It has come true, remember the controversial sms?

Date: 16/11/2006 10:53:50
Pls do not say anything to the press today. i will explain later. RB will have to face a tentative charge but all is not lost.

From Malaysian Insider

SHAH ALAM, Oct 31 —Political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda was today acquitted by the High Court here of abetting in the murder of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu.

Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri, 32, and Corporal Sirul Azha Umar, 37, who are members of the police Special Action Force (UTK), were, however, ordered to enter their defence to the charge of murder.

The prosecution is expected to file an appeal against Razak’s acquittal.

Altantuya was allegedly shot before her body was blown up with explosives two years ago.

Azilah and Sirul are jointly charged with murdering Altantuya, 28, at a location in Mukim Bukit Raja, Selangor between 10am on Oct 19, 2006 and 1am the following day.

Razak, 47, was charged with abetting them. He is a close associate of Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, and was known to have worked on government weapons procurement projects while Najib was Defence Minister.

The prosecution closed its case against the trio on June 23 after 151 days of testimony from 84 witnesses.

Please see Anil Netto’s blog: Stev Shariibuu speechless.

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  1. ah long says:

    Brilliant. One off the hook, two more to go.

    All it means is the other two will now have to enter a defense. They may still be acquitted and released at a later date.

    Baginda, what did that other fellow tell you? “Stay cool, all is not losted.” So, his words have come true. Very powerful fella.

    So, you will go back to work and try to revive the Eurocopter deal? This time just don’t hire any Mongolian translators, ok?
    Just stick to the dumb blondes in Europe.

    I reckon the trial will continue for the other two stool pigeons for a long time and then they will also be finally release when the public’s memory start to fade.

  2. amoker says:

    Like what i said, there should be no case if Razak is acquited. What is the motive of Azhar and Sirul then? The court ruling did not make a make sense to me.

    The sms exchange between Najib is proven true. Razak will walk free.

  3. malaysia born says:

    What a farce!

    Might demolish all the courts and retire off all the judges in the country!

    Moral of the story: Know a VVIP before you start blowing off others!

  4. Anonymous says:

    So Azilah and Sirul one day just decided, and acted on their own, to get some explosives, which they don’t have the authority to get in the first place, and blow up this Mongolian girl they don’t even know.

    Yup, that is the truth. Welcome to “boleh-land”, where with power and money, anything “boleh”.

  5. Jed Yoong says:

    all that you’ve done….
    and anwar….
    wat does this mean?

  6. Sabran Hindi says:

    Yes amoker …. I couldn’t agree with you more 🙂

  7. PureMalaysian says:

    This means that Anwar will go to jail soon.

  8. Kherry Scarry says:

    Aargh….!!!! Acquited………nonsence !!! Stupid…….

    Yeah…enter into defence for the two cops, if found guilty……probably they will be free man in months to come and walking freely in the street with changed identity……can you recognise them ??

  9. wits0 says:

    IOW, you can entice someone to be at your home and then arrange for her murder because you CLAIM you dunno anything and be found guiltless.

  10. SameSame says:

    Well well, he walks free. He was anyway working on someone else’s lover yes? So Razak… free man. What does that tell you? If you are someone (some ministers’ Best friend, aide) you walk free even if you do anything criminal. YEAHHHHHH DI MALAYSIA SEMUA PUN BOLEH!!!

    Aiya why we have courts? Why waste people’s time and money and rakyat fund for these scumbags? Anyhow the other two ninjas we dont know their faces and they may have walked out free even b4 the trial started.

    Bloody JOKE!!!!!

  11. bombalim says:

    Once again, bravo for the mighty najis! What a xxx future this boleh-land has?!!

  12. Ijah Lonjan says:

    The guy who knows and having affair with da girl gets free. But the two koyotz who has nothing to do with her are charged.

    If that’s logic, then I’m Nicole Kidman…

  13. kittykat46 says:

    So Razak Baginda is innocent. Which still leaves the question.
    Who gave the instruction ? Who gave the order to Drop The Bomb ?

    Azilah and Sirul had no previous connection with Altantuya. Whatever they did was either per instruction or per payment.


    The judge has ruled its not Razak Baginda. Then WHO ?

  14. verine says:

    Is anyone surprised? I am not but i cant believe that Malaysian judicial system can be such a joke… May their sins be punished. Repent!

  15. daryl says:

    Justice is blind so is our Malaysian judeges. They are deaf and dumb too… GO MALAYSIA WE BOLEH make Malaysian look stupid all over the world.

  16. Budak Cina says:

    This verdit has long been expected. Only the naive expect another verdit out of the kangaroo court.

