The Johor royal household is in the news again. And this time, it involves another household in “Malaysian princes comes to blows”.

Once in awhile, the royalties do attract controversy, as if we do not have enough of it already by our present lot of politicians.

It would be good to revisit the story of the prince, the lady and the policeman (part 1), (part 2) and (part 3)

The father of the woman had spoken up too, saying she was “threatened”.

Kit Siang has things to say about it in his blog “no police station willing to accept report“.

Weird that the newspaper report on the Johor royalty in The STAR, malay section is now NOT available.

Should royalties be beyond persecution?


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  1. Jed Yoong says:

    haiyah, a bunch of women bullies…..

  2. Menyalak-er says:

    Should ‘royals’ be beyond perssecution? Nope, not what the law says. But then is the “Law” functional? Luckily its a fracas between ‘royals’ – imagine if its was between a ‘royal’ and a pleb – mampus, the latter… as had happened repeatedly in the past.
    At the end of the day, everything covered up and the rakyat none the wiser.
    Must admit, this was one of mamakutty’s better ideas, abt. removing ‘immunity’ of crimnal actions from the royals.
    Why is the N.S. royalty in the news so often nowadays, mostly for wrong reasons?

  3. it should be prosecution, persecution is too harsh….

  4. maw says:

    noone is above god should also be translated into noone is above is sad to see that appointments of officers by the royal’s pen blows away fair and equal justice for all.if ordinary citizens were to seek a fair hearing against a vip/vvip will cj of the court be free from influences of the most cases the complainant would be history.the proceedings of the latest case altantuya is a classical case of one too many controvercies.perhaps a royal touch may save the”blows and the brickbats of all kinds” and god’s willing.

  5. abROcadabRO says:

    AbROcadabRO wonders why these royalties don’t know how to behave. They always demand to be respected and accorded special treatment, but time and again, they fail to behave in such a manner to earn that respect. If they want to be treated accordingly, they have to behave as one.

    There have been many many cases where their conducts ultmately erode the trust and respect the rakyat have for them.

    Many years back, they evaded tax by speeding off in a Lamborghini. They bashed people up. They took a loan but didn’t want to pay back.

    No one would fault Tun Mahathir for taking away their immunity. Had they behaved accordingly, Tun wouldn’t have done that.

  6. amoker says:

    Let them fight. They have enough money from out tax to drink, womanize, marry many times, buy cars and luxury houses that nothing excites them anymore. SO, what is wrong with fighting between royals? They ask rakyat to behave or face the consequences. Now?

  7. Diva Chin says:

    With so much excess baggage …. the leaking ship Bunga Raya manned by pirates and robbers will sink anyway…sooner then later!

  8. bigbadwoof says:

    I am a newbie to this blog but when I heard snippets of this fracas and car chase on the radio. I innocently expected to read in print or hear in the tube, I finally track it down on sloone, thanks for exposing them. Wonder what else do they do besides giving out dubious titles.

  9. pasbusuk says:

    Relaks brudders all – it`s the social contract

  10. robin hood says:

    Zimbabwe boleh!!!

    Err… Bodohland boleh!!!

    Ooops… Bolehland bodoh!!!

    That’s right folks, take your pick. Everything goes ’round here.

  11. danet7882 says:

    a bunch of parasite.. sigh

  12. aka 3 says:

    They must be very happy and enjoy their life just because they’re from royal family. They spend our hard earn money thru tax contribution. Why don’t this kind of parasite think about the way stand by their own and go out to work rather than use their special title and treatment and take for granted. Help the poor and do something is more meaningful to other please…

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