Verdict On Friday For Altantuya’s Murder Trial (Bernama)

By Zalina Maizan Ngah

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 29 (Bernama) — The Shah Alam High Court will be at the centre of attention this Friday when judge Datuk Mohd Zaki Md Yasin delivers the verdict on the sensational murder trial of a Mongolian women, Altantuya Shaariibuu.

Mohd Zaki’s verdict will not only decide the fate of the three accused – Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar (both members of the Special Action Unit, UTK) and a renowned political analyst and strategist Abdul Razak Abdullah Baginda – but will also end wild speculations and rumours relating to the case.

This high profile case has generated a big following especially when there were rumours of a public figure linked to the murder, revelations of intimate involvement of one of the accused with the victim and some shady business dealings.

The trial on the gruesome murder of Altantuya who body was blown up using explosives to cover up the crime went on for almost two years with the prosecution winding up their case on June 23.

If the court’s decides a prima facie against the trio, they will have to make their defence or if otherwise they will be discharged and freed.


When inquired by Bernama on the sidelines of the court proceedings what they would do if they were freed, Azilah, 32, who has an adopted child stated that “there are too many things to do, but above all I want to cuddle my child and hold a thanksgiving feast”.

Sirul Azhar, 36, when asked the same only offered a smile, typical of this fomer aide de camp for VIPs who is known to be discreet. On the dock he sits quietly and once in a while he turns toward the members of the media sitting behind him to ask for sweets and pickled fruits.

Meanwhile Abdul Razak, 48, the Executive Director for Malaysian Strategic Research Centre wants to take a break overseas with his only daughter Rowena when everything is over.

Throughout the trial, Abdul Razak was accompanied by his wife Mazlinda Makhzan, his parents and close family members. However, at the initial stages, Mazlinda’s presence made Altantuya’s father, Shaariibuu Setev frown as he claimed she had verbally abused him and court officers went all out to keep them apart.

Even when Mazlinda was asked on the fate of her husband, she replied: “I will leave it to Allah. Razak is innocent.”

Yet the drama did not end there. The 151 day proceeding witnessed many bizarre and hilarious incidents. Apart from this there was also a change in the presiding judge and the clash between two counsels on who should be representing one of the accused.


Abdul Razak caught the attention of the media with some of his antics in the courtroom. He has been noted to throw tantrums and even went to the extent of kicking the dock and cursing others. He kept pushing his counsel Wong Kian Kheong to speed up the trial without any deferment and this certainly incensed Deputy Public Prosecutor Tun Abdul Majid Tun Hamzah who ticked of Wong by saying that Abdul Razak is not the only person in prison.

The media hype had certainly attracted the wrong type of crowd into the courtroom as well. It was obvious some wanted to take advantage of the media coverage to be on the limelight, but for the wrong reasons.

Readers would probably recall the presence of a women dressed like a counsel claiming that she was a representative of peace organisation and had the authority of the police and the Attorney-General’s Department.

She wanted the media attention and would closely follow the cameras and even refused to take a back seat. When there were no seats available she would insist the court officials to make special seating arrangements for her. Her presence was unwelcome and she even dared to intercept the judge.

When her behaviour became intolerable, not only because of her constant nagging but also her handphone that rings often, a police report was made and she eventually disappeared.

During the initial stages of the hearing there appeared another women who claimed that she was a representative of a women’s right organisation carrying a placard condeming Abdul Razak for the brutal slaying of Altantuya.

The one women demonstration did not go down well with the police as it was seen as disturbing the public order and the police gave her a warning and told her to leave the court compound.

However, the women in her late 40s remained unfazed and instead shouted back at the unarmed policemen, “I have the rights, you police can stop me using your firearms, let the public be the witness”.


Azilah and Sirul Azhar who covered their faces using the ‘ninja’ mask set a new trend for accused in other cases and when inquired by Bernama why they did so Azilah had this to say: “Life is long way to go, there are something best kept secret.”

Another drama that unfolded at the 151 day trial is that a policeman stationed at the courtroom Lans Corporal Othman Abdul Rahman, 47, collapsed when accompanying the three accused to the courtroom and was later confirmed dead due to heart failure.

Azilah and Sirul Azhar were alleged to have murdered Altantuya between Lot 12843 and Lot 16735 Mukim Bukit Raja, Shah Alam, between 10 pm 19 Oct and 1 am 20 Oct 2006. The duo were well versed in the use of explosives and are said to have taken the plastic explosives, detonator cord and CLC (cutting liner charge) from the UTK storeroom.