  17. Mas says:

    Well, let’s get this kind of nonsences away by the next GE, unless sky change really comes..

  18. lulu says:

    Law of Jungle in Malaysia….

  19. LeeZ says:

    And they claim that DSAI will/can get a fair trial??? OH MY???!!!!

  20. Menyalak-er says:

    Hi Susan, that’s why they tie a ‘rag’ over Lady Justice’s eyes!
    No objection’s from DPP? No counter appeal? No wonder today’s page is getting darker.
    This acquital ain’t about to anything politically, as Mas says.

  21. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    So long as Bakinda did not plant the bomb he is ok!

    He can plot, scheme and pay the killers.. it is not a crime!

    Malaysia Boleh. Najis boleh

  22. freewave says:

    Don’t be surprised the other two will walk free as well. They will then file this under the X department with a special note: mysterious murder, no humans involve.

  23. The Penquin says:

    I am not shocked that he is acquitted…it is expected. I was hoping for the unexpected.

  24. wishuponastar says:

    Anonymous Says:
    October 31, 2008 at 9:52 am

    So Azilah and Sirul one day just decided, and acted on their own, to get some explosives, which they don’t have the authority to get in the first place, and blow up this Mongolian girl they don’t even know.

    Yup, that is the truth. Welcome to “boleh-land”, where with power and money, anything “boleh”.


    If RB not acquitted won’t his lawyers cite the case of a northern princess ?
    Raja Mahani was cleared of any involvement in the murder that rocked Malaysia�and which�still clouds the Perak Royal Family�who claim to be descended from Iskandar Zulkarnain or Alexander the Great.

    Why these 5 men hated the murder victim Hasleza so much?

    Five men were finally convicted of her murder in the April of 2003. Both Abdul Rahim Ismail and Raja Mahani�s nephew, Tengku Aristonsjah Tengku Mohamed were sentenced to 20 years each in prison. Mat Saad Mat Isa received 14 years for his involvement.

    .Justice in Bolehland doesn’t have to copy England.We are free from British rule so we must show the world we are different mar!

  25. Skytrain says:

    Well, the true can’t hide. Although We cannot prove it now, the one in heaven will execute his power, which is justice!! Sorry to the victim, Malaysian lets her down.

  26. Harrison says:

    I am surprised not by the verdict but the prosecution who is seeking to appeal Razak Baginda’s acquittal.

    “The prosecution is expected to file an appeal against Razak’s acquittal.”

    Appeal for what???????

    I am wondering why Karpal Singh who hold a watching brief for Altantuya’s
    family did not stand up and say to the trial Judge- “Don’t play play”.

  27. Palaniappan says:

    What do you expect from our kangaroo courts? You are above the law if you are closely associated with VVIP. Just pack and leave if we want to respect our own conscience.

  28. wits0 says:

    Yes, Harrison, “Appeal for what???????”. The whole trial was a mockery from day one. None of the necessary whys and whos were addressed as Kittykat mentioned above.

  29. Anonymous says:

    who you know in BOLEH LAND make life easler than what you know!!!

  30. Punk says:

    If he can be acquitted, we all can expect the main dude to escape as well.

  31. Menyalak-er says:

    Haha… Harrison, really they’re just play-play mah. Like ‘masak-masak’, a little bit here and a little bit there. Where’s the ‘bomb shell’ evidence – became melamine ah? Wayang Kulit this. Motto is: Catch small fry and let the sharks go ‘cos overly nutritious for our consumption.

  32. alrawa says:

    Since Malaysia is 70% covered by jungle,the law of the jungle applies.Or are Malaysians jungle people?
    Let’s sing – Malaysians jungle people, we are happy people.

  33. This is a day of mourning for the Judicial system in Malaysia and a slap on the face of Badawi for his so-called Judiciary reform.
    You think Mongolia is going to take this lying down. All the assholes better be careful of the wrath of the Mongols!!!

  34. zorop says:

    then what? you all want another political set back. let’s have peace.
    economic stability and we live harmoniously.


  35. aTeenager says:

    I am greatly disappointed. How I hope that FBI, CIA, CSI come to investigate. I strongly believe that in a day or 2, they can wrap up the case and spend 1 month in court to successfully sentence the guilty ones to life imprison.

    Anyway, how long did this court case took? 1 century??

  36. Anonymous says:

    Around all the black,black,black,black blog today are silver lining. It is actually not that black. This means that the case is not close. The real dalang will be revealed and then justice, real justice will take its course. Razak Baginda, I believe, was not the person who gave the instruction to kill Altantuya. And the 2 SB(stupid-bodoh) officers had no reason to listen to RB and had no direct motive to kill Altantuya. The AG could direct that the investigation be re-opened.

