of the lengthiest trials in Malaysian history, a politically well-connected insider was acquitted Friday of ordering the murder of his jilted lover, a woman whose death had the potential to reach into the highest levels of the ruling party.

With the acquittal of political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda, the question was left hanging of who ordered the murder of Mongolian translator Altantuya Shaariibuu on October 19, 2006, allegedly by Police Inspector Azilah Hadri and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar. After ordering Abdul Razak freed, High Court Judge Mohd Zaki Md Yasin ordered the two put on a defense.

Altantuya, aged 28 at the time of her death, was executed by two shots to the head in a jungle clearing near the Kuala Lumpur suburb of Shah Alam on October 19, 2006 and her body was blown up with C4 explosives available only to the military. She reportedly had come to Malaysia to confront Abdul Razak over his decision to end their affair.

The two belonged to an elite bodyguard unit under the control of Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, who appears likely to become the country’s next prime minister, and who was one of Abdul Razak’s best friends.

During the 151-day trial, in which 84 prosecution witnesses testified, none of them was Najib although two statutory declarations and other evidence linked him to the dead woman. According to a detailed sworn statement by P. Balasrubramaniam, a private investigator that Abdul Razak hired to keep Altantuya away from him after he had broken off their affair, the political analyst told him he had inherited the Mongolian woman as a lover from Najib because Najib didn’t want to be harassed as deputy prime minister.

However, almost immediately after Balasubramaniam made the statement public, he was hustled to the Brickfields police station in Kuala Lumpur where he said he had been coerced into making the statement and recanted it entirely. He and his entire family have since disappeared. Raja Petra Kamaruddin, the influential blogger who printed the statement in his Internet publication Malaysia Today, was arrested under the country’s Internal Security Act and is serving two years in prison. He is also being sued for criminal defamation over some of his reports that tied Najib and his wife, Rosmah Mansor, to the murder. He has also been charged with sedition for publishing other articles on the murder.

Rosmah has denied Raja Petra’s allegations but said she would not sue. Asked why not, she told local media on July 1: “If you are innocent, what is there for you to address? I am not a politician and I am not running for any post. I’m just the wife of a politician.”

If Najib or his wife had filed the charges, under the law they would be subject to motions for discovery and cross-examination, which presumably would not happen if the state instead filed the charges. More than once the filing of defamation charges has bounced back on the plaintiff because of that reason.

According to evidence introduced at the trial and other sources, Abdul Razak contacted Najib’s chief of staff, Musa Safri, to ask Najib’s bodyguards, Azilah and Sirul, to “do something” about Altantuya. Musa was not required to appear as a witness. Deputy Commander Mastor Mohd Ariff, an associate of the two bodyguards, said members of the unit were required to follow all orders of their superiors without question, describing the unit’s members as “like robots” who would only take orders from their superiors. Abdul Razak, a civilian and friend of Najib’s, was not a superior officer. According to an affidavit filed by Abdul Razak, Azilah contacted Abdul Razak after Altantuya’s disappearance to say that “tonight encik (sir), you can sleep well.”

Testimony by the murdered woman’s cousin indicated that immigration records of Altantuya and the two Mongolian companions who had come to Malaysia with her to confront Abdul Razak disappeared from the government’s immigration files. She also responded to a question that she had seen a picture of Altantuya having dinner with Najib before she was hurriedly hushed up by both prosecution and defense lawyers.

Nonetheless, Judge Mohd Zaki dismissed a bid in July to call Najib as a witness in the trial. Zaki also refused to call Balasubramaniam despite his written declaration, which implicated Najib in the events leading up to the murder. In addition to other lurid details, Balasubramaniam described text messages between Najib and Abdul Razak in which the latter was asking for help to avoid arrest.

Later, a series of text messages was made public indicating that Najib had been involved in finding a lawyer, Shafee Abdullah, to represent Abdul Razak. One message from Shafee to Najib said: “We provided (the police) everything, including old PDAs and notebooks and a couple of bills. Nothing incriminating.” Malaysia Today said the exchange raises questions if anything “incriminating” was kept from the police.

Besides allegations that Altantuya was the lover of both men, the case has raised additional concerns of corruption at the top of the United Malays National Organisation, the leading political party in the national ruling coalition. The Mongolian woman appears to have been the translator on a controversial transaction in which Malaysia, with Najib as defense minister, paid €1 billion for French submarines, netting a company tied to Abdul Razak US$111 million in “commissions.”

A letter written by Altantuya shortly before she disappeared indicated that she was attempting to blackmail Abdul Razak for US$500,000, raising suspicions that she had inside knowledge of the transaction. The woman’s father, Shaariibuu Setev, a psychology professor in Ulan Bataar, said she had been killed because she “knew too much,” although he never elaborated on what she knew.

The trial has been rife with other irregularities. At the start, the original judge was replaced by Mohd Zaki. The prosecution was hurriedly changed so quickly that the trial had to be postponed. There were numerous attempts to limit the introduction of physical evidence. Sirul’s confession was ruled invalid because it was not cautioned.

The prosecution also sought to impeach two of its own important witnesses. One, Lance Corporal Rohaniza Roslan, was the girlfriend of the senior of the two bodyguards and said she saw Altantuya being taken away in a car by her boyfriend. Later she said her testimony had been coerced. Another was Yusri Hasan Basri, a member of the bodyguard team and a colleague of Sirul, who said he had important information on physical evidence in the home of another of the bodyguards.


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  1. Kopi Anan says:

    There is 26 million people in Malaysia.

    Minus 25,999,997 people who say they are innocent [including this ARB chap who juts got acquited].

    2 UTK fellows have been asked to defend themselves.

    Now who is that lone Malaysia who ordered the killing of
    Altantuya Shaaribu?

    The answer can be male or female, man or woman.

    And 25,999,997 Malaysians can already guess !

  2. The sun has set on Malaysia. So shut-up and “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. This case is a warning to all – in and outside Malaysia. How on earth are we lay people supposed to otherwise read this episode, you tell me??

  3. ANg Kong says:

    we hav just gone 100yrs backward in time. wat wawasan 2020…my xxx!

  4. maie says:

    i would totally agreed if razak did’t order the two elite cops to kill,WHO DID????????

  5. danet7882 says:

    syabas Malaysia… buat malu saje!!

  6. The Penquin says:

    I wouldn’t want to speculate on who actually gave the orders or who actually did the murder…..but I am quite sure that there is a big cover up of evidences and witnesses in this case. With such advanced technology in criminal investigations it is hard to believe that a person/s can get away with premeditated murder.

