He kissed them before he left, those two little boys. He always pinched their cheeks and tells them that he will be home soon.When he held the youngest in his arms, the tiny chump played with his hat. He often wore a hat when he leaves home, and on days like these, with the winds howling throughout the day, his hat was as necessary as his heart pills.

How innocent, the faces of children. What does he tell these little ones when they are old enough to ask: why do you always go to Malaysia, grandad?

Today he will land in Kuala Lumpur, the city which holds two kinds of sentiments for him – delight and heartache. Delight because he had never seen a city more beautiful, with its many peoples of different shades and colors. Ever face was a sight to behold. If he were a film maker, as he aspired to be one, Malaysia would be a wonderful place to make movies.

But the heartache…

The heartache leaves his mouth dry, as dry as the sands of the Gobi dessert. Whenever he thought about it, he felt his heart explode. In his dreams he sees his red, bleeding heart disintegrate into a thousand pieces. His beating, pumping heart, all bloody and spotty, landing on walls, on window panes, on faces of his grandsons. Was it like that for his daughter, too? Oh, Altantuya!

He missed her as if she had gone on a long trip and would be back soon. He thought of her every day and wondered if it was his sins which had rendered the girl such bad luck. His sleeps were interrupted by visions of her calling for help. But the moment he reaches out to touch her, she is bombed, bombed into a million shreds. Her blood, splattering on his face, his hands, his hairs..were horrific sights which kicked him out of his bed…

Not even the high winds and rains of Ulanbataar’s skies could beat the anxiety of his heart and soul. The moment he received word from the Consul General of his trip to KL, he was both hopeful and miserable. Hopeful, perhaps, justice will soon be done, or so he was told. Miserable, because he knew in his heart, justice might be postponed again…

“May our prayers be with Altantuya on Friday”.


54 responses »

  1. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    I drove to Puncak Alam today and remembers Altantuya. Said a prayer for her soul. I really don’t know where was the exact spot, but she is still around to extract the one little ounce of justice due to her…

    If the verdict on Friday is nothing, Altantuya’s soul will not rest in peace. Those who plotted and murdered her must face justice and be punished for the heinous crime against her.

    The father like every other is so heavy and in despair. I pray for his remorse to be lifted when justice is served.

  2. reshmann says:

    Susan,truth and justice will prevail ultimately.I pray for shariibu and his family.

  3. Batu Ferringhi says:

    Truth will prevail, God will ensure that. My family and I ache for the Shaaribuu family too and we pray that the two kids will grow up with peace and forgiveness… forgiveness of Malaysia and the Malaysians who have heartlessly blown up their beloved Mum into smithereens. We pray for justice.

  4. may God enlightens the judge in making a ruling.. Altantuya deserve justice and the real culprits should be sent to hell….

  5. matt says:

    Susan they what goes around will eventually come around especially when a life is taken.

  6. avvit says:

    Poor, blackmailing, lying slut ….

  7. anonymous says:

    The ghost of Kublai Khan will hunt Najib down to his last drop of blood.

  8. hawkeye says:

    Any one thinking that justice is a BN trait,think again.More or less it might go somthing like how Balasubramaniam went.

  9. ah long says:

    avvit…….what kind of animal are you? Good or bad, no one can justify murder.
    You show lack of judgement, low intelligence, empty of emotions, hollow of intellect, devoid of compassion, lack of human qualities and a disgrace to the human race.

  10. Lopez Sequeira says:

    With Mahathir now back in UMNO mainstream politics, there will never be justice for Shaaribu. The fact that Munawar’s appeal was dismissed and Justice Ian Chin will resign on 1 Dec is already a forerunner of what you can expect from Mahathir the puppet master of the judiciary. Mark my words, Lingam will win his appeal in questioning he verdict of the Royal commission of inquiry into the video clip scandal incident. Brace yourselves for some tough times from Mahathir to tighten up all the space which Badawi gave to the opposition over the past 4 years. And expect the ISA to be imposed on Mahathir’s political opponents even more.