    Justice has its own time-table.

  37. As expected, wrongdoers, criminals, (chow por in Thai!) and all other nefarious characters are goons of the powerful! What can we do except wait for the next GE and yank them down. Friends, countrymen and fellow downtrodden, lend us yor votes and bring the exclusive power crumbling.. it’s just like the Roman episode, “Nero plays the fiddle while Rome burns”. Let’s do it once and for all , true justice seekers, fellow Malaysian! aFTER ALL, WHAT HAVE WE TO LOSE COMPARED TO THE 51 YEARS OF ……. GOVERNANCE?i DARE ALL OF RIGHT-MINDED MALAYSIAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS!

  38. ah2hai says:

    In that case, Anwar must well bombs his sodomy accuser and walks away free??

  39. Freak justice says:

    So sorry to’ve let you down, Mr. Sharibbu!
    Wish Genzhiz Khan was still around.

  40. 104Esat says:

    All murders are committed with a motive. What was the motive, Mr. procecutor? What was the motive so serious that it deserve such a drastic action as to blow up a body with C4? Don’t tell me it is just some love affair gone sour. You don’t nuke a person who throws stones, no?

  41. Leo says:

    Najib!!!! u have to answer to GOD the almighty. No escape in his court. Soon not long more the whole WORLD especially the MALAYSIANS & MONGOLIANS will see the punishment from GOD on you. You can’t use your $$$$$ to buy GOD.
    Razak Baginda !!!! u too. Your innner soul will not leave u in peace.

  42. Freak justice says:



    There’re so many god in this world and we really dunno which one is for real.
    If we’re to wait for your “god” to punish them for their crime, then that’s ridiculous.

  43. lhheng says:

    This is called JUSTICE. My foot. It is really bolehland.
    The two stupid idiots in the UTK are just pawns by the murderers in the higher up. A normal person will know that what motives have these two idiots have on the poor Mongolian woman to blown her to pieces. And in the first place, they dont even know her. There are thousands and thousands bums out there they can kill. Why picked on this woman? This whole episode stinks and DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE at all. The whole world will laugh at us.
    Our judiciary has gone from bad to worst. All those prosecuters and so called “highly respected” judges involved in this case shall be sacked and thrown to the dogs.
    On another note this Razak bum was acquitted. This clearly proved that our judiciary has NEVER EVER been changed as promise by our sleepy flipflop guy.
    How disgusting and shameful our country has become.

  44. Ganesan says:

    No words can describe the despair among Malaysians who cherish the rule of law. This man is accquited from murder because his close friends are powerful politicians. He can go on murdering models and still escape the gallows. I hope god judgement is different from us poor mortals.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Malaysia Boleh!

    Next: The two cops will plead guilty and ask for leniency.
    The court will sentence them to life imprisonment.
    But after 10years, they would be released for “good” behaviour.
    With millions of RM waiting them to spend; of course….

  46. lucia says:

    can shariibuu (sorry always not sure his spelling), altantuya’s dad take the case to international court? no point having the hearing in bolehland. corrupt or scary judges/lawyers all round who do not have the guts to touch VVIP!!

  47. jgry57thj says:

    “Who killed Ahtantoyol?” “I,” said the Sparrow,
    “With my bullet and C4, I killed Ahtantoyol.”
    “Who saw her die?” “I,” said the Fly,
    “With my little eye, I saw her die.”
    “Who caught her blood?” “I,” said the Fish,
    “With my little dish, I caught her blood.”
    “Who’ll make the shroud?” “I,” said the Beetle,
    “With my thread and needle, I’ll make the shroud.”
    “Who’ll dig her grave?” “I,” said the Owl,
    “With my pick and shovel, I’ll dig her grave.”
    “Who’ll be the parson?” “I,” said the Rook,
    “With my little book, I’ll be the parson.”
    “Who’ll be the clerk?” “I,” said the Lark,
    “If it’s not in the dark, I’ll be the clerk.”
    “Who’ll carry the link?” “I,” said the Linnet,
    “I’ll fetch it in a minute, I’ll carry the link.”
    “Who’ll be chief mourner?” “I,” said the Dove,
    “I mourn for my love, I’ll be chief mourner.”
    “Who’ll carry the coffin?” “I,” said the Kite,
    “If it’s not through the night, I’ll carry the coffin.”
    “Who’ll bear the pall? “We,” said the Wren,
    “Both the cock and the hen, we’ll bear the pall.”
    “Who’ll sing a psalm?” “I,” said the Thrush,
    “As she sat on a bush, I’ll sing a psalm.”
    “Who’ll toll the bell?” “I,” said the bull,
    “Because I can pull, I’ll toll the bell.”
    All the birds of the air fell a-sighing and a-sobbing,
    When they heard the bell toll for poor Ahtantoyol.