  7. azee72 says:

    i think you all dont understand la..the 2 police dreamt night before the murder that Altantuya is a threat to them. So next day they woke up , find Altantuya and C4 her. So simple, and Najib only aware about this case after TV3 flash this in the news. Razak has nothing to do with the murderer, he is busy with millions RM of commision money on how to spend this together with Najib…hehehe

  8. sorella says:

    The whole trial was a farce and totally waste of time. How can the killers or all those involved ever have a fitful sleep.

  9. wandererAUS says:

    If history is any guide, perhaps, there will be a strong chance of a murder case taken seriously and a conviction may result, if the the case concerned two parties from the administration. Remember, a case between a Minister and his opponent, so years back.
    With the judiciary now a mockery, what chance has a common person to seek justice from our courts against the ‘untouchable VVIPs’?
    The situation will soon be untenable with the ‘seasoned old mob’ returning to the ruling administration. God helps us all!

  10. Liz says:

    Altantuya’s family should seek justice from the international court not this nation as too many things are still unsolved and yet to be discovered. I sincerely hope that some international bodies could do something for her. May God guide them in this path. It is a very serious crime.

  11. Palaniappan says:

    Is this the sign of the end of world (kiamat)? Looks like it.

  12. This is Malaysia !
    Anything is possible including murder not to mention blatant corruption !!
    I am glad to have immigrated so why don’t you !!!

  13. don’t be silly to link with international court. mr sharibuu, no offense but, made himself a joker. the trial is not over yet! wait until the 2 cops made their stand then we’ll get the clearer picture. you would not want another lee oswald case in malaysia, where the real killers went scot free!

  14. lulu says:

    next the two police gys would be released…law of the jugle in Malaysia

  15. i also wondering.If not him then who?Dun tell me they stop investigating..argh!!

  16. to send an innocent man to gallow is great INJUSTICE!!!!

    malaysians are apathetic, they just want the case solve fast, even the man is innocent.

  17. CJFOO says:

    I strongly believe that it was the orang utans in Zoo Negara that ordered the killing of Altantuya.

    This is Malaysia, my friend, anything possible.

    This is sandiwara all along. This trial is a joke.

  18. Botak says:

    This is Malaysia way of life. Accept the fate and just live as what a normal citizen should do.

  19. Spooky Malaysia says:

    Malaysia has reached DEAD-END.

  20. donplaypuks says:

    ‘I ,’ said the sparrow, ‘with my little C4 and arrow, I killed CockRobin!’

    But whatever for?

    Oh, for the heck of it. It was fun. Beats watching Rosemajibbed’s butt everyday!!

  21. daffodil says:

    Right after Razak was released yesterday, he insisted to be brought to Shah Alam mosque for solat sunat ( optional prayer)… His family asked him to break his fast but he refused and continued fasting throughout the day.

    By the Will of God, ARB is free now,

    and Najib the Munafiq couldn’t sleep last night !!!!! and so was Rosmah!!!!

  22. wira says:

    A big share of the US111million booty for 151+ days of freedom.

    That makes it one of the best paying jobs in this country.

  23. Rakyat Marhain says:

    I pray that whoever is in any way connected to her death, whether by suggesting, hinting, insinuating or directing, will for each second of his surviving life be tormented by guilt, restlessness and will see the bloody stains on the ringgit each time he has it out in his hands.

  24. daffodil says:


    I am telling you, ANWAR IS GUILTY !

    I am waiting for you to find that out for us.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Since the fall guy, with no further obstacles or hindrances in sight for Nargis in his ascending to the Top Power, has been released, and the real murderers whose identities are obvious are still at large with RPK detained under ISA and PI Balasundram exiled overseas there is no other major obstacles and hindrances to Nargis’ ascendancy to the pinnacle of his power come March 2009. This is only obvious that UMNO has now the final say in justice with their man Zaki as the Chief Justice. This is the obvious Justice of Malaysia, the laughing stock of the whole world, Malaysia should be boycotted by the world communities for their greatest injustices towards human rights and common normal justices.

  26. Speechless says:

    This is another sad day for Malaysians. Justice is dead; it does not exist in Malaysia.

  27. john says:

    Probably 99 out of 100 Malaysians know who’s behind the murder. All the circumstantial evidence seems to point to that one person but each and every allegations against him has been deflected. There’s something very wrong in our country.

  28. blink4blog says:

    believe it or not, someone will gone missing very soon.

  29. apapunboleh says:

    There was never any justice with the current corrupted government!

  30. nik271 says:

    Polis must arrest Najib now, since proven Razak is innocent.

  31. ventura says:

    Who order the abusive authority order? The conclusion is still lies within the parameter of the Najib’s family; him, him or his spouse Rosmah. This is the order of the conclusion. The rest of the people are just like a soldier without brain that just delivered the consequences and face the charges. Losing their dignity, goodness and live in guilt in the presence of evil within their own condemnation, throughout their whole life.

    The corruption and abusive power of authority verge from above and order came to below. Even as it is now, failing in the jurisdiction system from the judges Ahmad Zaki to the prevailing of the enforcement force and down right to the advocates and solicitors. He has the power and the money from the “commission” from various successful project which may accountable to million of USD dollar in it offering. That why the current UMNO administration and “Bangsa Malaysia” has lost the confidence of the top. How can the unrighteousness lead the flock of the people of Malaysia? Where are the accountability, counter check and balance of it human dominion and unrightfully decision? Opinion of the people has been brush aside and treated as a veggie of non importance. The people suffer of the leeches of corruption in higher level, perverting the country wealth and channeling to own personal riches. Is this the father or the head that we want to adore and look unto? Is this will serve as a detestable feeling and avenges on bonded control and profound of freedom of speech and human right.

    The people have try their very mean to took control in a coalition of mind in the representative in majority. That why the people resort to a leader like Raja Petra Kamaruddin and the PKR for an outlet of rest, a peace the people long awaited stress and intensity of opinions. But yet the people have been disappointed. Where are the “truth representation” that we have to resort to in the mind of all the voters that has long weary since the last 5 years of hope in the Badawi un coup leadership.

    So the next phase is what will be the Hindraf and RPK? Will they be dam on the basis of exposing the secret chamber behind the damsel? Will they be dam forever or the people thru their vested representative will be brave enough to challenge and bring down the unrighteous of the legislation thru un perseverance and un faint rounds of holy arrows to evoke the conclusion of absolute truth.

    Can we? Any Warrior of God out there? Dare to challenge and duel the Devil itself?

