THIS is a travel advice from a caring Malaysian woman. Love Malaysian men at your own peril, especially those who are well connected to political higher-ups, and especially if the connection is someone who will be prime minister. No prizes for guessing who it is.

BEWARE. It is easy for Malaysian men of this sort to be in possession of plastic explosives. They do not even need to be instructed to use it.

For all those contemplating love or marriage to Malaysian men, my heart goes out to you.

DISCLAIMER: Sorry to those Malaysian men who are not in this category but get swept with the same broom as well. Any of you, if highly connected, would have the same opportunity or potential for such gross misconduct, no?

We are just promoting caution. Better be cautious than blown to bits.

Some history inside (thanks to Malaysian Insider):


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  1. PureMalaysian says:

    There are two kinds of judge –
    1. One is the HUMAN judge – who can be cunning and manipulative

    2. Dont’t forget the other ultimate judge – GOD.

  2. koolgeek says:

    RPK claimed that a highly connected WOMAN was watching the lady blown to pieces.

  3. Douglas Moore says:

    Good advice Ms. loone. I am an American and have no political connections.

  4. pasbusuk says:

    Since the umno man became chief justice, there is a series of rulings in favor of BN gormen. (bukit pelandok, altantunya, munawar anees).
    Only ones left at the moment is to transfer anwar case to high court and find RPK guilty. Then Najib is safe.

  5. prof JOHN B says:

    Why are you upset by the verdict? All reasonable Malaysian minds must except this verdict without any reasonable doubt. If it stii poses some doubts get Inspector Closseau or PINK PANTHER of the French. No need to approach Sarkozy. Bruni might get mad!! On second thoughts, we can get the ACA or Azmi Khalid of PAC to investigate the judiciary of any misappropriated accounts of the verdict. If that doesn’t sufice then we should ask AAB as being the Defence Minister to investigate if C4s are sold in Mamak shops and Kopitiams in Malaysia. ok lah I TIAM TIAM MA.

    Dear JOHN

  6. marbl3s says:

    I believe that this advice ought to be general rather than just gender basis. Women do have the capability as well to resort to such gruesome act. Not only men. 🙂

    It is not really that easy to obtain high powered artillery as mentioned. Normal civilians to will not be in possession of such items. They wouldn’t even know where to get them.

    I understand your frustration but i just believe advice should be put in a better way.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Captain speaking;
    US Airways: WOMD are prohibited in the USA. Have a nice day.
    Iraq Airways: Hopefully, no missile today. Have a nice day.
    Air Koryo: South Korean will be shot at. Have a nice day.
    Malaysia Airlines: Mongolian beauties will be C4ed. Have a nice day.

  8. […] a long time for Malaysian men to redeem dignity. Susan has a message to the ladies/men out there: “Love Malaysian Men At Your Own Peril” posted under […]

  9. CJFOO says:

    Razak was acquitted and the two officers were asked to enter their defences. Very curious over what and how they are going to say in their defences?

    Anyway, Razak’s acquittal is expected and dont be surprised that the same acquittal will be given to the two jokers at the end of their trial.

    Sandiwara all along !

  10. Kherry Scarry says:

    By the way, also please beware of these bombs in Malaysia:

    1) C4 – bombed you to pieces

    2) Auto Teller Machine Bomb

    3) Self made Meriam Buluh (bamboo canon)

    4) Fish Bomb

  11. fairyfloss says:

    I am a foreigner married to a Malaysian man. I’m lucky my husband is not a high-flying Malaysian guy. He’s just an ordinary man. I wish we didn’t have to leave my own country (where we met) but I guess Malaysian men do have a way with foreign women and sometimes it’s too late to turn back. Love makes you do funny, illogical things.
    Being in Malaysia only makes me appreciate the liberties back home even more.

  12. With the verdict at the court (30th Oct) today
    The deceased had indeed a very high cost to pay
    It’s not just to have the case to really delay
    But for those involved to partake in more replay

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 311008
    Fri. 31st Oct. 2008.

  13. . says:

    In a strange way, this makes Malaysian Men kinda macho … hehe …

    Now we are known, all over the world, as belong to those breed – which includes James 007 Bond, – of man who can kill people without having to suffer any punishment at all.


  14. wandererAUS says:

    Come to the last frontier (South) we are nice gentleman. We only stuff you with Aussie pies!
    C4?… never heard of.