  48. Kopi Anan says:

    Can the judge be found guilty . Yes, in God’s Final Court, including
    in fact, the Prosecutors, the Witneses who lie, even family members and just about everybody all for not telling the truth and causing injustice to another human being by the name of Altantuya Shaaribu.

  49. Freak justice says:

    When trouble lies ahead, people tend to use god’s name for comfort.
    When justice could not be found, people tend to use god’s name for relieve.
    When greed for power, people tend to use god’s name to mislead.
    Why hope for god’s help when god is no where to be found.
    Better hope for something that’s more likely and that’s PKR.
    Get united and hope for the change!!!

  50. prof JOHN B says:

    I can agree with LEO’s comments. I’m not surprised by the verdict. What do you expect of the juduciary when politicians creep into it. But eventually whosoever has got his bread buttered on both sides in this conspiracy will only mess up his fingers, oh.oh !! his life I mean. Don’t think he will live in peace. The evil will haunt him until his consumed.

    JOHN B

  51. put in this scenario, A asked B to take D away. B misunderstood and killed D. Is A guilty then ?

    there’s no a single evidence that link AB to murder, and it’s no surprise AB walks free. blame it to poor prosecution then……

  52. Blogreader says:

    Hey Jed Yoong,

    Quote: **TOTAL SHOCK**
    all that you’ve done….
    and anwar….
    wat does this mean?

    You’re really such a jerk, you know? Get back to your Rocky’s Bru and exchange your stupid selfish thoughts with him! Not here, bitch!

  53. Paddy says:

    @ Ah Long
    Was the comment ‘Dumb Blonds from Europe” really necessary, think hard about it

    Its sad to see how so many people are getting away with so much, it saddens me that this country is definitely going down the drain…. Are people so morally bankrupt that they can’t take a stand and tell the truth?

  54. sklee says:

    The fact that Razak Baginda’s defence is not called is due more to the supposed incompetence of the prosecution than anything else!He knows whether he is guilty or not. Let us leave it at that.Justice will eventually prevail as the other two persons have to go on trial.All is not lost!

  55. aghorist says:

    This jokers don’t understand the consequence of their action. For each and every action, there’s equal and opposite reaction. I’m sure those involved are going to have sleepless night. The mongolian women soul won’t rest in peace until justice prevail.

  56. Laliloo says:

    Well, based on the earlier SMS exchange, everything went just according to plan. Since it was an expected court decision, nothing new here.

    Just like those leaked PMR exam questions, we already know the results way ahead.

  57. Batu Ferringhi says:

    Expected verdict. I am not disappointed, why should I? Blow the whole freakin’ country away for all I care. I am only thinking of the next election come 2012… I can wait.

  58. maw says:

    I cried hearing the news , as expected when zaki became too many injustices done with flying colours.Dsai,Rpk and the rest of isa detainees may god help them all.I wish i hug and kiss the little boys in ulambatar .

  59. maw says:

    correction “i wish i could hug and kiss the little boys in ulambatar”

  60. hasilox says:

    Should we laugh or cry?
    Can start advertising boleh service to the world already. Mari mari….boleh kangaroo court at your service. You pick your own kangaroo – big kangaroo, small kangaroo, old kangaroo also got. Satisfaction guaranteed. 50% discount for case involve mongolians.

  61. dy says:

    Scene 1

    M>A: look, things can be kautim though it looks bad on the surface.
    A>M: we will spill the beans and take everybody to hell together. how can this be happening to us while RB is free.
    M>A: there is no direct evidence linking RB to the murder. you guys should be more professional. anyway, RB didnt give the instruction, did he?
    A>M: no, but then we will be doomed and hanged while others who get the lion share of the pie gets away scot free.
    M>A: no worries. in your testimony during the trial, dont incriminate anybody. remember no names to be given. if you follow this advice, i have crafted a way for you.
    A>M:how can we know and trust you after what has happened.
    M>A: do you have any choice if you want to live like a free man again. anyway, you have seen how we have managed to get RB free based on evidence!
    A>M: ok, whats in for us?
    M>A: mid-way thru the trial, plead guilty. Counsel will plead leniency for you based on your service to the govt. we will strike a deal with prosecutor and you will get 20 years at most.
    A>M: thats to long in the dark hole and by the time i get out, i be bloody too old to enjoy anything.
    M>A: wait, let me finish. after the trial, we get some stooge to take your place. you have a plastic surgery, RM5.0 million to spend but no more contacts with your family anymore. but, no worries, your family will also be well taken of. believe me, out of the blue, they will strike a 5 million lottery. Just do as i planned for you, things wil be alright and you will be a free man soon.