    When are you going to take over the federal govt Anwar? The people are still waiting.

  11. rider says:

    Forget Anwar, he’s not in a hurry! Remember God.. He’s got His ways! After all it’s life.. Altantuya,’s! Her spirit has called out to her creator God! And God will not fail.. in His time..! AMEN!

  12. storm62 says:

    where is Bala ?

    he should stand up and be a man , come out Bala !

    face Dr. Shaariibuu if you have the balls.

  13. mendychi says:

    altantuya is watching from above. Whatever the outcome, the murderers must be sent to hell! This is God’s Law.

  14. erin yann says:

    We all know no one can escape God’s wrath – it is only temporary if the perpetrator(s) thinks they will get away forever..whoever that is.

    My prayers for Shariibuu and Altantuya and the two innocent little boys. Whoever did this, may your nightmares give you endless sleepless nights.

  15. karma says:

    my prayer will be with them always whether the case win or lose.

    killings is a very bad karma.
    the deceased spirits can follow a person for many many lifes even he/she in what positions/nations or one day this has to be resolved.

    i wish those who committed this crime realised that the man make justice court can be bought, somehow, there is another “god” on yr heads and the spirits always with u.
    somehow wish these ppl who did this can see this note and sleep well every nite.or else the off spring will have the effect of this crimes for many lifes,

    am not trying to make ppl afraid,
    somehow, we need to face this trial of justtice a day, whether like it or not.

    this means to remind us, not to harm and do bad to other beings.

    i wish these ppl will see this note

  16. wandererAUS says:

    It is the living that suffers most, I feel for a father who has lost a dear one so close to him.
    Let there be justice that the soul of Altantuya may rest in peace. Most decent Malaysians felt for the lonely man that came from afar, to hear the verdict with a heavy heart. Will there be justice?
    The guilty culprits are on trial, Malaysia is on trial. The world is watching!

  17. Douglas Moore says:

    As a tough American, you make me wanna cry, my dear Susan.

    As Lopez Sequira elucidated, I can agree that the newly appointed CJ is a sinister man.

  18. squint88 says:

    Cant get into MT today. Pz help…. (error ?404) Why???

  19. agogo says:


  20. Pegasus says:

    Good one Lopez, the country is already doom with gloom and bleak future with Umno/BN heading the government. Justices was thrown out in 1988, and we have not stood up straight to look into the eye of judiciary for justices in this country. The current CJ looks like one of those Umno pirates,who will ensure that Umno wins all cases that goes to court. That the reason he was given fast forward promotion. The mamak will be breathing easily now that his life could prolong a bit further.
    Not only there will be no justices for Altantuya ( wish I’ll be wrong) , the entire Malaysian judiciary is a crying shame,with the lawyers eyes and mouth tied, its difficult to see how justices will be carried out in a fair and orderly manner. The law is being put to sleep,lets hope the Pakatan Rakyat comes into picture and save the daylight out for us and awake the law. God Bless you Altantuya!!! May your soul rest in peace After those murderer’s are punished by law or through God’s miracle.

  21. yh says:

    the real killer, who is he? are hey are not on stage now/ IN MY HEART, i know who is behind this henious crime.

  22. wandererAUS says:


    You are simply a lowly, tasteless ba*tard not fit to be in the company of a civil society.

  23. avvit says:

    Why is that? ‘Cause I’m telling the truth?

  24. hang jebat baru says:

    dear mr shariibu

    As A malaysian,I felt so ashame of what my country men have done to
    your daughter.I cant really understand how you feel each time you come to malaysia,the many hours on the plane,in our unjust court,meeting uncooperative
    policemen,tidak apa gomen officer.You must have a very bad impression of
    malaysia.I dont blame you for every foreigner felt that way too.When I travel
    overseas I felt ashame to tell people I am from malaysia.
    Mr shariibu, a lot of malaysian are sadden by what happen to altantuyal.
    We want to see justice done too for there is no hope for malaysia if such basic
    rights is denied.Once again,I am truly sorry

  25. anarky says:

    Squint88, try this


    still works.