  32. Stupidity says:

    My guess is that the mongolian shot bombed herself to death without any help. So all these accuseds are actually very innocent kindest people in the world. WE SHOULD NOT BE SURPRISED THEY BE LET OFF – all of them
    are sooooo innocent

  33. back2012 says:

    Sirul’s lawyer was quick to identify RPK & Bala to be called as witness. Why not Sirul’s boss, Musa ? Conspiracy by both defendant & prosecution. Bala SD will b nullified Razak. RPK’s SD cannot b proven, no hard evidence

  34. 104Esat says:

    The Bee-End gomen is the killer. The judgement will come in 4 years time in the 13th GE. The jury will be us, the voters. So let’s get going.

  35. Diva Chin says:

    Now they can spend the blood stained money in Paris again..
    Maybe get another lover or lovers with so many millions to spare
    Sickening to the core!!

  36. sylvia says:

    Altantuya’s case….From day one of trail Razak knew he would be freed..then he just followed the usual Malaysian wayang kulit courts to please the rakyat and of course the Shaaribu’s family..
    If Razak is not set free, his wife is admament in revealing everything, so there is no choice becos the actual guilty one is set to be the most important leader soon.
    As for the 2 policemen, the verdict will be needless to say either..”acquitted due to lack of evidence”( as in Razak’s case”)or”found guilty” but later they will seek pardon from the powerless Agong and obviously will be granted without much choice on Agong’s part.

  37. pauline says:

    Aiyaa… should be the one who went hiding lah.. who else???

  38. Liz says:

    Don’t worry, those guilty ones definitely won’t have a good night sleep with nightmares haunting them nights after nights till their last day on Earth. Aging quicker than normal people due to the cause of that which affect their daily life and all over, they would lead an unhappy life which is worse than death sentence itself. Theirs will be slow and torturing day after day.

    Perhaps God has His Way of doing thing which human being can’t. So just leave it to God. All we need to do is to pray and wishing Altantuya’s parents and children lead a better future.

  39. Batu Ferringhi says:

    Another black day in the history of Malaysian justice system. For those with the ability to continue the fight for justice – bloggers, investigators, writers, politicians – please for the sake of the country, for the sake of the Shaariibuu family and for the sake of justice, please do not let go… please fight on.

  40. SameSame says:


    Aiyaaaaa.. where in Malaysia does justice ever live? We live in tamadun ‘tak tau’ and ‘apa boleh buat, tangan kami di ikat’.

    Habis la like this, The Shaaribuus should drag this nonsense to the World Court. His late daughter will never get a peaceful after-life. She truly should come back and haunt these jokers and she only can bring justice to her wasted life!

    LOL…Maybe the father should use the sami that razaks used la for this situation!

    Joke of the lifetime in MALAYSIA!

  41. Tantech says:

    PM Abdullah should act now. This is the only chance to ccome back premiership. No need pass baton to Najib. Make Najib boil in hot soup is the only option now.

  42. wits0 says:

    Firstly, a nagging question so taken for granted.

    How did the authorities establish that Altantuya was killed by two shots(no more, no less) to the head? Not enough of the skull fragments was apparently recovered. If two empty cartridge casings were discovered, that itself isn’t conclusive. This is among the many vital questions unanswered in this mockery of a court case.

  43. john says:

    I hope the spirit of Altantuya will haunt those who murdered her.

  44. maie says:

    as pm,dollah should have guard to reopen the case,so that the real culprit would be punish without fear or favour.

  45. daffodil says:

    PM Abdullah had been covering Najib all these while….

  46. ktteokt says:

    Malaysia really BOLEH (mati) lah! Took so long in hearing just to determine a PRIMA FACIE case against two cops and now, it will take years to go through the hearing of their defence. What’s more, these two are only abetting parties, where is the MASTERMIND who ordered the killing and blowing up?????

    Who the hell has the power to obtain C4 from the military? And who the hell has the power to ERASE immigration records? And if Altantulya was NOT in Malaysia, how the hell she got killed here and her body blown up here? Why don’t the authorities investigate into these doubts? How did the judge arrive at the conclusion that Abdul Razak Baginda is innocent??? And who were the other two accused who had been attending the hearings? Nobody has seen their “mutt” faces, are they really the guys who were supposed to stand trial? And if they are convicted of murder, are they the ones who are going to be hanged???? Only god knows!!!

  47. Antares says:

    Tantech said: “PM Abdullah should act now. This is the only chance to ccome back premiership. No need pass baton to Najib. Make Najib boil in hot soup is the only option now.”

    These Umno flers all connected like Mafia family. You pull one, the whole lot kena tarik. According to Sheih Kickdefella (who claims the polis told him!), Rosmah paid RM200 million of Baginda’s RM538 million commission to Dollah as an angpow – so semua kautim. How can Dollah hantam Najib without hurting his own hand?

    We need a few more Zaid Ibrahims in Umno coming clean and redeeming themselves. Otherwise, Mahathir & his mongoloid son Mukhriz will buttfuck the whole country again… and don’t forget, Bala in his first SD hinted that Pink Lips also likes
    tiny orifices, which is why Altantuya was so irresistible lah.

    As for the judge Zaki Yasin – one of Ahmad Fairuz’s puppets, no doubt. Look at his face. No character one. That’s why he was handpicked by Gani Patail for the job. Justice Segera too senior and unpredictable!

  48. Freak justice says:

    Better save my breath and plan my own future.
    Who cares about who ordered the killing as nothing much we could do except cursing and banging.
    The only guilty ones and deserve to be punish are those who vote those fcukers into power.
    So, beat it !!!

  49. BadEgg4BeeEND says:

    Until now we havent see the two police man , if they released on the street no one know ..

  50. Master-Detective says:

    back2012 Says:
    November 1, 2008 at 10:27 am
    Sirul’s lawyer was quick to identify RPK & Bala to be called as witness. Why not Sirul’s boss, Musa ? Conspiracy by both defendant & prosecution. Bala SD will b nullified Razak. RPK’s SD cannot b proven, no hard evidence

    from 3 defendants to 2. Why should the defence team of Sirul Azhar and
    Azilah be so stupid to call DSP Safri to testify wherein the said witness’ testimonies will only benefit Razak Baginda – that Razak Baginda asked DSP Safri the day after the alleged murderer “where has the two UTK cops taken Altantuya” which invigorated Razak’s oblivious to the killing.

    That sworn affidavit was the primary factor in Razak’s aquittal without any parties (the co-defendants) and the prosecutions rebuttal.

    Of course I understand your point that DSP Safri is a prime witness, but the court has been riddled with travesties from the beginning. The prosecution is the one who must subpoena DSP Safri when the trial commence.

    *Pardon me my sweet celebrity blogger, black colour is sexy for underwears, not the backdrop of your blog. Just appeal to you to shorten it lah. 🙂

  51. rubberman says:

    Should the police continue to allow and help C/Insp Azilah Hadri and Cpl Sirul Azha Umar in the Altantuya Murder Trial cover their faces?
    218 96.89%
    5 2.22%
    Not Sure
    2 0.89%

    Number of Voters : 225
    First Vote : Friday, 31 October 2008 14:46
    Last Vote : Saturday, 01 November 2008 13:50


  52. Dr. M says:

    Who conspired to have Altantuya killed?
    Must be the person who has most interest…. Hang Tuah?