    Scene 2

    A:J> your honour, i decide to plead guilty. i cant sleep at night coz she is always on my mind. thats the only way that I can be at peace with myself.
    D>J: your honour, my client has pleaded guilty and is remorseful. we ask for compassion. he has a good service record and this is his first offence. he has a family to take care too. i plead for leniency. a jail sentence will be acceptable to my client.
    P>J:No your honour, this is cold blooded murder and the sentence in accrodance with the law is death by hanging. No leniency, your honour.
    J>D: i take into consideration your guilty pleadings and this has allowed the court to save considerable time. I will pass judgement within a week from today.
    D>A: (whisper into the ears)-dont worry everything kautim already. you will be a freeman soon.

    Scene 3

    J>A: i have taken into consideration your pleadings but the law is the law. there is no alternative but for me to sentence you to death by hanging.

    A>D: what is happening, you lawyers set me up.

    J>D: court dismiss. Take this criminal away.

    Scene 4:

    D>M: whats the next step, boss

    M>D: dead man dont talk. will get him executed by next week. oops, dont ever be blinded by money. he is stupid. the lady wants money. whats the end story. now, he believes there’s 5 million for him? 500,000 is alredy too much! by the way, you better take this advice. Remember dead man dont talk. and if you talk, the same will be applied to you. enjoy your fees but take this flat fee of 50,000 as final setltlement. Agree?

    D>M: but i thought is 5 million with a passport to Zimbabwee for me to retire?

    M>D: what did i say earlier?

    D>M: what choice do i have. ok, then. final settlement but all in cash.

    M>D: deal done and you will get your cash by tom night. it will be delivered to your house.

    Scene 5

    M>B: boss, everything kautim. any linkages are now cut-off. see to the hanging of A by next week.justice delayed is justice denied, ha, ha, ha.

    B>M: i know can count on you. wonderful job done. save millions too. ok, 1 million into your account and remember to pass 500,000 to the lawyer.

    M>B: boss, thank you. by the way, the lawyer will suffer a fatal heart attack tom aternoon.

    B>M: you are devious but really really good.

    (Note: This is fictional and any resemblance is to be considered coincidental).

  62. reshmann says:

    This marks another blackday in the history of our justice system.Power and corruption have reared its ugly head once again.My heart goes out to Mr.Shariibuu his two young grandsons and his family.Sorry sir,we ordinary Malaysians could not do much to bring about justice for the brutal murder of your daughter.But all is not lost, Newton’s third law will definitely apply here.What goes around,comes around,sir.These murderers may have escaped due to corruption and a tainted judiciary of our country ,Malaysia but they will have to answer in the courts of the lords,soon.With this demise of justice we have also lost our whatever little judicial and democratic credibility we had in the eyes of the world,as the world was watching this case with utmost interest.Malaysians wake up.Do we need such VVIPs in our midst?Do we need to keep putting them back in power again and again,until these corrupt leaders assume that its their right to be in power and do whatever they want,without the slightest respect for us, the ordinary rakyat the voters?Remember this same fate can also befall any of us oneday.

  63. Mr Smith says:


    Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Cpl Sirul Azhar Umar, have been called to defend themselves against the charge of murdering Altantuya Shaariibuu.

    Very Interesting?

    In any murder trial, the prosecution will have to prove two important ingredients without a shred of doubt to obtain a conviction .
    Was there premeditation, and secondly, was there a motive for the killing? Has the prosecution established these two ingredients? We will have to wait till we read the judgement.

    Meanwhile let‘s speculate.
    Prior to the killing, Altantuya was a total stranger to the two cops. Who led them to her? How did they get to know her? Why did they abduct her? Why the need to kill her?

    Now, how will the duo defend themselves since the only link between the victim and them, Abdul Razak Baginda, has since been acquitted on a (‘tentative’) charge of abetting them?

    My prediction. Two probabilities.
    Read more here:

  64. amoker says:

    Did you notice that all of the sudden, the court rulings are in favour of the government?

    Muneer’s sodomy appeal – won
    Bukit Pelandok – won
    Razak Baginda – won

    Next, Anwar Ibrahim.

  65. amoker says:

    I also apologized to her father in my blog. Very sad for him.