  15. Dear Editor,

    Why bring “MEN” into the equation? Infact why should you even bring “Malaysia Men” into the equation? As far as I can recall, the Honourable RPK did mentioned in his article that there was a HIGHLY CONNNECTED VIP WOMAN whom was watching the mongolian lady being blown to pieces. Whether it’s the TRUTH or OTHERWISE Only TIME will TELL and GOD of course knows EVERYTHING.

    It was never about Men or Women but HUMAN NATURE.

    And how can you tell whatever evil deeds/desire a Man is capable of, and woman is not capable of? As far as I can recall it was “Eve” who brought the “fruit of knowledge of good and evil to “Adam”…..

    And how can you tell or justify that there are none/no good people that holds high positions in the community? Are you so sure about that or you simply believe in that? Or you simply believe that ALL HAVE NO INTEGRITY? and if so HAVE YOU ACTUALLY INTERACTED WITH EACH INDIVIDUAL?

    Too Many Assumptions can be dangerous……..

    And your FAMOUS QUOTE ““may the truth save us all”, does it really reflect on what you say? Or if you are really seeking JUSTICE and FREEDOM, is this the way to do it by putting “Love Malaysian men at your own peril!”.

    Or perhaps you have tasted and interacted EVERY INDIVIDUAL MAN in Malaysia?

    I wrote this, just to have a Check & Balance.

  16. Maiauthom says:

    Love is blind and the more you are in love the more blind you have become.
    But, after you are married and settle,somehow the blindness just went off.Nevertheless, no two perfect people in this world. It is in our inperfectfulness (is there a word) we will able to find the element of forgive, true love and alots of qualities in our partner’s lives.

  17. pasbusuk says:

    “I wrote this, just to have a Check & Balance.”

    You dont get my check and I dont want your balance.

  18. haley says:

    i think its really mean to generalise like that.

    (btw i m a malaysian woman. and i married a foreigner..) i wud hv married a malaysian man if fate had its way, but it was not to be.

    anyway, as i was saying it’s really mean to generalise … my brother is malaysian man, my dad is a malaysian man… and i know a lot of other decent malaysian men as well.

  19. Anton says:

    Haha….good article. Malaysian women could be just as bad, if not worse. Afetr all, the powderful gal may hv instigated “the Man” to purchase the plastics instead of the usual “rubber”.

    Not all Malaysian men are bad ler. TRY ME!

  20. NoYawns says:

    This is to the family of Dr Setev – I’m so sorry that the Un-Justice system here is such crap – the killers should be brought to justice – no matter what VVIP they are!

  21. Tun Perak says:

    TODAY is a sad day in Malaysian history, yes folks there is no more justice in our beloved land, OUR JUDICARY JUST DIED, IT WAS THE FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN WITH THE AQUITTAL OF RAZAK BAGINDA. Ther is no more justice in Malaysia because with this aquittal we have been pre warned by RPK WITH HIS EXPOSE’s. if you are rich and connected to the ruling party, you are immune from any prosecution, there will be a show case trial, but in the end there will be no case for you to answer. WHAT DOES THAT SAY TO YOU, YES FOLKS, WE CAN KILL PEOPLE AND GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING, wasn’t there a cerpen instigating this, the assasination of YB JOSEPHINE, or in actual fact a instigated threat and a ‘ go ahead and do it’, article saying kill your political opponent, it is okay, we will take care of you, maybe not in so many words, but we know the beat about the bush language used here. DO WE AS MALAYSIANS LIE BACK AND DIE, DO WE LET THIS CONTINUE?, I THINK THE TIME HAS COME TO DECIDE WHETHER WE WANT MALAYSIA TO PROGRESS TO BECOME A FIRST WORLD NATION OR A DICK-TATOR REGIME. THE TIME IS VERY SHORT TO THE NEXT ELECTIONS, we have to go out and convert those hard-core bn supporters to the opposition side, Yes folks, MARCH 08 2008 , was the start, the battle just began, we have to take care of this country of ours, we are MALAYSIANS, IRRESPECTIVE OF RACE, WE ARE MALAYSIANS FIRST, I don’t care what the govt calls me, but I embrace my fellow Malaysians, in saying we have to topple the bn govt through the ballot boxes, call your friends, call your relatives, convert them, the time is now, come 4 years time if dsai and the PAKATAN, cannot change the govt, lets do it the proper way, our future generations are going to ask us this question, why were you cowards, why did you not make an effort to stop the rot through the ballot box when you had the chance, before we become another ZIMBAHWE? WHAT DO WE SAY TO THEM THAN?
    Before the govt was very subtle in their cover-ups, now they don’t even bother. look at the eurocopter scandal, all stupid excuses, eventhough they have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar, they are still denying and giveing lame excuses. They are getting caught in their own lies with contridictory answers at the actual cost of the helicopters. this goes to show how and what callibre clowns we have in positions of power.