    Somebody must have authorised the use of C4
    John Palasamy? or Najis bin Najis

    Somebody must have request for the immigration records to be erased
    Is it Mohamad Tait?

    Somebody must have disposed the body
    Is it Alam flora?

    Some body with knowledge of C4 must have placed it and detonated it.
    Was it Rafidah binti Abu?

    How did the policemen know where to find the bones?
    Were they led by some fortune teller?

    The jewellry of Altantuya was recovered?
    From the longkang?

  53. Liz says:

    can anyone out there give us a sketch of the faces of 2 police men ? if they are not haunted by Altantuya, let us haunt them instead.

  54. A.Nallusamy says:

    If Razak Baginda, the confessed lover of Altantuya is not guilty, how can the two members of the UTK who have no connection or motive to kill her can be found guilty? The two men, Najib Razak and Razak Baginda not only used the Mangolian woman as their concubine but also her services to make illegal commissions from defence suppliers, they have completely escaped themselves from blame. What one cannot understand is that in this country, the reputation of the courts of this country has hit another nadir as far as this case is concerned. It is a shame on those who are charged with the responsibility to administer justice!

  55. storm62 says:

    i’m sure many would agree to contribute RM1 to Bala if he testify. malaysians , mongolians and all over the world is willing if the murderers of altantuya is nailed.

    so Bala, come on out and get your biggest pay check.

  56. Ganesan says:

    Hey you guys, wake up man. The Mongolian was never in Malaysia lah. So how come you accuse Najib to have been involved in the murder. The PI is a figment of imagination and he never exist so how came people can accuse our innocent Najib to be involved in murder. There is no such thing as C 4, they are only used by terrorist and we do not any terrorist. All this was only a dream so come out of it. You were in a dreamworld, so go back to your dream.

  57. LHHENG says:

    Justice, my foot. Will someone please make sure the photographs of these two dummb dumb idots, Police Inspector Azilah Hadri and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar appear all over the places. Seems strange that they were always have their stupid faces completely covered whenever in court. Something is REAL fishy here. Maybe after this case is over, they will probably appear in another country with another identity but with TONS of cash to enjoy.

  58. Michael says:

    Date : 01112008

    Being a lay man, the question I asked is why the two policemen been called for defence ? Under whose instruction they are taking this order as both of them are unkonwn to the lady. They should be made prosecution witness, garantee their safety, spare their lives and exchanged for the facts of the case.

    At the end of the day, even if they are sentence to death, sure both of them will be pardoned. This is the ending scene as from right now.

  59. phing says:

    why till now there is NO news about PI BALA? I thought his SD is crucial in this case, and since the police had located him , then where is he?


    maybe it is not razak baginda, then it must be someone much HIGHER up THERE !

  60. Mamak Penang says:

    Just some intresting episode starting now in Malaysian politics!.It is not the justice to blame but the people who enforced the justice.Please remember somebody is throwing the ‘Joker’ now! for their political ambitions.The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics always so certain of themselves,but wiser people so full of doubts.

  61. LHHENG says:

    What bothers me was that why the defendent lawyers did not bother to request these two UTK bums remove their cover ups in court. In the first place, how can they be sure that these two bums are actually Azilah and Sirul. The two cover ups can be anybody. I really suspect the defendent lawyers credibility. This whole case really really stinks.

  62. Batu Ferringhi says:

    The police did say they know where PI Balasubramaniam is. Shouldn’t they be investigating his first Stat Declaration and the u-turn second Stat Declaration? WTF is going on man? Where is that botak ma Syed Hamid All-blur when he is really required to do something correct?

  63. rewwtu says:

    By lying under oath, PI Bala is now an accessory to the murder

  64. Dr. Rosli says:

    Wow! The next PM of Malaysia is Najib Razak. Surely, Razak Baginda will be his Advisor. It look UMNO Divisions are unanimously in wanting Najib to be the next PM. No question asked. The UMNO people are toally blinded, perhaps by money and project. They can’t tell which leaders are good or bad.

  65. Nudibranch says:

    Justice in Malaysia is a big joke! The righteous are put in jail, ISA while the guilty and corrupt are free. Sic…..

  66. exCIA says:


  67. Umno man says:

    I came, i saw, i conquered.

    Genghis Khan, go and eat sand loh!

  68. Umno man says:

    This is in Malaysia, not Mongolia!

    Did you use civil law when conquered China?

  69. Umno man says:

    If you are still around, come and conquered Malaysia la!

    Catch that culprit and send him to Mongolia and played like cat playing with mouse!

  70. NoYawns says:

    This is what it means for us:
    – we, as Malaysians, have to hang our heads with shame & despair at the INJUSTICE doled out by our Courts
    – we, any of us (Altantuya, Bala), that ‘gets in the way’ of the VVIPs can be shot, blown up, made to disappear – and the culprits walk freely.
    May God and every Malaysian CURSE these people! And they portray themselves as ‘defenders’ of Faith, swearing on the Quran – Zaki & any involved VVIP who is Corrupt and Selling our nation to the dogs, CURSES on you!

  71. Rustypin says:

    “tonight encik, you can sleep well”… it was Mr.Hyde who gave the order! Dr. Jekyll has escaped the gallows but Mr. Hyde is still at large..! God is watching you Mr. Hyde! You can’t go on hiding for long, Sir..!!

  72. bodohkami says:

    everybody seems talking to the empty sky and who cares after all , every concerns seems tak tahu , better let’s goes back home to have our early sleep and let the almighty god be their judge when their time are up and be their game over in cekap, pandai,bersih dan amanah Malaysia Boleh fashion & style , because those who supported are well known without doubt to have some benefits either left or right if not top or bottom after all, so why waste more unnessary valuable of our decent cari makan time !

  73. Bayee Tua says:

    Sapa sapa adaa annaa pompan cante pya, ta mau kasi kirija govermend, nanti minister Nasik sama depiti minister Pakinda takel, susah nanti, banyaa soosah mau cari, tableh jumbaa! Ingaat..macam manggoliyaa jadi nanti.

  74. Jed Yoong says:

    act committed in moment of madness……

  75. xray says:

    Le mot : « Paix », est le maître argument des marchands d’armes.

    Le 9 11, une imposture ordinaire dans le cadre d’un montage de guerre classique.

    Une version officielle digne d’un scénario de dessin animé pour enfants.