    Avvit, are you one of these UMNO ppl?

  26. Avvit

    Low class comment bro. No make that no class comment.

    Whatever she MAY have done didn’t warrant that unjustifiable miserable gruesome end.

    Not even for people like you.
    Like the man said – Let’s send her muderers to hell.

  27. monsterball says:

    What can helpless Malaysians say that have not been said before?
    Going to and fro..for the court case…is already too taxing and stressful for him.
    Lets hope…he can get verdict…he can feel somewhat satisfied…that justice is served.
    I doubt…but miracles do happen.

  28. temenggong says:


    You must be a MacUser.

    Try this:


  29. tshock says:

    For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, this is what sir isaac newton said. It may not happen now but it will surely happen. No one (absolutely no one) can escape from this. We call this Karma. Whoever the killer/s is/are do not for one second think that you will get away with it. Even if the court decided otherwise, the wheels of Karma will eventually reign supreme. Even the Almighty God (who is all merciful) will not stand in the way of Altantuya’s spirit to seek justice.

  30. Justice 4 Altantuya says:

    Only the Crooked, Deceitful & Corrupt will not want Justice to prevail-as can be seen the Real People responsible for ordering the cruel shooting & C4 explosive murder of Altantuya are walking free !!
    The eyes of the World is on Malaysia and this case is shaming the Country esp. if the True Killers i.e. He/She who ordered the killing is not brought to Justice !
    Is this the Malaysia Boleh spirit ?
    Altanuya, the person(s)responsible for your death will not rest easy & God will punish them oneday !

  31. nocrid says:


    You are such a lower life form… I have to say FARK YOU!

  32. peace brother says:


    Which part of the underground you came from?
    your breath smell here.

  33. Kherry Scarry says:

    It could have been better …..IF…Altantuya was an AMERICAN CITIZEN…..

  34. […] Shariibuu heads to KL, with heart heavy as winds of Ulanbataar (image) He kissed them before he left, those two little boys. He always pinched their cheeks and tells them that he […] […]

  35. monsterball says:

    High Court Judge Ian Chin resigning is a sign of sad case.
    RPK jailed first under ISA..talk later.
    He is now going under intensive brain washing program….exactly like China after the revolution.
    Our little country with such a small population…seems to have constantly …big program to correct Malaysians minds….after more than 51 years Independence.
    This so call ISA to protect the peace of the country is full of shit.
    So brave one ….like Ian Chin…resigned.
    What does that tell all of us?
    It means….he has no confidence in the present Judicial management…especially…hearing new no nonsense Chief Justice.
    Ignoring the fact…he defended UMNO on cases. Afterall….lawyers can be employed by anyone…if the price is right. …by a crook or a saint…he is not to judge….but to defend.
    So….will his no nonsense means goods for Malaysians or UMNO?
    Ian Chin….seems to have no faith.
    So….what will that give..signals to the Mongolian girl murder case?

  36. muslim says:

    The whole world knows the verdict.
    The reason Zaki was pick for CJ appeal court, is mainly on this case.

    But dont forget, whoever the killer is, will one day joint her too,
    and to meet the “CREATOR” it may may be Zaki perogative to release those involved in this killing, but not with its ” Maker”. And dont forget Zaki, you too will be answerable to “HIM” for the wrong judgement. And all judgement will be judge against the evil and the wrongdoer on the day of “JUDGEMENT”.
    To MR SHARIBUU ” MAY GOD GIVE YOU THE STRENGHT” to face the challange for the future of your grandchildren.

  37. squint88 says:

    Thanx Anarky & Temenggong. Really appreciate yr help…

  38. pasbusuk says:

    nocrid (02:33:18) :
    You are such a lower life form… I have to say FARK YOU!

    You will have to stand in a very long queue

  39. Anonymous says:

    Many of us want justice and each of us seem to want the court to sentence the three to death. Will justice be served if these 3 were just the front for a puppetmaster ?