  22. rubberman says:

    “…… my brother is malaysian man, my dad is a malaysian man… and i know a lot of other decent malaysian men as well.”

    Ling Liong Sik also thinks he is decent like Soi Lek (plenty energy) but dunno why the mca women angry with them and making noise.

  23. tamade says:

    Ha, ha. Timely reminder before these pretty girls and women are being C4ed
    Anyway, this junior helicopter justice man has clearly shown to the world that he, indeed has the connection with the most controversial future VVIP and everyone knows very well who he is working for.

    The SMS carried truth, indeed.

    Too bad. More bad seeds planted means more bad karma for Bolehland and of course more catastrophes and calamities for the present and the next generations. This is the Law of the Universe.

    Bolehlanders, take good care of yourself.

  24. rider says:

    Yes, the highly connected men and women, connected to the dustbin, come 2013 we will throw the dustbins out, until then we have to tolerate the stench from these maggots!

  25. oblada says:

    You are damn right man our dearest Sloone. This Mongolian girl didn’t get the message, else she won’t get involved with apa nama itu Mongolia-c4 akan-datang pm.

    Looking at this pj traitor, who would believe he could do such a thing after all the championing of all the human rights in Bolehland and has the cheek to continue his pernicious scheme.

    Ok! Our dearest sloone, has a nice hiatus, you need a good rest after all the hard work and cuckoo events happening in Bolehland.

  26. reshmann says:

    Susan,this title ‘Love Malaysian men at your own peril’ sounds very generalized. Indeed its not all Malaysian men who are connected to VIPs or even VVIPs are evil.I am a anak bangsa Malaysia always ,though now I am a domicile of a western land,but I and my friend who was a VIP once never looked down on Malaysian women.We simply love Malaysian women,including those who are from Sabah and Sarawak.Though you have apologized to those Malaysian men who are not in this category,but I feel on the whole your posting here sounds very biased towards Malaysian men.Rectify it my dear.TQ

  27. Jong says:

    I agree 100% with Tun Perak. Enough is enough! We must reject this bunch of corrupted buggers before they turn this country into another Zimbabwe!

  28. Scorpion says:

    Now Genghis Khan is already mad!

  29. storm62 says:

    legalise prostitiution for all Politicians and policemen then we will not have to go thru all this and spend our precious time to built the Nation.

    i bet there are a lot more girls and women out there being used or forced to give in to these people and are afraid to lodge any reports against them.

  30. pissed says:

    Bring in Bala and RPK to testify all and I mean all.

  31. REALITY says:

    It’s a sad reality the existing problem of murdering casanovas preying on unsuspecting mates all over the world. Plzzzzz not just Malaysia.!!!!

  32. Jong says:

    Sure Private Investigator Bala’s still alive and not C4ed ? Those bastards are brutal when there’s threat to their political position. See what happened to Altantuya who came for the money due … and paid dearly with her life.

  33. ventura says:

    So the end of the story goes Razak Baginda was acquitted. The police personnel that set up the C4 blasting materials did it out of what reason if one may ask? They too goes to jail for that reason of bursting the poor Altantuya to bits. On what ground and reason? I am sure that the court will find that motive is not substantial and the Police personnel were under stress to ignite the explosion.

    YES, I must say that they are under pressure to compliant to their higher abusive authority and order. The Police personnel goes to jail for a non reason. Razak Baginda was out for no reason of murdering Altantuya. Rosmah was tip out as political amnesty in it connection. And Najib was promoted as the top head guy in the administration. This is all out of the mind of the average political scenario in any country abetting to the West not the East. Just madness, pure madness to have this conclusion to the very mandate of the Altantuya case in result.

    So if you people must protest then do it in the proper configuration of the political right and legislation. Either we have a political influence to control the vote to our end or spread the adversity of the campaign of the misrepresentative and dilution of going to be appointment of the take over as PM in March 2009. How about placing our hope on the Pakatan Rakyat Party? But the question must ask they have been quite a while quiet in their intention of taking over the Malaysia administration and rule. What are they doing at this time?

    The other resolution is to pray that God above will definitely judge the god that is on earth on their righteousness and deed that they have generated. Which I believe in the end the good will prevail against the evil in nature. As many nature most of the time many downfall of a man is the woman itself. Anyway it is all stated in the Garden Eden where Eve give the apple to Adam to participate in the dreadful sin of mankind.