    Un certain 11 septembre 2001 Texte définitif.

  76. Confucius says:

    Guilty are the ones, who voted the wicked to power.
    For they are the ones who abetted them to commit the murder.
    There’s nothing much to be done, to help the poor soul to rest in peace.
    For as long as evil triumph in this land of greed.

  77. maie says:

    umno man,u can be lembu all the time n forever.

  78. Ex Neutral says:

    So everybody thinks it’s so obvious it muct be …….
    But then what are you or can you do about it..
    For me I think I have to wait for the next GE to vote CORRECTLY AGAIN.
    For those who didn’t vote correctly please make sure you do when you have another chance.If not there might not be another.

  79. Simon says:

    From day 1, I have already told all my friends that Razak is not the one! This is now proven by the recent decision by the judge! I am so smart!
    Ahem……..does this mean that there is another??? Is our great wise judge trying to tell us something??? Don’t point finger,ah? ISA is waiting!
    I wonder what is the motive of the 2 “suspects” to terminate the life of Altantuya? For a start, both of them don’t even know her! Where do they get the explosive-C4? From pasar malam, eh?

  80. mendychi says:

    My daughter is dead but her lover is free… Hurray! may her lover or lovers have sleepness sweaty nights for the rest of his life.

  81. setia says:

    MOTIVE is the key here……who wanted her dead ? The Policemen are just pawns.
    Look like a done deal.Razak Baginda looks cheerful as he knows he will walk out free…..Justice ala Carte Umno……To appoint an Umno Man to head the Judiciary smack of REAL INJUSTICE & Arrogance
    To hell with the Good people of Malaysia…We are Umnoputras…we rule with the Might of Power of the Police,Army & now Judiciary !)
    Malaysia has lost its Soul !
    Good people like Raja Petra jailed for connecting Najib Tun Razak & Rosmah with the Murder & Balasubramaniam who swore on oath & in a Public Press Conference watched by the whole world has gone missing ?
    God whats happening to Malaysia ?
    Looks like anyone Powerful can kill you or your family and go scott free in Malaysia !!! ???
    Someone ,please turn the Country away from this madness & sheer injustice practiced by Umno.
    Keadilan-Pas-Dap ,Malaysia needs you more than ever now !
    Crooks, Rapist of the Countrys wealth & Murderers are running round free.

  82. setia says:

    A truly sad day for justice in Malaysia…….Looks like Umno will do anything to stay in power !
    The Crooks,Rapists of Country Wealth & Murderers are walking away free
    Malaysia is losing its soul !

  83. daffodils says:

    I wish to clarify that I am in no way associated to the “daffodil” who posted comments at 9.20am, 9.35am and 12.16 pm.

    Thanks for allowing the space.

  84. ahmike says:

    Trust me, even a youngman like me predicted these all… pathetic

  85. rozlan says:

    I wonder what Act the prosecutors team will charge those two cops?

  86. nativecoach says:

    Thanks for informing me about this trial in a country I know next to nothing about.

    Signed a Native American

  87. miwaki says:

    Third world country trying to demonstrate its third world world mentality through its judiciary.

  88. Blueman says:

    This is Bolehland! no point complaining!

  89. ktteokt says:

    May the ghost of Altantuya haunt all those involved from the murderer, the mastermind, the guys who blew up her corpse, the judge, lawyers, witnesses and others who have “covered up” the truth, for the rest of their lives. If physical justice is not done, let us pray that spiritual justice be done!

  90. Pegasus says:

    Eventually the task to get justices for Altantuya may have to be taken by God himself!!!, in Bolehland ,all are man made decisions which are mind boggling and simply does not make sense. The new CJ will try to ensure that Najib and Rosmah are not touch, Razak Baginda is release, the whole court case is a sham and a shame , 2 years of diverted questioning with twisted stories. A lot of questions are left unanswered. RPK is thrown behind bars under ISA act, Bala has disappear after his sensational SD linking Najib. These 2 gentlemans should be brought back to court for questioning as they might be able to thrown some answers that could be crucial and be a turning point for this case. Malaysian law are even more laughable now, the judiciary has stooped so low ,wonder where we will go from here. Its a shame and certainly a sad day,may Mr Sharibuu do not give up hope after all this and should pursue this case all the way even if he has to take to ICJ. May God Bless her soul and bring about a fast solution for this mess.

  91. harrisonbinhansome says:

    I too wish the matter to be adjudicated at the International Court of Justice at the Hague, but unfortunately had the ICJ has jurisdiction to purview the murder of a Mongolian in Malaysian soil, I bet Setev Sharibuu through his appointed legal team had already done so.

    The only solution is whether the Mongolian Government would severe ties with Malaysia? I doubt as well. Serbia recently severed ties with Malaysia for the latter’s support of an independent Kosovo. Why Malaysia has always interfering in other countries’ affairs when it admonishes others such as US?

    Double standard foreign and domestic policies, isn’t it?

  92. asiseesit says:

    There will be doubts and there will be debates for weeks to come. I find the judge ruling to acquit Razak Baginda may hold true that he never actually order the killing. But before anyone jump over this statement, what was actually a domestic episode in a husband’s adultery have resulted in the murder of this women.

    One question still need to be answered. Why resort to the police to act against a woman to prevent her from seeing her lover? RB knew full well that his standings and connections will afford him all these accessibilities to certain elite personnel from the police force to execute what many considered to be a private affair went terribly bad.

    If those two bodyguards acted on instruction from their superior, it is tentamount to abetting to murder. RB used his influence and spoke in very subtle ways in dealing with the Altantuya. I don’t understand why the judge failed to see this.

    The police should have acted against Musa for abusing of powers in carrying out acts not within the duties and responsibility of the force resulting in the dead of a woman.

    I can go on and on about how sad this judgement is. But the system appeared to be punishing only the weapon (the 2 bodyguards) that killed the woman but not the actual person (whoever ordered it) who holds it and caused the fatal death.

    RB’s connection alone and his lobbying to Musa, would have been the initiative of the two bodyguards for their acts to rid the problem once and for all.

    Still, another question emerge. Is this sort of things normal in the police force?

  93. RANJIT SINGH says:

    malam ini baginda razak & family makan satay..tomyam & sip coca cola.Balik rumah dia dakap bini..sudah 2 tahun tak dakap bini…

  94. Obi Wan Canopy says:

    Is the real mastermind of this senseless murder still out there? Or is it now just left to the two police officers, who doesn’t have any knowledge of this poor mongolian lady at all prior to this?