  66. zulkifli abdullah says:

    Alttantuya murder senario

    a) We have a victim – true
    b) We have a crime – true
    c) We have suspects – true
    d) We have court – true
    e) We have witnesses – true
    f) We have a trial – true

    BUT WE DO NOT GET THE CULPRIT – very, very very true

  67. chris chong says:

    mr. smith. that’s why, no motive. no murder case. the two polismen (worse than ah long) released. case closed. ISA awaiting to those dare to make a noise.


  68. Pegasus says:

    This is indeed a sad day for justices in Malaysia but its a expected verdict.
    The law in this country is gone with the wind somewhere around 1988.The main suspect is left off the hook and the 2 servants are to face the music,of course in due time ,they will also go scot free ..why?, because this is Bolehland, anything can happened and anything goes against the rule of law. The new CJ has started his work and from now onwards the major cases will be in favour of the ruling party as there are no semblance of independence of the executive powers for Judiciary.
    From the beginning the whole court case is just a wayang kulit,with lot of twist and unnecessary ,illogical questions from the Persecution,it was waste of time and tax payers money for the length of period it took and till today
    no ones knows who :-
    1) gave the order to kill and execute Altantuya cruelly
    2) who gave the permission to use the C4 bomb ( or is now Molotov cocktail?)
    3) why the entry records of Altantuya at the Immigration disappear and who order for the records to be deleted.
    4) where is Bala Subramaniam, he could throw in a lot of the answer
    5) why is Abdul Razak acquitted, when the motive for killing Altantuya is not determined in satisfactory manner.

    We can go on talking till the cows comes home and yet we won’t be any wiser as long as the goons are ruling the nation. Mr Sharibuu should take his case to the International Court of Justices as we strongly doubt if justices will be served in this country for his daughter’s death. Its shameful the law have stooped this low,only God’s miracle can punish those murderer’s who are hiding behind the law.Sooner or later they will need to be answerable for the crime committed.Justices and the truth will come up in the open soon. May God bless Altantuya’s soul and punish the murderer’s severely soon.!!!.

  69. My2cen says:

    Expected lah… Big brother will kow teem, as he already do big brother a favour to ‘look after her,’ and when she proves too much to handle, ‘take care of her’!!

    Now big brother is PM in waiting, so will give him a post after this case beres!

  70. Paulo Cranny says:

    The reason to acquit is to avoid Razak Baginda having to submit his defence which, if he is innocent, must implicate who was actually involved in giving the instruction to the two to commit this terrible crime. No-one seriously believes that the two special forces troops acted and obtained the means to act without receiving any instruction from above.

    To be fair it does seem that the prosecution did not make a very compelling case on the conspiracy issue viz Razak and it is not for the court to decide upon persons not charged. The magnificient police force needs to do its job to bring the party or parties that ordered the hit on Altantuya to justice; the prosecution needs to do its job properly to make a good case against such person (s) and the judiciary then needs to apply the law with due impartiality without fear or favour. I must say though I dont see this happening.

  71. James P. Riz says:

    18 years ago when i first visited Malaysia, i love this country and plan my retire plan either in Malaysia or Bangkok. I find this country full of harmony and i should find my peaceful life here. But now everything change..i change my mind.. i change the way i think of this country. I don’t have any secure feeling toward Malaysia. Even the police that should protect his people also get involve in many politic games. Even the judges also don’t really carry on his duty. I believe all of them just really care about how much they earn. Most of my business partners also don’t have any confident toward Malaysia economy and security. We don’t want to risk our future, our wealth and our next generation to this kind of government policy. I don’t even see any democracy practice here. But in my heart, i still remember all the smile and warm hospitality everytime i visit here. Dear Malaysian, you will progress and go further if you don’t practice racist. Now i understand what is the meaning of “Ketuanan Melayu” (i really surprise that most of the politician still hold this kind of thinking in Malaysia) and you will always leave far behind if you still practice this kind of culture. You need to boy! I hope this will no offended to anyone and this is just what on my own view and i believe it goes to most of the foreigner observer like me as well. So, now my retired plan will be in BANGKOK and i hope one day i was wrong.

  72. propkr says:

    The whole system is sick, sick, sick!!!!!!!!!!! pathetic, lost for words, nothing to comment abt this country anymore, sorry for RPK,Marina, Anwar, Hindraf and all the wonderful supporters, in the Name of Justice!

    SAD DAY!!

  73. With the verdict at the court (30th Oct) today
    The deceased had indeed a very high cost to pay
    It’s not just to have the case to really delay
    But for those involved to partake in more replay

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 311008
    Fri. 31st Oct. 2008.