    The man did not know how to play it roles and cannot resist the temptation of the woman in it very similar. As the glory of woman in of man. It takes both sides to rumble! And fell!

    May God have mercy on us…?

  34. Payback Time says:

    I agree for the first time RB could not have ordered Altantuya to be C4..after all its proven that our Razak brothers are lovers of beautiful women..but she came to our bolihland because of him..right? It was because of his folishess and arrogance Altantuya was destroyed. Its was the jealousy of one soon to be wicked first lady..our champion BIG FAT MAMA

  35. setia says:

    As someone living thousands of miles fr malaysia I feel so sad for the family of Altantuya.
    Looks like the Guy Razak has very very strong connections RIGHT to the very TOP. A Chief Justice fr the ruling party making/influencing decisions
    to free Murderer/Murder Suspect,Crooks & Corrupt V. V. I. P whilst jailing
    Good Men is destroying whatever faith /hope Malaysians have on the justice Sytem………..truly a very sad & sorry state in Malaysia !!

  36. it’s unfair to assume rb as the mastermind behind this. remember lky in maria hertogh case, the judge knew the accused are guilty, but in the eyes of jury (public), they’re innocent. in this case, don’t blame the judge, he’s fair in announcing the verdict. if to blame, blame it at the lousy prosecutions.

    by acquiting rb, the case is not over yet, the real killer is still lurking free, you know what i mean…..

  37. caravanserai says:

    Now who ordered the killing?
    The void in the trial………….
    Leaving the death as it is
    Let the laws play its game

    The high stake of political life
    The ways and dark alleys decide
    Playing by the books bring it no where
    Go by the crooks blackmailing arise

    The day of justice
    It seems so far behind
    Going for truth
    It isn’t the way
    It has to spices up
    Just to say how good the mind play

    In the end the ring breaks
    The chosen one runs away
    Leaving the rest to hold it together
    Will justice rule fairly?

    I guess I will not know
    The intricacy of many dishes
    On my table I taste it all
    In the end I have nothing to tell

    The satisfaction done
    The pieces of bones in my eyes
    Now I have to sleep
    Of tomorrow another day

  38. Joshua says:

    a few of my woman friends said she deserved it or asked for it. of course, i disagreed with them… 😉

    why? for one simple reason – no one deserves to die.

  39. Umno man says:

    To our CJ, I am really proud of you. To Bar council chairwoman, no need to bodek our cj, go pack you stuffs and join Umno!

  40. Umno man says:

    Umno cj for Umno. Long live Umno cj!

    Umnoman for pm, umno man for legislation and umno for CJ.

    No umno, no umno bolehland.

    Mca and Mic can balik China and India.

  41. ISA SUPPORTER says:

    I strongly suspect CIAs involved to cause confusion and havoc in Malaysia like they do so often in other countries !!!

  42. ANGRY DAYAK says:

    We hate people who is racist. Umno man are you a racist .. This is the reason why we the Dayaks people cut the heads and chase the the Brunei people out of Sarawak !! Is UMNO trying to bully the minority including the Dayaks just like the Sultan of Brunei in the past?? Mark my word, all UMNO supporters. Not even ISA and United Nation can help you(UMNO) if you try to bully us again, MARK MY WORD ARROGANT AND RACIST UMNO SUPPORTERS, MARK MY WORD !!!

  43. Angry Dayak Supporter says:

    UMNO is racist. No question about that. It would be very nice indeed if the people can just forget about being tolerant of all this shit that we had witnessed in recent history and rid the land of the UMNO scum. It would be refreshing to see all these assholes decapitated. Its a waste of time to be patient and civilized with this bunch of monkeys. Do it the Dayak way, I support you.

  44. HRHR says:

    I love malaysia ! Boleh

  45. Ahmad says:

    I hate racist people but your blog is definitely BOLEH . we love malaysia.

  46. Suhialah says:

    Coolest blog ever. !

  47. Bravoeaglehotel says:

    Spotted at Chow Kit …. C4 for Sale !!
    Niamah and the zzzzz PM he wants to reform the judicialary … ooops
    I forgot he is used to flip flop !!
    What is the motive and what the 2 policmen gained from C4ing her whom they hardly knew.

  48. ISA SUPPORTER says:

    With their economy suffering a massive “stroke”, their CIAs are short of funds now hahaha!!!!

  49. yaz613 says:

    I have been to Malaysia 2x….i think I need to educate women there on how to look beautiful for their Malaysian men….i will do it as soon as I get back on MALAYSIA…MY daughter will be studying there and will find a way to get in touch with the locals….lah!

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