    I fail to see how these two police officers are now the remaining people to be charged. They don’t appear to have the motive. (The one that had the motive is free. Razak Baginda himself admitted that he had an affair with the lady). These officers are not high ranking enough to make high profile decisions, let alone decide on murder, brutal and senseless one at that too. Perhaps they were being dutiful, carrying out orders (which in this case I highly condemn, for it’s murder we’re talking here, man!). Perhaps they were pressured or threatened to carry out their orders. Who knows?

    I see another scenario approaching.

    The present PM will leave his post next March. He has some reforms to carry out before he leaves (so he says). What sort of reforms might he be talking about here? Might he have something up his sleeve? Could it be that he knew something we don’t? Could he pull out a trump of all cards?

    He might have the last laugh…

  95. ISA SUPPORTER says:

    I suspect CIA supplied the C4 as they do in other countries to overthrow existing regimes !!!

  96. pohyee says:

    Polis should not give up for looking where is Bala because he is the only one will know who ordered him to kill… since is not Razak!!! If Bala is not the killer WHY he went for hiding???

  97. Adeline says:

    justice in malaysia?? kahkahkah…najib a** h**e adalah…

  98. Mr Smith says:

    Who saved who?

    Commenting on the decision, Anwar Ibrahim said the verdict seems to be ” a prearranged script for a prearranged outcome”.

    One has to sit in any court and hear the judges’ verdicts. They can utter strange mumbo-jumbo or some gobbledygook to back their decisions.

    Isn’t it a norm that all cases begin with the examination-in-chief, then comes the cross examination followed by the defence case (if the accused is called to make his defence).

    In this case, the trial seemed to have begun with the defendant’s affidavit, deemed 100% true and nothing but the Absolute Truth by the judge, and he had placed the onus on the prosecution to debunk its contents.

    Shouldn’t it be the defendant who should corroborate with evidence and witnesses the veracity of his affidavit?

    Since when was the onus placed on the Prosecution ‘to debunk the contents’ of a defendant’s affidavit? Did the Defense’s case precede the Prosecution’s?

    Strange isn’t it.

  99. ANGRY DAYAK says:

    There is 2 reason why Altantuya body had been blown up with explosives:
    – First, to destroy the evidence that she had been rape by this 2 policemen.
    – Second, she could be pregnant, and her baby could belong to someone
    who is important(Razak). But which Razaks ??

  100. storm62 says:

    Bala & family was sent to protect altantuya in the after world by guru ji.

    IGP musa hassan will follow soon to check if Bala is really protecting altantuya. he will bring along SHA verify.

    before SHA leaves, he order the release of RPK and all ISA detainees.

    …to be continued.

  101. theo says:

    Perhaps Malaysia learns this from the OJ case. Is it any wonder big brother is smugly quiet? We are all guilty for not standing up for Justice wherever it may be.

  102. ANGRY DAYAK says:

    There is 2 reason why Altantuya body had been blown up with explosives:

    – First, to destroy the evidence that she had been rape by this 2 policemen.
    – Second, she could be pregnant, and her baby could belong to someone who
    is important(Razak). But which Razaks ??

  103. theo says:

    For the matter that the entire scripted show is possible can only be pointed to the way the law is crafted – complicated beyond the way a normal inherently-intelligent man can bring himself to understand.

    The average lawyers prided themselves for the fact that they can mouth and write tangled words and sentences to confuse you, forcing you into submission because:
    1. you are not qualified to speak or understand the law
    2. you have no alternatives but to sit through it, because it is the law

    And here in Malaysia, they understand fully well how to make laws serve them (only them, not you or me), for they are the sole purveyor of it all – legislation, administration of law and order, and delivering justice.

    Is our justice system at fault? Maybe, but then so is most places on this earth.

    Sometimes craving too much for justice, we are blinded by justice itself.

    Justice is Justice, you and i hold it dearly in our hearts.
    Be true, be just in all your ways, you might just be spared from the agony of seeking justice, for man-delivered justice almost-always never come – for ordinary people. If ever, it comes way too late.

    The late Pope John Paul II once replied to an inquiry by his guest about the Bosnians being ravaged by Serbians during the Balkan war in the early 90s. His retort was – “…and you think the Bosnians are all angels?”

    So spare ourselves the agony, spend a little more time meditating to get our thoughts cleared and in order.

  104. Sheela says:

    I don’t think there is justice in this world.
    MONEY IS JUSTICE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Yili says:

    We all noe wats the ending of this case.

  106. Markky says:

    No, no, no…nobody ordered them. They just woke up one morning and decided to do it….just like that. That’s what they expect us to believe!

  107. amoke says:

    The Attorney General should resign for making a bad decision to replace the prosecuting team last minute. He scored an own goal and make it even harder for a less experienced team to win. Ghani Patail thinks that the rakyat is stupid?

  108. KJAN says:

    God knows who are the murderers. These murderers thought they got away, are their hearts happy & peaceful? I believe these muderers will suffer agony & pain in this life & after life! Really pissed off with that rascal umno man, be humanelah, dont be kurang ajar, liar and sesat like the murderers.

  109. Wengo says:

    As usual, looks like the rakyat will not be able to do anything for now. However, let us all patiently wait for the next General Election. Let us all show it in our votes !

  110. daryl says:

    If you expect an answer please wait. Just like the “correct, correct, correct”, BMC, Hindraf, RPK and so many more they still couldn’t give a smart or intelligent answer. Malaysian must be the most patient people in the world or stupid people in a democratic country to let these people go time and time again.

  111. wickwax says:

    What is let to say except that everyone in court, be it the prosecutors or otherwise (judge too), have strings tied to their hands and feet. Controlled. In the end, everyone will be free. So who’s the culprit? Who’d kill herself then blow up herself?

  112. navinda says:

    My bet is that the two policemen will get off the hook, simply because they have no motive for killing Altantuya. No murder can be proved if there is no motive. As the two policemen did not know her personally, they have no reason to kill. As you have asked “who gave the order”? He who gave the order is the one who should go to hell.

  113. Azmin says:

    In actual fact, lets conclude that most of the rakyat are stupid, otherwise how come the country is ruled by the stupid people. It is their majority stupid rakyat to vote their stupid leaders. So what to complain about when the stupid leaders appointed the stupid judges,stupid home minister, stupid police head, etc etc.

  114. kittykat46 says:

    I felt so sad seeing the picture of Altantuya’s bones. A living, breathing human being, a daughter, a mother, silenced forever by a cruel act of murder.

    Sadder still when I reflect that the likelihood is either “nobody” is going to be punished or just the two-bit minions acting on someone else’s instructions. The “someone else” is not in court, has not been arrested, not even properly investigated.

    You can get away with murder if you are powerful enough.

    So sad for my country after 50 years.