Abdul Razak who is alleged to have abetted with the two UTK members, is said to have committed the crime on Oct 18 2006 at his office at 10th Floor, Bangunan Lembaga Getah Asli Malaysia (LGAM), Jalan Ampang in Kuala Lumpur and the motive of the murder is due to demands and threats from Altantuya.

Based on the evidence adduced from the prosecution witness Deputy Superintendent Muhammad Koey Abdullah, the explosives were probably placed on the victim’s mouth or the upper torso and the impact reduced her bones to fragments. On the puzzle why no traces of the victim’s clothing was found, Dr Mohd Shah Mahmood, the Head of the Forensic Medical Department at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL), explained the victim was probably stripped of her clothing before being blown up.


However, lawyer J. Kuldeep Kumar and Datuk Hazman Ahmad who represented Azilah were persistent that their client was no way involved in the murder and the Azilah was not the one who led the police to the crime scene.

Sirul Azhar’s counsel Kamarul Hisham Kamaruddin, Hasnal Redzua Marican and Ahmad Zaidi Zainal pleaded their client’s innocence and stated that he was victimised just because Altantuya’s jewellery were found his home. On Atlantuya’s blood stained snickers found on Sirul Azhar’s four wheel drive, they claimed anyone could have left it there as the vehicle could be accessed by others as well.

Wong who represented Abdul Razak held that his client had nothing to do with Altantuya’s murder and throughout the trial there was no proof that the murder was carried out under Abdul Razak’s behest. He also questioned the failure of the prosecution to call several senior police officers during the trial.

Nevertheless, Mohd Zaki will make his decision based on the evidence provided by the 84 witnesses that has been compiled into 6,000 pages of proceeding notes.

Prior to delivering the decision on the main charge, Mohd Zaki is expected to decide on the prosecution’s application to challenge the credibility of Lans Corporal Rohaniza Roslan (Azilah’s girlfriend), the decision on trial within trial on Altantuya’s jewellery found at Sirul Azhar’s home and on the statement by police that Azilah is the one who led them to the crime scene.

Nonetheless, all the allegations and speculations will be put to rest on Friday when Mohd Zaki delivers his verdict.



44 responses »

  1. kittykat46 says:

    This must be one of the most bizarre criminal trials I’ve ever seen. I didn’t switch off – I followed it in detail – and its really strange indeed.

    My 2 sen worth – Sirul looks in trouble, Azhar – depends on how the court interpretes his alleged knowledge of the murder scene.
    The prosecution case so far against Razak is pretty feeble.

    Who gave the order ? Who gave the go-ahead to drop The Bomb ?
    I’m quite convinced HE is not in the court.

  2. amoker says:

    “All are guilty except Najib.”

  3. eeyaw says:

    This I have to say…

    “Let’s send the Murderers of Altantuya to hell, and all the collaborators to jail & release Abang instead!”

    Justice shall prevail!

  4. tfwong says:

    Nothing in Malaysia is clear & clean now. They have tainted Malaysia’s Judiciary & Police Force.

    Felt nothing except disappointment.

  5. you know what, i hope the “adopted child” brings flower and greeting card to the judge/minister/altantuya father to plead for his father innocence and and release, and would not go away until his father is released…….

    just emulate the hindraf girl, it will work.,.

  6. Fredrick says:

    After following the case for a while, I am quite convinced it is a shadow play. The main actors are not there for obvious reasons.

    As with the happenings involving certain VVIPs in the many cases in Malaysia, the outcome is foregone. There will be cover-up.

    Yet there are many Malaysians who seem unpertubed by these injustices.

  7. maika says:

    just emulate the hindraf girl, it will work.,.

    maybe your father it will work

  8. Palaniappan says:

    Well said Fredrick, “the outcome is foregone. There will be cover-up.”
    You can expect that the trio will be acquitted and will be set free without calling for their defense.
    What do you expect in MALAYSIA BOLEHLAND?

  9. storm62 says:

    if Razak Baginda is free, so is Najis & big mama…then RPK will be in deep shit.

    i hope RB will either get a life or death sentence, hope he will blow everything out and save himself & RPK.

    doomsday on friday.

    to all my Muslims comrades, lets pray this friday and hope the truth will prevail.

  10. CY says:

    If the 3 accused are found not guilty, then this case reminds one of another case where the accused was also found not guilty of tying up the boy and drowning him in the pool. As no one was found guilty of the crime, then it could be surmised that the boy had tied himself up and jumped into the pool. Similarly, the Mongolian woman had stuffed the C4 into her own mouth and detonated it.