  74. Mamak Penang says:

    Calm down !.The judge gave a logical verdict.The learned judge actually gave a bleed in nose for the police force for their political cover-up.If Razak baginda not mastermind and ordered the killings but who did it?.Actually the judge reopened the case in wider angle to people of Malaysia to judge!.It’s mean the actual murderer of the Mongolian women still in large.Do you’ll think the police will reopened the case for finding the truth where by buried?.Calm again and think about it!.

  75. eeyaw says:


    This court case eerily looks & smells like the cases handled by VK Lingam.
    Truly Malaysian Justice!!!!

  76. Yili says:

    At the end of the day, all suspects will be freed. We must have concrete proofs. With no concrete proofs like witness of the happenings, fingerprints at the scenes, tools, victim, or any forensic evidences linking to the suspects, how to find them guilty? We can talk nia. Wat can we do? Accept the facts that there is just teas in this country.

  77. ANg Kong says:

    u all c lah, all 3 finally wil walk free and the judge got assassinated .. better then the kennedy’s story! M’sia BOLEH!

  78. look, no doubt rb is innocent – how could a fat plump short old man able to order utk for assasination. it does not make sense. and calling officers to take her away does not mean order to murder her. the judge is correct in acquiting him and there is no solid evidence to link him in abetting murder apart from allegedly being adultery as motive.

    the story does not end yet. perhaps the “real murderer” will be revealed in upcoming days when the defense stand in making defense. and “someone” not eager to relinquish his job in march….. it’s all in the plan – acquiting the innocent, call in thew grudge making defense, promoting cj, announcing early retirement, and finally counter-attack….

  79. Sniper says:

    Wonder the victim family will do another ‘Munich’ for revenge. Going to be an interesting on going drama for sure. All the family members of those perceived to be culprits will sure stay at home and not leave the country.

  80. Douglas Moore says:

    It makes me to ask this question:-

    Has anyone/agents ever offer Setev Sharibuu/ the Mongolian Government money in exchange for him not to drag this case any further upon hearing the verdict?

    He once said that the Mongolian Government may severe political ties with Malaysia if the outcome of the trial is far less inspiring such as now.

    Malayisa Government is lucky that the murdered victim is not Angelina Jolie.

  81. This (expletive deleted) judge Mohd Zaki Md Yasin is a (expletive deleted) disgrace. What a (expletive deleted) this (expletive deleted) is. May he (expletive deleted) rot in hell for making a (expletive deleted)mockery of our once proud justice system and the blatant betrayal of the trust placed in him by the malaysian people.

    If what he did isn’t (expletive deleted) sedition. I don’t know what the(expletive deleted) is.

  82. Aiyaah! Why are you all ranting and weeping lah? Remember the weeks and days B4 (sorry, no abbreviaions allowed – should read as ‘before’) the GE run-up? All those who preached all kinds of hopeful stories and even dared to post doctored photos on the blogs? Remember all those hope-igniting claims too that so-and-so will be dealt the finale blow and justice restored?

    Aiyaa! You got no concrete, admissable evidence yet want to scream and scream “not fair” ah?

    Who cares what you post; who cares what you say; who cares for all you have got to say lah?!

    So shud-up and carry-on working your guts out untill one day you pass out lah. You cannot change anything lah.

    You don’t like what I say ah? Then give me some concrete forward moving action plan lah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a hopeless day it has been……………..

  83. storm62 says:

    oh my GOD….Razak Baginda will soon be the Minister of Defence.

  84. 104Esat says:

    What we have learnt is if A gets B to kill C. B goes to jail, A gets scot free. I think from this episode we can have the following action plan: If you want to kill somebody, get a hitman.

  85. tshock says:

    an open letter to mr razak baginda:

    everyone in this world is born with a conscience. when we were young our parents taught us to do good and not to do bad things. this holds true for everyone in this world be it they are asians, europeans, africans, americans etc..when we do bad things the majority of us at some moment in time will definitely feel bad or have a his guilty conscience surface. only a very small fraction will not feel bad. these are the people who have the misguided feeling that it is the means that justify the end and not vice versa.

    mr RAZAK BAGINDA, if you are not guilty then carry on with your life because you have the rest of your life to live. BUT if you are GUILTY and now you are released because the court says you are not guilty, how do you think you can carry on living as if nothing happened. your guilty conscience will 101% surface in due course. how will you live with it then? how could you as a GOD fearing person go on with life as if nothing happened whilst the victim’s family (the father, her children, siblings, relatives etc…) suffer the agony of the feeling that justice has not been done. don’t forget that you too have a daughter and let’s just say if your daughter is altantuya, how will you feel? have ever thought about this?

    if you are not guilty then of course, you will have no fear of GOD’s eventual punishment, for GOD being most compassionate will only punish the GUILTY one. please carry on with your life and if at any point in time or the future you feel that you MUST tell the truth to the world, please do so. this way you will be able to face your GOD when your judgement day comes.