  115. whispering9 says:

    Rakyat are not stupid. Just that you would not like what a social behavioral scientist might say. In a mild term, it is a lackluster attitude towards morality and what right or wrong. An apologist will probably conclude it as an infantile behavior of a young nation, who like a child, still grappling with the issues of what is left or right relying mostly on instinct.

  116. whattodo says:

    the only thing this trial proved is that you can get away with anything if you have the right ‘connection.
    bagina is free… nevermind if the Malaysian ‘justice’ system is now a luaghing stock.

  117. Master-Detective says:

    “In actual fact, lets conclude that most of the rakyat are stupid, otherwise how come the country is ruled by the stupid people. ” – Azmin


    I concur. Only since the recent March election, there are many in the States I have met admitted of being “woken up” to the effect of voting for strong opposition political parties.

    By that, like many 1st world democracies, they will not be manipulated by the commanding government’s bluffs that apart from shelter, food, medication, we, the “rakyat” was duly taken care of our well-beings and we should be thanking the Government and voted for them to ensure continual “blessings” from the BN Government.

    Aren’t that the responsibility of any Government in the world to ensure us all these basic Human-Rights?

    Consider this scenario : Once, a politician was asked that during Mahathir Mohamad’s tenure as PM, he had successfully transformed Malaysia from an agricultural backwater to a developing country negating Mahathir’s years of autocratic rule among other misdeeds to which the politician answered “If Lee Kuan Yew was the PM of Malaysia, we (malaysia) would have been a 1st world country.”

    *Me. from the sleuth fraternity smells that Susan Loone is not quite happy
    with the political situation in Boleland. can I give you a neck massage with olive oil?

  118. Buthrift says:

    Why don’t you just reflect on your soul, do some repenting then find in your guts enough strength to admit that you did it. After all, do you intend to do your eternity here in this dying world?

  119. Harry Sandhu says:

    Don’t leave everything to God ! For HIS sake come out all of you who have even the tiniest shred of evidence to screw the real murderer. Don’t wait for tomorrow – it might be too late.

  120. Najib says:

    Malaysia Boleh !!! 😉

  121. bunx2 says:

    One has to sit in any court and hear the judges’ verdicts. They can utter strange mumbo-jumbo or some gobbledygook to back their decisions.

    Isn’t it a norm that all cases begin with the examination-in-chief, then comes the cross examination followed by the defence case (if the accused is called to make his defence).

  122. bunx2 says:

    Boleh ! Boleh !

  123. HRHR says:

    nice nice article . boleh !

  124. rubberman says:

    What`s the surprise?
    He got UMNO slaughtered in the GE and has now swept the party polls also.

  125. Bravoeaglehotel says:

    I voted correctly GE 12,did you ?
    After this verdict you sure C4 is so easily available to 2 unknown to blow up a Mongol?
    Still wannna vote wrongly .. god bless Malaysia !
    Wowww …. just cant wait for a snap 13th GE !

  126. Joseph Lim Jin Seng says:

    I will wait to see God’s action on the cruelty of Altantuya killing. God is alive, I believe the longer the case drag more stronger punishment it will be for the killers.

    Malaysian need not worry, Altantuya father need faith and strong prayers shouting to the LORD for JUSTICE.

    He need to shout LOUD to the lord that open the red sea, and may the red sea open again as the lord is alive.

  127. Joseph Lim Jin Seng says:




    BUT…………. sleeeplesss night !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    May god forgive you the Killer! or the Killers’

    HA HA HA!

  128. Joseph Lim Jin Seng says:

    Those man who already married and still womenising esspecially with other people’s wife – God forgive him

    The punishment is real painfull.

    Wake up the Altantuya’s Killer!

  129. Joseph Lim Jin Seng says:

    Malaysia today is weak and going weaker !

    Pray hard for the right leader to have wisdom to turnaround fast.

    I don’t care who lead this country, I want improvement

    God , please save MALAYSIA , Oh lord please!!!

    What is happening? The “DACING” is outdated , today people use digital weighing scale.

    The DAP – always know how to complain only! Never be thankfull

    The PKR- always over promised, failure observed.

    The PAS- or The Grasshopper follow the wind!!!!

    Malaysia is in deep shit!!! if these group of people do not have new wisdom !!!!

  130. Joseph Lim Jin Seng says:

    God Bless Malaysia !!!

    May all Malaysian Politician Wake UP!!!!!!

  131. Joseph Lim Jin Seng says:

    Any politician here want to debate?

  132. Joseph Lim Jin Seng says:

    Look like me sounds like me, but it is not me, famous phrase for Malaysian Politician

  133. Joseph Lim Jin Seng says:

    Malaysian Politician Best Strength is “TIPU”

    Malaysian Politician weaknesses is “Saying The Truth”

    Malaysian Opportunity- Cannot see At ALL- Only Road to darkness.

    Malaysian Threat- Waiting for God’s Punishment!!!!

    Wait and see lor!

  134. Bujang says:

    After somebody ruled 22 yrs with cheats and lies and money, the system is so ingrained with such values, do we still expect anything else to happen?
    I just wonder what about the new PM, how could he represent us in the world stage when the whole face is so tainted?
    Many in the site cry for justice and invoke God. Come on, if you don’t do something, nobdy will. There is a limit in divinity too.
    You need an Aquino to fight it out and lead the country to sunshine. God is spiritual; your need is phsycal.

  135. ANg Kong says:

    let me have the 2 mata-mata for a couple of hours, I guarantee a confesssion from one of them!

  136. […] If Razak didn’t order the killing, who did? Pix: Altantuya’s bones. From the Asia Sentinel: If Abdul Razak Baginda didn’t order two elite cops to kill a […] […]

  137. ah long says:

    ANg Kong

    What will you do with the two mata mata??

    You can take care of the male one while I rape the female one ok?

    Maybe you can help me to hold her down. This is better than send them to jail. At least somebody can benefit from it and give them a chance to repay their debt to society.

  138. khfdews says:

    ANg Kong

    A couple of hours? So long one ah? Hand them to me and I’ll extract a confession from them in 10 minutes flat

  139. kittykat46 says:

    Its somebody with the name “Razak”. Just not sure the exact individual…..

  140. Anonymous says:

    The Killer is out there submitting to their accountability conscious and guilt. There is a group of killers and a chain and linkage of corruption that ignite the threat of Altantuya to what extend the stack is too big to be involve that her own worth of life.

    Since this ignition is about million of million USD dollars involvement, what take a certain quarter to cover up to extend jail term? If the job takes us a few years to be in prison and come out to be a millionaire or more the prize of compensation is far more motivating?

    In the cell, you were being feed in captivity without doing any heavy work. Just depriving of our extend of freedom of the social norm and societal stimulus. But one depravity cannot be subject opt breath, enjoyment of sleep and relaxing in the mere cubicle of the prison cell.