  11. rider says:

    ‘Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied’ -Matthew.5:6 ‘Thy kingdom come , Thy Will be done, On earth as it is in heaven.’ -The Lord’s Prayer. Let’s all pray that God’s will be done on Friday.

  12. matt says:

    Wonder how her father n son will take it ,just feel so sorry for them.

  13. Has anyone ever wondered why every single reader / commentator or even anyone in the marketplace does suspect more than what meets the eyes in this case?


    That I believe is the power of truth: it just pops up no matter how one tries to hide.

    I have yet to read or hear anywhere in Malaysia or across the planet, that this case is going right and that there are no others involved.

  14. Batu Ferringhi says:

    I am not confident there will be justice… I will be deeply disappointed and I already knew it. Malaysia will continue to rot when all these things happen and continue to happen. VVIPs can commit all kinds of crimes and still get away…. fcuk it!

  15. Harrison says:

    Hi Susan, I am just back from traveling.

    I had predicted sometime ago that razak baginda will definitely be exonerated. Why? Nobody (the presumed killer cops -(azilah and sirul) have not pointed fingers at him.

    His arguments through his lawyer was that he (baginda) was totally unaware of the murder when the next day he asked DSP Musa Safriat DPM Najib’s office the whereabouts of Altantuya.

    So, in the absence of being accused by anyone, how could he be accused of being an abettor?

    *Remember the SMS exchanges between Najib and lawyer Shafee – “tentative charge’?

    I only follow the trial intermittently, but I guess I may be wrong about my earlier prediction that Corporal Sirul and Chief Inspector Azilah will be found guilty and be sentenced to death. I am not too sure now but I am sure that Najib Razak is involved and what we see is a masquerade.

  16. Kopi Anan says:

    Can always appeal finally to the new CJ UMNO associated.

    AG still around. IGP still around.

  17. wandererAUS says:

    Flick a coin, your guess is as good as mine.
    Whatever the outcome, the real killers will not going to have a sweet life…their guilt will eat them deep into their bones, their death will be a horrible sight!

  18. bangsa Cina Malaysia says:

    enough of all these nonsense .
    when are all the state govt Pakatan or BN
    going to take action against all those incompetent
    president, timbalan president and whatever majlis perbandaran joker
    who are obviously not doing their job but are highly paid
    for doing nothing.
    look at the state of this country, not a place that is clean, neat and tidy.
    the city drains are filled with rubbish the sidewalk overgrown with lalang
    the list goes on and on.
    it is time for Susan to declare war on all this joker
    who are not doing their job. in fact they should be sacked immediately.
    to all readers get the ball rolling.

  19. storm62 says:

    verdict : Altantuya died of C4 overdose. suspects released.

    verdict : Norita Samsudin died of sex overdose. suspect released.

    same old story. also happened in Selangor. what a coincident.

  20. Lee says:

    Verdict is almost certain to be guilty for the two policemen and not guilty for Razak Baginda.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I am sure all 3 will be release with no case to answer.
    Original wayang kulit trial hahahah

  22. monsterball says:

    This is the worst court case I have ever seen or heard from Malaysia.
    It’s a real disgrace…to prolong it for so long….making sure….Malaysians got bored and be done with it.
    The verdict?
    Why it is a forgone conclusion…all Malaysians already can accurately speculate….long long ago.
    All freed…leaving one…guilty.

  23. mas merah says:

    1Apa yang aku faham perjalanan kes ini pelik dari peringkat awal lagi.

    2Kalau 3 orang tu dilepas dan dibebaskan maka itu tak pelik, tetapi kalau kena bela diri kerana ada prima facie itu pelik.

    3Kita memang amalkan undang-undang sarang labah-labah, oleh itu kalau 2 orang polis tu kena tetapi Rbaginda lepas itu tak pelik.


  24. tamade says:

    Ha, ha, the real hands are still out there.

    How about this~ ask Bala (who has disappeared), ask RPK (who knew about the MI report) to be present in court.

    Get two of them to the court and let them be the witness, we shall see how the VVIP and his wife answer in court.

    Then may be the all those who are involved in the gruesome murder can be sent to hell.

  25. hang jebat baru says:

    This is my prediction- R baginda will be release after deducting his remand
    in sg buloh. najib have already say ALL is not lost

  26. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    They found the C4
    They could not find the issuer of C4
    They caught 3 persons
    But could not find the murderer
    They could not find who mastermind the murder
    Funny but True.

    Malaysia Boleh.