  86. sam says:

    >>>**TOTAL SHOCK**
    all that you’ve done….
    and anwar….
    wat does this mean?

    Jed Yoong,
    don’t pretend pretend lah..

  87. “mr RAZAK BAGINDA, if you are not guilty then carry on with your life because you have the rest of your life to live. BUT if you are GUILTY and now you are released because the court says you are not guilty”

    everybody has their own threshold of guilt and innocence, a soldier in battle think himself not guilty killing enemy to protect he country. a ranger killed communist insurgents not guilty to save the country. lawyer killed a dispatch thinks he’s not guilty to save himself being bashed to death. a mob killed snatch thief coz they think they have saved community from being killed one day. so, rb is not guilty, he din order the killlng and he’ll have appetite to digest meal …. even if there is an order, it’s for thesake of his family, and country, so there’s no guilt at all …..

  88. “B goes to jail, A gets scot free. I think from this episode we can have the following action plan: If you want to kill somebody, get a hitman.”

    but the hitman is UTK, common sense will dictate there’s no way an “ordinary” political analyst has no power to order such unit for killing …. and even during the trial, there’s no mentioning reward or pay for the killing.

    the judge acquitted rb means the case is not over yet. by convicted rb, the case will be closed, and the “real murder” will actually go scot free. and do you have the conscient to hang an innocent ppl ?????

  89. gunnfan says:

    Jed Yoong get a life. You are a two bit hack. Go away.

  90. ktteokt says:

    The already blind Lady Justice was once again blinded in MALAYSIA by its one-of-a-kind judicial system which has, is and will never be free from the powers of the Executive. After having gone through such a long and exhausting “trial”, many questions still lie unanswered.

    Why should the two policemen kill and blow up the victim?
    What was their motive?
    Do they know this woman personally?
    Who actually ordered the killing and blowing up?
    Where the hell did the C4 come from?
    Who erased the immigration records of the victim?
    If the victim was never physically present in Malaysia according to the immigration records, then how did she get killed in Malaysia?
    Why only penalized on the two policemen who were just “pawns”, where is the Mastermind behind the whole event?

    And if the judge who delivered the judgment thinks he has done a “good” job by making this decision, and those who are actually involved in this whole national shame think that this is the end of the story, let them suffer all the mental agonies and tortures of their conscience till the day they leave this world. May God bless (blast) them!!!!!

  91. Yili says:

    We dont have any concrete evidences to prove otherwise. So let the man be freed. I do believe that man is indeed innocent. Anyway. I am very sure our police cannot find the real murderer in this case, or, have they…..? but not brave enuf to expose the real story.

  92. freewave says:

    “What we have learnt is if A gets B to kill C. B goes to jail, A gets scot free. I think from this episode we can have the following action plan: If you want to kill somebody, get a hitman.”

    This only applies to VIP.

  93. Susan, you are so damn right. I remember the posting on the sms between Razak and Najib. What Najib told Razak was the gospel truth – Noting to worry, just hang on and all will turn out right.

    Now that Razak is acquitted, looks like our Malaysain court will end up saying that Altantuya committed suicide by killing herself. Don’t be surprise. Malaysia boleh!!

    On second thought, what if the Azhilah and Sirul tell the truth? Will Najib still be our next PM? Food for thought!

  94. ktteokt says:

    The truth will always be the truth. No matter how it is being hidden, it will one day pour out. I am just wondering how those guilty can continue to live in “peace” when the victim they blew up is “living in PIECES”!

  95. longkhai says:

    Mirror.. mirror on the wall..can you tell me how and what happen…indeed the learned have no ideas whereof…it’s you Mirror to relate all.

  96. zizi says:

    Does OJ Simpson was acquited from murdering his own wife.

    Hmmmm, there must be something wrong with America’s judicial system !.

  97. OJ says:

    Lessons to be learnt….Do not play with FIRE…for the mongolian girl, she got badly burned (blown) she played with gas instead! It’s not only malaysia…ALL OVER THE WORLD DO NOT PLAY WITH FIRE IF YOU DON”T HAVE THE ABILITY TO! mongolian girl deserved her ending for flirting with dangerous and powerful people…and malaysians deserve this government and PM! EVIL INDEED IS POWERFUL!

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