    We believe many people were being involve and Altantuya may have the connection to expose them and because of personal feeling, temptation of gain and love. This have further complicate the situation. Definitely the conclusion there is many involvement and killers. Right from the seller himself to the buyer and goes even to the networking of a series of negotiators and higher level personnel both end of the success of the submarine purchase.

    So the killers is out there, indirect those that involve in the success of the deal have to certain intend do involve in the murder of Altantuya treat of exposure.

    The conclusion justice is prevented because many high end elite of government may involve in the series of deal and purchase.

    Think about it!

  141. mesoso says:

    why we even bother to follow this case is anyone’s guess. everybody knows the outcome already, as all outcomes (has any case been unexpected??)..everything is so so predictable. it is only whether we choose to live in such an environment or we leave for other places that might us a sense of justice and fair play. i am leaving..

  142. mesoso says:


    why we even bother to follow this case is anyone’s guess? everybody knows the outcome already, as all outcomes (has any case been unexpected??)..everything is so so predictable. it is only whether we choose to live in such an environment or we leave for other places that might give us a sense of justice and fair play. i am leaving…good luck malaysians..

  143. Ctizen Me says:

    The building of the Great Wall of Malaysia has begun. Never forget that it was the Mongolians who force the China to build the Great Wall of China.

  144. Dunnoalso says:

    Susan, where are u? I am worried that you are taken away an c-4ed.

  145. wizard says:

    Joseph Lim Jin Seng Says:

    November 3, 2008 at 10:33 pm
    I will wait to see God’s action on the cruelty of Altantuya killing. God is alive, I believe the longer the case drag more stronger punishment it will be for the killers.

    Where got???
    If there’s god, Mahathir won’t be back from the dead.
    We hope on god too much because we can’t do a thing or two.

  146. Joseph Lim Jin Seng says:

    Najib as Finance Minister and Prime Minister Of malaysia.

    The question is whether he knows how to manage and what experience he has to be there.

    This government is hopeless and no chance for recovering.

    I suggest if have children sent them overseas and ask them not to come back.

    For those who has relatives in Australia, can go there and ask for PR.
    you know what , when you retire in Australia, the government of Australia will give pocket money which is more than enough to live and eat and still go for tour but if stay in Malaysia, you will have to work for survival even though you have retired. EPF money is gone after hearing Najib 2009 budget.

    Any supporter!

  147. Joseph Lim Jin Seng says:

    First is Bodohwi that brings the entire country sinking and that is why UMNO and BN in deep deep shit!

    Now came the real SHIT- NAJIS- SUrely full of SHIT

  148. Wizard says:

    The world have changed its course.
    Changing times are coming ahead drastically and Malaysia is going back into darker age.
    Consult some genuine and famous master and you’ll know.
    Be prepared for the worst time ahead, physically and mentally.
    Migrate if there’s oppurtunity!

  149. pohyee says:

    Bala went hiding already proved that eitheir he is the killer or some body has paid him and he ordered some one to kill lah… 100% this some one who ordered Bala to kill doesn’t want Dollah to step down!!! Who doesn’t want Dollah to step down and I am sure Bodohlah… pun tau the answer, right???

    Please don’t anggap Malaysians are BODOH LAH………………..

  150. ktteokt says:

    Joseph Lim, don’t you know we have MULTI PURPOSE MINISTERS in Malaysia? They can simply fit into any portfolio and with constant resuffling of the Cabinet, they have become “professional” Menteri Serbaguna.

    So it will not be surprise that we will one day have the following:
    A Minister of Defence who does not know anything about ammunition (except C4)
    A Minister of Finance who does not know accounts (or for that matter, count)
    A Minister of Health who knows nuts about health and hygiene (as proven by the famous CSL)
    A Minister of Transport who does not know how to drive
    A Minister of Labour who does not know the demand and supply of manpower.

    And all these can only happen in one place in the world – Malaysia the BOLEHLAND

  151. Joseph Lim Jin Seng says:

    ktteokt Says:

    November 5, 2008 at 7:09 pm

    What Ktteokt said is definitely true. I totally agree.

    The management philosophy of Malaysian Ministers are not from the Harvard University but they learn it from University of “LUCIFER” and that is why they do not need to learn the word ” HOW TO” but instead they practice ” U all Listen and I Tell You, and if you don’t listen, I Lock you up in ISA”


  152. FREEUS says:

    Won’t be surprised the case will end like this -two policemen will be found guilty and send to the gallow. During the time of hanging, two dummmies will be produced and later buried by the their families. With new identities, the two guys will be bathing under the sun somewhere in the carribean islands and they introduced themselves as Starsky and Hutch with cigars and US dollars in their hands. The real killer believes everybody in Malaysia lives happily ever after.

  153. Joseph Lim Jin Seng says:

    The Boleh Land , Macam Macam Boleh!!!

    The Boleh Nasional not Barisan nasional

  154. Joseph Lim Jin Seng says:

    Kita boleh Bunuh dan masih Jadi Menteri dalam kabinet.

    Siapa kata tak boleh, saya tangkap dan masukan dia dalam ISA.

  155. Soothsayer says:

    Surely, everyone in the world already knew who the murderer is while the trial was in progress. The country and the court proceeding wasted lots of taxpayers money without an ounce of conscience. It doesn,t take a simple man in the street to figure out the whole thing but our country simply chose the path of denial. Just across our country, our neighbours up north and south is laughing their teeth off over such issue.

  156. MoonMan007 says:

    We call you Susan, but the west will address you by “Ms Loone” and similarly Mr Bush, Mr Obama or Mr Badawi. When Altantuya said she wanted to see Mr Razak, does she meant Encik Abdul Razak or Mr Baginda? Will the real Mr Razak please raise your hand?

  157. ktteokt says:

    There is definitely a difference between resting in “peace” and resting in “pieces”!

  158. Azmin says:

    Baginda Razak claimed that he didn’t have a relationship with Altantuya??? Hello, did I read or hear wrongly???

  159. kittykat46 says:

    Razak Baginda is innocent.
    Najib Razak is innocent.

    The two UTK bodyguards acted on their own. Nobody, repeat, nobody else gave them any instructions.

    Poor Altantuya…no hope for justice in this country

  160. wits0 says:

    Look how even the Gulf News titled it, “Ex-aide seeks to exonerate Malaysia deputy premier’s name”.

    Meaning it ain’t buying the tale.

  161. burit berintik says:

    I believe in myself Najis and Rosmah the one that order the killing of Altantuya. Let send them to Hell . I really dont like both of them. For me they are worst then animals. Why god create them to be a human being? Anyhow the punishment is still waiting for them in akhirat later.

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