  27. optimus prime says:

    This case should have been trial in the International court in Den Hague/Holland cos it involve citizen of another country and our VVIP.Guess it is going down the drains for all we know unless new proof surfaces before friday.

  28. Payback Time says:

    This case is too internationlize for them to be set free. My opinion is this replacement judge will ask for their defence to be call so that it can be drag and prolong until Najis comes into power. All three suspects knows the truth..speculation is the actor and especially the supporting actress is a Datuk Shah Rukh Khan fan

  29. misty says:

    No matter which way judge decide, the case will continue when Najib/Rosmah pictures are released before UMNO elections in december

  30. shower says:

    No matter which way the judge decide,SIL and FIL would regret for not doing the right thing.

    Let the Maddog and Pekan Mongo to teach them a lesson.

  31. pasbusuk says:

    Syariah Courts should investigate and hukum the former “Imams” (GMs) of PKNS in the way PKNS was run. Why PAS has not made reports to Syariah Court on the PKNS “Imams”?

  32. hfdywww says:

    Who knows all the 3 defendants would be aquitted and RPK found guilty of blowing up the victim with C4! Justice Malaysia style…

  33. Pas says:

    This will be a great cover-up in our legal history. Even if those two utk will be found guilty and sentenced to hang, we will never know who get hung, those two will kept lost in some isolated areas, and the real murderer will never be known to public.

  34. jc says:

    Zaki may throw out this case and let the murderers go free,just like he threw out an appeal by Munawar A Anees for his sodomy charge be remitted to the High Court

  35. LimDokSa says:

    This is crazy….this case has been going on for more than a year…..there are many unanswered questions, including Bala’s SD…..and now the verdict. The truth is – where this case is concern, they are still at the tip of the iceberg…!!

  36. jgry57thj says:

    Atantoya did the most stupid thing in her short life by not entrusting to her close friends/relatives all the photographic evidence of her involvement with Mr Bijan before flying here to confront him. Now there is nothing to link him to her demolition by C4

  37. Pegasus says:

    Till today , Nurin’s murderer’s are not found, Norita Shamsuddin death remain unsolved and with Altantuya’s death, the real culprits are nowhere in sight. There will be a great cover-up and Mr Sharibuu may have to go to the International Court of Juctices for justices to prevail in Bolehland. The case has been dragging for far too long in order to fade away, but the day of reckoning is here, let see how the verdict is given to the trio.
    I will be not holding my breathe for this as more or less the public could make out what the verdict is going to be. Hopefully the truth comes out in the open when 1 of the defendants tells ALL what actually transpired, as a true Muslim,lets hope they will speak out the truth and Altantuya’s soul is blessed with justices at last. There are many questions not answered and lets hope all
    are answered soon. God Bless Malaysia!!!.

  38. Douglas Moore says:

    Commenter “Optimus Prime” made a point when it suggest that the outcome of trial is far credible if it is heard at the International Court Of Justice.

    Of course, the crime is committed in Malaysian soil subjected the case to be heard in Malaysia.

    I agree with many here that this trial is riddled with peculiar immunity on why
    DSP Safri Musa was not called to testify when he is a prime witness in this trial.

    The trial Judge did not even call for an inquest on the alleged erasure of the immigration records.

    Private Investigator Bala’s SD1 implicating Najib Tun Razak and the watershed
    SD2 in rebuttal of the 1st. He was not subpeona to testify.

    Tomorrow friday, the Judge decides whether who is/are guilty and that is not all. The guilty party/ies then, enter their defense.

    malaysians also laughs at us, the Americans about the outcome of O.J. Simpson trial, but the trial of O.J. was apolitical. Yours involved Madame VVIP.

    The Malaysian Government is lucky that Altantuya is not a US citizen. Remember Canny Ong murder, the suspect was hanged.

    Douglas Duncan Moore

  39. Baby Ktemoc says:

    Najib is Innocent, I tell you.

  40. ANg Kong says:

    the verdict will surprise all….
    here goes…
    the judge sets all free… and shoot himself in the head!

  41. Kherry Scarry says:

    No one ever seen the faces of the two accused policemen. What if, despite being found guilty, no one will ever recognise them anyway….not surprise if they walk free few months later with “changed identity”….no one will ever know……

  42. JEFFRY BONG says:

    This is the closing chapter of a mockery of the whole Justice system .A verdict is not a verdict.This type of verdict will definitely not bring the curtain down.This an insult of the intelligence of malaysians as a whole and the legal fraternity.The whole world is focus on this particular case and it’s a benchmark of disgust and shame.

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