    Man has a set of laws and practices that it felt would serve the cause of justice but time and time again ignorance and greed of man had cause greater injustice.

    I am a buddhist by faith and I believe in a higher law of justice ; the law of karma. The people concerned will suffer the pain and suffering of a thousand cut, the needle prick of a thousand durian and the feet tickling of a thousand feathers(susan, exercising poetic license-lah). For me I do not wish them any of these and hope that the sufferings that they will surely face will help them see with greater clarity and from there help others. The way of karma or natural law of justice is not suffering but purification of our delusions. Those who demand sufferings to be imposed on those that they THOUGHT responsible know not this natural law of justice.

    Shariibuu(…in mongolia, due to the cold one often speaks with repeated utterance ….like suuuuuuusaaaan….try this in a freezer and you will know what I mean 8-))…is a buddhist(I think) and he will understand the way of samsara and will accept whatever the man-made court dishes out.

    May all be happy and well.

  40. Forget about flip flop Bala. Possibly all their whole family has already disappear from the earth. this is definately a conspiracy and how on earth that the polis is hiding Bala in another country?
    Forget about the verdit on this case as everbody knows that there will be no justice for the murdered mongolian lady in our boleh land country. I suggest the his father take up this case to international world court to try up this case.
    By the time this case goes to international court, i bet you all the evidence will goes missing same like the immigration record can goes missing.

  41. muslim says:

    Zaki had done his first favour to PM and DPM.

  42. amoker says:

    I am aghast that Razak Baginda is acquitad while Ahzar and Sirul standst trial. If you take Razak from the equation, what then would the motive of Azhar and Sirul in killing Althanthunya? That they just happen to drive past Razak’s house and pick her up?

    And if you read Najibs’ exchange with the lawyer, it become increasingly true that ‘all is taken care of’ and that Razak would be ok. All the small fries ( Azhar, Sirul, Ian Chin, RPK ) are guilty but the real perpetrator can just be unguilty by a statement in blog or a speech.


  43. magga says:


    By the way, Altantuya, may you rest in peace and Mr. Shariibu, may you be given the strength and courage to face the challenges ahead of you.

    There is a interesting buddhist quote that i would like to share…

    Suffering pursues the evil doer – as the cartwheel unfailingly follows the ox

  44. amira says:

    I guessed the SMSes are right. Be cool. Only tentative…..Only the courts can prove that….Or is it already PROVEN?

  45. avvit says:

    Hehe why are you ladies getting so worked up about what I said? All I said was the truth.

    Altantuya lied, blackmailed and she slept around!

  46. wits0 says:

    Avvit: “Altantuya lied, blackmailed and she slept around!”

    Which meant she deserved to be so foully murdered?!

    We have this mindless apologist peddling turd in this space.

  47. Songie says:

    Am very sad of the current situation. My deepest sympathy to you, Mr Shariibuu. Your daughter has woken the country, you should be proud of her. Injustice for now, but not for long……….

  48. avvit says:

    Don’t get your knickers in a knot. I never said she deserved to die, just that she’s definitely not a saint and I highly doubt she’s ‘looking from above’. 🙂

  49. Ibnu Khuzaimah says:

    Najib will not br spared. God will out him in a shamful position sooner.

  50. ktteokt says:

    Lawyers discharge themselves from cases they feel are against their principles to defend, but for a judge like Ian Chin to resign because of a case before him which is against his principles is the first in history! He is such a righteous person, not to mention a judge and he can be rightly be compared with the famous Justice Bao from the Sung Dynasty who upheld justice all his life! Hail the Judge!!!!

  51. Liz says:

    avvit, your comment….. shame on you!!!

  52. Azmin says:


    “Altantuya lied, blackmailed and she slept around!”

    You are a PIG with PIG’S BRAIN!!!!

  53. Siti Hamzah says:

    If there is more people think and act like Avvit in this bodohland, no wonder Altantuya’s case became a nation shame in this kangaroo court in the international news.

  54. Azmin says:


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